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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kyuss

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 06/13/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    XARDION's MediEvil 
    Version 3.0  6-13-99
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    ***** If you know anything that is missing or would like to contribute to the FAQ, *****
    ***** please email me ASAP!  I am looking for any new info to flesh this FAQ out   *****
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    This MediEvil Walkthrough/FAQ is the official property of D. Widmer and is 
    	copyrighted by international law 1998.  It may be reproduced for personal use only.
    	Any sale or distribution is prohibited. 
    If this document is used in the writing of any related document a proper citation of 
    	this text would be appreciated.  If any portion of this text is posted elsewhere, 
    	proper citation would be appreciated also.
    I hope that you find this document helpful.  If you find anything that I missed please 
    	email me with a detailed description of what I missed.  I will be glad to add your 
    	info and give you due credit herein.  It would be appreciated if you do not 
    	bastardize this Walkthrough/FAQ, I did work really hard.
    This MediEvil Walkthrough/FAQ WILL be updated in the near future.
    The latest version of this Walkthrough/FAQ can be found at:
    Ia. Updates 
    Ib. Story
    II. Gameplay
       A. Buttons
       B. Moves
       C. Rules/Tips
    III. Quick Reference Section
       A. Runes
       B. Chalices
       C. Weapons
       D. Key Items
       E. Uses for that damn Chicken Drumstick
       F. Hall of Heroes List
       G. Life Bottle Locations (PAL Version)
    IV. Walkthrough
       A. Dan's Crypt
       B. The Hall of Heroes
       C. The Graveyard
       D. Cemetery Hill
       E. Hilltop Mausoleum 
       F. Return to the Graveyard
       G. The Enchanted Earth/Ant's Nest
       H. Scarecrow Fields
       I. Pumpkin Gorge
       J. Pumpkin Serpent
       K. Sleeping Village
       L. The Enchanted Earth
       M. Asylum Grounds
         1. First Riddle
         2. Second Riddle
         3. Third Riddle
         4. Fourth Riddle
         5. Final Puzzle
       N. Inside the Asylum
       O. Pools of the Ancient Dead
       P. The Lake
       Q. The Crystal Caves
       R. The Gallows Gauntlet
       S. The Haunted Ruins
       T. The Ghost Ship
       U. The Entrance Hall
       V. The Time Device
       W. Zarok's Lair
    V. Endings
    VIa. Game Shark Codes
    VIb. PAL Codes
    VII. Game Saves!
    VIII. Credits
    IX. Closing Notes
    ---------------------Ia. Updates------------------------
    	 --Version 1.1--
    1. The Udates section is added!
    2. "Asyluum Grounds": Another method for completing the second riddle is presented.  
    3. "The Enchanted Earth": The wall carving from the shadow dungeon puzzle is explained.
    4. "Pumpkin Gorge": The green rune oversight is corrected.  (The bit about the green rune
    	was something I had noticed but neglected to go back and check, many people emailed 
    	me about it.)
    5. "Asylum Grounds": A Little more about the bishop in the final puzzle.  (Again, 
    	something I noticed and got ALOT of emails about because I didn't include it.)
    6. The Gameshark code for the axe was removed because it has bugs.
    7. The Zarok, Zorak correction.
    8. An interesting fact, Mr. Apple in the good ending.
    9. General minor improvements.
    	--Version 1.2--
    1. Added the PAL codes for the cheat menus in the Euro-version of the game.
    2. Added the explanation of the GameShark codes.
    3. Added request for missing information.
    4. The life refill station in Zarok's Lair.'
    5. Numbering for second method of riddle 2 in the Asylum Grounds.
    6. Added address for game saves!!
    7. Updated Ant's Nest Queen Strategy.
    8. Added dragon armour to Zarok/Horseman strategy.
    	--Version 2.0--
    1. General improvements
    2. Added m. smith's suggestions.
    3. Added "the Overlord's" nfo about chicken drumsticks and such.
    4. Added Chris' nfo about the drumsticks and scarecrows.
    5. Added Darylin S.'s alternate strategy for the Ghost Ship.
    6. Hernan's nfo about the drumsticks and zombies.
    7. Jason's nfo about drumsticks and people.
    8. Fixed the axe gameshark code.
    9. Added the bit about the farmer's gold.
    10. Added a new gameshark code for infinite lives!!
    	--Version 3.0--
    1. Added the tip for the serpent in the gallows gauntlet.
    2. Added new strategy for the stone giants.
    3. Added new final strategies.
    4. New way to kill knights in the ancient pools.
    5. How to get easy drumsticks.
    6. Another final strategy.
    7. Coins in haystacks.
    8. Alternate Ruins strategy.
    9. FINALLY!! the Hall of Heroes list!
    10. Life Bottle Locations.
    11. Another chicken drumstick use.
    ---------------------Ib. BASIC STORY:--------------------
    You are Sir Daniel Fortesque, the leader of the army which defeated the evil warlock, 
    Zarok.  Although you went down in history as the slayer, the truth was that you were 
    the first to die by an arrow in the first attack.  
    The body of Zarok was never found and he returns now.  Bringing the dead back to life 
    to serve in his unholy army, he incidentally awakens you.  You now have a chance to 
    earn yourself a place in the Hall of Heroes.
    The adventure begins.
    --------------------II. BASIC GAMEPLAY:------------------
    My only complaint about this game is the camera angle.  
    There is no option for an active camera.  You get used to it though.
    	A. BUTTONS:	These settings can be changed.
    Square - charge attack or to throw certain weapons.
    X - regular attack.
    Triangle - shield, dash when already running.
    O (Circle) - Jump.
    Left Button - n/a
    Right Button - n/a
    Left2 Button - turn camera to right.
    Right2 Button - turn camera to left.
    	B. MOVES (not in one button):
    Dash - press forward (up) twice quickly.
    Long Jump - dash and jump   
    You can't swim so avoid deep water.
    Fire WILL hurt you even though you are just a pile of bones (don't ask me).
    If you see an off coloured wall or a barrel try breaking it with you hammer.
    Read the books! They usually give away all of the secrets and help you to know 
    	what you should be trying to accomplish.
    ---------------III. QUICK REFERENCE SECTION--------------------
    	A. RUNES: Used to open doors, gates, etc. 
    			Place them in the hand of corresponding colour.
    Green is the earth rune
    Blue is the moon rune
    White is the time rune
    Yellow is the star rune 
    Red is the chaos rune
    	B. CHALICES: (see Walkthrough for more detail). 
    			There are twenty chalices in all. If you get them all you 
    			will see the good ending after you defeat Zarok.
    Dan's Crypt: none
    The Hall of Heroes: none
    The Graveyard: Off to the side of the angel statue behind some fencing. Hit her 
    	until she faces the chalice's gate. 
    Cemetery Hill: Inside the witches cave. Get the club, break the bookcase, set the
    	club on fire, take it to the chalice room with all of the cages and light
    	the altar. 
    Hilltop Mausoleum: After you give the organ player the music he will open a part 
    	of the wall revealing the chalice.
    Return to the Graveyard:
    The Enchanted Earth: Inside the shadow dungeon.
    Ant's Nest: Completing this mission credits you a chalice for some reason.
    Scarecrow Fields: When you have fixed the harvester it will break through the 
    	wall and cut a path through the corn to the chalice.
