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FAQ/Walkthrough by DWagoner

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/16/99

         Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete--English Playstation Version
                          FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.5
                                by Daniel Wagoner
                        Original Version April 22, 1999
                          Last Revision June 16, 1999
*Note:  This file is best viewed with WordPad for Windows 95 in normal (640X480) 

I.    Revision History
II.   Introduction
III.  Version Differences
IV.   Common Questions
V.    Characters
VI.   Lists
    A.  Spells
    B.  Items
    C.  Special Items
    D.  Accessories
    E.  Weapons
    F.  Armor and other equipment
    G.  Bromide Locations
VII.  Walkthrough
VIII. Song Lyrics and Soundtrack CD track list
IX.   Special Thanks

I.  Revision History
version 1.5--lists section started and completed; questions section added;
             walkthrough touched up; this is the last major revision I plan
             to do.
version 1.0--walkthrough completed! soundtrack CD track list completed;
             minor updates.
version 0.8--covers the full game now; walkthrough greatly expanded;
             soundtrack CD track list added; various updates.
version 0.2--various minor updates.
version 0.1--initial release; covers only the demo version.

II.  Introduction
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is a traditional style RPG for the Sony 
Playstation.  It features beautiful 2D graphics, an excellent storyline, a witty 
text translation, a great battle system, over 50 minutes of animated video 
sequences, and over an hour of total speech from 20 different speaking 
characters.  Save games take up 1 memory block each on a Sony memory card, and 
the game supports up to 15 saves per card.
Note that the "Making of Lunar" CD that comes with the game contains some plot-
spoiling video from the game.  You are advised not to watch until you have 
finished the game.  The "Making of Lunar" CD also contains a special Pong-like 
bonus game called "Lords of Lunar."  To play it, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, 
TRIANGLE, START when the movie starts playing.  
There was a demo version of this game made available in about mid-April to 
people who pre-ordered the full game.  It covered the first island of the game, 
up to the boat ride to Meribia.  This demo had the unique feature of allowing 
saved games to be used.  Furthermore, these saves are fully compatible with the 
full game.  If you have a demo save game, just load it right up in the full game 
to start back where you left off.  The demo limited your characters to level 12, 
but you could still gain EXP.  Unfortunately, after your first battle in the 
full game, your characters will be promoted ONLY to level 13...  Then the game 
will set the default amount on EXP needed to go up to level 14 and you go from 
there.  As a result, the EXP levels of Alex, Ramus, Luna, and Nash will be 
higher than your character levels indicate for the whole game.  For example if 
you had 10,000 EXP in the demo, your characters will be promoted to level 13 in 
the full game and these four characters will have about 8,500 EXP more than they 
should for level 13...  You'll notice when you get a new character like Jessica, 
and she's at the same level as Alex, her EXP will be about 8,500 LESS than his.  
If anyone knows a way to go up to the APPROPRIATE levels using a demo save 
(level 20 for 10,000 EXP), PLEASE let me know!  (PLEASE, NO GameShark codes!!)  
Thanks!  *IMPORTANT NOTE: Working Designs has reported one small problem with 
the demo save games.  Be sure that the ocarina item is in Alex's inventory in 
your demo save.  If Nall has the ocarina, you will be unable to transfer it back 
to Alex.  Alex will NEED the Ocarina near the end of the game (he'll be alone 
without Nall, and he'll HAVE to use the Ocarina to proceed).  If you had 
transferred the ocarina to Nall in the demo, just load the demo disc again, 
transfer the ocarina to Alex, and save.

Please note that the Walkthrough contains plot-spoiling information (the biggest 
of which is marked).  I recommend that if you're playing the game for the first 
time, use this file as a reference.  If you get stuck, go to the part of the 
Walkthrough where you need help and read only until you find the answer to your 

--Instructions:  Refer to your manual (more like a 120-page tome if you ask me!) 
for instructions on how to play.  I've also provided some basic instructions 
here for your convenience:  Here's a list of what the buttons do:

Start: begins the game.
Select: activate menu or cancel menu.
directional pad: move characters/cursor.
R&L buttons: The R1 and L1 buttons will bring up the status bar in walkabout 
             mode; in menus, these buttons will switch between characters
             when you are looking at status, items, etc.  In battle, the R2
             button will enable/disable the "Shock" option and the L2 button
             will enable/disable the "Name Spells" option.
O button: save screen (this is somewhat annoying, since you can save from
          the menu, but oh well...)  This button also cancels selections in
          the menu.
X button: action button; used to accept options, talk, search, etc.
Square button: activate menu.
Triangle button: cancel selections.

The analog controller is supported, and it allows you to alternatively use the 
analog joystick to move your characters.  "Dual Shock" is supported; it provides 
jolts in battles, and other parts of the game as well.  You can use a 2nd 
controller to play with a friend; the 2nd controller can control everything the 
1st one can, but when both are used simultaneously, the 1st controller gets 
priority.  The options screen is as follows:

Sound: Stereo or Mono (self explanatory)
Change Lines: Equipment or Item (controls whether equipment or items are
              displayed first in Nall's inventory)
Message Advance: Auto or Manual (Auto makes the dialogue boxes advance on
		     their own after a few seconds)
Message Speed: Fast, Regular, or Slow (self explanatory)
Shock: No or Yes (Turns off/on the "Dual Shock" feature)
Name Spells: No or Yes (Disable/enable spell name display in battle)

Unfortunately, you can't change the button assignments :(
The menu works like this: select different characters by using the left and 
right direction buttons.  Each character has these menu items: Magic, Item, 
Equip, and Status.  Selecting Nall gives you these options: System (save, load, 
or options), Item, Tactics, and Formation.  Each character can hold up to 6 
items (not counting equipped items), which are useable by that character during 
battle.  Nall can hold up to 96 items--his items CANNOT be accessed during 
battles.  Note that you can save your game anywhere you like, as long as you 
have control of the characters.

III.  Version Differences
There are many different versions of Lunar 1.  This section will attempt to 
clarify the differences between the versions.

The first version is called Lunar: The Silver Star for the Sega CD.  There are 
both Japanese and English versions of this game.  

The second version is Lunar: Silver Star Story for the Sega Saturn.  Only a 
Japanese version exists.  This game had improved graphics and animations over 
the original.  The storyline is also changed quite a bit, although the basic 
story is the same.

The third version is Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the Sega Saturn.  
Only a Japanese version exists.  This game is exactly like the second version, 
except that it has vastly improved resolution on the animation sequences using 
an MPEG cartridge add-on for the Saturn.

The latest version is Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the Sony 
Playstation.  This is the version this FAQ deals with. There are Japanese and 
English versions.  This game is very similar to the third version.  I am not 
aware of any major differences.  I own the Sega CD English version and the 
English PSX version.  I do not have first hand information about the Saturn 
versions; I am simply repeating information I have found on the Internet 
regarding these versions.  If I am in error in any way, please let me know.

Differences between the Sega CD and PSX English versions: (**Lunar: TSS for Sega 
CD spoilers--Read ONLY if you're familiar with Lunar 1 for the Sega CD!!)
Even though the basic storyline is the same, there are many differences between 
these two games.  The second half of the PSX version is quite different from the 
original.  The game starts being VERY different about the time you reach the 
Black Dragon's Cave.  Also, Luna travels with your party to Meribia, whereas in 
the original she stayed behind in Burg at this point.  Many of the sub-quests 
have changed (for example, in the original, you had to fix the bridge to Saith, 
but in the new version, you must clear the fog from the forest instead).  Also 
new are the Bromides.  You may recall seeing Mia's Bromide in the original game. 
This item did absolutely nothing in Lunar: The Silver Star.  Well, now there are 
many more bromides to find, and when you USE one as an item, a really cool 
looking picture of that person comes up.  Refer to the bromide section below for 
the locations of all 13 bromides.  The battle system in the PSX version more 
closely resembles Lunar2: Eternal Blue than the original Lunar: The Silver Star.  
The tactics option has been added, which allows for faster battles by pre-
programming specific moves for each character.  The magic spells and items have 
also changed to Lunar 2's style.  Also, a few enemies from Lunar 2 show up in 
the new Lunar 1.  The music in the PSX version is new.  Some of the music comes 
from Eternal Blue, while most of it is brand new.  Some of the original music 
can be heard in the animations and on the soundtrack CD.  Nall's role has also 
changed.  In the original game, he just gave you useless advice about the 
enemies; now he will occasionally revive a fainted character at the end of a 
battle round; that character will revive with 1HP.  At the end of the battle, 
Nall automatically revives all fallen characters to 1HP, so they will all 
receive the EXP from the battle.  (Note that if you want a certain character NOT 
to gain EXP in a battle, have that person run away.  Then that person will NOT 
gain EXP from the battle.)  That's the basic gist of what's new in the PSX 

Differences between the demo and complete versions of the game:
As I mentioned before, a demo version of this game was given out to people who 
pre-ordered the full game from various places.  Here is a list of all the 
differences I know of.
1.  The speech in battles was Japanese in the demo, now it's in English.
2.  The Japanese lyrics on the bromide screens have been removed in the full
    game, and replaced with instrumental interludes.
3.  "Dual Shock" now supported in the animated FMV sequences.
4.  A few minor text changes.
5.  You can't give Alex's Ocarina to anyone now.
6.  Various other minor differences.

IV.  Common Questions
Here are some of the most common questions I get asked in my E-mails.  Check out 
this list to see if your question is answered! *THIS SECTION MAY CONTAIN 
SPOILERS!*  Don't read the answers unless you need to know the answer to the 

Q: Where are the bromides? I NEED to know, NOW!
A: OK, OK, just look below at section G of the Lists section, entitled
   "Bromide Locations" for the complete list.

Q: How do I open locked red chests?
A: You will get an item that allows you to open the chests later in the
   game.  You MUST get this item to continue the game, so don't worry about
   the chests until you get the item that allows you to open them.

Q: Where can I get some soap?
A: The ONLY place to buy soap is on board the Hispaniola near the beginning
   of the game.  You can acquire two more bars of soap further in the game.
   One is given to you by the guy who steals your Dragon Wings in Reza.
   After he returns the wings, talk to him again to get the soap.  The other
   bar is in the locked chest in the Magic Trial Cave in Vane.  My advice is
   to buy 4 soaps on board the Hispaniola to be safe.

Q: OK, now that I have soap, what the heck do I do with it?
A: There are two Springs of Althena in the game.  One allows males to bathe,
   and the other females.  You must have soap to bathe in the springs.  When
   you do, you'll see an animation sequence of various characters in your
   party bathing.  Bathe in each pool twice to see 4 different scenes total.

Q: I'm stuck in Myght's Tower in a room with some doors and symbols on the
   floor, HELP!
A: The solution is to walk in each of the doors in the following order:
   Planet, Star, Sun, Moon (i.e. South, West, East, North).

V.  Characters
Alex-The hero.  A boy from the village of Burg.
Nall-Alex's pet.  He looks like a flying cat.  Oh, and he talks... a LOT.
Ramus-A not-so-thin friend of Alex.  He dreams of making lots of money.
	Ramus can't use magic, but he's an adequate fighter.
Luna-Alex's childhood friend.  Luna is an orphan who was raised by Alex's 
	parents.  Luna has a very beautiful voice.
Nash-An apprentice magician from the Magic Guild of Vane.
Mia-Daughter of Lemia Ausa, and heir to the Magic Guild of Vane.  A
Jessica-Daughter of Master Mel De Alkirk.  A priestess.
Kyle-Guardian of the Nanza Barrier.  A swordsman.
Laike-A mysterious swordsman; he laughs a lot for some reason.
Tempest-A citizen of the Pao tribe.  A swordsman.
Fresca-Wife of Tempest.
Althena-the benevolent Goddess of the world of Lunar.
Dragonmaster Dyne-Greatest of the Four Heroes.  Alex's role-model.  Dyne was
	killed while battling the Black Dragon, who had gone insane.
Master Mel De Alkirk-One of the Four Heroes.  An ex-pirate who is now the
	governor of Meribia.  His nickname is "Hell Mel."
Lemia Ausa-One of the Four Heroes.  Leader of the Magic Guild of Vane.
Ghaleon-One of the Four Heroes.  Dyne's best friend.  He now helps Lemia run
	the Magic Guild of Vane as Premier.
Quark-The White Dragon.
The Magic Emperor-A Mysterious entity bent on destroying the world.  No one
	knows anything about him...
Xenobia-Leader of the Vile Tribe, who were banished by Althena to the
	distant Frontier.
Damon-the Keeper of Knowledge.
Myght-An inventor; he doesn't smell very good though...
Taben-Another inventor.
Royce-A mysterious woman fortuneteller who knows Nash.
Phacia-The head priestess of Althena's Shrine.

