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FMV Transcript by Opylex

Updated: 06/06/07

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete transcript

Statement of purpose

Lunar: Silver Star Story is a great game that makes great use of voice acting.
Something it does not make great - or any - use of is subtitles. Since many
important parts of the game's story are unfolded via voice acting, this can
make the game less enjoyable for the hard of hearing, non-native speakers of
English, or indeed fully hearing native speakers who nevertheless find the
dialogue difficult to understand. To aid in this regard, I have transcribed all
spoken words in the game.

Details of implementation

All sections are in the order you encounter them in the game. Two of the
animated sequences can be seen in either order (Royce's and Mel's
introductions). Since I had to pick some order for them, I picked the order
they are listed in the Rememberizer (Mel first).

Not all of the animated sequences are listed below. Those that are not listed
only contain humming or similar, or no human sounds at all.

The titles of animated sequences are underlined with tildes, while the titles
of other sections are underlined with dashes. The animated sequences have the
same names as they are given in the game, except for two whose names I thought
were slightly spoilerish (they're not spoilers in the game, since you can't
find out the title immediately - you have to wait until you get a chance to use
the Rememberizer). Those two are marked with (*), and have whatever names I
thought were appropriate, as do all other sections.

Sections are separated by a number of newlines to protect from accidentally
reading spoilers. When sections are not separated by spoiler space, it is
because they follow immediately after oneanother.

LUNAR Opening (lyrics copied from the manual)

In your dreams,
magical thoughts...

All things are real
unless you dream they're not.

In your dreams,
love is the plot
carried on wings of hope.

Each of our souls
intertwine, when we do.

Instantly we see it
the time to grow and be it
when everything is pinned on a hope.

Let rise the dreams of your heart,
that innocent youth
careless and kind.

Free to roam the breeze in love
only when two
brilliantly shine as one...

Alex's introductory monologue

Alex: I don't remember when it started exactly, but the dream of having a
      fantastic adventure in far off places grabbed my heart early and has yet
      to let go.
      You see, my hero is Dragonmaster Dyne. Outside my village there's a
      monument made in his honour. His adventures were the most fantastic of
      all... fighting evil, risking death, protecting the goddess Althena! It's
      all so, so... exciting! One day, I want to have adventures like them!
      *sigh* But... excitement of that kind is a long way from Burg.

Nall: Aaaaleeex! Oh, Aaaaleeex! Where are you?

Alex at the Monument

Alex: Oh, hello Nall.

Nall: Alex, couldn't you hear me? I've been flying all over for the last half
      hour, calling for you. But, I should have known you'd be here.

Alex: Oh Nall, where else would I be?

Nall: "In Honor of the Great Dragonmaster, Dyne." I know that Dyne was probably
      the greatest of the four heroes, Alex, but I'm amazed that you never get
      tired of coming to stare at his dull monument.
      Oh, shoot. I just remembered. We better go meet Luna to practice singing.
      If we're late, she'll be upset.

Ramus Shows His Stripes

Ramus: Hey Alex. I figured you might be here. Now that the warm weather has
       melted the ice near the Dragon's Cave, there isn't any time to waste
       getting started on our big adventure! If we hurry, we may be able to
       sneak in without waking the dragon. Then we can get a fantastically huge
       diamond from its lair worth thousands of thousands of silver, making us
       filthy stinking rich, and very popular in the process!

Luna at the Springs

[Various shots of Luna and the surroundings as Luna sings. Eventually, an
 ocarina joins the song, and she stops singing. A shot of Alex standing behind
 her, playing. She giggles, and then stands up.]

Luna: Alex, you're late again, silly. Were you whittling away the morning at
      Dyne's Monument again, or were you planning on make-believe adventures
      with Ramus?

Alex, Nall, Luna and Ramus in battle

Alex shouts when he uses a sword attack.
He is silent for all other spells.