    Pumpkin Gorge: In a secret passage in the tunnel on the right of the path when 
    	you enter the level. Break the wall to the right of the gargoyle merchant.
    Pumpkin Serpent: At the bottom of the well.
    Sleeping Village: Make sure that you don't kill any villagers and find the large 	
    	house with the shadow artifact, not the safe key, outside there is a stone 
    	wall.  Find the hole in the wall above the lake and there is the chalice.
    Asylum Grounds: Next to the Elephant bush near the end of the level.
    Inside the Asylum: In the last room across from the major's holding cell.
    Pools of the Ancient Dead: Its out in the open on the islets.
    The Lake: It is at the bottom of the whirlpool.
    The Crystal Caves: It is right at the entrance of the level.
    The Gallows Gauntlet: Near the fire gate, you need to open its cage using the 
          fifth button which is inside of one of the cages you opened with the other 	
    	four buttons.
    The Haunted Ruins: Its on the parapet through the left gate.
    The Ghost Ship: Jump in the cage by the windmill type machine.
    The Entrance Hall: Down the right staircase early in the level.
    The Time Device: It is up on the highest level of the game.  You must take the 	
    	tube to get there and it is surrounded by a force field.
    Zarok's Lair: none
    	C. WEAPONS: 
    (Percentage is the amount of damage that the weapon can survive)
    	1. Arm - 
    Always part of your arsenal.  Can be used as club.
    Square Button Attack: can be thrown with a boomerang effect.
    	2. Small Sword - 
    Obtained in Dan's Crypt and is your standard weapon.	
    Square Button Attack: hold to charge for power sweep.  More powerful attack.
    	3. Broad Sword - 
    Obtained in the Hall of Heroes.  More powerful than Small Sword and may be enchanted 
    for more power.  To enchant it, talk to the gargoyle merchant.  Note that the 
    enchantment of this weapon quickly dissipates when equipped.  It doesn't matter 
    if you are using it or not so optimize its usage.
    Square Button Attack: same as small sword.
    Enchantment percentage: 100%
    	4. Magic Sword - 
    Obtained in the Hall of Heroes.  More powerful than the swords before.
    Square Button Attack:  same as small sword.
    	5. Club - Obtained in "Cemetery Hill."  Used to break off-coloured walls, 
    boulders, barrels, and to put out fires, etc.  Takes damage everytime it is used.  
    When 0 is reached the club will break and you will have to get a new one.  
    Square Button Attack: charge for big bash.  More powerful attack.
    Percentage: 100%
    	6. Hammer - Obtained in the Hall of Heroes.  Does not take any damage.  
    Square Button Attack: charge for energy crash.  Knocks enemies back with a pink 
    electric field.
    	7. Throwing Daggers - Obtained in Dan's Crypt.  Can be thrown but are not very 
    accurate and have a limited range.  Refills can be purchased from gargoyle merchants.  
    Targeting Capabilities: poor
    Maximum count: 250
    	8. Chicken Drumsticks - 
    Receive from Enchanted Earth witch after Ant's Nest mission.  
    Used to transform Gatormen in "The Lake" into Roast Chicken.  Can be replenished by 
    completing the witches mission again.
    Targeting Capabilities: poor if any
    Maximum count: 30
    	9. Axe - 
    Obtained in Hall of Heroes.  
    Square Button Attack: Use to throw.  
    Targeting Capabilities: yes
    	10. Crossbow - 
    Obtained in Hall of Heroes.		
    Targeting Capabilities: yes
    Maximum Count: 200
    	11. Longbow - 
    Obtained in Hall of Heroes. Greater distance than the crossbow.		
    Targeting Capabilities: yes
    Maximum Count: 200
    	12. Flaming Longbow - 
    Obtained in Hall of Heroes. Same as longbow but on fire.	
    Targeting Capabilities: yes
    Maximum Count: 100
    	13. Magic Longbow - 
    Obtained in Hall of Heroes. Same as Longbow but sends a magical blast 
    when it impacts the ground or target.		
    Targeting Capabilities: yes
    Maximum Count: 50
    	14. Spear - 
    Obtained in Hall of Heroes.			
    Target Capabilities: yes
    Maximum Count: 30
    	15. Lightning - 
    Obtained in Hall of Heroes.  Non-replenishable weapon.  Sends out powerful lightning 
    bolts to any enemy within range.	
    Target Capabilities: anything within range.
    Percentage: 100%
    	16. Good Lightning - 
    Obtained in Zarok's Lair.  Used to strengthen Gallowmere's deceased knights.  
    Damages Dan.
    	17. Copper Shield - 
    Obtained in "The Graveyard" just before the exit.  Destroyed when percentage reaches 0. 		
    Percentage: 150%  (also can be found in Dan's Crypt apparently...)
    	18. Silver Shield - 
    Obtained in "Return to the Graveyard."  Destroyed when percentage reaches 0.  
    Stronger than copper shield.
    Percentage: 250%
    	19. Gold Shield - 
    Locations various.  Stronger than silver shield.	
    Percentage: 400%
    	20. Dragon Armour - 
    Received after battle with dragon in "Crystal Caves."  Provides immunity to fire and 
    allows player to breath fire.
    	1. Witch Talisman
    Used to summon witches at cauldrons.  Obtained in "Cemetery Hill" witch cave behind 
    	2. Skull Key
    Received after you defeat the Stain Glass Demon in the "Hilltop Mausoleum".  Used to
    open the big door in "Return to the Graveyard."
    	3. Amber
    Collected for the Enchanted Forest's Witch in order to gain Chicken Drumstick.
    	4. Harvester Part
    Found in the "Scarecrow Fields." At the end of the machine trail near the exits.
    	5. Safe Key
    Used to open the safe in the large house of the "Sleeping Village" in order to gain 
    shadow artifact.  Found inside wall of church. (see walkthrough)
    	6. Shadow Artifact
    Found in the safe of the large house in the "Sleeping Village." Used to open the shadow 
    	7. Shadow Talisman
    Found in the Shadow dungeon of the "Enchanted Forest." Used to turn off the red lasers 
    behind the pool.
    	8. Helmet
    Collected in the "Pools of the Ancient Dead" in order to reach "The Lake."
    	9. Crown
    Found in the room to the left under the throne room in the "Haunted Ruins."  
    Used to summon the king in the throne room.
    The Chicken Drumsticks are obtained from the witch in the Enchanted Earth for completing the 
    Ant's Nest sub-quest(see walkthrough) and can be used to turn various enemies into meat that 
    will replenish your life meter.  
    These enemies would include: the lizard men in The Lake, the shadow demons, the scarecrows,
    and the zombies, possibly others?  According to Russel McCarthy you can also turn some of the 
    people on the asylum grounds into chicken with the drumsticks.
