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Game Script by Shotgunnova

Updated: 04/16/11

         )  (       (¯¯¯¯)¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\(¯¯¯¯)   /\    (¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
         |  |        )  ( )  (¯|     \)  (   /  \    )  |¯\  \
         |  |        |  | |  | |  |\     |  / (\ \   |  |_/  /
         |  |        |  | |  | |  | \    | /   ¯  \  |      (
         |  |        |  |_|  | )  (  \   |/  (¯¯)  \_|  (\   \
         |  |      /\(       )(____)  \__(____)(_________)\   \
         |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                              \   \
        \/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\/  By Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers)       \   ¯¯¯)

 01) Burg ............................................................... GS01
 02) White Dragon Cave .................................................. GS02
 03) Burg [II] .......................................................... GS03
 04) Weird Woods ........................................................ GS04
 05) Burg [III] ......................................................... GS05
 06) Weird Woods [II] ................................................... GS06
 07) Saith .............................................................. GS07
 08) The Hispaniola ..................................................... GS08
 09) Meribia ............................................................ GS09
 10) Vane ............................................................... GS10
 11) Nanza .............................................................. GS11
 12) Lann ............................................................... GS12
 13) Vane [II] .......................................................... GS13
 14) Meribia [II] ....................................................... GS14
 15) White Dragon Cave [II] ............................................. GS15
 16) Burg [IV] .......................................................... GS16
 17) Meribia [III] ...................................................... GS17
 18) Vane [III] ......................................................... GS18
 19) Nanza [II] ......................................................... GS19
 20) Reza ............................................................... GS20
 21) Meryod ............................................................. GS21
 22) Damon's Spire ...................................................... GS22
 23) Reza [II] .......................................................... GS23
 24) Iluk ............................................................... GS24
 25) Red Dragon Cave .................................................... GS25
 26) Lyton .............................................................. GS26
 27) Blue Dragon Shrine ................................................. GS27
 28) Tamur .............................................................. GS28
 29) Myght's Tower ...................................................... GS29
 30) Lost Woods ......................................................... GS30
 31) Pao ................................................................ GS31
 32) Myght's Tower [II] ................................................. GS32
 33) Talon .............................................................. GS33
 34) Cadin .............................................................. GS34
 35) Ruid ............................................................... GS35
 36) Vane [IV] .......................................................... GS36
 37) The Grindery ....................................................... GS37
 38) Meribia [IV] ....................................................... GS38
 39) Burg [V] ........................................................... GS39
 40) Fortress of Althena ................................................ GS40
 41) Meribia [IV] ....................................................... GS41

 Updates and Contributors ............................................... UPDT
 Legality ............................................................... LGLT

01) BURG                                                                 [GS01]
[On a cliff near town, a youth stands by an old monument.]

Alex: (narrating) I don't remember when it started exactly, but the dream of
      having a fantastic adventure in far-off places grabbed my heart early and
      has yet to let go. You see, my hero is Dragonmaster Dyne. Outside my
      village, there's a monument made in his honor. His adventures were the
      most fantastic of all! Fighting evil, risking death, protecting the
      goddess Althena... It's all so...so exciting! One day, I want to have
      adventures like that! (sigh) But...excitement of that kind is a long way
      from Burg.

????: (calling) Alex! Oh, Alex! Where are you?

[A flying cat creature flies over.]

Alex: Oh, hello, Nall.

Nall: Alex, couldn't you hear me? I've been flying all over for the last half
      hour calling for you. But, I should've known you'd be here. 

Alex: Oh, Nall, where else would I be?

Nall: (reading inscription) "In honor of the great Dragonmaster, Dyne." I know
      that Dyne was probably the greatest of the Four Heroes, Alex, but I'm
      amazed that you never get tired of coming to stare at his dumb monument.
      Oh shoot, I just remembered we better go meet Luna to practice singing.
      If we're late, she'll be upset. Alex, we better get moving... Luna's
      patience with us will only stretch so far. We'd better not test the

[A small tremor rocks the area.]

Nall: Whoa! Another earthquake...that's the third one this week! But, what
      could be causing them?

[A chubby boy lumbers up to the duo.]

Ramus: Hey, Alex, I figured you might be here! Now that the warm weather has
       melted the ice near the Dragon's Cave, there isn't any time to waste to
       get started on our big adventure! If we hurry, we may even be able to
       sneak in without waking the dragon! Then we can get a fantasticly huge
       diamond from its lair worth thousands and thousands of silver, making us
       filthy stinking rich and very popular in the process!

Nall: The Dragon Diamond, huh?

Ramus: You heard right, Nall! C'mon Alex! You always dreamt about going on a
       big adventure! Let this be our first!

Alex: ... ... ...

Ramus: Well, while you're deciding, I'll stop by my house to grab some snacks
       for the trip. C'ya!

[Ramus leaves.]

Nall: Oh Alex, you know we HAVE to do this! It could be the adventure of a
      lifetime! Once we get going, I just hope Ramus doesn't turn into a baby
      at the first sign of monsters! But, you know Luna is going to be upset...
      she doesn't like you putting yourself in danger... How are you going to
      tell her, Alex?

[They walk into town.]

Nall: Do you hear that, Alex? It sounds like...singing! Luna must already be
      waiting for us at the Springs! I bet she'll be singing a different tune
      when you show up this late...AGAIN!

[At the springs...]

Nall: That's Luna, all right! I bet you're in for it now, Alex! She hates when
      you're late!

[Luna is singing to herself. Alex plays his ocarina to reveal his presence.]

Luna: (giggling) Alex, you're late again, silly. Were you whittling away the
      morning at Dyne's monument again? Or were you planning more make-believe
      adventures with Ramus?

Nall: Hey! You're good! He WAS at Dyne's Monument planning an adventure with
      Ramus! You were right on both counts! I can't wait to see the inside of
      the White Dragon Cave! ...Um...right...A...Alex?!

Alex: Shhh...Nall!

Luna: The White Dragon Cave, Alex? I knew something was wrong with your
      playing! And I always know when you're keeping secrets from me! Alex, why
      would you travel to such a dangerous place?!

[A weird roar is heard in the distance, shaking the forest.]

Nall: Yikes! That was LOUD!

Luna: It sounded like a...roar? But I've never heard a creature like that

Nall: You know, I bet it was the voice of the White Dragon! What Ramus said was

Alex: ... ... ... 

Luna: Alex! Where are you going?

Nall: We're going ot explore the White Dragon Cave along with Ramus! That was
      the adventure Alex and Ramus were talking about at Dyne's Monument!

Luna: Didn't you hear me, Alex? You could be hurt...or worse!

Alex: ... ... ...

Luna: And what about your poor parents? They'll be beside themselves with

Alex: ... ... ...

Luna: I've never been able to stop you from doing what you wanted to do,
      Alex... ...and I know that your dream is to embark on a great adventure
      just like Dyne. So, I suppose all I can do is come along and keep you out
      of trouble! Perhaps this will even be fun! And to think that you were
      going to leave without me!

Alex: But...erm...uh...

Luna: What are you waiting for? Let's get going!

Alex: Er...uh...

Nall: Alex, why do you even TRY saying "no" to Luna? She plays you like an
      ocarina... So what are we waiting for? Let's begin our great adventure!

Luna: Just one moment, Nall. I know your'e excited and anxious to start the
      adventure... But we really need to tell Alex's parents where we're going.
      We can't let them worry about us. Besides, we might be able to find some
      things around the house to help us on the trip!

Nall: You know, I like yow you think... This is gonna be great, Alex!

[They return home.]

Father: What? You want to travel to the White Dragon Cave by yourselves? ...
        ... ... It's your time, isn't it? Of course you can go, Alex. Take this
        with you.

System: Got Dagger

Father: And this weapon might be easier for Luna to handle.

System: Got Sling

Father: We can't have you inside that cave without a weapon. Oh, and I almost

System: Got Flame Ring

Father: Take this ring. You never know when you might need it. What else? There
        are a few things in the basement chests...take anything you think you
        might need. To reach the cave, you must travel north of Burg, and then
        east around the mountain range. Promise me you'll be careful!

[They find their companion at the town exit.]

Ramus: Sorry to keep you waiting! Everything's all set...so let's get going,
       Alex! What!? Luna is coming with us? Well, that's okay...I guess...

Luna: I want to see the White Dragon, too! Please don't leave me out of this,

Ramus: If it's fine with Alex, it's fine with me... Alex? Aren't you going to
       bring along a weapon? (if Alex doesn't have weapon equipped, also:)
       We're going to encounter real monsters, Alex! If you aren't prepared,
       you could really get hurt!

Nall: You got a Dagger from your dad, Alex...why don't you equip it?

02) WHITE DRAGON CAVE                                                    [GS02]

[Just inside, icy buildup blocks the way forward.]

Nall: There's just no way we're gonna get past this ice!

Luna: We need to get it out of our way...but, how?

Alex: I think I know...

Ramus: Give it a shot, Alex!

[He melts it with his Flame Ring.]

Nall: Yes!! We can go through!

Alex: Perfect. That ring sure did come in handy.

[They reach the heart of the cave.]

Nall: What is this place? It's so cold, but so...beautiful.

[The cave shakes.]

Luna: Ahhhhh!!!

Ramus: What's happening!?

Nall: I have a very bad feeling about this...something's up there, Alex!
      something BIG!

?????: Who has awakened me from my deep slumber?

[A large white dragon gets up.]

Quark: ...Hmm? My friends, you are the first adventurers to visit me in a long
       time. I am Quark, Tetrarch of the Dragon Tribe. You have journeyed far
       and now you have arrived at my lair. It's a journey few have survived;
       your mission must be urgent.

Nall: Hey, Alex, did you hear that? He called us "adventurers"! This old dragon
      is obviously very wise!

Alex: My name is Alex. I'm...honored to meet you, Quark.

Nall: I'm Nall! N...nice to meet you.

Ramus: I'm...I'm...I'm...uh...uh...Ramus... Um...mommy...ahhh!

Luna: My name is Luna. We came here from Burg to meet you, sir.

Quark: And perhaps we were destined to meet. You appear somehow very familiar
       to me...

Luna: Are...are you speaking to me?

Quark: Yes, child. I sense that our souls are intertwined in some ancient
       manner... Alas, it may be only that age and isolation have taken their
       toll...but the feeling is so...

Nall: Yeah, yeah. We'll walk down memory lane some other time. Right now, we

Ramus: Nall! What are you trying to do, get us KILLED? Just hush and leave the
       negotiating to me. [Gulp!] All hail Quark, the mighty White Dragon!

Quark: For what purpose do you beseech me, little boy?

Ramus: Yaaaaahhhh...! Ahhhh...oh, mighty Quark? We are here to take...I mean...
       we are here to, um...find the legendary Dragon Diamond. I mean...uh,
       could you please give us the Dragon Diamond?

Quark: You braved so dangerous a course to secure a Dragon Diamond?

Ramus: I'm beginning to regret that course myself. Um...p...please don't chomp
       us to bits!

Quark: Why is it you humans prize those things so much? Don't you know they're
       made from my sh... Oh, what's the use?

Luna: I think Ramus has the right idea, Alex. We should go...

Quark: If you want my Diamond so badly, children, you must accomplish but one
       task. Retrieve the Dragon Ring found deep within this cave. Return it to
       me, and I shall give you the Diamond.

Nall: Is that IT? I'm surprised you aren't handing out nuggets all day...

Quark: On the contrary. To obtain the Ring, you must pass through the Dragon
       Trial. The last one to succeed was a headstrong youth named Dyne. Unless
       you use the strength of both your body and your mind as Dyne did...
       ...the Ring shall forever remain beyond your grasp.

Nall: He's just trying to scare us, Alex! Let's pass his trial and get our

Quark: Wait, children! Before you begin, I shall restore you all to full
       strength...you'll need it. You may begin, children. Your future now
       rests squarely in your own diminutive hands.

[They find the ring.]

Nall: Yes! It's the Dragon Ring! We've completed the trial! C'mon, Alex! Let's
      go back to Quark and hand it over!

[They visit the dragon's lair again.]

Quark: Ah! Excellent! You have managed to complete the Trial! Here is your
       reward, brave adventurers...

System: Got Dragon Diamond

Ramus: Yeah! We did it!

Nall: Whaddya mean, "we"? All I remember you doing is searching our backpacks
      for cheese and crackers...

Quark: This is but the first small step of your long adventure, young Alex.

Alex: The...first step?

Quark: Ah, yes. The time is upon us. And more importantly, Alex...you have the
       green eyes. When last I gazed upon eyes like yours, it was the shining
       face of Dyne I beheld...

Alex: The Dragonmaster...

Quark: Why do you act so surprised? Anyone who looks into your eyes can see it,
       Alex... The desire to become a Dragonmaster burns within your very soul.

Alex: ... ... ...

Quark: Cross over to the mainland and seek out your destiny. Search for my
       brothers...Red, Blue, and Black. Overcome their Trials and claim their
       rewards. Return here when you earn the prize of manhood... ...and a new
       Dragonmaster will be born unto the world.

Nall: Wow...Alex! Did you hear that?!

Alex: ... ... ...

Luna: Alex...

Quark: Your success is not guaranteed, young one, so remain vigilant. I shall
       pray for your return. Before your long journey into unknown fates...
       ...you should spend one last night with those you love.

03) BURG [II]                                                            [GS03]

[They return home.]

Ramus: Alex! This diamond's gonna make us rich! I can almost taste the money
       we're gonna get!

Nall: Alex, can we go to Althena's statue? All that adventuring really wore me

Luna: I agree, Nall. The diamond can wait a little while.

[They heal at the statue.]

Nall: Ahhh! Much better! I feel like a million silver!

Ramus: I bet that's how much we'll get for the Diamond! Let's hurry to the

[They visit the local store.]

Shopkeep: Hello, children! You're all looking rather healthy! How can I be of
          service to you this fine day?

Ramus: I'm here to discuss business. How much will you give us for this Dragon

Shopkeep: Oh my gosh! I can't buy a diamond like this! I don't have enough
          money for even a sliver of this rock!

Ramus: Oh, I see...you're trying to trick me. Very sneaky! But seriously, how

Shopkeep: I am serious! You'll have to travel to a big city like Meribia to
          unload this baby!

Ramus: Meribia? The harbor town on the mainland? But that's too far away from

Luna: Too bad, Ramus... Alex, let's go home before your mom gets worried.

Nall: That's a good idea...because I'm starving! Maybe we can sneak inside and
      raid the pantry!

Ramus: ... ... ...

Nall: What's up, Ramus? You look so serious...

Ramus: Well...

Alex: What is it, Ramus?

Ramus: I need to have a man-to-man with Alex. Luna...could he meet you at home?

Luna: Man-to-man talk? Ha, ha, ha! Why, of course, Ramus! I don't mind at
      all... I'll see you soon, Alex. Enjoy your "talk."

Ramus: Alex... You heard what the shopkeeper said. The only place we can sell
       the Diamond is in Meribia. I...I think we should go. It's not just about
       the money, Alex...I also want to prove my dad wrong! You've always
       talked about adventure...so come with me!

       Of course I'll come with you!
        Alex: Of course I'll come with you! I have to explore the world and
              pass the Dragon Trials...        

       I'm sorry, Ramus, I just can't.
        Alex: I'm sorry, Ramus, I just can't. It's too dangerous a journey...

        Nall: Alex, don't say that! You passed the Dragon Trial, remember? And
              didn't Quark himself tell you to explore the world?

Ramus: Excellent! Let's go...right this minute...before I change my mind...

Nall: Hold on, Alex. What are we going to do about Luna?

Ramus: You can't tell her, Alex! You know she'd never let you go! You have to
       understand, Alex. Girls are supposed to prevent boys from having fun.
       It's just their nature.

Nall: He's right, Alex. We both know what Luna would say to you... "Absolutely
      not! Now make your bed and do the dishes before I tell your mother!" Do
      you really want that, Alex? I don't think so!

Ramus: Me, either. So we agree not to tell Luna, right? Right! Let's go!

[They slip out of town...]

04) WEIRD WOODS                                                          [GS04]
[They enter the creepy, fog-filled forest.]

Ramus: You know, Alex...um...they say the Weird Woods are...uh...haunted...
       Alex, we can't see where we're going...and we can't see any of the
       monsters... Why don't we go back?

Nall: If you're scared, Ramus, just come out and say it.

Ramus: I...I'm not scared! Not at all...

[They continue walking.]

Ramus: I'm sorry, Alex...I can't go any further! Blarrrggg!!!

[Ramus runs out of the woods.]

Nall: The only other time I've seen Ramus move like that involved a chow bell

[They, too, leave.]

Nall: The sun's going down and the fog is thicker then ever...why don't we
      just go home?

Ramus: I'm sorry...maybe this was a bad idea. Let's turn back for now.

05) BURG [III]                                                           [GS05]
Ramus: My father's right about me, Alex. I'm all talk and no action.

Alex: ... ... ...

Nall: Don't say that, Ramus! With all that dense fog, we HAD to turn back. You
      were smart, not cowardly!

Ramus: ...I hope you're right. I'm going home to rest up... Let's try again in
       the morning. I'll wait for you at the village entrance, okay?

Alex: Okay.

Ramus: And...Alex, maybe you should tell Luna where we're going after all...see
       you tomorrow!

[The duo returns home, and Alex uses Ramus' advice...]

Luna: Alex...did you travel somewhere with Ramus?

Nall: Nope. The fog was too dense, so we came back home.

Alex: Um, Nall...

Luna: The Weird Woods? You were going to Meribia without me? It can't be true,
      Alex. Nall is only joking...isn't he?

Alex: ... ... ...

Luna: I can't believe you'd leave here without so much as a goodbye! I don't
      think we have anything left to talk about, Alex!

[Alex finds his parents.]

Father: You're going to Meribia...just like Dyne, of course. I'm not surprised.
        You're old enough to make your own decisions, Alex. I would never stop
        you from pursuing your destiny. Just one word of advice...talk to Luna
        about your plans. She cares about you. Let her know what's going on. 

[Luna's ire eventually settles.]

Luna: Alex...I'm sorry I was upset with you. I forgive you...this time. But I'm
      going to Meribia with you, and that's that!

Nall: What?!

Luna: If you and Ramus went all by yourselves, you'd be in danger. I have no
      choice! Don't even try to talk me out of this, Alex!

[With that decided, it's time to inform the fam...]

Father: Luna is going with you, then? I'm glad, Alex. Don't worry about me and
        your mother. We'll be fine. What's wrong, Alex? You better get some
        sleep! Tomorrow is the big day, son! Tomorrow, you embark on the
        greatest adventure of your life. The adventure I always wanted...but
        was too afraid to pursue. Don't be afraid, Alex. Don't give up. And
        don't come home until your destiny is fulfilled!

Nall: Alex, your father is right! That was the best speech I've ever heard...

Father: Nall! You to go to bed, too! Adventurers need their rest!

Nall: Yes, sir! Starting today, I am an adventurer!

[That night, Luna wakes up from a bad dream.]

Luna: Not again... Tomorrow, I leave this village...the only home I've ever
      known. ... ... ... Alex...?

[She sees his bed empty. An ocarina plays somewhere...]

Luna: I know where you are, Alex.

[At Dyne's monument...]

Alex: Luna...

Luna: Hello, Alex. I didn't mean to interrupt you. I heard your song on the
      breeze. ... ... ... (I wonder if Dyne couldn't sleep the night before he
      left Burg... How silly I am, comparing Alex to the mighty Dragonmaster!
      I must still be groggy...) Adventure. We're going on a real adventure...
      I never paid much thought to the course that our lives might take, Alex.
      I guess I always imagined the two of us would have a home of our own
      someday. All right...maybe Nall, too. But, I never imagined we'd be
      leaving Burg without knowing when we'll return...or even IF we'll
      return. I...I'm...

Alex: What's wrong, Luna?

Luna: Nothing, Alex. I just had a bad dream is all. I'm silly, aren't I? We're
      about to experience the greatest thrill of our lives...and I'm afraid of
      the fun and excitement I know we're going to have.

Alex: Luna...

Luna: Tomorrow is the start of a great adventure, Alex.

Alex: Yes...yes, it is.

Luna: I'm going home, Alex. Don't stay out here too late. We won't be able to
      journey far if you catch cold! And brush your teeth before you go to
      sleep, silly!

Alex: Yes...yes, I will.

Luna: Dragonmaster Dyne had great teeth! You'd better not aspire to any less!
      Good night, Alex.

Alex: Good night, Luna.

[The next morning, the parents see the kids off.]

Nall: 'Bye, Dad! 'Bye, Mom!

Luna: I'll miss you...and I love you. Don't worry about Alex...I'll take good
      care of him!

Alex: Yes, she will. Don't worry about us! We'll return soon!

[Ramus is at the town gate.]

Ramus: Hey, Alex! I was starting to worry about you! I hope the fog clears
       soon...what? Heh, heh...Nall was right. Luna's coming along after all!

Luna: Of course, Ramus. Someone has to keep you all out of trouble!

Nall: That's no fun...

Ramus: All right! Weird Woods, here we come! Next stop, the port town of Saith!

Nall: Yeah!

06) WEIRD WOODS [II]                                                     [GS06]
[The forest's fog is especially thick...]

Ramus: It's worse than yesterday, Alex. There's no way we can stumble through
       this stuff.

Nall: We can't keep giving up and going home, Ramus! We have to figure
      something out...

Luna: Don't get upset, Nall...there's something I'd like to try.

Nall: What do you mean, Luna? What can you do?

Luna: ... ... ...

[She sings her tune, lifting the fog.]

Nall: WOW!!! The fog just...faded away!

Ramus: Your voice, Luna...it's magic!

Luna: ... ... ...

Alex: Luna?

Luna: I don't know how I did that, Alex. I don't even understand how I knew I
      could. I just...felt it in my heart, and then my voice took over.

Alex: Luna?

Ramus: C'mon, guys! Now that the fog's gone, we can get to Saith in no time!

[Past a clearing, some monsters emerge from the trees.]

Nall: What...what are you? Stay back! Get away from us!

Ramus: There are too many of 'em, Alex! Let's run for it!

Nall: We're surrounded!

Ramus: Alex!! I'm too young and promising to die!!

[A bearded man happens upon the scene.]

Man: Ho, ho, ho! Looks like we have a bit of trouble here!

Nall: Who are you? Where did you come from? What the heck is going ON?!

Man: Hmmm...perhaps this isn't the best time for an introduction! Do you kids
     want some help, or can you handle these critters by yourselves?

     Please help us!
      Man: Ho, ho, ho! Let's have a crack at these thugs, then! Suppers a
           comin' and I need to work up an appetite!

     We've got it under control!
      Man: Of course you do...I'll just stand here and enjoy the show, then.
           Let's see what ya got!

[The baddies are slain.]

Nall: ...We did it! Who are you, mister? Or should I ask, WHAT are you?

Man: What a hapless bunch you are! You're lucky I happened to come along when
     I did! Didn't you know that these woods were ridiculously dangerous for
     ordinary travelers? Are you lost? Or out for a picnic? ...WHAT?! An

Nall: What's so funny?

Man: The four of you are on an adventure? That's the best line I've heard in
     some time! Ho, haaah, ho, ho, ho! Tell ya what! I'll whip up a nice fire
     and some grub and you can tell me all about it!

[That night...]

Man: Don't worry, kids. The smoke from the herbs I'm burning will keep the
     monsters away...

Nall: You're smarter than you look, mister! I'm impressed!

Man: Ho, hah, ho! Thank you, I think! But I'm not smart. When you travel as
     much as I do, you just learn things along the way... Come on, kids, it's
     chilly! Let's get closer to the fire... I just realized...I haven't even
     asked your names yet! You can call me Laike.

Alex: I'm Alex...this is my friend, Ramus...

Ramus: Hello.

Nall: I'm Nall!

Luna: And I am Luna. We're traveling from the village of Burg... Thank you for
      helping us defeat the monsters, Laike. You're quite kind.

Laike: Hmmm...Luna...

Luna: Is something wrong, Laike?

Laike: Oh...nothing. That's just a name I've not heard in a long time. Your
       village is the birthplace of Dragonmaster Dyne, right?

Alex: Yes! Dragonmaster dyne is our hero! Well...he's my hero. I've dreamt of
      growing up to be just like him...

Laike: So...you're going to be a Dragonmaster, huh?

Alex: I...uh...I...I'd like to...

Laike: No dream is out of reach, Alex, no matter how impossible it might seem.
       And in order to accomplish your dreams, you need plenty of food and

Nall: So you're saying I can accomplish anything?!

Laike: Hah, ho, ho! Indeed you can, Nall! Alright, Alex, let's finish our food
       and get some sleep... We have to get up early, while the monsters are
       still groggy!

[He looks at Alex' sleeping form.]

Laike: He has the green eyes...I wonder if...

[In the morning...]

Nall: What the...? Laike is gone! That was kinda rude for him to leave without
      saying goodbye...but anyone who laughs at my jokes is a good man. I hope
      we meet him again!

Luna: He was a great swordsman. Much better than you, Alex...I think you've
      been sloughing off in your practice again!

Nall: She has a point, Alex. We can't count on people to bail us out of

Ramus: Laike said we're close to the exit, right? After we get out of here, we
       head south...to the port of Saith, where we set sail for Meribia...and
       take our first step onto the shining path of glory!!

Nall: Deep breaths, Ramus!

07) SAITH                                                                [GS07]
[The kids head to the port town's docks.]

Captain: Ahoy, mates! I'm the capt'n o' the "Hispaniola", bound fer Meribia.
         The sea is tossin' so hard that I need me Sea Chart ta navigate it...
         but I seem ta have gambled it away. Harrrgh...that scurvy dog...he
         won't be so lucky next time! I'll have a rematch or his head, I tell

Nall: What's a Sea Chart? Some kind of really yummy fish?

Luna: No, silly! It's a map of the ocean sailors use to avoid hazards!

Sailor: The captain was fooled into losing his Sea Chart in a card game with an
        infamous gambler named Brett. The captain is a fine sailor, but the
        worst poker player in history... The man's eyes twinkle with delight
        every time he gets two cards with pretty pictures on 'em. Now I have a
        port full of angry passengers, drunken sailors, and rotting cargo.
        Lovely. Brett? He's gloating at the bar.

[They head on over to the pub.]

Brett: Howdy, son. My name's Brett. I reckon I'm the best there is when it
       comes to gamblin'. I ain't talking to ya 'til you gamble with me first,
       understand? Pardon? You want the Sea Chart? Hmmm. Gamble with me and I
       reckon we can talk. How 'bout it?

       I reckon we will.
        [see below]

       No, thanks.
        Nall: I dunno, Alex...this guy looks pretty shifty...

        Brett: Don't matter t' me if ya gamble or not, son. But it's the only
               way you gonna get the Chart you want.

[They agree to gamble.]

Brett: Awright then. Let's play for 100s. We'll start with a real easy game,
       son. I toss a coin...you guess heads or tails. Call it!

        Brett: Sorry, son. It's tails.

        Brett: So sorry, son. It's heads, not tails. Shame, ain't it? But I
               reckon that's why they call it gamblin'...

Ramus: ... ... ...

System: Lost 100s

Brett: How 'bout another, son? Choose heads or tails! (or) Just one more game,
       son. I don't wanna leave you broke. Heads or tails?

       C'mon, heads! (or) Heads or bust!
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
        Brett: Dag-nab your luck, son! It's tails. I win again.

       Go, tails! (or) Tails this time!
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
        Brett: With all due respect, boy, I reckon you're the worst gambler I
               ever seen. It's heads! Now gimme my money!

System: Lost 100s

Ramus: Hmmm... Hey, Alex...did you look at the coin he's using? I mean, REALLY

Nall: What do you mean, Ramus?

Ramus: The coin he flips isn't the same as the coin he shows us. Brett is
       switching after the toss...

Nall: What?! Are you sure we should accuse the best gambler in this town of

Ramus: Come on, Nall! If anyone knows anything about money, it's me! Let's do
       it one more time. It'll be fun, I promise!

Brett: You kids are back? Come on, now. I don't wanna win no more of your
       allowances...it just ain't right.

Ramus: We want to make things more interesting, Brett. We want to bet...this.

System: Bet Dragon Diamond

Nall: Ramus! You better be sure about what you're doing! We didn't come all the
      way to Saith to lose the Diamond on a coin flip!

Brett: Holy Goddess Althena! I reckon that's the purtiest rock I ever seen!
       You got yourself a bet, son!

[He flips the coin.]

Ramus: Hah! There! See?!

Nall: So, Ramus' plan was to beat up Brett? Sheer genius...

Brett: Put that coin down, boy!

Ramus: Why, Brett? So I don't notice it has two heads?

Nall: Brett, you're nothing but a lying, cheating weasel!

Ramus: I knew the coin was fake when I heard it hit the table... A real coin
       makes a deeper "clink."

Brett: Oh, dear! I've been caught by a child! If news of this were to travel,
       I'd be ruined! You naughty, beastly boy!

System: Got Dragon Diamond

System: Got 200s

Ramus: I see your accent was a fraudulent as your coins! Don't you know that
       you can't con a con? Game over, Brett. Give us the Sea Chart!

Brett: I...I'm afraid I don't have it. Please don't shove me again...I bruise
       quite easily, and I'm a bleeder!

Nall: What?! You said we had to gamble for it!

Brett: I said you had to gamble...but I never said I had the Chart!

Nall: You...you...ninny-ninny dumb-dumb poopy-head!

Ramus: Um...well said, Nall.

Brett: I traded the Sea Chart to an old woman in the forest northwest of
       Saith. She gave me this...

System: Got Fortune Cane

Brett: Take it with you. Perhaps the woman will trade again, for this cane, or

[They go to the Old Hag's Forest, and spot an odd object.]

Nall: What is this supposed to be? Some kind of booby-trap? I can't imagine a
      creature dumb enough to stumble under this thing!

Voice: Hey! Hey there! Get me out of this thing!

Nall: That sounded like it came from further up the trail!

[They find a kid stuck in a trap.]

Nall: Hello? Who's in there? Um...what exactly are you doing?

Voice: What does it look like I'm doing, peasant?! I order you to release me
       from this contraption immediately!

Nall: ...He sounds pretty rude, Alex. What are we gonna do?

Ramus: I say we leave him here. He isn't hurt, and I'm sure he'll get out of
       this thing...eventually.

Luna: While I'm tempted to agree...I think we should help him. Laike didn't
      desert us when we needed HIS help...

Alex: I suppose you're right.

[They free the teen.]

Nash: Hey there, kiddies! My name is Nash. I'm a level three apprentice from
      the famous Magic City of Vane that floats around the Goddess Tower. The
      area around the Sea Hag's House can be a little tricky, so be sure to 
      watch your step around here, okay?

Nall: What are you saying?! You're the one who was trapped, pal, not us! And
      would it kill you to let a "thanks" pass your lips?

Nash: Who, me?! I'm in the third rank of the Magic Guild...and the best
      magician in my age group! I'm also apprentice to the powerful sage,
      Ghaleon! How dare you say I was trapped when I was just...uh... When I
      was investigating how this silly device was made! This is why I hate
      leaving the city...you country-folk don't have any manners!

Nall: You've been yelling at us since we got you out of that trap, and WE don't
      have any manners?

Luna: Hello, Nash...my name is Luna. We are all travelers from the village of
      Burg. These are my friends: Alex, Ramus, and Nall. Are you also going to
      visit the old woman? You should join us. It would be much safer for us to
      travel together...

Nash: Go with you...? Well, protecting beautiful women and simpletons is the
      duty of every Guild member. All right. I will travel to the hag's house
      with you. I just hope you all appreciate my exceedingly kind gesture!

Ramus: Ooohh, I think I have a headache...

Nall: I think Nash IS a headache...

Nash: You said you were from Burg Village, didn't you? I've heard that a girl
      with a wondrous singing voice lives there...do you know of her?

Nall: I know Luna is really good, but I don't know about "wondrous"!

Nash: You're the singing princess of Burg? I would love to hear you sometime,

Luna: Well... Alright...

Nash: Alright! I'll hold you to that. Now let's go have a few words with this
      old bag!

Nall: Who put YOU in charge, buster? Alex, this guy bugs me...a lot!

[They find the hag nearby.]

Hag: On the pricking of my thumb, something tasty this way comes....uh...erm...
     ...hello, children. Don't you look delicious...er, delightful. What is
     your business with me? You want the Sea Chart? Well... Since I assume you
     won't part with your tasty little pet there... Will you trade me the Water

Nash: What?! I was given this cane by Ghaleon when I left Vane! I'm not about
      to exchange it with a warty old hag for a crummy old map!

Nall: We need that Sea Chart, Alex...what do we do?

Nash: Would you like me to ask him, Alex? Nash seems to be fond of me...

Ramus: No way, Luna! The only thing this egomaniac understands is tough talk!

       Ask him, Luna.
        Luna: Nash...without the Sea Chart, we can't sail to Meribia, and we
              desperately need to go. I'm begging you...please...will you trade
              your cane with the old woman?

        Nash: ... ... ...

        Nall: Hey, Nash! Need help picking your jaw off the floor?

        Nash: I...uh...well... Luna, there's no way I can turn down a woman as
              lovely as you. Here you go.

        System: Gave Water Cane

       Ramus can do it...
        Ramus: You're obliged to help us, Nash! We helped you escape that trap
               in the woods when you were screaming like a little girl... And
               now you'll help us get to Meribia by giving up that silly little
               cane of yours. Do you see what I'm saying?

        Nash: What are you talking about?! I was merely inspecting that trap! I
              wasn't caught in it! It's moments like this that remind me why I
              detest you backwoods inbreds!

        Ramus: Nice negotiating, Ramus...NOW what are we gonna do?

[After Luna says her piece...]

Hag: Thank you, kiddies. And here is the Sea Chart...

System: Got Sea Chart

[They return to Saith.]

Luna: I wonder what's going on? Everyone looks so busy...

Nall: I bet they're just trying to finish up their work before dinner.

Ramus: Um, that reminds me...when do we eat?

[They find the captain.]

Captain: Harrrgh...ya brought the Sea Chart! I'm grateful ta the lot o' ya...
         But me ship is bein' devoured by a wretched beast from the hellist
         depths! Harrrgh! It musta been all the fish sittin' in me cargo hold
         that attracted it...

Nall: Did you say fish? Alex, we have to help this guy!

Captain: Harr...huh? Are ya offerin' ta slay the monster for me?

         Sorry, it's too dangerous!
          Captain: Harrrgh...'tis true, m'boy. The biggest catch of me life,
                   and it's slidin' down the slimy gullet of an oversized

          Nall: Alex, don't do it for him...do it for all those fish!

         Yes, if you'll let us.
          Nall: We'll save all your fish, sir! Won't we, Alex?

Nash: Of course we will! It is the sworn duty of the Guild to protect and
      serve the public! I'll simply use thunder magic to electrocute the
      pathetic beast...

Captain: Harrrgh! Bless ya, kids! Walk this way ta me ship. And watch yer step!

[They visit the docks.]

Sailor 1: Run while you still can, Captain!!

Sailor 2: Captain! We all tried to attack the monster, but it was no use...he
          just ate all our weapons! I let the deckhands retreat until we figure
          out what to do...uh, what ARE we going to do, Captain?

Sailor 3: Captain, the monster's eating right through the hull! Let's get out
          of here before it starts looking for dessert!

Sailor 4: Captain, please don't think any less of me for saying this, but...

[The sailors all flee.]

Captain: Harrrgh! My crew's a blasted bunch o' lily-livered scalawags! Ta think
         I let those scurvy dogs sail with me... Ya kids aren't afraid,
         though...and that's why I'm gonna let ya handle the monster on yer
         own! Harrrgh!

[They find the blob monster.]

Nall: THIS is what has everyone running scared, Alex? It's a giant blue booger!
      Oh, well...let's start picking!

[They defeat the Saline Slimer.]

Captain: Harrrgh! Ya kids did it! Ya slayed the beast and saved me ship! Would
         ya be kind enough ta hand over the map?

System: Gave Sea Chart

Captain: Harrrgh! I'll never let this lovely rag out o' my grasp again! Yer
         headed for Meribia, aren't ya? I insist that ya sail there with me on
         the Hispaniola...free o' charge!

Ramus: Really? You'd do that for us?

Captain: Harrrgh! O' course! Without what ya did, I wouldn't have a ship ta
         sail! Whatever I can do ta help ya, I will! It'll take me crew a while
         ta fix the damage...but they'll be done by the morning. I'll make sure
         o' that... These buggers are lucky ta have jobs after that cowardly
         display! Harrrgh! Get some rest at the dockhouse. I'll have the crew
         roust ya at daybreak... (to crew) Didn't ya hear me?! Get ta work!
         And the first one o' ya who ran away gets ta swab the slime off the

Nall: Tomorrow, Alex...tomorrow, we're gonna be in the biggest city in the
      world! What do you think it's like? Will the people be friendly? And will
      they have good fish? Heh, heh, heh!

