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FAQ/Walkthrough by Exdeath

Version: 3.3 |

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Sony PlayStation Version
Version 3.3
Made by Exdeath
E-Mail: db3f@uwrf.edu
Page: http://www.uwrf.edu/~db3f

   Exdeath's Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Strategy Guide

This is the Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Strategy Guide. This
copyright belongs to me and may not reproduced in any way without
consent of me. This is freely distributed as long as the copyright
remains. You may use this Strategy Guide only in its entirety, but
make sure to give me full credit where it is due.

This Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Strategy Guide is an fair
attempt to make the most complete guide for Lunar: Silver Star
Story Complete possible. This guide will likely take a long time
to make, but I will be updating it as much as possible.


Version Info
  -Demo Notes
Lunar Versions
Game System
  -Options Menu
  -Status Screen
  -Status Ailments
  -Hit Point Color Changes
  -Battle Color Changes
  -Combat Commands
  -Boss Statistics
General Strategy
   Chapter 1: The Journey Begins
   Chapter 2: Beginning of an Adventure
   Chapter 3: Meribia
   Chapter 4: Vane
   Chapter 5: The Fake Dragonmaster
   Chapter 6: Vane's Intent
   Chapter 7: Iluk
   Chapter 8: Red Dragon Cave
   Chapter 9: Layton
   Chapter 10: Blue Dragon Shrine
   Chapter 11: Tamur
   Chapter 12: Myght's Tower
   Chapter 13: Pao and the Prairie Tribe
   Chapter 14: Black Dragon Cave
   Chapter 15: The Airship and the Frontier
   Chapter 16: Ruid
   Chapter 17: The Grindery
   Chapter 18: Althena's Fortress
Character Ratings
  -Healing Items
  -Special Items
  -Magic List
  -Demo Magic
Enemy List
Red Chest Locations
Bromide Locations
Boss Statistics
Shopping Items
Miscellaneous Secrets
Lunar Song Lyrics
Anime Scenes
  -Anime Scene Scripts
Soundtrack Track Listing
GameShark Codes

Version Info:

-Version 3.3
     *Added missed treasures in walkthrough
     *Made Boss Statistics section
     *Added Lyrics to The Silver Star Opening Song
     *Added more various GameShark Codes
     *Added Shopping Items section

-Version 3.0
     *Completed soundtrack track listing!
     *Completed Enemy List
     *Completed Items table
     *Completed Weapons table
     *Completed Armor table
     *Made Anime Scenes section with script
     *Added more strategy for bosses
     *Added attack arsenal sections for bosses
     *Added time window information for Bromides
     *Added GameShark Codes section
     *Added information on Forbidden Forest
     *Many grammar fixes/changes in structure

-Version 2.0
     *Finished the complete walkthrough!
     *Magic section changed to be easier to read
     *Found and confirmed all 13 Bromides!
     *Various Game System sections added
     *Various changed mistakes in previous walkthrough fixed
     *Lunar Lyrics section made easier to read

-Version 1.4
     *Walkthrough completed up to the Blue Dragon Shrine
     *Red Chest Locations section added
     *Bromide Locations section added
     *Revised the spells to corresond with the PSX version
     *Many corrections to items found
     *Japanese song lyrics added
     *Various fixes to character descriptions

-Version 1.0
     *Walkthrough completed through the demo
     *Notes, Contents, Thanks sections
     *Song Lyrics section

Coming in the next version:
     *Minor fixes in each major section
     *Ending summary/thoughts of the ending
     *Character quotes


-When I'm talking about Alex, I refer to him as either
"Alex" or "you". I hope this clears up confusion. ^_^

-Some of the items, weapons, armor, and monsters listed
in the special sections are based on the Sega CD version
of Lunar: The Silver Star. Until I play through the game
and fix this, they'll be like that. They should be pretty
similar if not very alike to Lunar: Silver Star Story
Complete, though.

-There are several red chests scattered throughout the
beginning of the game. You cannot get these chests in the
beginning. Once you become a member of the Thieves Guild,
though, you can open them.

-There are many spoilers in this walkthrough, especially
in the end sections. Read at your own risk, and if you
don't want to find anything major out, don't read ahead.

-Many of my strategies for beating bosses will obviously
be different than yours. I am just giving you insite to
what I think the best way to beat the bosses are. If you
have further strategies you wish to give me, be sure to
mail me them.

*Demo Notes:

In the Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete demo, your
characters can only get up to level 12. After you get to
level 12, your characters will still gain experience and
silver, but you can not raise anymore levels. When the
completed game comes out, when you use your demo
save, you will get all of the experience you've earned
after you fight one battle. Also, the demo ends right as
your characters board the ship to Meribia. The demo ends
showing clips from the full game. The demo contains the
exact game from the beginning, so when the full version
comes out, you can use the save from your demo game
and play it on the completed game.

Lunar Versions:

There are four total versions of Lunar. I'm going to
cover the different versions here.

1) Lunar: The Silver Star
The original version of Lunar, on Sega CD.

2) Lunar: The Silver Star Story
The version of Lunar released on Sega Saturn. Graphics
were vastly improved, animations added, and the parts
of the story were changed, but not completely.

3) Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete
Another version of Lunar released on Sega Saturn, this
version is essentially the same game as the other version
on Sega Saturn, except now an MPEG cart can be used
to make the animations a lot better.

4) Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete (PlayStation)
This is the newest version, on the Sony PlayStation console.
I am writing this walkthrough while playing through this

This version contains:
-100 page manual and art book
-Full color cloth map
-Full 23 song soundtrack
-"Making of Lunar" CD

Although there are quite a few versions of this game, not
much has changed through the versions, so you could use
this guide while playing through another version.


Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete supports the Sony
Dual Shock controller for both movement and shock features.

In all of the following:
X - X button
O - O button
T - Triangle button
S - Square button

At title screen:
Select: Active menu or cancel menu.
Start: Begins a new game.

In overworld/dungeons/towns/locations:
Directional Pad: Move character in all directions.
X: Talk, confirm.
O: Bring up save screen.
T: Cancel all selections.
S: Bring up main camp menu.
Analog Button on Analog Controller: Allows you to control your characters
movements form the Sony Dual Shock controller.

In battle:
X: Confirm, select.
O: Cancel.
Square button: Activate menu.
T: Cancel all selections.
R2: Turn battle vibration on/off. Note that this option only works in battle,
you can't turn off Dual Shock vibrations in places other than battles unless
you configure it so in the Options menu.

Game System:

The Game System of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete shouldn't be too
tough to figure out, but here is a list of the options and explanations
of what certain terms mean in the game.

*Options Menu:

Sound: Stereo or Mono. (Select full stero or monoral sound)
Change Lines: Equipment or Item. (Switching this determines whether usable
  items/equipment go first in each character's inventory.
Message Advance: Auto or Manual. (On Auto, messages will scroll themselves
  after a few seconds. On Manual, only you can control the speed of message
Message Speed: Fast, Regular, or Slow (The speed that people talk in the
Shock: No or Yes. (Turns off/on the Dual Shock controller feature)
Name Spells: No or Yes. (Disable/enable spell name display in battles)

*Status Screen:

HP: Your character's current HP/your character's maximum HP.
MP: Your character's current MP/your character's maximum MP.
Attack: Your character's attack power. This is a combination of the
  character's strength and the character's weapon.
Defense: Your character's defense power. This is a combination of the
  character's defense and all of the character's armor.
Agility: Your character's speed. This is how fast that character's
  turn comes up in battle.
Wisdom: Your character's magic power.
Magic En: Magic Endurance. The higher this number is, the less damage
  that character takes from magic attacks.
#Attack: The number of attacks the character executes each turn.
Range: How far a character can go on the battlefield before using a
  turn to continue.
Luck: How often a character uses a critical hit, or dodges an attack.

*Status Ailments:

There are many status aliments in Lunar that changes your characters'
conditions. Some of them are fatal, some of them are minor. Here is a
list of all the status ailments in the game.

Good: The character's normal status, no ailments inflicted.
Poison: A character's HP is gradually decreased during battles.
Stoned: A character cannot use any actions, but the character may be
  healed or the target of items.
Confuse: A character is spinning around, the character attacks any
  enemies/allies in their range.
Sleep: A character cannot use any commands. Character wakes up after
  being attacked once.
Mute: A character is unable to chant spells.
Paralyze: A character cannot move.
Faint: A character has basically "died", and cannot do anything until
  ressurected with spells or items.

*Hit Point Color Changes:

A character's HP sometimes changing, depending on the amount of HP
he or she has. This is a simple chart that tells you what colors
correspond with what range of HP.

|Color   | Percent of HP  |
| Green  |       100      |
| White  |      99-50     |
| Orange |      49-25     |
| Red    |      24-0      |

*Battle Color Changes:

When a character is affected by damage or increase. A number appears
next to the character, and that number is a certain color. Here is a
simple chart showing what colors mean what:

| Color  |                Effect                      |
| White  | Damage is done to a character.             |
| Red    | Critical damage is done a to a character.  |
| Yellow | Damage that has been wared off by an item. |
| Green  | Recovery of HP and/or MP.                  |
| Orange | An increase in attack power.               |
| Blue   | An increase in defense power.              |

*Combat Commands

This is an explanation of each of the menu commands you can choose
in battles.

Artificial Intelligence. Whenever you select this option, the computer
decides what action that character will take. Usually you will use the
best attacks you have, so Artificial Intelligence really won't be very
useful throughout the game because of MP consumption, but it is useful
if you are just trying to mow down the enemy fast.

The character will use their weapon in battle. After selecting to do
an attack, you must select which enemy you want to do the normal attack
on. Press the X button to confirm your choice.

Uses spells or skills in battle. After you select magic, you will get
a list of spells and skills that character has. Move the cursor to the
spell or skill you want to use, and press X to confirm your choice.

Use the items you have in your inventory during battle. You can only
use items that that character has in his or her inventory, and not the
other characters' or Nall's. Press X to confirm the item to use, and
who to use it on.

Defend against enemy attacks. Whenever you select defense, your defense
for that turn will be doubled, and you will only take half damage from
normal enemy attacks.

Selecting this option for a character will make make *that* character
run from battle. To attempt to have the entire party run, you must
select "Run" from the main menu.


The main characters are what shape the story of Lunar: The Silver Star
Story Complete. Most of the characters are unique and carry certain
aspects, and each main character has a lot of story.

Alex: Alex is the hero of Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete. Alex
  was born and raised in the village of Burg. Every day, Alex pays
  tribute to his master, Dragonmaster Dyne, one of the four heroes.
  Alex sets out on the adventure in hopes of becoming a Dragonmaster,
  and to be liked by people, just like his hero did. Alex is a really
  good guy, and treats all of his friends with great respect.

Luna: Luna is Alex's secret girlfriend. Alex's parents took Luna in
  15 years ago, and has been Alex's friend for those 15 years. She is
  the best known singer in the entire world. Luna's words influence
  Alex to do what's right. Luna is drawn to everything that Alex does,
  and Alex feels the same way about her.

Ramus: Ramsus is the son of the mayor of Burg. Ramus likes to go
  outside to search for the ultimate treasures of the world, but he
  is often scared of many things. Ramus' parents spoil him, and he
  eats a lot. Ramus has good intentions for a large adventure, and
  wants Alex to join in his quest to become filthy rich and very
  popular in the process. :)

Nash: Nash is a third-ranked magician in the magic guild of Vane.
  Nash studied under Ghaleon, one of the four heroes, who fought
  beside Dragonmaster Dyne. Nash is very pompous and cocky, and
  is always trying to take advatage of the situation. Nash has his
  eyes on Luna from early in the adventure, although Luna doesn't
  feel the same way about him. Nash really cares for Mia, although
  he is sometimes to shy to show his love for her.

Jessica: Jessica is the daughter of Master Hell Mel. Jessica is
  studying to become a priestess. Jessica's mother died when she
  was very young, and Hell Mel has taken care of her every since.
  Jessica does things that other girls don't do, and many of her
  peers look down on her because of this. Jessica is rather hard
  on Kyle, but inside, she really cares for him. Jessica is very
  expressive and talkative.

Mia: Mia is the daughter of Lemia. Mia is heiress to the throne of
  Vane's magic guild, and is studying the arts of attack magic. Mia
  might not be quite ready to inherit the magic guild yet. Mia is
  a very innocent girl, and shows kind feelings toward the entire
  group. Mia is a very cute and loving character.

Kyle: Kyle is a fantastic swordsman that guards the Nanza Barrier.
  Girls fall over Kyle left and right, and monsters fear his power.
  He has trained a mob of thieves to guard Nanza Barrier from the
  Vile Tribe that has been attacking it. Kyle likes to get drunk
  often, and is sometimes self-absorbed. Kyle really cares about
  Jessica, even though sometimes he doesn't like to admit or show

Tempest: Tempest founded the prairie tribe. Tempest lives to guard
  his wife, Fresca. Tempest is a great archer that is trying to
  protect the people of the prairie. Tempest joins your party for
  a short time in the adventure to help save his village.

Laike: Laike is an adventurer that is supposedly the strongest known
  man in the world. Laike runs into Alex a lot on his adventure. Laike
  helps Alex through on his journey on numerous instances. Laike will
  prove to be a mysterious character through the journey.

Ghaleon: Ghaleon is a great sage and powerful magician. Ghaleon is
  one of the four heroes, and fought beside the great Dragonmaster
  Dyne. After Dyne's death, Ghaleon didn't realize his values anymore,
  and became evil. Ghaleon wants to use the Goddess' powers to rule
  the world.

Nall: Nall is a baby dragon that looks like a cat. Alex keeps Nall
  as a pet, and is his closest friend. Nall has been kept by Alex
  since he was young, and Alex has taken good care of him.

*Supporting Characters:

Just like most other RPGs, there are many supporting characters in Lunar.
Supporting characters are characters that don't play very much of a role
in the main part of the game.

Althena: Althena is the Goddess of love. Althena exiled the Vile Tribe
  to the frontier 15 years before the adventure begins.

Damon: Damon is the keeper of knowledge in the Damon Spire. Damon gives
  the group various tests in Damon's Spire, a test to prove whether you
  are a worthy force or not.

Dragonmaster Dyne: Dragonmaster Dyne is considered the greatest of the
  four heroes. Alex takes after Dyne in every aspect. Dyne was killed
  when trying to fight the Black Dragon, who was insane while Dyne was
  fighting it.

Fresca: Tempest's wife. Fresca is a loving woman that loves Tempest
  very much, and does anything to help him.

Lemia: One of the original four heroes. Lemia is the premier magician at
  the magic guild in Vane. Lemia is the guildmaster here, and anything
  that Lemia says in Vane is accepted as law with the people.

Master Mel (Hell Mel): Master Mel is one of the four original heroes. He
  is an ex-pirate who is taking care of Jessica, his daughter. He is now
  the governer of Meribia. Mel is a very strong fighter that loves his
  daughter and does anything he can to help her.

Magic Emperor: The Magic Emperor is a mysterious force that no one knows
  about. The Magic Emperor is bent on destroying the world, and all life
  that it encompasses.

Myght: Myght is an inventor that lives in a desolate tower. Myght works
  on many different types of inventions and keeps to himself. Myght also
  has a hideous odor. :)

Taben: Taben is another inventor you'll meet in the game. Taben creates
  the world's most destructive contraption ever, the Grindery, and is
  forcing people of Talon to mine for him and aid in the destruction.

Phacia: Phacia is a fake priest who later is revealed as another member
  of the Vile Tribe. Phacia's intentions seem good later, but the group
  doesn't know whether to trust her.

Quark: Quark is the White Dragon. Quark is the last surviving member of
  the great Dragons. Quark's brothers were Black, Red, and Blue.

Royce: Royce is a fortune teller that is another member of the Vile
  Tribe. You encounter Royce and her mischievious monsters many times
  during the adventure.

Xenobia: Xenobia is the leader of the Vile Tribe. Xenobia helps Ghaleon
  in all of his evil plots, and takes control of the Vile Tribe. This
  attractive beauty might be tough for Alex to handle!

General Strategy:

-Talk to everyone in towns and other locations multiple times.
Most people say two things. Also, when you go back to previous
locations later in the game, those people will say even more
things, making the game a lot better to play through with all
of the added text.

-Just like the average RPG, if you can't beat a normal boss,
just gain some levels and try again. Always remember that
bosses are get stronger as Alex's level increases, though.

-When you fight bosses, don't use AI or Tactics. Most bosses
in Lunar are tough, and you'll defnitely want to control each
action your characters do.

-If you don't have enough money to buy the best equipment a
store has to offer, save, go outside, and gain more silver,
then get the new equipment. It will really help you out in
the long run.

-Always equip your weapons/armor/accessories right after you
receive them.

-Experiment with different formations and see which ones
work best in terms of each party you have.


Here is the main portion of the Strategy Guide. I'm going to
cover the entire story in full detail, and cover every secret
and hint I can possibly find.

            --Chapter 1: The Journey Begins--

Alex is admiring Dragonmaster Dyne's grave. Watch the great
anime intro of Nall. Nall will come and tell you that Luna is
waiting for you to sing with her for the Festival. As you leave
to go to the village, Ramus comes to you. Ramus tells you that
there is treasure in the White Dragon Cave, and he wants you to
come along with him. Alex and Nall are pondering what Luna will
think about this. Ramus leaves to make preparations (and to eat
food ^_^).  Head south to the village.

Item info: Dagger, Fire Ring, Garbage Can Lid (red chest)

What's going on in Burg:
Burg is an average town, living in memorizes of past triumphs
of the hero Dragonmaster Dyne. Most people talk about how Alex
is following in Dyne's footsteps, and he's going out on his
first adventure.

First of all, you can go to the various houses and get some
chests. Alex's home has some blue chests on the second level
of the house, but you'll need to ask his parents for permission
to get them. Take the chests, then go into the various houses
and talk to all of the people here.

When you're ready, go north of the village to the springs, where
Luna is singing. Watch the cool Anime scene of Luna and Alex
doing the song together. Alex and Nall will eventually explain
that they are going with Ramus to get the Dragon Diamond in the
White Dragon Cave. Luna doesn't want Alex to get into danger, so
she says that she'll come along on the adventure. After you get
Luna, go back to Alex's house, and his parents will give Alex a
Dagger, and Luna a Sling. These will be useful weapons for the
first part of the next dungeon.

When you're ready, head to the village enterance, and Ramus will
be waiting for you. Ramus says that he's ready to leave for the
White Dragon Cave. Exit out of the village.

When you're on the world map, you can attempt to go West to the
Weird Woods, but there is mist covering it, so you will head
back for now. Go north of the village and curve around the
mountains to the White Dragon Cave.

White Dragon Cave
Item Info: Herb x4, Star Light, 250 Silver, Dragon Ring,
  Dragon Diamond
Monster Info: Slime, Mutant Fly, Synapse Guard, Albino Baboon

Watch out for the Albino Baboons and Synapse Guards. The
Albino Baboons will use "Ice Punch" for about 30 damage
at lower levels, and the Synapse Guards will do a normal
attack to you for about 20 damage at lower levels. For
these reasons, Luna will need to heal your characters
often. I suggest taking this cave in stages; make several
trips to the cave for experience and money, and then go
back to Burg to rest several times. This way, you won't
run out of HP and MP, you'll have money for some of the
better weapons in Burg, and you'll be leveled up so you
can go through the cave normally.

Once you're about level 6, head through the dungeon. After
a bit of traveling in the dungeon, you'll be Introduced
(in an anime sequence) to the white dragon, Quark. Quark
will tell Alex that he resembles Dragonmaster Dyne in that
it was similar when Dragonmaster Dyne made went on his first
adventure. Ramus is scared of Quark, but eventually asks him
about the Dragon Diamond. Quark says that if you bring him
the Dragon Ring from the far depths of the cave, he'll give
you the Dragon Diamond. Leave Quark's screen and head into
the main part of the cave.

When you're about level 7, head west (where a block of ice
was previously blocking the way), and you can go farther
into the cave. Go through the next passageway to a room
with blocks of ice. There is an Albino Baboon here. To get
past this room, get in the line of the ice blocks and the
baboon, and when the baboon sees you, he'll charge. Move
away from the Baboon when he is charging. If you are lined
up with the blocks of ice, he'll break the ice and you'll
be able to pass. If the baboon attacks from you, run away
fast, because if you defeat that baboon, you'll have to
exit a few screens and come back later, since there will
be no way to break the ice.

After you break the ice, go to the next screen of the
cave, and you'll have to break more ice. The Dragon Ring
is the item to the West that's totally surrounded in ice.
Use the same strategy you used in the previous room with
the baboon to break the ice. Also, in this room, to the
south of this room is a chest also surrounded by ice, it
has 250 Silver.

Anyway, after you have the Dragon Ring, go back to Quark,
and he'll give you the Dragon Diamond, as promised. Ramus
is very excited for getting it. Quark tells you to visit
his brothers, Red, Blue, and Black. He also notes that
Alex has eyes similar to Dragonmaster Dyne, and that he
can tell that Alex really wants to become a Dragonmaster
just like Dyne.

Once you have the Dragon Diamond, go back to town. The
Characters say they are tired, to go to the statue in the
middle of town and heal up. After you heal, go to the item
shop. Ramus will try to sell the Dragon Diamond, but the
clerk says that he doesn't even have enough money for such
a large diamond. The clerk suggests that you try to sell
it at Meribia.

On the way back to Alex's house, Ramus will stop to talk
to Alex, and he says that he wants to talk to him alone,
so Luna goes to Alex's house for the time being. Ramus asks
Alex if he wants to go to Meribia with him to try to sell
the diamond. Ramus also suggests that Alex doesn't tell
Luna about it, because she'll never let you go. Tell Ramus
you want to help him. Alex will agree. Leave the town, and
head to Weird Woods. While going through a bit of the
forest, Ramus gets scared, and eventually runs out, towards
town. When you go out of the woods, Ramus will say that he's
sorry he got so sick in the cave. He'll note that it's
getting dark, go back to the town for the night.

Ramus leaves for his house for the night. Go back to Alex's
house and talk to Luna. Luna will figure out what happened,
and she'll be mad at you. Talk to your parents. Your parents
will say that you should care for Luna, and your father will
encourage you to go on a journey. Talk to Luna again, and
she'll forgive you. After you talked to Luna for the second
time, again talk to your parents. You'll say that you'll be
leaving in the morning for your adventure. In the middle of
the night, Luna hears Alex playing the Ocarina, and she'll
walk up to Dragomaster Dyne's memorial. Alex and Luna will
talk about their future together, and wonder what's to come.

         --Chapter 2: Beginning of an Adventure--

In the morning, you'll say your last goodbye to your parents,
and you'll be on your journey. Get the best equipment for
your characters, heal up, and head west out of town. Go west
to Weird Woods.

