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FAQ/Walkthrough by SeeD

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 06/02/99

Return to the world of LUNAR, in the completely reworked 32-bit version of the 
RPG classic. Journey back to a place where dragons yet live, and magic is valued 
above all else. Join Alex, the young adventurer, as he begins a quest with his 
friends to save their land from the crushing advance of the Magic Emperor. 
Explore dungeons, fight terrifying monsters, and gather information from the 
locals as you advance toward the explosive confrontation with the Magic Emperor 
himself! Exciting, menu-driven combat will keep you challenged until the last. 
And, thanks to the storage power of CD and the PlayStation's built-in movie 
player, LUNAR contains nearly an hour of incredible animation sequences that 
will get you involved in the story faster than you ever thought possible. Get 
ready for the ride of your life...

Lunar: Silver Star Story COMPLETE
(The Walkthrough)
By SeeD, SeeD@squaresoftrules.com 
v.1, 6/2/99

The Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Walkthrough is copyright (c) 1999 by SeeD, 
and can be distributed freely without permission from me.  However, you may not 
change or alter anything that is on this walkthrough.  Give credit where credit 
is due, and don't use this walkthrough for your benefit, such as an award or 
prize, etc.  Also, don't use this for promotional or profitable purposes as 
well.  Now, on to the Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Walkthrough!

Table Of Contents
Section 1.0   : Characters
	 <1.1>: Alex
	 <1.2>: Luna
       <1.3>: Nall
 	 <1.4>: Nash
	 <1.5>: Mia
	 <1.6>: Kyle
	 <1.7>: Jessica
 	 <1.8>: Ramus
	 <1.9>: Laike
	<1.10>: Quark
	<1.11>: Mel
	<1.12>: Ghaleon
	<1.13>: Lemia
	<1.14>: Dyne
	<1.15>: Tempest
	<1.16>: Fresca
	<1.17>: Myght
	<1.18>: Taben
	<1.19>: Royce
	<1.20>: Phacia
	<1.21>: Xenobia
	<1.22>: Magic Emperor
Section 2.0   : Walkthrough (Disc 1)
	 <2.1>: Beginning The Game: Dyne's Monument and Burg
	 <2.2>: White Dragon Cave
	 <2.3>: Burg Revisited
	 <2.4>: Weird Woods
	 <2.5>: Port Town of Saith
	 <2.6>: Old Hag's Forest
	 <2.7>: Saline Slimer and Afterwards
	 <2.8>: Meribia
	 <2.9>: Meribian Sewers
	<2.10>: Water Dragon and Afterwards
	<2.11>: The Path To Vane
	<2.12>: The Cave of Trial and the Truffle Troubler
	<2.13>: The Magic City of Vane, At Last!
	<2.14>: Nanza Pass and Nanza Barrier
	<2.15>: Back to Vane and the Nanza Pass
	<2.16>: Nanza Pass (On The Way To Lann)
	<2.17>: Lann and Lann Island
	<2.18>: Back to Vane, Once Again
	<2.19>: Crystal Tower and Star Chamber
	<2.20>: Back to the White Dragon Cave (Meribia and Saith)
	<2.21>: Back to the White Dragon Cave (Burg / White Dragon Cave)
	<2.22>: What Now?
	<2.23>: Nanza Barrier and Reza
	<2.24>: Althena's Spring and the Meryod Woods
	<2.25>: Meryod
	<2.26>: Damon's Spire
	<2.27>: Joining the Thieves' Guild and Afterwards
	<2.28>: Field and Red Dragon Cave
	<2.29>: Lyton Cave
	<2.30>: Blue Dragon Shrine
	<2.31>: Tamur Pass and Tamur
	<2.32>: Myght's Tower and Back to Tamur
	<2.33>: Forest Of Illusion and Pao
	<2.34>: Black Dragon Fortress
	<2.35>: Let's Have Some Fun!!!
Section 3.0   : Walkthrough (Disc 2)
	 <3.1>: The Frontier
	 <3.2>: Talon and Talon Mine
	 <3.3>: Cadin
	 <3.4>: Ruid
	 <3.5>: Back to Vane
	 <3.6>: The Grindery Bowels
	 <3.7>: The Grindery Quarters
	 <3.8>: Magic Emperor Ghaleon
  	 <3.9>: Retaliation
	<3.10>: Althena's Fort (Part One)
	<3.11>: Althena's Fort (Part Two)
	<3.12>: Luna's Throne, the Final Confrontation
	<3.13>: The Green Earth
	<3.14>: Credits, Roll 'Em!

First, before the walkthrough, I want to say a few things.  I am sure that not a 
whole lot of you have ever played a Lunar game, me included, because of the 
system it was made for (Sega Saturn) and the downfall the system was going 
through.  This is my first Walkthrough of a game, so please go over any mistakes 
you may find and send them to me so I can correct them.  Along with sending me 
the mistakes I make, I would also appreciate getting some e-mail saying that 
this walkthrough really helped someone in some way in the game.  This will be my 
first Lunar game, like I said, and for some of you this will be your first too.  
I am sure we are both in for some surprises as we make our way through this huge 
world full of dangers.  Won't you join me in this adventure through the world of 
Lunar?  I hope you will, as we will venture through this dangerous world finding 
everything there is to find.  So, without any further ado, let's start our 

Section 1.0: Characters_________________/ 
  <1.1> Alex
	Alex dreams of one day becoming a Dragonmaster like his hero, Dyne.  But 
to fulfill his dream, he must leave behind all that he holds dear.  Much more is 
in store for young Alex than he realizes.  Hopefully, he'll live long enough to 
tell about it!

  <1.2> Luna
	Alex's parents have taken care of Luna since she was a child.  She was 
Alex's childhood sweetheart, though she'll never admit it.  No one can match the 
power of her magical songs.  Like most adolescents her age, she has many 
questions about herself.  Unfortunately, they're about to be answered...

  <1.3> Nall
	When Alex was a small child, a mysterious man gave his father this 
strange, winged, catlike creature that unfortunately grew up with an attitude.  
He tends to get Alex into a lot of trouble by smarting off at the wrong time.  
But, he'll get what's coming to him... sooner or later!

  <1.4> Nash
	This extremely overconfident magician's apprentice is an understudy to 
Ghaleon, the most powerful magician in Vane.  If he isn't studying for his 
latest exam at the Magic Guild, he can be found trying to impress the woman of 
his dreams, Mia.  Too bad Nash isn't as successful at trying to win Mia's heart 
as he is with magic.  

  <1.5> Mia
	Mia is the daughter of Lemia, one of the Four Heroes, and the leader of 
Vane.  Lemia has protected Mia from the outside world for so long that she is 
oblivious to the joys and hardships found in the world below.  Despite her mild 
nature, she is actually a very powerful magician.  If she could learn one new 
magic trick, it would be making Nash disappear.

  <1.6> Kyle
	After winning the approval of Master Mel of Meribia, Kyle was put in 
charge of protecting the Nanza Barrier.  Despite his youth, he is a master 
swordsman, and well respected by his followers.  He can't help but find himself 
attracted to Jessica, even though she can't stand his chauvinistic ways.  He 
only has one flaw... his ego!	

  <1.7> Jessica 
	Jessica is the daughter of Master Mel, one of the Four Heroes, and the 
governor of Meribia.  As an apprentice priest at Althena's Shrine, she is a 
master of healing spells.  Don't let the sweetness she displays around her 
father fool you; Jessica is a very brave and independent woman.  She is at 
constant odds with Kyle, hoping that one day he will treat all women as equals.  
(Yeah right.)

  <1.8> Ramus
	Ramus is the son of the Village Elder in Burg and Alex's friend.  He hopes 
that Alex will one day get over his fascination with Dragonmaster Dyne.   His 
one ambition in life is to become filthy rich.  He wants it all; fast horses, 
expensive food, and beautiful women.  It's Ramus' craving for fame and fortune 
that starts Alex's adventure.

  <1.9> Laike
	Laike is an extremely talented swordsman who lacks the ability to use 
magic.  This very helpful and very friendly man usually appears out of nowhere 
and sticks around just long enough to impart advice to Alex before disappearing 
from the scene.  Never content to stay in one place, Laike is constantly 
wondering around the world.  Just wait until his past catches up with him!

<1.10> Quark
	The legendary white dragon Quark is rumored to live in the cave just south 
of the village of Alex's hometown, Burg.  As the constant companion of Dyne, 
Quark once fought alongside the Four Heroes in order to protect the Goddess 
Althena, but no one has seen Quark since Dyne's untimely demise.  Will Alex be 
able to find him?

<1.11> Mel
	As the leader of Meribia, Master Mel has earned the respect and loyalty of 
the townsfolk.  He is known for his ferocious fighting style, which earned him 
the nickname "Hell Mel."  After life in the spotlight as one of the Four Heroes, 
Mel settled down and fathered a child by the name of Jessica.  She is Mel's 
pride and joy... his life.

<1.12> Ghaleon
	Ghaleon is the premier of the Magic City of Vane, and the Magic Guild's 
most powerful sage.  He has never quite been the same since he witnessed the 
death of Dragonmaster Dyne, his best friend.  Whenever a threat to the Guild 
arises, Ghaleon applies all of his unrivaled wisdom and strength to snuff it 

<1.13> Lemia
	Lemia is the leader of Vane, and the founder of the Magic Guild, which 
instructs others on how to unlock their magical abilities.  In recent weeks, it 
seems that Lemia has been on the cranky side, becoming quite harsh in her 
treatment of the people.  Even her own daughter, Mia, is wondering what is going 
on.  Is it menopause or madness?

<1.14> Dyne
	Dragonmaster Dyne had the ability to command and use the power of the four 
Dragons in order to protect Goddess Althena.  Unfortunately, none of these 
powers could save him from perishing under mysterious circumstances.  With each 
passing year, the legend of Dyne continues to inspire both boys and girls alike.

<1.15> Tempest
	Tempest lives in the village of Pao, in the Stadius Zone.  With the recent 
epidemic that has broken out in the Prairie, Tempest and Fresca are forced to 
leave their village in order to find a cure.  Tempest is a very strong and brave 
fighter who doesn't back down from a fight.  Hopefully, he's strong enough to 
face what lies ahead.

<1.16> Fresca
	Fresca's hometown of Pao has recently been struck with an epidemic that is 
slowly killing all of the inhabitants.  With no known cure, Fresca and Tempest 
are faced with losing their entire village.  With the village in these dire 
circumstances, she and Tempest decide to leave the village in order to find a 
cure before it's too late.

<1.17> Myght
	With a severe case of body odor, Might stays hidden in his tower, away 
from the hare-brained people of the outside world.  From this secluded location, 
he spends his time creating one invention after another.  However, it is rumored 
that he is working on an incredible flying machine.  Even more incredible than 
his legendary B.O.

<1.18> Taben
	Taben is an evil inventor who has begun work on a mechanized castle.  He 
has enslaved the people of Talon in order to mine for the minerals that he needs 
to complete the fortress known as the Grindery.  With the Magic Emperor backing 
him, Taben's Grindery will be unstoppable.  Can Taben be stopped before he makes 
the Grindery operational?

<1.19> Royce
Royce is a constantly busy prognosticator of the future who operates a small 
shop on Black Rose Street and consults with Lemia Ausa, the leader of Vane and 
the Magic Guild.  While she doesn't mind peering into the lives of others, she 
keeps her own life to herself.  Strangely, she and Nash seem to have a special 

<1.20> Phacia
Phacia is the head priestess of Althena's Shrine, located at the foot of the 
Goddess Tower.  Mush like Althena, she has a friendly demeanor and a hypnotic 
beauty that dazzles anyone in her presence.  If fact, many of the shrine's 
inhabitants are under the impression that she is the physical representation of 
Althena herself.  Could it be true?

<1.21> Xenobia
	Xenobia is the leader of the Vile Tribe that inhabits the Frontier.  The 
Magic Emperor, with whom she is infatuated, has given her extremely powerful 
magical spells.  One of her favorite spells allows her to mimic the physical 
appearance of another person.  This hotty's going to make Alex's life very 

<1.22> Magic Emperor
	With the added talents of Xenobia and Taben, the Magic Emperor has set in 
motion his plans to rule the world of Lunar.  As his power continues to grow, 
only a Dragonmaster will be capable of stopping him before he destroys all that 
Althena has built.  Will Alex become a Dragonmaster in time?