    	F. HALL OF HEROES LIST  (provided by Russel McCarthy <hvda@hvda.org.uk)
    *Note* the order of these may be somewhat rearranged dependin upon which levels you decide
    	to complete first.  (see http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/faq/medievil_c.txt)
    1. Crossbow from Canny Tim
    2. Lifebottle from Canny Tim
    3. Warhammer from Stanyer
    4. Two chests of treasure from Stanyer
    5. Broadsword from Woden
    6. Two chests of treasure from Woden
    7. Longbow from Ravenhooves
    8. Spears from Imanzi Shongama
    9. Gold sheild from Karl Sturnguard
    10. Axe from Bloodmonath
    11. Flaming longbow from Ravenhooves
    12. Three chests of treasure Bloodmonath
    13. Magic Longbow from Ravenhooves
    14. Magic Sword from Dirk Steadfast
    15. Lightning from Megwynne Stormbinder
    16. Life bottle from Ravenhooves
    17. Two energy vials from Imanzi Shongama
    18. Four chests of treasure from Karl Sturnguard
    19. Life bottle from Dirk Steadfast
    20. Three energy vials from Megwynne Stormbinder
    	G. LIFE BOTTLE LOCATIONS (provided by Russel McCarthy <hvda@hvda.org.uk)
    *Note* These were provided from someone playing the PAL version although I believe the 
    	NTSC version correlates.
    1.When you smash down wall in Dans Crypt
    2.In Dans Crypt next to rune gate( unmissable)
    3.In the graveyard when you hit the angel to open the gate opposite the chalice gate ,
    	go down there(again unmissable)
    4.In the hall of heroes Canny Tim gives you a life bottle.
    5.In Pools Of The Ancient Dead when you open the gate with the red rune it's to your 
    	right on a little island.
    6.In the Hall of Heroes Ravenhooves gives you a life bottle.
    7.In the Hall of Heroes the guy who gave you the Magic Broadsword gives you a life bottle.
    8.In the Time Device when your turn off all electricity go back and ajust the time on 
    	the big clock and then go get the life bottle.
    -------------------IV. WALKTHROUGH---------------------
    	A. DAN'S CRYPT:
    After you have a club or the war hammer, return here and break the off-coloured 
    wall that you may have noticed earlier.  Inside is some treasure.
    Runes: Yellow (Star)
    Life Bottle: 1
    Ok, I'm writing this because some of my friends had a hard time getting out of 
    here for some reason.  All you have to do is stand on the golden circle where you 
    came in and you will be given the option to leave.  Very simple. 
    Each time that you come here you will gain a new item or some treasure. 
    This place is pretty simple, to get the life bottle, hit the angel statue the gate in 
    which ever direction she is facing will open.  Do the same for the chalice.
    To get the treasure inside the fence by the big door get onto the ledge behind the 
    crypts and inch your way along.  Towards the end, just before the bridge you will find 
    the copper shield.
    First of all, you don't really want to open those boxes with the skull and crossbones.
    They each contain a bomb.
    Walk past the lava and when up on the path to the left, jump down to the area behind 
    the three boulders blocking the archway.  You will get the club here and then can 
    proceed into the witches cave. Inside, break the bookcase with your club, light the 
    club on fire and go to the room with the cages.  Light the altar in the center by 
    pounding it with your club. 
    This will open the doors and you can collect your chalice, an energy vial, the witch 
    talisman, and some treasure.
    Return to the outside and brave the hill.  You can duck into the stairs cut along the way
    but there is some treasure along the main path if you care to collect it.  You can break
    the boulders with your club or shield, this will damage your shield but you periodically
    find more shields on the way up.  The exit is right there at the top.
    As you are working your way up the hill note that you can smash the small boulders
    lying around to receive something like three energy vials.  Also note that the 
    red boulders cannot be blocked by a shield, they will push you.
    Concerning this level, m.m. smith told me that   "When your at Cemetery Hill, you can kill 
    those zombies that are in the cave behind the big boulder before you open the iron bars by 
    throwing your arm into each one.  It takes some time, but to me it was worth it."
    jemorgan had this to say: "Easy way is to get to the top using the stairs.  Once there 
    		the statues rolling out the boulders self destruct.  Then go back down 
    		and finish the rest at your leisure."
    Watch out for the little guys with no torches, they will steal your weapons which you can
    reclaim if you kill the little guys or will lose if the guy gets away.
    You start out in the chapel and need to break the grave covers with your club.  Fall
    down inside the one that shines and your on your way.  Break the glass with your club and
    there are a series of tunnels.  To your left is a tunnel with the green (earth) rune and an
    energy vial.  The floors here will colapse when you collect the items so run back quickly.
    Skip the right tunnel for now and push on ahead at the end you will use the green rune.
    In this room is a door which you need the red (chaos) rune for and a staircase.  Proceed up 
    the staircase.  WATCH OUT FOR THAT LITTLE GUY! and there is a life refill station here.
    Proceed through the door to get the blue rune and the red rune through the next door.
    This is the organ room and there are two energy vials here.  Leave for now, and exit the 
    stainglass window room through the gate which leads back into the chapel.
    Go back down into the tunnels and take the right tunnel this time.  Use your blue rune and 
    collect the energy vial and then the sheet music.
    Go north again and find the organ player again.  Give the music sheet to the organ player 
    and this will open a secret door giving you the chalice and some treasure.  Go back to 
    the room where you needed the red rune below and use it.  Go down these steps and 
    push the burning altar under the frozen heart.  You can then proceed back upstairs to
    defeat the stained glass demon. 
    GLASS DEMON, use your crossbow and when he raises himself up and his heart comes 
    out of his chest, blast away.  Don't linger too long or he will cover you in glass.  
    In general try to stay on the opposite side of the room from him so that you can have a
    clear shot at him and can avoid the shards that he tosses at you.
    Should you defeat him you will gain the skull key.  This will enable you to open the 
    big door in the graveyard.
    *Note*  Andy Chaney had this to say about chicken drumsticks:
    		"I know a much easier way to replenish the chicken drumsticks.
                   Make sure that you have at least 1 drumstick left. Go to the HILLTOP
                   Find a little imp guy that's throwing his hands in the air. Equip your
                   drumsticks, and let him steal it. Let him escape, and go to the MERCHANT
                   You can now get a full supply of drumsticks for 200 gold pieces."
    Same thing as the first time almost, just backwards.  First thing is the secret area, wait 
    for a coffin to float under the bridge and then stand in the middle of the bridge.
    If you time it correctly you will be able to ride the coffin to the secret area. 
    Along the way here in the part of the level you've already been through you will find the
    silver shield.  For what its worth to say, you can smash the disembodied hands with
    your hammer and receive a coin.
    When you see it come up on your left jump up to receive some treasure and an energy vial.
    To get to the life refill station, jump onto the ledge above the big door and slowly 
    inch your way along behind the crypts.  Now you can open the big door using the skull key.  
    After you do so, go through to the top of the hill and get the yellow (star) rune
    to open the gate. The chalice is located inside.  Watch out for large zombies dropping 
    from the ceiling.
    Inside you will go through some caves which will lead you to cliffs outside.  On
    these cliffs (there are three) there are large stone blocks which you will need to 
    push into the stream to fill the break in the bridge. 
    Return to the bridge and face the Graveyard Guardians.
    GRAVEYARD GUARDIANS, they are shadow dogs which run around and occasionally 
    materialize.  When they do, pound 'em with your hammer.  Charging it up and waiting
    for them works well.
    When you're done you will be able to dash using the triangle button.
    From here you can either go to the Enchanted Earth for the Ant's Nest or to 
    Scarecrow Fields.
    	G. The Enchanted Earth/ANT'S NEST:
    *Note: You can bypass this level for now, complete the pumpkin levels and then come back 
    	according to "the Overlord"
    Ok, this place just plain sucks.  Well, the first thing to do here is summon the
    witch at the cauldron using the talisman.  If you accept her mission she will shrink
    you and send you to retrieve 7 pieces of amber from the ants nest.