Ramus: You know what's the best part of this, Alex? My dad wouldn't believe it
       if he saw it!

Nash: I'm just happy to be leaving this hillbilly haven behind. A person as
      sophisticated as I am needs the commerce and culture of the city... I
      also need people who listen to me when I'm speaking!

Ramus: Let's go get some rest, Alex. And a snack, too...fighting that monster
       made me hungry!

Alex: Good idea, Ramus...

[Ramus and Nash walk off.]

Nall: Luna? Are you...okay?

Luna: I'm sorry...why don't you go on ahead? I'll catch up... ... ... ...

Nall: Alex, something's up with Luna. You saw the look on her face. Let's talk
      to her and find out what's wrong.

Alex: ... ... ...

[They walk over.]

Alex: Luna...

Luna: Alex... I...I'm not going to Meribia with you, Alex. I'm staying here...

Alex: Luna! I don't understand...

Luna: Everything you've talked about, everything you've dreamed of, since you
      were a boy...it's come true, Alex. You're on a great adventure, just like
      Dyne. I always told you that I believed in you...but deep in my heart,
      I'm not certain I really did. Why else would I be so surprised at what's
      happening to us, Alex? It's just so...unbelievable. You've grown so
      strong, Alex. Strong enough to venture into the unknown...with nothing
      but confidence in yourself and your friends.

Alex: Luna...

Luna: If I couldn't put all my faith and my trust in you, how can you put yours
      in me? All I would be on this trip is a burden, Alex. I know you won't
      admit that, even to yourself, but somewhere deep down you know it's true.

Alex: But, Luna...

Luna: I've made up my mind, Alex. I'll watch you set sail in the morning...and
      then I'll return to Burg. I'll wait for you there, Alex... I'll always
      wait for you... Good night, Alex...

Alex: Luna...

08) THE HISPANIOLA                                                       [GS08]
[The next morning, they board the ship.]

Nall: Are you sure you're going to stay here, Luna?

Luna: Yes, Nall...I'm worried about Alex's parents. I have to head back and
      let them know you two are doing fine.

Nall: I'll miss you, Luna...

Alex: ... ... ...

Luna: Nall, you have to take care of Alex for me, all right?

Nall: No problem, Luna! If we get into trouble, I'll just talk us out of it!

Luna: Take care of yourself, Alex. Don't do anything too dangerous! Don't sleep
      with your feet sticking out from under the covers! You'll catch cold!
      Don't forget to eat an orange or two on the ship! And...don't forget
      about me...

Alex: Luna...

Captain: Harrrgh! Raise the sails!

Ramus: Take care, Luna! Remember to tell my dad that I'm not coming back until
       I've made my first million!

Nash: Farewell, Luna! I'm confident we'll see each other again!

Nall: 'Bye, Luna! So long! See ya!

Alex: ... ... ...

Luna: I'll miss you, Alex! Goodbye!

Alex: Goodbye...

[The ship starts off.]

Alex: ...Luna! Luna, you have to come with us!

Luna: What?!

Alex: Luna, all the exciting adventures in the world mean nothing if you're not
      with us! This isn't just MY adventure, Luna, it's OURS!

Luna: Oh, Alex! But what if...

Alex: There's no time to think about it! Hurry! Give me your hand! Come on!!

[He helps Luna onboard at the last second.]

Luna: Oh, I hope I did the right thing...it's all so exciting!

Nall: That was close! You almost didn't make it, Luna!

Alex: Now, our real adventure can finally begin...and you'll be right here
      with us, where you belong!

Luna: Oh, Alex,...I don't know about this...I'm...

Nall: What's wrong, Luna? Your face is all red!

Luna: I'm just trying...to catch my breath...that's all...

Alex: I knew you would come with us, Luna. I had faith in you...

Luna: Oh, Alex...

[Later in the voyage...]

Nall: Alex...I don't know about you, but I'm getting chilly out here. Want to
      head below?

[They find their erstwhile allies.]

Nash: Before you sell the Diamond that Ramus keeps rambling about...I think you
      should meet with Master Mel.

Nall: Mel...sounds familiar...

Nash: As well he should! Mel is one of the Four Heroes, and the governor of
      Meribia! Mel is a very friendly person. He might even be able to put up
      with your attitude...

Ramus: Alex, I don't think I've ever been so happy! We're on a fantastic
       adventure... And we're gonna be filthy, stinking rich! See? If I'd
       listened to my dad and stayed home, none of this would have happened!

Luna: (Alex has grown up so much since we set out from Burg. When we left, he
      was just a boy...and on the outside, he still is. But he's changed
      somehow inside... This is all happening so very suddenly...I wish I could
      understand these feelings...)

Nall: What's the matter, Luna? You look awful! Do you have to hurl on deck?

Luna: I do feel seasick, Nall, now that you mention it... I think I'm going to
      lie down before I get any worse. Besides, I want to be ready when we
      arrive in Meribia...

Nall: I can't wait! And I still can't believe we're really doing this!

[Later, that night, Alex awakens to find Luna absent.]

Alex: ...Luna?

Nall: ...Hmmm? What? Huh? Hey, where's Luna? Alex, where'd she go? Let's go
      find her, Alex...there are only so many places on the ship she can be!

[They find her in the crow's-nest.]

Alex: Luna...

Luna: (singing) Wishing on a dream that seems far off, hoping it will come
      today / Into the starlit night, foolish dreamers turn their gaze /
      Waiting on a shooting star / But, what if that star is not to come? /
      Will their dreams fade to nothing? / When the horizon darkens most,
      we all need to believe there is hope / Is an angel watching closely over
      me? / Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see? / I know my heart
      should guide me, but there's a hole within my soul / What will fill this
      emptiness inside of me? Am I to be satisfied without knowing? / I wish,
      then, for a chance to see / Now all I need (desperately) / Is my star to

Nall: Hey, Luna! What are y--

Alex: Shhhh!!

[They leave Luna to her thoughts. The next morning...]

Luna: Alex! Nall! How long are you two going to sleep?! We're only a few miles
      away from Meribia! It's time to wake up and get some sunshine!

Nall: Luna, I hope your nose is a snooze button, because I'm about to jab it...

Luna: Oh Nall, quit your moaning and get UP, stumblebutt!

Nall: I sure am glad you woke me up, Luna. I was having a nightmare about a
      bunch of half-dressed servant girls hand-feeding me fish...

Luna: Excuse me for thinking you wanted to wake up sometime this year!

[They go up to the ship's bow.]

Nall: Wow!

Luna: It's even more magnificent than I imagined, Alex...

[They enter the harbor.]

Nall: Look, Alex! Look at all the ships! And the huge town! Meribia is even
      more splendid than I imagined!

09) MERIBIA                                                              [GS09]

[They finally make landfall.]

Nash: Well, it's been fun, but I have some business to attend to. I'll be in
      Meribia for a while... If you need to find me here, I'm usually speaking
      to my fellow mages on Black Rose Street. So long, then!

Ramus: At last! We're finally in Meribia! I'm going to find a shop and sell the
       Diamond... See you later! We're gonna be rich, Alex! Filty stinkin'

[He, too, runs off.]

Nall: Heh, heh, heh! I think I'm almost as excited as he is! C'mon, Alex, let's
      look around!

Luna: One of the Four Heroes, Master Mel, lives in this city...you want to see
      him, don't you, Alex?

Alex: Definitely...

[They find Nash at the fortune-teller's on Black Rose St.]

Nash: ...And that's what happened. I still haven't determined if the singing
      is the key...but I have a strong suspicion that it is...

Woman: Nash...your friends have come.

Nash: Alex! Luna! Don't you think to knock before entering?!

Woman: ...We seem to have guests. But I welcome those pursuing knowledge...as
       always. For you see, I am a student of knowledge. Past, present and
       future. I can foretell many things in the future. So, let's see your
       future...that's why you came to me today, isn't it?

Luna: We really didn't come to learn anything in particular. We were trying to
      find Nash.

Woman: Oh, really? From what I glimpse of your future, child, you need my
       services quite desperately. So many of the questions you have about
       yourself are ones that I could answer...

Luna: ... ... ...

Woman: And you, Alex...you seek to become the greatest hero our world has ever
       known. But you are too humble to be a Dragonmaster... You are unwilling
       to choose power and glory over friends and family. This will be your

Nall: So what's my fortune, lady?

Woman: Licking your paws and coughing up hairballs, cat! It is an insult to
       think I would waste my energy looking into the future of a rodent!

Nall: I'm NOT a cat!

[They leave and go see Master Mel at the governor's mansion.]

Mel: I'm Mel de Alkirk, Governor of Meribia. Since you're new here, I'll warn
     ya: if you dare to make any sorta trouble in my town, I'll pop your tiny
     little heads off your twiggy little necks, and mount 'em on me trophy
     wall! (laughing)

Nall: Aaahhhhh!! You scared the heck out of me, old man! I thought my heart was
      gonna pop!

Mel: Bwah, hah, hah! Don't be scared! I'm just foolin' with ya! Now then, what
     brings ya to see me?

Nall: Alex is going to become the next Dragonmaster, Master Mel...so he came
      here to pay his respects to one of the Four Heroes!

Mel: I see! We have a future Dragonmaster in our midst! Ho, ho, ho! That's
     rich! I like a lad with ambition. There aren't enough of ya around
     anymore! So, Alex, let's find out how serious ya are!

Nall: What?! Alex, you're gonna be smushed like a grape!

Mel: Then we'll have some wine! Bwah, hah, hah!

[He drags Alex down to the practice room.]

Mel: If you see a weakness in my defense, take advantage of it! Don't go easy
     on me, lady. Because I won't go easy on you! Bwah, hah, hah!

[Mel defeats Alex.]

Mel: Not bad, Alex! You need more training, but you have plenty of potential!

Nall: Potential?! Alex already met with Quark and finished the first Dragon

Mel: Quark, eh? Well done, lad! You might well be the next Dragonmaster after
     all... But I'll still be able to kick your scurvy hide! Ho, ho, ho!

[The squad finally catches up with Ramus at the jeweler's.]

Ramus: You don't understand! This is a Dragon Diamond freshly minted from
       Quark's mighty keister! He doesn't give these away to just anyone, you

Man: How am I supposed to know if this is a genuine Dragon Diamond? We've had
     a devil of a time with dragon zirconium lately. It seems like we've got a
     fool in here every day now claiming to have a genuine Dragon Diamond. But,
     I will admit this is the most beautiful gemstone I've ever seen...

Ramus: Hey, Alex. Did you meet with Master Mel? I'm still negotiating with this
       guy to buy the diamond, but...I might have to settle for a lot less than
       it's worth. I'm sorry...

Man: Like I've been telling you, young man, this is a wonderful stone...but the
     Dragon Diamond? Sorry, no. No one even knows where to find the Dragons
     anymore, much less how to get diamonds from them...

Ramus: Alright, alright...so how much will you give us for it?

Man: For a diamond of this caliber, I'll give you 20000s for it. And that is
     my one and only offer...

Ramus: It's your decision, too, Alex...what do we do?

       20000s? Of course we'll take it!
        Man: Heh, heh, heh! Excellent! I'll go into the back and get your
             money. Hand over the Diamond so I can put it into my safe. Wait
             here, please...

        System: Gave Dragon Diamond

       I think we can get more...
        Man: Is that right, young man? Well, you're welcome to look around...
             but you're not going to find a store that can offer half as much
             as me. I'm the richest jeweler in Meribia!

Nall: I didn't realize it took so long to count 20000s, Alex. Maybe it's too
      heavy for him to carry it all out here at once...

[They wait longer.]

Nall: Alex, something's wrong... Dross? Hello? Where are you...?

[He flies over the counter and checks the back room.]

Nall: Alex! Ramus! Dross is gone...and so is the Dragon Diamond! We've been

Shopgirl: Please don't hurt me! I just started working here! I don't know
          anything! I don't know anyone! Uh, why don't you go talk to Master
          Mel? Maybe he could help you...

Ramus: This is all my fault, Alex...I should've known Dross was a con from the
       start! I got cocky because I was able to catch Brett...I'm so sorry!

[They navigate the sewers and corner Dross.]

Nall: There you are, thief! Give us back our diamond! Now!!

Dross: I don't know how you kids found me, but it doesn't matter... Because
       you won't be around long enough to find your way back out! Here, boy!
       That's it! Over here!

[A dragon pops out of the water.]

Ramus: Aleeex!! What is it?!

Dross: Surprised, kids? I'm pretty amazed myself! I never knew my little pet
       would grow so quickly down here...or that he'd come in so handy for
       getting rid of annoyances like you!

Nall: Get ready, Alex! This "pet" looks like he's hungry!

[They defeat the Water Dragon.]

Dross: Uhhhh...we can talk about this... Hey, you kids are getting dangerously
       close to invading my personal space... Okay, okay! This is all the money
       I have! Take it! It's yours!

System: Got 500s

Ramus: 500s?! We agreed on a lot more than that, Dross... Hey, I have an idea!
       You own your shop, don't you?

Dross: Of course I do! So what?!

Ramus: Because now I own it, Dross...in exchange for the Diamond! That's a
       fair deal, right?

Dross: Uhhh...sure it is. So I guess I'll be leaving with the Diamond now...

Ramus: What do you mean? I sold the Diamond to the shop. And since I own the
       shop, I own the Diamond! If you don't agree with my logic... We can keep
       you down here until you realize how much sense it makes!

System: Got Dragon Diamond

Nall: Ramus, I know you've never heard these words before, so I'll be gentle...
      You are the MAN!

Dross: You...you...AAARGH!

Ramus: Because I think everyone deserves a second chance, Dross, I'll give you
       a job. But if I ever, EVER catch you trying to scam someone again...you
       are SO fired!

Dross: Thank you so much! I'm turning over a new leaf...nothing but honest work
       for me from now on! I'll return to my...your shop and start waxing the

[He exits.]

Ramus: I know I can't trust him, but he can teach me all he knows about
       business...THEN I'll fire him.

Nall: Heh, heh, heh! Ramus, you're totally ruthless...you're going to be a
      great businessman!

Luna: I'm proud of you, Ramus! Let's get out of here and take a look around
      your new store!

[He hesitates.]

Nall: Ramus? Don't tell me you're starting to like it down here...

Ramus: Alex, I...uh... Forget it. You can keep my half of the money, Alex...
       having the shop is more than enough!

Nall: Let's continue this conversation above grown...I need fresh air, and I
      need it now!

[They leave. The fortune-teller teleports in.]

Woman: Oh, yes...there's no doubt about it now, is there? She is the one...

[They head back upstairs.]

Dross: Thank you again for showing mercy on me, Ramus. Oh, I almost forgot...
       There's someone here to see you.

Nash: You're back! Excellent! I heard about your journey through the sewers to
      find the Diamond...and how you killed dozens of monsters along the way!
      You may not have any magical abilities, Alex, but you're still very
      strong...strong enough to come to Vane with me! I'll introduce you to
      Ghaleon and get you into some classes at the Magic Guild. Think about it,
      Alex. You could finally learn to use magic!

Nall: Alex, this is an impostor! We all know the real Nash would never praise
      someone other than himself...

Nash: Would you please let me finish, cat?! Thank you! As I was saying...Alex,
      despite your dubious choice in pets, I enjoy your company...and I can see
      the enormous potential within you. The Magic Guild is always looking for
      people like us...people who want to take their potential and turn it into
      skill. And, if you come to the guild, you'll meet Ghaleon and Lemia. Two
      of the Four Heroes, Alex. Two of the people who fought alongside
      Dragonmaster Dyne... They may even be able to tell you more about the

Nall: What should we do, Alex? Go with Nash or go home?

Luna: Don't look at me, Alex! This is your life, and your choice...but I
      promise to follow you, no matter where you go.

      Let's check out the Guild!
       Nash: Excellent! Alex, you won't regret this decision! We should depart
             for Vane immediately!

      I don't want to meet Ghaleon...
       Nash: Alex, if you really want to be a Dragonmaster...you'd be insane to
             pass up a chance to speak with Ghaleon and Lemia!

       Nall: He's right, Alex. They have to know something about the Dragons...

Ramus: ... ... ... Alex, I'm going to stay here in Meribia. Magic is way beyond
       my grasp...and I've definitely had my fill of nearly getting killed by
       giant monsters. Besides, I'm a businessman now. I'll be too busy
       remodeling the store to go anywhere! Alex...promise me that you'll keep
       having great adventures.

Nall: Ramus, you have to come with us! We'll...miss you...

Ramus: ... ... ... I'm sorry, Nall, but I've already made up my mind.

Nall: It's just not going to be the same without you to make fun of...

Luna: Take care, Ramus...good luck!

Ramus: And, hey, it's not like we'll never see each other again...I want you
       guys to stop by the store whenever you're in town! Thank you, Alex...
       thank you for everything.

10) VANE                                                                 [GS10]

[They set out of town.]

Nash: Alex, to reach the city of Vane, we have to use the Spring of
      Transmission. We just follow this path to the south until we reach it...

Nall: What's with the big smile on your face, Nash?

Nash: You'll understand soon enough, cat. Just keep your eyes on the sky.

[They follow the path.]

Nash: Behold, the Magic City of Vane!

[The city is on a floating island.]

Nash: The magic city of Vane circles around the Goddess Tower in an endless
      protective orbit... It is said to shield the Goddess Althena from harm.

[They visit the spring.]

Mage: Who are you? Wait...you're Nash. The star pupil of Ghaleon.

Nash: I knew I was becoming famous, but this is almost embarrassing. Almost...
      May I use the Spring of Transmission, sir?

Mage: Of course. But that doesn't apply to these others...

Nash: They're my friends, sir. I assure you that they are most worthy of
      ascending to Vane.

Mage: I'm sorry, Nash, but they're not. Rumors abound that the Magic Emperor
      himself roams the land... Thus, Lemia Ausa has placed quite stringent
      rules into effect. The only people allowed to use the Spring, other than
      citizens of Vane...are those who obtain an application for the Magic
      Guild from Phacia.

Nash: I didn't realize those rumors were being taken so seriously...

Nall: I guess you aren't as famous as you thought, Nash!

Nash: Still your tongue, cat! Not even Ghaleon himself would defy the word of
      Lemia Ausa! Phacia lives in Althena's Shrine, at the foot of the
      mountains to the west, a short walk away.

[They visit the holy shrine.]

Nash: Alex, I'll speak with Phacia. Wait right here...

Nall: I wonder what Phacia looks like, Alex...but if she works for Althena, she
      must be cute!

Luna: Are you blushing, Alex?

Alex: ... ... ...

[Nash and Phacia walk over.]

Phacia: Good day to you all. I am Phacia, the head priestess of the Temple of
        the Goddess. I have received word that you are on a journey to become
        the new Dragonmaster, Alex. I pray that you choose to stay in Vane and
        become the guardian of Althena, for as you know, we haven't had a
        Dragonmaster since the days of Dyne came to an end. Since Dragonmaster
        Dyne's passing, no one man has proven worthy of the title. Perhaps you
        would be better served to study the ways of magic in Vane, Alex. That
        is a much more certain path to success than trying to become the

Nall: But, Alex doesn't want to enter the Magic Guild. He's looking for the
      remaining dragons! Quark sent him!

Phacia: Becoming a Dragonmaster is much more difficult than you might imagine,
        young Alex. Again, why not stay in Vane for a while, and see all that
        the Guild has to offer? You might find a career in magic more rewarding
        ...and much less dangerous. And don't forget that two of the Four
        Heroes call Vane their home...

Nash: She's right, Alex! You'll never find a more exciting place than Vane...
      And while you'd never be as skilled with magic as I am...I'm sure you'd
      enjoy learning it nonetheless.

Nall: I dunno, Alex...

Phacia: At least think about it, Alex. Please accept this application form and
        at least visit Vane...

System: Got Application

Phacia: It is heartening to know that, even as the Vile Tribe moves close to
        our borders...there are brave heroes such as yourself willing to
        protect us. Take care, Alex. I wish you success on whichever path you
        choose to travel.

[They go to leave.]

Phacia: Excuse me...Luna, was it? I'm told that your singing is absolutely
        wonderful. There's nothing the Goddess loves more than a beautiful
        song... You must return and sing for me someday soon.

Luna: I...I'd be honored, Phacia. But I still need a lot of practice first...

Phacia: I look forward to your return, Luna. As well as the sweet sound of your

[They return to the spring.]

Mage: Hello again, Nash. Do you have the application for your friends?

Nash: Of course. Here you go...

System: Gave Application

Mage: Thank you, Nash. I assume you've told your friends of the Trial?

Nash: The first time you travel to Vane, you'll be tested in the Cave of Trial.
      It's basically an entrance exam to keep magic-fearing peasants out of
      Vane. Anyway, I have to run...

Nall: What? Aren't you going with us, Nash?

Nash: I'm an apprentice of Ghaleon, remember? I have things to do! Don't worry,
      I'm sure you'll do fine. I'll be waiting for you at the Magic Guild. Good

[He leaves.]

Nall: Alex, you don't know much magic...so how are we going to do this?

Luna: Alex is good with a sword, and I can use my songs...we'll be fine, Nall!
      Let's go, Alex...Vane awaits!

[They enter the cave.]

Mage: This is the Cave of Trial. This labyrinth is a sacred place for testing
      your magical strength. Thus, the use of healing or other items in the
      Cave is forbidden. You must survive using nothing but your own abilities.
      When you have defeated enough monsters and exited the other side, the
      Trial is concluded.

[They make it to the end; a plant monster blocks their way]

Nall: Alex? Do you see that?! That...thing is blocking the exit!

Luna: Defeating that creature must be the final trial.

Nall: If we don't take him down...we can't go up!

[They eliminate the Truffle Troubler.]

Nall: We won, Alex!

Luna: Did we...pass the Trial?

Nall: I hope that was the last monster...I barely have the strength to stay in
      the air!

Luna: Let's head for the exit, Alex. And, let's hope for daylight.


Mage: Hello, and welcome! You've reached the end of the Cave of Trial! As new
      members of the Magic Guild, you may begin your studies in Vane. You may
      also use items again. Good luck to you, and go with the blessing of the

[They exit the cave into Vane proper.]

Nall: Wow...here we are, Alex! The magical city of Vane!

Luna: It's beautiful, Alex...

Nall: Nash said we could find him at the Magic Guild. All we have to do now is
      find it!

[They reach the biggest building in town.]

Nash: Hello, Alex. I'm glad you finally made it! What do you think of Vane?
      Breathtaking, isn't it? Ghaleon is occupied at the moment, so I'll escort
      you to the parlor...

Nall: Actually, we'd rather look around the Magic Guild...wouldn't we, Alex?

Alex: Actually, yes...

Nash: Alright, then, suit yourselves... Luna? Would you also care to wander the
      Guild's halls?

Luna: Perhaps later...but right now, sitting down and getting off my feet
      sounds wonderful.

Nash: Then I'll just have to give you a private tour of the Magic Guild
      sometime, Luna... Alex, come on upstairs whenever you're ready to meet
      with Ghaleon.

[Nash and Luna walk off.]

Nall: Alex...this place is HUGE! I hope we don't get lost!

[Upstairs, Nash and Luna reach the parlor.]

Nash: I'll come for you when Ghaleon is ready. If you need anything in the
      meantime, Luna... Please let me know.

Luna: Thank you, Nash. I will...

[Luna soon hears a song.]

Luna: That song...it's...Alex?

[She exits to find a man playing an instrument by the pool.]

Luna: Oh! I'm so sorry I interrupted...you see, I heard the music, and I, well,
      I thought it was Alex that was playing...

Man: Mmm, it's...no bother...

Luna: Um, you play beautifully, sir. But may I ask how you came to learn that

Man: Dyne composed that melody when he was a boy...before he became the

Luna: Dragonmaster Dyne wrote that? Alex never told me... Why am I always the
      last person to know these things?!

Man: Now, now. I'm certain this "Alex" probably was just unaware of the piece.
     No need to get unnecessarily upset. It doesn't become you. You must be a
     new student here at the Guild...and quite a fetching one that that...

Luna: What? Oh, no! I don't have any magical abilities! I've traveled here with
      Alex. He's on a quest to become the Dragonmaster. We already met with
      Quark, the White Dragon...and we're here to learn the locations of the
      other three.

Man: What about you? Perhaps you're on a quest of your own. You may not even
     realize what you're searching for...at least, not yet.

Luna: Oh, no, I'm not... Wait...the dream.

Man: Hmmm?

Luna: I keep having the same dream... But it doesn't quite feel like a dream.
      And it doesn't make any sense to me... Oh, I'm so sorry! I don't mean to
      ramble on with someone I just met!

Man: Don't apologize. Everyone wants to understand themselves, and to know who
     they are... But not everyone is prepared for what they ultimately

Luna: Uh...I...

Man: Are you prepaerd for your journey of discovery?

[The man leaves.]

Luna: I...I think I need to sit down. I feel weak...

[Meanwhile, downstairs.]

Nall: Where should we go first, Alex?

[They visit the parlor.]

Luna: Alex! You just missed the strangest thing. I met a man in the
      courtyard...who was playing your song! When I heard it, I thought it was
      you... Then he told me that it was originally written by Dragonmaster

Alex: Dyne?! I didn't know that! That song just came to me one night...in a

Nall: Luna, why don't you explore the Guild with us? Come on! It'll be fun!

Luna: I'd love to, Nall, but I really am quite exhausted... If you don't mind,
      I'll just wait here until Ghaleon is ready to receive us. Go ahead and
      have fun...but don't smart off to anyone who looks important, Nall!

Nall: I thought you said to have fun...

[They continue exploring, and visit the west wing's bedroom.]

Voice: (crying) Who's, who's there?

[She gets off the bed.]

Girl: I'm sorry, I cannot go to the magic school today. I'm...not feeling well.
      Oh, I'm so sorry! I mistook you for a messenger of my mother's! Um, my
      name is Mia. Mia Ausa. May I ask your name? Oh! I hope I haven't asked
      you anything too personal! It's just that it's been so long since I met
      someone who wasn't in the Magic Guild...so hopefully you'll forgive my
      curiousity. [sic]

Nall: I'm Nall...this is Alex! Sorry about barging in... We came here to talk
      to Ghaleon, who's gonna tell us where to find the Dragons! He couldn't
      talk to us right away, so we decided to explore the Guild... And that's
      when we found you!

Mia: You're looking for the Dragons? How exciting!

Nall: It is! But we've only found the White Dragon so far... Hey, why don't
      you come along with us? I know you'd have a lot of fun!

Mia: Adventure? Me? No...I...I'm sorry...it's not permitted, I'm afraid!

Nall: You can't? Ah, well...I had to ask! I mean, what adventurers wouldn't
      want a beautiful girl by their side?

Mia: Tee-hee...thank you, Nall! I'm flattered!

Nall: Wow! You're even cuter with a smile on your face! Isn't she, Alex?

Mia: Tee-hee! Oh, stop it!

[Nash rushes in.]

Nash: Hey! Hey!! HEY!!! What are you doing in here?! How dare you enter Mia's
      room without permission! Who do you think she is?! You're not allowed to
      speak to her, much less violate the sanctity of her bedchamber! Mia is
      the daughter of Lemia, and the future leader of the Magic Guild!

Mia: Nash! These people aren't...

Nash: I apologize for this, Mia! I should never have let these slovenly hicks
      wander around the Guild unsupervised! I take full responsibility for
      this invasion of your privacy, and I beg your forgiveness!

Mia: Nash! Will you please...

Nash: Ghaleon will see you now. Come! Quickly!

Nall: 'Bye, Mia! Take care!

Nash: Do I have to spell it out for you two? Q u i c k l y!

[Nash rushes 'em out.]

Mia: Goodbye...

[They go back upstairs.]

Luna: Alex, where were you? Ghaleon's been waiting for several minutes...

Nash: They wandered into places where they should definitely should NOT have
      been, Luna.

Nall: We made friends with a girl named Mia! We'll introduce you to her if you

Luna: Of course, Nall! You know I love meeting new people...

Nash: Why don't you people focus your attention on the business at hand?!
      You've been granted an audience with Ghaleon, the great sage of the
      Magic Guild! Why don't you meet HIM first?

[They enter his study.]

Nash: Master Ghaleon! These are the adventurers I mentioned to you earlier...
      Alex, Luna, and Nall.

[He turns away from the window; it's the same guy who had the instrument.]

Luna: It's...him...

Ghaleon: Welcome to the Magic Guild of Vane, Alex of Burg. I am Ghaleon,
         Premier of the Guild. My apprentice Nash speaks quite highly of you,
         boy. He said you passed the trial of the White Dragon. ...If that's
         true...perhaps you can...help me. Nash also has said you seek to
         become the next Dragonmaster, boy. Looking at your frail form, I
         frankly cannot imagine it...

Nall: What do you mean?! Alex is more than strong enough!

Ghaleon: But, I can sense the magical ability lurking within you...and within
         Luna, as well. Why don't you give up your misguided quest for the
         Dragons? You are far better suited to taking up the study of magic
         here at the Guild. It might not be as exciting as roaming the land,
         but you shall certainly live longer...

         I'm not going to quit.
          Alex: That's a kind offer, Ghaleon...but I haven't spent my life
                dreaming of being a student. I've dreamt of being the next
                Dragonmaster...and now I can realize those dreams.

          Ghaleon: You certanly seem to have made up your mind. I applaud your

         Study magic...
          Alex: I thought about studying magic, but my destiny lies elsewhere.
                I don't want to spend my life studying books and scrolls. I've
                dreamt of being the next Dragonmaster...and now I can realize
                those dreams.

          Ghaleon: You certainly seem to have made up your mind, boy.

Ghaleon: But I've heard rumors that a new Dragonmaster has already been born
         in the town of Lann. I'd like you to investigate this Dragonmaster
         for me, and determine his legitimacy... Or lack thereof. My steward
         shall convey the rest of the details. Nash, you will go with Alex.
         Assist him any way you can...

Nash: Yes, Master Ghaleon...

Luna: When we met before...why didn't you tell me who you were?

Ghaleon: There was no need, Luna. Besides, it was a pleasure to speak to
         someone with an appreciation for my music. Someday, perhaps you will
         allow me to hear yours...

11) NANZA                                                                [GS11]
[The squad traverses the craggy mountain pass to reach the Nanza Barrier.]

Nash: We come on behalf of the Magic Guild, sir! We have been ordered to
      travel to Lann by Ghaleon himself! Let us pass!

Guard: Oh, man, we don't wanna get mixed up with the Guild...go on through!

Nash: Lann is west of here...and this place is teeming with the criminal
      element... So I suggest we pass through here as quickly as possible!

Voice: C'mon, Jess! What'd I do? Gimme another chance...c'mon...hic!

Nall: D...did you hear that? Please tell me I'm not going crazy...

Guard: You're not crazy. Our boss is just drunk out of his mind and screaming
       himself hoarse...again. I love the man, but he can be a huge pain in the
       butt sometimes.

Nash: How lovely. Can we go now? Lann isn't getting any closer!

[They pass through the town.]

Nash: We come on behalf of the Magic Guild, sir! We have been ordered to
      travel to Lann by ghaleon himself! Let us pass!

Guard: Listen up, boy! I don't care if you were sent here by the Goddess
       herself! I don't care if you were bringing milk and cookies to my own
       dear mother! Nobody gets through this gate without Kyle's permission!
       Alas, I think the man is drunk off his arse at the moment...

Nall: Can we talk to him anyway? We're really in a hurry!

Guard: The last I saw of him, beastie, he was thoroughly enjoying a glass of
       our finest brew in the north tower.

[They start the search.]

Bandit: Have I seen Kyle? He was stumbling toward the east tower with a mug
        of ale the size of my head...

Luna: Let's go find him, Alex!

[They visit the tower, but...]

Girl: My friend Kyle was here a while ago, but he went to get some food 'cause
      he was hungry. I bet he went to the cafeteria in the basement! That's
      where I go to get ice cream!

[They go downstairs.]

Girl: Kyle wouldn't even talk to me today! He got rip-roaring drunk instead...
      He's still fuming over that encounter with his ex-girlfriend. I saw him,
      uh, sashaying to his bedroom, but I don't know if he should go to
      sleep... After all those beers he drank, he might not wake up!

[They visit his room, but...]

Man: Kyle's finally asleep...thank the Goddess! When he gets drunk, he gets
     completely out of control...so we lock him in a jail cell until he dries
     out! I wish he'd stop arguing with Jessica and just admit how he feels
     for her...

[Finally, they locate Kyle in the cell. He groggily gets up.]

Kyle: ...What a night! Kyle had himself another night of wine, women and song!
      Just between you and me, I think I had a little too much of the wine!
      But the women didn't complain!

[He passes out again.]

Kyle: Snorrrrt...Bellllch...

Guard: You are being quiet, kids! Kyle sleeps most calmly and you are riling
       him into furious anger!

Nall: What?! This sloppy drunk is in charge of Nanza? So what's he doing
      drooling all over the floor of this jail cell?

Guard: When the boss is getting worked up, he is becoming most entirely berserk
       and uncontrollable. When he is having a most disturbing battle with his
       old girlfriend, we are knowing it was coming. So we are encouraging him
       to drink most excessively and throwing him in the brig. It is being for
       the best...

Kyle: Wauuuugh...hummmmph... Waz gode on out dere?

Guard: Kyle!!! It is being nothing! Nothing at all! You are going back to sleep

Kyle: Yawn...oookaaaay, sleepy... Zzzzz...zzzzz...

Guard: That was being too close...I will make you a deal! If you are not
       disturbing Kyle again...I am ordering the guard to open the west gate
       most swiftly. I am suggesting you accept my offer before I am throwing
       you into the cell with Kyle and devouring the key!

Nall: Jessica was Kyle's girlfriend?! Wow! I wonder if they still have feelings
      for each other...

[They visit the west gate again.]

Guard: I could've told you Kyle was going to get toasted the second his lady
       friend stormed out of here... You didn't actually try to wake him up,
       did you? Few things in this world are uglier than Kyle on a bender...
       Except, perhaps, my mother on one.

Nall: We were about to wake him up when someone stopped us...

Guard: And a wise man he was, freak! You might as well wander into a cave and
       tickle a hibernating bear! Why don't you run along now, before you get
       us all fired?

12) LANN                                                                 [GS12]
[They enter the chief's house. A priestess is talking.]

Girl: You have to be reasonable! The Dragonmaster causing problems must be an
      impostor! The true guardian of Althena would never bring harm to you! To
      prove it, I will personally investigate this matter on your behalf!

[She sees Alex's party entered.]

Girl: Hmm? Oh. When did you come in? You weren't here before. Did you come
      after hearing of the trouble here? I think this Dragonmaster is a fake.
      In fact, I bet he's an even bigger phony than my former boyfriend! A good
      fight is just the ticket to get over that rat! So, let's go find this
      fraud and show him who's boss!

[She jumps down to the party. It's obvious this is Jessica, Kyle's ex.]

Jessica: I'm feeling grumpy because I just had a fight with a jerk in Nanza...
         and I really need to blow off some steam! But the chief of this
         village is too stubborn to listen to me...I don't know what to do!

Nall: Wow, Alex...this girl is really hyper! We were sent here by Master
      Ghaleon of the Magic Guild to check out this Dragonmaster...

Jessica: Really? You must let me come along with you! I'm a student at
         Althena's Shrine, and I'm quite skilled with healing magics... I know
         we can find this guy if we worked together...so what do you say?

Nall: Um, what do you think, Alex?

      Sounds like a plan!
       Jessica: Great! We're getting along already! Let's go...

      With you? Forget it!
       Jessica: So, you're implying that I'm not fit to join you because I
                happen to be a woman? Oh, well! YOUR loss, really. You're not
                going anywhere without me, that's for certain. If you change
                your mind...and I know you will...I'll be around for a while.

Jessica: Hey, I know you!

Luna: Who, me?

Jessica: Yeah, you! I swear I've seen you before!

Luna: N-no...I'm sure I would have remembered it.

Jessica: I guess you would've... Oh, well. When I remember where I've seen you,
         I'll let you know... The so-called Dragonmaster lives out on Lann
         Island... So let's go to the pier and borrow ourselves a boat!

[They head to the dock.]

Nash: Hail, sir! On behalf of the Magic Guild, I order you to lend us your

Man: What?! I'm not about ta give my baby ta a total stranger! An' especially
     not ta a jerk!

Nash: I've come here to fight the Dragonmaster who's holding your village
      hostage! If you don't want to be zapped to the Frontier, you will lend
      us the boat!

Man: Hell no, I won't! This boat is my baby! If ya put so much as a scratch on
     her, I'd...

Jessica: Quit yammering, you fool! Didn't you hear him? We're here to save your
         village! Now shut your cakehole and let us take your boat!