Section 2.0: Walkthrough (Disc 1)_______/
	Before we start, be warned right now, I will not warn for spoilers or 
anything of the kind, so only read what you need.  You never know when you might 
come across something in my walkthrough that you would have rather witnessed in 
the game's great graphics.  I will try to be as specific as I can in the 
location that we are in, so you can only read enough to get you through the 
place you need.  Now, let's start our journey.

<2.1> Beginning the Game: Dyne's Monument and Burg
	Once you begin the game, you will meet Alex, our adventurer, who will talk 
about Dragonmaster Dyne and discuss some things about himself.  Soon, Nall will 
call for you and come and join you at Dyne's monument.  Uh oh!  You are gonna be 
late to practice singing with Luna if you don't go now!  Start walking south to 
the village of Burg.  About halfway there you will be shaken up by an 
earthquake, the third this week in fact!  Once the earthquake is over, your best 
friend Ramus will meet up with you.  Listen to what he has to say!  The snow and 
ice has melted in front of the cave entrance, the cave of the White Dragon.  
Sounds like the start of our adventure, no?  Ramus goes back to his home to pack 
some things.  Continue south to the village.  Once you arrive, look around and 
get acquainted with the area.  Once you are familiar with everything, go across 
the bridge to the north, where Luna awaits you for your singing practice.  You 
have to practice singing if you are going to be the highlight of the Goddess 
Festival, you know.  Once across the bridge, continue to the next area where you 
will be accompanying Luna.  Sit back and watch what happens...
	Nice, huh?  When you start talking to Luna, Nall accidentally slips with 
her words and tells Luna that the three of you are going to the White Dragon 
Cave.  Luna is mad at you at first, then decides that it's no use to try to stop 
you.  So she decides all she can do is tag along with you, Nall, and Ramus.  So 
with four now in your group, you are almost ready to venture out to the White 
Dragon Cave!  But before you do, Luna insists you tell your parents before you 
leave.  So, go back to your house, where your father will give you some weapons 
and a few items.  You will also gain access to the treasure boxes downstairs.  
Once you get everything, head on over to the Weapon Shop.  It had been closed 
for a while up until now.  Here, if you sell the Angel's Tear and Star Light, 
you can receive about 800s; enough to buy one of all the items in the weapon 
shop and still have enough for herbs and things like that.  Be sure to equip 
everyone with their proper equipment once you are done in the shops.  Now, 
before going on your journey, you should do one more thing, and that is to talk 
to the townspeople of Burg.  You should always talk to the townspeople whenever 
an event occurs, because many times people will say something different that 
will benefit you.  This will make your adventure much better, and you will learn 
much more about the world of Lunar.  Once you have done everything you want to 
do in Burg, go meet up with Ramus at the entrance of the town.  He agrees to let 
Luna come along, thus opening up the outside world where our real adventure will 
take place.  Once you are out of the village, you can go to the forest southwest 
of the town, but you will have to retreat because it is too foggy to see.  Go 
northeast and then south to reach the cave of the White Dragon.  Are you ready?  
It all starts here...

<2.2> White Dragon Cave
Monsters In Area: [Slime]-[Mutant Fly]-[Synapse Fly]-[Albino Baboon]
	When you first enter the cave, kill the monsters around you and get the 
herb in the treasure chest.  There are three others in this area.  You need to 
find them before entering any other doors.  They will prove handy later.  Fight 
all the battles you can.  While you are fighting, be sure to keep your HP up.  
You never know when a monster could throw a lucky hit.  Once you have found the 
treasure chests, fight and get more levels.  This is a great place to get level 
ups.  You should be at Level 5 at the least.  When you are ready and have found 
the next door, proceed through it.  Walk upward.  The ground starts shaking 
again.  Another earthquake?  No, watch what happens...
	After talking for a while with Quark, Ramus will speak up.  Quark says 
that you must find the Dragon Ring found deep within the cave to get the Dragon 
Diamond.  Sounds like more adventure!  Quark says you must pass through the 
Dragon Trial.  The last person that did it was Dyne.  He heals you to full 
strength, then sends you to find the Dragon Ring.  Be sure to save before 
anything else.  If you didn't go earlier to get a refill on supplies, go back to 
Burg now and get more herbs.  Or, if you are confident in your inventory, you 
can head to the east outside of Quarks Lair and find a door.  (Note- If you are 
going back to Burg to get more supplies, you should still have the Dragonfly 
Wing with which you can transport back to the beginning of the cave.)  Once you 
are completely ready, enter the door.  Once inside, you will be immediately 
greeted by an Albino Baboon.  Don't get into battle with it!!  Lure it into 
running into the ice blocking the path on the left-hand side of the room.  Then, 
with a clear path through it, you can destroy the Albino Baboon if you want.  
Once you have done that, proceed through the next door.  Once you enter, you 
will see another Albino Baboon.  If you go down you will see a treasure chest 
blocked by some ice.  Again, trick the Baboon into smashing the ice for you, 
allowing you to obtain the treasure chest containing a Star Light.  Proceed to 
the next door if you want to avoid confrontation with the Albino Baboon.  
Otherwise, fight it and then go through the next door.  In the next room is, 
yes, another Albino Baboon.  Walk downwards a little.  See the treasure chest?  
That's right, same thing we did in the other rooms.  The chest contains... the 
Dragon Ring!  We finally have what Quark wanted.  After a very small 
conversation, you will be ready to take the ring back to Quark.  But before 
doing so, walk south even more to unveil yet another treasure chest blocked by 
ice.  You know what to do.  The chest contains 250s, some very much needed 
money.  Now, let's take the ring back to Quark.
	Once back at Quarks Lair, you will have a conversation with Quark.  He 
gives you the Dragon Diamond for finding the Dragon Ring.  Quark says this was 
the first step to your journey.  He also mentions you have green eyes.  The only 
other he had seen with green eyes had been Dyne.  He knows you want to become a 
Dragonmaster.  He tells you to cross over to the mainland and seek out your 
destiny.  He tells you to search for his brothers Red, Blue, and Black.  
Overcome their Trials and claim their rewards.  He tells you to return to his 
lair once you earn the prize of manhood, and you will become a Dragonmaster.  So 
it's almost time.  He says you should spend one more night with the ones you 
love.  So, save it and get out of the cave.  Flee from all your battles if you 
want.  These monsters are starting to get a little weak for you.  Once you get 
out of the cave, save your game once more then head back to Burg.  The adventure 
is starting to unfold...

<2.3> Burg Revisited
	Once you get back to Burg, after a small conversation, Nall and Luna will 
talk you into letting the diamond wait and going to Althena's Statue.  Before 
doing so, walk around the village and speak with all the townsfolk, many say 
something different.    Once you are finished talking go to Althena's Statue.  
It's just between the houses in the southern part of the village.  Once you have 
looked at the statue (Note- The statues will fully replenish you.  They are in 
almost every city.) Head on over to the shop.  It's time to make some silver!  
Oh no... The shopkeeper hasn't enough money to buy it from you.  We must travel 
over to Meribia, the only place we could sell it at.  The only way to Meribia, 
though, is the port town of Saith.  A pretty long journey.  It's all the way 
over on the mainland.  After some small talk, you should head on home for the 
night.  What?  Once you are on the bridge, Ramus says he needs to speak with.  
So, Luna heads on home to leave you two to talk.  He says he has decided to go 
to Meribia, and gives you the choice of coming along.  Shall we?  Why not!  
Let's do it.  But, Ramus says you shouldn't say anything about it to Luna.  Once 
you enter your house and speak with your family, it's time to go.  So, exit your 
house and leave the town.  Once you leave, be sure to save your game.
Once you are ready, head over to the Weird Woods.  The fog is even worse than 
before.  Walk over and get the treasure chest, then continue upward.  Ramus will 
start whining at this point.  Travel a little further and you will see a few 
monsters.  This scares Ramus, causing him to run back out of the forest.  You 
and Nall meet back up with him outside the woods.  Head on back to the village.  
Start going back to your house.  Once you are on the bridge, Ramus will speak up 
once more.  He thinks that his father is right about him- he is all talk and no 
action.  You and Ramus decide to try again in the morning.  You also decide on 
letting Luna go with you this time.  Head back home and enter your house.  Then, 
go talk to Luna.  She is mad at you for not saying anything about leaving.  When 
she stops talking to you, go talk with your parents.  Listen to what they have 
to say.  Once you have talked to them (and received 1000s from your mother), go 
back over and talk to Luna.  She forgives you this time.  She says that she is 
going with you, and you can't stop her.  Now, all you can do is say goodbye to 
your parents.  They say you need to go get some rest first, so you will spend 
the night.  During the night Luna has a dream.  Pay attention to it.  When she 
wakes up, she walks over to your bed.  It's in the middle of the night.  You 
aren't in your bed, but she hears you playing your ocarina and knows where you 
are.  Dyne's Monument, one more time.  She will talk up to the monument where 
you stand, looking into the mountains.  After talking for a minute Luna will 
walk back to the house.  The next morning you are ready to go.  After talking 
with your parents one more time, meet up with Ramus at the entrance of the 
village.  So, we are now ready to travel through the Weird Woods to reach the 
port town of Saith, our only way of making it to Meribia.  Make sure you have 
all the supplies, then go out of the town and save.

<2.4> Weird Woods
Monsters In Area: [Flytrapper]-[Goblin]-[Gorgon]-[Scythe Spore] 
When you enter the woods, the fog is still there.  The team isn't sure what to 
do, but Luna has an idea.  She starts singing the song they had been practicing 
before.  Magically, the fog just fades away.  But how did Luna know to do that?  
She admits she doesn't know what caused her to do that.  Now that you can see, 
start walking around.  Kill every monster that you see, they will give much 
experience.  You can collect 6 Antidotes and 3 Herbs before coming to a very 
large clearing.  If you need more supplies, be sure to get them before going 
through the clearing.  Once you are ready, continue through the clearing.  To 
the northeast is a path out.  But, before you can do anything, monsters come out 
from within the trees.  Uh oh, let's get outta here.  You will start running, 
but even more monsters come out from within the trees.  Run!  Oh no, they have 
us surrounded.  But before they can attack you, a middle-aged man named Laike 
will come to the rescue.  He offers you help.  If you think you can handle it, 
tell him that you have everything under control.  You will be fighting 6 Goblins 
and 2 Gorgons.  After the battle you have the chance to let him help you once 
more.  If you decide no, you will be put in another battle like the last.  Once 
they are defeated, you can decide one more time if you want his help or not.  
You don't have to, but it's a good idea, considering you can't raise you HP 
between battles.  Or, if you don't want to do it like this, you can ask him for 
help during the first battle and get it over with.  Once the battle is over, you 
and the man decide to talk.  That night, you start a fire.  After talking for a 
while, everyone will go to sleep.  Except for the man, that is.  He walks over 
and looks at Alex.  He has the green eyes.  The man is now curious.  The next 
morning he is gone.  All you can do now is exit the woods through the path to 
the northeast.  Once you are out of the woods, walk south until you see a town.  
It's the port town of Saith!  

<2.5> Port Town of Saith
	We are finally in Saith!  It was a long enough journey...  Now that you 
are here, take some time to talk to the townsfolk.  You will learn a lot of 
things about Saith, Meribia, and the situation that the captain of the 
Hispaniola is in.  Seems that he has gambled away his Sea Chart to Brett, the 
town's best gambler.  Now talk to the harbormaster at the counter.  He thinks 
you can beat Brett and recover the Sea Chart at the nearby drinking 
establishment in the town.  So, let's head on over to the bar.  In the corner is 
the gambler Brett.  Of course, he is boasting.  Talk to him and agree to gamble 
with him.  So, what will the game be?  A coin-tossing game.  Here we go.  Heads 
or tails?  Okay, you can choose what you want.  So...?  What happened?  You 
lost??  Okay, let's try again.  Go ahead and choose, heads or tails.  What?  
Wrong again???  Ramus starts to get suspicious now.  He takes you to the other 
corner to talk.  He believes that Brett is cheating.  So he tells you to do it 
again.  This time, he bets the Dragon Diamond.  What?!  Are you sure Ramus??  
He's sure.  Now, let's play again.  This time, Ramus shoves Brett away from the 
coin, busting him.  So he was cheating.  We get back our 200s and the Dragon 
Diamond.  We've won the Sea Chart back!  Looks like there's a problem though.  
He traded the Sea Chart to the Old Hag for the Fortune Cane.  So he gives you 
the Fortune Cane and tells you that you may be able to trade back if you're 
lucky.  Let's head on over to the Old Hag's Forest!
<2.6> Old Hag's Forest
Monsters In Area: [Killer Fly]-[Killer Wasp]-[Mantle Eater]-[Mutant Ant]
	Be sure you have equipped the latest weapons that Saith has to offer, you 
will need them for this forest.  The monsters are rather hard when you first 
enter.  If you want to, you can rush through the forest without fighting hardly 
any.  The Hag's house is to the north.  Once you get on the path to her house, 
walk north.  What's this?  Something has been caught in one of the traps!  Free 
them and see who they are:  His name is Nash, a third-year disciple of the 
University of Vane.  He will join you and you are ready to go to her house.  
Once you are in the house go upstairs.  The Old Hag is there, and is waiting for 
you.  Talk to her.  She doesn't want the Fortune Cane, but the Water Cane that 
Nash has.  Ramus can't talk him into giving it up, but luckily Luna can.  He 
hands the Water Cane over and you receive the Sea Chart.  Continue to talk to 
her 3 more times.  Then once you are done head back over to Saith to give the 
Sea Chart to the captain.