Weird Woods
Item Info: Antidote x 6, Herb x 4, Wrath Ring (red chest)
Monster Info: Flytrapper, Goblin, Gorgon, Scyth Spore

If you're at level 8 or so, these enemies are cake. You're
really not going to have to heal much here.

Eventually when traveling through Weird Woods, you'll
be surrounded by goblins. A man will come out of the forest
and come to your aid. He will join your party for this battle.
Laike does about 300 damage to each enemy, and can usually
attack three times before any other of your characters can
attack once. This battle is going to be hard to lose.

After the battle is over, the man introduces himself as Laike
(in a cool Anime scene). Laike will set up a fire for the night,
and your characters will gather around it. When the characters
wake up, Laike will be gone. Ramus suggests that you get out
of the forest quickly and head south to Saith.

After you exit out of Weird Woods, head west across the small
bridge, then follow the mountains to the southeast. You'll come
across a port town, Saith.

Item Info: Protection Ring (red chest)

What's going on in Saith:
Saith is the sister city of Burg. People talk about how they
haven't seen travelers for ages, and that your group must
have strength. A few people suggest that a youth Alex's age
is staying here. People say that the ship isn't currently sailing
because of technical difficulties. Others mention how Brett is
the best gambler ever, and that he beat the captain out of his
Sea Chart.

I suggest you visit the weapon shop first. The new weapons
here are great, and will be useful for your next venture. You
probably won't need healing items, so don't waste your money
on them if you don't.

When you're ready, go to the house by the dock, to the very
south, and talk to the captain. The captain is angry since the
gambler, Brett, beat him gambling, and took his Sea Chart
from him. The captain tells you to talk to the dockmaster
about it. The dockmaster says that Brett is probably hanging
out at the town's bar, gloating away. Head to the bar. When
at the bar, talk to Brett, and he'll say that if you gamble, you'll
win the Sea Chart. You attempt to gamble with Brett, and no
matter what you call, "heads", or "tails", he'll win the first two
times. Ramus realizes that Brett is using a double-sided coin,
and then Ramus wagers the Dragon Diamond. Brett accepts
instantly. Brett's plan backfires when Ramus uses his own trick
again him. After losing, Brett says that he traded the Sea Chart
to an old woman to the forest northwest of Saith. He gives you
the Fortune Cane, what he got from the woman. In return for
giving you the cane, he asks that you don't tell anyone about
his cheating. ^_^

When you're ready for another short dungeon, head to the
northwest of Saith, to a forest area with a home in the middle
on the world map.

Sea Hag Forest
Item Info: Herb x 3, Monster Chest x 4, Star Light, 400 Silver
Monster Info: Killer Fly, Killer Wasp, Mantle Rapper, Mutant Ant

This area is also easy if you are at high enough levels. Being
level 10 really helps here. Most of the enemies here poison
you, so make sure Luna has enough MP to cast Purity when

After you get past the main part of the forest, you hear someone
calling to help them from a trap. As you approach the trap, you
find someone stuck under it. The group pulls the trap off, and
you'll get to watch another cool Anime scene introducing Nash.
Nash tells you that he is a level three apprentice in the Magic
Guild in Vane. He also tells you that he has been studying from
Ghaleon, one of the four heroes. Nash joins the group and tells
you to go visit the old hag. Nash is also looking for a girl from
Burg that is a good singer, and when he hears it is Luna, he is
surprised. He says that he'd like to hear Luna sing sometime.

Head one screen north, and you'll get to the old hag's house.
In the hag's house, you can go downstairs and look at the
cauldron. After you see that, go upstairs, and the hag says
that she'll give you the Sea Chart in return for Nash's Water
Cane. Nash prizes the Water Cane since it was given to him
from Ghaleon, but Luna urges him to, so he gives it away.
The group then receives the Sea Chart. Also, if you talk to
the Sea Hag a few more times, she will take the Fortune Cane
from you. Don't worry, though, if you return here later in the
game, she'll give you a much better weapon.

If you return to the Sea Hag's house later in the game, you
can also find a Silver Light in the red chest.

Head back to Saith. When you enter, you will hear that a
monster is eating away at the ship! Go to the dock house
and talk to the captain again, he'll give you the details.
Tell him that you'll help destroy the monster.

Boss: Saline Slimer
Weak to Sword Attacks

This guy is actually pretty tough. Two problems are that
he has an slime attack where he leaves your characterin a
slime, and that character can't do anything for a few
rounds, and he also heals about 90 HP each round. A
good strategy to use here is to use the Vigor Sword Skill
on Alex, make Luna cast Cascade Song on Ramus, use
Nash's Thunder Punch Spell, and have Ramus attack.
After Alex has Vigor, use his Sword Dance repeatedly, it
does about 200 damage to Saline Slimer, and takes less MP
than Explosion Staff.

When you beat the monster, the captain says that he'll
take the group to Meribia for free for all of their troubles,
after the ship's crew cleans the ship. That night, Luna is
depressed. She says she doesn't want to go along, and she
wants to look after Alex's parents. The next morning, Luna
will come to the ship to see you off. At the last moment,
Alex convinces Luna to come with the group, and pulls her
onto the boat just in time.

This is the end of the demo.

                  --Chatper 3: Meribia--

In the middle of the night, Alex finds that Luna is not in
the bunk. Alex goes out to the deck, and you get to view a
very special anime scene. After the boat ride is over, you
will arrive in Meribia.

Item Info: 2000 Silver (red chest), Silver Light (red chest)

What's going on in Meribia:
Meribia is a large, busy city that is known for its huge shops
and city life. There are many people that live here that do
not like the busy city life, but others that do. Burg is a big
city that will take some time to explore.

When you arrive at Meribia, Nash says that he had a certain
important matter that he needs to attend to, so he'll leave the
group for the time being. Ramus also leaves the group, saying
that he's going to sell the Dragon Diamond the group found as
soon as possible.

First of all, you'll want to have the best weapons and armor
for your characters. Go to the weapon and armor shops on
Black Rose Street. If you don't have enough money to buy the
best weapons and armor here, you'll have to earn some Silver
first, but you'll definitely want to have the best weapons
and armor for the upcoming period of the game.

After you have finished talking to everyone and exploring
the city, enter through the main door to the castle and you
will encounter Master Mel, one of the four heroes. After
introducing himself, he will challenge you to a fight. Don't
worry about beating him, because it isn't that important. If
you do beat him, though, you get 100 experience.

Boss: Master Mel
Weak to Sword Attacks.

Basically, just have Alex use Vigor on himself. Then, just
keep throwing out Sword Dance. If you do it enough times, you
will beat him and get the 100 experience.

After the battle, go west to the shops, and you'll encounter
Nash and Royce (the female fortune teller). She will tell you
your fortune, and the outcome is fairly surprising. Go back
to Black Rose Street. Head to the item shop here. You will see
that Ramus is negotiating with a man behind the counter for
the Dragon Diamond. The item shop owner says the he will pay
2,000 Silver for it. Ramus hands over the Dragon Diamond, and
Nall will notice that it is taking a long time for the man to
get the money. Nall inspects behind the counter, and finds
that the man is gone! After close inspection, you will find a
hole that leads to the Meribia Sewers. It's time to get your
Dragon Diamond back!

Sewers of Meribia
Item Info: Star Light x 3, 250 Silver x 2, Herb, Antidote x 2,
  Star Light (in the basement of Mel's Mansion), Fortune Ring
  (also in the basement of Mel's Mansion)
Enemy Info: Ammonia, Evil Wisp, Grog Snake

The sewers are not too tough to counquer, but you'll want to
be at least level 13 14 before heading to beat the boss. This
is a good area in the beginning of the game to level up,
since there is a statue in the area itself, so you can just
keep gaining levels until you feel you're set. None of the
enemies here will pose much of a threat. The sewers isn't a
really long dungeon, but there are several dead-ends and
treasures, so feel free to explore. Make sure to use the
statue in Meribia to heal, and come back until you are level

Once you feel you're set for the boss, heal one last time at
the statue, and then avoid enemies to conserve MP.

Boss: Water Dragon
Weak to Sword Attacks.

Aqua Lizard isn't a very tough enemy at all if you are level
14. A good strategy is to have Alex cast Vigor on himself,
while Luna uses Cascade on Alex. When powered up, your Sword
Dance attack will do a large amount of damage to Aqua Lizard,
and it shouldn't be too hard. Keep Luna healing the party and
just attack with Ramus. Ramus will only be able to hit the
Water Dragon with a bow, though, so make sure you get one for
him ahead of time. The main idea is to pump Alex up, since
Ramus and Luna won't be able to do much physically. Also note
that the boss is in the water, so you can't use a character's
normal attacks on it.

Once you beat the Aqua Lizard, you will find the store owner.
The store owner offers to give you 500 of the 2,000 Silver
pieces, but the party gets mad. Ramus ends up with both 500
Silver and the entire store. ^_^ Ramus takes control of the
store, and the previous store owner becomes the assistant.
When you come out of the sewers, Nash says that it would be a
good time to travel to Vane so Nash can learn magic from the
city's Magic Guild. When you are ready, head out the northern
exit of Meribia and onto the world map.

                   --Chapter 4: Vane--

When on the world map, Nash tells you to follow the trail
through the Katarina Zone so you can get to Vane. Once you
follow the trail, you will come upon the entrance to Vane.
The guard at the station recognizes Nash, but he says that
Nash can not bring friends unless they have permission from
Phacia. The guard tells you that Phacia can be found at the
Goddess Shrine slightly to the west. Head out onto the world
map again, and go to the tower to the west.

What's going on in the Goddess Tower:
People are praying for the good of the country. There are
priestesses that are training here, and some talk about how
Jessica is a striking young girl that will prove to be an
excellent priestess someday.

When you enter the tower, the girl on the outside of the
tower asks you if you if you want to "rest" or "pray". Pick
"rest" to heal your characters. Then, select "pray". You
will now be able to enter the tower. When you go past the
first room, Phacia will greet you. Nash will talk to her
about giving permission, and Phacia will give you the item
you need to enter Vane - the Application. As you are heading
out, Phacia notes that she knows Luna is a talented singer,
and asks if Luna will come back and sing for her sometime.
Luna says she will, but she needs practice. Head onto the
world map again and back to the station to get to Vane.

When you get to the station, Nash hands the Application over.
Nash says that since this is your first time entering Vane,
you have to take a magic test to prove how strong you are.
Nash leaves to go to the Magic Guild, and tells you to meet
him there when you finish the test.

Magic Test
Item Info: 250 Silver x 3, Healing Ring
Enemy Info: Death Shroom, Gunfoot, Ice Mongrel, Slumber Moth

Watch out for the Ice Mongrels. They usually run away, but
if they don't, you can only do 1 damage to them with normal
attacks, so either run away from them or use Alex's sword
attacks to defeat them. The Gunfoots have a strong beam
magic attack that does about 25 damage to both Alex and
Luna, but they can be taken out with a normal attack from
Alex. Other than that, the enemies here won't pose too much
of a threat.

The Magic Test is not very hard. The only hard part of the
dungeon is that your characters cannot use any items at all.
This shouldn't be a problem, though, since Luna is a good
healer, and there are several priests along the way that
will heal your characters. The monsters sometimes come in
large groups, but keep in mind that you *will* be able to
heal sometimes, so don't worry about taking damage.

There is a priest about midway through the dungeon that
offers to heal you, but only once. If you need healing, use
this now, but you can always come back later to be healed.
Once you get to the next priest that offers to heal you, go
into the next room, kill all of the enemies here, and then
let him heal you. This makes it easy to get to the boss in
the next room without having any damage done to you. After
you are healed, go back into the next room and save. Now,
head to the west, and fight the boss of the Magic Test,
Truffle Troubler.

Boss: Truffle Troubler
Weak to Sword Dance

The Truffle Troubler is actually one of the easier bosses
in Lunar. In the first round, have Alex use Vigor and Luna use
Cascade Song on Alex. The idea is to pump Alex up so he does
about 300 damage for each of his Sword Dance attacks. After he
is enahanced with both Vigor and Cascade Song, have him use
Sword Dance each round. Truffle Troubler usually uses a magic
attack each round that does about 35 damage to both Alex and
Luna, but this is easily countered if you use Luna's Tranquil
Song to heal both Alex and Luna at the same time. After about
five or six Sword Dance attacks, Truffle Troubler will die.

*Truffle Troubler's Attack Arsenal:
Flash Bolt: When Truffle Troubler is floating in place with
  lightning bolts forming around him, he'll use Flash Bolt,
  and attack that hits one character for a heavy amount of
Mad Spark: When the bottom of Trubble Troubler becomes a small
  group of rotating spikes, it will use Mad Spark, an attack
  in which Truffle Troubler shoots tentacles out of the ground
  to do damage to both Alex and Luna.

After you beat Truffle Troubler, you will be able to enter
the magical city of Vane.

Item Info: Soap (red chest)

What's going on in Vane:
Vane is a magical city that has been a home to magicians
everyone, especially magicians-in-learning that have come to
study the ways of becoming experienced in magic. Students
come to the city and enrol in the Magic Guild, and become a
skilled magician in the ways of the guild.

When you first enter Vane, you will want to stop by all of
the shops and buy the best weapons and armor you can afford.
There are special pendants for sale here for 12000 Silver,
and you'll eventually want to get them, but chances are, you
won't even be able to now. Purchase the best equippment here,
and head to the Magic Guild. Nash will be there waiting for
you. Nash will say that you should speak with Ghaleon before
leaving Vane, because he is one of the four legendary heroes,
and can give you insight on becoming a Dragonmaster.

Now, in the castle, Nash says that he will show Luna (and
only Luna) around the castle portion of Vane. Nash takes Luna
into another room, and tells Luna about Vane. Walk out into
the door behind. You will then get to watch an awesome anime
scene introducing Ghaleon. Luna apologizes for intruding, and
Ghaleon tells her not to worry about it.

Now, the scene flashes back to Alex. Walk into one of the
rooms, and you'll meet Mia. Once you meet Mia, Nash runs in,
telling Alex that they shouldn't bother Mia, since she is
very important because her mother is the guildmaster of Vane.
Mia says she doesn't mind, and that Alex and Nall were being
kind to her. Nash tells you to go and meet with Ghaleon. Go
to the second floor, and into the door. You will now see yet
another great anime scene introducing Ghaleon to the rest of
the characters.

Ghaleon asks you about becoming a Dragonmasters, and asks if
you will investigate a supposed new Dragonmaster that has
supposedly been born in the town of Lann. You now get to pick
whether you want to help Ghaleon or stay in Vane and learn
magic. It doesn't matter what you choose, as you will have to
do the next mission anyway. You must now leave for Lann to
investigate the supposed new Dragonmaster.

            --Chapter 5: The Fake Dragonmaster--

Buy whatever you need to from Vane for your characters, and
head west, toward Nanza. You will need to cross the Nanza
Barrier in order to get to Lann.

Nanza Pass
Item Info: [Confusing Chest] x 2, Herb x 2, 50 Silver x 2
Enemy Info: Antorian, Death Mutt, Giga Wisp, Mud Cyclops

The enemies on the Nanza Pass should be no trouble for you
at this point in the game. The enemies here aren't even much
tougher then the enemies you fought in the Magic Test of
Vane. Just make sure to watch your HP, and heal in battle
when you need it. Especially try to keep Alex alive in all

When you cross the first part of Nanza Pass, you will arrive
at the Nanza Barrier.

Nanza Barrier
Item Info: Diamond Necklace (red chest)

What's Going on in Nanza Barrier:
People here speak about how Kyle, their leader, is stronger
than anyone else they have ever seen. Citizens also speak
about how Kyle likes to get drunk often, but is a great guy
down inside. People seem to indicate that Kyle is actually
drunk at the moment.

Once you get into Nanza Barrier, talk to all of the people.
If you try to take the exit to the west, the guard will stop
you, and tell you that you need permission from Kyle himself
to pass. Also, make sure you talk to the guard twice.

Go to the second level. Go into the tower on the right side.
Go all the way up to the top, and you will find Kyle, drunk,
laying on the ground. Talk to him, and he just say nonsense.
Leave this tower, and come back. The girl that was in the
room with Kyle will say that he has gone to the cafeteria to
get something to eat. Go all the way to the bottom of the
same tower you are in. You will find Kyle, in bed. Talk to
the people here, and leave the tower again. Now, enter back
into the same tower, and go back down to the cafeteria again.
This time, go into the jail area. You will see a nice anime
scene of Kyle sleeping, and then waking up, drunkenly, then
going back to sleep. The guard in the jail tells you that he
will give you permission to cross the Nanza Barrier if you
leave now. Now, you can get past the guard and head into the
second part of Nanza Pass.

Nanza Pass
Item Info: [Confusion Box], Star Light
Enemy Info: Antorian, Death Mutt, Giga Wisp, Mud Cyclops

The enemies here are the same as you faced in the other part
of the Nanza Pass, so don't worry about them. This area is
really short, as you will be on the world map in no time.

Once you arrive on the world map, head west, to the village
of Lann.

Item Info: Silver Light (red chest)

What's going on in Lann:
The people in Lann speak of how the supposed Dragonmaster
from their town has been stealing food from the people. Even
though the people know he is doing wrong, they still believe
he is a real Dragonmaster. You will hear about how he lives
on Lann Island.

When you enter Lann, go to the mayor's house. You will find
Jessica, and you will view another great anime scene that
introduces her. Jessica will say that she knows that if it
were a real Dragonmaster, he wouldn't be stealing from the
town. Jessica asks if you'll help in finding the supposed
Dragonmaster, and you agree. Jessica now joins the party.

When you have bought all of the items here that you need,
head to the southwestern part of the town. There, you can
talk to a man, and you will forcively borrow his boat. :)

Lann Island
Item Info: 300 Silver x 3, [Confusion Box] x 5, 500 Silver,
  Fresh Ring
Enemy Info: Barrel Snake, Monocrop, Nightmare, The Deep

Lann Island really won't be hard at all, since you now
have two healers in Jessica and Luna, and Alex and Jessica
are both pretty powerful physically. If you want to gain
levels, you can take trips from here to Lann, but you more
than likely won't need to anyway.

When you get to the end of the Island, you will find the
supposed Dragonmaster, next to his tent. He tells you that
he is a real Dragonmaster, and then summons a huge toad
that he calls his "dragon". ^_^ You must now fight him.

Boss: Dragon Master Zoc
Weak to Sword Dance

Zoc is a fairly tough battle. If you are low on HP and MP,
you should use your items and then save before you fight
him. You will definitely want Alex to have full MP for
this particular battle. You will want to use the same type
of strategy you have been using to this point. Make Alex
cast Vigor on himself in the first round, and have Luna
use Cascade Song on him as well. Now, Alex will be really
strong, and you can just dish out Sword Dance attacks for
the next few rounds until he dies. I also recommend using
Cascade Song on Jessica when you have a free round, since
Jessica is rather weak defensively at this point. After a
few rounds of Sword Dance, he should be down.

Zoc apologizes for stealing food from the people of Lann,
and being a fake Dragonmaster. Zoc says that he found a
toad and called it his dragon, and has lived the fantasy
of being a Dragonmaster ever since. Anyway, you can now
go back to Lann village.

When you get back to Lann, Phacia will be there to greet
you. Phacia tells you that there was reported to be a new
Dragonmaster, and your group tells her about how Zoc was
a fake, and how you took care of him. Phacia then leaves.
The entire party is surprised that Jessica doesn't know
who Phacia is, even though Jessica trains at the Goddess

After you have taken care of the fake Dragonmaster ordeal,
you can head back to Vane, taking the route through the
Nanza Barrier.

             --Chapter 6: Vane's Intent--

When you get back to Vane, you will be granted an audience
with Lemia, Vane's guildmaster. You will now meet Lemia,
but Lemia believes you are the fake Dragonmasters, and she
sends you to prison. Mia opposes her mother, but Alex is
still carried away by the guards.

Once in jail, you will here another prisoner, and the voice
will be familiar. Mia now comes to rescue Alex, says that
she is sorry for what her mother has done. Mia tells Alex
that her mother used to be the kindest woman ever, but as
of late, she has been very angry and hateful to people.
Mia now gives you Althena's Mirror, an item that she says
will reveal the true form of people, showing either good
or evil. As you are leaving the cell, you will stop to help
the other prisoner. You notice that the woman has a strange
device on her head. Mia insists that you help her.

Now, your quest is to get through the Crystal Tower of Vane
to find out what is going on.

Crystal Tower
Item Info: 500 Silver, 750 Silver, Star Light, 250 Silver,
  Angel Ring
Enemy Info: Blood Lord, Neutronitor, Plasma Fiend, Reflector

Fight your way up the levels of the Crystal Tower. You only
have Alex and Mia here, but it shouldn't be too hard. Mia
has some excellent magic spells that will do a lot of damage
in the tower. Mia also has a lot of magic points, but you
still may need to use a few Star Light items here.

Once you make your way to the top of the tower, you will
find a Magic Guild meeting taking place between Ghaleon,
Lemia, Royce, and Phacia. Lemia gets very angry at Mia for
introding, and even casts a spell on her. Lemia asks for
Ghaleon to complete the ritual and offer his strength for
the magic guild, but Ghaleon refuses, and protects Mia.
Mia now uses Althena's Mirror. At first, nothing happens,
but the prisoner you have been carrying emerges from the
device as the real Lemia! The fake Lemia is now revealed
as the dark sorcerer, Xenobia. You will see a nice anime
scene showing the Vile Tribe. Xenobia leaves you with four
Ultragoyles to fight.

Boss: Ultragoyle (4)
No strengths/weaknesses

You need to use the same strategy you've been using so far.
All you need to do is pump up Alex offensively with Vigor,
and then rip at the enemy with the Sword Dance attack. Mia
will also support you with offensive magic. The Ultragoyles
you fight here are almost like normal enemies, but they are
quite strong. They shouldn't pose much of a threat.

After all of this is over, Ghaleon apologizes, saying that
he knew nothing about what he was doing for the fake Lemia.
Ghaleon now takes you to Vane again.

In Ghaleon's room, Ghaleon tells you that he should now seek
the power of the dragons to save Vane from the Vile Tribe.
Ghaleon asks if the ground will escort him to Burg, and to
lead him to Quark. Alex agrees, and Ghaleon tells him that
he will be waiting for the group at Mel's mansion in Meribia.

Go back to Meribia, and to Mel's mansion. Ghaleon will be
waiting for you here, talking to Mel. Mel encourages you to
save the world from the clutches of the Vile Tribe, and is
sorry he cannot help you. Take the ship back to Saith. Once
you are here, you must go back through the Weird Woods to
get to Burg. Ghaleon has four spells that do about 200 HP
damage to all of the enemies, is on level 99, and has about
450 HP, so don't worry about getting killed. :)

Once you get through Weird Woods, you can stop back at Burg,
but your destination is the White Dragon Cave to meet up
with Quark, the White Dragon. Head to the Dragon Cave to the
east. Once you get to Quark, the White Dragon first commends
Ghaleon, and comments that he could be the next Dragonmaster.
Then, you will see a startling anime scene. Ghaleon reveals
himself as the Magic Emperor. Ghaleon now casts a spell on
Quark, and Quark is rendered powerless in a forcefield, and
then dies. Ghaleon then says that he shall rule the world
and create a new empire, and take Luna as his queen. Ghaleon
abducts Luna, and then casts a spell on Alex, and Alex is
knocked unconsious. When you wake up, you will be back in
your home at Burg. At first you don't know what happened, but
your father tells you that a man named Laike saved you, and
is at Dyne's memorial.

