PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

  1. From Shannon Spencer Fox (01/20/2005; 131KB) All Characters Level 99 at Very Start of Game (White Dragon Cave)
  2. From Exdeath (01/06/2004; 19KB) At very end of game, high levels, best items including Ghaleon's Tear, best weapons and armor
  3. From Jnpacblo (06/08/2000; 131KB) Godess Rebirth, All Items (including the 2 soaps),bromides,weapons, Characters level 51.
  4. From carlde21 (07/20/2001; 131KB) Level 50, Luna's throne
  5. From Aether Knight (05/15/2002; 131KB) Lunar 1 save at Luna's Throne w/ all characters levels set at 99, all spells/skills learned for each character & all equipment/items set at 99.
  6. From Cless Aileron (06/16/2003; 19KB) Start of Disc 2
  7. From rojotrece (03/09/2004; 131KB) Various saves throughout the game featuring humorous plot points

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From Michael_Fury (04/27/2009; 5KB) Save 1: Pao ready to leave for Frontier, Save 2: Luna's Throne ready to fight Ghaleon, Save 3: Luna's Throne Just after fight with Ghaleon
  2. From bigsteg84 (11/17/2015; 5KB) Saves 1+2 - Last statue in final dungeon before final bosses (Save 1: Level 54, Save 2: Level 99). Save 3 - Meribia post-game with all bromides, Rememberizer, and Ocarina.
  3. From XxGhaleonxX (05/23/2020; 1KB) Start of game with max Silver.

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