<2.7> Saline Slimer and Afterwards
	When you arrive back at Saith, go talk to the captain in the dockhouse.  
He will explain what is going on.  (Note- If you are low on levels, go back to 
the Old Hag's Forest and build up.  You need to be at least to level 12 or 13.  
Otherwise, this battle is almost completely impossible.)  Now it's time for your 
first real fight.  When you go outside and look on the ship, you see the Saline 
Boss Strategy: When you start the battle, cast Vigor with Alex.  Let Ramus 
attack with his bow, use Thunder Bomb with Nash, and let Luna heal the party 
with her songs.  If no one needs HP, attack with her.  On the next round start 
using Sword Dance with Alex, which should hit the Slimer about 200 each time.  
Once he runs out of MP, you can use a Star Light to regain some MP.  Otherwise, 
regular attacks will do fine.  Keep the same pattern with everyone else, and 
when Nash runs out of MP, attack regularly.  If you have enough experience, this 
battle shouldn't be too tough.  When you defeat the Slimer, you will receive 150 
Experience.  The captain is very happy and offers you a free trip to Meribia.  
You accept, but the boat won't be ready until morning.  So, you go back to the 
village.  But, before you leave the deck, Luna is having problems.  She says she 
is not going to Meribia.  Pay attention and listen to what she says.  The next 
morning, Luna and the team say goodbye to each other as the ship sets sail.  But 
wait!  Watch what happens next... 
	So, Luna is gonna come with us after all!  That was close, she almost 
didn't make it.  Once on the ship, look around a little.  Talk to some people.  
While on the ship, be sure to talk to the Souvenir Shopkeeper and get some 
supplies and a bar of soap.  That night, when almost everyone is asleep, on the 
ship, Alex awakens.  Luna is nowhere to be found.  So you and Nall go to find 
her.  Talk to some people on the way as well, Nash is still up.  Go up the 
stairs and onto the deck of the ship.  Sit back and watch...

<2.8> Meribia
	Once you arrive at Meribia, Nash departs with you.  Ramus goes to find a 
shop to sell the Diamond at, leaving you, Nall, and Luna to look around the huge 
city.  You have done well to make it this far.  What do you say?  Let's go blow 
off some cash!  Don't forget to talk with the people of the town as well.  Also, 
be sure to visit Mel and Black Rose Street.  Also, if you find a weapon shop 
near the entrance of the town, it has nothing.  On the other side of the town is 
another weapon shop.  Buy your weapons here, rather.  When you reach Black Rose 
Street, talk to all the magicians and magic users.  You will hear of a fortune 
teller that runs a shop.  All the way to the east end of the street stands her 
shop.  When you enter, you see Nash talking to her.  What's he doing here?  
Listen very closely to what he tells her.  When Nash sees that you are in the 
room, he panics.  Watch this...
	After seeing the fortune teller, talk to Nash.  He won't tell you what he 
was talking about, but you do find out that the fortune teller's name is Royce.  
Speak with the fortune teller, then go back to the shop Ramus was at to see if 
he has sold the Diamond yet.  Ramus and the shopkeeper are still arguing.  The 
shopkeeper has had many fakes being brought in for the past few weeks, and isn't 
sure if it's real or not.  You step up and help Ramus out.  The shopkeeper 
offers 20,000s.  Uh oh, should we take it or try to get more?  We might as well 
take it, we won't find a better price from anyone else.  So you give him the 
Diamond and he goes back to get your money.  So we wait... and wait...  Must be 
a slow counter...  Something isn't right.  Nall checks out the back room.  He 
isn't there, we've been had!  The other shopkeeper suggests you go talk to Mal 
about it.  So let's go to Mel.  When you get to his mansion take a right once 
inside the door and go up through the first door you see.  Seems Mel won't help 
you.  He says you must do it on "yar" own.  So go back outside the mansion and 
into the village.  Now that you have the chance, go out and buy Ramus some new 
equipment.  Go to the weapon shop that's north of where you got the Diamond 
stolen from you, and the armor shop to the east of that same shop.  Also, it 
would be a good idea to look at the Althena Statue and recover fully.  (Note- If 
you go back to the fortune tellers house, you will notice Nash and her are 
gone.)  Go back to the shop that you were robbed from and save your game.  Then 
proceed on in.  Make your way through the back door and talk to the man in the 
room.  Seems he is also a robber who had been planning to rob Dross.  If you 
continue through the door to the bottom of the room, you will gain access to the 
Meribian Sewers.  We have to catch up with Dross!

<2.9> Meribian Sewers
Monsters In Area: [Grog Snake]-[Fatal Hopper]-[Evil Wisp]-[Ammonia]
	When you first enter you will se someone walking around.  Talk to them and 
they will explain what they are doing down in the sewers.  Press the button on 
the northern wall to lower the bridge.  Cross the bridge and you will be greeted 
by some Grog Snakes.  Continue south until you find another staircase and 
another switch.  Flip the switch and cross the bridge.  Take a right and then 
walk south and obtain a Star Light.  Then go back up and take the left path.  
After defeating a few Grog Snakes you can get the treasure chest containing 
another Star Light.  These things will come in handy.  Continue south.  When you 
come across many small pools with fish jumping back and forth, walk all the way 
to the right.  After defeating a few Fatal Hoppers you can obtain 250s from the 
treasure chest.  Now go all the way back over to the left.  Take the second 
walkway across and fight a few Grog Snakes.  Once you destroy them, flip the 
switch.  Continue south and pick up an Herb from the treasure chest, then go 
right and fight the Evil Wisps.  Now go up and across the bridge.  Flip the next 
switch on the wall to the right, causing the bridge on the other side to fall.  
Now, head back up the walkways and defeat all the Deadly Hoppers for experience.  
(Note- Don't forget, you can save your game while in the sewers, so it might be 
a good idea to do so now.)  After defeating all the Fatal Hoppers, you should 
already have found where to go next.  Save your game if you haven't done so 
already.  You'd hate to die and lose all that experience, wouldn't you?  Take 
the 5th walkway down.  Take the bridge south and get the Herb from the treasure 
chest.  Then walk to the right and fight the Ammonia.  (Note- The Explosion 
Staff is a good tactic to use if there are 4 Evil Wisps guarding it.)  Now take 
the north walkway and get the treasure chest containing 250s.  Head back down 
and go right.  Go through the door and continue north.  Fight the Ammonia.  
Defeat it and head north.  Another Ammonia awaits you.  Defeat it and continue 
north.  After two or three battles with some Evil Wisps, continue north and take 
a right.  Go through the door.  There he is!  But first, get the treasure chest 
to the left.  Then go up to receive a Star Light, then right to obtain another 
Antidote.  Now, go down and talk to him.  What's this?  Seems as if he is 
calling for someone... or something.  Make sure you are prepared, this is a big 

<2.10> Water Dragon and Afterwards
Boss Strategy: Start the battle by using Vigor with Alex.  Attack with both Luna 
and Ramus.  On the next round, use the Sword Dance magic with Alex.  Heal with 
Luna if anyone needs to be healed, and either attack or use an item with Ramus.  
Continue to use the Sword Dance with Alex until his HP runs out, then go with 
regular attacks.  (Note- Unless you want to use a Star Light.  I suggest you use 
one on Alex when he runs out, it will make the battle quicker.)  Keep the same 
patterns with Luna and Ramus throughout the battle.  (Note- Watch out for the 
Water Dragon's Fire Press, which can cause between 60 and 75 points of damage.)  
I do admit, this is a pretty hard battle, but if you know what you are doing, 
you shouldn't have much trouble.  
	After defeating the dragon, Dross tries to compromise, but it's no use.  
You keep walking towards him.  He surrenders, giving you all the money he has, 
500s.  Ramus is mad that the team gets so little, but then gets an idea.  In 
exchange for the diamond, the team gets the shop.  Dross agrees to it and says 
he will be off with the diamond, but wait!  Ramus has outsmarted Dross.  He sold 
the diamond to the store, so now he owns the diamond!  So you get back the 
Diamond as well as make 500s and get your own shop.  Ramus decides everyone 
deserves a second change, and gives Dross a job at the team's new shop.  He says 
he is going to do nothing but honest work from now on, and goes back to the shop 
to wax the floors.  After a small conversation, the team starts back to the 
shop.  But Ramus stops everyone.  He starts to say something to Alex, but then 
decides not to.  Ramus says Alex can keep half of the money.  Nall tells 
everyone to continue the conversation above grounds, and everyone leaves.  There 
is a slight flash and the fortune teller appears out of nowhere.  "Oh yes... 
there's no doubt about it now, is there?  She is the one..."  After making this 
statement she vanishes.    Save your game as soon as you can control again.  
Regain your HP and head back out of the sewers.  When you reach the shop Dross 
will thank you for having mercy on him.  Nash is here as well.  After talking 
for a moment, Nash says that he has worked out something and that you are strong 
enough to come to Vane with him, and have some classes in the Magic Guild.  
Humorously, Nall claims that it's an imposter Nash, because the real Nash would 
never praise anyone other than himself.  Nash says you will get to meet Ghaleon 
and Lemia as well as learn magic!  Now you have a choice.  Will you go to Vane 
or go back home?  You can choose to stay back several times and be amused 
watching them try to convince you to go, but either way you will have to go.  
But there's one bad thing about it all: Ramus decides to stay at Meribia and run 
the shop.  He believes magic is a bit too much for him.  After a small 
conversation, you will be able to leave the shop.  Go outside and save your 
game.  Now head over to Mel's house.  He is very proud of you.  He says that 
Ghaleon can help you with the dragon.  Walk out of Mel's mansion and go east.  
Soon you will see a gate.  Look at the statue of Althena and then exit the town.

<2.11> The Path To Vane
	  After a small and mysterious conversation with Nash, he tells you to 
keep your eyes on the sky.  Huh?  Save your game and head east and cross the 
bridge.  Continue south and walk down the trail.  Watch...
	Continue south to the blue sphere on the land.  Talk to the man on the 
southern side of the sphere, obviously the transport to Vane.  Seems they will 
only let Nash go up to Vane.  Lemia has set strict rules because of numerous 
rumors of the Magic Emperor roaming the lands.  The only way you can get in is 
with an application.  Remember what that person in Meribia said?  So let's head 
on over to Althena's Shrine and see Phacia.  Follow the path west and then 
north.  When you get there, talk with some people.  When you enter the second 
room you will have the chance to speak with Phacia, although Nash will do a lot 
of the talking.  After some conversation, Phacia will give you an application so 
you can visit Vane and decide if you want to learn magic.  Phacia also mentions 
Luna's singing talent before you leave and asks her to sing when they come back 
sometime.  Exit Althena's Shrine and head back over to the transporter.  Save 
your game and you are ready to go.  After giving the application to the man, he 
will let you go to Vane.  Now Nash will tell you about the Cave of Trial, where 
you will be tested the first time you come to Vane.  Nash departs now and tells 
you to meet him at the Magic Guild.  Walk over to the center of the circle on 
the right side, and you will be transported to the Cave of Trial.