Nall will sometimes revive a fainted character, and then says
Nall: Come on, get back on your feet!

Luna's songs are all identical and lyricless ("laa-laa, lalalaaa").

Ramus has no magic and is therefore silent.

Quark Awakens

Quark: Who has awakened me from my deep slumber?

[Shots of Quark being big and dragony.]

Quark: My friends, you are the first adventurers to visit me in a long time. I
       am Quark, Tetrarch of the Dragon tribe. You have journeyed far, and now
       you have arrived at my lair. It's a journey few have survived. Your
       mission must be urgent.

Luna's Dream

[No voices are heard in the dream.]

Laike in battle

Laike has no special attacks and is silent in battle.

Laike's Introduction

Laike: What a hapless bunch you are! You're lucky I happened to come along when
       I did. Didn't you know that these woods were ridiculously dangerous for
       ordinary travelers? Are you lost? Or out for a picnic?
       What?! An adventure?

[Laike laughs for quite some time.]

Nash calling for help

Nash: Hey! Hey there! Get me out of this thing!

[They go release him from the booby trap.]

Nash and His Hair

[Nash shows off his skill with a comb.]

Nash: Hey there, kiddies. My name is Nash. I'm a level three apprentice from
      the famous magic city of Vane that floats around the Goddess Tower.
      The area around the Sea Hag's house can be a little tricky, so be sure to
      watch your step around here, okay?

Nash in battle

Nash: Check this out!   (thunder spells)
Nash: Special delivery! (others)

Alex calling out to Luna as the ship is leaving

Alex: Luna! Luna, you have to come with us!

Luna: What?

Alex: Luna! All the exciting adventures in the world mean nothing if you're not
      with us. This isn't just my adventure, Luna, it's ours!

Luna: Oh Alex, but what if...

Alex: There's no time to think about it! Hurry, give me your hand! Come on!

[She runs, he catches her and pulls her onto the ship.]

Luna: Oh, I hope I did the right thing. It's all so exciting!

Nall: That was close. You almost didn't make it, Luna.

Alex: Now, our real adventure can finally begin.

On the Boat (lyrics copied from the manual)

Wishing on a dream that seems far off
Hoping it will come today.

Into the starlit night,
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze,
Waiting on a shooting star.

But, what if that star is not to come?
Will their dreams fade to nothing?
When the horizon darkens most,
We all need to believe there is hope.

Is an angel watching closely over me?
Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see?
I know my heart should guide me, but,
There's a hole within my soul.

What will fill this emptiness inside of me?
Am I to be satisfied without knowing?

I wish then for a chance to see,
Now all I need, <desperately>

Is my star to come...

Arrival in Meribia

Nall: Look Alex! Look at all of the ships. *gasp* And the huge town! Meribia is
      even more splendid than I imagined.

Hail, Hell Mel

Mel: I'm Mel de Alkirk, governor of Meribia. Since you're new here, I'll warn
     ya. If you dare to make any sort of trouble in my town, I'll pop your tiny
     little heads off your twiggy little necks, and mount them on me trophy

[Mel bursts into laughter.]

Royce's Introduction

Royce: We seem to have guests. But I welcome those pursuing knowledge, as
       always. For you see, I am a student of knowledge; past, present, and
       future. I can foretell many things in the future.
       So. Let's see your future. That's why you came to me today, isn't it?

Nash presents the city of Vane

Nash: Behold! The magic city of Vane.

Facing Phacia

Phacia: Good day to you all. I am Phacia, Head Priestess of the Temple of the
        I have received word that you are on a journey to become the new
        Dragonmaster, Alex. I pray that you choose to stay in Vane and become
        the Guardian of Althena. For as you know, we haven't had a Dragonmaster
        since the days of Dyne came to an end.

A Mysterious Musician

Luna: Oh! I'm so sorry I interrupted. You see, I heard the music, and I...
      well, I thought it was Alex that was playing.