Man: Uh...sure! Of course! Get on in!

Jessica? ...Really? Hey, thanks! Sorry about yelling like that...I have a bit
         of a temper. Got it from my dad! My father is an ex-pirate, remember?
         He taught me all he knows, and that's a LOT! C'mon, let's go!

[They reach Lann Island.]

Jessica: Well, here we are...

Nash: I already know that the Dragonmaster living here is an absolute fraud!
      Of course, I have yet to see a real Dragonmaster, but I'll know it when
      I do. The Dragonmaster's sworn duty is to protect Althena and her people
      from harm... so why would he be living in the middle of a fetid swamp?
      It's absolutely ludicrous! It's only because of ignorant hicks that the
      rumor spread as far as Vane...

Jessica: Just because you think he's not the real thing doesn't mean we
         shouldn't check it out. After all, this guy is using his power to
         steal food from "ignorant hicks"! You have a bad habit of talking
         before thinking...

Nash: And you have a bad habit of endangering your healty by scolding powerful

Jessica: Was that a threat, Nash?

Luna: Please, you two! Let's not fight with each other! We came here to find
      out why this man is doing what he's doing... So let's go ask him!

[They traverse the swamp to find a camper.]

Zoc: Hey, you brats! What business do you have bothering me, the great
     Dragonmaster Zoc?! And how did you battle through the swamp monsters to
     find me? What?! You've come here to take me down? Ha, ha, ha! How
     delightful! How dare you invade the home of the protector of Althena and
     doubt his ability to smite you!

Nall: If you're the real Dragonmaster, you must have met the four Dragons,
      right? What are their colors?

Zoc: You insult me, brat! Of course I've met the four Dragons! The White
     Dragon, the Red Dragon, the...uh...Mauve Dragon...and the...uh...Teal
     Dragon! NOW do you doubt that I am the true Dragonmaster, children?

Nall: No... Yes! Alex, this guy is even more full of it than Nash!

Nash: HEY!!

Zoc: That's quite enough of your verbal abuse, brats! You have left me no
     choice but to teach you a lesson! Witness my command of the dragons of
     Lann Island and regret forever your infernal curiosity!

[He summons a giant toad to ride, but they defeat him.]

Zoc: My Dragon! What have you done to my cute little Dragon?!

Nall: That's not a Dragon, pal! Unlike you, we've seen the real thing!

Jessica: That was a swamp monster called a Frog-Lizard...and you're lucky he
         didn't eat you for breakfast!

Zoc: Really...uh...I guess you kids saved my life, didn't you?

Nash: You mean, SPARED your life! You're lucky I didn't slay you along with
      your pathetic little reptile!

Jessica: And how dare you make villagers of Lann suffer to fuel your ego!

Zoc: You're right...I deserve whatever punishment I get. When I learned magic,
     I let it go to my head...and I used it to get what I wanted. I abused the
     power. When I came here, and found what I thought was a Dragon...I decided
     to have some fun with the villagers.

Luna: Promise us you won't use magic for evil any more!

Zoc: I promise! I'm going back home and mending my ways! Thank you for bringing
     me to my senses! Thank you so much! I'll be good...you'll see!

[Zoc runs off, and everyone returns to Lann.]

Jessica: Ah, What a relief! You guys did better than I expected!

Phacia: Hello, again!

Nash: Phacia! What are you doing all the way out here?

Phacia: Visitors to the Shrine were constantly speaking of a new Dragonmaster
        in this region... So I took it upon myself to investigate the matter.

Nall: He was a fake! And even worse, a fish thief... So we took care of him for
      you! Didn't we, Alex?

Phacia: I was so pleased that a new Dragonmaster had been born... And now he
        turns out to be a common criminal. It's certainly disheartening... I
        pray the rumors of a Magic Emperor turn out to be spurious as well.

Jessica: Hmmm?

Phacia: I must return to the Shrine with the bad news. Good luck on your
        journeys, Alex...

Jessica: Hey, who was that?

Nall: Who was that?!

Jessica: That was Phacia, the leader of Althena's Shrine! You know, the place
         where you study magic? Or should I say the place where you're
         SUPPOSED to be studying magic?

Jessica: Oh, hush up! What I was ABOUT to say, before Nash's sad attempt at a
         slam... Is that I've never heard about this Phacia woman.

Nall: What do you mean, Jessica?

Jessica: I mean, there isn't anyone named Phacia at the Shrine! At least, not
         before I left on this little adventure a few weeks ago...

Luna: What? But everyone at the Shrine seemed to know who she was...

Jessica: Hmm...that's strange. I'd better check it out. Alex...Luna...Nall...
         Perhaps we can meet again on a future adventure. Until then...so long!
         ...And take care of yourself, Nash.

Nall: Wait!

[She leaves.]

Nash: What an impertinent girl...nothing at all like Mia!

Nall: I like them both...and I think Nash does too! Heh, heh! But I'm still
      confused by what she said about Phacia. There's no way Jessica could live
      at the Shrine and not know who she is!

Alex: ... ... ...

Nall: We've got to remember this place for later. The fish here is to die for!

Nash: Can you think about something besides your stomach? Sheesh!

13) VANE [II]                                                            [GS13]

[They return to the floating city.]

Nash: I have to hurry to the Magic Guild. Ghaleon will expect a full report...
      Why don't you meet me there after you've had a chance to look around the

[They meet up later.]

Nash: Lemia is ready to meet you. Wait for her at the rear of the Grand Hall...
      Alex, you must behave with the utmost respect in the presence of Lemia.
      I'm serious...

Lemia: Do you think she's going to give us a reward, Alex? And could I trade it
       for fish?

[They enter the hall where some wizards and Ghaleon wait.]

Ghaleon: Nash gave me a full report of what happened in Lann. There is great
         power within you, boy...as much power as Dyne possessed in his youth.

Mia: My mother has called a meeting in the Grand Hall...I wonder what she plans
     to discuss. I'm sorry it's so sudden...but she seems to hold every
     conference like this lately. I'm so curious about what the world below
     Vane is like! Perhaps someday, I'll be able to experience it for myself...

[Trumpets announce Lemia's arrival.]

Mia: Mother is coming! Please line up over there...

[Lemia and Royce enter.]

Ghaleon: Step forth, Alex of Burg!

Lemia: I am Lemia Ausa, Governess of the Magic Guild. I have heard you seek the
       Dragons. I see the strength of your will in this regard in your eyes.
       And I sense something else. I sense...evil. You seek to destroy the
       Magic Guild! And Althena! You see? The boy says nothing...because he
       cannot deny what he knows to be true!

Nall: What are you talking about?! Mia, what's going on?!

Lemia: Guards! Throw this urchin into the dungeon at once...and execute him for
       treason in the morning! Keep the girl here for now...I have special
       plans for her.

Mia: ... ... ...

Luna: Alex! Stop it! Let him go!

Ghaleon: Screaming will achieve nothing, Luna. Here in Vane, the word of Lemia
         Ausa is law...

Lemia: Don't waste your breath on that little waif, Ghaleon! Take her to the
       appointed area!

Ghaleon: As you wish, Lemia...

Alex: Luna!

Luna: Alex!

[Alex is thrown in the dungeon. A prisoner mumbles to herself.]

Prisoner: I...I...I don't know. Le...Lemia...Ausa... Uh...uhhh! Ahhh!!

Alex: That voice...it sounds so familiar...

[Mia and Nall enter.]

Nall: Hey, Alex! Are you okay?

Mia: I'm so sorry, Alex. I'll let you out of here right now!

Nall: Heh, heh, heh...Mia let me hide out in her bedroom!

Mia: This is such an awful place...please forgive me, Alex! My mother used to
     be so warm and wonderful...but now... [Sob!][Sob!]

Alex: ... ... ...

Nall: Don't cry, Mia! Of course Alex forgives you...now let's go find Luna!

Mia: Alex...I want you to look at this.

System: Got Althena's Mirror

Mia: This mirror shows things as they really are, Alex...it reflects only the
     truth. It is called Althena's Mirror. I've been wondering if my mother is
     really the same woman she has always been...or if something has invaded
     and poisoned her soul. I was too afraid to know the truth, so I couldn't
     use this...but I'm ready to use it now. Please take me with you, Alex...
     It's my duty to learn the truth about my mother...even if I have a
     difficult time accepting what I find.

     Of course you can come, Mia.
      Nall: Now that's the Alex I know! Let's go save Luna! ...But I guess we
            need to figure out where Lemia took her first. Do you know, Mia?

     We're going without you, Mia.
      Nall: Alex, how can you be so cruel?! Look at her! She's on the verge of
            a breakdown now! [if selected again] Alex, I had no idea you were
            this type of guy! [if selected again] I can't believe that you
            won't help her as a special favor to ME! You're just mean! [if
            selected again] I'm not going anywhere until you apologize and let
            Mia come with us! [if selected again] I bet Dragonmaster Dyne would
            let Mia come with him...but you're not Dyne, are you? [if selected
            again] Alex, if you don't let Mia come with us right now, I'm never
            talking to you again! EVER! [if selected again] What kind of a man
            are you? Toying with the mind of a girl in Mia's fragile state! [If
            selected again] Alex, you are a foolish, pig-headed, self-centered,
            small-minded, perverse...snot-nosed, egocentric BRAT! I really hate
            you right now!! [if selected again] ...who are you? Has your body
            been snatche? I don't know this Alex...

Mia: I'm afraid not. My mother often disappears from the Guild, but I don't
     know where to...

Prisoner: Ahhh!! The Vile Tribe!

Nall: What the...?

Prisoner: I saw the Vile Tribe over there...I saw them...I saw them...

Mia: Alex...that voice is muffled, but it's very familiar...

[They go the masked prisoner's cell.]

Nall: There's a bad smell coming out of this cell, Alex...this prisoner's been
      in here for quite a while.

Mia: The mask she's wearing is a magical device...it's used to block memories!
     The Guild forbid their use many years ago...who would do something so

Prisoner: Uhhh...the Vile Tribe...ahhh...the Magic Emperor!

Mia: The Vile Tribe? Did they do this terrible thing to you?

Nall: What exactly is the Vile Tribe?

Mia: My mother told me that they are a race of evil creatures... The Goddess
     Althena banished them to the edge of our world several hundred years ago.
     But I've never heard of anyone called the Magic Emperor...

Prisoner: The Magic Emperor... The Star Chamber... That's it...

Mia: My mother forbade me from entering the Star Chamber... She scolded me the
     last time I even mentioned it to her.

Nall: There's no doubt about it, Alex! That's gotta be where she's holding Luna
      prisoner! Let's go!

Mia: Wait...we can't leave this poor woman here alone. Let's bring her with
     us. The Star Chamber is on the highest floor of the Crystal Tower...and
     the entrance is the door to the east of the Grand Hall.

[They approach the Crystal Tower.]

Nash: Wait! Mia!

Mia: Nash?

Nash: Mia...you're going to the Star Chamber, aren't you?

Mia: Nash...you're a member of the Magic Guild. If you don't obey my mother's

Nash: I could be executed. I know...and I know the same thing could happen to
      you, too!

Mia: I am the next leader of the Magic Guild...it's my duty to find out what's
     going on.

Nash: And it's my duty as a member of the Magic Guild to assist my future

Mia: Nash...

Nash: But, I don't want to go out of duty, Mia. I want to go because I...uh...

Mia: What, Nash?

Nash: Because...I'm sure that Luna is being held in that chamber. Besides, I
      don't want Alex to be the only one who looks cool! So let's go!

Mia: Thank you, Nash...

[She approaches the door.]

Mia: In the name of the Goddess Althena...I banish the magical seal placed
     upon this door! Let's hurry before someone finds out what we're up to...

[They walk forward but are shocked.]

Nall: Ouch!! What just happened?

Mia: Oh, I'm sorry...I forgot to tell you, didn't I? The Crystal Tower is a
     holy place, blessed with special magic by Althena himself. Only the
     Dragonmaster himself can enter with armaments in place...

Nash: We can only fight with magic? That's not gonna be easy...

Nall: Alex is much better with a sword than with magic, but I guess we don't
      have a choice.

[As they're ascending, they hear Luna singing.]

Nall: That singing...it's Luna voice! I knew she was here! Hurry, Alex!

Prisoner: So beautiful...it warms my heart...and my mind. Memories...coming
          back...my name...I...I am... I don't know...

Nash: What's stopping her from remembering her identity, Alex?

Mia: And how does Luna's song have the power to restore her memory?

Nall: I think we'll find out the answers when we reach the Star Chamber.

[Meanwhile, in the Star Chamber...]

Phacia: What's happening? Do we know if she's the one?

Royce: Have patience, Phacia! Let her continue to sing...

Lemia: Hrmph! How many more of these girls will we have to capture until we
       find the one we need?

Ghaleon: ... ... ...

[Alex's team arrives.]

Alex: Luna!

Mia: Mother!

Lemia: Mia! What is the meaning of this intrusion?! How dare you interrupt a
       sacred ceremony of the Magic Guild!

Luna: Alex! Oh, Alex, I'm so glad you're alright! These people have been
      forcing me to sing their evil songs... They told me that they'd kill me
      if I didn't!

Nall: Are YOU all right, Luna? If any of these barbarians hurt you...

Lemia: ... ... ...

Mia: Mother, this is madness! You have to stop! Please!

Lemia: I have shown you nothing but leniency and forgiveness for your
       delinquent behavior...and THIS is how you repay me? By releasing my
       prisoner and disrupting a sacred ritual? Your punishment shall be swift
       and brutal, my wretched little offspring...and your friends' deaths
       shall be even more merciless!

[She sends a fireball at them, but they dodge.]

Mia: No!

Lemia: Ghaleon, the time has come! Help us complete the ritual!

Ghaleon: Well...

Mia: You're not my mother! You're a fraud! My real mother would never speak to
     me as you have!

Lemia: Oh, my dear Mia...your every word further seals your fate!

Mia: Shine, mirror, shine! Show all the true soul of this impostor!

Lemia: The Mirror of Althena? Ha, ha, ha...HA, HA, HA! You dishonor the Ausa
       dynasty, little one...

Mia: NO! What have you done to the mirror?! It should have shown your true
     form. I refuse to believe that you are really my mother! It's impossible!
     You simply can't...

Prisoner: ...Mia...my dear...Mia... Do not mourn, my daughter. I am here for

[The masked prisoner is revealed to be...Lemia!]

Mia: Mother!

Lemia: The gentle light shining forth from Althena's Mirror has awakened me...
       and liberated me from the curse of this sorceress!

Nall: Sorceress...?

Impostor: Whatever are you babbling about, you pathetic impostor? Ghaleon!
          Dispose of these nuisances at once!

Ghaleon: I think not, "Lemia..."

[He quickly grabs Luna and moves her away from the impostor.]

Ghaleon: I think you've been revealed as the fraudulent wench you are!

Impostor: What?

Ghaleon: I can't believe I was completely deceived by your cheap trick! How
         dare you betray my trust and attempt to overthrow the Magic Guild!

Impostor: ... ... ... Ha, ha, ha...then the time for revelation has come to
          pass sooner rather than later!

[Royce, Phacia and the impostor Lemia reveal their true forms.]

Xenobia: I am Xenobia, a descendant of the forgotten Vile Tribe, the innocents
         Althena callously pushed out beyond the wastelands of the Frontier.

Royce: I warned you I could see many things...unfortunately for you, I have now
       foreseen your demise. Too bad you had to get involved.

Phacia: We didn't expect you to get this far, young Alex. It's been quite a
        revelation. But you never can tell when luck like yours will run out.

Xenobia: Our plan to seize control of the Guild almost worked. Now, you've cut
         short our glorious plan. You'll pay dearly for this insurrection!

Phacia: Savor your feeble victory, while you can. The Magic Emperor will form a
        new world order...with the Vile Tribe as its rulers!

Ghaleon: How dare you...

Royce: I foresee another round of deception in your future. Our paths shall
       cross then, infidels.

[They teleport out and sent Ultragoyles as a stall tactic. Afterwards...]

Ghaleon: Allow me to apologize, Mia. All this time, I have been unknowingly
         by the Vile Tribe... I am ashamed for being so easily deceived.

Mia: I'm still worried about my mother...let's return to the Magic Guild!

[Later, in the Great Hall.]

Ghaleon: ...And then I proceeded to the Star Chamber, as Xenobia...Lemia
         instructed me to do. How foolish of me not to realize what was

Mia: I still don't understand what the Vile Tribe was trying to achieve by
     doing all this. What did they have to gain by assuming my mother's
     identity, or by abducting Luna?

Ghaleon: It's quite obvious that we need to know more, Mia...although I
         certainly have my own ideas. I feel the Vile Tribe is on the verge of
         declaring war. Xenobia and the others were placed among us to gather
         crucial intelligence. Now is the time for definitive action to counter
         the damage they have done. I must leave Vane and gather information of
         my own. Not just to stop the Vile Tribe, Majesty Mia, but for other...
         more pressing reasons as well. And the only way I can gather this
         information...is from the four Dragons themselves. Since the location
         of the White Dragon is already known, I shall visit him first...

Nall: Ghaleon wants to visit Quark?

Ghaleon: Perhaps Quark's wisdom holds the clue I need to discern what the Vile
         Tribe is plotting, Alex...and I would ask that you guide me to him
         immediately. You don't mind, do you, Alex?

Luna: Of course not! Alex would be honored to take you there!

Nall: This is great, Alex! We get to go home and how off one of the Four
      Heroes! Heh, heh, heh!

Ghaleon: Mia, since your mother has yet to recover from the effects of that
         dreadful mask...I believe you should take her place as the Guildmaster
         until she is fit to resume her duties. 

Mia: ...Yes, Ghaleon. You're right...but I will need Nash to assist me until
     your return. If that's acceptable to both you and Nash, of course...

Nash: Acceptable?! It's wonderful! It would be my humble honor to help you in
      any way possible!

Ghaleon: Of course, Mia. I place Nash at your disposal. His work for me has
         been most satisfactory. I must speak with Master Mel to arrange my
         transportation to Caldor Isle...so, then, we shall meet in Meribia
         shortly. Do not dawdle, Alex, after all, you know what they say about
         idle hands...

[He leaves.]

Mia: Alex, I still haven't thanked you enough for helping me to rescue my
     mother...and now I have to thank you for taking Ghaleon to the cave of
     the White Dragon.

Nall: Mia, how could Alex possibly say no to someone as nice and cute as you?

Luna: Ha, ha, ha...Nall, are you sure it's Alex who thinks Mia is cute?

Nall: Luna, I don't know what you're talking about! C'mon, we have to hurry to
      Mel's mansion!

14) MERIBIA [II]                                                         [GS14]
[Alex's team approaches Mel's office. Ghaleon, Mel, and Jess are inside.]

Ghaleon: ...and that is everything I know of the situation as it stands at this
         moment. Visiting the White Dragon to gather more information is quite
         prudent at this time. For you see, I suspect that the Magic Emperor
         aspires to the rank of Dragonmaster. However, only Quark would know
         that for certain.

Mel: The Magic Emperor...that's a frightening thought. The fact that he
     hijacked Lemia's powers lends weight ta yer argument, though.

[Alex's team enters.]

Jessica: You guys...

Nall: What?

Mel: Huh?

Jessica: Dad, it, uh, looks like we have guests!

Mel: Oh, Alex! Welcome! I heard your story from Ghaleon... How did you do in
     Vane? Oh, before I forget...this is my daughter, Jessica. Jessica! Aren't
     you going to say hello?

Jessica: Of course! How do you do, Alex? My father has told me so much about

Nall: Hell-OOO? What're you talking about, Jessica? Do you have a brain cramp
      or something?

Jessica: And what a fascinating creature you've brought with you, Alex! (Nall,
         shut UP...) So you're hoping to become a Dragonmaster? Wonderful!
         You'll have to tell me all about your adventures someday!

Nall: Hellooo? Jessica? Don't you remember us from La--

Jessica: (Shut it, Nall!) What a cute little kitty! How does he talk? I'm
         glad you enjoy Meribia. Please stay in our city as long as you wish...

Luna: (Why is Jessica pretending not to know us, Alex?)

Ghaleon: At last! You made it. There's no time to waste...we need a new
         Dragonmaster. I hesitated to become one because of Dyne... But I can't
         let my personal feelings prevent me from doing what must be done. We
         have to meet with Quark and determine the locations of the other

Mel: The ship to Caldor Isle isn't ready yet, but the sailors are workin' as
     quickly as they can. They said they'd be ready to sail by tomorrow

Jessica: Dad, why don't we let Alex and his friends stay here tonight? I'd
         love to hear their tales of adventure!

Mel: That's a fine idea, Jessica! But you won't get scared by their stories,
     will you?

Jessica: I'll be fine, Dad! All right, then! Alex, make yourself at home!

[She whisks them up to her room.]

Jessica: Here's my room, guys! Relax! Take a load off!

Nall: Are you feeling okay? One second, you're...you, and the next, you're
      completely different!

Jessica: Yes, I feel fine, Nall! You don't get it, do ya? Of course I remember
         you! I just couldn't say anything in front of my Dad...

Luna: Why not, Jessica?

Jessica: My father always tells me how much I remind him of my mom. If he knew
         that I was really like HIM... And that I was sneaking out of the
         Shrine to go on my own adventures... He'd freak out! And I'd be
         grounded until I was 50...

Luna: How do you stand it? I could never keep my true self hidden away. Not
      from someone who cared for me as your father cares for you...

Jessica: So what happened to you guys in Vane? No one's sleeping until I get
         every unsavory detail!

Alex: It happened like this...

[He tells the tale.]

Alex: And that's all I have to say about that.

Jessica: So everyone at the Shrine was enchanted by the spell? How

Nall: You're lucky you skipped out of school that day...

Jessica: What? I don't know what you're talking about, Nall! Heh, heh, heh!!
         Ghaleon's a great magician, but he can't be expected to do this all
         by himself... Alex, I think you should talk to Quark, too, and find
         out what you can from him. Anyway...it's time for bed. G'night, you
         guys! See you all in the morning!

[She leaves.]

Luna: I knew we'd be returning home, Alex...but not with Ghaleon as our escort!
      I guess our adventure is coming to an end...

Alex: ... ... ...

Nall: Man, am I pooped...

Luna: Ha, ha! Good night, Nall! And good night, Alex.

[The next morning...]

Luna: Good morning...

Nall: Good morning, Luna...what's wrong? You look like you're about to faint...

Luna: I...had the dream again...

Alex: That's all it is, Luna. Just a dream.

Luna: I know...but... You're...you're right, Alex. Let's just bid farewell to
      Master Mel.

[They visit his office.]

Mel: Hey, Alex! Did ya sleep well? I sure did! Ghaleon's probably waiting for
     ya at the harbor... Better not keep him!

[Down at the docks...]

Ghaleon: Good morning. I trust you slept well. Are you ready to sail?

         Uh, not quite yet.
          Ghaleon: Mel went to considerable trouble to have his ship prepared
                   for us. I have taken precious time out of my own schedule...
                   And now you selfishly ask to delay our departure? Whatever
                   business you have to attend to, I suggest you do it very

         I'm ready.
          Ghaleon: Then let us not waste another moment...to Burg!

[Later, Everyone's on the top deck.]

Ghaleon: So, tell me...what drives you to become the Dragonmaster? What leads
         you to attempt what so many others before you have tried and failed to

Alex: Well...

Luna: ... ... ...

Alex: I want to protect the people of our world...and the people I care about.

Ghaleon: How...very noble of you. But the Dragonmaster's power is meant for
         more than mere protection... And the magnitude of his responsibility
         to wield the power is immeasurable. ...May I ask another question of

Alex: Of...of course, sir.

Ghaleon: If you had to choose between the survival of the one you cared about
         the most... Or the lives of everyone in our world... Which would it
         be? One, or many? Love, or duty?

Alex: How...how could anyone make that choice?

Ghaleon: A Dragonmaster is forced to make such choices every day of his
         existence... But we're getting considerably ahead of ourselves, aren't
         we? You're not a Dragonmaster yet. Not even close. Think about my
         question during your travels, boy. The closer you are to becoming a
         Dragonmaster, the more important it is to answer... By the way,
         Luna... So renowned is your singing voice that word of your abilities
         spread all the way to Vane. When we reach Burg, I would desire nothing
         more than to hear you...

Luna: I don't think my voice is that special...but I'd be honored to sing for
      you, Master Ghaleon.

Ghaleon: I look forward to it, Luna. And there's no need to be modest about
         your talent. You have a gift. You should share it with the world...

Nall: Look, Alex! Over there, on the edge of the horizon...it's Saith! It's so
      good to be back home...

[They reach the port town.]

Ghaleon: Well. What a...quaint little...hovel this is. You look tired, boy...
         but as they say, "No rest for the wicked." Take me to the cave of the
         White Dragon. I'm anxious to catch...up with him.

15) WHITE DRAGON CAVE [II]                                               [GS15]
[They reach Quark's cavern.]

Quark: You have returned, Alex. And even stronger than when I last beheld
       you... Ghaleon... It has been many years since I last saw you.

Ghaleon: Fifteen, to be precise, Quark. Not since that dark day when dear
         Dragonmaster Dyne...

Quark: Ah yes, I remember all too well your disappointment...

Ghaleon: Quark...I have a question to ask of you. This girl...the one they
         call "Luna"...is she the child born on that day?

Alex: ... ... ...

Luna: ... ... ...

Quark: Truth is a dangerous thing to some, Ghaleon. If you knew the truth,
       perhaps it would...

Ghaleon: Our world is on the verge off chaos, dear Quark... And I must know
         if the cause is what I suspect it to be. Tell me, Quark. Tell me the
         truth. I deserve to know.

Quark: You were the Dragonmaster's best friend, Ghaleon. If he trusted you
       with his life, I can trust you with the truth... ...Yes. Luna is the

Ghaleon: ... ... ...

Quark: Surely you understand why Dyne kept this from you... Ghaleon?

[Ghaleon laughs.]

Ghaleon: Oh, then the time has FINALLY come! My..."coming out" party can begin.
         Send in the clowns.

[He reveals himself as the Magic Emperor.]

Quark: By Althena! What have you done, Ghaleon?

Ghaleon: Not "Ghaleon," dear Quark..."Magic Emperor" Ghaleon!

Alex: Magic Emperor?!

Luna: Ghaleon, no!

Ghaleon: No, no... Ghaleon, yes! Someday people may mourn this day, but my
         glorious rule can only begin with your enslavement!

[He traps Quark in a magic barrier, which shrinks to the size of a pebble.]

Ghaleon: Quark shall be the cornerstone of a new order. MY world order; but,
         who shall be my queen?


[He teleports Luna to his side.]

Alex: Luna!!

Ghaleon: Now I know the truth...the world shall be mine on a delicious half-

[He attacks Alex and Nall with dark magic.]

Luna: Alex!!!

[Ghaleon and Luna teleport away.]

Alex: Ugh...

16) BURG [IV]                                                            [GS16]

[Later, Alex wakes up in Burg.]

Nall: ...wh...what happened? Where...where am I? ...This is...Alex's house!
      But I thought we were in...the...cave...

Alex: ...Nall?

Nall: Alex...what happened to us? The last thing I remember is going into the
      White Dragon Cave with...Ghaleon... Ghaleon... ... ... ... Wait! I
      remember now...I know what happened!

Alex: Luna!

Nall: Alex, she was kidnapped!

Father: Alex! Nall! You're finally awake!

Nall: Ghaleon...took Luna...and...

Father: I know, Nall. You were brought here by an old friend...a man named
        Laike. He found you in the White Dragon Cave and brought you here. I
        believe he's at Dyne's Monument. You should go and thank him for
        saving your lives... You probably would have frozen to death had he
        not discovered you... Alex, you and Luna have grown up together. Your
        mother and I have watched a bond form between you...and we have watched
        that bond turn from friendship into love. I don't know if you've told
        her how you feel, Alex. Perhaps she already knows...but you must tell
        her now. Save her from Ghaleon...

[The two visit the monument.]

Nall: La...Laike...

Laike: Ho, ho...good! You two are awake! I was afraid your sleep might be of
       the eternal type...

Nall: Thank you for helping us, Laike. We owe you our lives... But what the
      heck were you doing in the White Dragon Cave?

Laike: Ho, hah, hah! I thought you might ask me that, Nall! But, mum's the

Nall: I hate secrets...

Laike: Alex, I'm sorry for what happened to Luna...but what are you going to

Nall: What am I going to do?! For starters, I'm gonna bite Ghaleon right in

Laike: I meant YOU, Alex. What do you plan to do now?

Alex: I...I'm going to...

Laike: Think, and then act decisively, Alex!!

       I'm going to defeat Ghaleon!
        Alex: I'm going to find Ghaleon...and I'm going to kill him! Before he
              does to anyone else what he did to Luna...

       I'm going to save Luna!
        Alex: I'm going to rescue Luna from Ghaleon's clutches!

Laike: Ghaleon now fancies himself the "Magic Emperor"... He rules over the
       Vile Tribe of the Frontier. Now that he has assumed the role of Magic
       Emepror, his power must be immense. Even knowing all this, Alex...will
       you still risk your life to fight him?

Alex: Without question!

Laike: ... ... ... Dragonmaster dyne would be proud of your bravery, Alex. He
       would marvel at the strength that you have nurtured in your heart. Alex,
       do you know what killed Dyne?

Alex: No...

Laike: As with many, Dyne fell victim to love. He swore to her that he would do
       anything for the woman he fancied. When the time came to protect her
       heart, he used all the power he had. And the Dyne everyone knew as the
       greatest Dragonmaster ever...perished.

Alex: ... ... ...

Laike: Ho, ho, ho! Love is never an easy thing, Alex! But you say you want to
       help Luna...so you must become the Dragonmaster. Because to save her,
       you will fight a stronger opponent than Dyne ever faced...

Alex: I...I'll do it, Laike!

Laike: Ho, hah, hah...good answer. Here, Alex, I have something to cheer you

Nall: After that depressing story about Dyne, I hope so!

Laike: Ho, hah, ho! Don't worry, Nall. I promise...you'll like this. I found
       this in the White Dragon Cave, Alex. I want you to have it. You're
       going to find it as useful as Dyne did.

System: Got Dragon Wings

Laike: I'll see you soon.

[He leaves.]

Nall: What a strange man, Alex. I'm glad he's helping us...but why is he doing
      it? I'm glad you're going to fight Ghaleon... Because I'd hate to have to
      rescue Luna on my own! Heh, heh, heh!

Alex: I'd hate to have to rescue the both of you...

Nall: Okay, Alex. We need to find out where Ghaleon went... Maybe the White
      Dragon Wings Laike gave us will help. Let's try them and see what

[They use the wings to teleport to Meribia instantly.]

17) MERIBIA [III]                                                        [GS17]
[They find the town overrun by monsters.]

Nall: Alex...! Where'd all these monsters come from?! I don't understand...

Jessica: Alex! Nall!

Nall: Jessica! What's going on?

Jessica: What does it look like?! Get in here and help me out!

[They defeat the monsters.]

Jessica: Thanks...you guys yanked my buns out of the fire!

Nall: What happened here, Jessica?

Jessica: I went to the big shrine, and when I returned, the entire city had
         been overrun...I can't believe how fast the beasts attacked! ...Where
         are Luna and Ghaleon? Are they okay?

Alex: ... ... ...

Nall: Ghaleon...has turned into the Magic Emperor. He commanded these beasts
      to attack Meribia...

Jessica: What?!

Nall: That's not all, Jessica. He enslaved the White Dragon and kidnapped

Jessica: This...is...I can't even comprehend it. How could something so
         terrible have happend? Wait...I understand! Ghaleon sent these demons
         here to distract us from the real target... My father! Alex, we have
         to help him! He must be in the mansion, fighting single-handedly
         against Ghaleon's evil hordes...

Nall: You heard her, Alex! Let's hurry! Not even Mel could hold off those
      maniacal fiends forever!

[They find Mel squaring off with Xenobia in the mansion training room.]

Mel: As long as I draw breath, the Vile Tribe will NEVER take control of

Xenobia: Not a problem, old man. You'll be eliminated by Xenobia, leader of
         the Vile Tribe... And all the citizens of Meribia will kneel before
         the Magic Emperor!

Mel: Ghaleon?! What's going on? Who the hell are you?

Jessica: Father!

Mel: Jessica! N...no! This is too dangerous! You must hide inside!

Jessica: But...

Xenobia: This is wonderful! Now I can erase all of you with one swift blow!

Mel: Look out! Jessica...!

[He takes the magical blow meant for his daughter.]


Jessica: Dad? DAD?!

Mel: Alex...take care...of my...daughter...

[He turns to stone.]

Xenobia: What an emotional moment that was...I almost cried with laughter!
         Now the last of the Four Heroes is powerless... And nothing can
         prevent Ghaleon from fulfilling our destiny!

Alex: Ghaleon? Xenobia! Where has Ghaleon taken Luna?!

Xenobia: Ha, ha, ha! Well, little Alex, you'll find that out soon enough!
         Perhaps when we meet again...

Alex: Wait! Xenobia!

[Her and the monsters teleport away.]

Jessica: Dad? Dad... DAAAAAAAD!!!

[They move Mel's petrified body up to his room.]

Jessica: In the name of Althena... Let this curse begone! ... ... ... ... ...
         ... It's not working. I don't think this spell can be lifted unless
         the one who cast it is killed!

Nall: Her name is Xenobia... She was the one who impersonated Lemia Ausa!

Jessica: That witch Xenobia... That freak Ghaleon... I'll never forgive them! I
         will save my father, even if I have to give up my life for his... I
         will NEVER give up. And I will NEVER cry. I am Jessica de Alkirk!
         Daughter of Hell Mel! Alex...Nall...let's go!

Nall: Where are we going, Jessica?

Jessica: We are going to right the wrongs committed this day. Ghaleon WILL pay
         dearly. We need more information on Ghaleon and the Vile Tribe. Let's
         speak with Lemia Ausa...the leader of the Magic Guild. I'd like to
         get some advice from her daughter as well...

Nall: We'll get to see Mia again! That's great, Alex!

Jessica: You guys aren't nervous? Uh, I mean, you guys aren't nervous. Me,
         neither. Let's head for Vane... (...I love you, Dad...)

18) VANE [III]                                                           [GS18]
[They reach Vane.]

Nall: D-d-do you see that?!

[Nash and Mia are fighting some giant critter.]

Nash: Impossible...my magic doesn't have any effect on it at all! Damn!

Mia: We can't let this monster destroy Vane... Come on, Nash! We can do this!

Nash: How can we do it alone?

Nall: Mia! Nash! Are you okay?

Mia: Alex...Nall...Jessica!

Jessica: First, the Vile Tribe violates my hometown...and now Mia's... This is
         IT, Alex! No more Miss Nice Girl! I'm gonna fight these creeps with
         everything I've got!

[They slay the Vile Crustacean.]

Mia: Thank you...all of you!

Nash: While I could have handled that monster by myself...your assistance was

Nall: I think that's as close as Nash has ever come to saying "thank you"...

Mia: Jessica...when I was at Black Rose Street, I heard about your father...
     Is it true?

Jessica: ...Yes. He was protecting me from Xenobia's magic... ... ... ...

Mia: Jessica...I...

Jessica: Mia, I'm going to find Xenobia...and I'm going to slay her! Then I'm
         going to help Alex fight the Magic Emperor...

Nash: Fight Ghaleon?! Now THAT is madness! You'll be killed!

Jessica: I know it's going to be a challenge, Mia! That's why I'm here. To find
         out what I can about Ghaleon before we set out to kill him... Did you
         notice anything strange about Ghaleon at the Magic Guild?

Mia: No...I'm afraid not. But I'm sure my mother could tell us what she
     observed...why don't we ask her together?

Jessica: Good idea! Let's go...

[In the Grand Hall...]

Lemia: ...I can't believe Mel fell to the Vile Tribe's magic. This...this is
       a nightmare...

Jessica: Are you alright, Lemia?

Lemia: I...I'm just a little dazed, that's all. Probably from the shock of
       hearing what happened to Mel...

Mia: It's the aftereffects of that cursed mask, Mother...the mask Ghaleon
     placed on you.

Lemia: You worry too much, Mia. Compared to the pain of bringing you into this
       world, this headache is a trifle...

Mia: My mother's magical powers are gone, and her physical condition is only
     getting worse. Ghaleon tried to destroy my mother, Alex...and he might
     still succeed. He...h...

Jessica: He's insane, Mia! What he did to your mom...and my dad...it can't be
         forgiven! You're right, Mia. Your mom might still die...unless we find
         Ghaleon and kill him first! You can't just stay here and do nothing,
         Mia! You have to come with us...and fight with us!