    When you go there you need to save the little faerie guys as well as collect the pieces
    of amber.  The little faerie guy has a really cool voice.
    The first thing that you find is a portal which is closed by a white filmy light.  Go
    back towards the entrance and find a circular weblike covering of a cave entrance,
    break it with your hammer.  You will save the first faerie and he will open the
    portal for you. 
    Once inside the misery really begins.  All I can say is that you'll figure it out but it 
    takes a lot of time.  You should kill all of the larvae as they will give you money
    or amber.  
    The little fairies aren't too terribly hard to find.  There are a couple toward the end
    of the level which are very close to each other.
    At the end of the level you will face the queen ant (spider?)
    QUEEN ANT, she's not too difficult but it's a bitch doing it all again when you die.
    Anyway, just avoid her shots, kill the soldier ants, and shoot her stomach when
    she rears up to call boulders down on you. REMEMBER TO TAKE A FULL CROSSBOW!!!!!!
    It takes forever if you have to use the throwing daggers.  According to "Rusty Marquardt"
    <dragonblade18@hotmail.com>, you can use the hammer if you must.  If you have questions
    about that ask him not me.  Also, "Michelle Jackson" <majjc@epix.net> told me that
    there is a nook on the left wall which you can hide in to give more protection from the
    ants, to avoid the green goop the queen spews and from which you can still shoot the 
    queen.  Again, any questions should be directed to her on this subject.
    Upon your completion of these missions you will receive the chicken drumstick from the 
    witch and will be transported to the Hall of Heroes by the faerie guy.
    At first that's all that you can really do here.
    There is no chalice for the Ant's Nest.
    A pretty straightforward level.  Just remember not to stand in the corn for long.
    You can kill the scarecrows with your broadsword, especially if it has been enchanted.
    You will need to kill them.
    If you want to move a cart hit it with your hammer from the side.  When you get to the 
    green rune gate you will have to fight a metal trog armour.  To kill it shoot the head with 
    your crossbow, duck between its legs when it gets too close and then shoot the driver.  
    You will get the blue rune for defeating him.  Take it back to the house where you came in.
    Inside you will find a club and the green rune.  Take it back to the spot where you fought 
    the metal trog armour.  Enter the next pen and fight again to win the red rune.  This one 
    breathes fire.
    When you find the barn, just head past it and towards the windmill.  Go through and into 
    the mill, hide in the holes for safety.  Into the razors, to a life refill station, 
    through the grain that's like quicksand, through another razor, and into the circle
    with the spinning floor.  Run all the way until you are at the northernmost point of 
    the circle and you will find the harvester part.
    Take it all the way back to the barn.  Hit the cart and go through the hole in the wall.
    Bush the bail against the other box and jump up to the switch.  Hit it and the harvester
    will be lowered.  To activate it, place the harvester part in the harvester.  
    It will break through the wall and will clear a path through the corn to the chalice, a 
    life bottle and some cash, of course.  
    Then run through all of the machinery again to get out.'
    Note: you must kill all of the scarecrows to fill the chalice. Also, you can throw chicken
    drumsticks to turn them into roast chicken.
    Here's a tip from Paul, light the haystacks on fire for coins and chests.
    Here's one that'll bug ya.  There is a tunnel on your right, inside you will find the 
    blue rune. Exit and proceed forward and enter what looks to be a chicken coop.  Pumpkins 
    are bouncing down the plank.  There is some treasure inside, an energy vial and a door
    to exit on the side.  Go back to the hut with the blue rune lock and open it.  Inside
    you need to run on the floor to raise it and you will receive an energy vial and the 
    red rune.  Take the rune and open the door.  To get the green rune, cross the water with
    the mushrooms which lift you up.  When you get to the last mushroom there is a narrow
    grey stone path to your right.  Jump into this path and you will be taken to the green 
    rune.  The door that would not open will open now.  Use the green rune to go up the ramp 
    of the large pillar in the middle of the stage.  At the top you will get the yellow rune 
    and find the sliver shield.  You will see a small house with a rounded wall, its really 
    a boulder and you can smash it with your hammer.  Enter the house and you will come out 
    the door at the bottom where you started.  Go around to the left and enter the first door.
    Cross the mushrooms and open the yellow gate.  
    Here you will have to fight a bunch of tendrils coming out of the ground to claim the
    time rune.  To lower the main stalk kill the tendrils.  Placing the white (time) rune in
    the hand will open both doors.  To the right you will find two energy vials and alot of 
    tendrils.  You will come to a T in the road.  To the right is the exit and to the left 
    you wrap back around to the time rune arena.  Proceed to the entrance of the level and find 
    the tunnel you saw when you started.  When you find the gargoyle merchant, break the wall 
    to the right of him.  It's a long tunnel and you will find the chalice and a life refill.  
    Now head back to the exit.
    Use your talisman to summon a witch at the cauldron and she will tell you to kill
    the big pumpkin.  Chop all of the pods and then waste the big pumpkin.  Its really
    easy.  Then go back to the witch and she will give you a dragon gem.  To find the
    chalice jump into the well near the entrance of the level.  You will find a box of
    treasure and two energy vials as well.
    BIG PUMPKIN, the spears do an excellent job.  If you use the sword you may be too close to
    his tendrils.
    *Do not kill any of the possessed villagers!*
    To get the red rune from atop the fountain statue, find the stairs leading to the
    canal and hit the switch to turn off the water.  Use the rune right there to open the
    Go inside and break the bookcase to get the mold.  If you have found the blue rune
    in one of the other houses take it to the house with the room having the orange
    button, barrels, and a fenced off area.  Use the rune, push a barrel onto the button
    and go downstairs.
    Smash the barrels and go into the room on the right.  Proceed up the stairs in this
    room and get the green rune.  Take is back downstairs and use the green rune to
    open the fence gate. 
    Hit the switch and return upstairs to get the major's bust (metal statue head).
    After you have done this Zarok's guards will appear outside and you must proceed
    to annihilate them.
    Go back outside and find the blacksmith's house.  Place the mold in the fire and
    then the statue head.  Jump up and down on the bellows for a while and you will
    have made the crucifix.
    Take the crucifix to the church right across the street and place it on the crucifix
    shaped marking on the wall behind the large altar. This will open a secret cubby
    hole in the wall where you will get the safe key.
    The gate in the lake area will then open and hence you should proceed.  This will
    take you to the yard of the large house.  Kill the guards here and climb on top of the
    shed roofs to get to the house's chimney.  Hop inside and hit the switch, this will
    open the gate for the exit.  Before leaving the house use the safe key on the purple 
    safe to get the shadow artifact.
    Leave, find the other gate, and kill a few more guards.  Go back to the large
    house and walk through the hole in the stone fence wall to get the chalice and a
    life refill vial.  Then you can leave.
    The exit is though the stone gate and across the wide bridge.