<2.12> The Cave of Trial and the Truffle Troubler
Monsters In Area: [Death Shroom]-[Slumber Moth]-[Gunfoot]-[Ice Mongrel]
	A man will greet you and he will explain to you the rules within the Cave 
of Magic.  Okay, let's get started.  Go north and through a small door and you 
will fight a few Death Shrooms.  If you are leveled good, they should pose no 
threat.  Once through the door continue right and through the next door.  As 
soon as you enter you will see a treasure chest.  Follow the cave around and get 
the treasure chest containing 250s.  Continue east and then north.  Talk to the 
man.  He can heal your wounds if you want, but he can only do it once.  Unless 
you desperately need healing, save it for later, you will need it!  Save your 
game and proceed through the next door.  Take either the left or right path and 
go through the northern door.  Once through, proceed south and take the first 
right.  Fight the Ice Mangrel.  You can't get the treasure chest, so continue 
south and take a right.  Get the treasure chest containing 250s and go through 
the northern door.  Now, walk around and speak with the people.  Seems they are 
stuck in the cave as well.  Save your game and go talk to the man near the door.  
He can heal your wounds if you need it.  If not, again save it for a later time.  
Now, proceed through the northern door.  Fight the Gunfoot, then continue north 
and take the first left.  Go all the way left and then north.  Talk to the man 
above.  He has been in the Cave of Trial for 5 years.  Ouch...  Continue west 
and get the treasure chest containing 250s.  Continue south; don't walk down the 
left path though!  A treasure chest awaits you at the end of the right path, 
along with some monsters though.  Defeat the monsters and grab what's in the 
treasure chest- another 250s.  Now, head back up north.  If you take the left 
path now, you will see a large, hideous monster guarding a door.  It must be the 
exit.  Don't walk all the way out in front of it though, here's where that 
refreshment comes in.  If you haven't used your refreshment offer from the man 
in blue, go back to the old man and use it.  When you come back through there 
should be no monsters to bother you.  Now you're ready for the fight.  Make sure 
you have max HP, then save your game.  Here we go...
Boss Strategy: Start the battle by using Vigor and attack with Luna.  Now, use 
Sword Dance with Alex and use Luna's songs as needed.  Mad Spark is one of its 
main attacks, causing between 25 and 40 points of damage to both characters.  
Another thing is its paralysis attack.  There is only one thing you can do for 
it, and that's to use Luna's Purity Song.  (Note- That is from the viewpoint 
that Alex is paralyzed.)  If Alex dies, all you can do with Luna is attack and 
restore HP.  You do have one hope though, and that is Nall.  There is a 
possibility that Nall will restore life to Alex (or Luna depending on the 
situation).  If he does, you will have another chance to get a good attack in, 
preferably Sword Dance if you have the MP.  Once you run out of MP with either 
character, all you can do is attack with that character.  Another thing that may 
cause you problems is if the Troubler continuously uses Mad Spark.  Refreshing 
both your characters HP takes 15 MP, which will deplete Luna's MP very quickly, 
but you should have Alex good enough that he can put the monster away before she 
runs out.  Be sure to keep your HP as high as possible throughout the battle.  
The fight with the Truffle Troubler is a battle of chance.  It can be very easy 
if no one dies.  But on the other hand, if can be extremely difficult.  
(Fighting Tactic- If the Truffle Troubler paralyzes Alex, use your healing song 
repeatedly on him with Luna.  The Troubler usually continues to attack Alex to 
try to kill him, but if you keep refreshing his HP he the monster will not have 
the attack power to kill him.  After about 2 or 3 rounds, Alex will break free 
of the paralysis affect.)
	Once you defeat the Truffle Troubler, you gain access to the exit.  But 
don't overlook the path to the south.  If you follow it north and then east, you 
will find a treasure chest containing a Healing Ring.  It will surely prove 
useful.  Equip the ring with Luna. Also, just a reminder, if you haven't already 
you need to equip the Fire Ring with Alex.  Now, if you already haven't, fight 
the monsters near the chest.  Now, go back around and exit through the door the 
monster was guarding.  You made it!  Walk across the walkway to the left, 
proceed north, then right.  Talk to the man standing there.  He will 
congratulate you and then give you access to the entrance of Vane.  Walk through 
the door and you will find yourself in some sort of building.  Save your game, 
and you are ready to continue on your journey.

<2.13> The Magic City of Vane, At Last!
	Walk downstairs and outside the building.  For now, just look around and 
speak with the people of the city.  Be sure to visit the Armor shop just north 
of the building that you came out of.  Also of importance are the Weapon and 
Item Shops.  Visit the Magic Library as well while you're there.  On the 
northeastern side of the town is a statue of Althena, where you can recover your 
HP and MP.  When you are ready, save your game and proceed into the northernmost 
building, the Magic Guild.  When you enter you will immediately see Nash.  Nash 
and Luna leave while you and Nall have the chance to look around a while.  Luna 
is taken to a room, when she starts to here some music from somewhere.  She 
thinks it's Alex and goes out the back door, where she sees someone sitting on a 
bench playing their instrument.  It's Ghaleon!  Listen carefully to what he has 
to say... 
	Now's your chance to look around.  Check out some of the classrooms and 
talk to some people.  Now, go up the set of stairs on the western side of the 
Guild.  When you talk to the guard, he will  let you pass and go into Mia's 
room.  Walk to the room to the left and watch...
	Nall will start talking to Mia, when Nash rushes up and into the room.  
Nash is quite angry, he thinks you and Nall intruded on Mia.  Mia tries to 
explain, but Nash will have none of it.  He tells you it's time to meet Ghaleon, 
and the three of you walk back downstairs.  When you are on the first floor, 
walk all the way to the right and take the set of stairs.  Walk to the left and 
you will see Luna waiting for you.  Speak with her and after a moment everyone 
will go into Ghaleon's room.  What what happens...
	Ghaleon will try to get you to stop searching for the dragons and start 
learning magic at the Magic Guild.  So?  What's it gonna be?  No matter what you 
choose, you will end up not quitting your search for the dragons.  But Ghaleon 
says that he has heard that a Dragonmaster has already been born in a city 
called Lann.  He asks you to go take a look at what everyone is talking about.  
He will have Nash assist you.  Once you leave Ghaleon's room, head back 
downstairs and out of the Guild.  Now, make sure everyone has their best 
equipment, and don't forget about the newly rejoined Nash.  Now, head toward the 
transport at the southern part of the town.  Save your game and exit Vane.  Now 
we are ready to find Lann.  Head west and follow the trail into the mountains.

<2.14> Nanza Pass and Nanza Barrier
Monsters In Area: [Antoirion]-[Mud Cyclops]-[Death Mutt]-[Giga Wasp]
	Begin walking west and then north.  Only get the treasure chest you see if 
you think you can survive; monsters will attack you once you open the chest.  
Walk right and then down and get the treasure chest containing 50s.  Walk back 
north and then west and take the far left path.  You can fight the Death Mutts 
if you want, if not continue south and down the path on the east side.  You 
should see a treasure chest.  Get the herb from it.  Now continue south.  If 
yougo west you will find another chest containing 50s.  Now take the far right 
path.  You'll find a path that leads somewhere to the north.  Follow it and 
you'll find a treasure chest containing another herb.  Walk back down and 
continue south, staying along the right-hand wall.  Soon you'll come across 
another chest.  Again, open it if you are confident in your fighting skills.  
Otherwise, leave it.  Proceed walking west.  You will go south a little and then 
have another western path.  Soon you will reach a sign.  It says "WEST: Nanza 
Barrier," which means you've made it.  Talk to the man you see there, and when 
he hears you're with the Magic Guild, he will let you pass without any trouble.  
Follow the path left and go through the door.  If you want,  despite Nash's urge 
to move rather quickly, you can enter the building and look around (which you 
will have to do anyway).  Talk to people.  You'll learn a lot.  Like about their 
boss Kyle.  You probably won't find a weapon or armr shop here.  When you're 
done talking, go back to the guard and continue west through the door.  Talk to 
the man sitting there.  Uh oh!  Seems ho won't let you passs without Kyle's 
permission.  Hmm... Isn't that the drunk one?  If you looked around and talked 
to everyone, you already know where to find him.  But it looks as if he's 
stumbled to the east tower now.  Walk south and then east and you will see the 
tower.  Enter it and climb up to the top, where you will see a little girl.  
When you talk to her, she says that Kyle probably  went to the cafeteria to get 
something to eat.  You know where that is, right?  Walk back over to the tower 
that you came up from, and keep going down the stairs until you come to an 
underground place.  The cafeteria is south, you will know it when you see it.  
Hmm... He's not there.  The girl at the eastern table says that he was going to 
go to bed, so let's check his roon.  Talk to the man in there.  He will tell you 
that they locked him up in a jail cell.  So walk over ot the jail cells.  You 
will find him laying on the ground in the middle of the cell.  Try to talk to 
	After an amusing scene with Kyle, the man near the cells will come over 
and talk to you.  He will not allow you to wake Kyle up, so you can't speak with 
him.  But he will make you a deal.  If you will forget talking to him and leave 
Kyle alone, he will tell the guard to open the gate for you.  Walk back to the 
gate.  He will let you pass without any argument.  Hmm... Looks as if you have 
another journey to make in order to reach Lann...

<2.15> Back to Vane and the Nanza Pass
	Things have been going rather quickly, and you surely do not have the 
experience you need right now.  Go back to Vane and refresh your supplies.  Once 
you are ready, go back to the Nanza Pass and fight monsters and get more 
experience.  It will definately help you, if not now, in the long run.  Your 
goal is to be at level 20 by the time you are ready to journey to Lann.  Are you 
up to the challenge?  Many will back down from it, I know, but if you do this it 
will help you out a lot, trust me.  And if you don't feel like it, get to at 
least 18 so that you will have hopefully learned Flash Cut, Alex's newest Magic.  
Once you are ready and have all your supplies, go back to the Nanza Barrier.  
Continue west like you did before and get on the trail that leads to Lann.  
Let's go!

<2.16> Nanza Pass (On The Way To Lann)
	Start out by going south.  Only get the treasure chest if you feel you can 
beat the monsters inside.  Continue west and take the southern path.  Soon you 
will see a man.  Speak with him and continue.  Get the treasure chest containing 
a Star Light and proceed left.  You will find two more people.  Talk with them 
also.  A little further left and you'll see a sign.  That means you're almost at 
Lann.  Proceed north after exiting the Nanza Pass and continue north.  When the 
path splits you will soon see Lann.   

<2.17> Lann and Lann Island
	First thing to do here is to go take a look at the Althena Statue you will 
see when you first get in.  Now save your game.  Take a look around the place, 
speak with the people.  Once you are ready, enter the building in the middle of 
the town where some people are having a conversation about the new Dragonmaster.  
You will see a girl standing on the table talking to evryone.  She thinks the 
new Dragonmaster is a fake as well.  When she talks to you, she asks if she can 
come with you to see this new Dragonmaster.  Should we?  Okay, let's let her 
come with us!  She is a student at Althena's Shrine, so surely she can be 
helpful.  The new Dragonmaster lives on Lann Island, so looks like we'll be 
finding us a boat.  So, exit the building and head down to the docks.  Go to the 
far west side and talk to the man with the boat.  After a little arguing he will 
lend you his boat.  Jump on  nad you are ready to go.  After a minute you'll 
arrive at Lann Island.  Nash and the newcomer Jessica will get into a fight 
early.  Luckily Luna's here to break it up.  Now we are ready to go into the 
Monsters In Area: [Barrel Snake]-[Nightmare]-[The Deep]-[Mongcrop]
	Be careful when walking through the swamp.  Walking in certain parts of 
the blue (it will be a lighter color than the ocean, so you will be able to tell 
which is which) will take your HP away.  Also, be careful if you try to get a 
treasure chest.  Some will play with your brain by mixing the controls on the 
controller.  For example, if you press upward on the controller, you may move 
left on the game.  Luckily, it is only temporary.  Be sure you search the place 
very thoroughly, you will find other treasures besides these "brain teasers".  
There's not a lot I can help you with here, because of the way that the swamp is 
set up, it's hard to tell you exactly where to go.  But, I can give you a list 
of the treasures you can get, give you a couple do(s) and don't(s), and give you 
a boss strategy.  After searching you will find the man in the northwest corner 
of the swamp. Refresh your health and save the game.  Now, go talk to him.  His 
name is Zoc...  He can't believe you fought through his swamp monsters to find 
him.  After arguing a moment, it will be time to fight him.  Let's do this...
Item List:
Fresh Ring

Boss Strategy:  Have Alex use Vigor from the start.  Nash uses Thunder Bomb, and 
Luna and Jessica attack.  Now have Alex use Sword Dance until he runs out of MP.  
Have Nash continue to use Thunder Bomb until he runs out, and have Luna and 
Jessica heal the party as needed.  Otherwise, attack with them.  This should be 
a very simple fight, as long as you keep your HP up.  It's special attack causus 
up to 65 points of damage to each character.  
	After you defeat him he comes to his senses and promises not to use his 
magic for evil anymore.  Now save your game and head out of this place.  When 
you get back to Lann you will immediately see Phacia.  After she leaves, listen 
to what Jessica says.  She says there is no one at the Shrine named Phacia.  
Strange...  Jessica decides to go check it out and departs.  Once you regain 
control, go see the Althena Statue and regain your HP and MP.  Then save your 
game.  If you talk to some of the people, they will show their thankfulness.  
Also, you will learn that the singer of the town has left.  Or has she been 
taken?  One boy says that something with wings took her.  Another man says that 
she always wanted to go to Meribia, so maybe she went there.  We will find her.  
When you are ready, leave the town.  It's time to head back to Ghaleon.....