VI.  Lists

A.  Spells (1E=One Enemy, EZ=Enemy Zone, AE=All Enemies, 1A=One Ally,
            AZ=Ally Zone, AA=All Allies, OS=One's Self, SL=Single Line.
            Format is: Name--MP used, target, level learned, description.)
Sword Dance--6MP, 1E, Level 1, damage based on attack power.
Explosion Staff--9MP, EZ, Level 10, damage based on attack power.
Flash Cut--18MP, AE, Level 18, damage based on attack power.
Vigor--10MP, OS, Level 12, attack power up.
White Dragon Protect--60MP, AA, learned after getting Dragon Wings, protects
                      party from one enemy spell.
Red Dragon Anger--35MP, AE, learned after meeting Red Dragon, fire-based
                  damage on all enemies.
Blue Dragon Healing--40MP, AA, learned after meeting Blue Dragon, heals
                     all HP for entire party.
Black Dragon Grief--15MP, AE, learned after passing Black Dragon Trial,
                    sweeps away all enemies, but you get no EXP.

Healing Song--4MP, 1A, Level 1, heals HP.
Purity Song--4MP, 1A, Level 5, restores status condition to normal.
Cascade Song--10MP, 1A, Level 9, increases attack and defense power.
Temptation Song--7MP, AE, Level 7, puts enemies to sleep.
Escape Song--10MP, AE, Level 12, makes monsters flee, get no EXP.
Tranquil Song--15MP, AA, Level 10, heals HP for the party.

Thunderbolt--15MP, 1E, Level 34, strong Lightning damage.
Thunder Bomb--6MP, EZ, Level 1, weak Lightning damage.
Thunder Thrust--18MP, AE, Level 23, medium Lightning damage.
Spark Ball--10MP, EZ, Level 18, paralyzes enemies.
Sleep--9MP, EZ, Level 20, puts enemies to sleep.
Confusion--7MP, EZ, Level 12, confuses enemies.
Magic Box--8MP, EZ, Level 15, seals enemy spells.
Stone--6MP, EZ, Level 1, turns enemies to stone, defeating them.

Heal Litany--4MP, 1A, Level 1, heals HP.
Calm Litany--15MP, AA, Level 16, heals HP for the party.
Saint Litany--12MP, AA, Level 25, regenerates HP during battle.
Althena Litany--10MP, 1A, Level 31, completely heals HP.
Miracle Litany--20MP, 1A, Level 35, revive one character with full HP.
Cleanse Litany--4MP, 1A, Level 14, restores status condition to normal.
Fear Litany--6MP, 1E, Level 27, makes enemy flee.
Escape Litany--20MP, AA, Level 1, escapes most dungeons.

Flame Bomb--13MP, 1E, Level 24, medium Fire damage.
Flame Circle--7MP, EZ, Level 1, weak Fire damage.
Flameria--30MP, AE, Level 35, strong Fire damage.
Power Drive--11MP, 1A, Level 27, attack power up.
Ice Lance--5MP, 1E, Level 1, medium ice damage.
Ice Wall--15MP, EZ, Level 21, strong ice damage.
Blizzard--10MP, AE, Level 15, weak ice damage.
Ice Shell--11MP, 1A, Level 1, defense power up.

Power Slash--6MP, 1E, Level 1, damage based on attack power.
Power Sweep--9MP, AZ, Level 1, damage based on attack power.
Sonic Riser--14MP, SL, Level 1, damage based on attack power.
Power Up--8MP, OS, Level 1, attack power up.

Flash Arrow--8MP, EZ, Level 1, explosive arrow attack.
Flash Wind--10MP, AE, Level 1, blows enemies away.

Inferno--14MP, AE, Level 1, strong Fire damage.
Nitro Dagger--14MP, AE, Level 1, strong Ice damage.
Tornado--10MP, AE, Level 1, strong Wind damage.
Rock 'N' Roll--10MP, AE, Level 1, strong Earth damage.

B.  Items
Herb--restores about 50 HP; 40 Silver.
Healing Nut--restores about 300 HP; 200 Silver. 
Antidote--cures poison; 20 Silver.
Cleansing Water--cures paralysis; 60 Silver.
Holy Water--cures conditions; 100 Silver.
Angel's Tear--revives fainted characters with full HP; 600 Silver.
Star Light--restores about 30 MP; 1,000 Silver.
Silver Light--restores all MP; found in various places.
Dragonfly Wing--escapes most dungeons; 100 Silver.

C.  Special Items
Dragon Diamond--priceless dragon excrement; given by Quark.
Dragon Ring--hero's symbol (non-equippable); found in White Dragon Cave.
Sea Chart--ocean map; obtained from old hag by trading the Water Cane.
Alex's Ocarina--treasured item, plays music soundtrack.
White Dragon Wings--travel to any previous town (Range +10 when equipped on
                    Alex); given by Laike.
Soap--used to bathe in Althena's Springs; 1,000 Silver.
Application--form for entering the Magic Guild of Vane; given by Phacia.
Althena's Mirror--reflects true forms; Mia has it.
Old Notebook--contains password for Damon's Spire; given by thief in Meryod.
Thieves' Guide--needed to join thieves' guild; given by Damon.
Thieves' Crest--allows you to open locked red chests; given by master thief.
Balloon Blueprint--how to build an airship--Dummies(tm) edition; given by a
                   thief in the bazaar of Reza.
Fluffy Bug--magical bug; found in the Iluk Field.
Dragon Necklace--Pao tribe treasure; given by Tempest.
Balloon Engine--airship engine; bought in bazaar of Reza for 30,000 Silver,
                free if you have some connections...
Rememberizer--coolest item in any RPG--view any previous FMV sequences;
              given by Ramus after Alex becomes a Dragonmaster.
Bromides--pictures of the star female characters; see section G, below.

D.  Accessories:
Flame Ring--defense against Water and Wind, def. +1, att. +1; given by Noah.
Wrath Ring--def. +1, att. +10; 12,000 Silver.
Crystal Pendant--def. +2, wis. +10; 12,000 Silver.
Healing Ring--recover HP in battle, def. +1; found in Trial Cave, Iluk
              Field, and Grindery Quarters.
Chira's Tail--def. +2, agi. +10; found in Blue Dragon Shrine and Forest of
Fresh Ring--prevents conditions, def. +1; found on Lann Island.
Refresher Ring--prevents conditions, def. +1; found in Talon Mine.
Angel Ring--one-time auto-revive, def. +1; found in Crystal Tower, Red
            Dragon Cave, Blue Dragon Shrine, Black Dragon Fortress, and
Tri-Ring--prevents status change, def. +1; found in Ruid.
Ice Pendant--defense against Lightning and Fire, def. +2; found in Damon's
Barrier Ring--def. +15, mag. def. +15; found in Red Dragon Cave and Myght's
Hell Ring--halves MP consumption, def. +1; given by Damon before Grindery.
Fortune Ring--def. +1, luck +10; 12,000 Silver.
Shira's Tail--def. +2, range +8; found in Tamur Pass.
Gale Ring--def. +1, #attk. +1; given by Lily in Reza before Grindery.
Ghaleon's Tear--attack all enemies; def. +2; given by chief of Lann before
Protection Ring--def. +10; 12,000 Silver.
Devil Pendant--def. +2, mag. def. +10; 12,000 Silver.
Spirit Talisman--halves attacks, def. +2; found in Goddess Tower.

E. Weapons (A=Alex, R=Ramus, L=Luna, N=Nash, M=Mia, J=Jessica, K=Kyle
            *=special effect when used as an item, LD=long distance weapon)

ITEM NAME      Power   User      Price/location    Description
Dagger          +6    A,L,R,K     100 Silver        -Weak weapon
Short Sword     +11   A,L,R,K     200 Silver        -Adventurer's Sword
Long Sword      +16     A,K       360 Silver        -Size DOES matter
Broad Sword     +21     A,K       600 Silver        -Wider is better
Saber           +27      A      1,000 Silver        -Slick sword
Sliver Sword    +33     A,K     1,800 Silver        -Shiny stabber
Samurai Blade   +38     A,K     2,800 Silver        -Oriental blade
Ice Blade       +44      A      4,000 Silver        -Chilly cleaver
Flame Sword     +49      A      Red Dragon Cave     -Fiery blade
Bastard Sword   +50      K      Kyle has it         -Perfect for Kyle
Great Sword     +55     A,K     9,000 Silver        -Really good weapon
Wind Sword      +60      K     14,000 Silver        -Agi. +5
Crystal Sword   +61      A      Myght's Tower       -Crystalis gladius
Dark Sword      +65      K    Black Dragon Fortress -Def. +5
Master Sword    +68      A      given by Tempest    -Stolen from Link
Insane Sword    +70      K     25,000 Silver        -Crazy cutter
Althena's Sword +75      A      Dyne's Monument     -#attk. +1
Mace            +34      J      Jessica has it      -No, not the spray
Flail           +39      J      2,600 Silver        -Whip it good
Ice Mace*       +44      J      4,400 Silver        -*Shoots ice at enemy 
Water Mace*     +50      J      7,600 Silver        -*Shoots water at enemy
Judgment Mace   +56      J     12,400 Silver        -Hear ye, hear ye
Dark Mace       +62      J          Ruid            -Wicked power
Holy Mace       +68      J      Althena's Keep      -Acts like Healing Ring     
Sling           +4      all     given by Noah       -LD; Throws stones
Poison Darts    +8      all       180 Silver        -LD; Projectile shooter
Small Bow       +10    L,R,N      320 Silver        -LD; Inexpensive bow
Battle Bow      +20    L,R,N      640 Silver        -LD; Sturdy bow
Stone Bow       +50      N      4,600 Silver        -LD; Rock-solid bow
Holy Bow        +56      N      8,400 Silver        -LD; Heaven's power
Pixie's Bow     +60   Tempest    Tempest has it     -LD; Prairie bow
Dream Bow       +66      N    Black Dragon Fortress -LD; Sweet dreams
Starlight Bow   +72      N       Althena's Keep     -LD; Wishing on...
Fortune Cane    +16    L,N,M     given by Brett     -Luck +10
Water Cane*     +20      N       Nash has it        -*Shoots water at enemy
Fire Cane*      +28     N,M     1,400 Silver        -*Shoots fire at enemy
Dream Cane      +34      L      1,600 Silver        -REM rod
Ethereal Cane   +38     N,M     2,400 Silver        -Spiritual staff
Ice Cane*       +43     N,M     3,600 Silver        -*Shoots ice at enemy
Sage's Cane     +48     N,M     8,600 Silver        -Wis. +10
Wind Cane       +54      M       Tamur Pass         -Agi. +20
Dragon Cane     +60      M       Althena's Keep     -Wis. +60