Mia: I...I know... If defeating Ghaleon is the only way to save my mother...
     and my people...then I have no choice. ... ... ... Alex, please take me
     with you. Let me fight at your side...

Nash: Mia, you can't do this! Your mother is gravely ill, and the Magic Guild
      is in chaos!

Mia: Which is exactly why I'm going, Nash. Because I can save both of them if
     I slay Ghaleon...

Nash: You're really doing this, Mia? You're really going to challenge Ghaleon?

Mia: Yes, Nash, I am.

Nash: Mia... ... ... ... I'm coming with you, Mia.

Mia: What?! Nash, you shouldn't...you can't!

Nash: Some of the blame for what happened to the White Dragon...and to Luna...
      lies with me. But I can try to make amends for what I did, Mia. I can
      help you rescue Luna...and I can try to earn your forgiveness. That's
      all I want, Mia...that's all.

Jessica: Hmmm...stay this humble and you'll earn my forgiveness in a hurry!

Mia: Nash...

Nash: The Vile Tribe won't so much as touch you with me at your side, Mia! I
      promise! I swear!

Mia: Thank you, Nash...but I don't want you to treat me like the future
     Guildmaster. You will earn my forgiveness if you treat me as a friend...a
     trusted friend.

Nash: Mia! I...I...

Mia: I need your friendship to keep me strong, Nash. I need you to be there
     for me...

Nash: Oh...Mia...I...I'm speechless...

Nall: You're blushing, Nash.

Nash: Still your tongue, cat! I'm just happy to have been granted a second
      chance! Lemia must know something about where to find the rest of the
      Dragons... I suggest we speak with her and find out!

Lemia: Alex, you must heed my words. There is only one person who can stand
       against Ghaleon...the mighty Dragonmaster. Alex, you were the last
       person to pass Quark's trial...and you are now the only person with the
       potential to pass the remaining Trials. Luna is lost to you, Alex...our
       world is lost...unless you can become the Dragonmaster. The next Dragon
       you should seek out is the Red Dragon. I once heard it lives within the
       volcano due south of Nanza...but that was long ago. I don't know how
       reliable the story is, Alex, but at least you have somewhere to start.

Jessica: South of Nanza? Sounds like we need to have a chat with Kyle...

19) NANZA [II]                                                           [GS19]

[They reach the gates of the Nanza Barrier.]

Jessica: What a child...he doesn't even feel sorry about what happened...

Nall: What was that, Jessica?

Jessica: Uh...nothing. Just talking to myself. I must be going crazy from the

[They walk in.]

Voice: Oooh! Help! Help me! Get away from me, you dastardly fiends! You'll
       regret this!

Nall: Alex, someone just screamed! What's going on over there?!

[They find Xenobia and her goons accosting a woman.]

Xenobia: Ha, ha, ha! Hello, fools! Don't make a move or I'll rip her to

Jessica: Xenobia...we found her! Get out of my way, Alex! I'm going to kill
         that overinflated bimbo right here and now!

Mia: Come on, Jessica! You know she'd kill that poor girl in a heartbeat...
     Don't let your emotions overrule your common sense!

Nash: So what do we do now?!

Xenobia: Ha, ha, ha...grab her!

Woman: What th-- Noooo! Heeellllp!

[The woman beats back the monsters.]

Xenobia: Hey, what's happening?! Catch him! Quickly! What's going on here?

Woman: Eww! No! Don't touch me, you...beast!

[The woman beats back the monsters again.]

Xenobia: You!

Woman: Oh, pardon my heels! What's the world coming to when a decent lady has
       to be so vulgar to protect herself... And now let's end this cheap

[The ugly "woman" reveals herself to be...Kyle!]

Kyle: You and your boys need to learn some manners, sweet-cheeks. Oh, yeah...I
      make this look GOOD! I don't get it. Jessica...what went wrong? Wait. You
      got kicked out of the shrine again, didn't you?

Jessica: Why, you...

Kyle: Hah, hah...that's okay! I'll listen to your story once I clean up after
      these kids!

Xenobia: Don't underestimate us! You better kill us all!

[Kyle single-handedly slays the monsters.]

Kyle: Hah, hah...it's too early for you to fight me! You're not strong enough
      yet! Well, Xenobia! Looks like it's just the strong and gorgeous against
      the ugly.

Mia: Why are you and the Tribe kidnapping singers, Xenobia? There has to be a
     reason beyond the sheer cruelty of it!

Xenobia: Ha, ha, ha! You couldn't begin to fathom the real reason, missy! And
         I have far more important tasks than to explain our plans to you...

[She vanishes.]

Jessica: Xenobia! Wait! Damn it...damn it all!

Nall: Luna...

Kyle: Damned curvaceous magic-using wench... Excuse my ignorance, Jess, but
      what the hell is going on around here?

Jessica: That...that witch turned my dad to stone when he tried to protect me
         from her magic.

Kyle: She did that to Mel?! How can she...how can anyone have that much power?

Nall: Because her boss is Ghaleon, the Magic Emperor! And he's the one who
      kidnapped Luna...

Kyle: Luna? Who's that?

Jessica: She's a friend of Alex and Nall...and they're friends of mine. She's
         a singer, just like the others kidnapped by the Vile Tribe... But we
         still haven't figured out what their purpose is in taking them. We've
         been searching for the Magic emperor, and that's what brought us
         here... Kyle, since I know you have nothing better to do than imbibe
         more than is healthy... You're going to join us and help us defeat

Kyle: The Magic Emperor, huh? Ah, what the hell... When do we leave? All right,
      Jess...I'll help you save your dad. And not because he might even stop
      busting my chops... But because I know how much he means to you.

Jessica: Kyle...

Kyle: Just imagine how many groupies I'm gonna have after I do this and become
      a hero! The lovely ladies will be drooling at my feet...hey, what's
      wrong, Jessica?

Jessica: I just feel stupid because I actually admired you for a few seconds...

Kyle: Alex, I want to help you, too! This Magic Emperor needs a serious 

Jessica: Kyle, do you know anything about the Red Dragon Cave?

Kyle: I heard rumors about a dragon inside a cave at the south end of the
      Marius Zone...

Jessica: That's all we need to know! Lead the way, Kyle!

Kyle: I wonder if I should bring some protection with me...

Jessica: Kyle! You're disgusting!

Kyle: What's so disgusting about bringing my best shield? Yeesh...

Nall: This is going to be an interesting trip...
20) REZA                                                                 [GS20]
[They arrive at the thief town.]

Kyle: Welcome to Reza. Not exactly the wealthiest town in the Marius Zone...
      But a great place to learn the latest news and gossip. And the beer is

[A man bumps into Nall.]

Nall: Hey!

Man: Excuse me...

[He runs off.]

Mia: Nall, are you alright?

Kyle: ... ... ...

Jessica: Well, the inhabitants of Reza certainly are rude! I can see why Kyle
         fits in so nicely here...

Kyle: Hey, Nall...did that guy bump into you?

Nall: Y...yes... Wait...the White Dragon Wings! They're gone!

Kyle: Well, you just learned the only real downer to this place... It's a den
      of thieves! There are so many of 'em, they've formed a Guild. Watch your
      valuables. This place can get a little...rough...

Jessica: Hey, Kyle, perhaps you could have warned us BEFORE Nall got robbed?

Kyle: Reza is a big town...if we're going to find those Wings, we better start
      looking now!

Jessica: I know you heard me, you selectively-deaf weasel!

[They enter the bar.]

Kyle: I don't see that thief anywhere. But I KNOW he ran in here. Let's talk
      to the barkeep and find out where he went. And stay calm...just STAY

Nall: Hey, Alex! Doesn't the old man at the counter look kinda...familiar?

[At the counter...]

Barkeep: Hey, Kyle! Haven't seen you around here for awhile...sit down and have
         a drink, lad! Hell, have three! Let's hear some stories about life in

Kyle: I wish I could, friend, but I'm not here to tell tales and swill ales...
      Someone stole a valuable item from a member of my group, and I'm here to
      get it back.

Barkeep: That's a shame, Kyle... But complaining about thievery in Reza is like
         whining about wuss magicians in Vane, you know?

Nash: Hey!

Kyle: Cool it, Nash. Actually, I was hoping you could help us get it back!
      You're an influential guy around here...isn't there anything you can do?

Barkeep: Well, this MUST be important if you're trying to use flattery...heh,
         heh... There IS a way to get your item back. Members of the Guild
         aren't allowed to steal from other members... If one of you joins the
         Guild, whoever stole your item will have to give it back to you.

Kyle: Not as easy as I hoped, but I guess we really don't have a choice... So,
      how do I join the Guild?

Barkeep: Your thieving skills have to be tested by one of the Guild elite. He
         can be found working in Meryod this week... Finding him is also part
         of the test! You know how to get to Meryod, right? Just walk along
         the coast of the Inner Sea until you reach it...

Jessica: Meryod?! That's practically in the Stadius Zone! Are we strong enough
         to go that far?

Kyle: Hey, you guys can stay here if you want... I'm the only one who has to
      pass the test. As long as you all don't mind being labeled wimps for
      life, I'm fine with it...

21) MERYOD                                                               [GS21]
[The team passes through a forest to reach the city.]

Nall: So this is Meryod...this is amazing, Alex. They built a city entirely of
      wooden planks suspended over the water.

Nash: No, the amazing part is that these hicks managed to nail anything not
      related to them.

Kyle: Regardless, let's look for the Magic Guild test-giver who's in this

[They walk along the bridge.]

Bridge: Creeeak! Crack-crack!

Kyle: Hey, what were those strange sounds just now? The creak and the crack?

Jessica: I...I think the bridge just...moved...

Bridge: Crrrrrrack!

Mia: I...I don't believe this was a good...idea. We should turn back...

Nash: We don't have time for--woooaaah! We're falling!

[They all fall in and get separated. Alex climbs out on a dock.]

Nall: Alex...are you okay? Man, I'm soaked! Why'd ya have to make such a big

Alex: Uh...sorry about that, Nall. I couldn't help it. Is everyone all right?

Nall: I don't know about everyone else, but Nash is over there, and that's a
      start. Let's go, Alex!

[They find Nash by the armory.]

Nash: Hey Alex! Nice of you to drop by and pick up the pieces...

Nall: Well at least we were here to do it for you, whiner. Look over there!
      Jess is by that house. Let's go get her...

[They do.]

Jessica: Ahhhhh! Alex, I'm so glad you finally came! This place is crawlin'
         with creeps trying to pick up on me!

Nall: Alex, duty calls! I think you should punch their lights out!

Jessica: Oh, Nall! I appreciate the sentiment, but let's just get out of here!

Nall: I think she's right, Alex! This place gives me the willies!

Jessica: Speaking of which, where is Kyle? I bet that two-timing womanizer's
         at the pub! Let's go!

Nall: Ah! Look! That guy's trying to hit on Mia! Let's hurry, Alex.

[They rush over.]

Mia: Ahhhhh! Alex, help me! This slob is picking on me!

Nall: I'll teach these pigs a thing or two!

Mia: Oh Nall! It's over now. Just let them be...we need to be going.

Nall: If we let this guy off the hook, he'll try this again with someone else!

Mia: ... ... ...

Nall: Oh, nevermind!! Let's go, Mia.

[They enter the pub.]

Kyle: Ooohh...Hic! Oh, ya finally made it! That's the test-giver there. This
      is my part, and I invited him over for a little brew belching! We started
      talking 'bout the Guild, and...it was a cinch! Hey, c'mon over here! Hey
      Alex, what took you so long? You know, that was pretty dumb to try to
      cross that rotted bridge!

Jessica: Well, Mr. Safety, I think you fell in the drink, too! What's your

Kyle: I was just trying not to make waves...Alex is s'posed to be the leader
      here... Hey, kiddies, I heard some important stuff while I was waiting
      for you. I heard about a tower south of here called Damon's Spire.
      There's supposed to be some kinda jewel in this thing worth a LOT of
      dough. If you give it to the Guild chief in Reza, he's s'posed to give
      you membership!

Mia: Isn't that where the keeper of knowledge is supposed to reside?

Kyle: I dunno about that, but you're probably right. We should check it out.
      Oh! I almost forgot! In order to enter Damon's spire, you have to know
      the secret words. I heard they are written in the notebook that this guy
      lent me!

System: Got Old Notebook

Kyle: Okay, then! We're off to Damon's Spire to the south!

Jessica: Hey, Kyle! You're going to pay the bar tab, right?

Kyle: Geez! Don't say that so loud! We'll let that wasted guy pick up the tab!
      Let's get out of here!

Jessica: ...Oh Kyle, what am I ever going to do with you...??

[They leave town.]

Jessica: Um, so Damon's Spire is to the South, right?

Nash: Damon, Guardian of Knowledge...I bet he's got a library rivaling that of

[They travel back through Meryod Forest, and see...Mel's petrified form!?]

Jessica: What...what the...? Daddy?! What are you DOING out here?

Mel: Jessica...my dear Jessica...please don't leave me here! It's so cold..so

Kyle: Jessica, look out!!

[He pushes her out of the way; everyone but her is petrified, too.]

Jessica: What the...what's happening? What have you done to them?! Help me,
         Althena! Give me the power to break this spell!

[The magics fail.]

Jessica: No!! Not again... My father...my friends...and Kyle. I've lost
         everyone I ever cared about...

Mel: Come to me, Jessica. Join me...join your friends. You will live forever...
     and you will never be alone.

Jessica: ...yes... ...Kyle?!

[Kyle uses brute strength to free himself.]

Kyle: Mel would never ask his daughter to join him in death, you monster! I
      don't know what the hell you are... But I'm going to crack through that
      stone shell! Come and get it!

[Kyle destroys Plaster Mel.]

Royce: Curse you!

Jessica: Royce!

Kyle: You've gone WAY too far this time, you shapely hag!

Royce: I made the mistake of underestimating you...and I shan't do that again!
       How was I to know you could shatter my magic with a primal scream?

Kyle: Wait until you see what I can do with my tongue!

Royce: Tempting, but... Perhaps later...

[She vanishes.]

Jessica: Kyle...I...

Kyle: Hey, hey...it was nothing. I mean, that's what I'm here for... And
      besides, it felt good to beat up your dad!

Jessica: When you saw I was in danger, you broke out of the stone and saved me.
         Your feelings for me were what broke the spell...

Kyle: Um...yeah...YEAH!

Nall: What are you two doing? We still have to find out way through this

Jessica: ...Oh, right. Of course. Well, Kyle? Let's go!

Kyle: Yeah...yeah, let's go.

22) DAMON'S SPIRE                                                        [GS22] 

[They enter the tower.]

Damon: Those who seek the Guardian of Knowledge must have a special knowledge

Nall: Uh...special knowledge first? Hey! Maybe it's something in the notebook!

Mia: I believe you're correct, Nall. Wait...give me a moment... Here it is!
     "Intelligence is the ultimate strength, and wisdom is the ultimate

Damon: You possess the cornerstone which can become the foundation. You may
       enter. Step onto the tiles of red to unlock the door and gain entrance.

[They reach the stairway.]

Damon: I, Damon, have granted you the privelege to tread within these sacred
       walls. However, if you wish to proceed any further, you must answer my
       question... What is the origin of our world, created at the hand of

Kyle: I have a question of my own... What the hell are you talking about, ya

Nall: I was about to ask something like that myself...

Jessica: Shouldn't a brilliant student like you know the answer to this one,

Nash: Uh...of course! Of...course I do!

Nall: You don't sound too sure, Nash. Alex, why don't we let Mia try to answer

      Nah. Nash says he can do it...
       Alex: You say you know the answer, Nash...so let's hear it.

       Nash: Alex, every once in a while, I'm reminded of your great wisdom! I
             only wish others in our group appreciated your intellect... The
             answer is the Magic Guild! Now let us pass!

       Jessica: Why, look at that! Absolutely nothing happened! But I know
                you'll manage to come out of this with your ego fully intact
                and inflated...

       Nash: This doesn't make any sense... Perhaps the old man didn't hear me
             clearly enough! I said...THE MAGIC GUILD!

       Mia: Actually, your answer was incorrect. My mother spoke to me of this
            subject long ago... The answer is magic!

       Damon: You are correct. You may proceed.

       Nall: Mia, if you knew the answer, you should've told us sooner!

       Mia: I'm sorry, I really did think Nash knew the answer...

       Nash: Yeah, CAT. At least SHE was showing me the proper respect! Mia
             simply prefers not to boast of her intelligence!

       Kyle: Too bad you can't be that way, butt brain...

       Nash: What's THAT supposed to mmean, you over-tanned shoplifter?

       Jessica: Both of you, shut UP! This isn't the time or the place to
                compare your egos! We have to get back to the task at hand,
                namely finding our way to the top!

      Mia, why don't you try?
       Alex: Mia, why don't you try?

       Nall: Good call, Alex! We're counting on you, Mia!

       Mia: My mother spoke to me of this subject long ago... The answer is

       Damon: You are correct. You may enter.

       Nash: I knew you'd do it, Mia! And, that was just what I would have

       Nall: ... ... ...

       Nash: Why are you staring at me, cat? How dare you imply than an elite
             magician of the Magic...

       Jessica: Yada, yada, yada! Why don't we save the excuses until we have
                a chance to explore this place?

[They reach the second stairway.]

Damon: To proceed further, you must demonstrate your mental fortitude by
       answering my question. People who rely entirely on force shall
       ultimately be destroyed by force.

Kyle: What?! We can't use force?!

Jessica: Calm down, Kyle! If you had listened for once, you'd know he didn't
         say that! Please continue, Damon.

Damon: Ahem...but the person who controls force can avoid it altogether! What
       controls force?

Kyle: What kind of game is this, old man?!! Even I know the answer to THAT
      one! Come on, Alex! Let me handle this!

Jessica: I don't think this is a question that Kyle can answer...

Nash: She's right, Alex! You can't place our fate in the hands of this brain-
      -dead brigand!

Kyle: Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong, Nash, or you might get it
      cut off!

Nall: Calm down, you two! Alex, this is your call.

      Let's give Kyle a chance.
       Alex: Let's give Kyle a chance.

       Kyle: Ha! You see that, Nash? Us real men stick together! Okay, old
             man! Are you ready for the answer? Here it comes! YAAAAHHHHH!!

       [Kyle leaps to attack him.]

       Damon: You are...incorrect.

       [Damon's barrier violently repels him.]

       Jessica: Can't say I'm surprised, Kyle... Are you starting to understand
                what Damon said about force?

       Nall: Let's hope he does...I don't think he'd survive smacking into that
             magic barrier again!

       Kyle: Jess, save the lecture until my hearing comes back...IF it comes

       Nash: Not that I wouldn't mind seeing that spectacle again, but are we
             ready for the real answer?

       Jessica: Let's hear your guess, Nash!

       Nash: The answer, Damon, is skill! Skill controls force!

       Damon: You are correct. You may proceed.

       Jessica: Well..it's good to see you come through once in a while, Nash!

       Mia: That was quite impressive, Nash!

       Nash: Thank you, Mia...but it really was an easy question. At least for
             me, anyway...

       Kyle: You just got lucky, magic boy! And I guarantee it's gonna run out

       Nall: Don't be so grumpy, Kyle! He got us past the barrier, which is
             more than you can say!

      I have to go with Nash...
       Alex: I have to go with Nash...

       Nash: If one desires the right outcome, one must first make the right
             decision, as the proverb goes... And you, Alex, have made the
             right decision!

       Kyle: Quit babbling and just answer the stinkin' question!

       Nash: Calm down, barbarian. I can't answer a question if I don't take
             the time to think about it!

       Kyle: If you don't spit out the answer right this stinkin' second...

       Jessica: Get over yourself and answer the question, Nash!

       Nall: Come ON, Nash!! Hurry up!!

       Nash: Alright, alright...the answer, Damon, is skill! Skill controls

       Damon: You are correct. You may proceed.

       Jessica: Well...what do you know. He DOES know SOMETHING!

       Mia: Wow! I'm impressed, Nash!

       Nash: Thank you, Mia...but it really was an easy question. At least for
             me, anyway...

       Kyle: You just got lucky, magic boy! And I guarantee it's gonna run out

       Nall: Don't be so grumpy, Kyle! Let's go upstairs!

[They reach the third stairway.]

Mia: That man seems to be in a great deal of pain...

Nash: He's clutching his stomach... Perhaps it's food poisoning?

Kyle: I haven't had that since the last time Jess whipped up a batch of Ex-Lax

Jessica: Hey! I thought they were chocolate chunks, okay?!

Nash: The overpowering stench might have been your first clue...

Kyle: That came later...

Alex: ... ... ...

Nash: What's wrong, Alex?

Alex: Uh...nothing...

Jessica: Let's leave this sick little conversation behind and get on with
         things... We'd better find out what's really wrong with the guy on
         the floor...

Mia: Are you feeling ill, sir?

Man: It's nothing! I'm busy! Go away!

Jessica: Well, excuse US for caring! Don't worry about this guy, Alex. If he
         says he's okay, then he must be okay, right? Besides, there's already
         a staircase! So let's go!

Man: Wait just a minute! You're a...a...priestess...aren't you?

Jessica: Well, yes...only a priestess of the Goddess Althena is allowed to wear
         these robes.

Man: It's your job to help people in distress, isn't it?! So use one of those
     healing spells they teach you! Quick!

Jessica: What are you babbling about?! When Mia asked you a second ago, you
         said it was nothing!

Man: That was then and this is now! Let the healinig spell fly, sugar!

Jessica: Until I know the cause of your pain, I don't know what kind of magic
         to use... Please tell us what's wrong!

Man: My stomach just started hurting all of a sudden!

Jessica: Hmmm...probably something you ate... What should I do, Alex? Help this
         guy out or just get back to finding the next door?

         Let him learn his lesson.
          Alex: Let him learn his lesson...I mean, it's just a stomachache.

          Jessica: Yeah! For someone who needs our help, he's got a real
                   attitude! Tough luck, chump. Maybe you should be a little
                   nicer to your potential savior next time?

          Damon: You fool! What kind of attitude is that for a priest to have?!
                 The blessings of the Goddess Althena are meant for all living
                 things! How dare you deem yourself capable of choosing who is
                 and is not worthy of receiving your healing touch!

          Jessica: What?! That's the stupidest test I've ever taken, Damon! No
                   one's going to help someone who acts as rudely as that guy
                   did to us!

          Damon: But...

          Jessica: No "buts" about it! Now let us pass before I show you a REAL
                   demonstration of rudeness! Got a problem with that?!

          Damon: N-no...

          [Damon disappears.]

          Jessica: Why are you guys looking at me like that? C'mon, let's go!

          Kyle: That was a hard one...

          Mia: I feel guilty that we didn't help him...am I the only one?

          Nash: Not at all. I think Jessica needs to learn the value of

          Nall: Who cares how we passed the test, Nash? Let's keep going!

         His pain seems real. Help him...
          Alex: His pains seems genuine, Jessica. Please help him...

          Jessica: C'mon, Alex! This guy's a jerk! And I tend not to want to
                   help anyone who yells at me!

          Nall: Please, Jessica...Alex wouldn't have asked if he didn't think
                it was the right thing to do.

          Jessica: Okay...you're right. I should help him, regardless of his
                   lack of social skills...

          [She heals him and he disappears; Damon shows up.]

          Damon: Your actions were correct. You may proceed. Know that I am
                 impressed by your performance thus far...

          Jessica: I'm not impressed by your last test, Damon! That wasn't

          Damon: Young lady, you are hardly in a position to tell me what...

          Jessica: I don't wanna hear any excuses! I just wanna tell you not
                   to pull something like this again!

          [Damon disappears.]

          Jessica: Okay, let's go!

          Kyle: Jess, your mood swings are more violent than a hurricane...

          Jessica: What did you say?

          Kyle: N-nothing!

          Mia: Let's move along...

[They reach an empty room.]

Damon: If you wish to proceed further, you must make a decision... In making
       your way through the Spire, who was the least helpful? He or she must
       admit their weakness and leave, immediately.

Kyle: What the hell are you talking about? None of us are going anywhere,

Damon: Either you surrender your weakest member or you shall all perish.

Jessica: Did I mention how much I hate your guts, old man?!

Nash: This is a real problem, Alex... How are we going to decide which one of
      us leaves?

Mia: We can't decide, because none of us was the "least helpful"! We made it
     this far by working together, Alex!

Nall: That's true, but I don't think Damon cares...so what are we going to do,

      Kyle, I'm sorry...
       Alex: Kyle, I'm sorry...but I think you should be the one to leave.

       Kyle: Alex, you bastard! After all I've done, you're just throwing me
             away like an empty beer keg?!

      Kyle can't leave!
       Alex: Kyle can't leave!

       Nall: Then who?

        Jessica don't be angry...
         Alex: Jessica, don't be angry...but I think you should be the one to
               leave the Spire.

         Jessica: So the dozens of times I healed your wounds weren't helpful?!

        Jessica's not weak!
         Alex: Jessica's not weak!

         Nall: Well, then, who's it going to be?

          Mia, this isn't easy to say...
           Alex: Mia, this isn't easy to say...but I think you should be the
                 one to leave the Spire.

           Nash: Alex, have you gone insane?! We can't do that, and we won't!

           Nall: That's right, Alex! I'd never forgive you if you did that!

          It can't be Mia!
           Alex: It can't be Mia...

           Nall: Of course it can't! We'd never do anything like that to her!
                 But...who's left?

            Nash, you have to go...
             Alex: Nash, you have to go...

             Nash: Alex, you can't do this! If not for my answer, we never
                   would have made it past the second floor!

            I won't give up Nash!
             Alex: I won't give up Nash!

             Nall: Alex...the only one left is...

              I'll leave the Spire.
               Alex: I'll leave the Spire.

               Nall: Alex! You can't leave! None of us would be here without
                     you! Are you sure we can't make Nash leave?

               Nash: Still your tongue, cat! The only one who's helped more
                     than I is Mia!

              We won't make anyone leave!
               Alex: This is impossible! None of us were less important than
                     the other in getting this far!

               Nall: But if we don't pick someone, we can't go to the next

               Alex: I don't care. It's just as Mia said before...we all worked
                     as a team to get here. None of us is any less important
                     than the others!

               Nash: ...Well said, Alex.

               Damon: Well said, indeed. If you were not aware of your
                      importance as individuals AND as a group... It would be
                      impossible for you to overcome the many obstacles that
                      lie ahead. You may proceed.

               Jessica: Am I the only one who noticed how this old fart really
                        enjoys messing with our heads?

               Kyle: Yeah, and this old fart is really starting to tick me off!

[If anyone is picked to leave, after the person's protest:]

Damon: It will be impossible for you to overcome the obstacles if you do not
       work together...

       [He sics monsters on 'em.]

       Damon: You said it yourself. Without your combined efforts, you would
       never have advanced this far into the Spire. Now that you fully
       understand the importance of cooperation, you may proceed to the next

       Jessica: If this crusty old coot messes with out [sic] minds one more
                time, I'm gonna get REALLY angry...

       Kyle: You're not the only one, Jess! If I grind my teeth any harder,
             they're gonna crack!

[When the door finally opens:]

Mia: Please calm down, you two! All that matters now is that we can continue to
     the next floor!

[On the next-highest floor.]

Kyle: Is it just me, or is it unusually peaceful on this floor?

Nash: I don't feel any nearby magic, but I think Kyle is wise to be
      suspicious... Maybe the monsters ran away because they heard we were
      kickin' butt and takin' names!

Nall: Maybe Damon gave up the tests because he knows we'll just pass them all!

Mia: That would be nice, Nall, but I think we should stay alert until we reach
     the top...

Nash: Yeah! What Mia said, CAT!

Nall: Well, excuse ME for thinking positive, Nash!

[They reach the floor's final room.]

Kyle: What's this? A big lump of clay?

Jessica: And what are we supposed to do with this, exactly?

Damon: You will sculpt the clay into an image of what you consider to be a
       priceless treasure. However, if your creation fails to impress me, you
       shan't be allowed to enter my private chamber...

Jessica: This lump's too big for us to sculpt it alone...so the five of us have
         to work together!

Nall: Hey, what about me?!

Mia: Since we can't each make our own treasures, one of us will have to direct
     the others...

Kyle: I'm the resident brigand and treasure expert, so I think the choice is
      obvious! Unless someone has a problem with that...Jess?

Jessica: Yeah, I do! We all have to make this decision, Kyle! And you'd just
         have us make something worthless, anyway...

Nash: Indeed he would! Whereas I live in Vane, the most beautiful city in the
      world... I'm bursting with precious artistic sensibility!

Jessica: Back off, Egoangelo! The last thing I need is you and Kyle to have a
         narcissism duel. Mia, who do you think should decide what to make?

Mia: Well...since we have no idea what will impress Damon...I believe we should
     take turns guiding our sculpting efforts.

Nall: I knew Mia was the smartest of us all! Okay, Alex! Who's going to be the
      first leader?

      You go first, Kyle.
       Alex: You go first, Kyle.

       Kyle: Alex, as usual, you've made the right decision, and I promise to
             enjoy bossing you all around!

       Jessica: So what are you planning to create, "boss"? Don't keep us in

       Kyle: Heh, heh, heh! I won't spoil the surprise, but I can tell you
             it'll be a beautiful sight...

       Jessica: This from a guy who uses the word "beautiful" to describe a
                beer with a good head of foam.

       [They start sculpting.]

       Kyle: Alex, you have to make that part bigger and longer! Jess, what
             are you doing?! I knew you'd be bad at this... Nash, that's too
             twisted! A little to the left, Mia! C'mon, Nall! We're almost
             done! No time for a snack break!

       Jessica: Uh, Kyle...I think you're going to have to tell us what we
                just made. I'm too afraid to guess...

       Kyle: C'mon, Jess, get your mind out of the gutter! It's a crowbar, or
             what we in the trade commonly call a jimmy!

       Jessica: Kyle, I've seen you do a lot of stupid things in your life...
                and I've just seen one more.

       Kyle: Weren't you listening to me?! This baby can get you in and out of
             more places than any other single device.

       Jessica: Once a thief, always a thief, I suppose. I just thought you
                were different.

       Kyle: But Jess, this thing really IS a treasure. It can open even the
             most stubborn vaults!

       Jessica: You'll never learn, will you? Here we are, in the bosom of

       Kyle: ...bosoms are good...

       Jessica: Can you focus for JUST a moment? Here we are in the bosom of
                knowledge, and you're still advocating lawless ways. Don't you
                see a problem with that?

       Kyle: Weeelllll...I suppose you have a point...kind of.

       Damon: You have done well...but not well enough to impress me. Redouble
              your efforts and try again...

      Not Kyle...
       Alex: Not Kyle...

       Nall: Then who?

        How about Jessica?
         Alex: How about you, Jessica?

         Jessica: I won't disappoint you, Alex! My sculpture's going to leave
                  Damon's jaw on the floor!

         Mia: What are you going to make?

         Jessica: Something that's been important to me since I was a child,

         Kyle: Uh, Jess, I don't think Damon will be wowed by a sculpture of
               your binkee, do you?

         Jessica: Zip it, pig boy.

         [They start sculpting.]

         Jessica: That looks good, Alex! Kyle! You're sculpting clay, not
                  stone! Be a little more gentle! Come on, Nash! You need to
                  work well with others! Mia, can you help out Nall? Nall,
                  you're working a little too slow...

         [They finish.]

         Kyle: Hey Jess! It looks like you had us make some kind of giant IUD!

         Jessica: No, moron! It's a necklace that my mother bought for me when
                  I was a little girl!

         Kyle: But, ya gotta admit it DOES kinda look like an IUD...

         Jessica: Will you get your mind out of the gutter! Don't you remember
                  the time you told me how beautiful this necklace looked on
                  me, Kyle? I remember when you used to give me compliments
                  like that all the time...

         Kyle: Jess, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

         Jessica: Sometimes, I think you forget I even HAVE feelings, Kyle!

         Kyle: I said I was sorry! What else do you want?!

         Damon: You have done well...but not well enough to impress me.
                Redouble your efforts and try again...

        Not Jessica...
         Nall: Then who?

          How about Mia?
           Alex: Mia, I think you should lead us.

           Mia: Are you sure, Alex? I've never done anything like this

           Nall: You worry too much, Mia! You'll do just fine!

           Mia: Thank you, Nall...well, then, what should I make?

           Nash: Just make something that you really like, Mia! Something you
                 consider a treasure!

           Mia: Alright...alright, I know what I want to make!

           [They start craftin'.]

           Mia: Alex, make that prettier... Kyle, please try to be serious...
                Hold that part up, Jessica... Nall, I think you could be trying
                harder... Nall, if you're tired, you can take a rest...

           [They finish.]

           Nash: Mia...what's this?

           Mia: It's Gorgon Ghidra! Isn't he just the most adorable thing
                you've ever seen?! I LOVE little 'Gon!

           Nash: I had no idea you had such a fondness for monsters, Mia...

           Mia: You think I'm weird, don't you? But he's so CUTE! Look at his
                round body and his beady little eyes! He just makes me MELT!
                Don't you think he's cute, Jessica?

           Jessica: Uh...um...he's certainly unique! Don't you think so, Kyle?

           Kyle: You really want to know what I think? If this thing were any
                 uglier, it'd be my butt! What the he--mmmph!! The next time
                 you cover my mouth like that, Nash, I'm gonna gnaw your
                 fingers off!

           Nash: There's no need for you to be so rude to Mia, brigand! You're
                 only going to hurt her feelings!

           Mia: Stop it, you two! Don't fight in front of cute little 'Gon!

           Damon: You have done well...but not well enough to impress me.
                  Redouble your efforts and try again...

          Not Mia...
           Nall: We're running out choices, Alex...who are you gonna pick?

            What about Nash?
             Alex: What about you, Nash? You seem confident that Damon will be
                   impressed by your treasure...

             Nash: He won't be the only one, Alex. I expect that all of you
                   will be awe-struck by it!

             Mia: It sounds exciting, Nash, but what is it, exactly?

             Nash: Just watch it take shape, Mia! I think you'll be especially
                   surprised by my insight!

             [The crafting begins.]

             Nash: Alex, that section needs to be much more detailed! Kyle, are
                   you paying attention to anything I'm saying? You're doing it
                   all wrong! You need to use a lighter touch than that,
                   Jessica... That's perfect, Mia! Nall, perhaps you should let
                   Mia do your part...

             [They finish.]

             Mia: Nash, is this...?

             Nash: Yes...it's Vane. There's nothing more important to me...

             Damon: This sculpture is excellent...but if you wish to impress
                    me, you will show me your real treasure.

             Nash: Real treasure...?

             Kyle: You're kinda cute when you play dumb, Nash! Heh, heh, heh!
                   Your real treasure is right here!

             Nash: What are you talking about?!

             Kyle: C'mon, man! It's her! Mia Ausa! There's nothing more
                   important to you than she is!

             Jessica: I knew it! I KNEW Nash had a crush on Mia!

             Nash: You're wrong! Mia is my...my...

             Kyle: I don't think I've ever seen such a deep shade of red! Heh,

             Jessica: Come on, Nash, say it with me..."Mia is my treasure!"

             Nash: LA LA LA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU! "The youth of the Magic Guild,
                   bold and bright..."

             Mia: This sculpture must be making you nostalgic for home, Nash...
                  Why else would you be singing the Magic Guild school song?

             Kyle: I don't know which of these two is more clueless...

             Damon: The treasure you have made does not impress me. You must
                    try again...

            Definitely not Nash...
             Alex: Not Nash...definitely not Nash.

             Nall: Then who's it going to be?

              Well, perhaps I could try...
               Alex: Well, perhaps I could try...

               Nall: Great! So what are you going...

               Alex: ... ... ...

               Nall: Of course! Leave it to me, Alex!

               [They start sculpting.]

               Nall: Pay attention, Alex! I told you not to do it like that!
                     Kyle...you suck. You used too much clay there, Jessica...
                     they're not THAT big! Nash, are you sure you don't wanna
                     take a break? Way to go, Mia!

               [They finish.]

               Alex: ... ... ...

               Mia: It's just beautiful, Alex!

               Jessica: It really looks like the Goddess!

               Nash: Well, of course it does! You had me fix all of your

               Damon: That is indeed a beautiful treasure. You have passed the
                      final test...

               Nall: Alex, I was trying to make a statue of Luna...but everyone
                     else thinks it's the Goddess! Weird...

              I don't trust myself, either.
               Alex: I don't trust myself, either.

               Nall: Alex, you're gonna have to choose someone!

[They enter the final room.]

Damon: You needn't explain why you have come. Here is the book you seek...

System: Got Thieves' Guide

Nall: "The Way of Thieves"! Will you read us a few pages, Damon?

Damon: "Rule One: Always be careful. Rule Two: Don't get caught. Rule Three:
       See Rules One and Two."

Kyle: What?! How is reading THAT going to help anyone be a thief? Hmmm...maybe
      it's time for ME to write a book!