    Jason Lewis told me about a very interesting thing, it seems that if you throw a chicken
    drumstick at one of the possessed townspeople, they turn into mice :) 
    When you come back, go up the tree lifts to the giant bird's nest and collect the
    green rune take it to the corresponding gate and cross the stream. The rune is inside one
    of the eggs so you will have to push it over the edge to get the rune out. (someone
    couldn't figure this out so that's why I'm bothering to mention it)
    Use the artifact to open the shadow gate.  Upon entering you are presented with a
    There are four buttons on the floor and a carving on the wall which helps to solve the
    puzzle if you know how to read it.  On this carving you see depicted: fire at the top,
    earth to the left, water to the right, and air at the bottom.  If you read the picture 
    like a book, left to right and then down to the next line, etc., you will have the 
    correct combination.  The order that I had previously noted is correct but this explains 
    why.  The order is: fire, earth, water and then air.  This releases the spirits and 
    opens the cages.
    It is here that you get the shadow talisman (mask) and later you will come back to
    collect the chalice.  Exit and watch out for those nasty demons!  Kill three of them
    and the gate will open back into the level.  All of the cages are now open.  Be sure
    to enchant your sword.
    You can now use the shadow talisman to turn off the red lasers preventing you
    from entering the area behind the pool.
    Upon entering you will receive the yellow (star) talisman and will face two flying
    WINGED DEMONS, they are nasty and will tilt the floor on which you stand.  The good old
    crossbow does the most effective job.  The flaming crossbow ain't bad either.
    After you beat them the platform raises, be sure to refill your life at the top.  Cross
    the bridges and fall into the hole.  You will land back in the level in the seemingly
    useless hollow tree from before.
    Kill the remaining demons and then return to the shadow dungeon to collect the
    The broadsword works quite effectively against the demons.  Use the yellow rune
    to exit.
    1. First riddle - "At night they come without being fetched, by day the are lost 
    without being stolen."
    smash all of the star shaped trees.  The first is near the entrance,
    the second is directly ahead of that against the gate.  The third is near the bell,
    hang a left in the maze and then zigzag to the graves and bell.  The fourth is
    across from that in the little area with the red grass shaped like a star and the bush 
    that throws fireballs at you. Now return to the entrance of the maze and hang a right.
    2. Second riddle - "I live for laughter, I live for the crowd, without it I am nothing."
    turn all of the metal faces toward the clown bush.  To do so turn
    them all except the middle one until they are one turn away from facing the clown. 
    Stand so that you can hit two at once and set them up and then the middle one. 
    I recommend using your small sword to turn the faces as you can hit them faster. 
    To find this area, go into the maze, left, and around the corner to where the two
    grey brick walls are.  The left one will be gone.
    According to an email from Trevor, each face has a different length of time for which 
    it will remain facing the clown.  If you figure these times out you can hit them in
    order from the longest time to the shortest to complete the puzzle.  He didn't tell me
    what order that is but it's an option to explore if you so choose.
    I recieved another email recently which suggested the order of the faces to be 1,2,4,5,3
    from left to right
    3. Third riddle - "Face like a tree, skin like the sea, a great beast I be, yet vermin 
    frighten me."
    this one takes some figuring.  Find the octopus bush near the red
    fish shaped grass.  Go back to the two grey stone walls that you saw in the maze,
    the second one will have opened and that is where you go.  Anyway, kill the
    octopus plant and get the rune. 
    Return to the entrance, use the rune, and get the mouse to follow you.  Walk
    towards the elephant bush after you have killed all of the crazy Women.  Be sure
    to avoid the grey cats (I know they look like rats). 
    4. Fourth riddle - "I tolerate the moon and stars, I can't abide the sun, Banish me with
    torch light and you'll see me turn and run."
    enter the new part of the maze and find the grate, it will be open
    so drop inside.  You land in a room with a moon carved in the floor.  Go outside
    and push all of the lamps next to the angel windows on the walls of the stone
    room.  Enter the room again and viola!
    5. Final Puzzle - You now have to find your way out.  Go back to the new area of
    the maze and find the chess board.  Hit each piece to move it to its respective colored 
    floor panel.
    Each hit moves the piece one block in whichever direction.  You can move them
    diagonally.  Just wait till they get near where you want them to go.  The little
    green bastard is the worst one.  It seems that only likes to move diagonally as many 
    people have pointed out to me.  Use your hammer or whatever suits you best.
    I have another theory about the green bishop but that'll have to wait until I have some
    really free time. Maybe in the next version.
    The chalice for this level is out in the open and cannot be missed.  Its right next
    to the elephant bush.
    There are four rooms of evil dead and crazies here that you must defeat.  My best 
    strategy was to use the broadsword and square-button-move constantly and just walk around 
    to avoid the crazies from getting to close to you.  If you have a turbo button this
    helps immensely.  In the third room which is circular in shape, just do as I said
    before and walk around so that the crazies are following you and you'll have no
    trouble.  If you have some laying around, you can throw chicken drumsticks at zombies
    to turn them into roast chicken.
    In the fifth room is the mayor, some cash and the second dragon gem. oh yeah, and
    the chalice too. :)
    The big fat knights can only be killed by being pushed into the muck. 
    You must bring the ferryman eight lost souls.  To do so you must collect the eight
    golden helmets floating about.  Unfortunately, whenever you collect a helmet the
    bridges nearby will collapse.
    There are six helmets on the islets and two after you open the gate.
    You have to be REALLLLLLLY careful when jumping in this level.
    Collect the red rune out on the islets, the chalice is here as well.  You will use the
    red rune at a gate to the left of the gargoyle merchant, way to the right in a very general
    There is a life bottle to be gained as well as a box of treasure and two energy vials
    on the right after you come through the gate.
    Be very careful as you approach the carts as the camera angle will suddenly
    change and it is easy to run off into the muck by accident.
    Pass the carts and go down the slope to collect the last helmet.  The carts will roll
    after you and then lots of soldiers will appear.  Have fun (sarcasm).
    After you leave this area you must kill a number of small flying knights.  The
    Flaming Longbow works very effectively against them.  Collect the chalice and return 
    to the ferryman.  Give him the helmets and you're off.
    M. smith had an alternate idea of how to approach this level, "when you get to Ancient 
    Pools of the Dead it is EASIER to get the red rune, use it, complete that area, and then 
    go back to collect the helmets.  This way you can use the bridges until the very last.  
    Less jumpimg, less dying, I always say.  I also killed all the fat knights first so I 
    didn't have to deal with them while I got my butt out of there."
    Here's a tip sent in by Kevin Harrelson <kevin@mil.ufl.edu> about how to kill the knights:
    		The easiest way to kill the armored
                   knights is with a super-charged (hold down square for two seconds) club.  A
                   direct hit to a knight will knock one back about 10 feet.  Then, there is no need
                   to do the dangerous dash thing (I always fall in).
    	P. THE LAKE:
    Collect the red and green runes, watch out for the eyes and kill them when you
    can.  Return to the catwalks and find the sharp corner.  It is a purple metal piece,
    there is a pole sticking up right in the middle of it.  Hit it 'cause its really a switch
    which will move the metal piece so that you can get onto the other catwalks.  Hit
    it twice because the first direction will take you to a dead end.  You will take your
    runes and place them in crystal machines around the whirlpool which will stop the
    whirlpool.  There are three machines.
    After you have stopped the whirlpool you can jump down inside and collect some
    treasure.  The chalice is down here.
    My suggestion for killing the gatorguys is to crouch behind your shield and throw
    the axe.  You can also throw the chicken drumstick at them to turn them into roast 
    chicken which you can use to refill your life bottles.
    Once you get outside again you will find the yellow rune, and the switch that opens the
    gate and lots of eyes.