F. Armor and other equipment (A=Alex, R=Ramus, L=Luna, N=Nash, M=Mia,
                              J=Jessica, K=Kyle)

ITEM NAME      Power   User      Price/location    Description 
Peasant Clothes +3      all  Alex and Luna equipped -Weak defense
Heavy Clothes   +5      all       140 Silver        -Warm clothes
Leather Clothes +7    A,L,R,K     220 Silver        -Tight-fitting clothes
Leather Armor   +9     A,R,K      260 Silver        -Strong hide
Robe            +11   L,N,M,J     400 Silver        -Magician protector
Iron Armor      +13    A,R,K      480 Silver        -Fortified armor
Cool Clothes    +14      J     Jessica has it       -Mag. def. +1
Magic Robe      +15   L,N,M,J   1,280 Silver        -Magically delicious
Chain Mail      +17     A,K     1,200 Silver        -Mag. def. +5
Purity Clothes  +18      J      1,400 Silver        -Mag. def. +2
Sorcerer's Robe +19     N,M     2,000 Silver        -Magic Guild's choice
Steel Armor     +21     A,K     2,400 Silver        -Stainless and shiny
Sage's Clothes  +22      J       Damon's Spire      -Mag. def. +3
Intelligent Robe +23    N,M     3,600 Silver        -Smart attire
Holy Armor      +25     A,K     4,800 Silver        -Heavenly protection
Radiance Clothes +26     J      5,600 Silver        -Mag. def. +4
Saint's Robe    +26      M      7,200 Silver        -Wizard protector
Carapace Armor  +27   Tempest    Tempest has it     -Prairie attire
Wisdom Robe     +27      N       Lyton Cave         -Knit with knowledge
Silver Armor    +29     A,K     9,600 Silver        -Mag. def. +10
Holy Robe       +29      M        Talon Mine        -Heavenly garment
Saint Clothes   +30      J        Grindery          -Mag. def. +6
Spirit Robe     +31      N     12,400 Silver        -Spiritual garment
Dark Armor      +33      K    Black Dragon Fortress -Evil protection
Aegis Robe      +33      M       Althena's Keep     -Athena's garment
Holy Clothes    +34      J       Althena's Keep     -Mag. def. +22
Sage's Robe     +36      N       Goddess Tower      -Wise man's robe
Insane Armor    +37      K       Althena's Keep     -Mag. def. +20
Dragon Armor    +40      A    Black Dragon Fortress -Dragonmaster's armor
Garbage Can Lid +2    A,L,R,K    Ramus has it       -a shield... sort of
Wooden Shield   +3     A,R,K      100 Silver        -Ex-tree stump
Iron Shield     +5     A,R,K      360 Silver        -Very heavy shield
Silver Shield   +7      A,K       900 Silver        -Stronger than gold
Steel Shield    +10     A,K     1,800 Silver        -Tempered shield
Holy Shield     +13     A,K     3,600 Silver        -Holy, not hole-y
Dark Shield     +16      K      Forest of Illusion  -Dusky defense
Insane Shield   +19      K        Grindery          -Protects like crazy
Dragon Shield   +20      A       Red Dragon Cave    -Dragonmaster's shield
Iron Armlet     +1     L,M,J       60 Silver        -Wrist guard
Iron Bracelet   +4   A,R,N,M,K    Nash has it       -Heavy gauntlet
Steel Armlet    +4     L,M,J      220 Silver        -Wrist reflector
Silver Bracelet +6     A,N,K      480 Silver        -Shiny protector
Silver Armlet   +7      M,J       660 Silver        -Sterling shielding
White Bracelet  +8       N      1,000 Silver        -White is alright
Crystal Armlet  +9      M,J     1,200 Silver        -Shimmering band
Crystal Bracelet +10     N        Iluk Field        -Shimmering bracelet
Rainbow Armlet  +11      J      2,400 Silver        -Somewhere over the...
Jewel Bracelet  +12      N     Blue Dragon Shrine   -Wis. +5
Dragon Armlet   +12      M      3,800 Silver        -Fearsome armlet
Star Bracelet   +14      N      Forest of Illusion  -Wis. +10
Hell Armlet     +14      J        Talon Mine        -Repels evil magic
Fire Armlet     +15      M           Ruid           -Hotter than the sun
Stone Bracelet  +16      N         Grindery         -Wis. +15
Detonator Armlet +17     J      11,400 Silver       -Detonator Gauntlet
Spook Armlet    +18      M       Goddess Tower      -Spooky protection
Wind Armlet     +19   Tempest    Tempest has it     -Prairie protection
Bandanna        +1      all       Nash has it       -Hair-holder
Scarf           +1     L,M,J      Luna has it       -Tasteful accessory
Hat             +2     A,R,K      Alex has it       -What's a Chinchilla?
Headband        +3     L,M,J       160 Silver       -Keeps forehead dry
Fruity Bandanna +4       N         240 Silver       -Fruit of the Loom
Iron Helmet     +5     A,R,K       260 Silver       -Skull shield
Jade Hairpin    +6      M,J        400 Silver       -Jeweled pin
Spirit Bandanna +7       N        Damon's Spire     -Wis. +5
Steel Helmet    +9      A,K      1,360 Silver       -Noggin knocker
Rainbow Tiara   +9       J       Red Dragon Cave    -Dorothy's crown
Lucky Bandanna  +10      N       2,800 Silver       -Luck +5
Spook Hairpin   +10      M        Iluk Field        -Wis. +2
Holy Helmet     +12     A,K      2,600 Silver       -Heavenly head-holder
Dragon Bandanna +12      N    Black Dragon Fortress -Dragon cloth
Ruby Tiara      +12      J     Blue Dragon Shrine   -Baby dragon's crown
Holy Hairpin    +13      M      Forest of Illusion  -Wis. +4
Dark Helmet     +15      K         Tamur Pass       -Black brain-bucket
Holy Bandanna   +15      N         Grindery         -Heavenly hair-holder
Fire Tiara      +16      J         Talon Mine       -Blazing crown
Phantom Ribbon  +17      M         Grindery         -Wis. +6
Insane Helmet   +18      K         Grindery         -Crazy cranium can
Dragon Helmet   +20      A     Blue Dragon Shrine   -Dragonmaster's helmet

G. Bromide Locations (*SPOILERS!* Finish the game first!)
Mia's Bromide 1--Nash has it; wisdom +1 on Nash.
Mia's Bromide 2--Get it from a boy in the Eastern classroom in Vane during
                 the evacuation BEFORE finding Nash; wisdom +1 on Nash.
Mia's Bromide 3--Ramus' shop at the very end of the game; 5,000 Silver;
                 wisdom +1 on Nash.
Mia's Bromide 4--Iluk's peeping-tom gives it to you AFTER Nash destroys the
                 airship, but BEFORE you go to the Frontier.
Luna's Bromide 1--Ramus' shop at the very end of the game; wisdom +1 on
Luna's Bromide 2--Find it on the shelves in Alex's house AFTER getting the
                  White Dragon Wings, but BEFORE going to Meribia with them;
                  wisdom +1 on Alex.
Jessica's Bromide 1--Jessica snatches it someone at the North part of
                     Althena's shrine AFTER Kyle joins, but BEFORE going
                     to the Frontier; wisdom +1 on Kyle.
Jessica's Bromide 2--Get it from the boatman at Lann's dock AFTER Nash
                     destroys the airship, but BEFORE you go to the
                     Frontier; wisdom +1 on Kyle.
Jessica's Bromide 3--Ramus' shop at the very end of the game; 5,000 Silver;
                     wisdom +1 on Kyle.
Jessica's Bromide 4--Found under Kyle's bed AFTER Kyle scares off Xenobia,
                     but BEFORE you talk to him to let him join you;
                     wisdom +1 on Kyle.
Phacia's Bromide--Get it from someone at the North part of Althena's shrine
                  AFTER you learn Phacia's true identity, but BEFORE
                  returning to Meribia.
Royce's Bromide--Get it from a man on Black Rose street AFTER Master Mel
                 becomes stone, but BEFORE you travel to Vane.
Xenobia's Bromide--Get it from the purple miner in the Talon Mine AFTER the
                   Grindery rolls away, but BEFORE you leave.

VII.  Walkthrough
This walkthrough was originally written as I played through the game for the 
first time. It was later updated using the official strategy guide.  This 
walkthrough may not cover every detail, but it should be fairly complete.  Notes 
about dungeons: Monsters ONLY appear in dungeon areas (which means you can walk 
around the overworld map without worry of being attacked!).  You'll know you've 
entered a dungeon when Alex is displayed alone; the other party members will not 
appear in the walkabout mode.  There are no random battles in this game; all the 
enemies are visible, and it is possible to avoid some of them.  As long as you 
don't leave an area of a dungeon, all the monsters you kill will stay gone.  If 
you go to another section of the dungeon and return, some of the monsters will 
come back.  Also note that saving your game also saves the status of the 
monsters in the area.  If you kill half the monsters in the room, then save and 
quit, when you load your game the monsters you killed will still be gone.  Refer 
to your manual for a mini-strategy guide of the first island in the game.  
BOSSES: In this game, enemy boss monsters gain strength as Alex gains a level.  
This means that the bosses will be about the same difficulty whatever level Alex 
is, but I still believe that gaining levels helps a little overall.  Reportedly, 
once Alex goes above level 50, the bosses' growth slows to a crawl, so that will 
make you more powerful than them.  When I give HP listings for the bosses, it's 
like this: "80 times Alex's Level"  This means that if Alex is at level 11, the 
boss will have 880 HP, but if Alex is level 10, it will be only 800 HP.  

The Dragon Diamond:
	You start the game hearing (literally!) about Alex's dream to become a  
Dragonmaster like his hero, Dyne.  Nall comes and reminds Alex that he has to 
practice his song with Luna for the goddess festival.  Now's a good time to 
check out Alex's status and such.  Notice that Alex has a special item: his 
ocarina (Working Designs probably used this name rather than simply "flute" 
because of the name of the latest Zelda game).  USE the ocarina and you'll 
access a music test!  **WARNING! The music test contains a spoiler!!  About 
halfway down the list, one of the song names is a serious plot spoiler.  If you 
haven't played a previous version of Lunar: The Silver Star, DON'T look too far 
down on the list.  Listen to the first few songs on the list, but stop there 
until you've finished the game.  You have been warned.  Upon leaving the 
monument area, they bump into Ramus, who asks Alex to join him on an adventure.  
Now you should talk to the people of Burg, and then head to the spring in the 
Northeast part of town to meet Luna.  Upon entering the spring area, you'll 
overhear Luna singing a lovely melody.  After she notices Alex, Nall spills the 
beans about Ramus' plan to go on an adventure.  Since Luna is worried about you, 
she decides to come along.  Luna joins the party.  Head back to your house 
(Northern part of town) and talk to your parents.  Your father will give you a 
Dagger, Sling, and a Flame Ring for your journey.  Be sure to equip Alex with 
the Dagger and Ring, and Luna with the Sling.  Now that you have permission, go 
to the basement and open the chests to receive an Herb, a Dragonfly Wing, a Star 
Light, and an Angel's Tear.  Now go to town entrance to the West side of town 
and talk to Ramus.  Ramus joins the party.  Distribute your items amongst your 
characters, and set up the tactics you want to use so you'll be ready for 
battle.  The enemies in the first cave won't poison or paralyze you, so you 
won't need status healing items just yet, but you may want a to purchase a few 
herbs from the item shop.  When you're ready, head North from Burg and then 
East.  Head South from here to reach the White Dragon's Cave.  Be sure to save 
your game before you enter.  Note: If you try to enter the woods West of Burg at 
this point, you'll be forced to leave due to the thick fog.  

--The White Dragon's Cave: Treasure found here: Herb (x4), Star Light, 250 
Silver, Dragon Ring, Dragon Diamond.
Upon entering this cave, make your way South; the path is fairly 
straightforward.  When you come to an area with lots of ice blocks and two 
Albino Baboon enemies, notice that if you direct the baboons so that they run 
into the blocks, the blocks are destroyed.  Have a baboon destroy the ice 
blocking the path to the North--this will give you a shortcut back to the cave 
entrance.  Keep heading South until you see a doorway with 4 ice blocks arranged 
at the entrance.  Enter the chamber and meet the White Dragon--Quark.  A very 
fearful Ramus will then proceed to ask Quark for the Diamond.  After Ramus 
finishes stuttering out his request, Quark agrees to give you the Dragon 
Diamond... for a price.  "That's right folks!  I'll sell you this beautiful 
Dragon Diamond, a rare import from the world of Lunar for just 10 bars of gold-
pressed latinum!  You won't find a better deal in the entire Alpha quadrant!  
...Just don't tell Odo I sold it to you, OK?"  (Sorry, I just couldn't resist 
one Star Trek joke :P)  Seriously, though, Quark will give you the Diamond... IF 
you can find the Dragon Ring.  Quark will heal you, and then send you on your 
way.  After exiting Quark's chamber, head West and then enter the doorway to the 
North.  There are a bunch of ice blocks in the way here; have the baboon smash 
them. (If you kill the baboon, just exit the room and reenter).  Now enter the 
doorway on the other side of the blocks.  You are now in the final room of the 
cave.  There are two chests here, both blocked by ice.  The chest in the 
Southeast part of the room contains 250 silver, while the chest to the West 
contains the coveted Dragon Ring.  Lure the baboon around to smash the ice to 
get the ring (it's harder than in previous rooms, just keep trying).  Show the 
ring to Quark to receive the Diamond.  Quark will tell you that to become a 
Dragonmaster, Alex must travel to the Red, Blue, and Black Dragon caves and earn 
their trust as well. But, you should head back to burg first and say goodbye to 
your family.  Now exit the cave.

Leaving the Island:
	Return to Burg and visit the goddess statue to get healed, and then go to 
the item shop.  Ramus will try to sell the diamond, but the shopkeeper can't 
afford it!  He tells you that you'll have to go to Meribia, across the sea, to 
sell it.  Now, head home.  As you cross the bridge, Ramus will ask to speak to 
Alex alone, so Luna goes on ahead.  Ramus gets the brilliant idea to go to 
Meribia without telling Luna...  NOT a good idea...  Well, exit town and enter 
the Weird Woods.  After you enter the forest a little ways, Ramus chickens out 
and you're forced to leave the woods.  Go back home and talk to Luna.  Talk to 
your parents next, and they'll tell you to talk to Luna about Meribia.  Luna 
won't speak to you, so leave the house and reenter.  Talk to her again, and 
she'll agree to go with you to Meribia.  Talk to your mother now and get a 
whopping 1,000 Silver for your trip!  (This is the only time you can get the 
money from mom; talk to her AFTER Luna agrees to go to Meribia, but BEFORE you 
talk to dad.)  Talk to your father and then you'll go to bed.  During the night, 
Luna has a strange dream and she wakes up.  Alex has gone to Dyne's memorial to 
think.  She follows him and they have a chat about going off to have a fun 
adventure.  The next morning, say goodbye to your parents, and then meet Ramus 
at the town entrance.  Make sure you buy a poison dart for Luna (it's better for 
her than the sword, since she can attack from afar with it) and buy the best 
equipment for everyone else.  Pick up some herbs and antidotes, since most of 
the enemies in the next area will poison you.  Now enter the Weird Woods...

--The Weird Woods: Treasure found here: Antidote (x6), Herb (x4), Wrath Ring 
(locked chest).
As you enter the forest, Luna will sing and the fog will vanish!  Amazing!  But 
how did she do that?  Hmm... Oh well, don't worry about it and go on for now.  
The passages are narrow here and it's harder to dodge the enemies, so be 
careful, and stay healed.  Navigate the forest until you come to a large 
clearing.  If you head Northeast from the clearing into a smaller alcove, there 
is a locked treasure chest hidden in the trees just to the West of a blue rock.  
Any red treasure chest you find in the game will be locked like this; you can't 
open them now--you'll have to wait until much later (this chest contains the 
Wrath Ring listed above).  Proceed West from the clearing and you'll be 
surrounded by Goblins.  When it looks hopeless, a strange man will come and ask 
if you want his help.  Say yes, and he'll fight with you.  His name is Laike and 
he is at level 99 and can attack 3 times!  You'll make short work of these 
enemies with Laike's help.  (Note that you CAN try to fight the enemies 
yourselves, but you'll have to fight 3 groups of them!  Laike offers to help you 
before each round.  Even if you defeat all 3 yourself, you don't get 
anything...)  Afterwards, Laike will make a fire and some food as you introduce 
yourselves.  He seems to know something about Luna... this is one very strange 
guy...  In the morning, Laike will have vanished (of course), so go ahead and 
exit the forest to the West of the clearing.  