<2.18> Back to Vane, Once Again
	Exit the town and get back on the Nanza Pass.  Once at the Nanza Barrier, 
look at the Althena Statue and then exit the town to the east.  Continue through 
the Nanza Pass, you know the way, until you are out.  Now, save your game and 
head on over to Vane.
	Upon entering Vane, Nash will rush to the Magic Guild to see Ghaleon.  He 
says after you look around the city to join him there.  So look around and see 
what's new.  The person closest to the transport will tell you that Lemia Ausa, 
Mia's mother, is waiting for you.  Another tells you Lemia has been acting 
strange lately.  Uh oh...  Once you are finished speaking with the townsfolk, 
visit Althena's Statue and save.  We are ready to enter the Magic Guild and talk 
with Lemia.  
	When you enter the Guild you will see Nash.  He says that Lemia is ready 
to meet with you and for you to wait for her at the rear of the Grand Hall.  
Enter the Grand Hall and talk with all the people lined up there.  You will 
learn of Royce being here in the Guild.  What's she doing here?  Talking to 
Ghaleon, he will say the she consults with her fortune-teller more than him 
nowadays.  Uh oh, so that's what she's doing here.  Royce has something up...  
Soon Lemia will come, along with Royce.  Watch what happens...  Uh oh!  She 
calls for the guards to come and get you.  You are to be executed in the 
morning.  But she says not to take Luna, she has special plans for her.  
Remember what Royce said in Meribia?  She is the one?  This must have something 
to do with it.  Watch now...

<2.19> Crystal Tower and Star Chamber
	You will wake up in a jail dungeon.  Soon Mia and Nall will come and let 
you out.  Mia will give you Althena's Mirror and will join your party.  Now, 
it's time to go find Luna.    The person in the other cell will keep saying 
strange things.  When you walk over to her cell, Mia sees it- the mask she has 
on is a magical device that blocks memories.  Listen to what she says.  It is 
very interesting.  Mia opens the door and walks over to her.  She then explains 
to you the Vile Tribe.  She will also alk about the Star Chamber.  The Star 
Chamber is on the highest floor of the Crystal Tower, the entrance being the 
door to the east of the Grand Hall.  That must be where Luna is.  The woman will 
come with you as well.  Talk with some people before you go to the door though.  
Up in Ghaleon's room the man will say that Lemia, Royce, Ghaleon, and... Phacia?  
Phacia has also went to the Crystal Tower with them.  Now head for the blue 
doors.  Nash will come running up.  Listen to what he says.  He will join you as 
well.  Now save your game.  Here we go...
Monsters In Area: [Reflector]-[Plasma Fiend]-[Blood Lord]-[Neutronitor]
	Upon entering you will learn that you can weild no weapons, Althena casted 
a magic on this tower, so you must unequip your weapons, not your armor.  Be 
sure you don't unequip your armor, you will need it.  Proceed north and enter 
either door.  Go left and then southeast and take the door.  (Note- Try to keep 
as much MP as possible with everyone, you will need it.)  Go north and around to 
get to the next room.  See the treasure chest?  Get it- 750s.  Now head north.  
Get the treasure chest containing the Star Light, you'll need it as well.  Go 
back to the east side of the room and go through the door.  Go east and head 
into the northern door.  Take the eastern path and head through the southern 
door.  Now, take the eastern door to the north.  Once through, continue south 
and through the southern door.  In the door you will find another treasure chest 
containing an Angel Ring.  Now go back and head back north.  After going through 
the door, head over to the western door.  Go south and enter the next room and 
get the treasure chest.  Now go back through the door and go back up, and back 
into the eastern door.  Now go through the door we haven't been through yet.  
Quickly run up and then right against the northern wall to avoid the monsters, 
then head through the next door.  Immediately you will hear a voice.  Luna!  She 
is singing.  We are close!  Now the woman with the mask will speak.  The singing 
brings back her memories.  She remembers who she is.  Right before she says her 
name, there is a flash and... She doesn't remember.  What is keeping her from 
remembering who she is?  And how does Luna's singing restore her membery?  We 
might find out.  Save your game and restore any lost HP and MP.  Now, go into 
the northern room.  We are there.  Now, there is no way I can keep up with 
what's going to happen, so you will have to go through this yourself.  I will 
meet back up with you soon...

<2.20> Back to the White Dragon Cave (Meribia and Saith)
	That was pretty intense, wasn't it?  Once out of the Magic Guild go see 
the Althena Statue, then save.  We are now ready to head over to Meribia to take 
a ship to Saith.  
	Once you are in Meribia, you should know exactly where to go... to see 
Ramus!!  Go see how he's doing and get the latest and greatest weapons, armor, 
and items.  At this point, you should have well over enough money to buy your 
equipment.  I had 35,000s, some people may have more, some may have less.  When 
you are ready, head over to Mel's mansion.  Looks like the ship won't be ready 
until tomorrow.  Jessica and Mel will let you spend the night at the mansion 
though.  After speaking with Jessica for a while up in the room, it will be time 
to get some rest.  That night Luna has the dream again.  What could it mean?  
After saying goodbye to Mel and Jessica, head to the harbor and meet up with 
Ghaleon.  You will soon arrive in Saith.
	If you want to talk to the people of Saith, you are welcome to.  Once you 
are done, go out of Saith and head back for the Weird Woods.

<2.21> Back to the White Dragon Cave (Burg / White Dragon Cave)
	You know the way through the Weird Woods.  Once you are through, go into 
your hometown, Burg!  It feels so great to be back!  Just like old times.  Speak 
with all the townspeople and visit Dyne's Monument.  Also, visit your parents 
and the place where you and Luna used to practice singing.  Now head on to 
	Be sure to listen to what he says.  You might find what happens next 
rather... startling...
	Once you awaken, you will be in Burg.  Laike has come to your rescue.  
Head over to Dyne's Monument.  He won't tell you why he was in the cave at the 
time.  He will explain to you how Dyne died, and will give you the White Dragon 

<2.22> What Now?
	After Laike leaves, use the White Dragon Wings.  Go to Vane and speak with 
Lemia.  Then go to Ghaleon's room.  His diary is on his desk.  Read it and see 
what it says.  Now save your game and goto Meribia, where you will immediately 
see monsters.  Defeat them and listen to what Jessica says.  Now quickly head 
over to Mel's mansion.  Get around the monster to the right and go between the 
houses.  Follow the street all the way right then go up and left as quickly as 
you can.  Mel is upstairs in the Gym.  Hurry! 
	Now it's time to go back to Vane.  When you arrive, Vane is being taken 
over as well.  You will see Nash, Mia, and a few others trying to fight off a 
large Vile monster.
Boss Strategy:  Start the battle by using Vigor with Alex.  Use Thunder Bomb 
with Nash, Ice Shell with Mia (cast on whomever you like, but you will need to 
use it on everyone before doing anything else with her), and use Defend with 
Jessica.  Then, use Sword Dance until Alex runs out of MP, use Thunder Bomb with 
Nash until he runs out of MP, continue to use Ice Shell with Mia, and when she 
casts it on everyone, you can either cast magic or attack, whatever you like.  
Cast heal on the other characters that need it with Jessica.  Also, don't forget 
about your items.  They will be handy in this battle.
	After the battle you will go and talk to Melia.  Talk to Mia and Nash and 
they will join you.  Pay close attention to what Lemia tells you.  The next 
dragon, the red dragon, is south of Nanza in a volcano.  Go and see the Althena 
Statue and save your game.  Let's go!

<2.23> Nanza Barrier and Reza
	You can use the White Dragon Wings if you like to get to the Nanza Barrier 
quicker.  Otherwise, you know the way through the Pass.
	Once there, continue east.  You will hear a scream.  Hurry through the 
door!  It's Xenobia.  They have someone holstage.  One move and they'll grab her 
and kill her.  Jessica, seeing Xenobia, doesn't thikn and tries to attack, but 
the team keeps her back.  Xenobia yells for her guards to get the girl, but she 
knocks them all back.  A strange girl...  Watch what happens.  So Kyle is on the 
team as well!  Let's head south to that cave!  
	(Author's Note- In case you haven't noticed, I am not going to go through 
the story as much with you, I will only help you on the parts that you need help 
on now, mainly anyway.  Sometimes I may tell a little of what happens in the 
story, but I am gonna leave a lot of the rest up to you.  I know you can handle 
	Go through the Nanza Pass and go to the small circle-shaped town of Reza.  
Enter and immediately someone will bump into Nall.  When Nall gets back up, the 
White Dragon Wings are gone.  We gotta find 'em!  Walk north and into the bar.  
Go talk to the bartender.  Seems the only way to get the wings back is if you 
join the Thieve's Guild.  To join, we have to be tested for theif skills first.  
The man that tests people is in Meryod right now.  So, let's travel south.  Soon 
you will find a forest...

<2.24> Althena's Spring and the Meryod Woods
	If you have a bar of soap, you can visit the Althena's Spring (for the 
guys).  Girls, you may enjoy this, guys, you probably won't.  I suggest the guys 
save their soap for Althena's Spring for the girls.  You will be able to tell 
where the Spring is, it is close to the Meryod Woods.
Monsters In Area:[Brain Licker]-[Chrono Gorgon]-[Killer Buzz]-[Graggen]
	Start going north.  Then if you take the left or right path you will see 
treasure chests.  Both contain 1000s.  The rest of the forest is short and 
sweet.  If you want to explore, you're welcome to.  If you don't want to, 
directly north of the entrance is the exit.  Just fight if you want to for now, 
we'll be back later.

<2.25> Meryod
	Once you exit the forest go north and you will find Meryod.  Look at the 
Althena Statue and save.  Now it's time to look around and find that test-giver.  
Talk to the man you first see.  The bridge is rotted?  Who cares, let's run 
across it anyway.  There is a creak... and a crack... Uh oh...
	Once you awaken, go find all your team members.  An easy task.  Kyle is in 
the Pub.  He will explain to you the situation.  So we have to head over to 
Damon's Spire and reach the top.  Crap...  This won't be easy.  Before you leave 
Meryod, be sure to check out the Armor Shop.  Pick up the latest armor and at 
least one of the rings available at the Item Shop.  Yeah, you remember when I 
said we'd be back to the Meryod Woods, don't you?  It's time to fight and level 
up now.  So go back to the woods and get to it.  Fight a lot.  This is a very 
good place to get experience (Yes, I know I say that about every place in Lunar, 
but seriously, get more experience, these are really good places to get 
experience.)  It shouldn't take long to get what you need.  Your goal?  Hmm... 
Level 23 should be good.  When you get to Level 23, head over to Damon's Spire.  
Also, witha ll the money you make, go buy some more rings from the Item Shop!

