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    MM64/Legends Differences FAQ by Mega Man 5

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    						Mega Man 64
    Game: Mega Man 64
    System: Nintendo 64
    FAQ title: Mega Man 64 and Mega Man Legends Version Differences
    FAQ by: Mega Man 5
    Table of Contents:
    Section 1:
    1.Introduction (Me)
    2.Introduction (Game)
    Section 2:
    Section 3:
    4.Mega Man 64 and Mega Man Legends differences
    Section 4:
    Section 1
    1.Introduction (Me)
    Hi, I am Mega Man 5. I've played the Mega Man series for about 10 years, and 
    still have not had enough. Need info? Here's my E-Mail address: marioparty2@
    2.Introduction (Game) 
    Mega Man 64 is a Nintendo 64 game, and a port of Mega Man Legends which 
    was for the Playstation. Mega Man 64 has various small and big changes 
    between the original version of the game (Mega Man Legends). This will list 
    the differences between the two versions.
    Section 2						
    Update: November 20, 2006
    I've fixed a few a errors, and added a new difference.
    Update: October 17, 2006
    The differences section has been re-done. I've also fixed a few errors in the 
    Table of Contents section.
    Update: May 14, 2005
    Found a few spelling errors, and found another difference. I'll keep 
    searching to see if I can find more differences!
    Section 3:							
    From PS1 (Mega Man Legends) to N64 (Mega Man 64), here is a complete 
    list of differences:
    1.Capcom has used voice compression technology in Mega Man 64. This 
    reduces the quality of the voices so they take less space. All the voices 
    remain intact and are understandable, however.
    2.After the first cutscene with Tron and after collecting the red refractor, the
    music doesn't start up in the N64 version until you enter a different area.
    3.The CD Samples (found in the CD shop in the Apple Market) have been 
    removed in Mega Man 64.
    4.The ending credits music has been removed, replaced with the KTOX 
    TV Station music.
    5.The draw-in distance is slightly weaker in the N64 version, resulting in a 
    foggier distance (thus, not allowing you to see quite as much in the distance). 
    There are a few exceptions, however. Many of the smaller places (such as 
    the City Hall, KTOX TV Station, Apple Market, etc.) have the same draw-in 
    distance as the PS1 version.
    6.Capcom takes advantage of the N64's extra graphical beef by adding Anti-
    Aliasing to the graphics. This makes everything smooth, so the visuals are no 
    longer pixellated and everything looks far less jagged. The game looks about 
    30% more realistic than the PS1 version.
    7.You can use the Control Stick or Pad in Mega Man 64. The PS1 version is 
    limited to the pad only (since the game was released before the Dual Shock 
    controllers arrived).
    8.The 5 second Capcom FMV (full motion video) from the PS1 version that 
    appears when you turn the game on has been removed. A full-color, high-res 
    picture of the Capcom logo replaces that.
    9.The name of the game has changed to "Mega Man 64". 
    10.The copyright info on the title screen has been updated to "© Capcom Co., 
    Ltd. 1997, 2000 All Rights Reserved"
    11.The game says to "Press Start" instead of "Press Start Button" on the title 
    screen (this is common in Nintendo versions of games....)
    12.After crash landing on Kattlelox Island, find an old vehicle. Pressing the 
    search button in the PS1 version (Circle) does nothing, but pressing the 
    search button in the N64 version (C-Down) gives you two new bits of information 
    about the vehicle.
    13.You can use the Rumble Pak to feel Mega Man's pain. The PS1 version does 
    not support rumble.
    14.Battery-backed cartridge memory replaces Memory Cards.
    15.The N64 version has 16 save files. The PS1 version has 5.
    16.There is a glitch that occasionally happens in the N64 version while 
    standing on cars, trucks, tanks, etc. (basically, any moving vehicle) that causes 
    Mega Man to slowly slide to the right or left and fall off.
    17.Credits for the N64 port team have been added to the credits in the N64 
    18.Since the N64 version is a cartridge, load times are not required. Since 
    the PS1 version is a CD, it requires load times everytime a different area is 
    19.In the Akbar Toys store in the Apple Market, search the game in there. A 
    minor change has been made to the text that appears. It now says "So this 
    is that new game called Mega Man 64...it looks pretty interesting!". Take a 
    wild guess as to what it said in Mega Man Legends.
    20.Orange houses have a "1963" poster in the N64 version. These houses have 
    a "Peace" poster in the PS1 version.
    21.Blue houses have a poster with a blown up pig in the N64 version. The blue 
    houses have a poster with a miniature pig and the words "Don't kick us!" in the 
    PS1 version.
    Section 4
    Finally! Well, that's it for the Mega Man 64 and Mega Man Legends differences! 
    Which version is best? You decide. Mega Man 64 was the first and only Mega 
    Man game and the only appearance of Mega Man for the N64. If you have a 
    PS1, get Mega Man Legends. If you have an N64, get Mega Man 64. If you 
    have both, it doesn't really matter because if one version doesn't have something 
    the other version has, there's always something to make up for the missing 
    feature.I enjoy both versions.
    Before I finish, I just want to thank Capcom for bringing Mega Man Legends to the 
    Nintendo 64! Well, that's about it. See ya!
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    FAQ Copyright © 2006 Mega Man 5.
    -Mega Man 5    

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