Now head South to the village of Saith.  Enter the village and head to the port-
-the building at the South of town.  The captain of the "Hispaniola" lost his 
Sea Chart to a card shark named Brett.  Go to the bar and talk to Brett in the 
upper-right corner.  He'll convince you to play a game of "flip the coin" with 
him.  No matter what you choose, he wins--twice.  Then Ramus gets suspicious... 
It seems Brett is cheating!  Ramus bets the Diamond and catches Brett using a 
double-sided coin.  Brett reluctantly returns your money, and tells you that he 
traded the Sea Chart to an old hag for an Fortune Cane.  He gives you the cane.  
Buy equipment at the weapons shop for all your characters, and be sure to pick 
up an extra Small Bow; you'll need it soon.  You'll also hear rumors about a 
magician who is visiting Saith.  The hag lives in a forest to the Northwest.

--Old Hag's Forest: Treasure found here: Herb (x3), Star Light, 400 Silver.
There are several trap chests in the forest; avoid opening chests that are out 
in the open--they are nothing but traps that cause monsters to come running.  If 
you're looking for EXP, go ahead and open them and fight the monsters.  The 
chests to the sides, ones that are next to the trees, are safe to open; they 
contain items.  This is a fairly simple area to get through--just head North to 
the exit.

After exiting the monster-infested area, you'll come upon a place with several 
very obvious traps.  Naturally, some idiot has gotten himself trapped.  Rescue 
him, and he will dramatically introduce himself.  This is no ordinary idiot: 
this is Nash, the apprentice magician to Sage Ghaleon of the Magic Guild of 
Vane!  Nash joins the party; check out his spells, they're pretty powerful!  
Also notice that Nash has a special item: Mia's bromide 1.  Mia is Nash's 
girlfriend, and the bromide is a picture of her.  USE the bromide to view the 
picture.  This is the first of the secret bromides in the game.  Head North to 
the Hag's house.  Go up to the 2nd floor and talk to the old woman; since Nall 
isn't willing to be dinner, the hag offers to trade the Sea Chart for Nash's 
Water Cane.  Nash likes his cane (a gift from Ghaleon), but he reluctantly gives 
it up after Luna convinces him.  Talk to the hag again twice, and she'll take 
back her Fortune Cane; in return you get...  to live!  So leave... quickly!  
(Note that giving the hag the Fortune Cane now will net you a free Ice Mace when 
you return later in the game.)  Now you'd better equip Nash with that extra 
Small Bow you brought, since he has no weapon (you DID remember to bring one, 
right?).  REMDINDER FOR DEMO USERS:  If you're using the demo version, does Alex 
have the ocarina in his inventory?  If Nall has it, give it back to Alex now!  
Failure to do so will result in not being able to finish the full game!  Go back 
to Saith.  Everyone's in an uproar; it seems that a monster is attacking the 
"Hispaniola" for it's cargo of fish.  Naturally, Nall volunteers the party to 
save that precious cargo.  Head to the ship and prepare for the first boss 

Saline Slimer (AKA: the Big Blue Booger)
HP: 80 times Alex's Level
Weakness: Alex's special Sword Magic.

This guy's not too tough, but there are two problems: he can trap your party 
members in mucus, making them useless until the mucus goes away (after a few 
rounds); he also regenerates a good bit of HP each round (about 80-100).  This 
means you should do as much damage as possible to him each round.  On the first 
round, have Alex cast Vigor if he knows it (level 12), have Luna cast Cascade 
Song on Ramus or Alex, and have Ramus and Nash defend (they can't do enough 
damage to counter the regeneration, so save Nash's MP for now).  On subsequent 
rounds, have Alex use Sword Dance for a lot of damage (Sword Dance is stronger 
than Explosion Staff against the Saline Slimer and it uses less MP), or have him 
attack when his MP runs low.  Have Luna heal as necessary, but attack when 
everyone is healthy.  Have Ramus only attack.  Have Nash cast his Thunder Bomb 
spell on the creature; it's not nearly as effective as Alex's Sword Magic, but 
it's still pretty good.  Keep this up and the monster will eventually fall. 
After defeating the Saline Slimer, the captain says he'll let you ride to 
Meribia for free as soon as his crew cleans up the ship.  As you leave for the 
night, Luna looks depressed; Alex stays behind to check on her.  Luna says that 
she won't be going to Meribia--she needs to stay behind and look after Alex's 
parents.  The next morning Luna shows up to see you off, and the boat starts to 
pull away from the dock.  At the last minute Alex says: "Luna, you have to come 
with us!"  He convinces her and pulls her aboard at the last second.  So now the 
party heads for Meribia.  If you're playing the demo version, the game ends 
here.  Watch the "ending" animation, which shows scenes from the complete game.  
If you're playing the full game, you'll be able to explore the Hispaniola at 
this time.  Once on the Hispaniola, talk to all the passengers and crew, and be 
sure to check out the shop.  This is the only place you can buy soap.  Buy at 
least 2, but if you've got the cash, buy 4 to be safe.  Now head to the rear of 
deck 2 and talk to Luna twice to go to sleep.  You'll wake up in the night, and 
Luna will be missing.  Talk to the people who are awake, and they will tell you 
that Luna has gone above deck.  Go up the stairs to see Luna's boat song.  
Afterwards, you'll wake up the next morning about to arrive at Meribia.  Talk to 
the people once more, and then go up to the Bow of the ship and you will arrive 
at Meribia.

	Upon arriving in Meribia, Nash will leave your party for now.  Ramus will 
run off to find a store to sell the Dragon Diamond.  Take this time to explore 
the town fully, it's really BIG!  Head over to the West side of town and enter 
Black Rose Street.  It's a hangout for magicians from Vane.  You'll find Nash in 
the house at the end of the street, along with a mysterious fortune teller--
Royce.  Next, head to the Northeast side of town and enter Master Mel's mansion.  
Talk to him and he will challenge you to a fight.  You CAN beat him, but it's 
nearly impossible, and then only thing you get is respect; just him win.  He 
will respect your potential and wish you well on your journey.  Now head to 
Dross' jewelry shop near the entrance to Black Rose Street.  Ramus is 
negotiating with Dross for the sale of the diamond, and Dross' final offer is 
20,000 Silver.  Accept it, and Dross will take the diamond to his "safe" in the 
back to get your money.  But not surprisingly, he never comes back...  Go in 
after him to enter the Meribian Sewers.

--Meribian Sewers: Treasure found here: Star Light (x4), 250 Silver (x2), Herb 
(x2), Antidote (x2), Fortune Ring, Silver Light (locked chest).
In the sewers, keep heading South and push the buttons that lower the bridges to 
continue.  Use Alex's Explosion Staff on the monsters here; it works very well.  
When you get to the place where the fish are jumping across the passageways, 
take the 2nd passageway from the left to reach a button.  Push it and go across 
the bridge and push another button.  Go back to the 3rd passageway from the 
right to reach the bridge you lowered.  Continue along the path past this last 
bridge and you'll find some stairs leading to Dross.  Dross will sic his mutant 
pet on you, so get ready for a fight!  

Water Dragon (AKA: Swamp Thing)
HP: 70 times Alex's level  
Weakness: Alex's special Sword Magic

This guy can be tough.  He can breathe fire on one person, and use a poisoning 
attack.  Make sure that both Luna and Ramus have long-range bows.  Most 
importantly, make sure that each member of the party has at least one Star Light 
and Healing Nut available for use--you'll need them; antidotes are useful too.  
Have Alex use Sword Dance, Luna heal, and Ramus attack.  Have an appropriate 
person use any necessary items.  Alex is useless without MP, since he probably 
won't be able to reach the dragon with just his sword.  After defeating the 
dragon, Dross will give you 500 Silver for the diamond.  Obviously, this won't 
do, so Ramus convinces Dross to give him the shop, AND Ramus gets to keep the 
diamond.  Alex and Luna get the 500 Silver.  Now, make your way out of the 
sewers and de-equip Ramus before you leave if you wish.

Back in Ramus' new shop, Ramus will leave the party and Nash will re-join.  
Equip Nash with the best equipment, and make your way towards Vane!  But, before 
you go, you might want to check out the REST of the Meribian sewers... yep, 
there's more.  This is optional, but you'll get a cool item.  Go into Master 
Mel's mansion and go up to the 2nd floor where the training room is.  Go South 
and now you'll be allowed to enter the secret passage to the sewers.  Make your 
way down, and fight the enemies for EXP and Silver (it should be a piece of cake 
with Nash in your party to help you).  At the bottom you'll find a Star Light, a 
Fortune Ring, and a locked chest.  You'll have to come back later for this chest 
(a Silver Light).  Equip the Fortune Ring (which increases defense and luck) on 
Luna and leave.

	Once you leave Meribia, do as Nash says and follow the road to the 
Transmission Spring.  The man there will tell you that you need an application 
to the Magic Guild to use the spring.  Go West to Althena's Shrine and meet with 
Phacia.  Phacia will happily give you an application.  Go back to the spring and 
present the application and you will be granted use of the spring.  The spring 
will take you to the Cave of Trial where you must prove yourself.  Nash will 
leave you at this point, leaving you and Luna to brave the cave yourselves.

--Cave of Trial: Treasure found here: 250 Silver (x4), Soap (locked chest), 
Healing Ring.
In this cave, you won't be able to use any items, but that shouldn't be a 
problem.  The guy at the entrance will heal you if necessary.  The enemies 
aren't too tough if you're around level 16 or so.  Just attack them, using 
attack magic only when necessary.  The Ice Mongrel enemies tend to run away a 
lot, but if you can manage a critical hit to one of them, these puppies (pun 
intended) are good for a lot of EXP (about 100) and silver (about 1,000).  Be 
sure to talk to all the pathetic losers who are stuck in the cave; they're good 
for a laugh or two.  There are two priests who will heal you ONCE each if you 
need it.  At the end of the cave you'll find the boss monster.

Truffle Troubler (AKA: the Big Bad Toadstool)
HP: 90 times Alex's level
Weakness: Alex's Special Sword Magic (again!)

This guy wouldn't be so bad if only you could use items...  Most importantly 
make sure Alex has FULL MP before you fight the battle, and be sure you saved 
beforehand!  This guy has attacks that can hurt one or both of you, and he can 
even paralyze one of you!  Have Alex use Vigor the first round, and Luna should 
cast Cascade Song on him.  Then have Alex use Sword Dance to do a lot of damage 
until you run out of MP...  Then you'll just have to attack until he dies... or 
you do.  Keep Luna healing all the time.  This battle make take a few tries (it 
took me 2 tries), it's mostly luck that will get you through it; it depends on 
how often he hurts you both at once...  Good Luck!  After beating him, be sure 
to pick up the Healing Ring before going up the stairs; this useful item 
regenerates a person's HP a little after every battle round.  Choose Alex or 
Luna to equip it on (I chose Alex) and then go up the stairs and talk to the man 
at the exit, and then you can enter Vane!

In Vane, talk to everyone, and then head for the Magic Guild--the large building 
in the center of town.  Nash will greet you at the entrance to the guild, and he 
will take Luna to a room so she can rest.  Explore the Guild and go up the West 
stairs to meet Mia, the daughter of Lemia Ausa.  After Nash rushes in, go with 
him to meet Ghaleon on the other side of the building.  Ghaleon will ask you to 
check out a rumor about a new Dragonmaster in Lann, the fishing village.  Head 
West from the Transmission Spring to the Nanza Pass.

--Nanza Pass (East): Treasure found here: Herb (x2), 50 Silver (x2).
Be very careful opening treasure chests here!  Two of the treasure chests 
containing a fog which will cause you to  enter a battle... with everyone in the 
party being confused!  The first chest you reach (the Northernmost one) is 
trapped, as well as one in the far Southern area of the Nanza Pass.  To get 
through this area, keep heading South and West when possible and you'll reach 
the exit.

After exiting the pass, you'll arrive at the Nanza Barrier.  Explore the town, 
then head to the West gate.  The guard will only open the door with Kyle's 
permission...  But there's one problem, Kyle is REALLY drunk at the moment...  
Go up to the North part of the tower platform and talk to the man there.  He'll 
tell you that Kyle went to the East tower.  Go to the top of the East tower and 
the girl will tell you that Kyle is in the Cafeteria in the basement.  In the 
cafeteria, you'll learn that Kyle has gone back to his room; go there and the 
man will tell you they locked him in jail to sober up.  Approach his jail cell 
to witness a truly hilarious animation of Kyle attempting to speak in his 
present condition...  The guard will stop you from waking him completely, and 
the guard tells you to leave through the West gate.  Go back to the gate and the 
guard lets you through.  