Man:  Mmm. It's... no bother.

Mia Ausa is sad

Mia: *sob* Who's... who's there?

Mia Stays Composed

Mia: I'm sorry. I can not go to the magic school today. I'm... not feeling
     *gasp* Oh, I'm so sorry, I mistook you for a messenger of my mother's. Um.
     My name is Mia. Mia Ausa. May I ask your name?

Ghaleon in Full Regalia

Ghaleon: Welcome to the Magic Guild of Vane, Alex of Burg. I am Ghaleon,
         Premier of the guild.
         My apprentice Nash speaks quite highly of you, boy. He said you passed
         the Trial of the White Dragon. If that's true... perhaps you can...
         help me.

Enter the Kyle

[Kyle snores. Eventually, he wakes.]

Kyle: *yawn* What a night! Kyle had himself another night of wine, women and
      song. Just between you and me, I think I had a little too much of the
      wine... *belch* But the women didn't complain!

Jessica addressing the village council of Lann

Jessica: You have to be reasonable! The Dragonmaster causing problems must be
         an impostor. The true Guardian of Althena would never bring harm to
         you. To prove it, I will personally investigate this matter on your

Jessica Speaks

Jessica: Hmm? Oh, when did you come in? You weren't here before. Did you come
         after hearing of the trouble here? I think this Dragonmaster is a
         fake. In fact, I bet he's even a bigger phony than my former
         boyfriend. A good fight is just the ticket to get over that rat. So,
         let's go find this fraud and show him who's boss!

Jessica in battle

Jessica: Althena, lend me your power! (upper row)
Jessica: In the name of the Goddess!  (lower row except Escape Litany)
Escape Litany can't be used in battle.

Lemia Ausa Speaks (*)

Lemia: I am Lemia Ausa, Governess of the Magic Guild. I have heard you seek the
       Dragons. I see the strength of your will in this regard in your eyes.
       And I sense something else. I sense... evil. You seek to destroy the
       Magic Guild, and Althena!

Mia in battle

Mia: By the power of Althena! (fire spells)
Mia: Summon elemental power!  (ice spells)
Mia is silent when casting power up spells.

A Trinity of Terror

[They undergo a magical girl style transformation sequence.]

Xenobia: I am Xenobia, a descendent of the forgotten Vile Tribe, the innocents
         Althena callously pushed out beyond the wastelands of the Frontier.

Royce:   I warned you I could see many things. Unfortunately, I have now
         foreseen your demise. Too bad you had to get involved.

Phacia:  We didn't expect you to get this far, young Alex. It's been quite a
         revelation. But, you never can tell when luck like yours will run out.

Ghaleon in battle

Ghaleon: Hmph. (all spells)

Ghaleon reveals himself

[Ghaleon laughs]

Ghaleon: Oh, then the time has finally come. My "coming out" party can begin.
         Send in the clowns!

[Ghaleon transforms into the Magic Emperor.]

Quark: By Althena! What have you done, Ghaleon?

Ghaleon vs Quark

[Ghaleon looks imposing and waves his cloak.]

Ghaleon: Not "Ghaleon", dear Quark. Magic Emperor Ghaleon!

Alex:    Magic Emperor?

Luna:    Ghaleon, no...

Ghaleon: Oh, no... [he laughs] Ghaleon, yes! [pause] Some day people may mourn
         this day. But my glorious rule can only begin with your enslavement.

[Long scene with Ghaleon laughing and Quark screaming as Ghaleon captures Quark
 in a magical cage which shrinks to a point of light and lands in his hand.]

Ghaleon: Hmph. Quark shall be the corner stone of a new order. My world order.
         But! [pause, and laughter] Who shall be my queen?

Ghaleon's farewell

Luna:AAAHHHHH!!! [Also written.]

[Ghaleon teleports Luna to his side. Some written dialogue follows. Ghaleon
 casts some spell at Alex and Nall, and they scream. Ghaleon laughs.]