Go to Dyne's memorial. Laike will be there waiting for you.
Alex thanks Laike greatly for saving him, but wonders why he
was in the cave to begin with. Laike tells Alex that it is a
secret. Laike tells Alex that he must get revenge for what
has happened, and tells him he must become a Dragonmaster.
Laike now gives you the Dragon Wings, an item that allows you
to fly back to any city that you have already been to. Go to

Enemy Info: Gargoyle, Guardian, Shadow Lord

When you get to Meribia, you will see that it is taken over
by monsters. You will now join with Jessica in a battle,
and then Jessica explains what happened. You probably won't
want to do much fighting in this area. Use the statue to heal
yourself, then save, and make a run for Mel's mansion. It
doesn't really matter if you run into a few battles, just so
you get there in one piece.

When you go into Mel's mansion, you will find out that Mel
has went on top of the roof to fight off the monsters. When
you get there, you will find the Vile Tribe. Xenobia attempts
to use a spell on Jessica, but Mel steps in front of the it.
Mel then turns into stone. The last thing Mel tells Alex to
do is take care of his daughter. Jessica is deeply saddened,
and moves Mel to a room. Jessica vows to never forgive the
Magic Emperor, and Jessica joins Alex.

Your next destination is Vane again, but make sure to save
before leaving, because you'll have to fight a boss right as
you enter. When go get to Vane, you will meet up with Nash
and Mia to fight a monster that has ambushed Vane.

Boss: Vile Crustacean
Weak to Sword Dance

Yet again, you will rely on Alex totally for this battle. Use
Vigor in the first round, then beat away with Sword Dance. The
other characters will be almost useless in this battle, since
they hardly do any damage at all to the boss. Just make sure
Jessica is always healing when you need it. Make Nash use a
normal attack or Thunder magic, but it won't do much damage
either way. It is vital that Alex survives here, so make sure
he is always at high HP. Also, use a Star Light on Alex if he
uses all of his MP up.

After you destroy the Vile Crustacean, Jessica and Nash will
join the party, and the group will vow to get revenge on the
Magic Emperor (Ghaleon) for what he has done. You can now
talk to Lemia about what happened. Lemia is sick, and doesn't
remember most of what happened. Mia now joins the group.

Lemia tells you that to get to the other dragons, you must
first pass through the Nanza Barrier, but this time, you must
head south of Nanza. Fly back to Nanza. Right when you enter,
you will find a woman being attacked by several demons, along
with Xenobia. Xenobia tells the group not to move, or she
will destroy the woman. You decide not to move. You will now
she a great anime scene. The "woman" will reveal herself as
Kyle, and Kyle will slay the demons easily. Jessica now talks
to Kyle about how they need to find the other dragons, and
Kyle agrees to join the group.

The south end of the Nanza pass is very short, so just head
south until you come to the town of Reza.

Item Info: Silver Light (red chest)

What's going on in Reza:
Mostly everyone here speaks of the Thieves Guild here and
how thieves are running around, stealing other people's
items. Most people will recommend that you become a thief

When you first enter the town, your group will split up.
Someone has quickly run past Nall. When you check all of
your items, you will find that someone has stolen your
Dragon Wings. You hear from the person in the bar that if
you successfully become a thief, the thief that stole your
item must return it to you. You now set out to become a
member of the Thieves Guild. You have to pass the test to
become a thief.

Your next destination is Meryod. Head east, through Meryod

Meryod Woods
Item Info: 1000 Silver x 2, Fortune Ring (red chest)
Enemy Info: Brain Licker, Chrono Gorgon, Graggen, Killer

The enemies here will mostly not pose a problem, except for
the Killer Buzz enemies. These bee-type enemies can do a
lot of damage using the "Poison Sting" attack. You will want
to have Jessica ready to heal here at all times, since the
Poison Sting attack can do about 90 damage to any of your

You may want to gain a few levels here, but don't stay too
long. Head through the woods, and you'll be near the town
of Meryod.

Item Info: Silver Light (red chest)

What's going on in Meryod:
Meryod is a town made of all bridges. The people here don't
visit the rest of the world , and they act like rednecks. :)
The town is built on all bridges, and some people warn you
about how some of the bridges are becoming weak.

When you first get into Meryod, talk to the people here. You
can also buy some armor here, and also a few items from the
item shop. In the item shop, you can also purchase a special
ring that raises your attack power, but it costs 12000 Silver.
Now,  walk to the east across a bridge. Your group will notice
that there are cracks in the bridge, and your group will fall
into the water, and the bridge will be shattered.

When you emerge from the water, go and get the other members
of the group. When you get Jessica, Nash, and Mia, you hear
from the people here that Kyle went off to the bar. At the
bar, Kyle gives you the "Old Notebook", an item that has the
hidden password you will need for the next dungeon. You won't
be able to get across to the other part of the land at this
time. You will now need to pass the test to the south, at the
Damon Spire.

As you are leaving through the Meryod Woods, though, you will
find that Mel is here, and he is still turned to stone! You
wonder how he could have gotten all the way over here. Mel does
not seem to act usual, though, since he asks Jessica to die
him. Mel turns all of your characters except Jessica to stone.
Kyle then breaks through the stone, and Kyle vows to protect
Jessica, since he knows that this Mel is an imposter. You will
now have to fight Plaster Mel.

Boss: Plaster Mell
Weak to sword attacks.

Mel won't really be hard at all. Just keep using your Power
Slash sword attack. You can also power your offense up with
Kyle's "Power Up" spell. This will cause you to do much more
damage each turn.

Royce will then appear, and tell you that you ruined her plans.
Royce will leave angrily. After you get through the woods, head
south to the Damon Spire.

Before heading to the Damon Spire, though, you'll want to have
all of this equipment on your characters:

Alex: Samurai Blade, Chain Mail, Silver Shield, Iron Helmet,
  Healing Ring, Fire Ring
Nash: Ethereal Cane, Sorceror's Robe, Silver Bracelet, Fruity
  Bandana, Mia's Bromide
Mia: Ethereal Cane, Sorceror's Robe, Silver Armlet, Headband,
  Fresh Ring
Kyle: Bastard Sword, Steel Armor, Steel Shield, Steel Helmet
Jessica: Flail, Purity Clothes, Silver Armlet, Headband, Devil

This equipment should be enough to help you through the Spire.
Notice that Kyle won't need any accessories because he is very
strong both offensively and defensively, but if you have the
money, get some for him.

Damon Spire
Item Info: Empty x 4, Star Light x 4, Sage's Clothes, Spirit
  Bandana, Ice Pendant
Enemy Info: Bat Knight, Kill Roller, Mummy, Rufus

The enemies in here have certain strengths and weaknesses.
The Mummies andc Bat Knights can only be affected by your
elemental attack magic, and the Rufus monsters can only be
affected by your physical attack magic. The enemies should
not be too hard if you know their weaknesses. Also, this is
a good place to build up levels, since the enemies here give
a lot of experience points.

When you first enter the tower, you will given the first
test. You will say that Intelligence is Strength and Wisdom
is Power. You will then be able to travel through the first
floor of the dungeon.

During the next test, the man will ask you another question.
You will have to make several decisions like this through the
dungeon. It doesn't matter what character you pick for any of
them, though, since you will be able to try again if you fail
on them. Anyway, you should chose Mia for the first test. The
man now lets you go up to the next level.

Fight the enemies on the next level, and make sure to look out
for the treasures here. The man will then asks you the second
question as you are approaching the stairs. The correct choice
here is Nash. You can now go up to the next floor.

On the next floor, the test is rather unusual. At the stairs,
you find a man clutching his stomach in pain. At first he tells
you that nothing is wrong, but then he tells you to heal him.
Jessica wonders what she should do. Chose to heal the man before
heading up to the next level.

In the next test, the man tells you that you need to leave one
character behind so that the other characters can proceed. You
have to chose which ally you want to leave behind. The answer
here is to keep saying that you refuse to send anyone away, and
that all members helped in getting to the top. The man tells you
that you made a wise decision, and you can move up a floor.

The test on the next floor is to mold something out of clay.
The man says that if he likes what you make, he will let you
pass, but if he doesn't, you may not. You have a new decision
to make, you must chose who you want to start molding the clay.
The correct choice here is Alex. He will make a clay image of
Luna out of the clay.

You will now be able to get to the top of the tower. At the
top of the tower, the man commends you on your efforts, and
he will tell you that you have passed the test. He also tells
you that you should read all the books in the room. Do so, and
then leave the tower.

Go back to Reza. When you get there, you will be able to get
to the Thieves Guild through the bar. You will also get the
Thieves Crest, which lets you open all of the red chests in the
game. When you get there to the thief area inside the bar, go
north. You will find various shops. Buy the best weapons and
armor that you can afford. Now, you can talk to the thief in
the upper right. You will explain how you are now thieves, and
he will give you your Dragon Wings back. He will also give you
a piece of Soap for your troubles.

Now, head back to the main part of Reza. As you are leaving,
you will see Royce abducting Lily, the female singer of the
area. Lily's grandfather will come in to try to help, but it
will be too late. Your group explains how the Vile Tribe is
looking for female singers for a certain reason. Your group
tells Lily's grandfather that they will attempt to save her.
Royce hints that the next place to go should be the Red Dragon
Cave. You will now receive the Blueprints needed to make the
airship from one of the Thieves that Lily's grandfather shows

Your next destination is the Red Dragon Cave, but you will
have to go to Iluk first.

                     --Chapter 7: Iluk--


What's going on in Iluk:
Iluk is a town known for its strange inventor. The people talk
about how the inventor doesn't leave his house often and usually
works all of the time on his inventions. Otherwise, the town is
a pretty average town living near the Red Dragon Cave.

When you first get here, use the statue to heal. Then, go to the
northern most house. You will find the inventor here. Give him
the Blueprints. The inventor will tell you that he will help the
group make the airship the Blueprints describes. The inventor
tells you that he has lost his bug, and tells you to find it in
the Iluk Field. You agree to his terms. Go north to the Iluk

Iluk Field
Item Info: Crystal Bracelet, Healing Ring, Spook Hairpin, 1500
Enemy Info: Fluffy Bug, Fly Devil, Man Eater, Puffy Bug

The enemies here are really not too tough. You have five members
in your party now, and you have a wide variety of attacks. Nash
and Mia will use magic on the enemy groups while Alex and Kyle
attack physically and Jessica either attack or heal. If you have
problems, you can always take trips back to Iluk to heal at the
goddess statue. This is also a great place to gain levels in the
game, since the enemies here give you considerably more experience
points than before.

There are several springs here that will shoot you to other places
in the field.

When you are ready, head up to the upper-left area. You will see
a bug sitting there without moving at all. Try to talk to it, and
you will have to fight an easy enemy group. Once you win, you will
receive the "Fluffy Bug" item. Now, head back to Iluk to give this
to the inventor.

When you get back to Iluk, give the inventor his bug. The invetor
will say that he has finished your baloon, but it is too late at
night, so he invites the party to stay at his home for the night.
The group agrees, and you depart to try the baloon the next morning.
At first the baloon doesn't work, but Nall bumps it, and it will
suddenly inflate itself. :) You are now ready to head to the Red
Dragon Cave to the northwest in the baloon.

*Note: After you get through Iluk Field, you have the option of
visiting each Altena Spring. There is a spring for the males, and
a spring for the females. You probably can only access the spring
for the males right now since the eneimes surrounding the female
springs are really tough for right now. When you get to the male
spring, and given that you have a bar of Soap, you can watch a
short anime scene showing the male characters bathing. If you have
two bars of soap, you can watch both scenes. There are two anime
scenes for each bar of soap you use. If you only have one bar of
soap, save before you watch that scene, then load your game again,
and watch the other. You can travel to the female spring later in
the game.

                 --Chapter 8: Red Dragon Cave--

Red Dragon Cave
Item Info: Star Light x 8, Barrier Ring, Rainbow Tiara, Angel Ring,
  Flame Sword, 1000 Silver, 5000 Silver
Enemy Info: Blood Slime, Burner, Fire Elemental, Scorpion

The enemies in the Red Dragon Cave are actually quite easy since
you should have all of the Ice equipment that you bought in Iluk.
Usually an attack spell combined with a normal attack from one of
the fighting characters will usually kill each enemy. Most of the
Ice equipment you should have does a *lot* of damage to each enemy,
and Alex and Kyle can attack multiple times with their weapons, so
you might not even need much attack magic at all. Nash won't be
very useful here, since he only has thunder type attack magic. Mia
has some great Ice spells that are useful here, though.

Take some time to explore the dungeon and fight the enemies to
gain levels. There is one notable secret in the cave, though. In
one area, there is a place near a certain blue treasure chest with
a strange red colored object on the ground. If you step on this
object, Alex will be flung across the lava to another island. Once
you travel down this island strip, you will get the Flame Sword.
Don't equip this sword yet, though, since you are in a fire based
cave, and the sword won't do much damage to the enemies.

Once you get past a long area of fire, save, and walk north. You
will now see Royce appear before you, trying to set a trap for you
to walk into. Royce sends two Fire Dogs to ambush you.

Boss: Bronze Dog (2)
Weak to Ice

The Bronze dogs aren't a very hard boss battle. In the first round,
have Alex use Vigor on himself, Kyle use Power Up on himself, have
Mia use one of her Ice spells that affects both monsters, have Nash
cast Thunder Thrust on the monsters, and have Jessica attack. When
the monsters start to attack, have Alex and Kyle use their most
powerful sword attacks, have Jessica heal the party if needed, and
have Mia either use her ice magic or cast Power Drive on either
Alex or Kyle. Try to concentrate on one dog at a time. The dogs do
have a special attack that does a pretty large amount of damage to
the entire party, but Jessica should be able to take care of things
with Calm Litany. Nash won't be too useful, but just have him use
Thunder Thrust.

*Bronze Dogs' Attack Arsenal:
Heat Rush: When a Bronze Dog is flaring with energy, he is about
  to use Heat Rush, and attack hitting every character in your
  party for about half of that character's HP.
Fire Ball: When a dog isn't on fire (like Heat Rush), he's about
  to use Fire Ball, shotting three balls of fire at one character
  for a large amount of damage.
Normal Attack: A Bronze Dog may hit a single character (or two
  characters once each) with a normal attack that hits twice to
  do physical damage.

Once you defeat the d ogs, you foil Royce's plans, and she leaves.
You now receive the Dragon Shield. You are yet another step closer
to becoming a Dragonmaster!

When you are ready, go back to the beginning of the dungeon and
attempt to use the baloon to fly back to Meryod. As you are flying,
though, the baloon starts to leak air, and Nash will attempt to
break the crash of the baloon. :) You will see a rather amusing
anime scene now, and you will crash near Reza.

When you end up in Reza, Laike will come and congratulate you on
getting the Dragon Shield. Laike encourages you to becoming a
Dragonmaster. When you are ready, you will want to go back to
Meryod now.

                     --Chapter 9: Layton--

When you get back to Meryod, you will find out that the bridge
has been fixed! This means that you can cross over to the other
side of the continent. Be sure to stop at the new weapon shop
after crossing the bridge, now, the weapons here will be very
useful in the coming part of the game.

You now should go to Layton. Follow the coastline north and to
the west. Do not head east into the Forbidden Forest, because
the enemies here are very tough and you are not supposed to be
here yet. Layton is the town by the waterfall and springs.


What's going on in Layton:
Layton is a strange town that lives in music from the spirits of
the wind. Lately, the music has changed, though, and most of the
people here agree that it sounds hideous. Most of the people here
also urge you to get their normal song back through the village's
Lyton Shrine.

There is a great armor shop here that sells new heavy-type armor
for most of the characters. Make sure to buy all the best armor
here, as you will definitely need it for the next part of your

When you first enter Layton, your party will notice the hideous
racket going on. The group encourages you to find out what has
happened in this town. Go into one of the north houses, and talk
to the village elder. He will tell you that the spirits of the
wind have begun to play a different "song", and this is what is
causing the terrible racket outside. The elder urges you to help
the town by seeking the spirits at the Lyton Shrine. To get to
the Lyton Shrine, go to the east part of the city, and head into
the small building near two people.

Lyton Shrine
Item Info: Wisdom Robe, Star Light, 2500 Silver
Enemy Info: Bob Goblin, Brainpicker, Electro Eye, Giga Ant

The enemies here are decently strong. You will basically *need*
to have the armor sold in Lyton village to get through here. If
you need more money, stop here to gain some levels and head back
to the town to get the armor. Once you feel strong enough (level
29 is great), head through here.

The Lyton Shrine is not very long, but there are several pitfalls
that you can fall down to the next level of the dungeon in. You
can spot the pitfalls before you fall down them, though, as there
are cracks on the floor where a pitfall is going to appear. Avoid
the pitfalls, as they will try to throw your direction off.

Once you get to the top, you will see two rocks, and four holes.
Your party tells you that the air flowing through the holes must
change the music outside. The group tells you to make changes to
the positions of the rocks so the music returns to normal. Here
is a small (and rather simple) diagram of the rocks and holes:
___________| 3   -   4  |
| 1   O   2             |
|                       |

1, 2, 3, 4: Holes
O, -: Rocks

This is a rather simple and easy puzzle. Try all of the different
combinations yourself, but if you are still stumped, check the
puzzle answer. :P

Puzzle Answer:
-Move the "O" rock into the "1" hole.
-Move the "-" rock into the "4" hole.

Once you finish the puzzle, the group can hear the music change
to something more listener friendly. :)

Head back to Lyton. In Lyton, the people will thank you for making
the town the way it once was, and they say that they can now travel
outside freely now without having to shudder from the wretched racket
from outside. When you talk to the elder again, he thanks you, and
then tells you that the Blue Dragon Cave can now be accessed from
the underwater area to the north. He also tells you that two lovers
will have to sing along with each other and open the way to the Blue
Dragon Shrine.

                --Chapter 10: Blue Dragon Shrine--

Blue Dragon Shrine
Item Info: Angel's Tear, 5000 Silver, Ruby Tiara, Angel Ring, Jewel
  Bracelet, Chira's Tail, Dragon Armlet
Enemy Info: Aqua Genie, Gelatin, Razor Wolf, Water Elemental

The enemies in this area won't pose much of a threat if your levels
are where they should be. The Gelatins are very weak, as are the
Water Elementals (weak to fire magic), but the Aqua Genies and Razor
Wolves are quite strong, and have a decent number of HP. Just have
Alex and Kyle do normal attacks in this area, have Nash use any of
his thunder spells, and have Mia use her fire spells. The normal
enemies shouldn't be that hard, though. The enemies in this dungeon
yield only slightly more experience points then the enemies in the
Red Dragon Cave, but it is still a decent place to gain levels.

The Blue Dragon Shrine is quite a large dungeon. It is basically
a maze type of dungeon. During the course of the dungeon, you will
find several small pools of water. If you try to enter one of the
water pools, you will either have to fight a single battle with a
few Gelatin enemies, or you will be able to pass to the next area
of the dungeon. It doesn't really matter how many battles you get
into with the Gelatin monsters, though, since they are very weak,
and there is no boss of the Blue Dragon Shrine. Basically, it's
all just a "guess-and-check" challenge into finding the pools that
lead to the exit. It shouldn't take too long here.

When you get to the end of the Shrine, you will discover the Blue
Dragon. The Dragon thanks you for coming this far, and tells you
that you should strive to be the next Dragonmaster. The Dragon
then tells you that he will open the door to the Dragon Helm so
you can get another piece of the Dragonmaster equipment. Once he
opens the door, head to the new area to the east. You will see a
glowing orb. You will then get the Dragon Helm. After you get the
Dragon Helm, you will hear commotion from outside. The party then
realizes that something has happened to the Blue Dragon! Leave
the room you are in, and go outside. You will see that Phacia has
slayed the Blue Dragon! Phacia then runs off. Now, only three of
the original four dragons are left.

After you are finished in the Blue Dragon Shrine, head back to
the village of Lyton. The people will be sad that the Blue Dragon
has been slayed, but they encourage you to find the Black Dragon,
to the east. You must now head east, into Tamur Pass.

                      --Chapter 11: Tamur--

Tamur Pass
Item Info: Star Light, Shira's Tail, Wind Cane, Ange's Tear,
  Healing Nut, Dark Helmet
Enemy Info: Shrieker, Octo Plant, Great Hornet, Ice Pup

The enemies in Tamur pass will be just as easy as the most of the
normal enemies you faced in the Blue Dragon Cave. If you really
need to heal though, just head back to Lyton and then come back
here. You shouldn't really need much healing, though.

As you walk through Tamur Pass, you will notice several "Danger
Ahead" type signs. Also, you will find from one sign that Tamur
lies to the south. Go around collecting items in the area, then
save and head to the southeastern area. You will suddenly be
ambushed by Xenobia! Xenobia summons monsters to fight the party.

You will have to fight two battles. Here is what you must fight:
1) 3 Carapace Knights, 1 Dark Sorceror
2) 4 Carapace Knights, 2 Dark Sorcerors

The battles here shouldn't be very hard at all. Just have Nash
use Thunder Thrust, Mia use Blizzard, and Alex use Flash Cut.
This combination should kill both groups in one round.

After you win both battles, Xenobia will summon yet more enemies
to attack your party. Your party knows that you are in trouble,
but suddenly, arrows rain down from the sky and hit the monsters!
Xenobia will now run away, and you get to see an anime scene that
gives you a glimpse of Tempest and Fresca. You can now exit Tamur
Pass and head to Tamur.


What's going on in Tamur:
Tamur is a nature town. Most of the people that live here enjoy
hunting and fishing. Some of the people talk about the Prairie
Tribe, and its leader, Tempest. Some others will tell you how
there is a large tower which is home to an old man, Myght.

In Tamur shop, you can talk to the villagers about many things
going around in the area. Also, there are new weapons and armor
in the shops here, so make sure to upgrade all of the equipment
for all characters here. When you're ready, head for the north
exit of the village.