--Nanza Pass (West): Treasure found here: Star Light.
Yep, there's more to the Nanza Pass...  and another one of those wonderful trap 
chests...  it's the first chest you come to.  The second chest is safe, and 
worth opening, since it contains a Star Light.  There aren't many enemies here, 
just talk to all the people along the way and head West to exit.

After exiting the pass, head Northwest to the village of Lann.  Here, you'll 
find out that the so called "Dragonmaster" has been terrorizing the poor 
villagers.  Head to the chief's house, just North of the dock.  Inside you'll 
find Master Mell's daughter, Jessica, trying to convince the people to take 
action.  When she hears of your intent, she gladly joins your party to help with 
the Dragonmaster problem.  Head down to the dock and talk to the owner of the 
small boat.  Jessica will quickly convince him to let you use his boat.  You 
will now be taken directly to the island where the Dragonmaster lives.

--Lann Island: Treasure found here: 300 Silver (x3), 500 Silver, Fresh Ring.
Be careful not to step in the blue stuff, it will hurt you if you walk through 
it.  Also, some of the chests are rigged with a gas that will disorient you when 
you walk.  You will begin walking in different directions when you move.  Just 
move around in a small area to "walk it off" and the problem will go away.  Make 
your way through this swamp towards the Northwest corner of the island.  Here 
you will find the Dragonmaster; just East of here is a chest containing the 
Fresh Ring, which protects from all status ailments, make sure to pick it up!  
Now go meet Dragonmaster Zoc, the  pathetic fraud.  After amazing you with his 
knowledge of the non-existent "Mauve" and "Teal" dragons, he will summon a huge 
horny toad to fight you with...

Dragonmaster Zoc (AKA: LOSER!)
HP: 130 times Alex's level
Weakness: Alex's Special Sword Magic

This is an easy battle; have Alex use Vigor/Sword Dance, Luna Cascade 
Song/Healing, Jessica Attack/Healing, and Nash constantly use Thunder Bomb.  
Mostly, Zoc's attacks are pathetic (especially his fire spell), but the "press" 
attack can harm more than one person about 50-60 damage each.  This is easily 
recovered from, since you have TWO healers in the party now, but just hope he 
doesn't use press too often (he only used it once with me).  You may want to use 
a Star Light if Alex runs out of MP.  After beating him, Zoc will repent his 
ways and go home.  Exit the island (Jessica's Escape Litany is very useful) and 
return to Lann.

When you arrive, Phacia from Althena's Shrine approaches, saying she wanted to 
investigate the Dragonmaster rumor too.  When you tell her that you already 
dealt with him, she leaves.  Oddly, Jessica doesn't know anything about Phacia!  
Either Jessica has never actually been to the shrine at all (she's SUPPOSED to 
be studying there, not yelling at her boyfriend and rescuing small villages from 
fake Dragonmasters!) or Phacia isn't who she appears to be...  Jessica leaves at 
this point, so make sure you get any important items and rings you might have 
given her; you'll probably need them before you meet up with Jessica again.  
After your done, head back to Vane.  Go into the Guild Hall and meet with Lemia 
Ausa, the head of the Guild.  She will accuse you of being evil, and throw you 
into prison.  Luna will be taken somewhere, and Nall slowly flies away.  In the 
cell, just walk around a bit until Mia and Nall come to rescue you.  On your way 
out, you will pick up the mysterious woman from one of the cells.  Now you must 
go into the Crystal Tower to find Luna.  Upon reaching the door, Nash will join 

--Crystal Tower: Treasure found here: 500 Silver, 750 Silver, Star Light, 250 
Silver, Angel Ring.
When you step into the tower, you will be blocked, and Mia will inform you that 
no one but a Dragonmaster can use weapons inside.  De-equip everyone's weapons 
(NOT their armor!) and you can proceed.  Alex is going to have trouble fighting 
with no sword...  Fortunately, Mia has lots of MP and knows really good spells, 
so she will be a great help here.  Unfortunately, no one has healing magic, so 
be careful...  Remember that Alex can still do some damage with his hands, and 
can still attack twice.  BUT, there's a trick you can exploit!  Use a Dragonfly 
Wing when prompted to remove your weapons, and you'll bypass the security 
system, and get to keep using your weapons!  Make your way to the top, and be 
sure to pick up the Angel Ring, it's a lifesaver.  When you near the top, you'll 
hear someone singing... it's Luna!  This is your cue that you're about to enter 
the room of the stars, prepare yourself before ascending the staircase!  When 
you enter the room of stars, Luna is singing, and Ghaleon, Lemia, Royce, and 
Phacia are all here.  They wonder is Luna is "the one" and then they notice you.  
Mia holds up the Mirror of Althena, which shows true forms, but...  Lemia is 
unaffected.  The power of Althena's Mirror awakens the memories of your masked 
companion, who removes her mask and reveals that SHE is Lemia Ausa!  The fake 
Lemia then reveals her true identity--Xenobia of the Vile Tribe!  Royce and 
Phacia are also of the Vile Tribe.  Ghaleon grabs Luna and pulls her to safety.  
The three women then vanish, leaving you to fight their pets.

4 Ultragoyles (AKA: Red Hellions)
HP: 189 (each)
Weakness: Ice

Luna will join you for this battle (minus her weapon of course).  Put her to 
good use healing.  Have Nash cast Thunder Bomb, Alex use whatever spells he has, 
and Mia use Blizzard.  These are more like normal enemies than bosses; they 
should be easy unless you didn't heal beforehand.

After the battle, you will return to the Guild Hall, and Ghaleon will thank you.  
He will reveal that he intends to visit all the dragons to find out what to do 
next.  He will ask you to lead him to Quark, so that he can meet with him.  Nash 
and Mia must stay behind to take care of business at the Guild.  

Return to Burg:
	Before heading to Meribia, go to Althena's Shrine and talk to the 
assistant for Phacia's bromide.  Now go back to Meribia and enter Mel's Mansion.  
Enter the conference room to meet Jessica, Mel, and Ghaleon.  You will be asked 
to stay the night, and Jessica will escort you to her room.  That night, Luna 
will have her strange dream again.  Head to the docks in the East of Meribia and 
talk to Ghaleon to board the ship.  You will quickly arrive in Saith.  Ghaleon 
is now in your party!  Notice that he, like Laike, is at level 99 and he also 
knows 4 really cool spells.  You can't touch any of his equipment, nor can you 
give him any items.  Go to the old hag's house and she'll give you an Ice Mace, 
which you should save for Jessica to use later.  The hag will ONLY give you this 
mace if you gave her the Fortune Cane way back at the beginning.  Go back to 
Burg and visit the spring for a small cutscene.  Explore the rest of Burg and 
then go to Quark's cave.  When you get to the entrance to Quark's chamber, it 
would be a good idea to save.
***MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!  (watch this scene in the game before reading this 
section!!) Once you step inside the chamber, you will approach Quark.  After the 
initial small talk, Ghaleon will ask Quark an important question.  "Is Luna 'the 
one'?"  After Ghaleon insists, Quark says yes, it IS Luna.  It isn't revealed to 
you at this time exactly what this means, but Ghaleon knows.  At this time 
Ghaleon undergoes a magical transformation...   Ghaleon is, in fact, the evil 
Magic Emperor!  With a powerful spell, Ghaleon reduces the mighty Quark to a 
speck of sand.  Ghaleon then stands on Quark's perch and whisks Luna away.  Alex 
falls unconscious and then wakes up in his own bed.  Noah (Alex's father) tells 
you that Laike rescued you.  Go to Dyne's monument and talk with Laike.  He will 
give you the White Dragon Wings--the first dragon treasure.  END OF SPOILER***
At this point, after you get the wings, go to the basement of Alex's house and 
search the shelves to find Luna's bromide 2.  You should explore Burg and then 
use the Dragon Wings.  For those familiar with Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 (and some 
other games), you'll like this item.  Just like Dragon Warrior's "Return" spell, 
the wings will take you instantly to any town you have visited... AND it can be 
used indefinitely.  Now you should return to every town on the list and talk to 

Recruiting your party:
	Your first stop is Meribia.  When you arrive, the streets are deserted!  
You'll see Jessica fighting some monsters; help her!  The monsters are 
pushovers, use Alex's strongest skills to wipe them out.  Jessica is sure her 
father is in trouble, so head over towards Mell's mansion at once!  Fortunately, 
the statue of Althena works, so you can heal yourself as you please as you fight 
the monsters roaming the town.  Since the monsters have erected barricades in 
town, you'll have to take the long route to reach Mel's mansion.  Some of the 
enemies dash, and they can break the barricades just like the Albino Baboons in 
Quark's cave.  Once inside the mansion, head for the gym and you'll see Mel 
confronting Xenobia and her minions of monsters. When Alex and Jessica arrive, 
Xenobia casts a spell at all of you, and Mel jumps in front of his daughter, 
taking the full blast himself.  The spell turns him completely to stone, and 
Xenobia vanishes.  Jessica vows to save her father, whatever it takes.  You now 
have Jessica as a more permanent ally!  Now go to Black Rose Street and talk to 
Royce's "fan" to get Royce's bromide.  Next, you should head to Vane to check on 
Mia, Nash, Lemia, and the Guild.  Upon reaching Vane, you'll witness Nash and 
Mia fighting a huge monster, but they can't defeat it by themselves...  Alex and 
Jessica to the rescue!  

Vile Crustacean (AKA: Crab Delight)
HP: 120 times Alex's level
Weakness: Alex's Special Sword Magic

No wonder Nash and Mia were having trouble!  This crab is very resistant to 
their magic.  When his eye is closed, he will be preparing to use an attack that 
does about 60 damage to multiple people.  Alex should use Vigor the first round, 
and Sword Dance EVERY time after that.  This attack will be by far your greatest 
offense.  Jessica should attack or heal, Nash can only cast his Thunder spells, 
which don't help much...  have him use a Star Light on Alex when necessary.  Mia 
should begin by casting Ice Shell on each person to strengthen defense, then 
have her use any attack magic to help a little bit.  After defeating the Vile 
Crustacean, you will immediately proceed to Lemia's audience chamber.  Talk to 
Mia and Nash, and they will decide that something must be done, and they both 
join your party!  Now talk to Lemia and she will reveal the last known location 
of the Red Dragon--a volcano in Marius zone.  Your next stop should be the Nanza 
Barrier.  Upon arriving here, you'll see Xenobia and her monsters terrorizing a 
strange-looking woman.  After your party comes to the rescue, Xenobia orders her 
monsters to seize the woman, who strangely enough manages to push them away with 
ease.  The woman finally that she (or rather he) is in fact Kyle, the boss of 
the Nanza Brigands.  The monsters attack Kyle, and a battle begins.  These guys 
are a breeze, just experiment with Kyle's skills and you'll beat them with no 
problem.  Afterwards, BEFORE talking to Kyle, go search under his bed for 
Jessica's bromide 4.  Jessica and the others then convince Kyle to go with them 
to stop the Magic Emperor and the Vile Tribe, and to save Mel and Luna.  At this 
point, warp to Althena's Shrine and talk to Jessica's crazy "sister" twice to 
get Jessica's bromide 1.  Return to Nanza and exit to the South to enter yet 
another area of Nanza Pass. 

--Nanza Pass (South): Treasure found here: Angel's Tear, Silver Light (locked 
This is easily the most simple dungeon are in the game.  The enemies (all 3 of 
them) are wusses from the other Nanza Pass areas, and none of the darn trapped 
chests, either!  Just head South and talk to the people along the way.  Head 
East from the sign to find the treasure.

Dragon Quest:
	After exiting the Nanza Pass, you'll enter Marius Zone.  The first town 
you'll come to is Reza.  Enter the town of thieves with caution.  After you get 
to the center of town, a man will bump into Nall and steal the White Dragon 
Wings!!  Great...  Go to the Thieves Guild and talk to the man behind the bar.  
He tells Kyle that if he can join the guild, you can get the wings back.  You'll 
need to go to Meryod to the Northeast to meet a man about the test.  Laike is 
also at the bar; be sure to speak with him.  Head South and explore Iluk, the 
town of crazy inventors.  There's not much happening here at the moment, so head 
East.  You'll see a small shrine by a spring.  This is Althena's Spring.  Alex, 
Nash, and Kyle can bathe here if you have some soap.  Bathe twice to see 2 
different animation sequences.  (It's about time you had a bath after crawling 
through those sewers in Meribia waaayyyy back in the first part of the game!)  
North of here, you'll enter Meryod Woods.

--Meryod Woods: Treasure found here: 1,000 Silver (x2), Fortune Ring (locked 
The enemies here are all resistant to magic, but very susceptible to Alex and 
Kyle's Sword Skills.  They also yield high EXP, so this is a great place to 
level up, since you can heal at Althena's Spring just South of here.  Just head 
North to exit to the road to Meryod.