Damon: Alex, are you still pursuing the way of the Dragonmaster?

Alex: Yes, I am.

Damon: Yes, of course you are. You have the green eyes... I believe it will be
       in your best interests to read all the books in my Spire. You must work
       diligently to absorb all the generations of knowledge amassed within
       them. I shall remove the magic seals that prevent them from being read
       by those who have not impressed me...

Nash: It is an honor to be allwed into your library, Lord Damon!

Damon: Thank you, Nash, but you have earned your access to these tomes.
       Besides, knowledge is meaningless if it is not shared with others...even
       if that knowledge is difficult to accept. You will learn this to be
       true, Alex...and you must prepare yourself for it.

Alex: ... ... ...

Damon: You should return this book to the Thieves' Guild quickly, Alex. Your
       time is increasingly precious...

Nall: How does he KNOW all this stuff about us, Alex?

23) REZA [II]                                                            [GS23]
[They return to the bartender.]

System: Gave Thieves' Guide

Barkeep: Kyle! You passed! Congratulations, my friend. And, welcome to the
         Thieves' Guild! Here, take this...

System: Got Thieves' Crest

Barkeep: The door behind the counter is the entrance to the Thieves' Bazaar. I
         think that's a good place to start looking for your item... And when
         you do, show your crest to whoever's selling it.

[They enter the bazaar.]

Man: Well, howdy-do, savvy shoppers! Have I got a primo purchase for you, my
     friends! It's a thing with wings...I have no idea how to use 'em, but they
     have magic in 'em or something.

Kyle: Want us to teach you how to use them, pal?

Man: Uh...hey...you're the...

Kyle: See this crest? Recognize it? Yes, it's a Thieves' Guild crest. I KNOW
      you know what that means, kiddo.

Man: But...you weren't in the Guild when I stole this from you...

Kyle: You're gonna split hairs with Kyle of Nanza, huh? Not a healthy choice...

Man: You're THAT Kyle?! Well, spank my bottom and call me a pinky! I just
     ripped off the king of all ripper-offers!

System: Got Dragon Wings

Man: Here's your thing back...and here's a little something extra. No hard
     feelings, okay?

System: Got Soap

Kyle: Heh, heh, heh! My popularity precedes me, Jess!

Jessica: Popularity? I think the word you want is "notoriety"!

[On the way out, they find Royce talking with Lily.]

Royce: Lily, why don't you come with me? I'm going to take us to a cool place!

Lily: I don't know. My grandpa will be worried about me...

Royce: No, he won't! I shall tell him where we're going...now come on! Let's
       have some fun!

Lily: But another girl already asked me to play with her...

Nall: That voice...it's Royce!

Jessica: Wait, Lily! Don't go anywhere with her or you'll never get to play

Mia: Royce wants to take you to a scary place far away from here!

Royce: Well, well...I knew there was a pack of puling pubescents in my future!
       I just didn't know when you'd show up!

Nash: I can't believe you'd stoop so low as to kidnap a child, you sagging sack
      of dung!

Royce: Now, now...watch the language around the dear little girl, shall we?

Kyle: Hey, witch...care to explain why you're kidnapping singers before I lop
      your head off?

Royce: I'm afraid that's a secret, you musclebound twit! Unless, of course, you
       care to come along with Lily and me to the Frontier... Come now, little
       girl! We have so much to do...

Barkeep: Lily!! What's going on?!

Lily: Grandpa! Help me, Grandpa! This bad lady wants to take me aw...aahhhhhhh!

[They both vanish.]

Nall: No!! Alex...not again...

Royce: Please excuse me, Alex...how could I leave without peering into your
       future? "Your dreams of becoming the Dragonmaster are extinguished along
       with the crimson spirit." Oh, how I hate to be the bearer of bad news!
       Hee, hee, hee!

Nall: That fortune, Alex...was she talking about the Red Dragon? That's the
      only crimson-colored creature I can think of... If that's right...
      Ghaleon's going for the Red Dragon next! So we have to find him first!

Barkeep: None of you are going anywhere... Not until you tell me what the hell
         is happening around here!

Kyle: That's what we're trying to figure out ourselves! All we know for sure is
      that the Vile Tribe is kidnapping singers... And that we haven't been
      able to stop them from doing it.

Mia: That's why we need to find the Red Dragon before Ghaleon does... It might
     be able to help us!

Barkeep: The Red Dragon? Its cave is west of here, but you can't get there by
         land. However, I have a friend who knows how to get there another way.
         Follow me to the Thieves' Bazaar...

[They do.]

Thief: There's an impassable mountain pass between here and the Red Dragon
       Cave. Impassable by foot, anyway... But I...er, acquired the design
       blueprints for a giant airship that would let you fly OVER the
       mountains. I haven't been able to make a bit of sense out of them... But
       maybe they'll help you in your search for Lily.

System: Got Balloon Blueprint

Thief: Take these to Iluk and talk to an inventor there. I think he'll be able
       to help you...

Nall: Could you be any less specific? There has to be more than one...

24) ILUK                                                                 [GS24]

[The team goes to the inventors' town and finds someone to help.]

Man: What's this? My blueprints?! Wow! I was about to give up on ever seeing
     them again!

Nall: They were stolen from you by the Thieves' Guild of Reza, but we got them

Man: Thank you very much! But why would thieves be interested in blueprints
     for a balloon...? Oh, well. I'll never be able to understand the criminal

System: Gave Balloon Blueprint

Shira: My name is Shira. I'm an inventor! I recently moved here so I could
       focus on my work... I wish I had something to give you as thanks, but
       we inventors tend to live hand to mouth. I'm sorry.

Nall: Well, we need to get over the mountains so we can find the Red Dragon

Shira: I see! Well, now that I have my blueprints back, I can build you a
       balloon to fly to the cave! But to make it fly, I need a fluffy bug...
       and the one I had escaped into the field north of here!

Jessica: No problem! We'll catch the bug while you build the balloon!

Shira: Wonderful! I'll get started on it right away! Don't forget to ask the
       botanist for permission to enter the field.

[They find the botanist.]

Botanist: Oh, you want to catch fluffy bugs? It's fine with me, children! I
          like to encourage interest in horticulture! But you should be aware
          that we have puwa-puwa bugs out there, too, and even I can't tell
          them apart!

Nall: So how are WE going to tell them apart, Alex?

Jessica: Let's go into the field and explore first...we'll solve the identity
         crisis later!

Botanist: I'll open the entrance for you, and you can go into the field
          anytime. Just make sure to close the gate behind you! We don't want
          any bugs getting out of there!

[They find the right bug.]

Nall: Oh, no! It got away!

Kyle: Don't worry, Nall...I know how to handle feisty little things! C'mere,

Nall: We've got it cornered!

System: Got Fluffy Bug

Jessica: By the way, Kyle...what was that remark about knowing how to handle
         "feisty things"?

Kyle: Heh, heh, heh...Jess, I don't know what that word means!

Jessica: Uh-huh. Remind me to define it for you the next time you try to make
         the moves on me... Not that I'm admitting to being feisty or

[They return to the inventor's.]

Shira: You brought the fluffy bug! And just in time...the balloon is complete!
       If you would be so kind...

System: Gave Fluffy Bug

[He quickly leaves and returns.]

Shira: The fluffy bug has been installed! But according to my calculations,
       the balloon won't be completely inflated until tomorrow morning... Why
       don't you spend the night here? It's not exactly luxurious, but at least
       it's free...

Kyle: Don't worry, bud. Compared to some of the places I've slept, your house
      is a luxury suite!

Jessica: I think we could all use some rest...Shira, we'd be glad to stay here

[The next day...]

Shira: Good morning, everyone! The balloon should be just about inflated...
       And you'll be ready to travel to the volcano and the Frontier!

[They go out to the balloon.]

Shira: ... ... ... Wh...what happened? I double- and triple-checked my
       calculations! This balloon should be bursting at the seams by now! Er...
       let me rephrase that...

Nall: Alex...how are we ever going to reach the Red Dragon?

[The balloon suddenly goes upright.]

Nall: Ahhhh!!

Shira: Excellent! The inflation is complete! Are you all ready for take-off?

       We need more time...
        Shira: Oh, you have an errand to run? Please hurry! I don't know how
               much longer the balloon will stay inflated.

       We're ready!
        Shira: All aboard, everyone! Plenty of room for five people and one

[They all get in.]

Kyle: I hope the Red Dragon isn't too intimidated by my good looks...

Jessica: This doesn't look very different from steering a ship...so I'll take
         the controls!

Mia: It's such a strange feeling to fly without using magic... Isn't this great
     fun, Nash?

Nash: Sure...fun...whatever you say!

Nall: Okay! Here we go!

[It lifts off.]

Shira: I did it! I did it!

25) RED DRAGON CAVE                                                      [GS25]

[The balloon lands safely.]

Nall: It's not hot at all inside this volcano, Alex...what's going on?

Mia: Maybe the "volcanic activity" is an illusion of magic...but what a
     powerful illusion!

Nash: It's the power of the Red Dragon, of course... Althena's guardians are
      only slightly less powerful than the Goddess herself.

[They walk in a ways.]

Voice: You who seek to test your mettle in the Dragon Trial heed my words.

Nall: Are you the Red Dragon?

Voice: If you wish to claim my power, your bravery must be demonstrated for
       all to witness. Move forward without fear... And I shall embrace you
       within the warmth of my presence.

Alex: We're brave enough...

[Everyone's fully healed. Later, they walk through a pathway of fire.]

Nall: Ow, ow, ow!! Doesn't this ever end?! Wait...what's that?

[They see two dog statues.]

Kyle: Looks like it's time to teach some bitches to heel!

[Royce appears.]

Royce: Such impatience! Couldn't you at least have the courtesy to wait until
       I had a proper trap prepared?

Kyle: You're really wearing my nerves thin, honeycomb. I think it's time you

Royce: If only it were that easy for you, my cross-dressing foe. I'm not going

Jessica: Then perhaps we'll just have to help you to the door!

Royce: I'm afraid I don't have the time to enjoy your quasi-adorable antics...
       But if my little pets here do their job, that won't be a problem in the

Nall: Alex! What are those things?!

Mia: Be careful, everyone! These guardians are formed of pure magic!

[They destroy the Bronze Dogs.]

Royce: Just as I have foreseen, you have grown stronger, Alex...much stronger.

Jessica: You've only seen the raw edge of our power, Royce. Give up now!

Royce: Give up? Goodness, no...we have quite a future ahead, you and I! But
       I'm afraid to say the present finds us going our separate ways...

[She vanishes.]

Kyle: Wait!

Royce: I almost forgot to share your fortune with you... "The red light you
       pursue shall grow dim, and a great, great arm blackens all." Oh, how I
       love to be the bearer of bad news... Farewell, children!

Jessica: She's trying to be brave, Alex, but I can sense her fear...she's
         afraid of us!

Nash: "The red light shall grow dim..." You don't think she meant the Red
      Dragon, do you?

Mia: I guess we have to keep going to find out...

[They reach the dragon's lair.]

Jessica: It's so quiet and cold in here, Alex...no one's been here for a long

Nall: Red Dragon! Come out! Come out wherever you are! Um, Please...

Kyle: He's not here, Nall. I think we might be...

Mia: ...too late? Oh, don't even think such a horrible thing!

Alex: ... ... ...

[The Red Dragon appears.]

Nall: Whoa!

Red Dragon: You who seek to undergo the Dragon Trial...my body has been stolen
            by the Magic Emperor.

Nall: What? That old dragon! No, it's a lady dragon! That's why you look

Red Dragon: I have come to you in this ethereal form to impart knowledge to
            you... It shall not be long until my soul fades from this place
            for all eternity...

Nall: No...

Kyle: This is awful...

Red Dragon: 15 years ago, I began a long sleep... But was awakened a short
            time ago by a song with tremendous magical power.

Nash: A song with magical power?

Red Dragon: Alex, you have overcome my Dragon Trial. Your bravery was
            demonstrated when you crossed the wall of magic flame. Your power
            has been made evident, but it is not a singular power... You have
            the power to protect your loved ones...and to destroy the evil of
            this world. The future, as Althena and Dyne envisioned it, has
            been entrusted to you...

Alex: ... ... ...

Red Dragon: I...have...grown weary. The time has...come...for me to...rest...

Nall: Red Dragon!

Red Dragon: Don't...worry...Nall...

[The dragon fades away.]

Nall: My chest hurts, Alex...I can't stop crying...

Alex: Oh, Nall...

Jessica: Alex, it looks like the Red Dragon Shield is shimmering!

System: Got Dragon Shield

Kyle: You did it, Alex! You got the Red Dragon's Shield! You're halfway to
      becoming the Dragonmaster!

Alex: The Dragonmaster...

[They return to their vehicle.]

Jessica: We probably should return to Iluk...

[They take flight.]

Jessica: Hmmm...that's strange.

Kyle: I don't like the tone of your voice, Jess...

Nash: Um, why, pray tell, are we floating down rather than up?

Mia: Actually, it feels more like falling than floating!

Jessica: Don't panic! Everything is under control! Let me just press this
         button... Okay... NOW WE CAN PANIC!

Kyle: I knew this was a job for a man, not a woman!

Jessica: My life...it's flashing before my eyes!

Nash: Hold on, Alex...everybody! I'll see if I can soften...the...

[The balloon starts to plummet.]

Nash: This is messing up my hair!

Jessica: Kyle! Save me!

Nall: Mooommmyyy!

[They crash in Iluk.]

Thief: At last, I have a big target! We've been waiting! Ready...and...LIFT!

[The thieves steal the balloon before the party comes to.]

Kyle: Hrmph...that didn't hurt as much as I expected...

Jessica: Speak for yourself...I hurt plenty...

Nall: Is...everyone okay?

Nash: We're fine...fortunately I was able to soften the landing a little...
      Unfortunately, the balloon wasn't so lucky. It's trashed!

Mia: Wait...is this...Reza?

Laike: Hah, ho, ho, ho! You're alive! As soon as I heard the crash and looked
       outside, I knew it was you kids! I'm just glad none of you got hurt!
       Ho, ho, ho!

Nall: Actually, I think one of my wings is hyperextended...

Laike: Alex! You're back! Did you meet the Red Dragon? ...I see. Damn the Vile
       Tribe! So, what happened to the balloon? Ho, ho, ho!! I knew that crazy
       contraption was going to crash! Ho, ho...I'm not laughing at you, of
       course. I'm glad you weren't hurt! I just like a good pratfall as much
       as the next guy... Well, alex, while you were making an impact crater in
       the middle of Reza...I heard that the bridge you destroyed in Meryod was
       fixed. First a bridge, then a balloon...I'm sensing a trend! Ho, ho, ho!
       It's time for you to cross over into the Stadius Zone, Alex...and to
       seek the Blue Dragon.

26) LYTON                                                                [GS26]
[They reach the village, only to be assaulted by a cacophany.]

Mia: What is that awful noise...?

Jessica: It sounds kind of like a song...but whoever's playing it has a serious
         case of tone-deafness!

Nash: Do you think stuffing blades of grass into my ears would stop the

Kyle: What are you people talking about? This song is great! In fact, I'm gonna
      sing along... [Beeeeelch!]

Nall: Thanks, Kyle...now my ears AND nose hurt!

Jessica: That's quite enough of that, Kyle! Have you no shame?!

[They visit the elder.]

Elder: It's the green-eyed boy! I have waited many cycles of the Blue Star for
       your arrival in Lyton! But you have come here at the worst possible
       time. None of us can sing. None of us can express our joy.

Nall: He's talking to you like he knows you, Alex!

Elder: Alex! So that is your name! We never learned it in our dreams. Do you
       hear that awful music, Alex? Of course you do... It's coming from an
       ancient temple our ancestors built in the heart of a wind-swept valley
       near the village. Monsters have appeared in the temple and affected the
       music...and we don't have the resources to fight them. This village has
       lived in peace since it was build hundreds of years ago... We know
       nothing of combat.

Jessica: A cave filled with monsters... You've already cleaned out a few of
         those, haven't you, Alex?

Mia: Yes, he has. And I'm sure he could clean this one out, too.

Nash: But we don't have to waste time slaying mangy monsters for a hapless
      bunch of lounge singers! Not when we still don't know where to find the
      Blue Dragon!

Elder: Ah...just as in the dream! You seek to become the Dragonmaster! You
       don't need to go anywhere to find the Blue Dragon, Alex...we are its
       protectors! He can be summoned only during our festival...but without
       our song, we can't get festive about anything!

Kyle: Heh, heh, heh! That makes our choice a whole lot easier! So what do we
      do next, old man?

Elder: There's an entrance to the shrine on the east side of the village... Go
       inside and explore until you find the place where our song is created.
       Restore it and return here!

[They proceed deep into the shrine cave.]

Nash: It appears the wind is blowing through the holes and making musical

Nall: I think calling those notes musical might be stretching it a bit...

Nash: Well, it's up to us to fix that! I bet if we push these rocks in front
      of the holes, we'll change the tune!

Nall: But which holes do we cover and which do we leave open?

Jessica: Well, let's stop blabbing about what MIGHT work and TRY something! Why
         don't we just push some rocks and see what happens?

[They push a rock.]

Nall: Hey, Alex...is it me, or is the music a little better?

Jessica: Really? It still sounds awful to me!

Nall: No, it's different...I think we've almost got it right! Let's keep

[They push the other rock.]

Nall: Ah...what beautiful music! We fixed it, Alex!

Jessica: It sounds so lovely. When the music's this pretty I bet it makes Kyle
         want to get all prettied up for himself!

Kyle: You're never going to stop razzing me about that, are you? It was a RUSE.
      R...U...S...E! I was trying to trap Xenobia, not get my jollies!

Nall: Now, now, Kyle! You were kind of...exotic dressed as a woman.

Kyle: Let's just get out of here...

[They return to the chief's house.]

Chief: Alex! You've done it! You've returned the song of the valley of us! Now
       the festival can begin! We will sing songs of thanks to you for your
       great deed! Walk north to Lyton Lake, Alex. The Blue Dragon Shrine rests
       beneath its placid surface. But it won't rise up unless a song is sung
       by two people who are deeply in love with each other...

Mia: The song of two lovers is the key to the Blue Dragon shrine?

Jessica: How wonderful! How romantic!!

Nash: (How wildly impractical...) Well, then, let's go to the lake and sing!

Kyle: Why is Jess so excited all of a sudden? Hmmm...

[They reach the lakeside.]

Kyle: This looks like a fine place to croon...

Jessica: Remember that the two lovers have to think of each other as they're

[The team plops down. If Alex talks to Kyle first:]

Kyle: Well, Jess? Are we gonna sing together or what?

Jessica: What do you mean "we," Kyle? You really want to try this?

Kyle: Jess, are you stalling? Are you too embarrassed to sing in front of
      everyone? Heh, heh, heh!

[If Alex talks to Jess first:]

Jessica: C'mon, Kyle! Let's sing!

Kyle: I don't know if I'm up for this, Jess. My throat's feeling kinda raw from
      all my battle cries...

Jessica: Shut up and get over here!

[They go up to the dock and sing.]

Jessica: ... ... ... What was THAT, Kyle?! Did you suddenly forget you're
         supposed to be singing, not gargling?! That was not your best effort!

Kyle: Hey!! What do you mean?! You're the one who couldn't harmonized if your
      life depended on it!

Jessica: Harmony? You call your grunts and moans "harmony"?! More like
         excruciating pain!

Nall: I don't think this is working, Alex...not at all.

[Jess and Kyle sit back down.]

Nash: S...so, uh, Mia...why don't we, ah, try singing together?

Mia: Really, Nash? Well...all right. But my singing voice is really not very

[The duo la-la-las a bit.]

Nall: Nash, why are you so nervous? I thought your feelings for Mia were pretty

Nash: ... ... ...

Mia: I'm so sorry, Nash! I told you my voice was horrible...

Nash: Oh, no, Mia! It's all my fault! I'm just too nervous to sing...

[The duo takes a seat again.]

Nall: What do we do now, Alex? We're never going to see the Shrine with
      singing like this!

Mia: If Luna were here to sing with you, Alex, the Shrine would surely appear.

Alex: ... ... ...

Nall: Alex, I have an idea! Why don't you play your ocarina? I know Luna will
      hear it...and feel it!

      It's a waste of time...
       Nall: Don't say that, Alex! None of this is a waste of time! Not if we
             want to save Luna!

      I...I'll play our song.
       Alex: Luna...

[Alex whips out his instrument. Elsewhere, Luna sings with imprisoned girls.]

Girl: Luna... ...I know! Let's all sing with Luna! If we sing, we won't be
      afraid, and we won't cry!

Xenobia: Quiet, all of you! I demand it! Stop this insurrection at once!! You
         insolent little...

Royce: What a beautiful song...but such a pathetic attempt to control their
       fears. I almost pity them, sisters...

Phacia: Pity them, Royce? You should be in awe of them... Don't you feel the
        power of this song? Don't you feel it stirring your very soul? If this
        song doesn't warm your heart, Royce, it's because yours is already

Ghaleon: Yes, Luna. Yes... With each note you sing...and with every breath you
         take...your awakening grows closer. And on that glorious day, your
         voice will mark the beginning of my eternal dominion.

[Meanwhile, back at the lakeside...]

Nall: Please...Alex...don't play any more. It reminds me too much of Luna.
      ...Alex, look! Something's happening!

[A temple rises from the lakebed.]

Nall: You did it, Alex! Luna heard your song! I knew she would!

Alex: I heard her singing, Nall...and I felt her!

Jessica: It must be wonderful to be so deeply in love as Alex and Luna. I only
         wish a certain handsome barbarian would realize I feel the same way
         about him...

Kyle: Hey, Jess! Care to join the rest of us, or are you gonna stay here to
      work on your singing?

Jessica: Another word outta you and I'll be using your face to work on my left
         jab! Sigh...

27) BLUE DRAGON SHRINE                                                   [GS27]

[They enter the shrine.]

Mia: Has anyone seen a staircase? I'm afraid I haven't...

Nash: We also haven't found any doors, and I haven't sensed any magical

Nall: Alex, all that's left to check out is this pool... Do you think there's
      magic in the water?

Alex: There's only one way to know for certain, Nall...

[They reach the dragon's sanctum.]

Nall: It's so dark in here, I can barely see my pawns in front of my face...
      Hello?! Is anyone there?!

[The place lights up to reveal the dragon.]

Nall: Wow! I guess that's a yes! The Blue Dragon is really pretty, Alex...I'm

Blue Dragon: Yaaaaarrrr...

Nall: Uh...hello there!

Kyle: This is one laid-back Dragon...

Blue Dragon: Hello adventurers! Nice to meet you! Welcome to my lair... Hey,
             it's Lemia Ausa! Something must be up if you've come all this way
             to see me...

Mia: I...I don't mean to be rude, but I am Lemia's daughter, Mia.

Blue Dragon: Really? Thunderation! That was a longer nap than I thought! So,
             then, where is the Goddess? I thought it was her song that woke
             me up... But then I remembered she wouldn't be able to do that

Alex: What's that?

Blue Dragon: Guh...sorry! I'm just rambling about things you wouldn't care
             anything about. I've always talked way too much. Secrets were not
             my forte... Alicia and Laticia always joked that I should be
             called the Blabbing Blue Dragon...

Nall: Alex, those are the names of ancient Dragonmasters!

Jessica: He's a little goofy, but he seems like the real deal... 

Blue Dragon: Alas!! I just noticed that you have the Wings and the Shield! What
            did you think about my brothers? They are a little stodgy, if you
            ask me... And after telling you all this, I realize that I haven't
            yet heard your name...

Alex: My name is Alex. And the White Dragon has...

Blue Dragon: No sense of humor. I know. Don'tcha think it's ironic that the
             White Dragon doesn't know how to lighten up? Anyway...just being
             here means that you've already passed the Trial. If you weren't
             qualified to be the Dragonmaster, you couldn't even have entered
             the Shrine. so...you can't be a Dragonmaster without the Blue
             Dragon Helmet, right? Hold on a sec...

[The room shakes.]

Blue Dragon: Okay, I've made a path to the Helmet for you. Go on! Check it out,

Mia: But we have terrible news for you, Blue Dragon...

Blue Dragon: It's cold in here. I know. I never was able to convince the
             Goddess to pop for a couple hot springs... Anyway. Get outta here
             and grab your reward, Alex!

Kyle: I never thought I'd meet someone who talked as much as you, Nall...

Nall: Yeah, but at least I'm not that obnoxious!

[They enter an antechamber.]

Nall: Alex! That shining light...is it the Helmet?

System: Got Dragon Helmet

Jessica: You did it, Alex! Three Dragons down, one to go! I wonder what's
         going to happen when you get the last piece of equipment...

[A loud crash echoes out.]

Nall: Alex, that noise sounded like it came from the Blue Dragon's lair. Let's
      go back and see what's going on...

[The Blue Dragon vanished.]

Nash: What's going on?!

Nall: Where's the Blue Dragon?

Voice: You're too late. He's already under control...

[Phacia appears.]

Kyle: I should've expected to see you here, witch! After all, why should the
      Magic Emperor do his own dirty work...if you're ready and willing to
      wallow in the mud for him?

Jessica: Give up now, Phacia, and we won't have to hurt you!

Mia: I don't understand why you're doing such a terrible thing...

Phacia: No, you wouldn't understand. You have no idea what is has been like for
        us to survive in the Frontier... And you don't know what is will take
        to turn the dreams of my people into reality.

Nash: The Frontier? The place where the Vile Tribe was banished by Althena 500
      years ago?

Phacia: We have a right to the life that Althena has denied us!

Nall: What does kidnapping Luna have to do with any of this?! Why couldn't you
      just leave her alone...

Phacia: I...I'm sorry...but it was necessary for us to capture Luna and the
        other singers. I give you my word that she is unharmed...and will stay
        that way if you return home. Continue to interfere with the Emperor's
        plans, and you place her life in jeopardy...

[She disappears.]

Blue Dragon: I was careless... Ghaleon...swore allegiance to Althena...along
             with Dyne. But now...that allegiance has been...forsaken...and I
             think I understand...why. Ghaleon was...jealous of Dyne and
             Althena...all this time...how...pathetic. Alex...Alex, can you...
             hear me?

Alex: Yes!

Blue Dragon: Alex...I beg you to...become the Dragonmaster...and protect the
             Goddess...from Ghaleon... She...fifteen years ago...her power was

[The Blue Dragon's spectre disappears, too.]

Nall: NOOO!!! Nooo... Alex...we can never forgive Ghaleon for what he's done!

Alex: Nall...

Nash: If the Dragons can't fight the Magic Emperor and the Vile Tribe... How
      are we supposed to?

28) TAMUR                                                                [GS28]

[The team runs into Xenobia in Tamur Pass.]

Jessica: Xenobia!

Kyle: You filthy wench! Come here and let me wrap my hands around your scrawny

Xenobia: The only physical contact you'll have with me, little man...is when I
         stomp on the head of your cold, rotting corpse. Your search for the
         Black Dragon ends here, Alex...as does your pathetic little attempt
         at a life...ATTACK!!

[They defeat her summoned Carapace Knight/Dark Sorceror squad.]

Jessica: You could attack us with a thousand monsters and it wouldn't matter,
         Xenobia! I'll kill all of them, and then I'll kill you! And don't
         bother begging for mercy, because you'll get none!

Xenobia: You know, I was planning to turn you into a statue like your pathetic
         father... But now I'll allow the Vile Tribe to desecrate your tattered
         remains instead!

[They defeat more of her goons, but others take their place.]

Kyle: We can't keep this up much longer, Jess!

Xenobia: One more round and that little worry will not be a relevant concern
         any longer. Ha, ha, ha, HA, HA, HA!

[Arrows fly from the clifftops, decimating the enemies.]

Xenobia: NO!!! Enjoy what little remains of your life, Alex...for it won't be
         spared next time!

Mia: Who in Althena's name is that?

[Two archers, a man and woman, ride away.]

Kyle: They hit the Vile Tribe with their arrows from that great a distance? Do
      any of you realize how incredible that is?!

Jessica: But who are they...and why'd they leave without saying a word to us?

Alex: ... ... ...

[They finally reach the town past the canyon.]

Laike: Well met, children! Long time, no see!

Nall: Laike! What are you doing all the way out here?

Laike: Ho, ho, ho! Why the look of surprise, my faux-feline friend? You should
       know by now that I'm a lone wolf, Nall. I follow only the scent of
       adventure...and that takes me many places. As long as the destination's
       stocked with a leggy crew and honey-sweet brew, I'm game. But, Ho HO ho!
       Enough about me. How have you fared in your adventure, my friends?

Nall: Check it out, Laike! Alex got the Blue Dragon Helmet!

Laike: Ah, you met the Blue Dragon! Impressive, Alex! I expected no less of
       you. All that remains for you now is to meet the Black Dragon and gain
       its prize. Once you have accomplished that, you shall achieve what you
       most desire...you shall become a full fledged Dragonmaster...the stuff
       of legends, m'boy!

Jessica: The only fly in the ointment is that none of us has a clue about where
         to look.

Mia: My mother once said that the lair of the Black Dragon was located on the
     Frontier...and that it was guarded jealously by the Vile Tribe. She also
     said that the only way to get there was by flying...

Laike: I don't know anything about finding the Black Dragon, but I can help
       you get airborne. There's an old inventor named Myght who lives in this
       neck of the woods. He's a bit strange... But if you asked him, I know he
       could easily build a flying machine for you. The only problem is that
       Myght isn't really a people person...so you can't all go to see him. One
       of you will be more than sufficient for this job. So, what do you say,
       Alex? Are you up for a trip to Myght's Tower?

Nall: It sounds exciting, Alex! Are you going with him?

      I'd love to go.
       Alex: I'd love to go, Laike...uh, sir...

       Laike: Ho, ho, ho! Laike is fine, Alex! There's no need to be formal!
              When you address me like that, I feel like you're about to
              salute! I just want you to relax and have fun on our journey,

      I'll stay here for now.
       Laike: Hmmm. Well, I can't say your lack of enthusiasm doesn't
              disappoint me, Alex... But if you have a change of heart, you can
              find me around here for a while longer.

       Nall: Laike shows up just about everywhere we go, Alex. How does that
             old man manage to get around so fast?

Jessica: We'll stay here and wait for you two to come back...with great news,
         I hope!

Mia: See you soon, Alex! Please watch over him, Laike!

[The party disbands for awhile.]

Nall: Hey, Laike! Is it okay if I go with you, too?

Laike: I don't think Myght is allergic to cats, so I don't see why not... If
       you can stand him, he should be able to stand you. Myght's Tower isn't
       too far north of this little hovel. It's just the kind of walk to
       challenge these adventuring bones of mine! Ho, ho, ho...

29) MYGHT'S TOWER                                                        [GS29]

[They enter the tower and find a sentry.]

Laike: Tell me, is old Myght still alive and well? Or is he giving off a scent
       of a different kind?

Guard: Is that you, Laike?! Please come in! Myght will be very pleased to see

[They navigate the labyrinth to find Myght's workshop.]

Myght: Is there something wrong with your eyes? Didn't you see the signs
       warning about the cranky, stinky, rude genius? That's me, Myght! I hate
       noise, interruptions and people! You're trespassing! Go away!

Laike: Ho, ho, ho! It's good to see you haven't changed, Myght! At least it
       smells like you're eating better these days.

Myght: Bah! What do you care?! You only come here when you want something. So
       out with it... Who's the little brat?

Laike: This is my friend, Alex. He's looking for the Black Dragon... And when
       he finds him, he'll become the next Dragonmaster. But his real quest is
       to travel to the Frontier and rescue a girl from the Magic Emperor...

Myght: The Frontier? Bah! Now I get it...you want me to build this kid an
       airship, right?

Laike: Right. You know Alex can't get to the Frontier without it. Alex needs
       your help, Myght...and so do I. You know I'll beg if I have to...

Myght: Bah! Preserve what little dignity ya have! I'll build your damned

Laike: Ho, ho, ho! You haven't changed a bit, my friend! Thank you, Myght! Now
       you have a way to reach the Frontier, Alex. Which brings you back to the
       Black Dragon... I've heard rumors that it can be found in the Prairie to
       the south of Tamur. So let's go back there and see if anyone can give
       you some facts!

Nall: How do you always know so much about everything?

Laike: Ho, ho, ho! You're quite the inquisitive little one, aren't you!

[Alex goes back to Tamur's pub to find his teammates.]

Mia: Welcome back, Alex! We're all ready to leave, but there's a problem...we
     can't find Nash. I wonder where he went?

Jessica: Hey, Alleeexxx!! Any good news? Huh? Huh? Heh, heh, heh!!

Nall: Wow...Jessica's blammed off her feet! How'd Kyle manage that?

Kyle: Hey, Alex! I thought I told ya to take your time! Heh, heh, heh...just
      kiddin', buddy! Let's go!

Nall: Whoa...I can smell Kyle's beer breath from the other side of the bar!

Kyle: Didya meet ol' man Myght!

Nall: Yep. He didn't exactly have the freshest of personal scents... But he
      promised to make an airship for us! Right, Alex?

Jessica: If it's anything like the one Shira built, we might not want him to
         keep that promise!

Nall: He seemed pretty confident that it would work, Jessica...

[Nash runs in.]

Nash: I apologize, Alex...I returned here as fast as I could. So how did it go
      with Myght?

Kyle: What the hell?! When you left here, you were sulkier than a three-year-
      -old! [Hic!]

Jessica: But now you're smiling so wide, the top of your head is about to fall
         off! You're a weirdo...

Nash: Uh...well...anyway...soemthing's going on in the town square. A man and a
      woman seem to be having an extreme disagreement with another man...

Kyle: Alex, I don't know if we should get involved in something kinky like

[They go to the stables to find the duo's tied up a man.]

Man: Can't...breathe...aacckkkkk!! Please...unghh...help...me...

Man: No. Your crime deserves only a painful death. It is the law of the

Man: Unghh...I'm sorr...unng...plea...se...

Nall: Alex, they're hanging that poor guy!

      We have to help him!
       Alex: Stop this!

      He probably deserved it.
       Nall: But--but--he's dying, Alex!

[Alex intervenes.]

Man: Aiiiieeeee!! HELP!!!

Woman: Come back here!

Alex: Stop! It's...it's you...

[The man and woman are the archers from before.]

Man: We are of the Plains Tribe. I am Tempest and this is Fresca. That man was
     trying to sell fake medicine to the desperate people here. He knowingly
     lied for profit. It is the rule of the Prairie to execute liars. Why do
     you dare to interfere in our tribal affairs? Are you a thief as well?

Alex: This isn't the Prairie! The laws of Tamur are different... And they don't
      allow you to hang a man until he's been proven guilty of a crime!

Fresca: You fought the Vile Tribe at Tamur Pass...you know our cause is just. I
        must know why you took it upon yourself to interfere... Are you not a

Tempest: I have never met a warrior who permits a liar to go unpunished...
         There can only be one explanation. You must be a coward.

Nall: Alex is no coward!

Tempest: Well then, this is the time to prove he is of the warrior class. A
         true warrior would never declien a challenge from another warrior...
         So I challenge you now!

Alex: What?

Tempest: We shall quickly learn if you are what you purport to be. If you
         defeat me, I shall pledge my allegiance to your cause. But, if you
         fall before me, your public humiliation will be known to all.

Fresca: We'll make certain of that.

Nall: I don't think we can talk our way out of this, Alex...

Alex: I wouldn't want to, anyway!

Tempest: I must know your name before we begin.

Alex: I'm Alex.

Tempest: Well then, Alex, the time is at hand to prove the worth of your way. I
         expect a hard fight, no less. To arms, then!!

[Alex defeats him in a one-on-one fight.]

Tempest: Your skill is impressive, Alex. It appears you do know the way of the
         warrior. I apologize for doubting you. Whenever I can be of
         assistance, I shall gladly lend a hand to your cause.

Fresca: I still can't believe you bested Tempest.

Tempest: It's alright, Fresca. The fight was fair, and the victory was Alex's.

Fresca: Hardly. Tempest, you're exhausted! We've been riding for 3 days...

Nall: Holy chaps! He's THIS strong after 3 days and nights of travel? That's

Tempest: Alex...we have come here in search of the singer from our tribe. She
         was kidnapped by the Vile Tribe 5 moons past.

Fresca: We have been traveling without rest in hopes of finding her kidnappers.

Nall: We're looking for our friend Luna...they kidnapped her, too!

Tempest: Hmmm. I see. It appears our purpose is the same, then. Here...Alex...
         take this with you!

System: Got Dragon Necklace

Fresca: Tempest, are you...

Tempest: I have already decided, Fresca.

Fresca: ...I understand.

Tempest: This amulet was bestowed upon me by the elders of our tribe. It is a
         symbol of bravery beyond what is normal. I pray that it brings you
         luck in your search as well.