Luna: Alex!

[Ghaleon and Luna disappear, and Ghaleon's laughter slowly fades away. Alex

Woman calling for help

[Sounds of a scuffle.]

Woman: Aaooh! Oh, help! Help me! Get away from me you dastardly fiends! You'll
       regret this!

[Some written dialogue as the woman fights Xenobia's minions.]

La Kyle Aux Follies

Woman: Oh, pardon my heels! What's the world coming to when a decent lady has
       to be so vulgar to protect herself?
       [No longer speaking in falsetto] And now let's end this cheap charade.

[Kyle throws off the disguise and jumps into the air and lands, catching his
 sword as it falls into his hand.]

Kyle:  You and your boys need to learn some manners, sweetcheeks.

Kyle in battle

Kyle shouts when he uses a sword attack.
He is silent when using Power Up.

Hindenburg Redux

Mia:     Where's the personal discomfort receptacle?!

Nash:    This is messing up my hair!

Jessica: Kyle, save me!

Kyle:    No!

Nall:    Help me!

At Blue Dragon Lake

[Alex and Luna perform the song "Thoughts Far Away" in order to raise the Blue
 Dragon shrine. No lyrics, just more lalaing.]

Nall: Alex, look! Something's happening!

Saviors on Horseback

[The two look at the camera in silence for a few seconds, and then ride away.]

Man:   Hiyaah!

Woman: Hah!

Myght's Irritation

[There is the sound of bubbling liquid and buzzing flies. Myght looks up from
 his work.]

Myght: Is there something wrong with your eyes? Didn't you see the signs
       warning about the cranky, stinky, rude genius? Well, that's me, Myght! I
       hate noise, interruptions and people. You're trespassing, go away!

[He turns away, and farts.]

Tempest's Indignation

Tempest: We are of the Plains Tribe. I am Tempest and this is Fresca. That man
         was trying to sell fake medicine to the desperate people here. He
         knowingly lied for profit. It is the rule of the prairie to execute
         liars. Why do you dare to interfere in our tribal affairs? Are you a
         thief as well?

A Frightening Dream

[Throughout the dream we can hear Luna humming.]

Luna: Alex... Alex! Al[here her voice gets distorted and echoing]ex! Alex!

Waking up in the forest

Alex: [sleepy] Luna...

Tempest in battle

Tempest: Hah!  (both attacks)

A Dragonmaster Born

[The sequence contains some grunting and screaming, but no spoken words.]

To the Dark Frontier

Nall: *gasp* Alex, look at the size of that tower. Is Luna really in there?

Alex: She's in there. And so is Ghaleon.

Catching up to the Magic Emperor

Alex:    Ghaleon!

Ghaleon: Well, well, well. It appears our little hero found the way at last.
         And I have just the thank you you've deserved all along, dragonboy!

The Fortress of Althena revealed (*)

Luna: You shouldn't have interfered. Haven't you figured it out? There's no way
      to stop this.

Alex: Uhn... Luna?

[Silent shots of the others and the Grindery while Luna walks over to the edge
 of the tower. She starts singing the dark song.]

Alex: Luna, what are you doing?

[Long scene with dragons awakening and swooshy glittery magic.]

Kyle: Uh, what?

[More fireworks as the ground ruptures and the Fortress of Althena rises into
 the air. Luna finally stops singing when it floats above the ground.]

Nash: What happened to the Goddess Tower?

Mia:  *gasp* This can't be real.

[Ghaleon starts laughing.]

Alex:    Oh my god.

Ghaleon: Amazing, isn't it? Behold, the long forgotten Fortress of Althena.

Kyle:    That's the voice of Ghaleon.

Jessica: *gasp* Impossible.

[Ghaleon makes a flashy entrance.]

Alex:    Ghaleon?!

Ghaleon: Hmmh.