Welcum tuh Meryod!  Yep, this IS Hicksville, in the extreme...  Talk to all the 
uh...  "people" here and you won't learn too much...  Anyway, try to cross the 
bridge East of the entrance, and it will break from age.  Fortunately, you 
managed to get out of the water all right.  Find your companions; they're all 
easy to find.  You'll have to save Mia from one of the locals...  (Jessica was 
able to fend off her assailant).  After you have Nash, Jessica, and Mia, go to 
the bar to find Kyle at the bar. He's found the Guild guy, and got him drunk...  
He says that Damon's Spire has a rare treasure, and if you can get it, you'll be 
in the Guild.  He gives you a book that contains a password needed to enter.  
Talk to the, uh... "singer" in the bar if you want.  OK, she was awful; you'd 
better leave this place before too long.  Head back through the woods and at the 
end you'll find--Mel??  The stone Mel pleads to his daughter, and then everyone 
but her turns to stone...  Jessica Unsuccessfully tries to Heal them, but then 
Kyle manages to break free.  He realizes that "Mel" is a fake...

Plaster Mel (AKA: Stoneface)
HP: 50 times Alex's level
Weakness: Kyle's Sword Skills

Just use your best sword skills on this guy, and use a Healing Nut if necessary; 
piece of cake.  After you beat the impostor, you'll find out it was just one of 
Royce's plots.  Now, exit the forest and head for Damon's Spire, South of the 

--Damon's Spire: Treasure found here: Star Light (x4), Sage's Clothes, Spirit 
Bandanna, Ice Pendant.
Damon will appear when you enter and ask you for knowledge.  Mia will read from 
the notebook and you will be allowed to enter.  The tower has 6 floors.  Most of 
the monsters here are IMMUNE to physical attacks, as well as items that produce 
magical effects (like the Ice Mace).  Let Mia and Nash cast their "enemy zone" 
spells to take them out quickly.  The "Rufus" monsters are immune to attacks AND 
magic...  Only Alex and Kyle's skills are effective.  The "Kill Rollers" on the 
other hand, CAN be hurt by attacks.  

1st floor:  Step on all the red switches in the floors to open all the doors, 
then go to the room in the Southwest where the stairs are.  Approach the closed 
door, and Damon will ask you a question.  Have Mia answer.  The door will then 
open.  All the treasure chests on this floor appear to be empty...  There are no 
monsters on this floor.

2nd floor:  Step on the red switches again, and either fight or avoid the 
enemies.  The stairs are to the Northeast.  Damon asks you another question; let 
Nash handle it.

3rd floor:  Push the switches and go to the stairs to the West of where you 
entered this floor.  After Jessica regales you with her tale of laxative-based 
cookies, you'll find a man hurt on the floor.  When given the choice, opt to 
help him of course.  This is another of Damon's tests.  When you help him, you 
pass.  Don't forget the Sage's Clothes for Jessica in the Southeast corner of 
this floor (although I don't know if she deserves them after scolding poor Damon 
like that!).  

4th floor:  More of the same here.  When Damon asks you who was the least 
useful, refuse to choose anyone; select the bottom answer each time.  This is 
the right answer, and Damon will let you pass.  Don't forget the Ice pendant on 
this floor.

5th floor:  This floor is pretty empty.  Here, Damon asks you to sculpt the 
ultimate treasure.  Alex is the right choice to decide, but try picking all the 
others for a few laughs; Damon will let you try as many times as you need until 
you get it right.  Alex lets Nall be the coach, and you all sculpt a statue of 
Althena.  Damon is impressed and you pass.  In his chamber, Damon gives you the 
thieves guide and permission to read all the books in his tower.  Read them all 
to gain information about the creation of the world of Lunar, as well as some 
prophesies for the future (some of which are events which will occur in Lunar 2-
-Eternal Blue!).  Now exit the tower and head back to Reza for those wings.

Back in Reza, talk to the guild leader at the bar and he'll give you a crest 
that identifies you as members of the Guild AND allows you to open all those red 
chests!!  He also gives you access to the Bazaar.  Go there and find the man in 
the Northeast corner to get your Dragon Wings back.  Talk to him again to get 
some soap.  Go back upstairs, and you'll witness Royce trying to kidnap Lily, a 
little girl who can sing well.  You try to stop her, but to no avail; Lily is 
gone.  You vow to rescue her, along with Luna and the others.  The guildmaster 
then tells you to come back downstairs.  Do so and talk to the man beside him.  
You will get the blueprints for an airship!  Now you'll need to take them to an 
inventor in Iluk and get an airship to fly you to the volcano, where the Red 
Dragon lives.  Before doing so, go back and open all those red chests!  Nearly 
every town has one, and ones in dungeons are marked in the walkthrough with the 
"(locked chest)" comment.  In Burg, you get a Garbage Can Lid (yay!!); in the 
Weird Woods you get a Wrath Ring (WD missed this one in the official strategy 
guide!!); in Saith, you get a Protection Ring; in the Hag's house you get a 
Silver Light; in Meribia you get 1,000 Silver; in the sewers you get a Silver 
Light; in the Trial Cave you get soap; in Vane you get a Devil Pendant; in the 
Nanza Pass (South) you get a Silver Light; in Lann you get a Silver Light; in 
Meryod you get a Silver Light; in Meryod Woods you get a Fortune Ring; and 
finally in Reza you get a Silver Light.  When you're done, head for Iluk.  Talk 
to the inventor in the Northern house and give him back his blueprints.  He will 
agree to make a balloon for you, if you bring him a Fluffy Bug.  Go see the 
gardener by taking the stairs on the West side of town, near the locked door.  
He'll let you through the door into Iluk Field.

--Iluk Field: Treasure found here: Healing Ring, Crystal Bracelet, 1,500 Silver, 
Spook Hairpin.
This is certainly a unique "dungeon"... Be aware that the round brown things in 
the grass are springs which will bounce you to other areas of the field.  Your 
goal here is to catch a "Fluffy Bug," which is one of the pink ones.  When you 
touch a white bug, sometimes a pink fluffy bug will appear in the battle, and 
run away.  You have to keep fighting the white bugs and other enemies until you 
manage to catch one of the fluffy bugs as after it runs away.  The one to catch 
is in the Northwest corner of the field; a cutscene will happen after battle in 
which you get the bug.  It's not necessary to defeat the fluffy bug to catch it 
(I don't even think you CAN defeat one, since they seem to run away instantly).

After getting a bug, leave the field and go back to the inventor's house.  He 
will let you spend the night while the balloon inflates.  In the morning, the 
balloon will be less than full...   Strangely, it becomes perfect as soon as 
Nall touches it.  Talk to the inventory to ride the balloon to the Red Dragon's 
lair.  When you arrive, your party will notice that it's not hot inside the 
Volcano!  It seems that it's just an illusion created by the Dragon's magic.  
Now get ready to enter the 2nd Dragon Cave dungeon.

--Red Dragon Cave: Treasure found here: Star Light (x7), Barrier Ring, Rainbow 
Tiara, Angel Ring, Flame Sword, 1,000 Silver, 5,000 Silver.
Ice weapons will help a lot here. Hopefully, Mia, Jessica, and Alex all have ice 
weapons at this point.  From the area with the balloon, head North to the stairs 
leading into the dungeon.  Now head South and take the stairs to reach the next 
level.  From here, head West and take the stairs.  At this point, you will hear 
the words of the Red Dragon echo throughout the cavern and you will be healed!  
Now head West and walk through the flames blocking your path (you'll suffer 
damage), and then go down the stairs.  Here, make sure you go to the Southwest 
area and step on the small hole that looks like a mini-volcano in the floor.  It 
will catapult you to where the Flame Sword is.  Don't equip this sword yet, wait 
until you're out of this fire-based dungeon.  Now find the flames and walk 
through them (watch out for monsters!).  Upon reaching the end of the flames, 
Nall will notice the stairs.  Save here (DON'T move after Nall talks; I made the 
mistake of thinking I could get a little closer to the stairs before I saved, 
but the game takes over after you take two steps forward).  Royce will now 
appear again.  She will sic monsters on you.

2 Bronze Dogs (AKA: Hellhounds)
HP: 85 times Alex's level (each)
Weakness: Ice

Make sure you're healed nearly full of HP and MP for this battle (which 
shouldn't be hard with all the Star Lights in the area).   Have Alex, Kyle, and 
Mia use their power-up spells (Mia may not know hers yet, though) on Alex and 
Kyle.  Have Alex attack on subsequent turns, and Kyle use his Sword Skills.  
Have Jessica heal or attack, and have Nash use Thunder Thrust all the time until 
his MP is gone; then he should use items or attack.  Mia should cast Ice Lance 
most every round.  Try your best to target only ONE of the mutts until it dies.  
Then go for the other one.  The battle is MUCH easier when you've only got one 
left.  I managed to beat these guys on the first try (with a little luck), even 
though Mia and Jessica had low MP when I started.  As long as you keep everyone 
healed (and revive dead people immediately), you'll do fine.  Head done the 
stairs after you beat the dogs, and you'll find that the Red Dragon has already 
been kidnapped by the Magic Emperor.  However, her spirit will appear to you and 
reveal that you have passed the trial by proving your courage, and she will 
leave you the Red Dragon Shield.  Two more to go!

Exit the cave and get in the balloon to head back towards Iluk.  Unfortunately, 
something goes wrong during flight and you start losing air.  Nash manages to 
cushion your fall with his magic, but your balloon is a wreck.  The thieves of 
Reza waste no time hauling it in.  After you're done here, head to Meryod, now 
that the bridge is fixed.  Cross it and stop by the weapons shop on your way 
out.  Now you are in Stadius Zone.  East of Meryod is the Forbidden Forest.  
Enter it and a guy will tell you that something special is up ahead, but the 
monsters are REALLY strong.  He's right...  I got into one battle at level 27 
fully healed, and did about 20 damage per hit to the enemies, and at the end of 
the round, 3 people in my party were dead...  I just *BARELY* managed to escape 
the next round.  Come back here later unless you're at really high levels.  Look 
for the section entitled "--Forbidden Forest" further down for information on 
this place.  Anyway, head North of here to Lyton.  When you enter town, the 
first thing you'll notice is the *wonderful* music that's playing (yeesh!)...  
When you talk to the inhabitants, you'll find out that this was a town of 
beautiful music, but that monsters have messed up the Wind Spirit, and it's 
sending them horrible music now.  Enter the shrine on the East side of town to 
remedy this problem.

--Lyton Shrine: Treasure found here: Wisdom Robe, Star Light, 2,500 Silver.
Beware of decaying floors in this dungeon, you can fall to a lower level if 
you're not careful.  In the first chamber, head North and go down the stairs.  
Now go all the way South and descend the next set of stairs.  Now head Northeast 
and go down the stairs all the way North.  You'll not be in a room that's 
glowing with lights.  From here, work your way around the passageways and take 
the stairs located West of where you entered.  Go South from here, avoiding all 
the weak spots in the floor, and go up to the next floor.  Now head North and go 
up again.  You'll now be in a chamber with that weird music that was playing in 
the village.  Go North and you'll see 4 holes and 2 rocks.  Stand beside one of 
the rocks and push X to push it away from you.  Cover up the outer two holes 
(the 1st and 4th holes) to fix the melody.  Now the music is fixed.  Go back to 
Lyton now.

The elder of the village will tell you that the Blue Dragon Shrine will appear 
when two people in love sing together in front of the lake.  Go North of Lyton 
and approach the lake.  Talk to Kyle or Jessica and they will try to sing Luna's 
song she sang at the Burg Springs.  Jessica isn't half bad, but Kyle... poor 
Kyle.  This is one of the funniest things in the game--listening to Kyle's 
pathetic attempt at singing ;)  He couldn't carry a tune if his life depended on 
it...  That didn't work...  Try Nash and Mia next.  Mia's not quite as bad as 
she thinks she is, but Nash is too nervous and messes up.  That didn't work 
either...  Mia says that if Luna were here, Alex and her could sing well 
together.  Approach the lake and Alex will decide to play his Ocarina and see 
what happens (remember that night in Burg when Luna heard Alex's Ocarina from 
inside the house?).  As Alex begins to play, the scene switches to a room where 
Luna and the other girls are held.  Luna feels Alex's melody and begins to sing.  
The other girls then decide to join in and begin singing in perfect harmony.  
The 3 Vile Tribe sisters come in and try to stop them, but they continue their 
perfect song.  After Alex stops playing, the shrine appears before you!  Now 
prepare to enter the 3rd Dragon Lair.

--Blue Dragon's Shrine: Treasure found here: Angel's Tear, 5,000 Silver, Angel 
Ring,  Ruby Tiara, Chira's Tail, Jewel Bracelet, Dragon Armlet.
If you got the Flame Sword in the Red Dragon's Cave, equip it now, it will help 
a lot.  There aren't staircases in this dungeon; you move from room to room via 
magical pools of water.  Step into them to be transported.  However, several of 
the pools are fake, and will cause a monster to appear.  Once you defeat the 
monster, the fake pool will dry up.  In the initial chamber, step into the lone 
pool.  In the next chamber, take the pool to the East.  In the next room, there 
are several fake pools.  The correct one is closest to the treasure chest (and 
incidentally, furthest away from the entrance point).  Next, head for the pool 
in the Northwest area of the room.  There are 3 pools together on the East side 
of the next room; take the middle one to continue.  In the next chamber, take 
the pool to the far West.    In the next large chamber, there are 7 pools at the 
North end.  The correct one is the 2nd from the left along the bottom row.  The 
exit to the next room is the lone pool to the Northwest.  In the last large 
chamber, the exit is the doorway to the far West.  Now approach the Blue 
Dragon's perch.  Boy is the Blue Dragon ever chatty!  He hardly lets anyone get 
a word in.  After he's finished talking, he opens a passageway to the East that 
leads to the Blue Dragon Helmet.  Before leaving, you can talk to the Blue 
Dragon EIGHT more times for some trivial small talk.  When you're finished, go 
get the helmet.  After receiving it, you'll have a roar... uh-oh!  Go back into 
the dragon's chamber and he'll be gone.  Phacia will appear and tell you that 
she didn't like living in the desolate Frontier.  The Blue Dragon's spirit will 
then reappear to say his farewell.  He starts to tell you about something that 
happened to the goddess 15 years ago, but he isn't able to finish.  Now exit the 
dragon's chamber and the entire dungeon.  Guess what?  No boss monster this 
time!  And, there's just one more dragon to go!  Go for the armor!