When exiting the village, you will find Laike. Laike will tell
you that he will help you find the Black Dragon. Laike tells
you that you should get clues and information from Myght, a man
that lives in a large tower. Laike tells you that he will go
along with you to find Myght, but only with Alex. The rest of
the characters will have to stay behind. Laike will ask you if
you want to leave. If you say yes, your other characters will
leave the group of Alex and Laike. If you say no, you can come
back later and talk to Laike in the Tamur bar, but you need to
complete this part of the game, even if you say no. At this
point you will only have Alex and Laike in your party. Head
north have Alex and Laike, and your other party members stay
behind. You will now have to head to Myght's Tower. It looks
like well, a tower, as opposed to a village. ^_^

              --Chapter 12: Myght's Tower--

Myght's Tower
Item Info: Silver Light, Barrier Ring, 500 Silver, Heavling
  Nut, Crystal Sword
Enemy Info: Magic Hat, Mecha Star, Plasma Prism, Tormentor

The enemies here shouldn't be hard, just because of the fact
that you have Laike here. Alex won't be much of a help here,
since he does very little damage. This area is pretty short,
though, so it won't be long until you find Myght anyway.

When you first enter the tower, you will be presented with
a puzzle. This puzzle shouldn't be too hard to complete with
the "guess-and-check" method, but if you want the answer, go
down to the Puzzle Strategy.

*Puzzle Strategy
Take the corresponding doors in this order:
(Planet, Star, Sun, Moon)

You will now be headed through the main part of the maze.
Check the areas for the three treasures here, and head up
the tower. Note that if you get stuck, you probably have
to ride an elevator twice.

When you meet Myght at the top of the tower, Laike explains
that Alex needs an airship. Myght tells you that he'll work
on one for you. Laike then leaves the group. Myght tells you
that it will take some time to build. You can now go back to
Tamur and meet the rest of your party at the bar. The party
will tell you that they don't know where Nash is. Suddenly,
Nash returns, telling you that there's a incident in the town
square. When you go outside to see what is happening, you
will you see a man being hung by two members of the Prairie
Tribe. You can choose whether or not to help the man that is
being hung. You should choose to help him. After that, you'll
see a scene introducing Tempest and Fresca. Tempest will then
introduce himself as the leader of the Prarie Tribe. Tempest
says that he doesn't trust your group, and even though he has
helped the group from Xenobia, he wants to test Alex to see
how strong he is. You must now fight Tempest with Alex alone.

Boss: Tempest
No strengths/weaknesses

Tempest won't be hard at all. Just use Vigor, then keep using
Sword Dance attacks. He should go down in only a few rounds.

Tempest will now tell you that he believes your group, and
tells you that you are very strong. Tempest now gives Alex the
Dragon Necklace. At first Alex doesn't accept it, but Tempest
insists on it. When Tempest leaves, your party realizes that
you should find the Prairie Tribe to get information on the
Black Dragon. To get to Pao, the Prairie Tribe city, you will
have to head south, through the Lost Woods.

         --Chapter 13: Pao and the Prairie Tribe--

Lost Woods
Item Info: Chira's Tail, Holy Hairpin, Healing Nut x 2, Silver
  Light, Dark Shield, Star Bracelet
Enemy Info: Ambush, Killer Shroom, Monster Wasp, Yeti

The enemies won't pose much of a threat if you have the weapons
and armor from Tamur. Watch out for the Yeti enemies, though,
they have high HP and can do some high physical damage.

Once you get to a certain point in the forest, your party tells
you that it is getting dark, and that you should rest and try
to find the exit tommorow. You can either go to the south part
of this small grove, or keep searching for the exit. If you do
choose to continue looking for the exit, you can find the many
treasures this area has to offer. When you get everything here
that you want, you can go back to the grove and rest.

When you wake up in the morning, you will find some people of
the Prairie Tribe. The people will agree to show you to their
village, Pao. Follow them and head south.


What's going on in Pao:
Pao is the village of the Prairie Tribe, a group of people that
live by themselves isolated from most of the world. The people
of the Prairie Tribe live by themselves, and rely on nature to
survive. Some of the people here are scared of your party, since
you are outsiders. A lot of the people here are mysteriously
being struck by a fatal disease.

When you come to Pao, visit the various tents and talk to the
people. You will learn about the disease that has been plaguing
the village. Seek Tempest out in one of the large tents. All of
a sudden, the disease strikes Jessica, Mia, and Fresca. Tempest
is angry, and asks the elder's permission to seek out Ghaleon in
the Black Dragon Cave. You can now head to the Black Dragon Cave,
in the east part of the village. Make sure to heal and save near
the statue, then enter the cave.

             --Chapter 14: Black Dragon Cave--

Black Dragon Cave
Item Info: Dragonfly Wings, Healing Nut, Dragon Bandanna, Dream
  Bow, Angel Ring, [MP Drain Chest] x 3, Silver Light x 2, Dark
  Armor, Dark Sword
Enemy Info: Chaos Fiend, Hell Raiser, Nipple Yanker, Slice O'

The enemies in the Black Dragon Cave are very hard, especially
the Chaos Fiend enemies. You should be at least at level 32 at
this point, if you're not at that point, you can always exit
the cave, and then return again (Tempest waits for you). The
actual area is not very long, but there are a bunch of tough
enemies. It's going to be tough the entire way through, and a
hard boss at the end awaits. Make sure to fill your HP and MP
up before you fight the boss.

Eventually, you will run into the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon
will then give you the last item needed to become a Dragonmaster,
the Dragon Armor. The Black Dragon tells you that you will only
become a Dragonmaster once your heart is intent on doing so. Save
before you head up to the next floor. When you get to the next
floor, Ghaleon will be controlling the Black Dragon. At first,
the Black Dragon slaughters your group. Then, Alex gets up, and
is determined to fight. Alex now becomes a Dragonmaster, and you
will see an awesome anime scene. Now, you will really have to
fight the Black Dragon.

Boss: Black Dragon
Weak to Sword Dance

You will totally rely on Alex for this entire fight. Alex can do
about 500 damage when powered up with Sword Dance. Make sure you
use Vigor on Alex in the first round, and then keep lashing out
the Sword Dance special attacks. Use Thunderbolt with Nash if you
have it, otherwise just have him use healing items or else normal
attacks (or Thunder Thrust). Have Tempest keep using Flash Arrow,
and have Kyle use Power Up on the first round, then use the Power
Slash special attack. It's a hard battle, and you won't have a
healer, so it is a good idea to equip Healing Rings on all of the
fighters (at least Alex and Kyle) before the fight begins. Another
trick here is to have many Healing Nuts in each of the character's
inventories, since you don't have a healer here.

*Black Dragon's Attack Arsenal:
Fire Breath: When the Black Dragon breathes fire in and out, he's
  about to use Fire Breath, an attack that strikes one character
  with a piercing flame for heavy damage.
Thunder Breath: When the Black Dragon cracks with bolts of flaring
  electricity, he's about to use Thunder Breath, a volt hitting all
  characters do moderate damage.
Cold Breath: When the Black Dragon has bolts of cold air coming
  from its mouth, it is about to use Cold Breath, a beam of cold
  air that hits all characters for moderate damage.

When you defeat the Black Dragon, head back to the Pao tent. Meet
with the others. Since you've beaten the Black Dragon, the plague
has stopped in Pao, and everyone is back to normal. Laike then
walks in. Laike tells the group that the airship Myght is making
for you is almost ready. Laike suggests that you visit Myght and
receive the airship. Before you leave the area, talk to Tempest.
Tempest will give you the Master Sword. Kyle doesn't accept it at
first, but Tempest insists (just like the Dragon Necklace). Also,
Alex gives back the Dragon Necklace to Tempest at this point, but
Tempest says that he's only holding onto it, but it Alex is the

After you become a Dragonmaster and out of the area, you can do
many of the game's side-quests and hidden secrets. One of the
hidden secrets is the Forbidden Forest. Remember that really
tough forest east of Meryod that had the really tough monsters?
Well, you should now be strong enough to head through there. The
key thing you'll be using here is Alex's "Dragon Grief" spell.
If you make it through the forest without the Dragon Grief spell,
you were incredibly lucky. Also, make sure you have at least one
Soap before you head to the Forbidden Forest. If you don't have
any Soap, there is one in one of the red chests in the game. If
you can't get any more Soap in the game, don't even go through
the Forbidden Forest unless you want to fight the enemies, since
you need Soap to view the scenes at the end of the forest.

Forbidden Forest
Item Info: 5000 Silver
Enemy Info: Cannon Foot, Killer Weed, Hell Hound, Shell Walker

The enemies in this area are very tough, and will likely kill your
characters unless you really know what to do here. The area around
here is not too long, but the enemies will constantly attack you,
and there aren't many that you can avoid. The only real strategy
you can use here is to use Alex's "Dragon Grief" on each group of
enemies, because it will wipe them out with no hassle, but you get
very little experience if you do this. It probably won't be very
easy to make it through without Dragon Grief, though, so you don't
have to worry about the experience very much.

Anyway, make your way to the east exit, trying to avoid as many of
the monsters as possible. Go to the northeast corner of the area to
get a chest with 5000 Silver. Head out the east exit whenever you're
finished here.

Once you head out the clearing, you will be at the female bathing
area (rejoice)! This will be the highlight of your adventure. ^_^
If you have two bars of Soap, talk to the guardian and say "Oh, that
sounds great!" to see very steamy and sexy scenes of Mia or Jessica
cleaning themselves (my personal favorite part of the game ^_^). If
you only have one bar of Soap, you can save, get one bath scene, and
then keep reloading your data until you get the second one. The bath
scenes here are shown at random, so even if you have two bars of Soap,
you might get the same bath scene twice, so make sure to save your
game before you view the bathing scenes.

At this point you can do many more subquests. Especially important
are the special accessories you can get at this time (refer to the
"Miscellaneous Secrets" part of this strategy guide for locations
of them). Also, you can go back to many of the different towns in
the game and talk to various people to get more text. Most people
will say new things now, since you've become a Dragonmaster. Once
you're ready for the next part in the adventure, journey into the
next chapter.

         --Chapter 15: The Airship and the Frontier--

Travel back to Myght's Tower. To get there, you must pass through
the Lost Woods again, but it won't be a problem. If you want to
spend some time here to gain levels, that is also advisable. Just
head to Myght's Tower when you think that you're ready.

When you pass through the maze in Myght's Tower again, you will
be able to talk to him. Myght tells you that he is almost done
with your airship, and should be finished by morning. Myght goes
outside to work on the airship for the last night, he leaves your
party inside to sleep for the night. You can talk to both couples
(Kyle/Jessica and Nash/Mia), and then you decide that it's time
to go to sleep. Your party then sleeps for the rest of the night.

When you wake up in the morning, you will be outside, and you will
see that the airship is ready. As you are ready to leave, Nash has
started to be uneasy about leaving to fight Ghaleon. Nash says that
he doesn't want to continue fighting. All of the other characters
start to wonder what has happened to Nash, but Nash still holds his
view. Right before your party is ready to leave for the Frontier,
Nash shoots a single bolt of thunder, thus destroying the airship's
engine. The party is terribly surprised about what Nash did. Nash
then shows his betrayal, and leaves with Royce. The party is very
upset of what just happened, and most of the members of your group
start forming grudges against Nash for what he did. Your party is
very surprised, but they still want to press on. You learn that the
engine is now totally destroyed, and you'll have to find another or
get the parts to rebuild this one. Your group suggests to go back
to the Thieves Guild in Reza.

Note that right before Nash's betrayal, you will see a humorous
Working Designs inside joke. Right before you lift off, your party
will complain about how long it took. Myght will say "Delays are
temporary, mediocracy is forever". This is a quote that Working
Designs owner, Vitor Ireland used a lot while delaying the game
several times. :)

When you get to the Thieves Guild, go to the Thieves Bazzar. When
you get there, talk to the various people here. One of the people
here gives you the Blueprints for making the most perfect airship
engine. Take the Blueprints back to Myght. Myght will finish the
airship, and you will finally be able to fly to the Frontier.

You will now get to see a great anime scene. You start to fly to the
inner part of the Frontier, but there is a barrier blocking the way.
Your party memebers spot a town to the west, so you land the airship
in that area. Go to the small mining town of Talon.


What's going on in Talon:
The people of the Frontier are working in the mines to provide
Ghaleon with power. You learn that Althena has expelled the people
of the Frontier to this desolate area to protect the world. As a
result, most of the people here have extreme problems with humans.

There is a weapon shop here, but it's actually an inn. :) The guy
here will tell you that since you're humans, he can't allow you to
sleep there, but he does heal your HP/MP magically anyway. There's
not much to do here other than talk to the minors, so just go into
the mine to the north of the area.

Talon Mine
Item Info: Healing Nut x 3, Silver Light x 2, Star Light x 2, Hell
  Armlet, Holy Robe, Devil Pendant, Refresher Ring, Angel's Tear,
  Fire Tiara, Protection Ring
Enemy Info: Groper, Mecha Tank, Rock Biter, Stalker

The enemies won't be very tough here. The Mecha Tanks have high
defense, attack, and HP, but they will go down in awhile. You
shouldn't have trouble if you are at decent levels and have good

Fight through the mines, taking the wrapping passages and getting
the treasures. Spend some time taking all of the paths to insure
you get the treasures, some of them are good armor/accessories.

When you get to a certain point, you will hear an earthquake, and
your party thinks something happened to one of the miners. You
run to the previous area, and you see that a miner is stuck under
some rocks. You help the miner out, but some enemies find that
you are humans, and attack you. You will now fight 3 Stalkers and
1 Groper. Nothing too hard. After you save the miner, talk to him
and he will thank you. You can now continue through the mine.

Going through the rest of the mine, you come upon a goddess statue
by itself in a room. Your characters wonder why there is a goddess
statue on the frontier. The miner you saved will be here, and he
thanks you again. He tells you he took hidden passageways to find
you. Heal at the goddess statue, save, and then go north.

When you get into the next area, Xenobia will appear. Xenobia then
abducts Jessica and Mia. Xenobia holds them while Alex and Kyle
tell her to leave them alone. Xenobia tells the males that she will
only let them go if you fight with Kyle and shed blood. You will
now have to go into battle with Kyle.

In the battle, no matter what you use, you won't be able to do any
damage to Kyle, and he won't be able to do any damage to you. You
will go on attacking for 0 damage until Xenobia stops the battle.
Xenobia can tell that you aren't trying, and tells the males that
she will not let the girls go. Kyle tricks Xenobia into thinking
that he doesn't care anymore, since Jessica is a bother to him now
anyway. Kyle basically tricks Xenobia into letting the females go,
and Xenobia summons a Shadow Spectre to fight you.

Boss: Shadow Spectre
No strengths/weaknesses

Not much of a complicated strategy here. Have Alex use Vigor on
himself and Kyle use Power Up on himself in the first round, as
usual. Also, have Mia power Alex and Kyle up in the first two
rounds. Keep Jessica aside as a healer, but you can also use her
to attack the first round or so. You'll then want to throw out
your best attacks. Have Alex use Sword Dance, have Kyle use Power
Slash, have Mia use Ice Lance or Flame Bomb. Shadow Spectre has
one powerful attack, though, Piercing Eyes. Piercing Eyes does a
large amount of damage to the entire party. Just use Jessica's
Calm Litany after every round Shadow Spectre uses it. It won't be
too hard to take Shadow Spectre down.

After you beat Shadow Spectre, you can go through the main areas
of the frontier.

                      --Chapter 16: Ruid--

You can try to enter Ruid normally, but the door is sealed shut,
and you can't find any other way to get in. You can now go to the
large green structure to the slight southeast of Ruid. When you
get here, Phacia will be waiting for you. Phacia comes before you
as a friend, but at first your group doesn't trust her. Phacia
tells you that she regrets working in evil, and that she wants to
give you the password to Ruid. You can now choose whether you want
to trust her or not. Tell her that you trust her. She'll now give
you the password to enter Ruid - "Green Earth". She tells you that
you must enter through the door on the west side. Now, you can go
to Ruid and use the password.

When you get to Ruid, you will walk to the west side of the main
door, and Jessica will say the password. You'll now be able to go
through Ruid.

Item Info: Silver Light x 2, Star Light, Fortune Ring, Dark Mace,
  Healing Nut, Fire Armlet, Fortune Ring, Tri-Ring
Enemy Info: Baigen, Devastator, Flash Lord, Master Mirror

The enemies here are pretty tough. You'll find that many of them
strongly resist physical attacks, and you're going to need to use
a lot of your MP to stop them. Nash's MP will go down very fast,
so provide him with Star Lights if he gets low (not Silver Lights,
you'll need them for the end of the game). If you really feel weak
here, you can go back to a statue and heal, then come back. If you
gain levels fast here, you probably need to build your characters'
levels up a bit. A useful ring to equip on Jessica is the Ghaleon's
Tear, since you will want to have both Alex and Kyle doing many
attacks, you can use Jessica's attack to hit all enemies for the
normal amount of attack damage. Equip the Hell Ring on Nash if you
have it.

Go through all of the areas, collecting the treasures. There is
an open area here, and it isn't hard to find your way around, but
there are a few chests in this area. Take some time to look around
the Ruid area and exploring each path.

Save often when going through Ruid. You will soon come across a
fairly tough boss. After a bit of climbing and searching, you will
come across Taben, an evil inventor that is working for Ghaleon.
Taben will tell you about how he has made a new weapon, "Mobile
Magic Masher". Taben will summon the weapon to fight you, and Nash
comes out in a special armor! Nash tells you that he wants to stop
you from fighting Ghaleon, because it is useless. Mia slaps Nash
in the face, and Nash regains his senses. Nash tells you that he
will fight with you again, and your party accepts his words again.
But, then, Taben will active the weapon, and Nash's armor will go
berserk. Nash then fights you unintentionally, as Nash can't stop
what he is doing.

Boss: Magic Masher
No strengths/weaknesses

Magic Masher is an easy boss. He can't do much damage to you, and
he is rather slow. About the only damage he can do to you is his
thunder spells and normal attacks. You can counter the magic by
using Jessica's Litany healing whenever needed. As usual, power up
your fighters (Alex and Kyle), and then bust out their physical
attacks. Jessica should be reserved to heal, and Mia should use
some of her fire elemental spells.

After you defeat Magic Masher, Taben runs away, telling you how he
is going to activate the Grindery, his life's work. Nash then joins
you again, and the party begins to forgive him, although there is
still some distrust among members about him. Save and then head to
the north, through the exit.

When you exit, you will find Ghaleon and Taben, Ghaleon will tell
you about his plan of destruction, and how the Grindery will be an
unstoppable force. The Grinder then emerges and rolls away, and
you will see a great anime scene. Your party will be left wondering
what to do. The Grindery made a gap in the barrier of the Frontier,
so you can walk to the west to get to your airship. Go inside. You
will now be flying away in the airship. The party will notice that
the Grindery is rolling toward Vane. Mia knows that the Grindery is
going to destroy Vane if not stopped, so she tells you to go to Vane
as fast as possible. In Vane, go to the Silver Spire in the back of
the first level in the Magic Guild. Mia will attempt to channel all
of Vane's powers (in a quite cool anime scene) to destroy the entire
Grindery. The Grindery and Mia both fire off a shot at the same time,
but it is too late, the Grindery hits Vane, and the entire city falls
to the ground. Your party is very shaken, but they will awaken.

At this point, you will be trapped in the Silver Spire of Vane.
You cannot leave, so the group suggests that you use the Dragon
Wings. You can now go to any of the locations that you've already
been to. There are now a lot of things to do. You can get many
awesome secret items (check the Miscellaneous Secrets section for
more information), and you can get a lot more text from the towns
and story information. Also, when you go into the Grindery, the
entire rest of the game will be on a certain path. After you enter,
you cannot go back to any of the other villages in the game, and
you can't even walk out of the Grindery. Do everything you want to
do, then head to the Grindery. It's on the ground near Althena's

It is vital you have the best equipment and items at this point in
the game. Here are a few things you should check before going into
the Grindery:

1) Characters at at least level 43. It's going to be a long way
   through the Grindery, and you'll probably end up higher than
   this, but it is still a good idea to raise your levels if you
   haven't already. If you are lower than level 40, the enemies
   inside of the Grindery will be very tough.

2) At least 10 Silver Lights in your inventory (make sure to put
   them in character inventories). If you don't have enough, you
   can open more red chests in the game, as the red chests often
   hold Silver Lights.

3) At least 10 Healing Nuts (also put in your seperate characters'
   inventories). You will want to be sure to give individual ones
   to the allies, as even Jessica will not be enough during a few
   of the final battles.

4) At least 7 Angel Tears (again, put in character inventories).
   There are going to be a lot of times on the last few bosses
   where characters will die. It's very hard to avoid having at
   least a few characters die, especially on the final battle.
   Jessica will often need to heal the party as well, so it's
   really vital you have a few on the allies to use so Jessica
   can get off her healing spells, while reviving an ally in the
   same turn.

Once you have all of this, you should be set to go to the Grindery.
Head to Althena's Shrine with the Dragon Wings, and just walk over
to it.

                   --Chapter 17: The Grindery--

Item Info: Healing Nut x 2, Saint Clothes, Silver Light x 2, Angel
  Ring, Stone Bracelet, Insane Shield, Healing Ring, Holy Bandana,
  Insane Helmet, Phantom Ribbon, Star Light
Enemy Info: Archmage, Arrow Fish, Blyzer, Bomb Angel, Death Armor,
  Magic Machine, Soul Yanker, Tank Golem

Whoa. The Grindery is a *huge* dungeon. There are many excellent
items here, as well as many hard enemies. Once you get into the
Grindery, you can't get out, so make sure you are ready in terms
of items for the rest of the game. It's going to take a long time
going through the Grindery, as there are many puzzles here, as
well as many enemies that you cannot avoid.

The first part of the Grindery won't be too bad. There's basically
a set path you walk on until you get up a few levels. There are a
few places with great treasures that you will need (like Silver
Lights) early in the place, but nothing that will be too hard to
find. There are a few levels of basically mazes, but if you keep
looking for the exits, it shouldn't be too hard at all. Attempt to
avoid some as many monsters as you can until you find the healing

Once you get through about the first half of the Grindery, you
will be in an area of pixies. The pixies here speak of Ghaleon in
love and and care. The characters are very confused since they
know how utterly insane Ghaleon is, and they try to explain it to
the pixies that live here. The pixies say that Ghaleon has given
them a hope, but your characters to set them straight. At any rate,
there is a goddess statue here (rejoice!). You can now go in the
north door through the rest of the dungeon. Note that this is a
great place to gain levels, since there is a goddess statue right
in the area, and you can just keep fighting enemies in the first
area after the door, healing, then repeating the cycle. If you
haven't taken the time to gain levels before, this is one of your
last chances.

Save and continue through the tower. You will come across Phacia.
Xenobia and Royce then appear. Xenobia and Royce now know that
Phacia has betrayed them. Phacia holds back Xenobia and Royce,
allowing the party to continue north. Save here and keep going
north. You now meet the Magic Emperor in the next area. He now
challenges you to a fight. You must now fight the Magic Emperor!