<2.26> Damon's Spire
	When you go back through the forest, at the entrance, you will find Mel, 
still frozen from Xenobia's magic.  What is he doing here??  Jessica is 
surprised.  Listen to what Mel says.  There is a small flash, then a larger one.  
Kyle shoves Jessica out of the way, as everyone is turned to stone except for 
Jessica.  Jessica calls for Althena's power, but it won't work.  Mel tells her 
to come to him.  He says that she will live forever and never be alone.  Kyle 
starts to shake, and destroys the stone covering.  Now watch... 
	Okay, now here's the fight.  Try simply using Power Slash and use items as 
needed.  When you defeat the Plaster Mel, you will find that the monster is 
Royce.  Listen to what she says. 
	When you are ready, head south to Damon's Spire.  Once you get there and 
Damon appears, Mia will look into the notebook.  She will say what is written in 
the book and Damon will let you pass, telling you to stop on the red tiles to 
unlock the door and gain entrance.
(Author's Note- This has got to be one of the most comlicated parts of the 
walkthrough.  So, I have figured out a way to explain what to do.  On floors 1 
and 2, there are nine rooms, making a 3x3 grid.  I hope you understand what I am 
saying.  Such as = Left   Middle   Right      
Room   |  1        4          7_|
Room   |  2        5          8_|
Room   |  3        6          9_|
Enter (Entrance)
The grid above demonstrates the First Floor.  So I will say something like,"Step 
on the eastern tiles in room 1." You will go to room one (which would be in the 
northwest corner of the floor) and step on the tiles on the eastern side of the 
room.  I hope you understand.  Use the same grid for Floor 2 as well.  A new 
Grid will be made for floors 3, 4, and 5.)
	Floor 1: When you enter Damons Spire, avoid stepping on the eastern tiles 
and go north.  You should see 3 sets of tiles.  It is room 5, tiles are North, 
East, and South.  When you step on all 3 tiles, go north to room 4, east to room 
1, south to room 2, and south again to room 3.  You will see the steps.  Walk up 
to the door and Damon will appear.We can go through if we answer his question: 
What is the origin of out world, created at the hand of Althena?  Jessica thinks 
Nash should know, him being a student at the Guild and all.  Nash isn't sure, so 
Nall suggests you let Mia answer.  No you have a choice, Mia or Nash?  Choose 
Mia.  Her mother spoike to her about this subject long ago, and she says the 
answer is magic.  That is correct!  Damon will grant you permission to the 
stairs.  Save and go up.
Monster In Area: [Bat Knight]-[Mummy] (Magic is all that will work.)
	Floor 2: Simple.  Room 3, step on the eastern tiles.  Room 6, step on the 
northern tiles.  Now go back east and north to room 2.  Go east through room 5 
and to room 8.  Now, simply go north to room 7 and there are the stairs.  Damon 
will appear again.  We must answer another question.  Listen to what he says.  
Then answer the question.  What controls force?  Now you have a choice to make.  
Nash or Kyle?  Let's go with Nash (unless you feel like being amused, Kyle will 
give a shouting answer of a hilarious fighting call.  Also, he is taken down to 
1 HP.  Yikes!).  Skill controls force.  Thatis right.  Go on up the stairs to 
the 3rd floor.
Monsters In Area: [Rufus] (Alex and Kyle's special attacks are all that will 
take dows a Rufus.)
	Floor 3: Grid = Left    Middle    Right
                        Room   | 1           3           5_|
                        Room   | 2           4           6_|
	Ahh!!!!  Whew, that was scary!  Those Rufuses are UGLY.  Like I said, only 
Alex and Kyle's special attacks will work against them.  You start in room 5.  
Step on the southern tiles and go east.  You are there.  Yes, already.  Walk 
through the door.  The man is in pain.  Nash suggests food poisoning, he is 
clutching his stomach.  Nash and Kyle joke around, but something is wrong with 
Alex.  The team walks up to the man.  Mia asks if he's alright, but he tells her 
to go away.  Read what happens.  Now we have a choice, help him out or go find 
the next door (wonder where it could be...).  Help him.  When Jessica heals him, 
you will come to find out that it was Damon testing you.  Save and continue.
Monsters In Area: [Kill Roller]
	Floor 4: Use the same grid as above.  Go west to room 1 and step on the 
southern tiles.  Then, go back east through 3 and 5 to room 6.  Step on the 
northern tiles.  Now go all the way back to room 2.  Go east and you will find 
something strange in room 4.  Approach them and Damon will appear.  He says if 
you wish to proceed further you will have to make a decision.  While going 
through the Spire, who was the least helpful?  Kyle says that no one is going 
anywhere.  Damon says if we don't surrender our weakest member, we shall all 
perish though.  So, it's up to you, does Kyle go?  No, keep him.  Keep everyone.  
Pick "We won't make anyone leave!" and Damon will commend your wisdom, opening 
the way to the next floor.
	Floor 5: Grid = Left    Middle    Right
                        Room            |    1           2_|
                        Room            |    3           4_|
	You start in room 4.  An extremely easy puzzle with no enemies.  Something 
strange about it, huh?  Step on the northern tiles in room 4, then go north and 
east to room 1.  Step on the eastern tiles and go back to room 4.  Continue east 
to room 3.  You will see something on the ground.  What is it?  Seems it's clay.  
Damon will no appear.  He says you will sculpt the clay into an image of what 
you consider a priceless treasure.  But if the sculpt doesn't impress him, we 
won't be able to enter his private chamber.  The clay is too big for one person 
to do it alone, so everyone will have to do it.  Watch, and make your decisions.  
I will leave this part up to you.  Good luck!
	Luna, eh?  I didn't expect it, my brother predicted it.  I can't believe 
he guessed it right.  Anyway, in Damon's Chamber, he will give you the book you 
need, as well as allow you to read the books in the Spire.  Listen to what he 
says.  Be sure to read all the books in the Spire, then exit.  
 <2.27> Joining the Thieves' Guild and Afterwards
	Now head back to Reza.  Look at Althena's Statue and save.  Then go up to 
the bar, or the Thieves' Guild.  Go up and talk to the bartender.  Give him the 
book, and he will let you be in the Thieves' Guild.  He will give you a Thieves' 
Crest.  He will then give you entrance to the Thieves' Bazaar.  Let's start 
looking for the wings!  In the bazaar you will easily be able to find the man 
that took the wings.  He will not only give you the wings, but he will also 
throw in a bar of soap.  If you didn't you can check out the bathing places near 
Damon's Spire.  Now talk to him again and he will sell you weapons.  Buy 
everyone their best weapons and go out.  On your way out you will see someone 
with Lily.  It's Royce!  The team rushes in to stop her.  Listen to what they 
say.  Kyle asks why they are kidnapping singers, and she says that's a secret, 
unless you want to go with her and Lily to the Frontier.  Then Lily's 
Grandfather will come in.  Lily yells for him, but Royce teleports them away.  
But Royce can still talk.  Listen to what she says.  Now, go with Lily's 
Grandfather.  The man will give you the blueprint and tell you to take it to an 
inventor in Iluk.  Remember him?  Let's go!  If you haven't already, don't 
destroy the inventor's submarine.  Go north and into the house and you will find 
the inventor that the blueprints belong to.  Listen to what he says.  You know 
where he is?  Go out of the house and west down the stairs.  Listen to what this 
man says.  Then go north and into the field.  Be sure to save the game!

<2.28> Field and Red Dragon Cave
Monsters In Area: [Man Eater]-[Fly Devil]-[Fluffy Bug]-[Puffy Bug]
	Go west across the springs and north to find a Crystal Bracelet.  (Also, 
go east when you first enter to find another treasure)  Now go east and north.  
Take a west path you will see Fluffy Bugs in.  Now attack the bugs you see.  The 
red one will get away, but you will be able to corner it down and capture it.  
This is a very good place to get levels, so don't forget to come back here and 
fight later.  Now, let's get this bug back to Shira!  
	The balloon won't be inflated until morning, so Shira will let you stay at 
his house until morning.  The next morning you will be ready to go.  Watch what 
	We are almost ready to take off, but first you should go fight some in the 
field.  It will help you get experience and money.  So get to it, at least Level 
26 before you get on the balloon.  When you are at Level 26 and ready to go, get 
on the balloon.  It's time... to find the Red Dragon!
Monsters In Area: [Fire Elemental]-[Blood Slime]-[Scorpion]-[Burner]
	Save your game.  Head north and go through the door.  Continue south and 
go through the door.  As you hopefully know, these fire-based monsters are weak 
against water/ice-based attacks, so if you bougth weapons back at Reza you 
should have no problems.  Head west, past the door, then north.  The treasure 
chest contains another Star Light.  Now go back to the door.  Save and go 
through.  Now you will hear a voice.  Pay attention to what it says.  Continue 
south.  Get the Barrier Ring out of the treasure chest.  Go north and get the 
Star Light.  Now go west to the large flames.  Walk through them quickly and you 
will lose little life.  Go east and get the treasure chest, a Star Light.  Go 
south and follow the trail and get the chest, a Rainbow Tiara.  Go back west 
then head northeast.  If you take a southern path you will find two treasures, 
an Angel Ring and a Star Light.  Then head north.  You will see another 
treasure, a Star Light.  Then head east and take the north path.  Get the chest, 
1000s.  Now go back to the large fire..  Restore you HP and save your game.  
Now, proceed through the large fire.  You will fight two different battles while 
crossing, but they should be no problem.  Get the chest containing the Star 
Light and continue north.  Watch what happens.  
	Let's get ready.  Restore your HP and MP and save.  Now let's continue 
north.  Now Royce will appear.  Watch again what happens.  Now it's time to 
Boss Strategy: Start the battle by using Vigor with Alex, Attack with Nash, Ice 
Wall with Mia, Power Slash with Kyle, and Defend with Jessica.  Next round, use 
Flash Cut with Alex, Attack with Nash, Ice Wall with Mia, Power Slash with Kyle, 
and Calm Litany with Jessica.  Continue to use Flash Cut with Alex.  When his MP 
runs out, regular attacks.  With Nash, keep attacking and use healing items when 
needed.  Use Ice Wall with Mia until her MP runs out, then attack.  Keep using 
Power Slash with Kyle, again regular attacks once MP is out.  Use Calm Litany 
with Jessica when needed.  This battle should be over soon.
	After the battle, Royce and the team will start talking again.  Watch.  
Recover and save.  Now continue northeast and get the treasure, 5000s.  Now go 
through the door and watch...
Now save after equipping the Red Dragon Shield.  You can use an item to get back 
to the beginning of the dungeon if you want.  Now exit the volcano.  You will 
crash and land in Reza where you will see Laike.  Now it's time to searrch for 
the Blue Dragon.  To Meryod, then!

<2.29> Lyton Cave
	When you get to Meryod, be sure to buy the latest weapons at the weapon 
shop.  Then head north to the village.  You will hear a strange and annoying 
music.  If you talk to the people, you will learn that it is the monsters that 
have appeared and affected their once-beautiful song.  If you talk to a man in 
the northern house he will explain.  Listen to what he has to say.  Now, go to 
the armor shop and buy armor for your team.  Go see Althena's Statue, then save.  
Now it's time to go to the northeastern building to see what's going on.
Monsters In Area: [Giga Ant]-[Bob Goblin]-[Electro Eye]-[Brainpicker]
	Go north and take the right path up.  Go into the door and continue south.  
Save often in the cave.  There are many holes in the ground you can fall into, 
so be careful.  You can distinquish the holes from the solid ground by a few 
cracks in the ground.  Go north and get the chest, a Wisdom Robe, then go back 
south.  When you reach the southernmost point go east and through the door.  
Take the eastern path and get the chest, a Star Light.  Continue north and go 
through the door.  Take the middle path south.  Get the treasure, 2500s.  Now 
continue south.  Go east and take one of the paths north.  Head through the door 
to the next room.  Take the path south and go through the next door.  Head 
directly north and proceed through the door.  You will be in the room with the 
strange music.  Head north.  The correct way for the music to be is to have the 
stones cover the far left hole and the far right hole.  If you have them, use a 
Dragonfly Wing and let's get outta here.  Walk around and talk to the man in the 
far northern house.  Listen to what he has to say.  Now, head north for the 
lake.  Watch waht happens.  Save your game and enter.

<2.30> Blue Dragon Shrine
Monsters In Area: [Gelatin]-[Aqua Genie]-[Razor Wolf]-[Water Elemental]
	Go through the water staircase.  Now head east and go through the stairs.  
No ge west and take the narrow path across and fight the enemies.  Continue west 
and you will see three water staircases.  Tak ethe northern staircase, getting 
the treasure chest along the way.  Now, take the eastern path around.  Avoid the 
first water staircase you see.  Take the second.  Go east and take the middle 
staircase.  Go south and then west.  Get the chest you see, 5000s, then go 
through the northern staircase.  Go directly east, then take a path north.  You 
will see 7 water staircases, 2 to the north, 5 to the south.  It's the fourth 
(4th) one over from the far right one.  Now, go north and around the small pool 
of water.  Then, south, you will see two chests, cone containing a Jewel 
Bracelet, the other containing Chira's Tail.  Then go north and into the water 
staircase.  No, go south and get the chest containing a Dragon Armlet.  Now 
follow the trail around and you will see a door.  Restore your HP and MP and 
save, it's time to go in.  Proceed north and see what happens...