Alex: Tempest, I can't accept such an important--

Tempest: Farewell, Alex. We can discuss it when next our paths cross!

Fresca: Farewell, Warrior Alex!

[They leave.]

Nall: That was intense, Alex! I was a little...uh...anxious...during the
      battle. What did he give you...huh?

Mia: What is it, Nall?

Nall: This necklace...it kinda looks like a dragon, doesn't it...?

Kyle: Let me take a look...

Jessica: Don't touch that, Kyle! Your hands are filthy... Nall's right! It's
         some kind of relief carving of a dragon!

Nash: Perhaps that barbarian...I mean, warrior...of the Prairie...can help us
      find the lair of the Black Dragon!

Nall: Let's catch up with them, Alex! Tempest said he'd help us...

30) LOST WOODS                                                           [GS30]

Nall: Alex, this must be the Forest of Illusion.

Jessica: Did anyone else get goosebumps the moment we entered...?

Mia: Yes! And I felt something else. I want to say it's magical, but I believe
     it's something else...

Kyle: You got all bumpy because you're traveling with a legend, sweetcheeks!
      The creepy trees and wacko background only enhances my natural good
      looks! Let's keep moving, kiddies.

[They reach a clearing.]

Nall: Look, Alex...it's a clearing in the middle of the forest!

Kyle: I bet the people of Pao cleaned up this area so travelers could camp

Nall: C'mon Kyle! Why would they do that?

Jessica: If anyone knows about sleeping outdoors, it's Kyle...so let's take a

[South of there...]

Kyle: Hmmm...I can feel it in my gut. The exit is close, but there's nothing
      here... Then again, maybe it's just gas from last night's fiberito

Jessica: If we couldn't find the exit in the daytime... There's no way we can
         find it in the dark!

Nash: Could ya yell a little louder? Perhaps the monsters didn't hear you?!!
      Alex, let's go back to the campsite! Please!

Nall: Nash...

[They return to the clearing.]

Jessica: What do you say, Alex? Are you ready to rest?

         Yes, I'm ready.
          [They make camp.]

         Let's keep looking for the exit.
          Jessica: Okay...I guess I still have enough energy to plod a little

[After awhile of sitting...]

Nash: I've been thinking...I'm convinced that magic is being used to conceal
      the exit. Between Alex and Kyle, we should have been able to find our
      way through...

Mia: I agree. There's magic in this forest...the air seems to be thick with

Kyle: And on that pleasant note, let's get some sleep and start again

[Everyone goes to sleep.]

Jessica: Kyle...the Blue Star looks beautiful tonight, doesn't it? I've been
         thinking, Kyle. About you...and about us. And what I think is that we
         should give it ano...

Kyle: ... ... ...

Jessica: Kyle?

Kyle: Zzzzz... Zzzzz... Guuuhhhbbbrrahhhrrzzzzz...

Jessica: ... ... ... Just my luck you'd drop off to sleep before I get the
         words right in my head... Ah well, rest well...my ignorant knight!

[Alex has a dream of Luna bathed in fire.]

Luna: Alex! Alllexxx!

Alex: Luna!

[He wakes up.]

Nall: Zzzzz... Oh, no, you can never have enough fish...

Alex: ...A dream...

[He hears a noise.]

Alex: Who...WHO'S THERE?!

Nash: What's wrong, Alex?

Mia: Alex! What's the matter?

Jessica: Zzzzz... Okay, okay, I'm up...where's breakfast?

[Two people approach.]

Man: Why have you trespassed within the sacred forest of the Prairie Tribe?
     Identify yourself at once!

Alex: ...My name is Alex. My friends and I are looking for a man by the name
      of Tempest...

Man: Tempest?! How dare you use the name of our chief to aid your deception...
     Wait...what's that...! The necklace you possess is the Black Dragon
     Pendant. And if our leader entrusted you with it... Then he obviously
     considers you his friends. Which makes you friends of the entire Prairie
     Tribe! Please...allow us to escort you to our village.

Kyle: Geez...and just when I was looking forward to a good fight!

Jessica: Kyle! Weren't you sleeping?!

Kyle: Heh, heh! Not at all! Just trying to surprise them... I'm really not as
      ignorant as you think I am, Jess.

Jessica: ... ... ... !!!

Nall: No...wait...just one more fish...

Mia: Get up, furball!

Man: Please follow us, everyone. The exit is quite near...

[They go south again.]

Man: Hear our words, spirits of the forest! Hear the words of the Prairie
     Tribe! Remove from us that which shields the true path from our sight...

Nash: So that incantation is the key to unlocking the exit...

Man: You shall not need to call out the spirits a second time... Once you see
     the way, you cannot lose it.

[They leave.]

Kyle: Uh, let's follow them just in case they were wrong...

31) PAO                                                                  [GS31]

[They reach the Prairie Tribe's village.]

Alex: Tempest!

Tempest: Alex. Welcome to Pao, the home of the Prairie Tribe...

Jessica: You're the first person to make us feel welcome... We noticed that the
         necklace you gave Alex was a carving of the Black Dragon. We're
         looking for the Dragon, and we're wondering if you know where it is...

Tempest: Indeed. The Black Dragon Fortress is our sacred ground...and
         protecting it is the sworn duty of our people.

Alex: I can't keep something this important to you, Tempest...

System: Gave Dragon Necklace

Tempest: Alex, I gave you this necklace out of respect and gratitude...why
         won't you accept it?

Nall: We don't mean any disrespect! We just think that you're going to need it
      more than we do!

Tempest: I will not take back your gift...but I will hold onto it for you. Is
         that a fair compromise? I'm glad you came here, Alex. I enjoy your
         company...and that of your friends as well. But you should go, for Pao
         is in the grip of a great evil...

[They hear a woman's mystical singing.]

Tempest: This is the voice of the Dark Songstress. The woman whose voice has
         unleashed a plague...

Nall: Alex...this voice...

Alex: It can't be...

[The singing ends.]

Jessica: Kyle...I...don't feel so good...

Kyle: Very funny, Jess! You'd better get up before I tickle you to death!

Mia: ... ... ...

Nash: Mia!

[She collapses, too.]

Tempest: I'm sorry, Alex...this is just as I feared. Now your friends are
         afflicted as well. Fresca has been searching for the source of the
         songs... Once we find it, we'll silence the Songstress forever.

[Fresca runs in.]

Fresca: I found her, Tempest. The songs are coming from inside the Black Dragon

Tempest: I knew you'd find her...Fresca...are you...? Fresca! No!

Fresca: ... ... ...

[She falls over.]

Tempest: Be strong, Fresca...I shall find the Dark Songstress and snap her
         accursed neck!

[He runs out.]

Nall: Tempest! Wait up!

Fresca: Tempest is very strong...but not strong enough to defeat the monsters
        inside the Fortress... Please tell the Elder what has happened...and
        help Tempest...help my dear...

[The men go visit the elder.]

Elder: Tempest went to the Black Dragon Fortress by himself? I can't believe he
       would forsake his duty as chief! I sense an enormous magical force
       within the Fortress...there's no way he can survive.

Nall: We're Tempest's friends, and we'll help him if you let us into the

Elder: ...Fine. Permission to enter the fortress is granted to you. We cannot
       afford to lose Tempest in advance of the battle with the Vile Tribe that
       is sure to come. He may be reckless, but he is also our finest warrior.
       The shrine is on the east side of the village. Take care, travelers...

[They enter the Shrine. A ways in...]

Nall: Who's that, Alex? Is it...

Kyle: Hail, Tempest!

Tempest: You made it! And your timing is perfect. I've never seen monsters like
         these within the walls of the Black Dragon Fortress. This holy sanctum
         has been desecrated by the Black Songstress!

Kyle: And by Ghaleon...that evil slug's slime-trail is all over the place.

Nash: You're right. Now all we have to do is find him...

Tempest: Indeed. Let's hurry!

[A ways further...]

Kyle: Hey, Nall, you look like you've seen a ghost!

Nall: Uh, no, Kyle. I thought I heard someone speaking with a deep voice...

Alex: ... ... ...

Voice: You have come!

[The final dragon appears.]

Black Dragon: I have heard of your quest to become the Dragonmaster, young
              Alex. I am the Dragon you seek...

Nall: What? But you're...

Black Dragon: My physical form has been stolen by the magic of the Black
              Songstress. Now, I exist only as a spirit. Though I am fighting
              her power...the songstress will soon be able to control the body
              she stole from me. And, she intends to use it to spread her black
              power to every corner of the world. Alex, you must destroy my
              flesh before that happens. It is the only sure way to prevent
              this plague from unfolding...

Nall: But if your body dies, Alex can't become the Dragonmaster!

Black Dragon: Don't worry, little one. The power of my soul will always exist
              within my armor...

System: Got Dragon Armor

Kyle: Alex, buddy, you're looking good! How does it feel to be the new

Black Dragon: Until you undergo my Trial, Alex, you cannot become the

Alex: But how can I take the Trial when you're not here to give it?

Black Dragon: My Trial is simple. You must only find the purity within your
              own heart, Alex. When that purity is revealed, your armor will
              shine bright, and the Trial will be complete. You will at last
              become the Dragonmaster our world so desperately needs...

[The spirit vanishes.]

Nall: Purity, Alex...purity...

[They reach the tower's summit, where the songstress and Black Dragon lie.]

Tempest: The Black Songstress...!

Alex: Luna?

Luna: ... ... ...

Alex: Luna!! RUN!!

Luna: ... ... ...

Nall: Alex! What's wrong with her?!

Luna: ... ... ...

Tempest: Come on, Alex! We have to slay this...thing...before it harms anyone

Alex: No, Tempest! We can't!

Tempest: We can, and we will! You saw what her song did to your friends in the
         village, and to Fresca! To spare the Black Songstress is to throw
         away their lives! What man who desires to be a hero would let that

Nall: Alex has been adventuring all this time to save Luna! She's not evil!
      Her songs are bright and beautiful! And I know Alex can break the spell
      Ghaleon's placed on her!

Tempest: ...Alright, Alex. I owe you this chance...and I understand your
         feelings. But one chance is all I will allow you. And if you are
         unable to break the spell, she must be slain. She MUST, Alex...

Alex: Luna... Luna...it's me! Alex!

Luna: ...Get away! Stand back! Magic Emperor GHALEON!!

Nall: No, wai--

Voice: I'm thrilled you made it, boy.

[The Emperor appears.]

Ghaleon: Luna's voice has improved tremendously since you last heard her. In
         fact, my dear, why don't you let your acquaintances hear a tune for
         auld lang syne? I'm sure they're breathless in anticipation, and we
         wouldn't want to disappoint them...

Luna: Yes...Master Ghaleon.

[She sings an evil song.]

Tempest: Aaarghh...AAAHHHHH!! It...burns...!!

Nash: My head...it's in my head! Get it OUT!!!

Kyle: Shut her up, Alex! NOW! Or we're all dead!

Nall: Luna! Please stop! Look at what you're doing to us...

Alex: ...Luna...

Ghaleon: Yes, my sweet fountain of despair. Let the WORLD hear your mournful
         call... A great power is yet locked deep within your soul, deer Luna.
         Stretch out your alabaster skin and unleash the song that will
         unfetter it! And, if the humans before us must perish as a
         consequence, so be it.

Tempest: I can't control my body...!

Kyle: Try to close your ears...to...fight it...!

Alex: Lu...Luna...

[The Black Dragon attacks them while they're paralyzed.]

Kyle: We can't do anything, Alex! We're powerless against her...you know what
      to do!

Tempest: Luna is lost to you, Alex! Now finish her, before our world pays the
         price for your indecision!

Nash: What are we going to do?!

Nall: I don't believe you've forgotten about us, Luna! I don't believe you're
      evil, no matter how hard Ghaleon tries to change you!

Alex: ...Luna...

[Luna stops singing when she hears the ocarina play.]

Alex: LUNA!!

Luna: ... ... ... A......le......x...... It's you, Alex...

Alex: Luna...

Luna: Alex...I...I...

Ghaleon: Oh, if only it were that easy! Wouldn't that be the happy ending
         everyone paid to see?

Luna: No! Get away from me! Aaahh! Alex! Help me!!

Ghaleon: I will say that you have impressed me with your resolve, dragonboy. I
         designed my magic to destroy every fragment of Luna's memory... Yet
         you have revived it with nothing more than a pathetic little ditty.

Alex: Luna!

Luna: Alex! Oh, Alex...

Ghaleon: Of course, all your efforts are meaningless. Events far beyond your
         understanding have been set into motion... And all the poewr of this
         world will soon be mine to control!

Alex: Let her go, Ghaleon! Let her go NOW!!

Ghaleon: If you think I can be intimidated by your little yell, dragonboy...
         You're even more of a simpleton than I first believed... Heed my
         command, Black Dragon! Devour these pathetic children!

Luna: Stop! Alex!

Alex: Luna!!!!

Nall: The Black Dragon Armor...it's glowing!

Ghaleon: And now, back to the task at hand...

Luna: AAAAHHHH!!!!

[He knocks Luna out with some magic.]

Alex: Luna!! NOOOOO!!!!

[Alex glows and officially becomes the Dragonmaster!]

Nall: Alex...look at you!

Alex: Get away from her, Ghaleon! Get away from her or DIE!!

[They defeat the Black Dragon.]

Ghaleon: You continue to amaze...well, perhaps that's too strong a word... You
         continue to amuse me, young dragonboy. Here you are, a supposed hero
         like Dyne, and yet the most basic truths still elude you. You can't
         destroy me. That power has been and shall remain out of your reach.
         What's better, you can't even help your beloved Luna. You finally
         achieved your lifelong dream. For what? For nothing more than the
         idle amusement of one you have grown to detest. ... ... ... ...that
         would be ME, in case you weren't keeping notes, dragonboy. But enough
         of that. LUNA!

Luna: Yes...yes, Magic Emperor.

Alex: Luna!

Luna: ... ... ...

Ghaleon: The time has come for us to depart this little soiree. Be a dear and
         summon the coach.

Luna: Yes... Awaken, Black Dragon!

[The Black Dragon's body appears.]

Ghaleon: Isn't this amusing? You're the Dragonmaster...and yet, I seem to
         control the dragons! Ahhhhh! HA, HA, HA!!

Alex: Stop!!

[They escape on the dragon.]

Ghaleon: If you still want Luna back, dragonboy, I have arranged a meeting at
         the Grindery. I'm confident we can work out some kind of final...
         arrangement there.

Alex: Come back!!

Ghaleon: Though I find your demeanor quite endearing...I'm afraid you aren't
         really in a position to be commanding ANYONE at this juncture. I'm
         afraid you'll just have to come to see us, dragonboy. See you at the
         Frontier... Ha, ha, ha, HA, HA, HA!!!

Alex: Luna...no...

Tempest: Back to my tent, Alex! We have to see if Fresca and your friends are
         all right!

[They return to Pao.]

Fresca: Are we ready to go?

Jessica: Anytime you are, Fresca!

Mia: I hope we find them soon...

Tempest: Fresca!

Fresca: Tempest! I'm so happy you're all right!

Tempest: I have never been so worried...

Nash: Mia!

Kyle: Jess!

Jessica: You took so long, we thought you guys might be lost in the Fortress...
         so we were headed there to look for you!

Mia: You had us so worried, Nash...

Nash: The same goes for us, Mia! When I saw you collapse, I feared the worst...

Jessica: So what did you find in the Fortress?

Kyle: We found Alex's girlfriend...and we found out that she was the Dark

Jessica: NO!

Mia: No!

Nall: Yes...it was definitely Luna. But not the Luna I know...

Nash: Ghaleon is manipulating her. I'm sure of it, Mia. I've seen Ghaleon
      control the minds of others during his experiments for the Guild...
      Forcing Luna to obey him would be all too easy.

Mia: Where is Luna now?

Kyle: She left with Ghaleon and the Black Dragon to a place called the

Jessica: In the Frontier...

[Laike enters.]

Laike: What's this about the Frontier?

Tempest: Laike!

Laike: How have you been, Tempest? Are you keeping up with your archery

Tempest: Of course! Thanks to your instruction, I've become the best in the

Laike: Ho, ho, ho...and to think you were just a little brat when I first came
       to this village! But I'm not here to catch up on old times, Tempest...
       I'm here to speak with Alex. Congratulations, Alex! You gained the Black
       Dragon armor! Feels good, eh?

Nall: Laike, have you talked to Myght? Do you know if he's done with the
      airship yet?

Laike: Not yet, Nall...but I think he's on the verge of completion. Why don't
       you return to the Tower and ask him yourself?

Jessica: I can't believe it...we're gonna be flying to the Frontier!

Nall: We're gonna be flying to Luna!

Alex: I can't wait!

Nash: ... ... ...

Tempest: You are a true warrior, Alex. The Magic Emperor will be no match for
         your strength.

Alex: Thank you...

32) MYGHT'S TOWER [II]                                                   [GS32]

[They seek out the inventor again.]

Myght: You've returned...and you've brought more people with you?! Bah!...just
       tell them to stay out of my way! The damned airship isn't done yet...
       hmmph...but it'll be finished by the morning! I'll be upstairs, making
       final adjustments...so stay here and don't touch anything! And that goes
       for your pack of sweet-smelling friends, as well! Nyaah!

[Myght leaves.]

Nash: He's even more charming than you made him out to be, Alex... By the way,
      did he happen to mention where we're supposed to sleep in here?

Mia: It's alright, Nash...I'm sure he'll warm up to us in time. Let's find a
     place to rest...

[Later that evening...]

Kyle: Tomorrow's the day, Jess... Tomorrow's the day we take on the baddest
      guy in the history of the world! So...you think we're just going to
      scrape out a victory, or will we completely embarrass him?

Jessica: I think you're as overconfident as always, you big fool!

Kyle: Heh, heh, heh! Stop it, you're getting me all excited! ... ... ...

Jessica: Kyle? What's wrong?

Kyle: Before we go, Jess, I have to tell you something. I have to tell you that
      I...that I...

Jessica: I can't hear you, Kyle! Your voice is trailing off!

Kyle: ...It's nothing.

Jessica: What?! C'mon, Kyle, you can't tease me like that! Tell me!

Kyle: I said it's nothing, Jess! Now be quiet and leave me alone!

Jessica: Be quiet?! Is that how you treat the woman to whom you were about to
         confess your love?!

Kyle: Love you? How could anyone love your squeaky voice and your bad

Jessica: My attitude is just fine until you open your big mouth, Kyle!

Nall: I bet those two have been fighting with each other since the first time
      they met...

[Across the room...]

Mia: Tomorrow, we see the Frontier...

Nash: ...Aren't you scared, Mia? I know things you don't, Mia. I know for a
      fact that Ghaleon is immensely strong... Much stronger than you, Alex, or
      anyone else believes.

Mia: Oh, Nash...

Nash: If we choose to fight him, Mia...we're all going to die.

Mia: ... ... ... You're probably right, Nash. And I am scared...

Nash: So why are you fighting?

Mia: ...Because it's my duty, Nash! It's my duty as the next leader of the
     Magic Guild to protect the Goddess from harm!

Nash: That's right, Mia! You're the next leader of the Guild! That's why you
      can't just throw your life away like Alex and the others! Why don't you
      stay here, Mia? I'll fight Ghaleon in your name! Just don't do this!

Mia: Thank you for your concern, Nash...but I'll be fine. I used to think a lot
     about how powerless I was, Nash...

Nash: Mia, that's not true!

Mia: I was born to take over the Magic Guild. I was reminded of it every day of
     my life. But the more I pondered my destiny, the more certain I was that I
     could never fulfill it. I knew I could never be a great leader like my

Nash: ... ... ...

Mia: I was drowning in my own fear and uncertainty, Nash...but not anymore. I
     finally realized what I should have known so long ago... I have to live in
     the present. I can't worry about what could be, or what might be. I'm
     going to do whatever I can to make a difference right now!

Nash: ... ... ...

Mia: And when the time comes to take over the Magic Guild...I know I'll be

Nash: Mia, you've always been strong. But...I...

Nall: Alex, it's getting late...why don't we go to sleep? That way, we'll see
      Luna even sooner!

Alex: That's a good idea...

[The next morning, everyone gathers on the roof.]

Myght: Bah! Patience, boy! Delays are temporary, but mediocrity is forever!

Nash: ... ... ... Face it, Alex...even our combined strength isn't enough to
      match Ghaleon's power. It doesn't matter whether or not you're the
      Dragonmaster. Nothing matters now...

Alex: Nash?

Myght: My work is done!

Kyle: Excellent! Let's go thrash ourselves one Magic Emperor! If we hurry, we
      can probably be home in time for dinner...

Jessica: Don't get too cocky, Kyle! We're going to be fighting Ghaleon and the
         Vile Tribe on their home turf!

Nall: It doesn't matter where we fight him, Jessica! We're going to win!

Nash: ... ... ...

Mia: Nash, what's wrong? I can tell something is troubling you...

Nash: We're going to fight Ghaleon... We're going to fight Ghaleon?! Ha, ha,
      ha! I've never heard anything so absurd in my life!

Mia: Nash!

Nash: You've all seen Ghaleon's power, and you're deluding yourselves if you
      think you can beat him! If you travel to the Frontier, you're all going
      to die! Don't any of you understand that?!

Mia: Nash, why are you saying this? What's wrong with you? What--

Nash: Ghaleon knows everything, Mia. I've been reporting to him since the

Kyle: I'm gonna tear you to shreds, you two-faced, whiny little runt!

Nash: I'm not letting you go to the Frontier, Mia! I won't let you throw your
      life away!

[Nash blows up part of the ship to disable it. Royce appears.]

Royce: Ha, ha, ha! Well done, Nash! Very well done!

Nash: ... ... ...

Kyle: I only have one question: Which one of you wants to bleed first?!

Jessica: I'll never forgive you for this, Nash! NEVER!!

Royce: You have only yourselves to blame! You're prisoners of foolish ambition!

Nall: Ahhh! This is starting to feel like a bad Dr. Jones adventure!

Mia: This can't...can't be happening...

Nash: I'm sorry, Mia...

Royce: Touching, but unnecessary, Nash. You made the only rational choice.

[They both teleport away.]

Kyle: What the hell was he thinking? What the hell has he DONE?!

Mia: ... ... ...

Jessica: He's told Ghaleon about everything we've done... And now he's telling
         Ghaleon that we're going to the Frontier!

Alex: ... ... ...

Myght: That damned brat destroyed my engine! I assure you it won't be at all
       easy to repair! That engine was a masterpiece!

Nall: So what are you saying? We can't go to the Frontier?

Myght: Not unless you happen to know more about engine repair than I do! Hmmph!

Jessica: Of course we don't...

Kyle: Who says we have to repair it at all?

Nall: What do you mean, Kyle?

Kyle: Why fix it when we can replace it?

Jessica: Of course! We can use the engine from Shira's balloon!

Myght: Shira?! No, no, no! I assure you that anything made by him is entirely

Kyle: Sorry, old man, but we don't have time to wait for you to make repairs!

Jessica: Let's go back to Reza and look for the balloon...

Mia: ... ... ...

[They go to the bazaar in Reza.]

Thief: You just want the engine of the airship, huh? Awright...it's all yours
       for 30,000s.

Kyle: What?! Do you know how much brew I could buy with that kind of money?

      Alright, we'll buy it. (Jerk...)
       System: Lost 30000s

       System: Got Balloon Engine

      30000s?! Are you looney?!
       Thief: I don't really care if you get the engine or not...but I'm not
              the one who needs it, am I?

Thief: Thanks, kids! The Thieves' Guild is gonna make me Employee of the Month!

Nall: You're despicable...

[If the guild chief got involved previously...]

Thief: Yeah, I talked to the Guild chief. Yeah, he said to give you the engine
       for free. Yeah, I hate you kids...

System: Balloon Engine

Kyle: Heh, heh, heh...that'll teach you to steal from us, pal!

Thief: Oh, hush up! You kids are thieves too, remember?

Kyle: Heh, heh...oh, yeah. Sorry about that...

[They return to Myght's.]

System: Gave Balloon Engine

Myght: This is Shira's engine? I hate to admit it, but it's good...not as good
       as mine, I assure you! Bah! He could have been a great inventor with
       more training...but never mind that now! I'll go upstairs and install
       this into the airship once I make it perfect...which won't take long!
       You and your friends can wait here...and I'll remind you all not to
       touch ANYTHING! Nyaah!

Nall: This is great, Alex! We're finally gonna make it to the Frontier!

Laike: What's this? Why haven't you all taken off yet?

[Their bearded buddy enters.]

Nall: Because Nash destroyed the engine of the airship! He's been working for
      Ghaleon all along!

Laike: That's terrible...so what about the airship itself?

Mia: It's fine. Myght is upstairs, installing the engine from our first

Laike: Well, then, there's nothing left for us all to do but wait... The
       Frontier is a cursed land. I don't know what's out there, Alex...no one
       does. Are you certain you are ready to venture there?

Alex: Of course!

Laike: Ho, ho, ho! I knew you wouldn't let me down, Alex! In fact, there are
       times when I wish I was as brave as you...

Kyle: Nash is an idiot! How could he not understand the grief he's causing Mia?
      He should've thought about the consequences of his actions!

Nall: Since when did Kyle become an expert on relationships?

Jessica: I'm gonna claw Nash's eyes out the next time I see him! It's not just
         what he's done to us, it's what he's done to Mia!

Nall: When she's angry, Jessica's more like a cat than I am...

Mia: Alex, you have to understand that Nash was thinking with his heart. In
     his mind, he didn't believe he was betraying us...he was protecting us
     from harm!

Nall: I know how she feels...but what Nash did was so...wrong!

[Myght returns.]

Myght: Listen up! The airship is finished! Come on upstairs and see my latest
       brilliant creation!

[They see its splendor and start boarding.]

Myght: Given time, I could design and build a far superior airship...but this
       will have to do. Hmmph.

Kyle: I can hardly wait to see the look on Ghaleon's face after I stick my boot
      up his pooter!

Jessica: I hate to admit it, but Kyle's confidence is infection, isn't it?

Mia: I don't understand why they're so excited about what we're going to do,
     Alex. There's nothing cheerful to me about the thought of taking someone's

Nall: Unless it's Nash's! Don't worry, Luna...we're finally coming!

[Laike sees Alex off.]

Laike: Alex...do your best.

Alex: I will!

Nall: All aboard!

Jessica: Next stop, the Frontier!

[The ship takes off.]

Myght: Quite an amazing resemblance...

Laike: What's that, Myght?

Myght: The one between that Alex kid, and you at that age.

Laike: Really? I think I was a bit more stylish than that!

Myght: Stylish?! Bah! If you knew style was, you would take off that beret...
       and burn that damned rag! Nyahh!

Laike: Ho, ho, ho!

[Myght goes to talk to an assistant.]

Laike: I'm sorry, Alex. I'm sorry you must undo what I have done...good luck,
       and Godspeed, friend.

[The airship flies over the Frontier.]

Mia: What a horrid place! No trees, no grass, no...life.

Jessica: This is the Frontier...untouched by the hand of the Goddess.

Kyle: So where's the Vile Tribe? Where's the Magic Emperor? The sooner we wipe
      them out, the sooner we can leave this nasty place.

Nall: Wh...what's that?

[They come to a giant mechanical city.]

Nall: Alex! Look at the size of that tower! Is Luna really in there?

Alex: She's in there, and so is Ghaleon.


Kyle: There it is, Jess...are you ready?

Jessica: Not to steal one of your lines, Kyle, but I was born ready! Hang on,

Kyle: What was that? We just bounced off thin air?! Come on, Jess! We have to
      get through! Try it again!

Jessica: There's some kind of force field around it! I'll try again, but
         there's no guarantee we're getting through.

Nall: It's not working! Please stop before we crash...again!

Mia: We could ram into that magical barrier a thousand times over with no
     effect, Jessica...

Kyle: So would anyone like to suggest what we should try next?

Jessica: Look! There's a town over there! Let's land and see if we can find
         another way in.

33) TALON                                                                [GS33]

[They infiltrate the mines. A ways in, they hear a cave-in about to occur.]

Miner: Help! Augghhh!! Please...help me!!

Jessica: That cry came from the room we just walked through!

Mia: And so did that awful sound...one of the mine tunnels must have collapsed!

Jessica: Hurry! We must go back and try to help!!

Kyle: We can't go back there, Jess! Are you forgetting that we're sneaking
      around this place? If the guards see a bunch of humans running around,
      this gig is up!

Jessica: So what do you suggest we do? Leave the poor slave miners back there
         to DIE? REAL compassionate, Mr. Nice Guy! Comments like that make me
         ashamed to know you!

Kyle: Look, Jess, I want to help, too! But the reality is that if we're caught,
      we're just as dead as they are! I'm tired of arguing. Alex, you make the
      call. Do we help the miners, or keep going?

      We must try!
       Alex: We must try to help them, even if what they're doing is wrong...

       Mia: Because if we don't, we're just the same as the Magic Emperor!

       Kyle: None of you have a lick of common sense... But, hey! I hear that
             birds of a feather flock together. Let's go!

      Someone else will.
       Alex: Someone else will try to help them...their own kind, probably. We
             have to press onward, or this whole world will fall to Ghaleon.

       Nall: You're probably right, Alex...but it just doesn't feel right...

       Kyle: I know what you mean, squirt...

       Alex: ... ... ...

[If they go to rescue the miner...]

Miner: Are you CRAZY? There's no way I'm gonna help you! If I don't keep
       working, I'm DEAD, too!

Kyle: Then just stay out of our way, you gutless wonder!

[They save the miner.]

Miner: He's...he's alive! You...you did it!!

Mia: Oh, I'm so happy!

Guard: What the hell is going on here?! You all know you're not supposed to
       stop working for any reason! Leave this fool to die and get back to work
       before we decide to execute the lot of you! And, don't think for a
       second that we won't crush your worthless heads if you disobey! Remember
       that you were brought here because you were too weak to fight in
       Xenobia's hordes... If you don't serve her by working in the mines,
       you're not fit to live anyway! Wait...who are you? You're humans! All of

Kyle: You are correct, sir...but can you guess which one of you I'm going to
      kill first?

[They kill the guards.]

Kyle: Did I ever mention how much I enjoy winning?

Jessica: Uh...YEAH. We've heard it before. Let's get outta here before we
         attract any more attention.

[As they leave, Phacia warps in.]

Phacia: Hmmm. How interesting... They saved that miner's life, even knowing the
        danger they faced in doing so... With such selfless bravery in their
        hearts, they might yet defeat the Magic Emperor...

[In the hallway nearby...]

Kyle: Ahhh...I always feel great after doing my good deed for the day!

Jessica: What are you talking about?! You're the one who wanted to run away,
         you dumb bastard! But then again, you DID help when we needed it.
         Sorry for the name-calling...

[They reach a cavern with a lot of sticks in the dirt.]

Nall: What is this place?

Mia: These look like markers, Nall...grave markers. This must be where the
     miners are buried...

Kyle: This is what they're doing with their dead? How pathetic!

Jessica: All we can do is petition Althena to watch over them with the honor
         they deserved.

[They go past the graves.]

Nall: It's a statue of the Goddess...but what's it doing in here? Is the Vile

Miner: You are the ones who saved me when the tunnel collapsed. Thank you...

Kyle: Uh, question...how'd you get here before we did?

Miner: There are many shortcuts and passages in the mines that only we miners
       know about...

Jessica: Can you tell us why there's a statue of Althena here? I thought the
         Vile Tribe hated the Goddess...

Miner: This is true. We have hated Althena since she banished us to the
       Frontier five hundred years ago. But the only way we can survive here
       with such weak magic is to look to the very Goddess we hate.

Jessica: What irony...

Miner: A warning before you go... The Vile Tribe doesn't know what you humans
       are really like. They want to help Ghaleon destroy you. Please be

[He leaves.]

Nall: Cheer up, Alex...I have a good feeling we'll find Luna soon!

[They enter the next cavern.]

Kyle: Uh-oh...it's quiet in here. And we all know what that means... Let's get
      ready to rumble!

[The lights go out.]

Kyle: Alex! Alex, I'm blind!! I can't believe this...I always thought that
      saying was just a myth!

Nall: What are you talking about?! The entire cave went dark!

Jessica: Trust me, Nall, you don't want to know what he's talking about! Enough
         with the wisecracks! We're in trouble here!

Mia: Aiiieeee!!

Jessica: Hey! HEY!!

Nall: What's happening?! Jessica! Mia!

[The lights come back on, and Xenobia's captured the girls.]

Mia: Alex! Aaaaahhh!!

Jessica: A cowardly act from a master of the yellow arts.

Kyle: Let them go before I cleave you in two, wench!

Nall: Yeah...what he said! Grrr!!

Xenobia: Ha, ha, ha! My, aren't the two of you intimidating! Give me a moment
         to think this over! Should I release your precious friends, or should
         I make use of them? Hmmm...what to do? Ah! I've just the ticket! A
         fight...Kyle versus Alex...to save their dear friends. Should you fail
         to cooperate, you'll be witness to an...uncomfortable...execution!

Kyle: The only woman I take orders from is Jess, you skanky scab sucker!

Xenobia: Oooh...sticks and stones...and all that. I'm afraid your schoolyard
         taunts have failed to achieve the desired effect. I shall see a
         bloodletting. I care not whether it happens to be yours or theirs.

Kyle: You heard her, Alex... Let's give her what she wants!

[The two men have a mock fight.]

Xenobia: Do you think you're really fooling anyone with that pathetic show?
         Show me your true skills...NOW! If you do not, you shall witness your
         friends writhing fatally before you!

Kyle: I...I can't! I can't...do it!

Xenobia: What?! You would choose to let your friends die rather than fight to
         save them?

Kyle: I'd gladly save Mia's angelic life...but there's no way I'm gonna put my
      life on the line for that beast-chick! And there's no way I'm gonna fight
      the Dragonmaster, 'cause I don't wanna lose!

Mia: Kyle! What...

Nall: I knew he was selfish, but I didn't know he was THIS bad...

Jessica: ... ... ...

Xenobia: You're bluffing, buffoon!

Jessica: ... ... ...

Kyle: Look into my eyes and tell me I'm bluffing, Xenobia! You've never had to
      suffer through one of Jess' temper tantrums, have you? Go ahead! Finish
      her! I could use a little peace and quiet!

Jessica: Kyle! You brainless mutt! What are you saying? I don't yell at you...
         that much!

Kyle: Oh, so I'm brainless?!

Jessica: Oh, so I'm a whiner?!

Kyle: You know what you need, Jess? You need the discipline your dad never gave

Jessica: Is that what you really think? I dare you to come up here and even TRY

Nall: Uh, Kyle, this might not be the right time to vent your frustrations...

Xenobia: Unbelievable! I have a feeling this little tete a tete is going to be
         interesting. I suppose I'll kill you first, then, Alex, and watch the
         quarrel next.

[The girls break out of their bonds.]

Jessica: Okay, it's broken!

Kyle: That's great, Jess! Now c'mon and get down here!

Jessica: Ready, Mia?

Mia: Ready!

[Kyle catches 'em safely.]

Xenobia: Damn it! Not again!!

Nall: Wow! You WERE bluffing!

Kyle: Heh, heh, heh! Of course! The smarter they think they are, the easier it
      is to fool 'em!

Xenobia: Every time I have you at my mercy, you manage to escape...but not this
         time. Your performance is over. It's time for the final curtain to
         fall! Farewell!

[They defeat her summoned Shadow Spectre.]

Jessica: Kyle, I never knew you were such a talented thespian! That was the
         best acting I've ever seen--and you ad-libbed all your dialogue!

Kyle: Thespian?! Aren't I the wrong gender for that, Jess? And I wasn't
      acting...I was just speaking the truth!

Jessica: What?!

Kyle: Don't tell me you're gonna stand here and deny that you whine like a
      week-old puppy!

Mia: It's so much fun to watch you two fight! I can always see the smiles in
     your eyes...

Jessica: The only thing that's gonna be in Kyle's eye is my fist!

Kyle: Yikes...I think we just crossed the line from playful to pissed! How
      'bout a truce until we find Ghaleon's castle, Jess?

Jessica: Fine...whatever...

34) CADIN                                                                [GS34]

[The party enters an egg-shaped structure.]

Jessica: I'm getting a weird feeling about this place...

Kyle: What's wrong, Jess? Do you sense some kind of danger?

Jessica: No, Kyle, not danger. This place just feels oddly...familiar.

Kyle: Yeah, well, I'll keep one hand around the hilt of my sword, just in

[They see a miner near an Althena statue.]

Nall: Hey, who's that?

Miner: Welcome to the village of Cadin. We've been waiting for you.

Mia: You look like a worker from the Talon Mine...so what are you doing here?

Kyle: Hey! Look at that!