    Return to the first island, enter the house and use the yellow rune to exit when you
    get back outside.
    This level is pretty standard really.  
    The first thing that you see is the chalice so return for it when you have filled it.  
    Remember to go behind the waterfall.  You will have to take the two dragon gems
    that you already collected and place them in eyes of the dragon relief, not the
    holes in the wall.  
    DRAGON, ok, he sticks his head out of the holes and you have to pound on the ground
    to knock rocks down from the ceiling.  And my god, he sounds just like Sean Connery 
    in dragon heart.  Excuse me while I hurl!
    Anyway, when you kill him you will get the dragon amour.  Return to the exit.
    First off, you need to use the dragon amour to get through the fire gate.
    When you pass through the fire gate there are four buttons on the floor which will
    open all of the cages except the chalice cage.  The fifth button is in the main hall
    in one of the cages that you just opened. Kill enough of the remaining baddies,
    collect the chalice and then use the yellow rune to exit the level.  Very simple.
    According to E.J. Whitby, you can get rid of the serpent by hitting him in the head
    with the hammer a few times.
    First thing to do is get the chickens out of the fenced area and over to the pile of
    grain near the drawbridge.  Just walk behind them 'till they get there but don't
    scare them off.
    Anyway, when they eat it all the drawbridge will be lowered.  Upon getting up
    onto the wall, collect the red rune to the left.
    Your second task here is to free the farmers.  To do so you must kill the demons
    before they sacrifice the three farmers.  Lightning does an excellent job of taking
    out the demons.  And if you don't like that idea, "the Overlord" suggested to me that
    the chicken drunsticks can be thrown to turn the demons into meat.
    If you find that one of the demons always gets away, fall as you
    are using the lightning and quickly switch to your magic longbow and aim at him. 
    You must put out the fires BEFORE freeing the farmers.  Use the hammer a few
    times on each fire.  Then, to release the farmers step on the button.  This will also
    open the gates for you.  
    *A note about lightning - once you use it up its gone for good*
    After you free the farmers, its optional but you can return to the entrance where
    the chickens were to talk to the farmers you freed. They will give you gold coins 
    for your efforts. <msmith1964@yahoo.com>
    If you go through the gate on the left you will find a pool of oil which you will
    cross later and the chalice on a parapet along with an energy vial.
    The gate on the right leads to a wall where there are two energy vials.  Further
    along are two more vials.  Now you can use the red rune on the gate at the steps below
    the walls. 
    If you catch on fire crossing the bridge just equip the dragon amour and you'll be
    When you enter the kings chamber you learn that you must find his crown to
    summon his ghost. 
    You must fall into the trap door in the floor, it has a yellow emblem on it.
    Upon entering the nether regions of the castle you will find two doors.   The door
    to the left houses the crown and the volcano's floodgate.  The door on the right has
    the exit to the surface and a life refill station.
    Enter the king's chamber again and use the crown.
    You are now  dropped to a large room where you must defeat two stone giants, hit
    the floodgate switch and escape within 2 minutes.
    According to GailIZA@aol.com, you should do the level this way: 
    		"In the haunted ruins,a good way of killing
                   the demons is to skip the red rune and don't kill any of the flying
                   things.Instead use the magic sword run like crazy swinging the sword to kill
                   them.Then get everything else,red rune..etc.."
    STONE GIANTS, to defeat the giants, equip the dragon amour and blow them off the edge.
    Be sure to pick up the green rune.  You can also unequip all sheilds, etc. and use your
    block to do a shoulder throw which will push the giants off. <giulio@inetmedia.com>
    After you defeat the giants and kill a few
    demons you will need to place it in the oil room across from the main entrance
    door.  It is on your right as you come out of the giants room.  Now you need to
    collect the chalice and manage to escape.  Get the chalice and then cross the oil
    pool (purple) below the chalice parapet.
    Thankfully, if you do die attempting escape you will restart at the giants battle.
    When you do cross the spot where the oil was you need to hit the switch to release
    the boulder to fall onto the catapult so that it will break the wall.  You then need
    to jump on the catapult yourself.  If you are running low on time and life just leave
    the damn treasure.
    **WARNING: This level WILL drive you mad!!** 
    **Make sure that you have full life vials when you enter this level**
    The crew skeletons are worthless so just avoid them and go for the officers. 
    They're the ones wearing blue jackets.  Kill them and all of the lesser skeletons
    fall.  The blue rune is in the crow's nest with the first officer.
    Before crossing the moving floor boards you will want to use the blue rune where
    you started out to open the door.  Inside you will find the yellow (star) rune, an
    energy vile and a gargoyle merchant.
    If you fall into the holes where the floor boards are moving up and down you'll be
    alright because there is a lower room with some treasure.
    When you get across to where the rolling barrels are use the yellow rune to open
    the door the next crow's nest.
    To open the next door you need the red rune which is down to the right past the
    You will have bounce across some nets and if you fall you will land in a room
    with large barrels.  There are two hard-to-see exits from this room.  The first on
    the right will take you to two energy vials and the right will take you to another
    room with large cannons.  In some places you can duck.  For the last cannon run
    and then use your dash (triangle button while running).
    Work your way past them and get an energy vial.  Taking the ramp up will bring
    you back to having to cross the nets again.
    When you get across you can either continue via the swinging planks or the
    moving window shutters.  If you cross the planks the camera angle is particularly
    bad and you will have to drop onto the moving windmill like machine.  If you
    miss you will either fall to your death or land on the bridges where you collected
    the two energy vials outside of the large barrel room.
    I suggest crossing the shutters.  If you do so you will find a life refill station.
    proceed to the right and you will fight a few of the crew.  If you kill them then the
    barrels will break and you can go after the officer.  Killing him will open the door.
    Again I suggest using the run-around-hitting-the-square-button-like-crazy-method
    for killing the crew.
    You now can face the captain of the ship.  
    GHOST CAPTAIN, to kill him you will need to light your club on fire to light the cannons.
    Fire them continually at the captain.  Kill the crew as they will come back to life.
    Darylin S. <smithd@northwood.edu> suggested a differnt way to defeat the ghost captain. 
    (so if you have any questions about this way ask Darylin not me) To quote Darylin:
    "I have found an easier way to beat the ghost ship. When you are
      battling the pirate you can stand on the rght side of the right cannon.
      (In between the outter edge of the cannon and teh entrance rail.)  There
      is just enough room for you to stand and light teh cannon.  YOU ARE NOW
    To obtain the chalice, ride the windmill again and jump into the hanging cage, 
    you will be taken up higher into the masts and will receive the chalice and two 
    energy vials.  One to the left and one to the right.
    To exit this precarious level return to where you fought the captain.
    Down the right stairwell is the chalice.
    That's all there is to this level.  It's a token level.
    Use this level to refill your life bottles.
    Go to the left and out into the small clocks.  You will wrap around and be behind
    the butterfly.  
    Hit the switch and grab the white (time) rune.
    Get on top of the large clock by dash-jumping from one of the brain things on the 
    right.  Walk up the ramp and use the white (time)
    rune to remove the metal eyeball.  When you get to the next butterfly a clock will
    drop and you must adjust the large clock to open it.  Note the time on this clock
    that drops and adjust the large one using the two buttons.  
    Now pass through the butterfly gate and you will find a large spinning machine. 