<2.31>Tamur Pass and Tamur
Monsters In Area: [Octo Plant]-[Great Hornet]-[Shrieker]-[Ice Pup]
	  Head east and you will find the Tamur Pass.  The sign says Tamur is to 
the south, but keep going east.  Take a northern path and continue until you 
find a chest.  Get it and head back north.  Take the south path at the split 
this time.  Get the treasure chest and head east.  You will see a sign that says 
is west, so continue west.  Get the treasure chest, a Dark Helmet.  Now go abck 
and take the southern path at the beginning of the Pass.  When the path splits, 
go east.  What now...
Boss Strategy:  Use the first round to regain HP if you forgot after the last 
battle (and yes, I did forget).  Now, use Flash Cut with Alex, Thunder Thrust 
with Nash, Blizzard with Mia, Sonic Riser with Kyle, and Attack or heal with 
Jessica.  This should be an extremely easy battle and you should have no trouble 
with it.
Boss Strategy:  Use the same strategy as with the last battle.
	Who was that?  Continue east.  You will soon find the exit.  Look around 
the town and buy the latest in weapons and armor.  North you will find Laike.  
Listen to what he has to say.  So, with Laike on your team, head north to 
Myght's Tower.

<2.32> Myght's Tower and Back to Tamur
	When you enter, go north and talk to the man standing at the door.  He 
will let you pass.  Now, here's a tricky part.  Simply put, go through the doors 
in the following order: planet, star, sun, moon.  Once through  go take the left 
elevator up to the very top.  Go in the door.  In the maze, go east and take the 
door.  Now, go left and take that door.  In the maze, only stay long enough to 
get the Crystal Sword.  Then go back out where you came in.  Take the elevator 
down once and head over to the far left door.  Go in and go through the maze.  
When you come out, take the door to the left of where you come out, where  you 
will see Myght.  After you talk to Myght, he will agree to build you an airship.  
Go back to Tamur and find everyone.  They will be at the pub.  Where is Nash?  
He will come running in.  Listen to what they say, then save your game.  Go 
north and towards to exit of the town.  A man is being hung!  Watch what 
Boss Strategy:  Give me a break, if you can't win this one, sell your game 
because you don't have a chance against what's to come...

<2.33> Forest of Illusion and Pao
	When you enter the forest the team will conversate a little.  Continue 
south until you find a clearing.  Kyle believes the space is a campsite for 
travelers.  After some talking, continue south.  Kyle will start inspecting the 
trees.  He feels the exit is close.  Head back north.  Jessica will start to get 
angry.  Keep going north.  Choose to rest.  Read what the team talks about.  
Soon they will fall asleep.  Watch what happens.
The next morning Alex will awaken from a terrifying dream.  He hears someone in 
the bushes, yelling and waking everyone up.  Read what happens and follow them 
south.  They will open the exit for you.  Keep going south until you find the 
exit.  When you come out of the forest, go south and you will see Pao.  Seems 
there is an epidemic in the village.  Look around.  When you are ready, save and 
visit Tempest.  Watch what happens...
Hurry to the village elder and get permission to go to the fortress.  Then rush 
over to the cave and through it.  You will have no trouble.  Go out the northern 

<2.34> Black Dragon Fortress
Monsters In Area: [Nipple Yanker]-[Hell Raiser]-[Slice O' Dead]-[Chaos Fiend]
	Start going north.  Take the west door and get the treasure chest, a 
Dragon Bandanna.  Go back through the door and through the eastern door.  Go 
east and through the door.  You should see the stairs.  If you want, you can go 
through the southern door and get a Dream Bow.  Otherwise, go up the steps.  
When you come out of the door and get the first treasure chest.  Go through the 
door, but don't get the chest.  It's a trap.  Continue east and get the treasure 
chest, a Silver Light.  Continue through the door.  The path pretty much 
explains itself, as there is only one way to go.  When you reach the steps, save 
and continue.  When you come out the door, get the treasure, A Silver Light.  
Now continue east through the door.  Watch what happens.  Continue north until 
you see two doors.  Take the right door and get the Dark Armor.  Then go back to 
the left door.  Get the Dark Sword and continue up the steps.  On this floor, 
take either the northern door or the southern door, doesn't matter.  Don't get 
the first treasure you find on the western site.  Only the one beside the 
staircase.  When you get to the stairs, restore your HP and MP and save.  Go up 
the stairs and get the treasure.  Now, go up the stairs and watch what 
Boss Strategy:  Only the strongest.  You are the Dragonmaster...  Use Sword 
Dance with Alex, Thunder Thrust with Nash, Power UPwith Kyle, and Flash Arrow 
with Tempest.  Keep the same  pattern and heal when needed.  When someone's MP 
runs out, regular attacks and heals when needed.  Now that you are Dragonmaster, 
it shouldn't be that hard of a battle, though I do admit, it's a toughy.
Very dramatic...  He controls the dragons...  Save and restore your HP.  Go 
south and down the stairs.  There you can use the Dragonfly Wing.  Now head over 
to Tempest's tent.  The girls were about to come looking for us!  Read what 
happens.  When you regain control, go talk to Tempest.  Seems he has another 
item for you.  The Master Sword!!!  Now, you can go straight to Myght, or you 
can do a few other cool things before you go.  Here's a list of things you can 
do, straight from the Official Lunar Guide by Working Designs.  

<3.35> Let's Have Some Fun!!!
	Okay, theres a few things to do before we go to the Frontier.  First, go 
back and see Ramus.  He will give you the Rememberizer.  Also, go to Lann and 
talk to the village elder.  He will offer to let you be a citizen of the 
village.  Accept his offer.  Guys, I'm sure you haven't forgotten about the 
girls' Spring!  Get two bars of soap and head on over.  When you have done this, 
go to Myght's Tower.  You will spend the night there.  Watch what happens.
	Okay, go to Reza to get the engine.  At the Thieves' Bazaar, go talk to 
the man beside the balloon.  He will try to sell it to you for a hefty price, so 
don't agree with him.  Go talk to the bartender and he will talk to the man.  
You will be able to get it for free.  Visit Iluk and go to the northeast house 
and talk to the man.  After a blood battle, you will walk away with Mia's 
Bromide # 4.  Nice!  Also, in Lann, talk to the man on the dock.  He should have 
a Bromide as well.  Now, take the engine back to Myght and he can fix the 
airship.  In no time, we are ready to go to the Frontier.  Good luck, my 
Section 3.0: Walkthrough (Disc 2)_______/

<3.1> The Frontier
	You have make it a long way, through the good times and the bad, only to 
end up in a horrid place like the Frontier.  This is the worst looking place I 
have ever seen.  No one would want to live here.  Upon entering you will see 
something.  Watch...

<3.2> Talon and Talon Mine
	When you land, go east and you will find the land of Talon.  Talk to all 
the monsters here, and they will tell you a lot about what Ghaleon and Xenobia 
are doing.  When you are ready, save and head into the Mine.
Monsters In Area: [Groper]-[Mecha Tank]-[Rock Biter]-[Stalker]
	Start by going up the steps and through the northern door.  Go into the 
eastern door and grab the Healing Nut.  Then head back out the door and up the 
steps.  Go into the door at the top of the steps.  Get the treasure chest 
containing a Silver Light.  Believe it or not, there is a good thing about this 
place.  The monsters give a lot of experience, and aren't hard at all!  One 
thing to watch though is that they can cause a lot of damage, so try to take 'em 
out in the first round so they can't attack.  After getting the chest continue 
east and go north.  Go through the door and go into the eastern door you first 
see when coming in.  Get the treasure chest, a Healing Nut, then continue north.  
Go through the door and you will find some miners.  Talk to them.  Continue 
through the eastern door.  Watch what happens...  Now you have a choice to make.  
Go and help them.
	Once you have been through, continue north, save, and go through the door.  
Go up the steps and east through the door.  Get the Star Light and go back out.  
Go east and down the steps and you will find a treasure chest.  Get it, a Silver 
Light.  Now go back west and down the steps.  Go into the door and continue 
south.  Go down the steps and north to find a Holy Robe.  Then go east and into 
the door, where you will find a Devil Pendant.  Go back through the door and up 
the steps.  Go back south and take the eastern door.  Walk down the steps and 
into the room you see.  Get the chest and go back up the stairs.  Go west and 
don't take the northern door, go south and take the southern door.  Be sure to 
save your game.  Get the Fire Tiara and go back up to the northern door.  Avoin 
the first monster and get the Healing Nut.  Then proceed north and through the 
door after saving your game.  Watch what happens.  Continue north.  Again, 
Boss Strategy:  Start the battle by using Vigor with Alex, Ice Wall with Mia, 
Power Up with Kyle, and Attack with Jessica.  Now, use Sword Dance with Alex, 
Ice Wall with Mia, Power Slash with Kyle, and heal with Jessica however is 
needed.  Keep the same pattern throughout the battle.  It shouldn't be too hard.  
When someone runs out of MP, attack or heal.  Be careful if someone gets Muted, 
especially Jessica.  In such a case, the other members may have to heal 
themselves instead of relying on Jessica.  Also, be sure not to lose all your 
MP.  That could be trouble.  This battle shouldn't be too difficult.
	After the battle, save and go east.  Once you exit, go east and you will 
find Cadin.

<3.3> Cadin
	When you enter, you will see a gigantic egg-looking object.  Go through 
the small cave to reach it.  Inside, speak with all the... things in the room.  
They will explain some things to you.  Then continue north.  Watch what 

<3.4> Ruid
Monsters In Area: [Flash Lord]-[Devastator]-[Baigen]-[Master Mirror]
	You will enter Ruid from the side.  When you enter, get the two chests and 
continue north.  You will see another chest.  Grab it.  Continue north.  The 
monster will flip a switch and will call backup, but it shouldn't be a problem.  
Continue east and then go south at the first turn.  Get the treasure chest, a 
Dark Mace,  then continue through the door.  Once through, you will find 
yourself in a town totally taken over by monsters.  Make your way northeast 
however you can.  A good idea would be to only get the Fire Armlet.  It is safe 
and quick, but if you want to get all the other items (just two actually) then 
go ahead.  Once you have found your way, go north through the door, where 
reinforcements will be called again.  Go get the Tri-Ring and go through the 
door to the east.  Now go into the southern door (duh...).  Now go east and you 
will find another door.  If you are quick and clever you will be able to avoid 
all the monsters.  Save your game and go in.  Go south and you will see another 
door.  Go in (I believe this is a bit too difficult for most gamers... gimme a 
break...).  Refresh and save your game once more.  Then, head on in...
Boss Strategy:  Use Sword Dance with Alex, Ice Lance with Mia, Power Slash with 
Kyle, and attack with Jessica. Also, heal when needed with Jessica.  Keep the 
same pattern throughout the whole battle.  This should be an easy battle.  
	After the battle, save your game and go north.  Watch what happens.
	Once you escape, go to Cadin and go to the Statue of Althena, so you don't 
have to use up your items to revive.  Then, go across the tracks that the 
Grindery made to get to your airship.

<3.5> Back to Vane
	Board the airship and head to Vane.  You will soon find the Grindery, only 
to find out that it has some sort of force guarding it.  We must get to Vane 
before the Grindery gets there!  When you get to Vane, you will be taken to talk 
to Lemia.  Nash is at the Transmission Spring helping to evacuate the city.  Mia 
says that you must use the true power of Vane.  You will be sent to retrieve 
Nash while Mia begins preparations to enter the Silver Spire.  Go directly south 
and get Nash, then come back up and go find the rest of the team.  When Mia 
opens the door, go through and down the steps.  You will enter a room with some 
sort of a warp.  Watch.  When you are in the next room, Mia will tell you all to 
focus your thoughts on her.  Once everyone is placed, the team will see the 
Grindery approaching.  Watch what happens next...
	You were able to destroy the shield around the Grindery, so now you can 
enter it.  Warp out to Althena's Shrine with the wings and go to Meribia.  
There, pick up all the items you need before you go into the Grindery.  Also, 
now that you have the Thieves' Key or Crest or whatever, you can go unlock all 
the locked chests.  Refer to the Secret Areas section to find a listing of the 
locations of the items.  There are also a few more special items you can get.  
Go to Lann and talk to the elder to the Ghaleon's Tear, go to Reza and talk to 
Lily to get a Gale Ring, and go talk to Damon and get a Hell Ring.  Once you are 
ready, head over to the Grindery.