Back in Lyton, the residents are singing their sorrows for the Blue Dragon. 
Leave town and head East to Tamur Pass.

--Tamur Pass: Treasure found here: Star Light, Angel's Tear, Healing Nut, 
Shira's Tail, Wind Cane, Dark Helmet.
Head towards the Southeast as you make your way through the pass.  Ignore the 
signs, they'll just confuse you.  When you reach a certain point, Xenobia 
appears and sends her monsters after you.

3 Carapace Knights (AKA: Armored Punks)
HP: ???? (each)
Weakness: none
1 Dark Sorcerer (AKA: The Blue-Haired Wonder)
HP: ????
Weakness: Alex and Kyle's Special Sword Magic
*--I couldn't find these guys' stats in the official strategy guide, so I don't 
know their HP.

These guys are pushovers.  Just rip through them with your strongest attacks, 
and they won't even be able to pull off one hit.  After beating them, Xenobia 
will send 4 Knights and 2 Sorcerers at you.  Same strategy.  After you beat 
them, she'll send more.  But before they can attack, two horsebound strangers 
will fire arrows and destroy the monsters.  Xenobia will retreat.  Continue East 
to enter Tamur.  All the people here seemed obsessed with the Vile Tribe and the 
Forest of Illusion.  Make sure you stock up on equipment while you're here.  
Exit town to the North, and you'll be approached by Laike.  Mia will say that 
she thinks the Black Dragon lives in the Frontier, and the only way to get there 
is by flying.  Laike says he can help you with that part.  Myght, a strange 
inventor, lives alone in a tower to the North, but only Alex may go with Laike 
to see him.  Agree to go and your party will wait behind.

--Myght's Tower: Treasure found here: Healing Nut, Barrier Ring, 500 Silver,  
Silver Light, Crystal Sword.
Talk to the man guarding the stairs and he will let you and Laike pass.  You 
will then enter a room with a note on the wall, and four doors, each with a 
symbol in front of it: moon, sun, planet, and star.  The message on the wall 
doesn't help very much, but the trick is to walk into the four doors in a 
certain order.  That order is: Planet, Star, Sun, Moon (i.e. South, West, East, 
North).  The next section contains a series of elevators and doors, which lead 
to pipeways and monsters.  The West elevator goes up, and the East one goes 
down.  Take the West elevator up to the 3rd floor, and enter the door to the 
West.  Then simply follow the sequence of doors (don't go up or down the 
elevators anymore) to reach Myght's lab.  Upon reaching Myght's chamber, talk to 
him.  He will reluctantly agree to build you an airship, and Laike will stay 
behind.  Go through the door next to the woman and you'll go back to the ground 
floor.  Exit the tower and head back to Tamur.

Go to the bar and talk to Mia, Kyle, and Jessica.  Nash will then come in, 
telling you there's a commotion outside.  Go to the North exit of town, and 
you'll see the two horse-riders hanging the guy who was selling "medicine."  
Help the man, and he will flee.  The horseman will introduce himself as Tempest, 
and his companion as Fresca.  Tempest will then challenge Alex to a duel.  Have 
Alex cast Vigor and then attack Tempest to defeat him.  Tempest and Fresca will 
then leave, and give you a Dragon Pendant.  Your companions think you should 
follow them to their tribe to the South, since Tempest may know of the Black 
Dragon's whereabouts.

--Lost Woods: Treasure found here: Chira's Tail, Holy Hairpin, Healing Nut (x2), 
Silver Light, Dark Shield, Star Bracelet.
Upon entering the forest, and remember the location of the clearing when your 
party points it out.  Go to the South part of the forest, until Kyle begins to 
search the trees.  Then it will start to get dark.  Go back to the clearing and 
rest.  When you wake up, the prairie tribe people will come and accuse you of 
trespassing, until they see Tempest's pendant.  They will move the trees out of 
the way so you can pass.  Head South from there to find the exit.

Head South from the forest to reach Pao, the prairie town.  After speaking with 
the villagers, you'll learn of a horrible disease afflicting the people.  Enter 
Tempest's tent, and you will hear the "Dark Songstress" sing her song of death.  
Jessica and Mia will succumb to the disease, and must stay behind.  Go to the 
elder's tent and he will grant you entrance into the Black Dragon's Fortress to 
search for Tempest.

--Black Dragon Fortress: Treasure found here: Dragon Bandanna, Dream Bow, Angel 
Ring, Healing Nut, Silver Light (x2), Dark Armor, Dark Sword, Dragonfly Wing.
Find the stairs on the 1st floor and go up to the 2nd floor.  Continue on and 
you'll find Tempest, who joins you.  Beware of trapped chests here.  They will 
sap your MP away!  On the 2nd floor, there are two visible chests near each 
other.  The Southern one is a trap, avoid it!  After getting Tempest, the chest 
to the far East on floor 2 is also a trap.  Go to floor 3, and beware of the 
trapped chest in the Northwest after going through the door.  On the 4th floor, 
you will meet the spirit of the Black Dragon, whose body has already been taken 
like the others.  He gives you the Black Dragon Armor and tells you that you 
must slay his body.  He also tells you that to be a Dragonmaster, Alex must find 
purity within his soul.  Go up to the next floor and save.  Then, enter the 
large chamber before you.  You will see the Black Dragon's body as well as the 
Dark Songstress... what??  It's Luna!!!  Tempest urges you to kill her, but Alex 
refuses.  Then Luna summons the Magic Emperor.  He appears and tells Luna to 
sing her black song.  It paralyzes you, and the Black Dragon attacks.  You can 
do nothing...  After the battle sequence ends, Alex will play the ocarina and 
Luna will snap out of her manipulated state and remember Alex.  Now the Dragon 
Armor begins to shine.  The power of the 4 dragons unites, and Alex is reborn as 
Dragonmaster Alex!  Your party will be completely healed by this process and the 
dragon attacks.

Black Dragon (AKA: Dragon Breath)
HP: 250 times Alex's level
Weakness: Dragonmaster Alex's Special Sword Magic

On the first round, have Alex and Kyle cast their power-up spells.  On every 
other round, have Alex use Sword Dance, Tempest use Flash Arrow, Kyle use Power 
Slash, and Nash use Thunderbolt (IF he knows it; if not, attack).  Alex will 
need to use Blue Dragon Healing at least once in the battle.  Use healing nuts, 
star lights, and silver lights as necessary (try not to use more than 1 silver 
light, they're rare!).  After you defeating the Black Dragon, Luna is again 
controlled by the Magic Emperor and she re-awakens the dragon.  The Magic 
Emperor and Luna both escape on the dragon.  Now exit the cave (use the recently 
provided Dragonfly wing if desired), and return to Pao.     

Go to Tempest's tent and reunite with your friends.  Tempest will leave your 
party here.  Laike will show up and tell you that Myght is nearly finished with 
the new airship.  Make sure you get the Master Sword from Tempest.  Myght's 
tower is your next official destination.

The Final Frontier:
	Now that Alex is a Dragonmaster, most people in each town will have 
something new to say.  If you have time, explore the world for new information, 
jokes, and a bromide or two.  If you don't have the time, I suggest you at least 
make one very rewarding sidetrip.  Go to Meribia and check on your old buddy 
Ramus.  Talk to him a couple of times, and he will give you what I think is the 
coolest item in the game--the Rememberizer!  With this unique item, you can view 
any of the FMV sequences that you have previously viewed at any time!  Take a 
few minutes to revisit your favorite video sequences (especially "On the boat" 
for Luna's boat song!).  When you're done, this is a good time to try the 
optional Forbidden Forest.

--Forbidden Forest: Treasure found here: 5,000 Silver.
OK, the man wasn't lying; these monsters are TOUGH.  On top of that, the EXP you 
get isn't worth it. You have two other options here: 1. Have each person try to 
run; chances are one or two people will get away on the first try.  After you 
run from battle, run like crazy towards the exit (to the East).  2.  Have Alex 
cast Black Dragon Grief, which is very effective in wiping the enemies out in 
one swoop.  At the end of the forest, you will find the other Spring of Althena.  
This is the female spring, hope you brought some soap!  When you bathe here, 
you'll see either an animation of Jessica or Mia.  It's completely random, so 
bring 2 bars of soap, watch one, save, and then watch again.  If you don't see 
the other one, load and try again.

Now it's time to continue your quest.  *WARNING* If you have anything left you 
wish to do in the world, do it now!  You are about to travel to the frontier, 
where the Dragon Wings will no longer work.  You'll be stuck in the Frontier for 
a while!  Note that this is the LAST time the bathing springs will work, so use 
up all your soap now!  If you're sure you're ready to continue, use the Dragon 
Wings and select Myght.  Talk to Myght and he'll let you rest for the night 
while he finishes the airship.  Talk to your allies until Nall tells you it's 
time to go to sleep.  When you get up, Myght will be putting the finishing 
touches on the airship.  Talk to everyone again, ending with Nash.  *SPOILER!* 
When the airship is done, and you're about to get on, Nash confesses that he's 
been helping the Magic Emperor!  Nash promptly destroys the engine and Royce 
appears to congratulate him. They both disappear, and Myght says he can't fix 
the engine easily.  *SPOILER END*  Now head to Iluk and talk to the guy in the 
Northeast house to get Mia's bromide 4.  Go to Lann and talk to the man at the 
dock for Jessica's bromide 2.  While you're here, talk to the mayor to become an 
honorary member of the city (this is necessary for an item later).  You can get 
another engine from the balloon in Reza.  Go back there and be sure to talk to 
the guildmaster (behind the bar) first, before talking to the thief who stole 
the balloon.  If you fail to talk to the guildmaster first, the engine will cost 
30,000 Silver!  The guildmaster will let you have it for free.  Now return to 
Myght's Tower and give him the engine.  Laike will show up and you'll have to 
wait again (This airship has nearly as many delays as Working Designs did when 
they made the game!).  Talk to your friends and Laike and then you'll go outside 
and board the airship.  You'll set sail for the Frontier at this time.  After 
the animation sequence, the game will prompt you to insert disc 2.  Do so, and 
then your characters will try to land near the Magic Emperor's fortress, but 
it's protected by a force field.  Jessica will then land at a town nearby to 
check it out.  Enter the town of Talon (just East of where the airship landed).  
This town is inhabited by the Vile Tribe.  Go to the back of the town and enter 
the mine area.

--Talon Mine: Treasure found here: Healing Nut (x3), Protection Ring, Star Light 
(x2), Silver Light (x2), Hell Armlet, Holy Robe, Devil Pendant, Angel's Tear, 
Fire Tiara, Refresher Ring.
The mine may seem like a maze, but there aren't too many enemies to worry about.  
Make your way through the passages to a room with 4 workers inside.  Talk to 
them, and continue to the North.  You'll hear a crumbling sound from behind you.  
When prompted, say that you'll go back and help.  Go back and talk to one of the 
workers and you'll save the trapped one.  At this point you will be completely 
healed, but some guards will come and attack you.  They're just normal enemies; 
take 'em out.  After you beat the guards and leave the room, Phacia appears and 
thinks that maybe you DO have the power to stop the emperor.  Continue on 
through the mine until you reach the graveyard area.  In the middle of the room, 
you'll find a statue of Althena and one of the miners from room before (IF you 
saved the miner's life).  Use the statue to heal, and take this opportunity to 
save if you wish.  Two rooms ahead, the lights will go out and Mia and Jessica 
will be held by Xenobia.  She demands that Alex and Kyle duel.  When you fight 
Kyle, you're both holding back and you won't actually do any damage to each 
other (i.e. just attack, don't waste MP).  After a few rounds, Xenobia stops the 
charade and demands that you fight for real.  When you refuse, Kyle manages to 
trick her and frees the girls.  Xenobia flees, but not before sending her 
monster after you.

Shadow Spectre (AKA: Evil Spirit)
HP: 205 times Alex's level
Weakness: none

This guy isn't too bad.  1st round: have Alex use Vigor, Mia use Power Drive on 
Alex, Jessica cast Saint Litany, and Kyle use Power Up.  For the rest of the 
battle, have Jessica constantly heal (have Mia use a Holy Water on Jessica if 
she becomes mute), have Alex attack, have Mia use Flame Bomb, and have Kyle use 
Power Slash (or attack if he's mute).  After defeating the Shadow Spectre, 
continue on to the exit.