Ghaleon in battle (again)

Ghaleon: Time to die. (all spells)

Ghaleon gloats

[Ghaleon laughs.]

Ghaleon: What a delightfully inept showing that was for the good team. With
         them out of the way, I now claim the title of Supreme Ruler!

[They fly off.]

Ghaleon: The world is my oyster, and dear Luna is now my eternal pearl!

[He laughs again.]

Alex hears Luna's voice

Luna: Alex. [echoes] Alex! [more echoes]
      Never stop believing in your power to change the world, and especially my
      love for you. For love is the wellspring of all that is good, and far
      more powerful than you can ever imagine. Believe in yourself Alex, and
      you will find the strength to do what must be done.

A Goddess Reborn

[Various shots of Althena as she stands in the light. Dyne walks up the stairs
 and stops in front of her. They look at eachother for a while. Dyne starts to
 walk into the light.]

Ghaleon: Wait, Dyne! Stop! [pause] Stop before the path you have chosen strips
         you of the very power that safeguards your soul!

[The Dragon armour disappears from Dyne.]

Ghaleon: Dyne, no!

[A bright light obscures Dyne and Althena.]

Ghaleon: Why have you done this? What is it that you can see, that I can not?
         Tell me!

[A baby lands in Dyne's hands.]

Dyne: I see a bright hope for the future, that resides in each and every human

[The baby cries. Ghaleon looks on, and tightly closes his fists.]

Ghaleon: I see only despair.

[He turns and walks away, and sighs.]

Laike reveals the truth

[Some written dialogue.]

Laike: *sigh* I know these things because I've kept a secret from you. And the
       world. My real name... is Dyne.

Nall:  What?!

A Dragonmaster Reborn

[Like the first time Alex became the Dragonmaster, he grunts and shouts some,
 but doesn't talk. A man of few words, is our Alex.]

Ascent To Althena's City

Kyle:    Look at that thing! The Fortress of Althena is huge!

Mia:     Wow... I wonder why this was hidden beneath the Goddess Tower all this

Jessica: I never heard a word about it when I was studying to be a priestess.

Kyle:    Hah! That's because you always ditched class, honey-pie.

Jessica: At least I've set foot in a school, you dumb bastard!

Nash:    You're both acting like children! Knock it off!

Jessica: Hmph!

Kyle:    Eh heh heh heh heh...

Nash:    See what's happening? A desert of death is spreading below us.

Mia:     The Fortress of Althena appears to be sucking the very life from the
         ground. [pause] If this continues, our whole world will soon be as
         desolate as the Frontier.

Kyle:    I don't think Ghaleon will stop at desolation. He wants total

Alex:    I'll never let that happen!

Royce in battle

Royce: I've saved this just for you! (all spells)

Nall makes a motivational speech

Nall: Mia, Kyle, Nash, Jessica, and Alex. You mustn't allow yourself to bend to
      the despair whispered from the darkness. Remember what you have learned
      thus far. Dragonmaster Dyne lived his life knowing, that if you follow
      your heart with pure intent, the way will always open before you. You
      must overcome this despair, and prove this true once more.

Xenobia in battle

Xenobia: Your time has run out. (all spells)

Ghaleon and Althena speak

Ghaleon: Hnnh. At last the hour is at hand, to correct the error of Althena,
         from fifteen years ago.

Althena: I shall do everything within my power to assist you, my lord. Behold.

[A long stretch of written dialogue follows.]

Ghaleon Descends

Ghaleon: [He laughs.] What utter nonsense. Perhaps you should demonstrate the
         power that gives you such confidence. Then we will see who is fit to
         be supreme ruler, and who... IS DEAD!

Alex:    Those that underestimate the power of the human spirit are destined to
         fail. And that means you, Ghaleon!

Ghaleon in battle (again again)

Ghaleon: Time to die. (all attacks, including physical)

After the battle

Ghaleon: [He coughs] How can this be? My future, my... destiny... was securely
         in my... grasp! [coughs] I had... only to... claim it, and now... I am
         disgraced, yet again. [He coughs, and sighs, and falls.]