    Get up on the track around the machine and go off to the right.  Well you've found
    the red rune in the middle of rolling clocks.
    Get back on the track around the spinning machine and cross the bridge across from 
    where you found the red rune.  From the butterfly it is the bridge on the left.
    When you get there, there is a tube that you can jump up into to get to a higher level.  
    Up here there is the chalice and a device which will shut off the electric force fields 
    in the level. 
    Only problem is that the shutoff only lasts for 3 seconds and the chalice is encased
    in some type of glass.
    The green rune is also up here off to the left encased in a force field as well.
    Hit the gravestone with the skull on it which turns off the electricity and quickly also 
    hit one of the laser funnels so that the path of the current is broken.  All electicity
    will now go off throughout the level until you turn it back on.  Collect the green rune to 
    the left, go back to where you came in, walk to the butterfly on the right side and note 
    the time on the clock that drops.
    Get back up onto the large clock.  Adjust the time using the buttons to correspond with 
    the butterfly's dropping clock time.  This will open the butterfly gate.
    Inside the force field will be gone and you can get the life bottle.  There is also a 
    life refill station around the corner to the right.
    Get back on top of the large clock and proceed north, you will need to open the
    butterfly gate again.
    Proceed north across the bridge to the red rune door where you will find the train.
    Here you will also find the green rune door so open it.
    Push the straight arm of the machine until it points at the exit.  Now jump on the
    arm and walk up to the train.
    Jump on the spikey part of the train and you are on your way.
    The train will stop and you can collect the blue rune to your left.  Kill all of the
    Jump back on the train and it will back up.
    Now open the blue door, and turn the machine so that the train faces the blue door
    and the straight arm faces the entrance to the room.  Get on the train as before.
    When you arrive at your destination, there is a life refill station to your left.  
    If you go down the path in front of the track you will find a switch to open half 
    of the exit level door.
    The path behind the track leads to another switch which opens the other half.
    Get back on the train and now you can go for the chalice.  To the left of the
    chalice platform is a small house out in the darkness with two bags of gold on 
    its roof.  To get to these, step off the edge onto the triangle shaped platform.
    There is also a pillar to the left of where you found the green rune.  According to
    JhonnyK, you can jump off and land there.  I have had a hard time doing it so good 
    Before you do that though you'll want to grab your chalice.  To break the glass hit 
    all of the laser funnels until they form a square and the beam will start up again
    and break the glass.  I know it makes no sense but it works.
    You now have all of the chalices, that makes twenty and you can now get the good 
    The only thing here is the fight.  When you enter his chamber open the chests to
    the right and left of you.  To the right you will find the good lightning.  Using this
    will damage you but protect your army.  Find the life refill station first then stand
    on the grey circle to call your army.  *NOTE* This life refill station WAS there when
    I played it.  My version was a US version NTSC.  Some people have reported that it was
    not there when they played through. Also, many people have told me that it seems only
    to appear if desperately needed. 
    SKELETAL ARMIES, you mustn't let your army perish or the game is over.  When they turn 
    yellow or red, they are about to die and need to be zapped with the good lightning.
    There is no limit of uses for the good lightning so zap away!  You'll get the hang
    of it.  
    Just run around holding the X button and you should be alright.  Keep an eye out
    for skeletons turning yellow or red and help them.  
    After you win the skeleton battle all of your remaining skeletons will turn into
    energy vials, collect them quickly.  
    According to 'James' <cyber2th@earthling.net>, the dragon armour is helpful in your battles
    against Zarok and his skeletal horseman.  Equipping it adds protection from the horseman's 
    fireballs and should be coupled with the Gold sheild.  The fire that you can spew from
    the suit apparently does very effective damage.
    SKELETAL HORSEMAN, when his shield is up you can't hurt him so just avoid him until he
    starts running around.  When he does, nail him with the magic longbow
    repeatedly. *see above
    Here's what "Williams, Danny" <Dwilliams@wm.com> had to say about the final battles:
    		I finally beat Zarok's lair last night and I have a tip that you might want
                   to add to your walkthrough. After the battle with the skeleton army I
                   switched weapons to the lightning that I had been given in the Hall of
                   Heroes. It's the first thing that the lady behind the double doors gives.
                   What I did was run around holding the square button letting the lightning
                   get a full charge while the knight chased me. When you have a full charge
                   let go of the square button and it does some major damage!! The lightning
                   arc lasts 2-3 seconds and you can run away and the lightning still stays
                   connected to your enemy zapping quite a bit of their life. One thing I
                   noticed is that if you have a full charge and release the square button but
                   are out of range of your enemy the lightning will not strike. Not to worry
                   though, even though you are no longer holding the square button you retain
                   the full charge on your lightning. Then all you have to do is run over to
                   your enemy and hit the X button to release the lightning. After every
                   lightning strike though you have to hold the square button to build up
                   another charge. I used this method to do away with the knight and then again
                   on Zarok until the lightning ran out. Then I used the magical longbow and
                   when it ran out I used the spears. I killed Zarok with 2 life bottles to
    Yet another suggestion (from jjm), not a bad one but i havent tried it yet:
    		"As soon as the battle begins, just run to, and stand
                   directly beneath Zarok's pulpit, (behind the red drape).
                   Kardok can't touch you, and all you have to do is wait for him to 
                   get close, then WHACK HIS ASS with the Axe, or a Battle-Hammer
                   concussion shock-wave. It may take a while, but it gets him every
                   time, and leaves you fully juiced for your final sorte' with Zarok.
                   In fact, with enough life bottles, you can actually "dick-around"
                   with Zarok and still have enough health to grease is gonads. 
                   (Try different weapons, run around a bit, etc.)
                   Actually, I find the best way to kill him is to start with a full
                   barrage of "spears", followed by some magic arrows, then top him off
                   with a couple of Dragon-Armor Fire Breaths."
    ZAROK, he turns himself into a funny lizard-like creature.  
    He has a force field about him most of the time.  Use you magic broadsword and run 
    around him in circles.  Occasionally his shield will drop and he will rear up on his
    hind legs.  When he does so, chop away at him.  It will take some time and patience, 
    remember to not get too close to him. *see above
    After you defeat him you will see a short FMV and then the credits roll.  They're
    not bad because they show clips from the game as well as animation cells and
    designs from the conceptualizing of the game characters and moments.
    ----------------------V. Endings--------------------------
    We have found two endings so far.  One where a bird carries Dan to his crypt and he lies
    down.  You will get this ending if you did not collect all of the chalices.
    If you did collect them you will get the second ending.  The FMV will be of Dan at the 
    Hall of Heroes partying.
    I recieved an email from Paul Donovan who claims that he was a programmer involved in the
    making of MediEvil.  I am inclined to believe him.  This is what he said about the apple
    with the hat in the end: "The apple wearing a red origami hat pictured in the credits is 
    Mr Apple. He was an apple that I bought for lunch one day which Matt Johnson (programmer) 
    nicked and kept on his desk.  Katie Lea (mapper) made him a paper hat.  He lasted about 
    9 months without rotting due to the magical powers of the hat.  Something to do with 
    pyramids I guess..."
    I will have to check this out myself.  He told me a few other interesting things if I can 
    figure out a place to add them appropriately I will.