Jessica: This is...a shrine of Althena! That's why I felt so strange when we
         came here...

Mia: What's going on here? And who are you?

[The miner changes into...Phacia!]

Jessica: Phacia!

Kyle: It's a trap! Everyone, draw your weapons!

Phacia: No...this is not a trap, and I will not engage you at this time. You
        were guided here so that you could learn the way to enter Ruid. The
        Vile Tribe lost many lives building that armored encampment...and it
        cannot be entered by any means save one...

Mia: Which is?

Phacia: There is a hidden door to the left of the front gate. It is opened with
        a password that is given only to select members of the Vile Tribe.

Jessica: Phacia...why are you telling us all this? And why are you helping us?

Phacia: The Vile Tribe has been sentenced to a slow death for five hundred
        years. From the moment we were banished to this barren wasteland, we
        were dying. And, unless we claim some of Althena's power for
        ourselves...our end is all but certain to come about during this
        generation. My sister Xenobia said we must seize that power by force.
        Althena's will must be bent to serve our immediate need for survival. I
        do, however, have my reservations about her methods...

Alex: ... ... ...

Phacia: Instead of stealing Althena's power, I believe we can beg
        forgiveness... After all, we were the ones that transgressed the bounds
        of good. I believe that in her love and wisdom, she would welcome us
        back into her light. For you see, I have watched the progress and
        discovery you have made on your journey. And, I have realized that what
        my sisters are doing is wrong...

Kyle: Why should we believe a word of this, honeylips? For all we know, this is
      just another one of your tribal tricks!

Phacia: You are free to choose for yourself whether to believe what I say. I do
        not expect your faith in me to be easily gained back. If you insist on
        seeing me only as an enemy, I would not be surprised. In that case, I
        would have to fight all of you alongside my errant sisters...because my
        tribe deserves a chance at a real life in a real world.

Nall: What should we do, Alex? She really sounds like she's baring her soul to

Alex: ... ... ...

Jessica: I think we should trust her, Alex. I mean, she waited here for us.

Mia: I don't think all of the Vile Tribe are bad people. That's become clear to
     me since we arrived on the Frontier. They might look different, but they
     act and feel much the same as humans do. I think she deserves our trust,

Kyle: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Mia.

      We believe you, Phacia.
       Phacia: The password to open the hidden door at Ruid is: "Green Earth."
               It's what every member of the Vile Tribe yearns more than
               anything to see.

      You can't be trusted, Phacia.
       Phacia: Perhaps you're right, Alex. I was foolish to think that humans
               and the Vile Tribe could understand one another.

       Nall: Alex, I think you're making a big mistake! Look into her eyes...
             and you can see that she's telling the truth! You must reconsider!

Phacia: It's time for you to settle the question, Alex. Is your strength...the
        strength of Althena and of her children...enough to overcome the power
        of the Magic Emperor? Meet with him, Alex, and hold out the answer for
        the whole world to see!

[She leaves.]

Alex: Phacia...

35) RUID                                                                 [GS35]

[They approach the massive steel structure in the crater.]

Jessica: This is...Ruid?

Mia: It's quite a formidable fortress, that's for certain. I doubt we could
     break through this door even with our combined effort...

Kyle: Which is why I'm glad we have the password!

[They go to the left-hand side of the door.]

Jessica: Okay, time for the password. Uh...does anyone remember it?

Mia: I believe it was "Green Earth."

Jessica: Perfect!! Thanks, Mia!

Kyle: What do you think Ghaleon's gonna say when we find him? Oh, yeah...he
      won't be able to speak with my hands around his throat! Heh, heh, heh!

Mia: The Green Earth is something we all take for granted.

Jessica: But the Vile Tribe would do anything to live there. It's so sad.

Alex: ... ... ...

[They come to a large mechanical chamber. A bearded guy is there.]

?????: Well, well, well. To what do we owe the honor of this visit, humans?
       It's not often we receive visitors here...in fact, we discourage the

Jessica: Who are you?

Taben: My name is Taben...and this, as they say, is your lucky day! For you
       see, you have come at precisely the right time to witness the
       extraordinary! Today is the debut of my latest invention, the Mobile
       Magic Masher!

Kyle: Sounds interesting, but you might want to think twice about the name,
      bud. By the time we're done, you'll be changing the name to IMmobile...

Taben: Hmmm...alas! Your feeble words won't save you, human! It's time to
       introduce those who disobey the Magic Emperor to the true meaning of

Nall: I don't like the sound of that one bit...

Mia: Taben wasn't lying...there is powerful magic very close to us! I can sense

Voice: You didn't listen to me! I warned you, but you didn't listen! How
       ignorant and irresponsible can you BE?!

Kyle: I recognize that voice! Afraid to show yourself, traitor? You should be!

Nash: Afraid of you?! Ha, ha, ha! You're the one who's going to feel fear,

[Nash appears in ridiculous mechanical getup.]

Nash: Inside this armor, my power is amplified beyond measure! You can't stop
      me...you can't even hope to slow me down! Your only choices are
      submission and servitude or failure and death.

Nall: Alex, is it just me, or does Nash look kinda like a giant chicken?

Nash: If you value your lives, you'll cease your disobedient course and obey
      the Magic Emperor! Don't force him to destroy you and everything you care

Kyle: Shut up, you moron! You think I'm gonna listen to you after what you've
      done?! I'm gonna knock you and that ridiculous getup of yours to the Blue
      Star and back!

Nash: I wasn't able to talk any sense into you before...so why should you start
      listening now? Now I'll have to use force. But don't fret, I shan't kill
      you...that comes later...and not at my hand...

[He hits them with lightning.]

Nall: Uhhh...

Jessica: I'm so...tired...

Kyle: Damn you...Nash...

[He knocks them all out, except Mia.]

Nash: Mia, I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt ayone...I did all
      this for you!

Mia: Nash... You IDIOT!

[She slaps him, leaving a giant handprint on his face.]

Mia: Did you really think that doing this would make me happy?! What made me
     happy is when you were helping us...when you were helping Alex! Don't you
     understand why he's trying so hard to save Luna? Don't you understand

Nash: ...Ummm...

Mia: Please, Nash. Please stop this cruel charade! I...I love you, Nash. But I
     hate what you're doing to us...

Nash: I'm sorry, Mia...I really messed things up this time, didn't I?

Mia: Oh, Nash...

Nash: I'm sorry, Mia...and all of you. I thought I was doing what was best...
      ...but I was really thinking only about myself. I only wish I could take
      back everything I've done...

Alex: Nash...

Taben: Alas! Despite this little change of heart, the power of my invention
       must be known. I won't let you all depart without a minor demonstration
       via remote control! Behond the power of the Mobile Magic Masher, humans!

[Taben hits a switch and makes Nash's suit attack his friends.]

Kyle: I knew that apology was just another damn lie! You are dead, Nash! DEAD!!

Nash: That wasn't me, Kyle! I'm not doing anything!

Mia: Nash?

Nash: Help me, Mia!

[They attack Nash to destroy his suit, and do.]

Taben: Hmmm. Quite a disappointing performance, I must admit. Ah, well. Back to
       the drawing board for that one, I suppose... ... ... ... Enough of the
       games, though. The time is at hand for the main event! The unveiling of
       my life's work...the GRINDERY! Bah hahahahahahaha...

[Taben leaves.]

Nash: I...I...

Kyle: Say something stupid, Nash... Give me a reason to slap you silly, you
      mentally castrated nincompoop!

Nash: ... ... ...

Kyle: That's better!

Jessica: Come on, Kyle...I think Nash knows what he did was stupid. I mean,
         REALLY stupid... And if Mia didn't slap some sense into him, nothing
         will! I...forgive you, Nash. I'm gonna keep my eye on you, of course
         ...but I forgive you.

Nall: Alex...do you forgive him, too?

      We're all friends, aren't we?
       Alex: We're all friends, aren't we? Besides, we'll need his help to stop

       Mia: Welcome back, Nash.

      I can't forgive you...
       Alex: I can't forgive you...unless you promise that your traitorous ways
             are in the past.

       Nash: Alex...I swear. Never again!!

       Mia: Oh, Nash, I'm so glad to hear you say those words!

Nash: Mia...everyone...thank you. Taben wasn't lying about the Grindery...it's
      an armored castle that moves! In fact, it's very nearly complete! And,
      once it starts moving, it can't be stopped...so we mustn't waste any

Kyle: What?! A moving castle? I think you're still dizzy from that slap Mia
      gave you!

Nash: It's ALL true, but no time for details now. We have to reach the
      activation room!

Alex: Luna...

Nall: Quickly, Alex!

[They reach the room, and Ghaleon's there with Taben.]

Ghaleon: Well, well, well. So, you made it to the Frontier at last. And you
         even stole the title of dragonboy! But guess what, my dull little
         foil? You're too LATE!

Kyle: Really? It looks like we're right on time to pound you to a bloody pulp!

Alex: Luna...where is she?!

Ghaleon: Resting peacefully in a slumber of my design...but I shall awaken her

Nall: If youv'e done anything to her, you'll answer to me!

Ghaleon: I answer to no one, rodent! And soon you'll witness the manifestation
         of that fact!

Alex: Ghaleon!!

Ghaleon: Tsk. Tsk. Apparently our little hero isn't a patron of the theatre.
         This isn't the time for our final confrontation, dragonboy! As any
         dullard with an ounce of culture knows, that time is reserved for the
         third act! Your amusing little trials and tribulations just brought
         our second act to a close. I do expect you to be a cooperative dear
         and save the best for last, dragonboy. Won't you play along?

Alex: ... ... ...

Ghaleon: Taben!

Taben: Yes, Magic Emperor! The Grindery is operational. How lucky you are,
       human! You survived the journey to the Frontier and the attacks of my
       magical weapons... And now you're alive to witness the most important
       event in the history of the world!

Nash: No...we're too late!

Taben: Magic systems initialized! Power output maximized! Behold, humans! Gaze
       upon my finest creation...THE GRINDERY!!

[The area shakes.]

Jessica: What's happening?

[Part of the room breaks away.]

Alex: Ghaleon!

Kyle: Don't worry about him, Alex! Worry about us!

[The team watches Ruid's tower disconnect and become mobile, rolling away.]

Kyle: By the Goddess...

Nash: We're dead...we're all dead.

Mia: What would happen if that...THING...attacked a town???

Nall: They've got Luna in there, Alex! We HAVE to stop it!

Nash: But how are we going to cross the Desert of Death?

Jessica: Why, in the airship you tried to destroy, butt-brain!

Kyle: Yeah! We need to have a little talk about that stunt later, Nash!

Alex: We have to follow that monstrosity...for Luna's sake...

[They return to the airship.]

Jessica: The Grindery is like Kyle...big and slow! We'll reach Vane long before
         Ghaleon does...

[They board, and soon find the abomination crossing the desert.

Nall: There it is! The Grindery!

Nash: But how are we supposed to get inside of it?

Kyle: We won't know that until we're close enough to look for an entrance!
      Jess, I know you're still nervous about flying, but you have to bring us

Jessica: I'm not nervous about flying! I'm nervous about whatever defenses this
         thing has... No good, Kyle! It's shielded by a magical barrier! I
         might as well be trying to dig through a mountain with a toothpick...

Kyle: Ghaleon, you coward...we should've known he was afraid of a fair fight!

Nash: Excuse me, but has anyone noticed the direction in which the Grindery is
      moving? If I'm not mistaken, its current course will take it directly

Mia: ...Althena's Tower!

Jessica: No...

Mia: Ghaleon created the Grindery not to terrorize the land...but to destroy
     Althena! And their combined power is unquestionably enough to do just

Jessica: No...no, I don't belive it! Althena created our world! Ghaleon could
         never hold that kind of power! But even if you're right, Mia, there's
         nothing we can do to stop it...

Mia: There is, Jessica...but you have to take us to Vane!

Jessica: What?

Mia: We have to get there before the Grindery does! Every second is precious...
     Come on, Jessica! Let's GO!!

Jessica: Okay!

36) VANE [IV]                                                            [GS36]

[They spill the beans to Lemia.]

Mia: ...as you can see, Mother, we don't have any other choice. The only way
     for us to stop the Grindery is to use the true power of Vane...

Lemia: ...You're right, Mia. I'm proud of you for being able to make such a
       difficult decision. Tell me, Mia...why isn't Nash here to offer his
       support to you in this darkest hour?

Kyle: I don't think he has the guts to face you, Lemia...

Jessica: Kyle! Nash is at the Transmission Spring, helping to evacuate the

Lemia: I appreciate his efforts, Jessica, but I believe Kyle's theory also has
       merit. And I don't blame Nash, either. Any respect I once held for him
       has been lost...

Mia: Oh, Mother, please don't say that! He knows that he made a grave

Lemia: Enough, Mia. This isn't the time or place to discuss this matter. Alex,
       please retrieve Nash. Mia, begin your preparations to enter the Silver

[He finds Nash by the entrance.]

Nash: Everyone! Stay calm and maintain order! I repeat, stay calm! Alex! Did
      you finish your talk?

Nall: Yes, we came to get you. We're going to the Silver Spire.

Nash: The Silver Spire? That means Mia is...oh, no! No! Come on, Alex! We have
      to hurry!

[They find their comrades.]

Mia: Excellent. We're all here. Give me a moment to open the door into the

Nash: Mia...do you realize what we're about to unleash? Do you realize what
      could happen to Vane?

Mia: Of course I do, Nash. That isn't an easy choice to make...but it's the
     only choice we have left. I need you to believe in me, Nash...now, more
     than ever.

Nash: Of course, Mia. Of course I do.

Mia: Thank you, Nash. It's time... In the name of the Goddess Althena...I 
     banish the magical seal placed upon this door! We must hurry! I can
     already hear the Grindery approaching!

[They go downstairs into a weird glyph room.]

Mia: In the name of the Ausa dynasty, I send you the power of my heritage.
     Accept it now and release the power of Vane...in order to save our world!

[They teleport elsewhere.]

Nall: Hold on a sec...why did we have to cast a spell to enter this room?

Nash: Because in this place, the magical power of Vane can be fully released...
      and access to that kind of enormous power must be strictly controlled.

[Mia activates a control panel to see the surrounding land.]

Mia: Alex...Kyle...Jessica...Nash...and Nall. Focus your thoughts upon me.
     Allow me to use the strength of your hearts and minds!

Nash: Let's show Ghaleon the strength of the people of Vane!

Kyle: I've never said "no" to a girl before, and I'm not about to start now...

Jessica: I know you can do this, Mia! Make your mother proud!

Nall: We're ready, Mia...but what are you going to do?

Jessica: Here it comes!

Nash: ... ... ...

Mia: C'mon Mia...you can do this.

[Vane and the Grindery fire at each other. Vane plummets to earth...]

Nash: Mia! Be strong!

Mia: Are you all okay? I'm fine. Dizzy, but fine...

Kyle: Well, I do believe that was the most exciting tie in the history of
      magical combat...

Jessica: And the fun's just begun, hasn't it, Mia?

Mia: We were able to shatter the shield around the Grindery...but we did no
     damage to the Grindery itself. We'll have to enter it in order to stop

Nall: Alex, let's use the White Dragon Wings and get out of here!

Alex: Right...let's go, everyone!

Mia: I'm so sorry, Vane...I never believed I would play a part in this sad

37) THE GRINDERY                                                         [GS37]

[They approach the mechanical monstrosity.]

Kyle: Amazing, isn't it? The closer you are to this rolling turd, the uglier
      it gets...

Nall: Alex, how do we get inside? I don't see any doors...

[A latch opens and Vile Tribesmen pour out.]

Kyle: One group of ugly mother-scratchers straight ahead, compliments of

Jessica: I hope you fight as well as you swear, Kyle!

[They defeat 'em, but more appear.]

Kyle: I'm suddenly not having any fun...

Nash: Alex, this is useless! Ghaleon must have legions of monsters lined up in
      there! We have to get inside and cut them off at the SOURCE!

Mia: But how, Nash? We'll be lucky to survive the next battle...

[They slay some more foes.]

Nall: We're surrounded!

Kyle: Alex, it's been an honor and a privelege to fight beside you. Too bad
      you were such a wuss we couldn't finish as winners!

Mia: We were so close, Alex...

Jessica: Don't give up yet, all of you! My dad was in a fight for seven days,
         and he never quit!

Nash: Your dad also wasn't fighting an army of monsters, Jessica! Alex...I
      don't want to die...

[A volley of arrows takes out most monsters.]

Jessica: Those were arrows!

Alex: What the...

Nall: Alex! Over there!

[The Prairie Tribe shows up to assist.]

Tempest: Dragonmaster! Are you alright?

Alex: Tempest!

Jessica: Has anyone told you that you're gorgeous?!

Kyle: Hey there, sweetpants! I thought you only had eyes for me?!

Fresca: The Prairie Tribe will never forget what you all did for us. We'll fend
        off the monsters...

Tempest: ...while you find the Magic Emperor and fulfill your destiny!

Alex: ... ... ...

Nall: Thanks, Tempest!

Tempest: There will be a time for thanks when the Emperor lies dead at your
         feet! Now go!

Kyle: Sounds like a plan!

[The team infiltrates the Grindery and Quark strapped to a giant machine.]

Nall: Alex! It's...horrible...

Jessica: I thought the White Dragon was dead... Alex...what has Ghaleon DONE
         to him?

Nash: I'm sure he's done this to all the Dragons...

Mia: Ghaleon is drawing upon the power of the Dragons to fuel the Grindery.
     He's sucking the life out of them...it's unbearable to even look at

Kyle: What a sick little bastard! I can't believe what I'm seeing!

Jessica: Ghaleon has turned the Dragons born to protect Althena against her.
         How can we possibly fight an evil drawing in this kind of power?

Nash: How can we? Don't you mean how CAN'T we?! You've all seen the horrors
      that Ghaleon has inflicted on our world! Viewing this latest atrocity
      should only strengthen your resolve to defeat him!

Kyle: You're right, Nash, for once! We have to stop this cretin, and we have to
      stop him now!

Nall: Let's go, Alex!

[They reach a serene garden halfway up the tower.]

Nall: Wh...what is this, Alex? It looks like...a park!

Kyle: In the heart of the Grindery? It doesn't make any sense!

Jessica: It has to be a trap, Kyle...doesn't it?

[Eventually, the team reaches a weird corridor...]

Nall: Alex, it's a dead end!

Kyle: Move over, Nall. Let me check this out... I'll just use the patented
      Thieves' Guild method to...huh? There's no keyhole!

Mia: Unfortunately not... It's been sealed by a magic more powerful than any
     mechanical lock.

Kyle: Oh, man... Isn't there ANYTHING around here we can break through with
      brute force?

Nall: I know Luna is behind this door, Alex! I can feel it!

Jessica: But if we can't open it, we have to find another way inside...

Alex: There is no other way. This is the solitary path to the inner sanctum of
      the Magic Emperor...

Voice: Only by passing through this door will you confront your destiny.

[Phacia appears.]

Phacia: ... ... ...

Alex: You're...

Mia: Phacia!

Jessica: You...you're hurt! Let me use my magic to heal you...

Phacia: There's no time for that, dear child. There is only time for this...

[Her incantation opens the door.]

Phacia: You know what lies before you. I pray you are strong enough to face

Nall: I'm confused. Why are you helping us, Phacia? And...why now?

Phacia: I believed in Ghaleon...I thought he would give us what we had always
        desired. A chance to leave our cold, dead world behind forever...and
        start anew in a place of hope and light.

Kyle: So you were seduced by Ghaleon's promises...

Phacia: No, it wasn't that. Ghaleon never promised us anything. He merely
        approached the Vile Tribe and commanded us to do his bidding. We
        obeyed... You must understand. For all our existence, the Vile Tribe
        has been shunned and ignored. Althena herself exiled us to the edge of
        her world... For a man such as Ghaleon to acknowledge us, much less ask
        for our assistance... We were honored and humbled. We followed his
        commands without hesitation...

Alex: ... ... ...

Phacia: And I started to imagine the Vile Tribe's place in Ghaleon's brave new
        world. But I was wrong...Ghaleon never intended to include us in
        anything. He simply used us. And now that his true aim is within

[Phacia's sisters appear.]

Xenobia: Shame on you, sister! I can't believe you'd sink so low as to betray
         your master AND your tribe!

Royce: But then, you never WERE able to keep a secret...

Phacia: Xenobia, it's too late for us to undo the evil acts we committed in
        Ghaleon's name...but we can help Alex and his friends stop him!

Xenobia: Silence, sister!

Phacia: But you must listen! The only one who ever truly cared about us was...
        ...Althena. Don't you see? That's why she did what she did fifteen
        years ago...

Xenobia: I did not ask for your meandering opinions...I commanded your SILENCE!
         If you do not hold your tongue until our business here is concluded...
         ...I shall be forced to sever our family ties in a most uncomfortable

Royce: I see only suffering in your future, dear sister. It's a pity you cast
       your lot in with this accursed Dragonmaster...

Phacia: Alex, you are the only one with the strength to defeat Ghaleon... But
        you must make your way to him in haste!!

Nall: Phacia...

Phacia: My fate is of little consequence! Go! Quickly now!! Ghaleon's strength
        grows with each moment...soon, he shall achieve invincibility!

Alex: ...Phacia...

[They let Phacia hold off her sisters while they approach the Emperor.]

Alex: Ghaleon!

Ghaleon: Well, well, well. It appears our little hero found the way at last,
         and I have just the thank-you you've deserved all along, dragonboy!

[They defeat Ghaleon in battle, and he disappears.]

Nall: We...won? WE WON!!! Alex, I think you did it...

Kyle: You mean WE did it! Although that's not what I'll be telling the gang
      when we get back to Nanza... You don't mind if I take most of the credit,
      do you, Alex? Heh, heh, heh!

Jessica: Kyle, you big blowhard... You came through! You were wonderful! I've
         never been so proud of you!

Mia: I don't think we should celebrate until everyone is here to do it with

Nall: Right! Let's find Luna and take her home!

Alex: Okay, time to finish this...

[They enter the tower's summit.]

Alex: Luna...

Nall: Alex! Look! Luna's over there! After all this time, I can hardly believe
      we're finally here...

Jessica: Well, go on, Alex! This is the moment you've been waiting for!

Kyle: Alex, buddy, you've shown me the power of love...and you've brought Jess
      and me back together. but I won't hold that last part against ya, tiger!

Nash: It appears that our big adventure is about to draw to a happy conclusion,
      guys! And that's not a thought I savor. I've truly enjoyed our time

Mia: As have I. Now hurry, Alex...Luna is waiting for you!

[He goes up to her.]

Alex: Luna... Luna...

Luna: Alex...?

Alex: Luna!

Luna: ... ... ... Alex!

Alex: ... ... ...

[Her eyes glaze over.]

Luna: Ha, ha, ha... HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

Alex: Luna?

Luna: If one named "Luna" once resided within this wretched skin, she has taken
      leave of it.

Alex: What are you...saying?!

Luna: All that remains of the one you held dear is the shell you see before
      you. And that body, once torn from her innocent control, was freed to
      serve its one true purpose.

[The sky darkens.]

Luna: Farewell, Alex. The last grain is abotu to fall from the top of the

Alex: No...

Luna: ... ... ...

[The summit's walls start to recede.]

Mia: The walls...!

Kyle: She's trapped us!

Alex: Luna! What's happening to you?!

Luna: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... Step forth and witness a demonstration of the power
      I now command!

[She repels him with her magic.]

Alex: Ahhhhh!!!

Luna: You shouldn't have interfered! Haven't you figured it out? There's no
      way to stop this!

Alex: Luna...?

[She begins singing an evil tune.]

Alex: Luna, what are you doing?

[The Grindery fires a beam at the Goddess' Tower.]

Kyle: What the...?!

[The Goddess Tower begins to ascend, disintegrating the mountain around it.]

Nash: What happened to the Goddess Tower?!

Mia: This can't be real!

Alex: Oh my god...

Voice: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! Amazing, isn't it! Behold, the long-forgotten
       fortress of Althena!

Kyle: The voice of Ghaleon!

Jessica: Impossible!

[Ghaleon appears by "dark" Luna's side.]

Alex: Ghaleon?!

Ghaleon: Hmm, hmm, hmm...

Nash: This...this is impossible! We defeated you!

Ghaleon: Now, now, Nash! I would have thought that surely YOU would have
         detected the illusion! You see, what you defeated was just that...an
         illusion. And, not a particularly interesting illusion at that. Your
         longing to believe what you see is somewhat endearing...but I do find
         it a tad insulting that you so readily believed I was defeated by YOU.

Alex: What has happened to Luna?!? Tell me what you've done to her, Ghaleon!!

Ghaleon: There, there, no need to take that tone with me. One should always
         maintain proper decorum when in the company of superiors...or didn't
         your little friend "Laike" relay that gem of etiquette to you? ... ...
         ... Regardless of your little...transgression, I shall tell you what
         you seek to know. I have done nothing to her that wouldn't have
         happened anyway. For you see, the girl you have come to know as
         Luna...is actually Althena herself!

Alex: You...you're...lying to me!!

Ghaleon: I'm afraid it's very true, dragonboy. Shocking, perhaps, but so very
         true. For 15 years, the Goddess lived as a human being...with memories
         buried deep within her soul. But I have awakened the dear Goddess...
         revived her power...and claimed it for myself! With our combined
         magical strength, your chances of stopping me are nil. Althena...the
         time has come to depart for the fortress. The cornerstone of our new
         world order!

Luna: Yes, Lord Ghaleon...

Alex: You're not going anywhere!

Ghaleon: Really? Now why would you say a thing like that, dragonboy? I used to
         find your effusive manner somewhat amusing...but now I find it to be a
         thorn in the side of my ambition. But I'm feeling generous today. I
         grant your wish. A fight to the death, then.

Alex: ... ... ...

Ghaleon: That is what you wanted, isn't it, dragonBOY?! Well, then...step

[They fight Ghaleon, but the team is defeated.]

Ghaleon: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...what a delightfully INEPT showing that was for
         the good team. With them out of the way, I now claim the title of
         Supreme Ruler! The world is my oyster, and dear Luna is my eternal
         pearl! Ha, ha, ha, ha, HA, HA, HA, HA! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!

[He warps away to the fortress with Luna, leaving the adventurers unconscious.]

Nall: Alex...? Are you...dead? Please...answer me!

Alex: ... ... ...

Nall: Jessica! Kyle! Nash! Mia! Alex! We have to help Luna! ALEX!!

[They don't get up.]

Nall: If I don't get them out of here now, they're all going to die...and Luna
      will die with them! I have to do it...I have to save them!

[The Dragon Wings shine brightly. Meanwhile, in Alex's dream...]

Luna: Alex... Alex! Never stop believing in your power to change the world!
      And especially my love for you. For love is the wellspring of all that
      is good, and far more powerful than you can ever imagine. Believe in
      yourself, Alex, and you will find the strength to do what must be done.

38) MERIBIA [IV]                                                         [GS38]

[Alex wakes up in Jess' room in Meribia.]

Alex: ... ... ... ...Uh...my head... ...Where am I? Wait...I remember...Luna...

Nall: Alex! You're awake! I knew you'd be okay...

Alex: Nall! What's going on?

Nall: After Ghaleon beat us, the White Dragon Wings started to shine..and
      brought us here! I don't know what made them do that, Alex. Maybe Quark
      was watching over us... You've been asleep since we got here three days

Alex: What about everyone else? Are they asleep, too?

Nall: Oh, no, Alex...your injuries were the most serious by far. Jessica and
      Mia were worried you might NEVER wake up... Now they're downstairs,
      trying to figure out what we should do next. Nash and Kyle are...well,
      you have to see it for yourself. And you won't be too happy...

[They go downstairs.]

Jessica: Alex!

Mia: I'm so glad you're alright!

Jessica: We didn't know if you were ever going to come out of it... But it
         turns out you're just a really sound sleeper!

Nall: Jessica's been using her healing magic on us since we got here, Alex...
      we owe her our lives.

Alex: Thank you, Jessica!

Jessica: It was nothing, Alex, I promise! Nall's just trying to embarrass me...
         and he's doing a great job! So, have you talked to Kyle yet? He hasn't
         said a word to me since we came back here. He's too busy getting
         himself reacquainted with the joys of the bottle...

Mia: Nash has also been acting strangely, Alex...he avoids me instead of
     speaking with me.

[Alex goes down to the pub.]

Kyle: Hey, Alex! Well, buddy, I guess this is goodbye...[Hic!] I'm just a
      thief, buddy. I don't have the strength or skill to fight someone like
      Ghaleon... And now that he's paired up with Althena, I'm just that much
      more out of my league. Why don't you have a few beers with me before I
      hit the road for Nanza, Alex? Let's drink to a battle well fought...
      [Hic!] Time's almost up, Alex...so let's drink some booze and have some
      good, dirty fun! [Hic!] I want to be in a happy place when the end comes.

Nall: I've never seen Kyle this upset before, Alex...

Nash: Alex...I'm not surprised to see you here. I know you'd feel his power,
      his incredible power. And I knew you'd be too afraid to leave here again.
      And you should be afraid, Alex. He's stronger than all of us! We were
      doomed to be defeated. And we were insane to think we ever had a chance
      to stop him. All is lost, Alex...all is lost. Leave me alone, all right?!
      I told you there's nothing we can do to stop Ghaleon! Nothing!! He'll
      probably hunt me down and kill me anyway. I know I'm going to pay for my
      betrayal. It's not easy to accept that a single lapse in judgment will
      cost me my life...

Nall: What are you talking about?! "Betraying" Ghaleon was the smartest thing
      you've ever done!

[Alex goes back to the girls.]

Jessica: I can't believe Kyle's fallen back into his old habits...wait,
         actually, I CAN believe it! A good, hard slap in the face ought to
         wake him up!

Mia: Jessica's been so sad about the way Kyle's been acting...

Jessica: That's not true, Mia! I only care because the future of the world is
         at stake! It's not like I haven't seen Kyle act this way before... But
         I'm tired of letting him get away with it! Come on, Alex...it's time
         for me to straighten Kyle out!

Mia: Nash is also at the bar, isn't he? I'll come with you...

[They return to the bar.]

Kyle: Hey, Jess...I was wondering where you were. Come and pour me another
      beer? I'm so drunk, I can't see my glass anymore...heh, heh, heh!

Jessica: ... ... ...

Kyle: Jess? Beer? Today?

Jessica: Kyle, I didn't think it was possible for you to get any dumber...silly
         me! How can you just quit when the entire world is at stake?!

Kyle: I'M the stupid one? YOU'RE the one who seems to forget that we already
      LOST to Ghaleon! If those Dragon Wings hadn't kicked in, we all would
      have been dead! DEAD!

Jessica: Oh, did you bruise your poor little ego, Kyle? Get over it!! I want
         you to tell me that you can beat Ghaleon with one arm AND one leg
         behind your back! All you talk about is how big and strong you are...
         So why can't a big, strong man like you defend a helpless little girl
         like me? Tell me why!!

Kyle: Jessica...

Jessica: You're not strong...you're weak!

Kyle: ... ... ... Heh, heh, heh...I think that last beer gave me some extra
      energy! I'm ready to go when you are!

Alex: Kyle...

Kyle: When Jess and me were kids, another boy hit her and made her cry. I beat
      the tar out of that punk...and I promised Jess I'd do the same to anyone
      who hurt her. I'll never forget making that promise to you, Jess. Never.

Jessica: Kyle...

Kyle: Ghaleon hurt you, Jess...and now I'm going to hurt him.

Nall: Now THAT'S the Kyle I know!

Nash: Mia, I'm sorry...but I don't think I can fight anymore. I'm afraid of
      what Ghaleon will do to me...

Mia: Nash...

Nash: Go ahead and laugh at me, Mia. I know I'm a coward. I know I've let you

Mia: I'm not going to laugh at you, Nash...I'm here to thank you for fighting
     as hard as you did.

Nash: What?

Mia: I can't force you to fight, Nash. Not when...I'm just as afraid of Ghaleon
     as you are.

Nash: ... ... ...

Mia: You made me feel strong, Nash...you made me feel confident in myself like
     no one else could. And because of you, I know I'm ready to take my place
     as the next leader of the Magic Guild. I'm ready to defend our world
     against Ghaleon's evil. Nash...if I don't come back...promise that you'll
     look after my mother. She's going to need emotional support to recover
     from the effects of Ghaleon's spell. I might not be there to provide it
     for her.

Nash: Mia... Mia, you make it sound like I'm retired...but I'm in my prime! If
      you guys don't have me with you, how are you going to have a chance
      against Ghaleon? Let's show him the strength of the Magic Guild!

Mia: I'm so happy you've changed your mind, Nash...thank you.

Nall: I'm glad there's nothing Nash won't do to impress Mia! Well, we tried,
      Alex...it was really hard getting Kyle and Nash back in action!

[Laike walks in.]

Nall: Laike!

Laike: Ghaleon has combined his power with the strength of Althena... And he's
       stronger now than he's ever been. Even knowing that...do you still have
       the courage to fight him? Answer truthfully...

       Of course we'll fight him!
        Alex: I'll do anything to save Luna. I'll give up my life for hers!

        Laike: The time may come when you have to keep that promise, but let's
               pray you don't. I'll wait here for you, Alex. Come back when
               you're ready, and I'll show you the way.

        Nall: The way to what, old man?

        Laike: Patience, Nall. Go and prepare yourself, Alex...I'll be here,
               enjoying my beer.

        Nall: Alex, let's go to Ramus' shop! He might have new weapons...

       He already beat us once...
        Laike: Alex...I understand. I'm not going to try and convince you to
               change your mind. I don't want you to fight with a broken
               spirit. You would only be a disgrace to yourself and the
               Dragonmasters who came before you. At least you can die with
               the knowledge that you tried.

[The team prepares for the final offensive.]

Laike: Are you ready, Alex?

        Laike: Then follow me.

       Not yet...
        Laike: It's important to prepare, Alex, but it's more important to turn
               that preparation into action... Especially when time is short.

Nall: Where are we going, Laike?

Laike: The place where it all began, Alex. The place where it all began, Alex.
       The place where you took the first step on your quest. And the White
       Dragon is going to take us there.

Nall: Huh?

[Nall starts glowing.]

Laike: Let's go!

39) BURG [V]                                                             [GS39]

[They appear at Dyne's monument.]

Nall: W...where are we? Dyne's Monument?! Laike? Did I do that? How'd we get
      here? What's going on, old man?!

Laike: ... ... ... Perhaps I should have told you this sooner...but at least
       I'm telling you now about what happened fifteen years ago. What happened
       on the day Dragonmaster Dyne...

[Flashback: the Goddess Tower. Half of the Four Heroes are with Althena.]

Ghaleon: Step aside, Dyne! I have no more to say to one who will not listen to
         the voice of reason! However, perhaps it is not too late to return
         Althena to some semblance of sanity! Don't you understand?! If she
         carries out her plan, the world shall perish!

Dyne: Ghaleon...

Ghaleon: This is a travesty, Dyne! A crime against her progeny!! Scattering
         her powers into the world to be reborn as a human... And you, willing
         to throw away your power as well! Willing to join her in this madness!
         Why, Dyne? Why do you continue to travel this selfish path?!

Dyne: You're wrong, Ghaleon. Though she shall cease to exist as a goddess,
      Althena shall never pass from this world. She will live on in the heart
      and soul of every human. She will smile each time two people fall in

Ghaleon: Nonsense, Dyne! That is nothing but a deceptive stream of deadly
         romantic rhetoric! This world needs the power of Althena! She is all
         that holds order from chaos! Dyne! Turn back!

[Dyne ascends the stairs to Althena's pillar of light.]

Ghaleon: Wait! Dyne! Stop! Stop before the path you have chosen strips you of
         the very power that safeguards your soul! Dyne!! NO!

[In a blaze of light, Dyne willingly gives up his Dragonmaster powers.]

Ghaleon: Why have you done this?! What is it that you can see that I cannot?!
         TELL ME!!

[Althena turns herself into a newborn baby. Dyne holds her in his palms.]

Dyne: I see a bright hope for the future that resides in each and every human

Ghaleon: I see only despair...

[The flashback ends.]

Laike: Despite her pure intentions, Althena's presence was causing more harm
       than good...and her many children were becoming ever more dependent upon
       her. Instead of working together to improve the world they shared, as
       she had always wanted...they jealously competed for Althena's attention,
       bickering to receive her blessings. Althena relinquished her power,
       placing the fate of her children in their own hands...and she assumed
       the form of a human being, to live in the world she created.

Alex: You mean...Luna?!

Laike: Yes...

Nall: How would you know something like that, old man?! You're a liar! Who are
      you, old man? Tell us!

Laike: I know these things because...I've kept a secret from you...and the
       world. My real name...is Dyne.

Nall: WHAT?!