<3.6> The Grindery Bowels
Monsters In Area: [Death Armor]-[Magic Machine]-[Tank Golem]-[Soul Yanker]
	Welcome to the Grindery!  I'm glad you made it this far, Dragonmaster.  
The end is near, we must not give up yet.  When you enter the Grindery, enter 
the westernmost pipe.  When you come out, go northeast and you will see another 
pipe.  Enter it.  When you come out go east and enter the pipe.  The next pipe 
is a little more difficult to reach.  It is the southernmost pipe.  However you 
can, get down there.  When you come out of it, go north until you see two pipes, 
one on the right and one on the left.  Take the one on the left.  Now, the next 
pipe is south.  Once through, go into the very next pipe you see.  That will be 
the next one.  Next pipe is the most obvious one.  North.  Once out, go again 
directly north to find the next one.  When you come out, go left and watch what 
happens.  Continue left and get the treasure chest.  Then, go south and you will 
see your exit.  Once out, watch what happens.  Talk and learn here.  Be sure to 
look at the Statue of Althena.  Then save.  

<3.7> The Grindery Quarters
Monsters In Area: [Archmage]-[Arrow Fish]-[Blyzzer]-[Bomb Angel]
	When you are ready, head north and through the door.  In here, you need to 
go cmopletely south and find the door to a large room.  There, to the north, is 
the next door.  The path down won't be easy though.  Once through the door, go 
east to get the Holy Bandanna, and go west to get the Insane Helmet.  I would 
suggest getting both.  Then, the next door is to the north.  In this room, the 
door is to the south.  It should be easy to find.  Don't forget the treasure 
chest beside it.  Once through, get the chests containing a Star Light and a 
Healing Nut and go north.  Not an difficult door to find.  Watch what happens.  
It's time...  Restore and save your game.  Make sure you equip some Silver 
Lights with Mia and Jessica, you will need them.  We're goin' in......  (Note- 
Make sure you have what it takes to win.  If you don't think you are leveled 
enough, save your game to a different slot so that you still have the save back 
at the garden.)

<3.8> Magic Emperor Ghaleon
	The Magic Emperor proves to be the toughest opponent you have ever faced.  
Start by using Vigor with Alex, Thunder Bolt with Nash, Flameria with Mia, Power 
Up with Kyle, and Defend with Jessica.  Next round, use Sword Dance with Alex, 
Thunder Bolt with Nash, Flameria with Mia, Power Slash with Kyle, and heal magic 
with Jessica.  Be sure to use your Healing Nuts when needed throughout the 
battle.  Use Sword Dance with Alex until he runs out of MP.  With Nash, use 
Thunderbolt until he runs out.  Also, you can use Items with him.  Have Mia use 
Flameria throughout the battle until she runs out of MP (which should be quick) 
and have her use a Silver Light on herself.  She can continue to use magic then.  
With Kyle, use Power Slash until he runs out of MP.  Then either have him attack 
or have someone use a Silver Light on him.  With Jessica, use healing spells 
throughout.  She has Silver Lights for back up.  If anyone starts to lose HP 
(meaning they are in the orange or red), don't be hesitant to lose a turn for 
even Alex to recover that person.  Everyone is needed in this battle.  This is a 
battle of patience, most definately.  Don't try to rush through it.  Take your 
time and plan your attacks.  Ghaleon has extremely powerful magics.  Be careful 
and don't fall back on HP.  He can easily kill one of your characters in one 
blow (such as the Tornado spell he just did to me).  If you die (which I 
continually seem to be doing), you need to arrange your items better.  Such as, 
have Mia and Jessica with your Silver Lights, and give everyone else Healing 
Nuts until they can't carry anymore.  Also, don't forget, if all your characters 
have low HP, you can always rely on the Blue Dragon's Dragon Healing spell 
(considering you have the MP).  It will surely come in handy.  That should be 
all you need to know.  Good luck Dragonmaster...
	Umm... Is this in the script?!?!  I can't believe what just happened.  
Seriously...  Very troubling.  Anyway, keep going...
<3.9> Retaliation
	You will find yourself in Mel's Mansion.  I can't believe what just 
happened...  Listen to what Nall says, then go downstairs and talk to everyone.  
Exit the mansion and go see Althena's Statue.  Go to Ramus' store and you can 
get free items, so stock up.  Also, Ramus will tell you a little secret.  He 
says to insert the movie disc and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Start.  
Wonder what will happen?  Nash and Kyle are at the local pub.  Return to Mia and 
Jessica.  Maybe they can help you talk some sense into them.  Back to the pub it 
is!  Talk to Nash first.  Mia is able to talk Nash into rejoining the team.  
Then go to Kyle.  Jessica can get Kyle to rejoin as well.  Laike will soon come 
in.  Listen to what he says.  Nall says that you should go to Ramus' shop, but 
if you already did like I told you, there is no need.  Talk to Laike when you're 

<3.10> Althena's Fort (Part One)
	Enter the fortress and go north.  Defeat all the monsters and go through 
the door.  If you don't feel like fighting though, Gades is all that you need to 
defeat for the door to open.  Once through go directly east.  Get the treasure 
chest and go through the door.  Go south.  Get the treasure and continue.  You 
will get locked in once again.  Get the treasure chest and fight the 
Necromancers to open the door.  Continue north and take the north path.  Destroy 
the monsters and get the treasure chest.  Then go back to the east door.  Go 
south and watch what happens.  Continue east and stop at the door.  Restore and 
save your game.  Continue through and go south, getting the treasure chest along 
the way.  Take the north path.  Defeat the monsters and go through the western 
door south.  You will soon find the stairs.  Go south and defeat the monsters.  
Continue north, killing the monsters to reopen the doors.  Continue going south 
through the eastern door.  Go east and you will find the steps.  Restore and 
save your game.  Go up the steps.  Now go west, then north to find Royce.
Boss Strategy:  Start the battle using Vigor with Alex, Thunder Bolt with Nash, 
Power Up with Kyle, Defend with Jessica, and Ice Lance with Mia.  Then, use 
Sword Dance with Alex, continue to use Thunder Bolt with Nash, Ice Lance with 
Mia, use Power Slash with Kyle, and Heal with Jessica.  Continue to use Sword 
Dance until Alex's MP runs dry.  Then have someone use a Silver Light on him.  
Same with the rest of your party.  Attacks are not very effective against Royce.  
Two people will be asleep when you start, due to the spell she casted on you 
earlier (this doesn't matter with the strategy for Xenobia).  When they awaken, 
use them like they are just starting the battle.  Royce shouldn't be too hard.
	Once you defeat her, save and continue north.

<3.11> Althena's Fort (Part Two)
	There is an Althena Statue, so you don't need to waste your items 
restoring.  Go north across the bridge and up the steps.  Go directly north and 
you will hear a voice.  Listen carefully to what it says.  Now, go east through 
the hall and go south.  Step on the green button, then go west and step on the 
green button there.  Now, go north and step on the green button, then east again 
and step on the last green button (in case you haven't learned, you just stepped 
on them in the order in which you found the Dragons- White, Red, Blue, and 
Black.).  Go back to where you heard the voice and go into the room below it.  
Go into the warp.  Now you have a large number of warps.  Remember what the 
voice said about the dragons?  White, Red, Blue, and Black.  That is the order 
to go through the warps in.  Now, go through the warp atop the stairs.  Listen 
to the voice.  Now, go northeast and into the blue warp.  Step on the button on 
the left, then get the treasure chest.  When you warp back, go directly east to 
find the Black warp.  Get the chest and warp back.  The next warp, the Red warp, 
is northwest.  Once through, step on the button to the left and get the chest.  
Warp back and go east, you will find the White warp.  Get the step on the button 
and get the chest, then warp back.  Doing this will make another warp at the 
northern end of the room.  Save and go through.  Listen to what the voice says.  
Now, take the west path and step on the Red button  Now go south and step on the 
Black button.  Go east and north and step on the White button.  Now go north and 
step on the Blue button.  Now go south and across the bridge to the next warp.  
Save your game and head on through.  Look at the Althena Statue and save your 
game at the door to the north.  Go south once through the door and you will find 
the next door.  Here, go around and you will easily find the next door.  Cross 
the bridge here and get the treasure chest.  The red button will make the bridge 
reappear if it disappears.  Save and continue through through the next door.  Go 
south and you will find the next door.  Go north, get the chest, and get the 
monster to break the barrier.  Proceed through it.  In this room, go south and 
you will find the door.  Restore all your HP and MP and save your game.  Then, 
continue through the door.  Go north and watch what happens.
Boss Strategy:  Simply put, all we're doing in this battle is the same thing as 
we did against Royce.  Although there is one thing different.  Have Mia use 
Flame Bomb.  Other than that, the battle is practically the exact same thing.  
Please refer to Royce's Boss Strategy for further help.
	After the battle, restore your HP and MP and save.  Now continue up.  It's 
time to face Ghaleon.  Good luck, Dragonmaster...

<3.12> Luna's Throne, the Final Confrontation
Ghaleon: Be sure you equip your best weapons and armor possible.  Also, things 
like Rings and Necklaces are much needed in this battle.  Be sure you have Items 
with each person, you need to be loaded with Angel's Tears, Healing Nuts, and 
Silver and Star Lights.  Unless you have this, you are gonna be blown away when 
you fight him.  You need to be at least to Level 45.  Otherwise,  go and fight 
until you are at a higher level.  When you are totally ready, confront Ghaleon.  
Start the battle using Vigor with Alex, Thunder Bolt with Nash, Flame Bomb with 
Mia, Power Up with Kyle, and Saint Litany with Jessica.  Then, use Sword Dance 
with Alex, continue to use Thunder Bolt with Nash, continue with Flame Bomb with 
Mia, use Power Slash with Kyle, and heal with Jessica (which will probably be 
much needed).  Use Sword Dance with Alex until he runs out of MP.  Then have 
some use a Silver Light on him.  Also, the Blue Dragon's Healing spell works 
very well when everyone is low on HP.  Have Nash use Thunder Bolt until his MP 
runs out.  Also, have him use Items when necessary.  Have someone use a Silver 
Light when he runs out, or when anyone runs out for that matter.  Have Mia 
continue to use Flame Bomb.  She should be the one holding on to all the Star 
Lights or Silver Lights, with Rings like the Healing Ring and the Devil's 
Pendant.  She needs to stay alive most of the battle if possible.  Also, 
something you may want to try, use Ice Shell with Mia on all the characters to 
raise their defense. There's one more thing.  If you want a little added Attack 
Power, use Mia's Power Drive on Alex and Kyle.  That should help you out a lot.  
This is going to be a long and complicated battle.  Make sure you are ready for 
	After the battle, listen to what everyone says.  Make sure Alex is 
equipped with the Ocarina.  When you get the chance to go up the steps, play 
your ocarina.  Then watch...

<3.13> The Green Earth
	You did it!  You have saved the world of Lunar.  Doesn't it feel great?  
Once the team splits up, go to Ramus' shop.  There, you can talk to Ramus and 
get Luna's Bromide.  Then, go to Black Rose Street to find Mia and Nash and 
Lemia.  At Mel's Mansion you will find Kyle and Jessica.  Once you talk to 
everyone, go to Althena's Statue.  You will say farewell to Phacia.  Then go to 
the pub.  You will be greeted by Tempest and Fresca.  Once you are done talking 
to everyone, go to the dock.  You will find Laike.  Tell him you are staying in 
Meribia for a while longer.  Do this some times and you will hear a couple 
comments.  When you are ready, tell him you are going home.  For one last time, 
speak with Laike.  He decides he is going to go on a journey of his own.  When 
he leaves, it will be time for you to go home.  Congratulations, friend...

<3.14> Credits, Roll 'Em!

I am very pleased with my first walkthrough, being this one.  I would like to 
thank the one person that made this all possible, of course I would be talking 
about myself.  Also, thanks to Working Designs for creating such a great game!
Also, look for some of my upcoming walkthroughs, including FFVIII.  


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