Boss: Magic Emperor
Experience: 50,000
No strengths/weaknesses

This will be a basic fight. Use your normal boss strategies on
the Magic Emperor. Alex should use Vigor and Kyle should use
Power Up, then power them up again with Mia's spells. Have Nash
use Thunderbolt, Jessica as a healer, and Mia use her single
enemy attack spells. Magic Emperor has some strong spells, but
nothing Jessica can't take care of, and it should be a rather
short fight.

After you beat the boss, the party thinks you've won. Alex is
ready to go save Luna. Save before you head into the next area.
When you get into the next area, Ghaleon will be here! The party
wonders why Ghaleon is still here. Ghaleon says that you were
fighting a very weak clone, and his power is many times greater.
Ghaleon then awakens Althena from Luna. It turns out that Luna
is Althena! Ghaleon pronounces that he is now totally powerful
since he has the goddess under his control. Ghaleon then uses
the dragons to erect the Fortress of Althena from the Goddess
Shrine! Your party is very surprised, but Alex still wants to do
anything he can to save Luna. You will now start have to fight

Boss: Ghaleon
No weaknesses (you can't damage him)

You will begin to fight with Ghaleon, but you can't damage him
at all. After a few rounds, Ghaleon will slaughter the entire

Ghaleon then runs off to the Fortress of Althena. The Grindery
is going to explode now! Your party wonders what they can do to
get out of the area. The Grindery explodes, but your White Dragon
Wings magically take you to Meribia! Alex wakes up inside Mel's
Mansion, and Nall tells you that you've been asleep for many days,
and the party was getting worried about you. You can now go into
Mel's office and talk to Mia and Jessica. They will tell you that
they are happy that you pulled through, but they are sad about how
Nash and Kyle. They tell you that you should go look for them and
talk to them.


What's going on in Meribia:
The people here are saddened that the Dragonmaster coudln't defeat
Ghaleon. They people are starting to give up hope, and they think
that it's the end of the world. Nall assures the people that you
really can do it, you just need to regain your strength. Some of
the people from Vane are now in Meribia.

You can now freely walk around Meribia, but you can't go anywhere
else. You can talk to Lemia in Royce's former area of Black Rose
Street, and you can talk to all of the other villagers. When you
are ready to continue with the game, go to the Seagull Tavern in
the southeastern area of town (near a drunken man that is on the
ground). Go inside, and talk to Nash and Kyle. Nash and Kyle say
that they are unwilling to fight. Now, go back to Mel's Mansion
and talk to Mia and Jessica again. They now will come with you to
talk to Nash and Kyle. Go back to the Seagull Tavern, and talk to
them again. Mia and Jessica tell Nash and Kyle that they need to
continue fighting Ghaleon for the sake of the world. They soon
slap some sense into Nash and Kyle, and they will rejoin you now.
Laike now comes in the tavern. Laike tells you that he will help
you find a way to fight Ghaleon again. Laike tells you now to
come back to him when you are ready to leave.

You can now walk about Meribia again. If you go to Ramus' shop,
he will give you his items for free now. The party also says
that he has new weapons, but he doesn't (does anyone know why
this is?). You can take whatever you need for free. I suggest
taking plenty of Healing Nuts and Star Lights. You'll really
need them for the coming area. When you are ready, head back to
Laike in the tavern.

Laike will now tell you that he is taking you back to Burg by
the power of the White Dragon. The party is confused. Laike
will now awaken the powers of the Dragon Wings and bring the
party back to Burg, to the place your adventure started. You
will be standing beside Dyne's memorial. Laike will now tell
you a story about how Dyne "died", and you will now see a
flashback of Laike's.

Dyne and Ghaleon are near the goddess. Ghaleon urges Dyne not
to get near the goddess, Althena. Dyne proceeds to walk toward
the goddess. Ghaleon tells Dyne that he will lose his power if
he continues, but Dyne cointues walking toward Althena anyway.
Dyne is stripped of all of his powers when he gets near to the
goddess, and Ghaleon runs away. Ghaleon only valued physical
power, and not the power of love. Ghaleon is grieved that his
best friend did this.

The party will wonder how Laike knows all of this, and Laike
turns away. Laike now reveals that his real name is...Dyne.
Your party is very surprised, and wonders how that is really
possible. Laike (Dyne) tells you that the Dragonmaster who
was Dyne died that day, and a new life was born into Laike.
He tells you that he never regretted the decision he made that
day, and that he couldn't continue fighting. Laike tells you
that he is now a new mission - to explore the world. Laike
tells your party that you are now the only hope for the world.
Laike (Dyne) tells Alex to pull out the sword of Althena from
Dyne's memorial. Walk over to the memorial, and press X. You
will now see a great anime scene of Alex pulling out the sword
of total power (and the strongest sword in the game), Althena's
Sword. Laike (Dyne) tells you now that you should now fly to
the Fortress of Althena on the White Dragon. Nall knows what
Laike is talking about, and tells the party that he always knew
he had true power inside of him. Nall now becomes a very large
dragon. Nall now flies the group to Althena's Fortress, and
Laike (Dyne) wishes you luck.

Laike (Dyne) now looks back at what happened that day by himself,
talking about how Ghaleon never understood why Althena gave up
power. You will see a great anime scene, and you will be at the
Fortress. You can't leave this area. Head north, into the door,
to be in the actual fortress itself.

              --Chapter 18: Althena's Fortress--

Althena's Fortress
Item Info: Silver Light x 3, Holy Mace, Dragon Cane, Starlight
  Bow, Insane Armor, Aegis Robe, Holy Clothes, Insane Sword,
  Detonator Armlet, Sage's Robe, Spook Armlet, Spirit Talisman
Enemy Info: Death Warrior, Cannon Thug, Gades, Necromancer, Ring
  Horn, Stone Creep, Ultra Fiend

The last dungeon in the game has some very powerful enemies, and
many different enemies. They enemies here will be very strong to
physical attacks, and it's going to take a lot of your magic to
just get through the area. Althena's Fortress is longer than the
Grindery, so it's going to be a long way. Also, a great number
of normal enemies can't be avoided here. Most of the battles you
will fight here contain five or more monsters per battle, so it
is very likely these battles will be tough. If you stocked up on
Star Lights from Ramus, you should be able to get through on them
until the first healing statue.

There are many great treasures in Althena's Fortress, including
some of the best weapons and armor in the game. Just go through
Althena's Fortress (there's only a few set paths), getting all
of the treasures. You will eventually find Luna in the hall.
Your party is very surprised, and Luna says that she escaped
from Ghaleon. The party say they still want to destroy Ghaleon
because he is trying to rule the world. Luna says "what's wrong
with that?", and the party immediately knows that is not the
real Luna. The fake Luna then turns into Royce, who casts a very
strange spell on your party, then runs away. Royce says you must
pass her test before you fight her. The party then wonders what
spell Royce casted on your party.

The spell that Royce casted on you is a pretty harsh spell. Each
time you get into battle until you fight Royce, two random allies
will be asleep during the battle. This is tough because now the
enemies will often get their best attacks off sooner, and your
party will often take a lot more damage. Jessica can use Cleanse
Litany to heal the condition the sleeping members are in. Try to
avoid as many enemies as possible and head for Royce.

When you get to Royce, she will show you your supposed future.
The future shows your characters laying on the floor, dead. Your
characters get through it and continue fighting, because they
know that this is just a fake made up future that Royce made for

Boss: Royce
Experience: 50,000
Weak to Sword Attacks/Ice

Royce isn't hard compared to the next few bosses. You'll want
to conentrate of pounding on her very fast to stop her with
physical attacks. Royce doesn't have too many spells that will
hurt you too badly. If you need to use Star Lights, use them,
but try not to waste your Silver Lights. The main idea is just
to slaughter her fast and quick with your sword attacks like
most of the other bosses. Alex and Kyle will be most important
in this battle. Make sure they have enough MP to execute many
sword attacks. Royce is not very hard of a boss overall.

*Royce's Attack Arsenal:
Cross Bridge: When Royce is stretching her limbs, she will use
  Cross Bridge, a heavy attack that nails everyone within a
  horizontal path from her.
Arch Flare: When electrical energy bounces around the tip of
  Royce's staff, she's going to use Arch Flare, an attack that
  hits everyone on the screen for heavy damage, but still less
  than Cross Bridge.
Shoot Lancer: When Royce is floating with no electrical energy
  on the staff, she'll use Shoot Lancer, in which she throws her
  staff at one party member, sometimes even killing them.
Flare Strike: When Royce is floating with her legs crossed, and
  her arm behind her, she'll cast Flare Strike, an attack that
  she summons fireballs to nail a single character.
Flame Bird: When the faces within Royce's flames are glowing
  with a certain white color, she'll cast Flame Bird, in which
  she wraps around a character and does damage for a few rounds
  in succession. The person Royce uses Flame Bird on can't do
  anything while she is wrapped around him or her.

After you defeat Royce, the north door opens. Save, and then
go through. There are many simple puzzles in the next area.
The coming few floors will all revolve around the four colors
of the dragons that you've met on your journey. The first room
you enter is very easy. You're supposed to hit the colors in
the order that you met the dragons.

Puzzle Strategy:
Hit the buttons in this order: (white, red, blue, black), and
step in the teleporter.

You will now be in a smaller room, but the solution to the
puzzle is the exact same colors as the last. Just hit these
buttons in the order of (white, red, blue, black), and then
step in the teleporter. You'll now be in yet another color
puzzle. These buttons are spread over a few rooms, so you'll
have to enter a few teleporters to get to the buttons. The
solution is quite easy to figure out, even if you don't know
what the question is talking about, since you can *only* hit
the buttons in order, you can't even try to do a incorrect

Puzzle Strategy:
Hit the buttons in this order: (blue, black, red, white). Now,
step in the teleporter.

You'll now be in a bigger area, but there is still one more
color puzzle to go. This puzzle is also quite easy, since like
the last, you can only step on the correct button combination,
as the others won't even work.

"Smashing Through the ice..."
"Smashing Through the red flames..."
"Swimming through the blue water..."
"Sojourning on the black earth..."

Puzzle Strategy:
Hit the buttons in this order: (red, black, white, blue). Now,
go to the southern part of the room, and walk north into the
next room.

Soon enough, you'll come upon a statue of Althena! Woohoo! You
can now heal yourself. Healing your characters will be very
neccessary here because you'll need to save your Silver Lights
for the next bosses. This is a very good point to gain levels
(and the last legible place to do so), so if you want to gain
some levels, do so now. I recommend at least level 46 at this

A few rooms will pass in which you must fight some enemies, but
there is nothing really hard here. Save, and head north. You
will now have to fight through a few more rooms, but you can
dodge most of the enemies here. Keep saving before you enter
each room. Eventually, you will get to Xenobia.

When you get to Xenobia, she shows your party's supposed future.
In their future, the party's mirror image will discourage that
character to stop fighting Ghaleon. Each character in  the party
shrugs the fake images off, then appears near Xenobia again. Alex
now must face his fears. Alex's image tells him he is fighting
for a useless cause. You must keep walking toward Luna. Even
when the image tells you not too, keep walking toward her. The
party will now be all together at Xenobia. You must now fight

Boss: Xenobia
Experience: 55,000
Item Won: Silver Light
Weak to Fire.

Xenobia is a pretty tough boss, but nothing compared to what
you have to face soon. The strategy is to keep your MP up and
keep executing each character's best attacks. If you need MP
at any time, use Star Lights, and try to refrain from Silver
Lights. You will want as many Silver Lights as possible in the
next battle. Here is a good individual strategy to beating the
boss, Xenobia:

*Strategy for Xenobia:
Alex: Vigor on the first round, Sword Dance every next round.
Kyle: Power Up on the first round, Power Slash every next round.
Nash: Thunderbolt magic spell, or use healing/MP restore items
  on allies. Nash won't be that much of a help in this battle.
Mia: Power Up on fighters (Alex and Kyle), then use Flame Bomb,
  use healing/MP restore items if neccessary.
Jessica: Healer. Make sure she heals whenever needed, otherwise
  just do normal attacks, or MP restore items.

*Xenobia's Attack Arsenal:
Chaos Wave: Magic attack, does high damage to all characters.
Aura Shot: A magical beam that does high damage to a single
  character in the party.
Normal Attack: Does about 80 damage per hit, hits twice.

Xenobia should go down within a few rounds. It will be decently
long, but it won't be too hard. After you beat Xenobia, make
sure to save! The coming battle will be *very* tough, and you
won't want to go back to fight Xenobia again. Save, and then go
north once more.

In the next room, you will find Ghaleon and Althena. Ghaleon
talks about how he wants to conquer the world and create a new
nation with Althena. Althena gives Ghaleon the ultimate power,
and he will attack you. It's time to beat Ghaleon for the last

Boss: Magic Emperor
No strengths/weaknesses

Wow. Here's definitely the toughest battle in the game. Ghaleon
can do two things during each of his turns. Sometimes he will
cast two spells in a row that will either kill almost all of the
party members, or put them down to incredibly low HP. This is
one battle where Alex's "Dragon Healing" magic comes into great
use. Sometimes Jessica's Calm Litany won't heal for enough, so
make use of Dragon Healing. Sometimes Ghaleon came be extremely
annoying, since he uses "Chaos Shield", which causes two orbs
to form around him. When he has these orbs, he will be protected
from all attacks, and once you do about 1000 damage to Ghaleon,
the orbs will die, and you will be able to attack him again.
This is very annoying since you will often have to do a lot of
damage to Ghaleon before he actually dies. You'll want to have
many Star Lights, Silver Lights, Healing Nuts, and Angel Tears
scattered through all of the members of the party. Here is an
individual strategy on how to beat the Magic Emperor:

*Strategy for Magic Emperor:
Alex: Vigor in the first round, Sword Dance every next round
  unless your characters are all at very low HP, then use your
  Dragon Healing magic spell.
Kyle: Power Up in the first round, Power Slash every next round,
  also use healing items or MP restore items if needed by allies.
Nash: Thunderbolt spell, otherwise healing/MP restore items.
Mia: Power Up Alex and Kyle in the first round, then keep using
  Ice Lance or Flame Bomb, you will often need her to heal other
  allies with items, though.
Jessica: Healer. Use Calm Litany every round your character have
  about minimal HP. You will often need to use Althena Litany,
  and Miracle Litany (if your characters faint).

*Ghaleon's Attack Arsenal:
Inferno: Very powerful fire magic on all allies.
Nitro Dagger: Very powerful ice magic on all allies.
Tornado: Very powerful wind magic on all allies.
Rock 'N' Roll: Very powerful earth magic on all allies.
Siphon Soul: Steals HP from everyone and heals Ghaleon for about
  370 HP.
Chaos Shield: Summons protective orbs with about 1000 HP.
Fate Sword: Automatically kills one character.
Worm Crush: A physical attack on a small group of allies.
Hell Wave: A large beam that hits all enemies.

Whoa. This is going to be a long battle, expect it to take many
rounds. Once you beat Ghaleon, you get to see the game's ending!
It is a really great and long ending, and you can do many things
during it. The ending is the longest anime sequence in the entire
game, by far.

Also, after the game, listen to Working Designs' outtakes for
the game. Most of them are very humorous. There are about 15
minutes worth of just outtakes from character voices. Sit back
and listen to them!

Character Ratings:

If you've read my other strategy guides, you know that I
like to put a character ratings section in. I find it a
challenge to get the best party available in the game, and
I like to rate each individual character. Please realize that
these are only my own personal opinions, and are by no
means actually correct.

Alex is totally awesome. He is so strong, fast, has great
HP and MP, great defense, and gets the strongest attacks
in the game. He blows all of the other characters away
in terms of usefulness. Alex will eventually get the most
number of attacks in a turn, and turns out to do the most
physical damage in the party.
Overall rating: A+

Luna is your basic healer. She has a weak attack, defense,
decent agility, her HP are also weak. She has great healing
magic for early in the game, though. You will only use Luna
for a short time in the game, but she will serve well as the
group's first healer.
Overall rating: B

You only get Ramus for a very short time in the game,
but he's pretty average. He has a decent attack, speed,
and defense, but cannot use magic.
Overall rating: C

Nash will be your main attack magician. He's got great
HP and MP, great speed, but only average defense and
attack. He has some of the best attack spells in the game,
though, and you'll definitely want to use him a lot just
because of this aspect. Especially make sure to have him
when enemies are weak to Thunder spells.
Overall rating: B+

Jessica is overall one of the best characters. Great HP,
MP, attack, defense, and speed, plus she has good magic.
You'll want to keep her a lot of the game, since she's
really strong, especially through the game until close to
the end. She can serve either as a healer or yet another
Overall rating: A-

A great magician. She's *really* physically weak, but
that doesn't stop her from getting the best spells in the
game, and the highest MP. If you like magicians more
than fighting-type characters, you'll really want her,
especially for certain bosses. She has more variety in
here attack spells than Nash.
Overall rating: B

Kyle is probably my second favorite character, only to
Alex. His attacks are super strong, doesn't get hurt much
at all, has really high MP, and is very fast. Kyle serves
as the second powerhouse in the group after Alex. Kyle
doesn't have many special sword attacks, but the ones that
he has are very powerful.
Overall rating: A

Another fairly average character. Great HP and attack power,
but very poor magic and MP. He's also decently fast, but most
of the other characters are faster. You only get Tempest for
a very short period of time in the game.
Overall rating: B-

Laike's attack power, HP, agility, and defense are all really
amazing, and he even has decent MP. You don't get him until
later, though, but when you get him, you'll want him in the
party. It's too bad you don't get to use Laike much in the
Overall rating: A+


There are many differnet items in Lunar: The Silver Star
Story Complete, and I will try to cover each item and what
it does.

The Item List is complete. I think I have found every
possible item in the entire game, and each item's price,
effect, and location have been confirmed by me from
playing through the game.

*Healing Items:

Healing Items are items that either heal characters,
or cure a status ailment.

Name               Description                     Cost
Herb               Restores a bit of HP            40 Silver
Healing Nut        Restores plenty of HP           200 Silver
Star Light         Restores a bit of MP            1000 Silver
Silver Light       Restores MP completely          5000 Silver
Angel's Tear       Revives fainted characters      600 Silver
Cleansing Water    Cures paralysis                 60 Silver
Antidote           Neutralizes poison              20 Silver
Holy Water         Recover conditions              100 Silver

*Special Items:

Here is a complete list of the special items found in the game.
Some of them are used at key parts of the game.

Name               Description                            Cost
Dragon Wings       Magical traveling tool (Range+10)      0 Silver
Dragonfly Wing     Escape dungeons                        100 Silver
Dragon Ring        Symbol of heroism  (Def+1, Mag En+20)  0 Silver
Dragon Diamond     Priceless gem                          20000 Silver
Soap               Rope not included                      1000 Silver
Alex's Ocarina     Melodic instrument                     0 Silver
Sea Chart          Detailed ocean map                     0 Silver
Application        Magic Guild form                       0 Silver
Althena's Mirror   Reflection of truth                    0 Silver
Old Notebook       Password to the Spire                  0 Silver
Thieves' Guide     Damon's treasure                       0 Silver
Thieves' Crest     Open locked chests!                    0 Silver
Balloon Blueprint  Airships for dummies                   0 Silver
Fluffy Bug         So softand cuddly!                     0 Silver
Dragon Necklace    Tempest's gift                         0 Silver
Balloon Engine     Shira's masterwork                     30000 Silver
Rememberizer       View past adventures                   65000 Silver


Here is a complete list of weapons in the game. I have dived into
different sections by the type of weapons.


Swords are used for hacking and slicing the enemy.

Name             Description            Effect            Cost          Who Can Equip
Dagger           Basic pointed weapon   Attack+6          100 Silver    Alex/Luna/Ramus/Kyle
Short Sword      Adventurer's blade     Attack+11         200 Silver    Alex/Luna/Ramus/Kyle
Long Sword       Length DOES matter     Attack+16         360 Silver    Alex/Kyle
Broad Sword      Wide and wicked        Attack+21         600 Silver    Alex/Kyle
Saber            Dueling sword          Attack+27         1000 Silver   Alex
Ice Blade        Chilly cleaver         Attack+44         4000 Silver   Alex
Silver Sword     Shiny stabber          Attack+33         1800 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Samurai Blade    Hari-kari made easy    Attack+38         2800 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Flame Sword      Forged in fire         Attack+49         6000 Silver   Alex
Bastard Sword    Long battle sword      Attack+50         6400 Silver   Kyle
Great Sword      Really good weapon     Attack+55         9000 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Wind Sword       Blows enemies away     Attack+60/Agi+5   14000 Silver  Kyle
Crystal Sword    Shimmering sword       Attack+61         15000 Silver  Alex
Dark Sword       Blade O' Evil          Attack+65/Def+5   20000 Silver  Kyle
Master Sword     Swordsman's weapon     Attack+68         21000 Silver  Alex
Insane Sword     Cuts like crazy        Attack+70         25000 Silver  Kyle
Althena's Sword  Dragonmaster's blade   Attack+75/#Atk+1       --       Alex


Flails and Maces are blunt weapons.

Name             Description            Effect         Cost           Who Can Equip
Mace             Iron club              Attack+34      1600 Silver    Jessica
Flail            Whip it good           Attack+39      2600 Silver    Jessica
Ice Mace         Freezing staff         Attack+44      4400 Silver    Jessica
Water Mace       Moist magic            Attack+50      7600 Silver    Jessica
Judgement Mace   Lest ye be judged      Attack+56      12400 Silver   Jessica
Holy Mace        Healing staff          Attack+68      22000 Silver   Jessica
Dark Mace        Wicked magic           Attack+62      16800 Silver   Jessica


Bows launch projectiles with which to bean the bad guys, as Working
Designs puts it. :)

Name            Description               Effect          Cost           Who Can Equip
Sling           Throws stones             Attack+4        60 Silver      Everyone
Poison Darts    Pointy projectiles        Attack+8        180 Silver     Everyone
Small Bow       For archers on a budget   Attack+10       320 Silver     Luna/Ramus/Nash
Battle Bow      Arrow-flinging device     Attack+20       640 Silver     Luna/Ramus/Nash
Stone Bow       Rock-solid aiming         Attack+50       4600 Silver    Nash
Holy Bow        Death from above          Attack+56       8400 Silver    Nash
Pixie's Bow     Prairie Tribe weapon      Attack+60       8000 Silver    Tempest
Dream Bow       An enemy's nightmare      Attack+66       16000 Silver   Nash
Starlight Bow   Glows white and warm      Attack+72       23000 Silver   Nash


Canes are able to deal both blunt and magical damage to the enemy.