Ghaleon's final words

Ghaleon: [He laughs] Behold the ruler you... must serve. Oh yes! [He coughs]
         You got... what you wanted, [laughs] but not... in the way you
         imagined. Kneel before the... Black Goddess of Lunar, dragon... boy!
         Kneel... and submit to her... dark desires. For though I shall...
         perish, I go knowing that I succeeded in tearing you one true love
         from you... eternally, and blackened this... pathetic world... for

[He laughs, and coughs, and laughs and coughs, and dies.]

Warm Embrace

Alex: Luna.

[Long silence as they look at eachother.]

Alex: I'm here.

Luna: I knew you would never abandon me to evil, Alex.

Alex: Yes. Now we can finally go back to Burg together.

Luna: Though Ghaleon has perished, the Fortress of Althena continues to bleed
      life from the world of Lunar. If it does not cease, all Lunar will become
      as lifeless as the Frontier. But if I leave the fortress, this stored
      magic will be released too rapidly, and it may end up destroying the
      entire world of Lunar. I'm a prisoner, Alex.

Alex: No!

[A tear runs down her cheek.]

Luna: I'm sorry, Alex. I must stay here... for Lunar!

Alex: I won't give you up! You mustn't give up either. Regardless of how
      hopeless things seem, there has to be a way.

[They look at eachother in silence.]

Alex: You must believe in the power that resides within each of us, Luna. I
      believe each of us is entrusted with a future to realize, and this is NOT
      our future!

[Silence, and a cut to images of Dyne and Althena.]

Alex: Luna, if we work together, I'm certain we'll find a way, just like Dyne
      did, remember?

[He walks towards the light.]

Luna: Alex, you mustn't try it! It's too dangerous!

[He steps into the light.]

Alex: Luna...

Luna: Alex, no!

[He moans and pants as the Dragon accoutrements disappear.]

Luna: Alex...

[He stretches out his hand to her.]

Alex: We will always be together. In the past, the present, and the future as
      well. It's destiny.

[She takes his hand, smiles, and eventually hugs him.]

Luna: Oh Alex! Alex...

Escaping from the fortress

Nall: Alex, I believe in you. I believe you can save Luna without destroying
      this world. You mustn't fail. I'd be lost without you.

The Green Earth

[They watch as the fortress crashes into the water and explodes.]

Jessica: Oh, Alex. Luna.

[The fortress continues to explode for a while, and then disappears with some
 glimmering in the air. Jessica buries her face against Kyle's chest and sobs.]

Kyle: *sigh* Alex... dumb kid. Why'd you take the risk?

Mia:  Alex and Luna sacrificed their lives to save this world from destruction.

[Nall starts crying.]

Nall: Oh, Alex! And Luna! They're gone forever!

[Jessica and Nall keep sobbing until a light appears over the water.]

Kyle: Huh?

[Vegetation and water spreads rapidly from the light across the land.]

Kyle: *gasp* Look at the ground. It's alive again!

[The sky turns blue again, and Alex and Luna appear from thin air. There is
 general gasping.]

Nash: Whoa.

Nall: *gasp* Alex! Luna! [He laughs] You're alright!

[Alex and Luna land, and the others look on with dumbfounded smiles.]

Alex:    We did it. It's over.

Jessica: We were so worried about you. Oh, Luna.

Luna:    Oh, Jessica! I'm just... so happy to see you all!

[They all laugh.]

Kyle:    Well done, Alex. Well done.

Copyrights and the like

The majority of the contents of this document, being the transcript of a
copyrighted work, is copyrighted to the holders of the intellectual property
rights to the game in question (see the game for details).
To the extent that I have any meaningful intellectual property rights to what
remains, I grant universal permission to use, copy, publish, adapt, etc.

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