Laike: I never thought I'd speak my true name again, Alex. Not since I began
       my new life. Something went wrong when the Goddess Althena began the
       transformation. She was in grave danger...and I had to use every bit of
       my power to help her complete the change. Dyne "died" on that day...and
       was reborn as Laike. I have never regretted what I did, Alex. Not until
       Ghaleon became the Magic Emperor...

Alex: ... ... ...

Laike: Ghaleon is using his power to resurrect the Goddess. Or, even worse, he
       wants to turn himself into a god...and the only one who can stop him is
       you. Althena cannot help you, Alex...to defeat Ghaleon, you must rely on

Alex: Our fate is in our hands...

Laike: The Dragonmaster isn't just Althena's protector, Alex...but a protector
       of all that Althena has created. If your love for Luna and for the world
       Althena created is strong enough... Unsheath the sword standing in your
       midst and claim your destiny!

Alex: ... ... ...

[Alex goes to the sword stuck in the monument...]

Alex: Luna...

[...and pulls it out!]

Nall: Alex...you look great!

Kyle: And you look ten times stronger...no, make that a hundred times! So are
      we ready to beat the hell out of Ghaleon or what?

Jessica: Oh, yeah!

Mia: We have to believe in the power of humanity...the power that Althena
     placed in every one of us!

Nash: But how are we going to get to Althena's Fortress? Not even the airship
      can fly high enough to reach it. It's impossible...

Mia: The legends spoke of the Dragonmaster commanding the flight of a great

Jessica: But there aren't any more Dragons...

Laike: Ho, hah, hah! The dragon Alex can ride is already here! Isn't that
       right, Nall?

Mia: What?

Jessica: WHAT?!?

Nall: Alex... I understand now, Alex! After all this time, I finally know what
      I am... There is an incredible power with me, Alex...and it's burning to
      be released! Let's go to the Fortress!

[Nall grows into a gigantic White Dragon.]

Nall: Heh, heh, heh! How do I look, Alex? Pretty cool, huh?

Kyle: You're definitely...bigger... But since when do flying cats turn into
      Dragons?! This world is closer to extinction than I thought...

Alex: Hurry, Nall! Luna is waiting for us!

[The kids hop on Nall and fly off.]

Laike: Ghaleon never understood why Althena gave up her power. He never
       believed that humans could lead themselves... And I suspect he always
       planned to fill the void created when Althena became human. Alex...be
       careful. You are about to engage in the fight of your life.

[Far away, the squad approaches Ghaleon's citadel.]

Kyle: There it is! Althena's Tower!

Alex: ... ... ...

Kyle: Look at that thing! The Fortress of Althena is huge!

Mia: Wow... I wonder why this was hidden beneath the Goddess Tower all this

Jessica: I never heard a word about it when I was studying to be a priestess.

Kyle: Hah, that's because you always ditched class, honeypie!

Jessica: At least I've set foot in a school, you dumb bastard!

Nash: You're both acting like children! Knock it off!

Jessica: Hmph!

Kyle: Heh, heh, heh...

Nash: See what's happening? The Desert of Death is spreading below us.

Mia: The Fortress of Althena appears to be sucking the very life from the
     ground... If this continues, our whole world will soon be as desolate as
     the Frontier.

Kyle: I don't think Ghaleon will stop at desolation. He wants total

Alex: I'll never let that happen!

40) FORTRESS OF ALTHENA                                                  [GS40]

[They land near the tiptop of the structure.]

Nall: Sorry if the ride was a little bumpy, everyone... I'm still getting used
      to these new wings! Heh, heh!

Jessica: You did a great job, Nall! Any ride we can walk away from is a good

Kyle: Alex, promise you'll let me get in a few good licks before you finish

[Nall changes back to his regular size.]

Nall: What are we waiting for, Alex? Let's rescue Luna...and bring her home!

Alex: You read my mind, Nall...

[They walk a ways but stop.]

Mia: Is something wrong, Nall?

Nall: Over there...

[Luna shows up.]

Alex: Luna!

Luna: Alex! Ghaleon was distracted with his preparations for a magic ceremony,
      and so I...

Kyle: Took matters into your own hands and escaped! Good work! You're a brave
      woman, Luna. I like that. I mean, I REALLY like that...

Luna: Let's leave here, Alex.

Nall: Luna, we can't do that! Don't you realize Ghaleon is trying to become
      the supreme ruler? If we don't stop him, he'll take over the world!

Luna: What's wrong with that, Nall? I don't see the problem...

Alex: Luna...?

Luna: Whether it's Althena or Ghaleon, we need someone to lead us... You can't
      let such wretched human beings fumble about searching for purpose...

Alex: ... ... ...

Luna: We should be thanking Ghaleon for taking this enormous responsibility
      upon himself...not trying to stop him because of our misguided fears.

Mia: Um...you're not...

Kyle: You're not Luna! The woman Alex has told us about is nothing like you!

Luna: Ha, ha, ha!

[Luna casts a spell on everyone.]

Jessica: What was that?!

Nash: Shoot!

[Luna is revealed to be Royce in disguise.]

Royce: Ha, ha, ha!

Nall: Royce!

Kyle: What have you done to us, filthy wench?!

Royce: He, he, he...I simply prescribed a little mandatory...relaxation for

Jessica: You're not worthy to use magic, you evil hag...

Royce: Oh, but I am, darling. Hadn't you noticed? I'm quite proficient at all
       manners of mischief... I'm afraid that the only way you can remove my
       little spell is for you to defeat me. But the likelihood of that
       occurence is quite...remote. For you see, first you must prove
       yourselves worthy to challenge me at all! Until then, I predict a great
       deal of bloodletting in your future...

Jessica: Royce!

Royce: Pleasant dreams, everyone...rest well...Ha, ha, ha, HA, HA!!

[Royce vanishes.]

Nall: What spell did she cast on us, Alex? I don't feel any different.

[They finally catch up with Royce.]

Kyle: Looks like we passed your little test, honeybomb!

Royce: Infidels! Why do you fight instead of succumbing to the destiny I have

Jessica: Because we know that our destiny is not under your control, Royce.

Royce: Ha, ha, ha...I'm afraid you're swimming in denial, dear child. As the
       tide is rising, I shall permit you to glimpse your end in a manner you
       can't deny!

[She shows them a vision of defeat: their lifeless bodies on the floor.]

Royce: How pitiful!

Kyle: Your fortunes are nothing but nonsense!

Jessica: That's right! You show us what YOU wish to happen...

Nash: But you have no power of us, Royce!

Mia: Our future is our own!

Alex: The future isn't something to be told! It's something to be created...

Royce: SILENCE!! You shall pay a heavy price for your insolence! And I have
       come to collect your debt...

[They defeat her in battle.]

Royce: Impossible...can't...be!

[She disappears.]

Kyle: Well, I guess what they say is true...fortune-tellers really can't see
      into their own futures. Or maybe she refused to believe we could defeat

Jessica: Either way, I'm just glad she's forever in the past!

[They reach the Goddess Tower.]

Voice: Welcome to the blessed Tower of the Goddess, mighty Dragonmaster. Think
       back and recall how you met each of the four Dragons... Your memories
       are required to successfully navigate the Tower.

[They ascend a ways.]

Voice: Blue Dragon Helmet. Black Dragon Armor. Red Dragon Shield. White Dragon
       Wings. Remember the foregoing, for they shall lead you to the core of
       Althena's Tower...

[They complete the puzzle.]

Voice: Smashing through the white ice... Sprinting through the red flames...
       Swimming through the blue water... Sojourning the black earth... This is
       the road that awaits the brave adventurer who wishes to behold the
       Goddess Althena...

[Eventually they encounter the "other" bad Vile Tribe sister...]

Jessica: This is it, Xenobia! No more running away...no more stays of
         execution! Today is the day I wipe you from existence!

Xenobia: Such bloodthirsty passion from the foolish little girl... Your words
         and the words of your miserable father have no meaning to me. My only
         care and desire is for the affections of Ghaleon, dear sweet Ghaleon.
         He is the only being capable of saving this world from chaos!

Mia: Ghaleon doesn't care about you or this world...he cares only about power
     and control!

Xenobia: And what's wrong with that, you adolescent ingrates? Ghaleon's
         strength is what makes him so...attractive as a leader.

Kyle: The only thing Ghaleon is leading us into is slavery...and I'd sooner die
      than have someone tell me what I can and cannot do with my life!
      Ghaleon's bloodlust is a turn for the worse...not better!

Nash: That's right! We don't need a god or a goddess dictating our every move!
      We have each other to rely on!

Xenobia: You...you're talking nonsense! How dare you doubt the wisdom of Lord
         Ghaleon! THIS is what happens to the children of the world without
         someone to guide them...

Jessica: My father was my guide, WITCH! And I'll use the skills he taught me
         to expose the inferiority of your ways!

Xenobia: Pah! I've had my fill of your foolish delusions... The time is at hand
         for me to bury you eternally in the abyss of doubt and regret!

[She casts a spell...]

Mia: Wha...what's happening?

[...and they all disappear.]

Xenobia: Ha, ha, ha...your own dark doubts and desires shall be your most cruel
         executioner! Farewell, miserable children!

[Jessica wanders around the illusion.]

Jessica: Where...am I...?

[A doppleganger appears.]

Jessica: Who are you?

Fake Jessica: I am what you fear most. I am you.

Jessica: What?!

Fake Jessica: That's right, Jessica. I am the REAL you...the one you keep
              hidden deep inside.

[Meanwhile, Kyle is having the same situation.]

Kyle: What do you want from me?

Fake Kyle: I want what you want, Kyle! We are one, remember? I want us to stop
           trying to fight this useless battle. We know Ghaleon's unbeatable,
           don't we? Yes! Admit it!

Kyle: I...I don't...

Fake Kyle: Come ON, Kyle! You can lie to other people, but you can't lie to
           yourself, pal! All we want to do is have fun and imbibe the sweet
           nectar of womankind! You know it's true. It's all we've EVER wanted!
           Do we care about the fate of the world? Hell, no! We just want to
           squeeze in as much merrymaking as we can before the final curtain!

Kyle: ... ... ...

Fake Kyle: So...let's get back to Nanza, where we can eat, drink, and be
           disgustingly promiscuous! Our destiny awaits...

[Elsewhere, Mia faces off with her clone.]

Fake Mia: We hate the responsibility that's been placed upon us by everyone...
          Because we've never had confidence in ourselves.

Mia: ... ... ...

Fake Mia: Everyone assumes that we're going to lead the Magic Guild. That we
          want to follow in our mother's footsteps... But does anyone care
          about what we want, Mia? Has anyone EVER cared? Of course not... No
          one knows how...how weak we really are. Too scared to be a leader...
          too weak to fight.

[Nash, too, is in the same predicament.]

Fake Nash: You have to agree with me, Nash...because you ARE me. We know about
           leadership...we know that strong people are needed to guide weak
           ones. We see it every day at the Magic Guild, under the guise of
           "teaching"... And we know that we're one of the strong ones. We're
           a shepherd, Nash...not a sheep.

Nash: ... ... ...

Fake Nash: Why do you continue to hesitate? Ghaleon himself has acknowledged
           our power! We must join with him again and help Ghaleon rule our
           world as our new god! Think of the power he'll grant us, Nash.
           People will kneel in our presence... It's what we've always desired,
           Nash...and now it is within our grasp!!

[Back to Jess...]

Fake Jessica: Father has never really tried to understand us, Jessica. He's
              always forced us to live our life HIS way...to fulfill HIS
              dreams. What about the life WE always wanted, Jessica? What about
              OUR dreams? No one understands the real us, Jessica...

Jessica: ... ... ...

Fake Jessica: So why should we fight for them when all they've ever done is
              hold us back?

[Over at Alex's side o' the illusion...]

Fake Alex: Luna...has abandoned us.

Alex: That's not true!

Fake Alex: Luna has made her decision, and she chose Ghaleon...

Alex: That's NOT true!!

Fake Alex: Of course she'd choose him, Alex. He awakened the power within
           her... And Luna's soul was forever extinguished when Althena's soul
           was revived. The girl we grew up with...is no more.

Alex: Luna isn't dead!

Fake Alex: We must accept facts, Alex. She may appear to be Luna, but she's
           actually the Goddess Althena. And the Goddess has no use for weak
           mortals like us.

Alex: ... ... ...

Fake Alex: Now that Luna is dead, we no longer have a reason to fight... In
           your heart, you know it to be true...

[The team gathers and Nall appears.]

Nall: Mia! Kyle! Nash! Jessica! And Alex! You mustn't allow yourself to bend to
      to the despair whispered from the darkness! Remember what you've learned
      thus far! Dragonmaster Dyne lived his life knowing, that if you follow
      your heart with pure intent, the way will always open before you! You
      must overcome this despair and prove this true once more!

      You're right...they're just illusions!
       [The dopplegangers appear.]

      I don't have the power to fight...
       Nall: But you DO have the power. It's inside your heart... And you can
             use it simply by calling on your memories. Think of what you've
             learned on your journey. Think of what you've felt... Think of the
             people we've met. Nash, Mia, Kyle, and Jessica...

Jessica: My dad has never forced me to do anything, not once... And I've never
         had to hide who I am from him! When I'm outside, I run wild and free
         ...and when I'm inside, I behave as a lady should. My father was a
         pirate, and my mother a noble woman... I have inherited the blood of
         both my beloved parents! My father understands this...and so do my
         friends! No one has ever held me back from being myself!

Kyle: Yeah, I like to have fun... Okay, I LOVE to have fun. But this adventure
      has taught me that there are times when I have to get serious... And
      there's nothing more serious than what's going on here right now!
      Besides, it's gonna be hard to have fun when the world's been
      destroyed... I have to fight so that future generations are free to

Mia: All my life, I've allowed my fear to control me. I was always afraid that
     my mother would consider me a failure... Always afraid that I wasn't good
     enough or strong enough to lead the Magic Guild. But I realized that my
     fear wasn't only affecting myself. If I couldn't face my fear, other
     people would be hurt... So I've resolved to be strong. Not just for
     myself, but for the peole I care about...and for those that care about

Nash: We can't... We can't value... I'm sorry, this is hard for me to admit.
      Alright, let me try again. We can't value people only for their power or
      wealth. We have to value people for all they have to offer... And when we
      work together, we can achieve anything. Together, my friends and I shall
      defeat Ghaleon absolutely!

[The illusion dispels and all but Alex are back with Xenobia.]

Xenobia: Well, well...you managed to escape the maze of your wretched inner
         selves! All of you except for the Dragonmaster, that is...ha!

Jessica: Don't worry about Alex! He'll break free of your feeble magic! He is
         the strongest one among us!

Kyle: He'll never give up until he rescues Luna, you hag!

Mia: Alex draws strength from the faith we have in him!

Nall: And I draw strength from knowing how hard he's gonna kick your whiny

[Back in the illusion, a fake Luna appears with the doppleganger...]

Alex: Luna!

Fake Alex: You fool! Haven't you heard a word we said? Luna is beyond your
           reach! If we try to pursue her, we'll be killed as well!

Fake Luna: Don't you dare stand in my way, Alex!

Alex: Luna! Run away! It's not important anymore! Luna!

Fake Alex: Luna...betrayed us. If you stay here, you'll be killed! Go now! Get
           OUT of here, Alex! Run away before it's too late for both of us!

Alex: I won't run away until I save her! No matter what it takes, no matter how
      far! I WILL save her!

[The illusion dispels.]

Jessica: There you are, Alex!

Nash: We were just telling Xenobia here that it won't matter if she begs you
      for mercy...

Xenobia: To hell with you, Alex! To hell with ALL of you!

Alex: We all know Luna as a human being, Xenobia... Not the creature that
      Ghaleon is trying to turn her into! I will give up my life to save her
      from him... I know that Luna still lives inside the body of the
      Goddess... Just as the Goddess lived inside of her. They are one and the

Xenobia: I will drown these meddling brats in their own blood, Magic Emperor!
         I swear it! I shall not concede defeat to these snot-nosed infidels!

[They defeat Xenobia once and for all.]

Xenobia: ...No...this can't...be! Lord Ghaleon always told me that humans were
         ugly and...weak... It's impossible...Ghaleon could never be wrong...
         I...failed you, my lord. Please...forgive me...

[She disappears.]

Mia: Did you hear the way she spoke Ghaleon's name? It almost sounded as though
     she was...in love with him. What a pitiful woman...

[They finally reach Ghaleon's chamber.]

Ghaleon: Hmph. At last, the hour is at hand to correct the error of Althena
         from fifteen years ago.

Luna: I shall do everything within my power to assist you, my lord. Behold!

Ghaleon: You were never meant to exist in the realm of mortals, Althena. Your
         soul is destined to live for eternity...not suffocate within a rotting
         sack of flesh. You are a goddess, Althena...and to refute your
         absolute power is to deny your true destiny. Go now and show that
         power to the children whose world and whose lives you created!

Luna: I shall do exactly as you desire, Master Ghaleon.

[She ascends the staircase.]

Alex: Luna!

Ghaleon: Hrmph! Ah yes, dragonboy...

Alex: Let her go, Ghaleon!

Ghaleon: I'm sorry to say that your simple request must be denied.
         Unfortunately for you...the object of your desire has a destiny more
         powerful than your meaningless affection.

Alex: No!

Ghaleon: Humans are helpless creatures, dragonboy. Pitiful, helpless creatures
         that need to be strictly controlled. Fifteen years ago, the Goddess
         ignored this basic truth...and chose to be reborn as one of her own
         children. She believed they would be able to care for themselves. It
         was a foolish belief acted upon in a moment of weakness. Althena and
         Dyne willfully cast aside their responsibilities...and our world paid
         the price for their selfish desire. But now, I possess the ability to
         correct the grievous error they foolishly enacted. So sit back,
         dragonboy, and behold the power of the salvation I shall deliver!

[At the top of the stairs, Luna stands in a pillar of light.]

Alex: Luna! Stop it! STOP IT!!

Ghaleon: Tsk. Tsk, dragonboy. Of all the people in this room, you certainly
         must know that it's much too late to turn back. Dear Luna must gather
         back the power she spread into the world before her rebirth as a
         human. And in the process, those powers will change her back into a
         goddess...MY goddess!

Alex: What?! That's why you kidnapped Luna?!

Ghaleon: I don't expect you to understand any of this. After all, you are yet
         just a boy. Concepts like the necessity of leadership are far beyond
         your immature grasp. All you've ever done is dream, fantasize really,
         of your great adventures... I don't expect you to understand my
         grandiose dream for this decadent world. But, once I have enacted my
         plan, you shall learn to live in my structured reality. It won't be
         long until all of Althena's power...or Luna's power, if you like...is
         mine. And when the last wisp of magic has been siphoned away from the
         world, and into me... The Goddess shall submit to my rule, and I shall
         reign forever as a god!

Kyle: Awright, Ghaleon! I've had just about enough of your trash talking! I've
      never needed anyone to tell me what to do...especially not a complete
      nutbar like you! Human beings don't need to be controlled to be happy!

Jessica: That's right! And that's why the Goddess entrusted us with her powers!
         We're not letting you take her precious gift away from us!

Nash: I believed in you once, Ghaleon. I thought what you were doing was
      right...but now I realize just how wrong you are!

Mia: You're a human being, Ghaleon. You're like all of us. You make mistakes...
     and you are flawed. What makes you think you are worthy of wielding the
     power of the Goddess...and taking away the freedom she gave to all of us?

Alex: Don't you understand, Ghaleon? Don't you understand that the only person
      who wants the world as it was is you?

Ghaleon: It can't be helped if I have a greater understanding of what the world
         needs than Althena. While she fled her ivory tower, I watched her
         children struggle to survive without her rule. What you call freedom,
         Alex, I deem cruelty... What will guide this world if it has no god,
         Alex? What will save it from itself?

Alex: The only thing this world needs to be saved from is you, and we're here
      to do just that!

Ghaleon: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... What utter nonsense! Perhaps you should
         demonstrate the power that gives you such confidence. Then we will see
         who is fit to be Supreme Ruler and who is DEAD!

Alex: Those that underestimate the power of the human spirit are destined to
      fail. And that means you, Ghaleon!

[They manage to defeat the Magic Emperor.]

Ghaleon: How can this be? My future, my...destiny...was securely...in my
         grasp... I had only to claim it...and now...I am...disgraced...yet

[He collapses.]

Nall: Yeah! We did it, Alex!

Alex: ... ... ... We did it, Nall.

Nall: C'mon! Let's go!

Alex: Luna...

[He starts to ascend the stairs.]

Alex: Luna!

[Magic projectiles prevent him from ascending.]

Kyle: What was that?!

Nall: It was...Luna!

Luna: Humans are forbidden from entering the sacred chamber!

Alex: Luna...?

Luna: I am Althena! I am the Goddess who made this world and who rules it with
      impunity! How dare you fail to recognize the face of your creator! Leave
      here now or be destroyed for your ignorance!

Nall: Alex, what's happened to Luna? She doesn't know who we are! That...that
      isn't Luna...

Ghaleon: Well...it seems...as though...the world...needs...a god...after all...

[Ghaleon groggily gets back up.]

Mia: You!

Jessica: Didn't we break enough of your bones, Ghaleon? Or are there a few left
         for us to snap?!

Ghaleon: I have no...need...to fight...you...again...when I...have already...

Nash: Won?! How can you say that?!

Ghaleon: Because...collecting the magic...of the world...has reawakened...the
         Goddess...within Luna. And better yet...her memories...of Dyne...of
         being reborn as a...human...have been erased. Once more...our world
         is under the control...of absolute power...

Nall: No...NO!! You're lying to us! You're wrong!!

Ghaleon: Ha, ha, ha... Behold, the ruler you must serve! Oh yes, you got what
         you wanted...heh heh...but not in the way you imagined! Kneel before
         the black goddess of Lunar, dragonboy! Kneel...and submit to her dark
         desires... For though I shall perish...I go knowing that I succeeded
         in tearing your one true love from you eternally...and blackened...
         this...pathetic world...forever...

[He turns his back on the party.]

Ghaleon: Heh, heh, heh... Heh, heh, HA, HA, HA!! AH, HA, HA, HA, HA!!

[The energy in his body explodes and he disintegrates.]

Alex: ... ... ...

Luna: ... ... ...

Alex: I... I'm going to take Luna out of this trance...and I'm going to take
      her home.

Nall: Alex...

Alex: I need you all to stay here. This is something I have to do alone...

Nall: Good idea, Alex. I'm ready when you are!

Alex: Nall...you stay here, too.

Nall: Oh...okay, Alex...

[He starts up the stairs, ignoring Althena's warnings. He plays his ocarina.]

Luna: Remove yourself from my holy presence at once or suffer the swift
      consequences, human! How dare you ignore my words, Dragonmaster! You
      serve me, and you will OBEY me! You ignore the will of your Goddess at
      your peril, infidel! I shall not warn you again, Dragonmaster! Leave here
      or forfeit your soul! 

[He makes it to the top, having dodged her projectiles.]

Luna: What are you thinking?! Stop! You mustn't come any closer! One more step
      and you will surely die, Alex!

Alex: Luna...I'm here.

Luna: I knew you would never abandon me to evil, Alex.

Alex: Yes, now we can finally go back to Burg together.

Luna: Though Ghaleon has perished, the Fortress of Althena continues to bleed
      life from the world of Lunar. If it does not cease, all Lunar will become
      as lifeless as the Frontier. But if I leave the Fortress, the stored
      magic will be released too rapidly, and it may end up destroying the
      entire world of Lunar. I'm a prisoner, Alex...

Alex: No!

Luna: I'm sorry, Alex...I must stay here...for Lunar!

Alex: I won't give you up! You mustn't give up either! Regardless of how
      hopeless things may seem, there has to be a way! You must believe in the
      power that resides within each of us, Luna. I believe each of us is
      entrusted with a future to realize, and this is not our future! Luna, if
      we work together, I'm certain we'll find a way, just like Dyne did,

[He approaches her beam of light.]

Luna: Alex! You mustn't try it! It's too dangerous!

Alex: Luna...

Luna: Alex, no!

[He enters the beam anyway, but not without difficulty.]

Luna: Alex...

Alex: We will always be together, in the past, the present, and the future as
      well. It's destiny.

Luna: Oh, Alex... Alex!

[She embraces him and the beam of light's brilliance obscures the area.]

Kyle: So what's going ON up there?! I can't see a damn thing! What if Alex
      has been...

Jessica: Don't say that, Kyle! Don't you even THINK that! He'll be fine! Oh,

Nash: Look! The magic isn't flowing into the chamber any longer! Now it's...

Mia: Flooding outward!

[The fortress trembles.]

Jessica: This is NOT good!

Kyle: Quick as a whip, as usual, Jess!

Nash: Are you alright, Mia?!

Mia: Yes, Nash...we have to get out of here!

Nall: I agree with Mia. We have to get out of here, or we're done for... We
      have to go! NOW!

Nash: Alex and Luna are still up there! We can't leave until we know if they're

Nall: They're alive, and they'll make it out of here just fine!

Jessica: How do you know that, Nall?! I'm sorry, but I'm not going anywhere
         until I...

Kyle: No offense, Jess, but I think we should listen to the cat!

Jessica: But...Kyle...

Nall: I can feel it in my heart that Alex and Luna are alright! Please believe

Mia: Nall...

Nall: Here we go!!

[He flies everyone out.]

Nall: Alex, I believe in you. I believe you can save Luna without destroying
      this world. You mustn't fail. I'd be lost without you.

[After landing, they watch the fortress sink into the ocean and explode.]

Jessica: Oh, Alex...Luna...

[They wait futilely for Alex and Luna to show. Jessica starts crying.]

Kyle: Alex...ya dumb kid. Why'd you take the risk?

Mia: Alex and Luna sacrificed their lives to save this world from destruction.

[Nall starts to cry, too.]

Nall: Oh, Alex, and Luna...they're gone forever...

[Suddenly, a light shines bright out at sea.]

Kyle: Huh?

[The world starts terraforming, changing the landscape back to a lush one.]

Kyle: Look at the ground! It's alive again!

[The clouds dissipate to show the Blue Star. Alex and Luna teleport into view.]

Nash: Whoa...

Nall: Alex!! Luna!! You're alright!

Alex: We did it...it's over.

Jessica: We were so worried about you. Oh, Luna...

Luna: Oh, Jessica! I'm just...so happy to see you all!

[The girls embrace, laughing all the while.]

Alex: Well done, Alex! Well done...

41) MERIBIA [IV]                                                         [GS41]

[Sometime later, everyone's gathered in Meribia.]

Luna: Meribia...it's so good to be back here, Alex! It's so wonderful to smell
      the ocean on the breeze...

Alex: It's wonderful just to see you smiling again. You're not too tired, are
      you, Luna? I'd forgotten how long the journey was...

Nall: Tired, no--hungry, YES! get me and my hollow tummy to the nearest

Luna: Oh, Nall! Ha, ha, ha...

Alex: I'm glad you have your priorities straight, Nall!

Kyle: Heh, heh, heh!

Jessica: Ha, ha, ha!

Mia: Tee, hee, hee!

Nash: Heh, heh, heh!

Nall: Why are you guys laughing? I can hear all YOUR stomaches rumbling, too!

Jessica: We're not just laughing at your endless appetite, furball..we're
         laughing 'cause it feels good!

Nash: Exactly. It's been so long since I've felt this...joyful. Yes, that's
      the word. Joyful!

Jessica: I don't mean to be rude, but I have to run to the Mansion. When we
         killed Xenobia, we broke the spell she placed on Dad! I can't wait to
         see him!

Kyle: And, uh, I think I'll be running off myself...

Jessica: And just where do you think YOU'RE going, brigand-boy?

Kyle: Uh...um...wherever you're going, lovemuffin!

Jessica: Are you up to something, Kyle? Sure you are...but I don't have time to
         figure out what it is! C'mon! Hurry up!

Kyle: Hold on! Wait a sec! At least let me comb my hair before Mel sees me!

Jessica: Come visit me after you've had some rest, you guys! I'll be waiting
         for you! 'Bye!

[Jess and Kyle walk off.]

Mia: My mother is waiting for Nash and me back on Black Rose Street. I'm going
     to tell her about all that's happened...and hpoefully use that info as we
     discuss how to reconstruct the Magic Guild.

Nash: Reconstruct the Guild and rebuild Vane? That would be wonderful, Mia...

Mia: It WILL be wonderful, Nash. Buildings can alawys be rebuilt and replaced
     over time. Human lives are far more precious.

Nash: You're right, Mia...as always.

Mia: Let's hurry...Mother is waiting. Alex, Luna, and Nall...come see us before
     you leave, all right?

Nash: She's right...as always! Don't go before saying goodbye! Uh, Mia, I'm
      sure your mother won't be offended if we don't RUN to Black Rose

[They walk off together.]

Nall: Hey, Alex, why don't we go and see Ramus? I bet his business is booming!

Luna: That's a wonderful idea, Nall! I haven't seen him for such a long time...

Nall: Well, then, let's stop talkin' and start walkin'!

[They go check out see their erstwhile traveling companion.]

Ramus: Luna!! You look great! I knew you and Alex would be together again...
       Look at all the customers I have today! And I owe it all to you, Alex.
       Everyone wants to shop at the store where the mighty Dragonmaster
       shopped! Ha! Wow...I just can't get over how happy you two look! I hope
       I feel that strongly about another person someday. I've been thinking
       about how this all began, Alex. If I hadn't convinced you to go with me
       to the White Dragon Cave that day...

Nall: Luna wouldn't have been kidnapped, and the world would've stayed at

Ramus: Uh...

Nall: I'm just kidding, Ramus! If you hadn't taken us to the Cave, Alex would
      never have fulfilled his destiny...

Ramus: You're a trickster, Nall...but you're funny! Alex, I wanted to come with
       you to Burg, but I'm too busy to get away from here yet. Please tell my
       father and my nanny I say hello, and tell them I'm fine. Oh, hey, Alex,
       check this out! I got it just for you...

System: Got Luna's Bromide 1

Ramus: I owe you a lot, Alex...and I hope this is enough to repay you! Heh,
       heh, heh!

Luna: Alex, what are you and Ramus whispering to each other about? I bet you
      two are planning to go on another adventure without me! I can't believe
      you'd do something like this after all that's happened...

Alex: I'm sorry, Luna...

Luna: Ha, ha, ha! Oh, Alex...I forgot how much fun it is to tease you!

[Next, everyone visits the mayor's mansion.]

Nall: Kyle! Jessica! What's up?

Luna: You're going to meet with Master Mel? How wonderful!

Jessica: Well, it WOULD be wonderful if Kyle wasn't being such a butt-head
         about it... He's too afraid of my dad to tell him how we feel about
         each other! Isn't that right, Kyle?

Kyle: Well...not exactly, Jess. It's just that...

Jessica: Yes?

Kyle: ...I'd feel weird intruding on such an emotional moment between you and
      your father. I don't want to be the cause of any weird vibes... Besides,
      you know Mel and I have never exactly been the best of friends. How do
      you think he's gonna take the news that we're back together again?

Jessica: Oh, Kyle... You're just being silly! When I explain what a hero
         you've been, he'll welcome you with a hug and a smile! Now come on
         and hurry UP!

Kyle: Hey! HEY!!

[She drags him into Mel's office.]

Mel: Jessica!

Jessica: Dad!

Mel: Oh, Jessica...my sweet, wonderful daughter! I'm so glad you're all right!
     I never thought I'd hold you in my arms again...

Jessica: Dad...oh, Dad, I missed you so much!

Nall: What a...wonderful moment, Alex. I'm glad we were here to see it...

Luna: I'm glad we were able to help make it happen...

Mel: My butler told me about everything that happened while I was out of
     action... I'm so proud of you, Jessica! My little girl grew up to be the
     savior of the world!

Jessica: Oh, Daddy...I didn't do it all by myself!

Kyle: Don't be modest, Jess. Alex couldn't have done it without you...

Mel: Huh? Is that you, Kyle?

Kyle: Uh...

Mel: You don't have to hide away from me, Kyle! Come here! Kyle, I know ya love
     my daughter...and I know how happy ya make her... So promise me yer always
     gonna take care of her.

Jess and Kyle: What?!

Kyle: I...I promise...Dad!

Mel: Don't ya think it's a little early to call me that, Kyle? Why don't we
     stick to "Mel" until ya make an honest woman out o' my daughter?

Kyle: Oh...heh, heh! Of course!

Mel: I didn't want ta admit it, but I always knew you and Jessica were meant
     ta be... You were always the only bow who enjoyed it when she threw you
     into the mud!

Jessica: Dad! You make it sound so...dirty!

Mel: Ho, ho, ho! That's a good one, sweetie!

Kyle: So, uh, you won't mind helping us pay for the ceremony, would you, Mel?
      Since I gave up stealing, I'm just about broke...heh, heh, heh!

Jessica: You're shameless, Kyle... How can I NOT love you? Heh, heh, heh!

Nall: I'm so happy for you two! Can I be your dragon of honor?

[Over on Black Rose Street...]

Mia: Mother!

Nash: Majesty Lemia!

Lemia: I've always been proud of you, Mia...but never as proud as I am at this
       moment. You're more of a hero than I ever was, my daughter. As for you,
       Nash...I won't lie. You will have to work very hard to regain my trust.
       Mia speaks highly of you, and I know how you care for her... So don't
       disappoint me again.

Mia: Mother...I...I'm so happy!

Lemia: Oh, Mia...so am I.

Mia: Mother, I promise I won't cry anymore when I'm worried...or when I'm
     afraid. Now that I have so many things to take care of, I can't afford to
     be weak...or show weakness.

Lemia: That's exactly right, Mia. That's how the new leader must be...

Mia: What? Mother, what do you mean?

Lemia: Mia, it's obvious that my reign at the Magic Guild is over. It was my
       leadership that led to the corruption of the Guild... And it was your
       actions that saved it, and the world. Which person do you think has the
       trust and support of the people of Vane? I am confident in you, Mia...
       and after all you have done, you should be confident as well. Nash...I
       expect you to support Mia and obey her commands. What she does NOT need
       at this crucial time in the history of the Guild is to be doubted...

Nash: Yes...of course, Majesty Lemia! I will help Mia no matter what the
      circumstances! I would help her even if doing so meant the destruction
      of my very soul!

Lemia: Yes...well...

Mia: Nash...

Nash: Mia, I know that under your leadership, Vane will soar through the skies
      again... And the Magic Guild will be more magnificent than ever!

Mia: Thank you, Nash. I love you...

Nash: ...Wh...wh...what?

Mia: And you're right. With the help of Alex, Luna, Jessica, Kyle, and Nall...
     all the people I love... We will create a Magic Guild that everyone can
     join! Promise me you'll work as hard as you can...

Nash: Oh...of course, Mia. Of course I will. I'd do anything for you...

[Down at the docks, the Burg-bound travelers find Laike.]

Nall: Laike!

Laike: Ho, ho, ho! Nall and Alex! Are you going back to Burg already?

       I'm going home with Luna.
        Alex: Dragonmaster Dyne...I...

        Laike: The man with that named died long ago, Alex... He died with the
               gods whose bidding he was born to obey. From now on, our future
               will be shaped not by those with power or prestige... But by
               those with courage. You possess that courage... Alex. You always

        Alex: ...Thank you, Dyne.

       I'm staying in Meribia a bit longer...
        Laike: Perhaps you're a bit of a vagabond after all, Alex! Ho, ho, ho!
               I'll stay here and watch the sea for a while. You know what I
               love the most about that big, mysterious widowmaker, Alex? I
               know there's always a new adventure waiting for me on the other

Laike: ... ... ... ...I'm going on a journey, Alex. And this will be a long

Luna: Laike...?

Laike: This world is boundless, Alex. I'll never claim all of its treasures, or
       learn all of its secrets. But I don't feel hopeless about it...I feel
       fortunate. Fortunate that I'm alive and able to explore a world with
       such endless adventure.

Alex: Laike...what about Ghaleon?

Laike: He perished for his beliefs. That's another way to live your life,
       Alex... But if there's one thing left to do, it's...

Luna: ... ... ...

Laike: No...this isn't the time to discuss that, Alex. Not yet... All of us
       are on a journey into the future, yet all of us live in the present. Too
       many people get caught up in what could be, instead of appreciating what
       is... Don't fall into that trap, Alex. Appreciate what you have, and who
       you have... Because the future can take it all away from you. Ho, ho,
       ho! I'm sorry, Alex. I often find myself going on tangents these days...
       Yet another symptom of old age, I suspect.

Alex: Laike...

Laike: I wish you luck, Alex. And you too, sweet Luna. Farewell...

[Laike leaves.]

Nall: Alex...I don't know why, but I have a feeling that we will meet him

Luna: You're right, Nall. I feel it, too.

Alex: Luna...let's go home.

Luna: I was beginning to think you'd never ask...

[The credits roll.]


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