Name            Description               Effect            Cost           Who Can Equip
Fortune Cane    Good luck to carry it   Attack+16/Luk+10    1000 Silver    Luna/Nash/Mia
Water Cane      Splash magic            Attack+20           0 Silver       Nash/Mia
Fire Cane       Casts fireballs         Attack+28           1400 Silver    Nash/Mia
Dream Cane      REM rod                 Attack+34           1600 Silver    Luna
Ice Cane        Ice is nice             Attack+43           3600 Silver    Nash/Mia
Ethereal Cane   Spiritual staff         Attack+38           2400 Silver    Nash/Mia
Sage's Cane     Wise walking-stick      Attack+48/Wis+10    8600 Silver    Nash/Mia
Wind Cane       Conjures gusts          Attack+54/Agi+20    16400 Silver   Mia
Dragon Cane     Powerful bite           Attack+60/Wis+60    26000 Silver   Mia


This section will eventually be seperated with the different
kinds of armor (shields, helmets, main armor).

This list is currently alphabetical, but I will seperate it
into defense power and who can equip sections when all
armor translations are known.


Everything on this chart was verified and confirmed by me while
playing through the game, but if you find something wrong, or
find more information that I don't have, please mail me at
<db3f@uwrf.edu>. I apologize for the width of the armor table,
as I could not find any other way to compact it.

Name               Description               Effect               Cost          Who Can Equip
Peasant Clothes   Everyday apparel         Defense+3             80 Silver     Everyone
Heavy Clothes     Bad-weather workwear     Defense+5             140 Silver    Everyone
Leather Clothes   Kinky, yet comfy         Defense+7             200 Silver    Alex/Luna/Ramus/Kyle
Leather Armor     Reinforced rawhide       Defense+6             260 Silver    Alex/Ramus/Kyle
Iron Armor        Fortified metal          Defense+13            480 Silver    Alex/Ramus/Kyle
Chain Mail        Linked armor             Defense+17/Mag En+5   1200 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Steel Armor       Stainless and shiny      Defense+21            2400 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Holy Armor        Stronger than prayers    Defense+25            4800 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Silver Armor      Light and strong         Defense+29/Mag En+10  9600 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Carapace Armor    Prairie Tribe armor      Defense+27            10000 Silver  Tempest
Dark Armor        Evil protection          Defense+33            12000 Silver  Kyle
Insane Armor      Maddening metal          Defense+37/Mag En+20  18000 Silver  Kyle
Dragon Armor      Dragonmaster's armor     Defense+40            0 Silver      Alex
Cool Clothes      Priestly formalwear      Defense+14/Mag En+1   600 Silver    Jessica
Purity Clothes    Washed in holy water     Defense+18/Mag En+2   1400 Silver   Jessica
Sage's Clothes    Ceremonial robe          Defense+22/Mag En+3   2800 Silver   Jessica
Radiance Clothes  Sacred robe              Defense+26/Mag En+4   5600 Silver   Jessica
Saint Clothes     The fabric of our lives  Defense+30/Mag En+6   11200 Silver  Jessica
Holy Clothes      Althena's fave fabric!   Defense+34/Mag En+22  18000 Silver  Jessica
Robe              Thick cloth wear         Defense+11            400 Silver    Luna/Nash/Mia/Jessica
Magic Robe        Magically delicious      Defense+15            1280 Silver   Luna/Nash/Mia/Jessica
Sorcerer's Robe   Magic Guild attire       Defense+19            2000 Silver   Nash/Mia
Intelligent Robe  Smart-looking garment    Defense+23            3600 Silver   Nash/Mia
Saint's Robe      Delightful duds          Defense+26            7200 Silver   Mia
Wisdom Robe       Knit with knowledge      Defense+27            6800 Silver   Nash
Spirit Robe       Sewed by sorcerers       Defense+31            12400 Silver  Nash
Sage's Robe       Wise man's outfit        Defense+36            17000 Silver  Nash
Holy Robe         Blessedly informal       Defense+29            12600 Silver  Mia
Aegis Robe        Imbued with magic        Defense+33            16000 Silver  Mia


Shields are vital protective pieces of equipment that block
blows from the enemy.

Name              Description               Effect        Cost          Who Can Equip
Garbage Can Lid   Almost a shield           Defense+2     20 Silver     Alex/Luna/Ramus/Kyle
Wooden Shield     Lumbering defense         Defense+3     100 Silver    Alex/Ramus/Kyle
Iron Shield       Heavy and easily dented   Defense+5     360 Silver    Alex/Kyle
Silver Shield     Better than gold          Defense+7     900 Silver    Alex/Kyle
Steel Shield      Deflects damage well      Defense+10    1800 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Holy Shield       Holy, not hole-y          Defense+13    3600 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Dark Shield       Dusky defense             Defense+16    7200 Silver   Kyle
Insane Shield     Legendary protection      Defense+19    10000 Silver  Kyle
Dragon Shield     Dragonmaster's shield     Defense+20    0 Silver      Alex


Bands are another piece of supporting armor.

Name              Description             Effect              Cost         Who Can Equip
Iron Bracelet     Heavy gauntlet          Defense+4          200 Silver    Alex/Ramus/Nash/Mia/Kyle
Silver Bracelet   Shiny wrist-wrap        Defense+6          480 Silver    Alex/Nash/Kyle
White Bracelet    White is alright        Defense+8          1000 Silver   Nash
Crystal Bracelet  NOT cubic zirconia      Defense+10         2000 Silver   Nash
Jewel Bracelet    Rainbow band            Defense+12/Wis+5   3800 Silver   Nash
Star Bracelet     Heavenly Hoop           Defense+14/Wis+10  7600 Silver   Nash
Stone Bracelet    Rolling wrist-ring      Defense+16/Wis+15  11000 Silver  Nash
Iron Armlet       Wrist guard             Defense+1          60 Silver     Luna/Mia/Jessica
Steel Armlet      Wrist reflector         Defense+4          220 Silver    Luna/Mia/Jessica
Silver Armlet     Sterling shielding      Defense+7          660 Silver    Mia/Jessica
Crystal Armlet    Shimmering band         Defense+9          1200 Silver   Mia/Jessica
Rainbow Armlet    A circle of color       Defense+11         2400 Silver   Jessica
Dragon Armlet     Beastly bracelet        Defense+12         3800 Silver   Mia
Hell Armlet       Repels evil magic       Defense+14         7800 Silver   Jessica
Fire Armlet       Brighter than sunlight  Defense+15         8000 Silver   Mia
Wind Armlet       Bracing bracelet        Defense+19         9000 Silver   Tempest
Detonator Armlet  Althena's armlet        Defense+17         11400 Silver  Jessica
Spook Armlet      Don't be afraid         Defense+18         12000 Silver  Mia


Headgear is another supporting piece of armor.

Name             Description               Effect             Cost         Who Can Equip
Scarft           Silky, soft, and warm     Defense+1         20 Silver     Luna/Mia/Jessica
Hat              Orange chinchilla fur     Defense+2         24 Silver     Alex/Ramus/Kyle
Headband         Keeps forehead dry        Defense+3         160 Silver    Luna/Mia/Jessica
Iron Helmet      Solid skull shield        Defense+5         260 Silver    Alex/Ramus/Kyle
Steel Helmet     Absorbs noggin knocks     Defense+9         1360 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Holy Helmet      Heavenly head-holder      Defense+12        2600 Silver   Alex/Kyle
Dark Helmet      Black brain-bucket        Defense+15        5400 Silver   Kyle
Insane Helmet    Crazy cranium can         Defense+18        8000 Silver   Kyle
Dragon Helmet    Dragonmaster's helmet     Defense+20        0 Silver      Alex
Bandanna         Lassos long locks         Defense+1         20 Silver     Everyone
Fruity Bandanna  VERY colorful attire      Defense+4         240 Silver    Nash
Spirit Bandanna  Spiritual and silky       Defense+7/Wis+5   1400 Silver   Nash
Lucky Bandanna   Do ya feel lucky, punk?   Defense+10/Luk+5  2800 Silver   Nash
Dragon Bandanna  A lovely length of linen  Defense+12        5600 Silver   Nash
Holy Bandanna    Boosts wearer's magic     Defense+15        7600 Silver   Nash
Jade Hairpin     For ladies only           Defense+6         400 Silver    Mia/Jessica
Rainbow Tiara    Colorful crown            Defense+9         1600 Silver   Jessica
Ruby Tiara       Encrusted with gems       Defense+12        3000 Silver   Jessica
Fire Tiara       Flaming headpiece         Defense+16        6900 Silver   Jessica
Spook Hairpin    Hairy-scary               Defense+10/Wis+2  1800 Silver   Mia
Holy Hairpin     Sacred scrunchie          Defense+13/Wis+4  3400 Silver   Mia
Phantom Ribbon   Haunted headpiece         Defense+17/Wis+6  7200 Silver   Mia


Rings and Pendants are magical jewlrey that increase your
statistics in various ways. They are the most customizable
of all of the equipment available. Note that everyone can
equip every accessory in the game.

Name              Description                     Effect                  Cost
Wrath Ring        Increase attack power          Defense+1/Attack+10      12000 Silver
Crystal Pendant   Increase spiritual power       Defense+2/Wisdom+10      12000 Silver
Healing Ring      Recovers HPs                   Defense+1                10000 Silver
Chira's Tail      Increases agility              Defense+2/Agiliity+10    12000 Silver
Fresh Ring        Prevents conditions            Defense+1                15000 Silver
Referesher Ring   Prevents conditions            Defense+1                18000 Silver
Angel Ring        One-time auto-resurrect        Defense+1                10000 Silver
Tri-Ring          Prevents status change         Defense+1                30000 Silver
Ice Pendant       Defend against thunder/fire    Defense+2                0 Silver
Flame Ring        Defend against water/wind      Defense+1/Attack+1       0 Silver
Barrier Ring      Raise magic resistance         Defense+15/Mag En+15     25000 Silver
Hell Ring         Halves MP consumption          Defense+1                30000 Silver
Fortune Ring      Increase luck                  Defense+1/Luck+10        12000 Silver
Shira's Tail      Increase range                 Defense+2/Range+8        12000 Silver
Gale Ring         Increase # of attacks          Defense+1/#Attacks+1     30000 Silver
Ghaleon's Tear    Attack all enemies             Defense+2                30000 Silver
Protection Ring   Increase defense               Defense+10               12000 Silver
Devil Pendant     Increase magic resistance      Defense+2/Mag En+10      12000 Silver
Spirit Talisman   Halves all attacks             Defense+2                0 Silver


Magic is used widely in Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.
Magic is used as an alternative to physical damage, just
like most other RPGs.

Target Key:
Single Ally - The magic cast effects a single ally.
Single Enemy - The magic attack only does damage to one
  enemy in battle.
Small Group - The magic attack does damage to a small group
  of enemies that are clustered together in battle.
Large Group - The magic attack does damage to a larger group
  of enemies that are clustered together in a battle.
Line - The magic attack does damage to all enemies that
  are in a straight line from the attacker to the enemy.
Ally Zone - The magic spell effects all characters in the
  character's own zone.
Self - The magic spell effects only the caster.
All Allies - The magic cast effects all allies in the party.
All Enemies - The magic attack does damage to all of the
  enemies on the screen in battle.

*Magic List:

Name     |  Name of Spell    |  MP  |    Range     |              Description
Alex:    | Dancing Swords    |  6   | Single Enemy | Powerful physical attack on one enemy.
         | Explosion Staff   |  9   | Small Group  | A dropping fire elemental sword attack.
         | Vigor             |  10  | Self         | Raises attack power for a single battle.
         | Flash Cut         |  18  | All Enemies  | Alex slices all enemies with a dash.
         | Dragon Protect    |  60  | All Allies   | Protects all allies from the next spell.
         | Dragon Anger      |  35  | All Enemies  | Multiple fireballs rain on all enemies.
         | Dragon Grief      |  15  | All Enemies  | Sucks all enemies into a void.
         | Dragon Healing    |  40  | All Allies   | Completely heals all allies.
Luna:    | Healing Song      |  4   | Single Ally  | Heals single ally for a small amount.
         | Temptation Song   |  8   | All Enemies  | Has a chance of confusing all enemies.
         | Purity Song       |  4   | Single Ally  | Cures a status ailment for an ally.
         | Cascade Song      |  10  | Single Ally  | Increases attack and defense power.
         | Tranquil Song     |  15  | All Allies   | Heals all allies for a medium amount.
         | Escape Song       |  10  | All Allies   | All characters escape from battle.
Nash:    | Thunder Bomb      |  6   | Large Group  | Basic thunder attack on a large group.
         | Stone Spell       |  6   | Small Group  | Turns all enemies to stone.
         | Thunder Bolt      |  15  | Single Enemy | A powerful thunder attack on one enemy.
         | Thunder Thrust    |  18  | All Enemies  | A powerful thunder spell that hits all.
         | Spark Ball        |  10  | Small Group  | Paralyzes all enemies.
         | Sleep             |  9   | Small Group  | Puts all enemies to Sleep.
         | Confusion         |  7   | Small Group  | Confuses all enemies.
         | Magic Box         |  8   | Small Group  | Silenses all enemies.
Jessica: | Heal Litany       |  4   | Single Ally  | Heals single ally for small amount.
         | Calm Litany       |  15  | All Allies   | Heals all allies for a medium amount.
         | Saint Litany      |  12  | All Allies   | Allies regenerate HP after each round.
         | Althena Litany    |  10  | Single Ally  | Heals a single ally to full HP.
         | Miracle Litany    |  20  | Single Ally  | Ressurect/fully restore HP to an ally.
         | Cleanse Litany    |  4   | Single Ally  | Cure a status ailment for any ally.
         | Fear Litany       |  6   | Single Enemy | Causes a single enemy to run away.
         | Escape Litany     |  20  | All Allies   | Teleport to the beginning of a dungeon.
Mia:     | Flame Bomb        |  13  | Single Enemy | Strong fire spell on one enemy.
         | Flame Circle      |  7   | Small Group  | Fire spell on an enemy group.
         | Flameria          |  30  | All Enemies  | Powerful fire spell on all enemies.
         | Power Drive       |  11  | Single Ally  | Raises attack power of a single ally.
         | Ice Lance         |  5   | Single Enemy | Ice elemental attack on one enemy.
         | Ice Wall          |  15  | Small Group  | Ice chunks shoot up at an enemy group.
         | Blizzard          |  10  | All Enemies  | Ice elemental attack on all allies.
         | Ice Shell         |  11  | Single Ally  | Raises defense power of a single ally.
Kyle:    | Power Slash       |  6   | Single Enemy | Powerful sword slice on a single enemy.
         | Power Sweep       |  9   | Ally Zone    | Hits all enemies surrounding Kyle.
         | Sonic Riser       |  14  | Line         | Straight beam that hits allies in line.
         | Power Up          |  8   | Self         | Raises attack power for a single battle.
Tempest: | Flash Arrow       |  8   | Small Group  | Fires an explosive arrow at enemy group.
         | Flash Wind        |  10  | All Enemies  | Blows all enemies off the battlefield.
Ghaleon: | Inferno           |  14  | All Enemies  | Strong fire spell on all enemies.
         | Nitro Daggar      |  14  | All Enemies  | Strong ice spell on all enemies.
         | Rock 'N' Roll     |  10  | All Enemies  | Strong earth attack on all enemies.
         | Tornado           |  10  | All Enemies  | Strong wind attack on all enemies.

*Demo Magic:

The only characters that can use magic in the Lunar: Silver
Star Story Complete Demo are: Alex, Luna, and Nash. Ramus
cannot use magic. Also, note that since you cannot go over
level 12 in the demo, you cannot receive any new magic for
your characters.


Sword Dance
MP: 6
Target: Single Enemy
Alex jumps at the enemy, swings his sword around multiple
times, doing physical damage to a single enemy.

Explosion Staff
MP: 9
Target: Small Group
Alex jumps down on the enemy, pushing his sword into it,
and the sword explodes with fire damage.


Healing Song
MP: 4
Target: Single Ally
Restores a small amount of HP to a single character.

Purity Song
MP: 4
Target: Single Ally
Nullifies a status ailmenet on a single character such as

Temptation Song
MP: 8
Target: Single Enemy
Hypnotizes a single enemy.

Cascade Song
MP: 10
Target: Single Ally
Raises the attack and defense power of a single character for
one battle.

Tranquil Song
MP: 15
Target: All Allies
Heals all characters in your party for a small amount of HP.


Thunder Bomb
MP: 6
Target: Large Group
A basic thunder attack that does thunder damage on a group of

MP: 6
Target: Small Group
Turns a single enemy to stone.

Enemy List:

The enemies here are in alphabetical order. In my walkthrough,
I always noted what enemies each location has, so if you want to
look up an enemy's stats while playing through the game, all of
the enemies correspond to this list.

All attacks, moves, HP values, special attacks, and locations
of enemies listed here have been confirmed by me. If you find
a mistake here, or find more information that I don't have, be
sure to mail me at <exdeath@earthlink.net>.

Enemy             HP     Attack   Defense  Experience  Silver   Location

Albino Baboon     47     63       8        7           22       White Dragon Cave
Ambush            232    214      60       336         178      Forest of Illusion
Ammonia           43     82       32       14          63       Meribian Sewers
Antorion          40     113      50       8           61       East Mountain Pass
Aqua Genie        263    214      50       207         281      Blue Dragon Shrine
Archmage          288    178      20       906         211      Grindery Quarters
Arrow Fish        243    219      80       915         199      Grindery Quarters
Barrel Snake      63     122      20       9           61       Lann Island
Baigen            234    186      52       750         184      Ruid
Bat Knight        77     130      87       73          108      Damon's Spire
Blood Lord        72     108      15       15          227      Crystal Tower
Blood Slime       221    172      30       121         169      Red Dragon Cave
Blyzzer           378    274      100      932         230      Grindery Quarters
Bob Goblin        225    262      1        168         206      Lyton Cave
Bomb Angel        297    214      60       923         288      Grindery Quarters
Brain Licker      108    116      32       57          144      Meryod Woods
Brainpicker       306    156      24       173         167      Lyton Cave
Burner            234    128      64       126         281      Red Dragon Cave
Cannon Foot       405    254      100      143         102      Forbidden Forest
Cannon Thug       324    250      1        1553        234      Goddess Tower
Chaos Fiend       360    179      70       535         378      Black Dragon Fortress
Chrono Gorgon     96     130      36       63          171      Meryod Woods
Death Armor       315    216      60       876         194      Grindery Bowels
Death Mutt        48     110      24       8           72       East Mountain Pass
Death Shroom      23     101      20       6           67       Cave of Trial
Death Warrior     243    194      50       1191        292      Althena's Keep
Devestator        279    228      100      759         279      Ruid
Electro Eye       315    202      30       168         315      Lyton Cave
Evil Wisp         56     82       16       10          32       Meribian Sewers
Fatal Hopper      45     79       18       8           41       Meribian Sewers
Fire Elemental    279    182      52       134         291      Red Dragon Cave
Flash Lord        185    225      50       733         181      Ruid
Fluffy Bug        90     153      62       104         211      Iluk Field
Fly Devil         86     152      30       127         129      Iluk Field
Flytrapper        27     41       8        4           9        Weird Woods
Gades             495    311      60       1225        304      Althena's Keep
Gargoyle          106    104      30       19          94       Meribia
Gelatin           283    190      1        203         126      Blue Dragon Shrine
Giga Ant          183    144      72       164         104      Lyton Cave
Giga Wasp         49     116      34       7           68       East/West/South Mountain Pass
Goblin            41     49       10       6           19       Weird Woods
Gorgon            38     56       22       9           40       Weird Woods
Graggen           90     128      30       54          108      Meryod Woods
Great Hornet      212    138      30       242         213      Tamur Pass
Grog Snake        38     74       16       7           27       Meribian Sewers
Groper            189    247      100      604         188      Talon Mine
Guardian          81     130      30       18          41       Meribia
Gunfoot           65     89       23       7           108      Cave of Trial
Hell Hound        432    247      90       147         106      Forbidden Forest
Hell Raiser       288    245      60       518         207      Black Dragon Fortress
Ice Mongrel       4      2        80       129         900      Cave of Trial
Ice Pup           126    136      100      432         135      Tamur Pass
Kill Roller       190    156      30       75          225      Damon's Spire
Killer Buzz       90     116      30       69          117      Meryod Woods
Killer Fly        20     56       19       4           29       Old Hag's Forest
Killer Shroom     250    222      50       345         218      Forest of Illusion
Killer Wasp       34     51       21       11          50       Old Hag's Forest
Killer Weed       423    202      80       138         99       Forbidden Forest
Magic Hat         54     179      200      93          124      Myght's Tower
Magic Machine     315    239      80       888         287      Grindery Bowels
Man Eater         130    161      34       125         139      Iluk Field
Mantle Rapper     26     58       25       4           18       Old Hag's Forest
Master Mirror     98     174      80       742         140      Ruid
Mecha Star        150    179      76       100         121      Myght's Tower
Mecha Tank        225    225      110      621         216      Talon Mine
Monocrop          117    122      10       11          151      Lann Island
Monster Wasp      198    144      30       354         140      Forest of Illusion
Mud Cyclops       59     113      54       9           77       East Mountain Pass
Mummy             73     128      66       69          124      Damon's Spire
Mutant Ant        20     60       35       5           14       Old Hag's Forest
Mutant Fly        13     35       1        2           7        White Dragon Cave
Necromancer       297    274      110      1208        208      Althena's Keep
Neutronitor       81     101      10       18          161      Crystal Tower
Nightmare         63     118      20       10          69       Lann Island
Nipple Yanker     180    182      50       509         203      Black Dragon Fortress
Octo Plant        246    166      20       233         194      Tamur Pass
Plasma Fiend      77     104      5        15          74       Crystal Tower
Plasma Prism      136    179      74       81          121      Myght's Tower
Puffy Bug         158    153      38       75          135      Iluk Field
Razor Wolf        339    204      50       212         252      Blue Dragon Shrine
Reflector         74     101      10       14          88       Crystal Tower
Ring Horn         250    332      80       1191        225      Goddess Tower
Rock Biter        160    173      80       595         147      Talon Mine
Rook              76     101      45       18          90       Meribia
Rufus             135    196      44       78          207      Damon's Spire
Scorpion          234    153      70       129         204      Red Dragon Cave
Scythe Spore      32     40       16       3           22       Weird Woods
Shadow Lord       108    144      30       18          48       Meribia
Shell Walker      315    202      200      151         112      Forbidden Forest
Shrieker          252    189      20       237         118      Tamur Pass
Slice O' Dead     234    203      56       526         290      Black Dragon Fortress
Slime             13     35       6        1           6        White Dragon Cave
Slumber Moth      20     93       24       6           71       Cave of Trial
Soul Yanker       270    216      30       863         141      Grindery Bowels
Stone Creep       378    346      140      1596        247      Goddess Tower
Synapse Guard     18     52       20       3           18       White Dragon Cave
Tank Golem        360    288      60       902         216      Grindery Bowels
The Deep          90     144      20       10          116      Lann Island
Tormentor         153    182      77       66          125      Myght's Tower
Ultra Fiend       599    144      150      1984        450      Goddess Tower
Water Elemental   241    179      50       203         135      Blue Dragon Shrine
Yeti              351    262      65       388         207      Black Dragon Fortress

Red Chest Locations:

There are numerous red chests in the game. The red chests that
you find cannot be opened normally. To open these chests, you
must first become a member of the Thieves Guild and possess
the item "Thieves Crest".