    According to info found at GameSages (http://sages.ign.com/), there is an expanded version
    of the ending.  I have not checked this out myself and am not aware of the exact details
    but here is how to check it out for yourself: (this is an exact transcription from the 
    GameSages page)
    To get the expanded ending get all the cups (19) in all 19 boards and then go back to
    the Enchanted Earth and use the rune to summon the witch at the pot.  Become small an
     go into the ant hill.  Rescue All the faires and get at least seven pieces of amber.
    Kill the ant queen and once you leave, the witch will give you a drumstick and the fairy
     will grant you passage to the hall of heroes.  You will see your statue solidified.  
    Then beat the game to see the extra part at the end. 
    Submitted by John Grivas (Metros@accesshub.net)
    -----------------------VIa. GAME SHARK CODES:-------------------------
    These codes were located at GameShark.com
    I did not make these or use these but I have presented them for your benefit.
    Because there has been some confusion about these codes I will explain a little.
    For those of you inexperienced at gaming, to enter these codes requires that 
    you purchase a Playstation accessory called a Game Shark.  I believe that it 
    plugs into the parallel port on the back of the Playstation.  With it equipped,
    when you press the power button you will automatically be presented with a special
    screen for inputting these codes.  I believe that sums it up so PLEASE DO NOT ASK
    ME ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT THEM.  Refer any furthur questions on the subject to
    GameShark's homepage.
              L2+R2 Health Restore 
              L2+R2 Infinite Cash     
              Press [Select] For Small Sword
              Press [Select] For Broad Sword
              Press [Select] For Magic Sword
              Press [Select] For Club
              Press [Select] For Hammer 
              Press [Select] For Throwing Dagger
    	    Press [Select] For Axe
              Press [Select] For Chicken Drumstick
              Press [Select] For Crossbow
              Press [Select] For Long Bow
              Press [Select] For Flaming Bow
              Press [Select] For Magic Bow
              Press [Select] For Spear
              Press [Select] For Lightning
              Press [Select] For Good Lightning
              Press [Select] For Chaos Rune
              Press [Select] For Earth Rune
              Press [Select] For Moon Rune
              Press [Select] For Star Rune
              Press [Select] For Time Rune
              Press [Select] For Copper Shield
              Press [Select] For Silver Shield
    Robert Edison <cyberwolf57@hotmail.com> asked 
    that i add this wonderful code.  If you have
    any questions about it please ask him not me.
             Ininite Lives
    -------------------VIb. PAL Codes-------------------
    Ok, for those of you not familiar with terms of the videogaming world, PAL
    is the video format in Britain as opposed to NTSC used in the US and Japan.
    These codes were taken from Secrets of the Sages.  The webpage is located at:
    **THEY ONLY WORK IF YOUR COPY IS A PAL VERSION (that will be stamped on it, otherwise
    it will be a NTSC version)**
    To open the cheat menu for the European Version:
    Pause the game, hold L2 and press Down, Up, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle,
    Down, Up, Square, Triangle.  (DUST TO DUST). (Submitted by Meatmaker@aol.com)
    Pause the game, then hold L2 and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle,
    Triangle, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Right, Circle,
    Left, Left, Triangle, Circle, Down, Circle, Circle, Right (TO TOOT LOUD ROLL TROLL TO
    Submitted by Meatmaker@aol.com
    **THEY ONLY WORK IF YOUR COPY IS A PAL VERSION (that will be stamped on it, otherwise
    it will be a NTSC version)**
    These were transcibed directly from GameSages so it is as much as I know on the 
    subject so PLEASE DO NOT ASK.  I have never played the PAL version and most likely 
    never will.  All emails pertaining to these codes will be
    -------------------VII. Game Saves--------------------
    Ok, this is for the VERY technical only.  I am not about to sit down and explain it all.
    If you have questions, try the webmaster of http://www.dexchange.net/playstation/medievil.html 
    as that is where you will find the files.
    -------------------VIII. CREDITS:---------------------
    Thanx to:
    Iain Noble <71154.3234@CompuServe.COM>  I consulted his meager FAQ while playing 
    	through the game.  I did not transcribe anything from his document.
    Jhonny K for tip on how to get the chalice in the "Time Device."
    Tom (lil' man) for the secret area in "Return to the Graveyard."
    Trevor Ash <trevor_ash@bigfoot.com> Trevor sent me numerous emails.  He added updates 
    	2 and 3.
    Chan Aun <richard_23@hotmail.com> Notified me of the Axe Code bug, update No.6 v1.1
    Paul Donovan (programmer) thanks for the complements and the game! Also,
    	the Zarok, Zorak correction, No.7, and Mr. Apple, No.8 of V1.1
    GameShark.com for the Shark codes.
    GameSages (http://sages.ign.com/) for the PAL code info and the expanded ending.
    "Rusty Marquardt" <dragonblade18@hotmail.com> for the hammer on the Ant Queen.
    DexDrive for his game saves. (http://www.dexchange.net/) 
    "Michelle Jackson" <majjc@epix.net> Ant's Nest hiding place.
    'James' <cyber2th@earthling.net> for the advice about the dragon armour and Zarok.
    M. M. Smith for suggestions v3-2,3 about Cemetery Hill and Ancient Pools.
    The Overlord <x_overlord_x@hotmail.com> for the chicken drumstick idea and the pumpkin nfo.
    Chris A <AOHammA@aol.com> for a bit more about the chicken drumsticks.
    Darylin S. <smithd@northwood.edu> for the alternate strategy on the Ghost Ship.
    Hernan G. <her_mar@ciudad.com.ar> for even more drumstick nfo.
    Jason L. <clewis@teleport.com> for the humorous nfo about the drumsticks and townspeople.
    Derron M. <ddmyles@hotmail.com> for the correct axe gameshark code.
    Mark S. <msmith1964@yahoo.com> for the tip about the farmer's gold.
    Robert E. <cyberwolf57@hotmail.com> for the new GameShark code.
    E. J. Whitby  <ejwst14@pitt.edu> for the tip about the serpent in the gauntlet.
    Giulio Gravinese <giulio@inetmedia.com> for the 2nd stone giant strategy.
    Williams, Danny <Dwilliams@wm.com> for the new final strategy.
    Kevin Harrelson <kevin@mil.ufl.edu> for how to kill knights in the ancient pools.
    Andy Chaney <jchaney@ccrtc.com> for how to get more drumsticks.
    jemorgan" <jemorgan@gateway.net> for various little things.
    Jeff Martin <jjm@keysdigital.com> for another ending tip.
    "Mr vebble" <vebble@hotmail.com> for coins in haystacks.
    GailIZA@aol.com for the alternate ruins strategy.
    Russel McCarthy <hvda@hvda.org.uk) for lots of stuff. many thanx russel :)
    --------------------IX. CLOSING NOTES---------------------
    Any questions may be directed to XARDION <xardion@hotmail.com> but please don't ask stupid
    questions. Also PLEASE (i'm begging you) try everything you can possibly think of and search 
    this FAQ thoroughly before emailing me.
    This document is copyrighted c1998 D.Widmer.  Version 1.0 was created on 11/14/98.
    For personal use and reproduction only.  Any mass reproduction or distribution
    is prohibited for sale or any other reason.  If this document is used in the writing
    of any related document a proper citation of this text would be appreciated.  If any
    portion of this text is posted elsewhere, proper citation would be appreciated also.
    Thanks for reading!
    MediEvil is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. 1998

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