-On the top floor of Ramus' house in Burg. (Garbage Can Lid)
-Hidden behind some trees in the northeast corner of Weird
  Woods. (Wrath Ring)
-In a house in Saith.
-In the basement of the Old Hag's house. (Silver Light)
-The top floor of the home to the most southwest in Saith
  village. (Protection Ring)
-In Meribia, in the house directly below and slightly to the
  right of Ramus' shop. (2000 Silver)
-In the Meribia Sewers, area in basement of Mel's Mansion.
  Use some stairs to get to it. (Silver Light)
-In the Vane Magic Test. (Soap)
-In Vane, head directly south of the goddess statue. There is
  a red chest hidden to blend into the roof. (Devil Pendant)
-In the cafeteria area of Nanza Barrier. (Crystal Pendant)
-In the Nanza Pass. Enter the area from Reza, and there will
  be an intersection you can take to the east, and there will
  be a red chest and a normal chest. It's in the Naza Pass area
  near Reza. (Silver Light)
-Behind a house in Lann. (Silver Light)
-On the very western edge of Reza. (Silver Light)
-In the northwestern corner in the Meryod Woods. (Fortune Ring)
-Behind a house in Meryod. (Silver Light)

Bromide Locations:

Working Designs had added 13 total Bromides in the game that
are basically just to collect. Some of the Bromides are very
well hidden, and are going to be very hard to find, while
others are quite easy to find. It is tough to find all 13 in
the first run through the game, but if you take a lot of time
looking on your own, you can find them all.

Most of the Bromides are very tough to find because there is
only a short timeframe window in the game in which you can get
them. That's why it's a big challenge to collect all 13 in the
game, and you must know when you must get each one.

*Jessica's Bromide:
Go to Althena's Shrine. Talk to the girl who thinks Jessica is
her sister twice. On the second time, the girl will hand you
Jessica's Bromide. You can only get this Bromide after Kyle
joins your party, but before you head to the Frontier.

*Jessica's Bromide 2:
This is the toughest Bromide to get in the game. You must go to
Lann Island in the boat. But, before you fight Dragonmaster Zoc,
go back to Lann village and talk to the guy who you took the boat
from. He will say "If ya still want ta use my boat, it's ready
an' waitin'!" You now have triggered the path in the game to get
the Bromide. Now, right after Alex becomes a Dragonmaster, but
before you go to the Frontier, go to Lann and talk to the boat
guy. He'll give you Jessica's Bromide 2.

*Jessica's Bromide 3:
You can purchase Jessica's Bromide 3 and Mia's Bromide 3 from
Ramus, but only in the game's epilogue, and he must have given
you Luna's Bromide 1 again. Talk to him again, and you'll be
able to buy them.

*Jessica's Bromide 4:
After Kyle fights off the demons in Nanza Barrier, go to Kyle's
bed, but only *before* he joins the actual group. Most people
miss this one because you can skip over that part very easily.
Search his bed, and you will find the Bromide.

*Luna's Bromide 1:
At the end of the game (in the ending), you can go to Ramus' shop.
He will be there, and he will give you Luna's Bromide for free.

*Luna's Bromide 2:
Go to Alex's house, in the basement, in the same area you got
several chests in the beginning of the game. Search all of the
shelves in the room. Once you find the right area, Nall will
comment on the picture, and Alex will tell him to be quiet. :)
You will then pick up Luna's Bromide. You can only get this
Bromide if Luna has already been taken from the party, but it
must be done before you head to Meribia with the Dragon Wings.

*Mia's Bromide 1:
Mia's Bromide is already equipped on Nash when you first get
him in the Old Hag's Forest. :)

*Mia's Bromide 2:
In the Guild Mansion in Vane, go the the most eastern classroom
on the first floor. There is a student at the back of the left
desk. If you talk to this student twice, he will give you Mia's
Bromide 2. You can only get this Bromide once you return to Vane
from the Frontier, but before you retrieve Nash from Transmission

*Mia's Bromide 3:
You can purchase Jessica's Bromide 3 and Mia's Bromide 3 from
Ramus, but only in the game's epilogue, and he must have given
you Luna's Bromide 1 again. Talk to him again, and you'll be
able to buy them.

*Mia's Bromide 4:
After Nash destroys the airship engine, but before you head back
to talk to Myght, go to Iluk and talk to the guy that wanted to
photograph Mia. Jessica and Mia force the photographer to give
it to the group. You must get Mia's Bromide 4 after Nash destroys
the balloon engine, but before you head to the Frontier.

*Phacia's Bromide:
After the events with Xenobia, Phacia, and Royce in the Crystal
Tower, go to Althena's Shrine and talk to the girl in the back
end of the shrine. This girl will say that she found an strange
item, but doesn't have any use for it, so she will give you the
item, Phacia's Bromide. You can only get Phacia's Bromide after
the three members of the Vile Tribe reveal themselves, but you
must get it before you return to Meribia.

*Royce's Bromide:
Royce's Bromide is found only after Master Mel is turned to
stone. After Mel is turned to stone, go back to Black Rose
Street, and talk to someone there. A person will give you the
Bromide. You must get Royce's Bromide after Mel is turned to
stone, but before you travel to Vane.

*Xenobia's Bromide:
After you see Taben's Grindery moving away for the first time,
and given you've saved the Vile Trible miner in the cave, you
can go back to talk to the miner on the southwest side of the
screen, and he will give you Xenobia's Bromide. You must get
Xenobia's Bromide after the Grindery has rolled away, but it
must be received before you leave the Frontier.

Boss Statistics:

In Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, boss statistics are based on
Alex's current level. As Alex gains levels, the bosses get harder.
This makes each boss battle difficult, and is an original idea. This
is a list of ways to calculate the values of statistics for every
boss in the game.

*Saline Slimer:
Hit Points.........80 x Alex's Level
Attack ............2 x Alex's Level
Defense............1 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............1 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....1 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..2
Experience Points..150

*Water Dragon:
Hit Points.........70 x Alex's Level
Attack ............2 x Alex's Level
Defense............1 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............4 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....1 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..1
Experience Points..250

*Trouble Truffler:
Hit Points.........90 x Alex's Level
Attack ............1 x Alex's Level
Defense............1 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............4 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....2 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..1
Experience Points..380

*Dragonmaster Zoc:
Hit Points.........130 x Alex's Level
Attack ............2 x Alex's Level
Defense............2 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............1 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....2 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..3
Experience Points..600

Hit Points.........189
Attack ............87
Magic Endurance....40
Number of Attacks..2
Experience Points..30

*Vile Crustacean:
Hit Points.........120 x Alex's Level
Attack ............2 x Alex's Level
Defense............2 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............3 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....2 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..2
Experience Points..1200

*Plaster Mel:
Hit Points.........50 x Alex's Level
Attack ............3 x Alex's Level
Defense............1 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............0 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....0 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..1
Experience Points..0

*Bronze Dogs:
Hit Points.........85 x Alex's Level
Attack ............3 x Alex's Level
Defense............1 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............2 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....1 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..2
Experience Points..2000

*Black Dragon:
Hit Points.........250 x Alex's Level
Attack ............2 x Alex's Level
Defense............2 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............3 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....1 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..2
Experience Points..25000

*Shadow Spectre:
Hit Points.........205 x Alex's Level
Attack ............3 x Alex's Level
Defense............2 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............3 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....2 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..3
Experience Points..28000

*Magic Masher:
Hit Points.........160 x Alex's Level
Attack ............1 x Alex's Level
Defense............2 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............3 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....2 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..1
Experience Points..30000

*Magic Emperor:
Hit Points.........180 x Alex's Level
Attack ............4 x Alex's Level
Defense............3 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............3 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....2 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..2
Experience Points..50000

Hit Points.........185 x Alex's Level
Attack ............4 x Alex's Level
Defense............3 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............4 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....2 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..2
Experience Points..50000

Hit Points.........210 x Alex's Level
Attack ............4 x Alex's Level
Defense............3 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............4 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....2 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..2
Experience Points..55000

*Magic Emperor:
Hit Points.........260 x Alex's Level
Attack ............5 x Alex's Level
Defense............3 x Alex's Level
Agility............1 x Alex's Level
Wisdom.............3 x Alex's Level
Magic Endurance....2 x Alex's Level
Number of Attacks..2
Experience Points..50000

Shopping Items:

The following is a list of all items that can be bought in each
individual shop in Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. As far as
I know, wares do not change at all during the game.

|    Town    |      Item        |    Cost     |
|    Burg    |  Short Sword     |    200      |
|            |  Poison Darts    |    180      |
|            |  Heavy Clothes   |    140      |
|            |  Iron Armlet     |    60       |
|            |  Wooden Sheild   |    120      |
|            |  Herbs           |    40       |
|            |  Antidote        |    20       |
|            |  Cleansing Water |    60       |
|   Saith    |  Long Sword      |    300      |
|            |  Small Bow       |    320      |
|            |  Leather Clothes |    200      |
|            |  Leather Armor   |    200      |
|            |  Herbs           |    40       |
|            |  Antidote        |    20       |
|  Meribia   |  Short Sword     |    200      |
|            |  Long Sword      |    360      |
|            |  Broad Sword     |    600      |
|            |  Poison Darts    |    180      |
|            |  Small Bow       |    320      |
|            |  Battle Bow      |    640      |
|            |  Leather Armor   |    260      |
|            |  Iron Armor      |    480      |
|            |  Wooden Shield   |    100      |
|            |  Iron Shield     |    360      |
|            |  Headband        |    160      |
|            |  Iron Helmet     |    260      |
|            |                  |             |
| Ramus Shop |  Silver Sword    |    1800     |
|            |  Chain Mail      |    1200     |
|            |  Silver Shield   |    900      |
|            |  Healing Nut     |    200      |
|            |  Starlight       |    1000     |
|            |  Holy Water      |    100      |
|            |                  |             |
| Black Rose |  Starlight       |    200      |
|   Street   |  Holy Water      |    180      |
|            |  Dragonfly Wings |    100      |
|            |  Healing Nut     |    200      |
|            |  Starlight       |    1000     |
|            |  Robe            |    400      |
|            |  Steel Armlet    |    220      |
|            |  Headband        |    160      |
|            |  Long Sword      |    360      |
|            |  Fire Cane       |    320      |
|            |  Small Bow       |    320      |
|    Vane    |  Healing Nut     |    200      |
|            |  Antidote        |    20       |
|            |  Cleansing Water |    60       |
|            |  Chain Mail      |    1200     |
|            |  Magic Robe      |    1280     |
|            |  Silver Shield   |    900      |
|            |  Silver Bracelet |    480      |
|            |  Steel Armlet    |    220      |
|            |  Fruity Bandana  |    240      |
|            |  Crystal Pendant |    12000    |
|            |  Devil's Pendant |    12000    |
|            |  Starlight       |    1000     |
|            |  Holy Water      |    100      |
|            |  Angel's Tear    |    600      |
|            |  Dragonfly Wings |    100      |
|            |  Saber           |    1000     |
|            |  Fire Cane       |    1400     |
|            |  Dream Cane      |    1600     |
|    Lann    |  Healing Nut     |    200      |
|            |  Antidote        |    20       |
|            |  Cleansing Water |    60       |
|            |  Dragonfly Wings |    100      |
|    Reza    |  Chain Mail      |    1200     |
|            |  Purity Clothing |    1400     |
|            |  Sorcerer's Robe |    2000     |
|            |  Silver Armlet   |    660      |
|            |  Samurai Blade   |    2800     |
|            |  Flail           |    2600     |
|            |  Ethereal Cane   |    248      |
|            |                  |             |
|  Thieves   |  Ice Blade       |    4000     |
|   Guild    |  Ice Mace        |    4400     |
|            |  Stone Bow       |    4600     |
|            |  Ice Cane        |    3600     |
|            |  Steel Armor     |    2400     |
|            |  Intelligent Robe|    3600     |
|            |  Steel Sheild    |    1800     |
|            |  Crystal Armlet  |    1200     |
|            |  Steel Helmet    |    1360     |
|            |  Healing Nut     |    200      |
|            |  Starlight       |    4000     |
|            |  Angel's Tear    |    600      |
|   Lyton    |  Holy Armor      |    4800     |
|            |  Holy Shield     |    3600     |
|            |  Rainbow Armlet  |    2400     |
|            |  Holy Helmet     |    2600     |
|            |  Healing Nut     |    200      |
|            |  Angel's Tear    |    600      |
|   Tamur    |  Great Sword     |    9000     |
|            |  Wind Sword      |    14000    |
|            |  Judgement Mace  |    12400    |
|            |  Holy Bow        |    8400     |
|            |  Silver Armor    |    9600     |
|            |  Radiance Clothes|    5600     |
|            |  Saint's Robe    |    7200     |
|            |  Spirit Robe     |    12400    |
|            |  Dragon Armlet   |    3800     |
|            |  Lucky Bandana   |    2800     |
|    Pao     |  Healing Nut     |    200      |
|            |  Starlight       |    1000     |
|            |  Angel's Tear    |    600      |
|            |  Holy Water      |    100      |
|   Meryod   |  Great Sword     |    9000     |
|            |  Water Mace      |    7600     |
|            |  Holy Bow        |    8400     |
|            |  Sage's Cane     |    8600     |
|            |  Jade Hairpin    |    400      |
|            |  Steel Armor     |    2400     |
|            |  Steel Sheild    |    1800     |
|            |  White Bracelet  |    1000     |
|            |  Steel Helmet    |    1360     |
|            |  Wrath Wring     |    12000    |
|            |  Healing Nut     |    200      |
|            |  Antidote        |    20       |
|            |  Angel's Tear    |    600      |
|            |  Cleansing Water |    60       |
|    Iluk    |  White Bracelet  |    1000     |
|            |  Healing Nut     |    200      |
|            |  Antidote        |    20       |
|            |  Cleasing Water  |    60       |
|            |  Dragonfly Wings |    100      |

Miscellaneous Secrets:

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete has some incredible special
items hidden deep in the game. Some of the special items you
can get can make your characters almost invincible in battle.
Here is a list of some of the best special items I've found
in the game. There are also quite a few secret areas of the
game, some of them yielding fun conversation or people.

*Gale Ring:
When you first meet Lily in Reza, talk to her three times. Now,
before you enter the Grindery, go back and talk to her again.
She will hand over the Gale Ring, a great accessory that adds
one extra attack per turn to one character.

*Ghaleon's Tear:
After Alex has become a Dragonmaster, but before Nash has left
the party, go to Lann. Talk to the chief of the village. Choose
the first option to the question he gives you. Then, before you
enter the Grindery, talk to the chief again, and he'll give you
Ghaleon's Tear. Ghaleon's Tear is an awesome accessory that lets
your character's normal attacks affect all enemies on the entire

*Hell Ring:
Before you enter the Grindery, visit Damon in Damon's Spire. He
will give you the Hell Ring. The Hell Ring is an very awesome
accessory that halves all MP consumption for the character that
equips it.

If you visit Ramus' shop later in the game, just before going
to the frontier, he will give you the Rememberizer. This unique
item lets you view all of the past anime sequences you've seen.

-To get a secret Warlords type game, insert the "Making of Lunar"
CD. When the movie starts playing, press Up, Down, Left, Right,
Triangle, Start. You will now be able to play the game, "Lords
of Lunar". You can even set up many controllers to play the game.
You learn about this secret through Ramus during the end portion
of the game.

-If you do the above code (Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Start),
and then press open on the PlayStation, take the "Making of Lunar"
disc out of the PlayStation, and then put the first game disc in
the PlayStation, you will be able to view all of the anime scenes
on that disc, playing from beginning to end. This also works with
the second game disc.

-When you first meet the witch in the Old Hag's Forest, give her
your Water Cane, you can also talk to her a few more times, and
give up your Fortune Cane. Don't worry, though, if you come back
later in the game, you can get the Ice Cane, a much better weapon.

Lunar Song Lyrics:

Lunar is very unique because of the fact that is has numerous
songs that add to the tone of the story.

Note: The Original Japanese Lyrics and English Lyrics were
  printed in the manual/art book of Lunar: Silver Star Story

*Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Opening Song:

Original Japanese Lyrics:                   English Lyrics:
Far, far into the distant horizon         | In your dreams, magical thoughts,
let's ride forgotten on wings in the wind | All things are real unless you dream they're not.
                                          | In your dreams, love is the plot,
Sometime we will surely meet              | Carried on wings of hope.
as the charming future                    |
beckons us on.                            | Each of our souls intertwine when we do,
                                          | Instantly we see it, the time to grow and be it,
Let's start the journey                   | When everything is pinned on a hope.
to a new world                            |
Open the door to a memorable legend!      | Let rise the dreams of your heart,
                                          | That innocent you, careless and kind,
                                          | Free to roam the breeze in love,
                                          | Only when two brilliantly shine as one!

*Luna's Boat Song:

Original Japanese Lyrics:                   English Lyrics:
                                          | Wishing on a dream that seems far off,
As traveling across the sea               | Hoping it will come today.
from the unknown country,                 |
the wind passes gently behind my ears,    | Into the starlit night,
will you tell me if people live with      | Foolish dreamers turn their gaze,
the same bewildering feeling inside?      | Waiting on a shooting star.
To love someone,                          | But, what if that star is not to come?
or to be loved by someone -               | Will their dreams fade to nothing?
I wonder what those feelings are like?    | When the horizon darkens most,
I can only feel vaguely from afar.        | We all need to believe there is hope.
I want to cherish the feeling             |
that has started inside me,               | Is an angel watching closely over me?
the fate trembles my heart like the wind. | Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see?
                                          | I know my heart should guide me, but
                                          | There's a hole within my soul.
                                          | What will fill this emptiness inside of me?
                                          | Am I to be satisfied without knowing?
                                          | I will, then, for a chance to see,
                                          | I wish, then, for a chance to see,
                                          | Now all I need, <desperately>
                                          | Is my star to come...

*Lunar: The Silver Star Intro:

When all the land is peaceful,
and there is no real threat to us at last.
There comes a time for love,
two hearts colliding into one great hymn.

But there are winds foreboding and,
There is a dark storm that soon will pass on.
Kiss me my love and go,
the time for valor has returned again.

On through the night,
Keep marching on.
Fighting, through the darkness, Are this evil, so we must press on,
Friendship forged to battle, Watch your backs now! Take heed...

Come back to me...
Fighting, through the darkness, Are this evil, so we must press on,
Dying, to the power, that enslaves us, if we are not there,
Freezing, to the climax, at the battle, to return to love,
Ghaleon, gets the power,
Evil forces, take heed..

Anime Scenes:

There is almost an hour of colorful and smooth Anime in Lunar:
Silver Star Story Complete. Here is a listing of each scene of
Anime, and the script of what the characters say in each scene.

       --Disc 1--

[01] Alex at the Monument
[02] Ramus' Introduction
[03] Luna at the Springs
[04] Quark Awakens
[05] Laike's Introduction
[06] Nash's Introduction
[07] Luna on the Boat
[08] Arrival in Meribia
[09] Master Mel's Introduction
[10] Royce's Introduction
[11] Phacia's Introduction
[12] A Mysterious Musician
[13] Mia's Introduction
[14] Ghaleon's Introduction
[15] Kyle's Introduction
[16] Jessica's Introduction
[17] Lemia's Introduction
[18] A Trinity of Terror
[19] Ghaleon's Betrayal
[20] Kyle's Trickery
[21] Spring Cleansing
[22] Blue Dragon Shrine Revealed
[24] Prairie Saviors
[23] Myght's Introduction
[24] Alex Becomes a Dragonmaster

     --Disc 2--

[25] To the Dark Frontier
[26] The Grindery Moves
[27] The Dark Goddess
[28] A Goddess Reborn
[29] A Dragonmaster Reborn
[30] Ascent to Althena's City
[31] Ghaleon Descends
[32] Warm Embrace
[33] The Green Earth

*Anime Scene Scripts:

The Anime Scenes in Lunar have a lot of speaking parts. Here are
the complete scripts for all of the scenes in Lunar: Silver Star
Story Complete.

                              --Disc 1--

*[01] Alex at the Monument

[At Dyne's monument, Alex turns around to face Nall, who's flown
up from behind him.]

Alex: Oh! Hello, Nall.
Nall: Alex, couldn't you hear me? I've been flying around all over for
  the last half-hour calling for you! But I should've known you'd be
Alex: Oh, Nall! Where else would I be?

[The camera moves upward, showing the actual monument of Dyne, as Nall
lands on Alex's shoulder and reads the inscription:]

Nall: "In honor of the great Dragonmaster, Dyne." I know that Dyne was
  probably the greatest of the Four Heroes, Alex, but I'm amazed that you
  never get tired of coming to stare at his dull monument. Oh, shoot!I
  just remembered...we'd better meet Luna to practice singing. If we're
  late, she'll be upset...

*[02] Ramus' Introduction

[The entire scene is from Alex's point of view, as Ramus talks to him in
an extreme close-up.]

Ramus: Hey, Alex! I fugured you might be here! Now that the warm weather
  has melted the ice near the dragon's cave, there isn't any time to waste
  getting started on our big adventure! If we hurry, we may be able to
  sneak in without waking the dragon. Then we can get a fantasitically huge
  diamond from its lair worth thousands and thousands of silver, making us
  filthy stinking rich and very popular in the process!

*[03] Luna at the Springs

[At the Burg Springs, the camera pushes through a grove of trees and slowly
approaches Luna, who sits on a chair made of stone and sing's the theme of
Althena. Multiple cuts of the camera view the springs. As the camera moves
in on Luna, Alex starts to play the theme of Althena on his ocarina. Luna
then giggles and faces Alex.]

Luna: Alex. You're late again, silly. Were you whittling away the morning
at Dyne's Momument again? Or were you planning more make-believe adventures
with Ramus?

*[04] Quark Awakens

[In Quark's Lair, a voice echoes through the darkness:]

Quark: Who has awakened me from my deep slumber?

[Quark opens his glowing white eyes as the cave slowly illuminates. Quark
stretches his wings to their and lets out a large roar. Quark gazes down
at his visitors and let's out a "Hmmmm..." Quark bends down and talks to
Alex and his friends.]

Quark: My friends, you are the first adventurers to visit me in a long
  time. I am Quark, patriarch of the Dragon Tribe. You have journeyed
  far, and now you have arrived at my lair. It is a journey few have
  survived. Your mission must be urgent.

*[05] Laike's Introduction

[In the Weird Woods, the camera pans upward from the bottom of Laike's body
to the top, showing him standing before the characters.]

Laike: What a hapless bunch you are! You're lucky I happened to come along
  when I did! Didn't you know that these woods were ridiculously dangerous
  for ordinary travelers? Are you lost? Or out for a picnic?

[Alex responds]

Laike: What?! An adventure?

[Laike begins to let out a laugh...which grows to a maniacal tone. The
screen fades out as Laike keeps laughing like a maniac.]

*[06] Nash's Introduction

[In the Old Hag's Forest, the scene shows Nash's hand. Nash spins a comb
around and stops the spinning motion. Nash now combs his hair in a vertical
swipe. Nash now spins the comb again and stuffs it back into his shirt. Now,
Nash talks to the group.]

Nash: Hey there, kiddies! My name's Nash! I'm a level 3 apprentice from the
famous magic city of VAne that floats around the Goddess Tower. The area
around the Sea Hag's house can be a little tricky, so be sure to watch your
step around here, okay?

*[07] Luna on the Boat

[On the ship, Hispaniola, Alex and Nall walk out onto the boat's deck, and
they look on to see Luna, who is standing on the top mast. Luna reaches out
and clasps a firefly with her hand. Luna lovingly sings the boat song.]

*[08] Arrival in Meribia

[When the Hispaniola is shown full view of Meribia, Alex looks upon the

Nall: Look, Alex! Look at all the ships, and the huge town! Meribia is even
  more splendid than I imagined!

*[09] Master Mel's Introduction

[The camera moves upward to show Mel speaking to the party.]

Mel: I'm Mel de Alkirk, governor of Meribia. Since you're new here, I'll
  warn ya.

[The camera zooms into Mel's eyes]

Mel: If you dare to make any sort o' trouble in my town, I'll pop your
  tiny little heads off your twiggy little necks and mount them on me
  trophy wall.

[Mel leans backward and continues to laugh hysterically as the scene
fades out.]

*[10] Royce's Introduction

[A woman places her hand on a crystal ball, and the camera moves upward
to show an attractive blonde woman clad with a large hood.]

Royce: We seem to have guests. But I welcome those pursuing knowledge, as
  always. For you see, I am a student of knowledge: past, present, and
  future. I can fortell many things in the future.

[A close up of Royce's face as she turns toward the party:]

Royce: So. Let's see your future. That's why you came to me today, isn't

*[11] Phacia's Introduction

[The camera moves upward, displaying a ceremonial garment worn by a very
attractive woman with long, silver hair. The woman calmly speaks to the

Phacia: Good day to you all. I am Phacia, head priestess of the temple of
  the goddess. I have received word that you are on a journey to become the
  new Dragonmaster, Alex! I pray that you choose to stay in Vane and become
  the guardian of Althena. For as you know, we haven't had a Dragonmaster
  since the days of Dyne came to an end...

*[12] A Mysterious Musician

[A man lays down an instrument he has been playing, and the camera moves
upward to show a calm man with an expressionless face.]

Luna: Oh! I'm so sorry I interrupted! You see, I heard the musica, and
  I-well, I thought it was Alex that was playing!

[The camera shows a close up of the man's face, and he speaks.]

Musician: Mmmm...it's...no bother.

[The man's voice is deep and unemotional. The camera then shows a very
embarassed Luna, and then shows a wide shot of the two.]

*[13] Mia's Introduction

[The camera shows a bedchamber, sunlight coming into the room. The camera
then moves to the left, showing a saddened girl with tears in her eyes. The
girl wipes her eyes, and then gets out of bed and faces you. She speaks to
the party, covering her eyes.]

Mia: I'm sorry. I cannot go to the magic school today. I'm...not feeling

[Mia glances upward, surprised, and covers her mouth:]

Mia: Oh, I'm so sorry! I mistook you for a messenger of my mother's.
  Um...my name is Mia. Mia Ausa. May I ask your name?

*[14] Ghaleon's Introduction

[The camera fades in showing a fully cloaked man looking out of a window.
The camera moves in the man turns toward the group, showing squinting red
eyes. The man now turns to face your party and speaks.]

Ghaleon: Welcome to the Magic Guild of Vane, Alex of Burg. I am Ghaleon,
  premier of the guild. My apprentice Nash speaks quite highly of you,
  boy. He said you passed the trial of te White Dragon. If that's true,
  perhaps you can...help me.

*[15] Kyle's Introduction

[The camera moves from the feet to the head of a large and muscular Kyle,
who is passed out and obvious drunk. A bubble of snot is coming out of his
nose, and as he stores, the bubble grows larger and larger until it pops.
Kyle sits up and talks to the party, completely drunken.]

Kyle: What a night! Kyle had himself another night of wine, women, and
  song! Just between you and me, I think I had a little too much of the
  wine... [belches] But the women didn't complain!

[Kyle passes out and falls down again with a crash.]

*[16] Jessica's Introduction

[The camera moves from the feet to the head of Jessica, a priestess clad
in garments. Jessica catches the party from the corner of her eye, and
then speaks to the party.]

Jessica: Oh! When did you come in? You weren't here before! Did you come
  after hearing of the trouble here? I think this Dragonmaster is a fake!
  In fact, I bet he's even a bigger phony than my former boyfriend. A
  good fight is just the ticket to get over that rat! So let's go find
  this fraud and show him who's boss! [she winks at you]

*[17] Lemia's Introduction

[The camera zooms outward from the Magic Guild as Lemia walks up to speak
to your party.]

Lemia: I am Lemia Ausa, governess of the Magic Guild. I have heard you
  seek the dragons. I see the strength of your will in this reguard in
  your eyes.

[Lemia's face is zoomed into, as she arches an eyebrow]

Lemia: And I sense something else. I sense...evil. You seek to destroy
  the Magic Guild, and Althena!

[The screen fades out after Lemia's harsh words]

*[18] A Trinity of Terror

[Lemia opens her eyes, revealing glowing pupils, and raises her arms.
A giant whirlwind of fire forms around herself. Phacia and Royce are
sucked into the whirlwind. The outfits fade away to reveal the Vile
Tribe outfits from beneath. The camera pans outward and upward to show
all three Vile Tribe beauties standing together.]

Xenobia: I am Xenobia, a descendant of the forgotten Vile Tribe, the
  innocents Althena allously pushed out beyond the wastelands of the

Royce: I warned you I could see many things. Unfortunately, I have now
  foreseen your demise. Too bad you had to get involved.

Phacia: We didn't expect you to get this far, young Alex. It's been
  quite a revelation. But you never can tell when luck like yours will
  run out...

*[19] Ghaleon's Betrayal

[The Magic Emperor reveals himself and stands tall. He now spreads his
cloak, revealing his magical armor. The camera cuts to a close-up of
Ghaleon's helmet. His eyes glow bright red each time he speaks.]

Ghaleon: Not Ghaleon, dear Quark, Magic Emperor Ghaleon!

Alex: Magic Emperor?!

Luna: Ghaleon! No!

Ghaleon: (laughing) Ghaleon...yes! Someday, people may mourn this day.
  But my glorious rule can only begin with your enslavement.

[Ghaleon uses a magic globe, it explodes with white energy. Quark roars
in pain as the glove expands and then crushes Quark. The small marble
then floats down to Ghaleon's hand and he crushes it in his palm.]

Ghaleon: Quark shall be the cornerstone of a new world order. My world
  order. But... who shall be my queen?

[Zoom into Luna, who is startled and staring with shock at Ghaleon]

*[20] Kyle's Trickery

[A woman holds her head and wails in a high-pitched phony voice.]

Woman: Oh, pardon my heels! What's the world coming to when a decent lady
  has to be so vulgar to protect herself?

[Close-up of the woman's eyes, staring]

Woman: (deep voice) And now let's end this cheap charade.

[The "woman" whips off her costume to reveal Kyle! Kyle flips through the
air several times and lands perfectly on his feet on the ground. Kyle then
casually extends his hand and catches his sword with his eyes closed.]

Kyle: You and your boys need to learn some manners, sweetcheeks.

*[21] Spring Cleansing

[There are two different bathing scenes for the males here, determined at
random each time you view them. There are also two bathing scenes for the
females, but they are contained on disc 2.]

*[22] Blue Dragon Shrine Revealed

[The camera pans upward to show the lake around Lyton. A giant whirlpool
then begins to swirl around white foam. Sudden, a large, blunt object
enmerges from the whirlpool, which is the entrance to the Blue Dragon
Shrine. The camera then zooms out to show the entire structure.]

*[24] Prairie Saviors

[You see an attractive woman with long blue hair riding on a horse. You
then see another person, a long-haired male thought to be from the Prairie
Tribe jump in the way. He now tells his horse to move away, and they ride

*[23] Myght's Introduction

[You see Myght turn from a blueprint he has on his desk. Myght is looking
at Alex.Myght then uses a magnifying glass to get a closer look at Alex's

Myght: Is there something wrong with your eyes? Didn't you see the signs
  warning about the cranky, stinky, rude genius? Well, that's me, Myght!
  I hate noise, interruptions, and people! You're trespassing! Go away!

[Myght turns back to his desk and the scene fades as Myght lets out a very
disgusting fart.]

*[24] Alex Becomes a Dragonmaster

[Each piece of the Dragon armor clings to Alex as he wears it. The sword
then drops down into his hand, Alex standing tall and firm. Alex then does
various sword slashes, and is revealed as the new Dragonmaster.]

                               --Disc 2--

*[25] To the Dark Frontier

[The airship floats over a large cliff until you can see the Grindery below.
Many spotlights encircle the structure. Cut to a closer scene of the Grindery
and pan upward to see the gigantic tower. Nall speaks to Alex:]

Nall: Alex, look at the size of that tower! Is Luna really in there?

[Cut to show Alex, determined]

Alex: She's in there...and so is Ghaleon.

*[26] The Grindery Moves

[The Grindery changes into a unique rolling weapon of death, and rolls away
from the area that it was planted in. Many spotlights eminate from the main
structure, and the Grindery slowly rolls out of the Frontier, crushing by
anything it comes into contact with. The party later realizes the fact that
the Grindery is headed for the Goddess Tower, and Vane.]

*[27] The Dark Goddess

[The camera pans upward to show Luan's feet to head. Several bolts of huge
lightning flash across the sky. Cut to a close up of Luna.]

Luna: You shouldn't have interfered. Haven't you figured it out? There's no
  way to stop this!

Alex: Luna...?

[Luna turns away from Alex, and the other party members are stunned. The
members watch as Luna slowly walks to the edge of the ledge. Luna pauses
and then smiles, and her eyes glow with a gleaming red look. Luna throws
her arms into the air, and starts to sing a song of pure evil.]

Alex: Luna, what are you doing?

[Cut to each of the dragons, whose eyes are glowing with a white force.
Luna's voice awakens the dragons from slumber. A large ball of light forms
above the Grindery, and a large beam shoots across the sky to Althena's
Tower. The ground is shaking.]

Kyle: What the...?!

[The tower rips out of the earth and floats into the air. Althena's City
has been resurrected. The city floats high into the sky in its gigantic

Nash: What happened to the Goddess Tower?
Mia: This can't be real!
Alex: Oh, my god...
Ghaleon: Amazing, isn't it? Behold the long-forgotten Fortress of Althena.
Kyle: That's the voice of Ghaleon!
Jessica: Impossible...

[Lightning strikes the top of the Grindery, and the camera now cuts to show
Ghaleon and Luna. Luna clutches onto Ghaleon and smiles sadistically.]

Alex: Ghaleon?
Ghaleon: Hrmph!

*[28] A Goddess Reborn

[Various pans of the Goddess Tower in mystical light are shown. Dragonmaster
Dyne walks up the stairs toward the Goddess Tower. Multiple shots show Althena
and Dyne as they stare at each other. Dyne steps forward toward the light and
Ghaleon shouts at him:]

Ghaleon: Wait! Dyne! Stop! Stop before the path you have chosen strips you of
  the very power that safeguards your soul!

[Dyne walks right into the light of the Goddess, and the light strips Dyne
away of all powers he had as Dragonmaster.]

Ghaleon: Dyne! No!

[Althena smiles, closes her eyes, and explodes with a burst of light. Ghaleon
shields his eyes from the blast.]

Ghaleon: Why have you done this? What is it that you can see that I cannot?
  Tell me!

[A newborn baby floats into Laike's hands, and Laike looks on lovingly.]

Laike: I see a bright hope for the future that resides in each and every
  human being.

[The baby cries and then wiggles. Ghaleon fist shakes with anger as he looks
down at his former friend for the last time.]

Ghaleon: I see only despair...

[Camera cuts to Ghaleon walking down the stairs, hunched over with grief.]

*[29] A Dragonmaster Reborn

[The camera moves upward to show Alex's hands grasp the mighty sword of the
Dragonmaster. Alex's eyelids are shut, while focusing on what he must do to
save Luna. Alex's eyelids now shoot open, and he grits his teeth and grasps
the sword as he leans forward and pulls backward with all of his might. Out
of the stone, the sword now shines with immense power. Alex holds the sword
above his head, and lightning strikes it and engulfs Alex in a White light.
Alex screams as he transforms into the Dragonmaster again. The camera now
zooms out to show Alex standing proudly with Althena's Sword and the Dragon

*[30] Ascent to Althena's City

[Nall, as the White Dragon, flies into Althena's City with Alex and the
other party members on his back.]

Kyle: Look at that thing! The Fortress of Althena is huge!
Mia: Wow! I wonder why this was hidden beneath the Goddess Tower all this

Jessica: I never heard a word about it when I was studying to be a priestess.
Kyle: Ha! That's because you always ditched class, honeypie!
Jessica: At least I've set foot in a school, you dumb bastard!
Nash: You're both acting like children! Knock it off!

[Kyle laughs as Jessica turns away in digust.]

Nash: See what's happening?

[The party members look on at the dead earth far below.]

Nash: A desert of death is spreading below us!
Mia: The Fortress of Althena appears to be sucking the very life from out
  of the ground. If this continues, our whole world will be as desolate
  as the Frontier!

Kyle: I don't think Ghaleon will stop at desolation. He wants total

Alex: I'll never let that happen!

*[31] Ghaleon Descends

[The camera moves upward to show Ghaleon.]

Ghaleon: What utter nonsense. Perhaps you should demonstrate the power that
  gives you such confidence. Then we shall see who is fit to be supreme ruler,
  and who...is dead.

[Cut to Alex's determination.]

Alex: Those that underestimate the power of the human spirit are destined to
  fail. And that means you, Ghaleon!

*[32] Warm Embrace

[At Luna's throne...]

Alex: Luna...I'm here.

[A beam of light softens around Luna suddenly.]

Luna: I knew you would never be able to abandon me, Alex.
Alex: Yes, now we can finally go back to Burg together!
Luna: Though Ghaleon has perished, the Fortress of Althena continues to
  bleed life from the whole world of Lunar. IF it does not cease, all Lunar
  will become as lifeless as the Frontier.

[Cut shows a shot of the Fotress sucking the magic of the world, then cut
back to Luna.]

Luna: But if I leave the Fortress, the stored magic will be released too
  rapidly, and it may end up destroying the entire world of Lunar. I'm a
  prisoner, Alex.

Alex: No!
Luna: I'm sorry, Alex. I must stay here...for Lunar.
Alex: I won't give you up! You mustn't give up either, regardless of how
  hopeless things may seem! There has to be a way! We must believe in the
  power that resides within each of us, Luna!

[Cut to a flashback of Altena and Dyen together, then back to Alex.]

Alex: I believe each of us is entrusted with a future to realize, and this
  is not our future! Luna, if we work together, I'm certain we'll find a
  ay...just like Dyne did, remember?

[Alex looks toward Luna in the beam of light.]

Luna: Alex, no!

[Alex walks through the beam of light and begins to lose his Dragonmaster
powers for good.]

Luna: Alex, you mustn't try it, it's too dangerous!

[Alex transforms entirely into his former being. Alex sacrificed all of
his strength for Luna. Alex extends his hand toward her.]

Alex: We will always be together...in the past, the present, and the future
  as well. It's destiny.

[Luna takes Alex's hand and falls into his arms.]

Luna: Oh, Alex...Alex...

[Alex and Luna are both engulfed in the huge beam of light.]

*[33] The Green Earth

[The party members look up as Althena's City crashes into the sea and explodes
with a brilliant and bright flash.]

Jessica: Oh, Alex...Luna!

[Jessica begins crying as she clutches Kyle. Kyle looks upward to the dark sea
that contains the remains of the fortress.]

Kyle: Alex, you dumb kid. Why'd you take the risk?
Mia: Alex and Luna sacrificed their lives to save this world from destruction.
Nall: Oh, Alex and Luna...they're gone forever!

[Everyone looks in silence. Suddenly, a large light eminates from the sea. The
party members look up as the light spreads across the wastelands.]

Kyle: Look at the ground...it's alive again!

[Alex and Luna descend from the sky in a globe of light as Alex holds Luna in
his hands. Everyone is blown away from the wind.]

Alex: We did it! It's over.
Jessica: We were so worried about you! Oh, Luna!
Luna: Oh, Jessica, I'm just...so happy to see you all!

[The girls laugh and hug.]

Kyle: Well done, Alex...well done.

Soundtrack Track Listing:

There Lunar: Silver Star Story package for PlayStation comes with a
bonus soundtrack disc. Here is a complete track listing from every
song in the game. The special soundtrack comes with both songs from
the original Lunar: The Silver Star in addition to songs directly
from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.

1. Wings of Hope (English Version) [Silver Star Story Complete]
2. Burg [The Silver Star]
3. Second Overworld Theme (March Mix) [The Silver Star]
4. Tumultuous Sea [Silver Star Story Complete]
5. Toward the Horizon [Silver Star Story Complete]
6. Boss Theme [The Silver Star]
7. Ghaleon's Theme (Extended Remix) [The Silver Star]
8. Grindery (Mecha Mix) [The Silver Star]
9. English Opening [The Silver Star]
10. Magical Weapon Nash [Silver Star Story Complete]
11. Determination [Silver Star Story Complete]
12. Meribia [Silver Star Story Complete]
13. Recollection [Silver Star Story Complete]
14. Mysterious Party [Silver Star Story Complete]
15. Second Overworld Theme (Noble Mix) [The Silver Star]
16. Go Go Go! [Silver Star Story Complete]
17. Mysterious Cave (English Mix) [Silver Star Story Complete]
18. Four Heros [Silver Star Story Complete]
19. Reach for the Front [Silver Star Story Complete]
20. Battle Theme (Extended Remix) [The Silver Star]
21. Thieves' Bazaar [Silver Star Story Complete]
22. Sadness/Betrayal (Extended) [The Silver Star]
23. Luna's Boat Song (English Version) [Silver Star Story Complete]
24. Ending Credits [Silver Star Story Complete]

GameShark Codes:

Here is a list of some good GameShark Codes for Lunar: Silver
Star Story Complete. If you have more GameShark Codes for the
game, please submit them to me so I can put them here.

I have not confirmed the following codes myself, and don't know
if they're actually working. I've heard there many glitches that
can occur when playing Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete with a
GameShark. Use these GameShark codes at your own risk.

Thanks to the GameShark Code Creators Club (www.cmgsccc.com) for
many of the codes listed here.

                   --Miscellaneous Codes--

Instant Level Up to 99: 800282CE 2400
Infinite Health in Battle (All Characters): 80030660 0055
Infinite Magic in Battle (All Characters): 8002E7E6 2400
Walk Through Walls: 80066716 2400
Infinite Silver: 801DC37C FFFF

Maximum Silver: 801DC37C 967F
                801DC37E 0098

All Movies in Rememberizer: 801DC3AC FFFF
                            801DC3AE FFFF

Dragon Wings Travel Anywhere: 801DC3DC FFFF
                              801DC3DE FFFF

                 --Individual Character Codes--


Infinite HP: 801DBFC0 03E7
Maximum HP: 801DBFC2 03E7
Infinite MP: 801DBFC4 03E7
Maximum MP: 801DBFC6 03E7
Level 99: 801DBFDC 0063
1 experience to next level: 801DBFFC 0001 + 801DBFFE 0000

*Alex (Dragonmaster):

Infinite HP: 801DC240 03E7
Maximum HP: 801DC242 03E7
Infinite MP: 801DC244 03E7
Maximum MP: 801DC246 03E7
Level 99: 301DC25C 00FF
1 experience to next level: 801DC27C 0001 + 801DC27E 0000


Infinite HP: 801DC0C0 03E7
Maximum HP: 801DC0C2 03E7
Infinite MP: 801DC0C4 03E7
Maximum MP: 801DC0C6 03E7
Level 99: 301DC0DC 0063
1 experience to next level: 801DC0FC 0001 + 801DC0FE 0000


Infinite HP: 801DC040 03E7
Maximum HP: 801DC042 03E7
Infinite MP: 801DC044 03E7
Maximum MP: 801DC046 03E7
Level 99: 301DC05C 0063
1 experience to next level: 801DC07C 0001 + 801DC07E 0000


Infinite HP: 801DC080 03E7
Maximum HP: 801DC082 03E7
Infinite MP: 801DC084 03E7
Maximum MP: 801DC086 03E7
Level 99: 301DC09C 0063
1 experience to next level: 801DC0BC 0001 + 801DC0BE 0000


Infinite HP: 801DC000 03E7
Maximum HP: 801DC002 03E7
Infinite MP: 801DC004 03E7
Maximum HP: 801DC006 03E7
Level 99: 301DC01C 0063
1 experience to next level: 801DC03C 0001 + 801DC03E 0000

                  --Party Modification Codes--

*Note: Where xx is the hexadecimal number of the character
you wish to add to your party.

First Position: 301DC368 00xx
Second Position: 301DC36A 00xx
Third Position: 301DC36C 00xx
Fourth Position: 301DC36E 00xx
Fifth Position: 301DC370 00xx
Sixth Position: 301DC372 00xx

00 - Nothing
01 - Alex
02 - Nash
03 - Jessica
04 - Mia
05 - Kyle
06 - Luna
07 - Ramus
08 - Ghaleon
09 - Laike
0A - Tempest
0B - Dragonmaster Alex
0C - Nall


Thanks go to the following people that I felt inspired to
write this Strategy Guide too. These people deserve part of
the credit it took me to write this Strategy Guide.

-GameArts, for creating this great game for us to play.

-Working Designs, for bringing Lunar here in its entirety,
if it wasn't for Working Designs, this title wouldn't have
crossed the ocean! Also thanks for making a great complete
version with great added extras. Huge thanks goes out to a
great independent company that cares about its customers.

-GameArts, Studio Alex, and Working Designs, for continuing
to bring us different pieces in the Lunar saga. Let's hope
the series lasts forever.

-Walter Williams' great strategy guide for the original
Sega CD version. I used a lot of his compiled information
for this FAQ. Good job.

-Elthandar, for making me interested in Lunar back when he
was playing through Lunar: The Silver Star when I hadn't even
heard of it. He told me about how it was the best RPG ever,
and I just had to play it. :)

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