You will now arrive inside the crater that houses the fortress.  Approach the 
fortress of Ruid and you'll find the door to be securely sealed.  Go back 
outside and enter the strange green egg to the South.  Once inside the egg, 
called Cadin, you will notice several cocoons with weak members of the Vile 
Tribe inside.  Continue to the North and you'll see what looks like one of the 
Talon miners.  She reveals herself to be Phacia, and says she wants to help you.  
Unlike her sisters, she believes that the Vile Tribe should ask forgiveness from 
Althena, rather than conquering her.  Tell her that you believe her, and she'll 
give you the password to enter Ruid: "Green Earth."

--Ruid: Treasure found here: Silver Light (x2), Star Light, Fortune Ring, Dark 
Mace, Fire Armlet, Healing Nut, Tri-Ring.
Just follow this straightforward path until you reach the top.  At the top is 
Taben's Tower.  He'll introduce you to his Mobile Magic Masher creation!  
Controlling the Masher is none other than Nash, your ex-ally.  After receiving a 
VERY well deserved slap in the face from Mia, Nash will come to his senses and 
realize he was wrong.  However, Taben doesn't accept this, and he controls the 
Masher by remote... with Nash still inside!

Magic Masher (AKA: Magical Machination)
HP: 160 times Alex's level
Weakness: Fire, Ice.

1st round: Have Alex cast Vigor, Kyle use Power Up, Mia use Power Drive on Alex, 
and Jessica use Saint Litany.  On subsequent rounds, have Alex attack, Mia use 
Flame Bomb, Jessica heal, and Kyle use Power Slash.  Use items when necessary.  
After beating the Masher, Nash will be alright, and your party will forgive him 
for what he did (but they're still a little skeptical of him).  Taben goes off 
to start the Grindery.  Follow Taben by entering the door to the North.  You'll 
come to a platform where Taben and the Magic Emperor are.  Taben manages to 
start the Grindery, and the platform breaks away.  Leave Ruid quickly (you'll 
have to walk back out) and head for your airship.  You can leave the crater by 
following the Grindery's tracks.  Before following the Grindery, return to Talon 
Mine and find the miner you saved for Xenobia's bromide.  Get in the airship, 
and Jessica will head off the Grindery at Vane.  You can't enter the Grindery, 
since it's shielded.  You will arrive in Vane before the Grindery does.

In Vane, go to the Eastern classroom and talk to the boy there to get Mia's 
bromide 2.  Now go to the entrance and get Nash, who has been evacuating the 
city.  Return to the Magic Guild and enter the Silver Spire.  At the bottom, 
you'll find the secret room that controls the power of Vane.  *SPOILER* Mia will 
use its power to protect the goddess tower.  The Grindery will arrive and fire 
its power at Vane.  Mia will also fire a magic missile from Vane.  Vane's magic 
will disrupt the Grindery's shield, but the Grindery will hit Vane and knock it 
from the skies!  *SPOILER END*  Now you can revisit the cities around the world 
and prepare for the final showdown...  Go to Lann and get Ghaleon's Tear from 
the mayor (only if you became an honorary citizen earlier).  Go talk to Lily in 
Reza and get the Gale Ring.  Go to Damon's Spire for the Hell Ring.  To get 
these items, you must go BEFORE entering the Grindery for the first time.  Enter 
the Grindery, located South of Althena's Shrine.  When you get there, enemies 
will come out and you'll have to fight two battles.  Just use your best attacks 
and you'll win easily.  Finally, Tempest and the Pao Tribe will fend off the 
monsters for you.  Now, you can enter the foul machination and defeat the Magic 
Emperor once and for all!!

--Grindery: Treasure found here: Healing Nut (x3), Silver Light (x2), Angel 
Ring, Insane Shield, Saint Clothes, Stone Bracelet, Healing Ring, Holy Bandanna, 
Insane Helmet, Phantom Ribbon, Star Light.
The Grindery is a complicated maze of pipes and passageways...  On the first 
floor, make your way to the Northeast corner to find the tube that leads to 
floor 2.  Make your way to the South to get to the 3rd floor.  This floor is 
more complex; try to make your way to the Northwest and then go South from there 
a little bit to find the tube going up to floor 4.  Head to the Northeast area, 
and take the tube leading West.  Here you'll see Quark, enslaved, with his 
energy being used to power the Grindery!  The tube going up to the Garden level 
is to the Southwest of here.  This is the Magic Emperor's garden.  He has 
enslaved several pixies here to keep his garden up.  Be sure to use Althena's 
statue to heal yourselves!  Exit to the North into the Grindery Quarters.  On 
the 1st floor of this area, the stairs going up are located due South of you.  
On the 2nd floor, the stairs are due North.  On the 3rd floor, the stairs lie to 
the South.  Head North in this room, and you'll find an unopenable door sealed 
with  strong magic.  Phacia will come and undo the seal.  Then, Royce and 
Xenobia enter and try to stop Phacia from helping you.  Escape through the 
doorway as Phacia blocks their path.  Upon reaching the Magic Emperor's chamber, 
save your game.  Now get ready for the final showdown!

Magic Emperor (AKA: Ghaleon?)
HP: 180 times Alex's level
Weakness: none

This guy can be tough, but you can still do it if you follow the correct 
strategy.  He can use the 4 spells Ghaleon used when he was in your party.  He 
seems to always attack twice one round, then cast a spell the next.  Use Vigor 
and Power Drive on Alex to begin, and have Kyle Power Up.  Have Nash use 
Thunderbolt and Jessica cast Saint Litany.  On the next round, have Mia cast 
Power Drive on Kyle.  Then on every other round, have Alex use Sword Dance, Kyle 
Power Slash, Jessica heal, Nash continue to use Thunderbolt, and Mia use Flame 
Bomb.  Try to keep everyone's MP up as much as possible, and keep everyone 
alive, and you'll prevail.  After defeating the Magic Emperor, go North to save 
Luna.  *MAJOR SPOILERS!* (read only after viewing this part)  Luna will pretend 
to know you, then her eyes will turn red...  An animation will show Luna singing 
her "Dark Songstress" melody, and with it, she raises the goddess tower out of 
the ground and reveals a massive structure below it.  Ghaleon then appears and 
tells you that Luna is in reality the Goddess Althena!  Her memories have been 
suppressed for the past 15 years she lived as a human.  He tells you that the 
"Magic Emperor" you just fought was a fake...  Then he attacks... *SPOILER END*  
In this battle against Ghaleon, he will defeat you after several rounds with a 
devastating attack.  Ghaleon will then take Luna to the Fortress of Althena.  
Nall will use the White Dragon Wings to take you all to safety.

The Final Struggle:
	Alex will wake up days later in Jessica's bed.  Nall will inform him that 
everyone else recovered a long time ago.  Go downstairs to Mel's chamber and 
talk to Mia and Jessica.  Now go to the bar and talk to Nash and Kyle.  Go back 
and get Mia and Jessica and bring them to the bar.  They will talk Nash and Kyle 
into fighting with you.  Laike will come in and tell you to prepare and come 
back to him.  Go to Ramus' store, and Ramus will let you have as many of the 
following items as you want for free: Healing Nut, Star Light, Angel's Tear, and 
Holy Water.  Go talk to Laike and you will be transported to Burg by the Dragon 
Wings.  Laike then relates the real story of 15 years ago to you: *SPOILER* The 
Goddess Althena realized that she was simply causing the humans to bicker over 
her favor, rather than living in harmony.  She decided to abandon her power and 
live as a human, and she asked Dyne to help her do this.  Ghaleon was there, and 
he tried to convince Dyne to stop.  Dyne used all his magic power to help the 
goddess complete her transformation.  Althena was thus transformed into the 
infant, Luna.  Ghaleon's despair over this has led him to try to restore the 
goddess' power, hopefully to himself...  Nall asks Laike how in the world he 
knows this, and Laike reveals that he was the Dragonmaster, Dyne.  He took a new 
name after his power was drained.  He then tells Alex to remove Althena's sword 
from the monument.  He does so, and his powers as a Dragonmaster increase!  Nall 
then realizes that he holds a tremendous power as well.  Nall undergoes a 
transformation, and becomes a great White Dragon!  Alex and his friends then fly 
on Nall's back to Althena's Fortress.  *SPOILER END*
--Althena's Fort: Treasure found here: Silver Light (x3), Holy Mace, Insane 
Armor, Angel's Tear, Holy Clothes, Aegis Robe, Dragon Cane, Starlight Bow, 
Sage's Robe, Detonator Armlet, Spook Armlet, Insane Sword, Spirit Talisman.
In this dungeon, you'll occasionally come across rooms that become sealed off 
with red doors when you enter.  To remove the doors, fight the "mini-boss" type 
enemy (it looks different than the others in the walkabout mode) and defeat it.  
This will open the doors.  It's not necessary to defeat the other monsters to 
proceed (but you may have no choice if they chase you).  After ascending a few 
floors, Luna will approach you and claim to have escaped.  Kyle sees right 
through the farce and "Luna" turns into Royce!  Royce then casts a spell on you, 
which causes some of your characters to fall asleep in the next battles.  A few 
more floors up, you'll meet Royce.  Ignore her false prophesies and defeat her 
once and for all!

Royce: (AKA: Phony Fortuneteller)
HP: 185 times Alex's level
Weakness: Ice

Again, two people will be asleep...  This can be a tough battle, and it may 
depend on whose asleep at first.  If you fail, load the save game you hopefully 
just made (Royce is alone on a floor with no other enemies, that's your clue) 
and maybe your luck will change.  As soon as possible, cast Vigor and Power 
Drive on Alex and Power Up and Power Drive on Kyle.  If Jessica is awake, you 
can use Saint Litany; otherwise don't bother, you won't be able to spare even 
one turn to cast it.  Have Alex and Kyle constantly use Sword Dance and Power 
Slash.  Use Blue Dragon Healing if necessary.  Have Mia cast Ice Wall or use 
items.  Have Nash cast Thunderbolt or use items.  If you're lucky, you'll 
prevail.  After defeating her, DON'T use up your star lights to heal, there's a 
goddess statue just ahead.  Continue on, and you'll enter a series of puzzle 
rooms.  The key are the 4 dragons; the order you met them was: White, Red, Blue, 
Black.  In the first room, hit the White switch (SE), Red switch (SW), Blue 
switch (NW), and finally the Black switch (NE).  Then ascend the stairs in the 
center to proceed.  In the next chamber, step on the White tile, then Red, then 
Blue, then Black.  In the next chamber, a voice will list the 4 dragon 
armaments.  When I played, the order was Blue, Black, Red, White, but it is 
probably different each time.  Pay attention to what the voice says, and note 
the order!!  Step on the warp tiles in that order, get the item inside, and hit 
the switch inside before going on to the next.  When the cycle is complete, a 
warp tile will appear in the North part of the main chamber.  Go through it, and 
you'll hear the voice again.  In the next room, the order seem different than 
what the voice says.  The voice says White, Red, Blue, Black, but the order of 
my switches was Red, Black, White, Blue.  It's simple enough, just look to see 
which switch is glowing and push it.  Once you've pushed them all, go up the 
stairs via the bridge that appears.  There's a statue here, make use of it.  
When a barrier blocks your path, try defeating enemies until it disappears.  
Don't forget to go back and heal at the statue when you need it, since none of 
the enemies will come back once defeated.  When you reach the top, save.  
Approach the door and you'll notice Xenobia is waiting.  She will try to trick 
all of you with illusionary doubles that try to bring out the worst sides of 
yourselves.  Everyone conquers their dark sides, even Nash.  When it's Alex's 
turn, approach Luna every time you can control Alex.  This will destroy the 
illusion and set Alex free.  Now fight Xenobia!

Xenobia (AKA: Queen of the Damned)
HP: 210 times Alex's level
Weakness: none

Xenobia is a worthy opponent.  Do the standard first move; power up Alex and 
Kyle with two spells, and cast Saint Litany.  Then have Alex use Sword Dance as 
often as possible, and Kyle use Power Slash as often as possible.  If either one 
of them dies, cast Power Drive on them again after reviving them.  They are your 
main offense.  Have Mia use Flame Bomb if she's not doing anything else.  
Jessica should always heal in some way.  Nash should cast Thunderbolt when he 
has nothing better to do.  Xenobia can stone your characters, which can be a 
pain.  Make sure everyone has a holy water to use.  When she dies, save and go 
to the next room.  Continue on, and you'll be greeted by Ghaleon.  Prepare for 
the final (yes, this IS it) battle!

Magic Emperor (AKA: GHALEON!)
HP: 260 times Alex's level
Weakness: yeah, right!  you wish!

OK, now this guy is HARD!  But, it is possible to beat him if you just hang in 
there; I managed to defeat him in only one try.  Ghaleon attacks twice each 
turn.  If he does a normal attack FIRST, he will attack twice and that's it.  If 
he does a spell first and THEN an attack, he gets TWO attacks, in addition to 
the spell.  Power up Alex and Kyle with their own spells, as well as Mia's Power 
Drive.  Cast Saint Litany with Jessica, and Thunderbolt with Nash.  On 
subsequent rounds, try to guess what he's going to do next and plan your moves 
carefully.  DO NOT miss a healing opportunity!  Keeping people healthy is vital 
here!  Use Blue Dragon Healing when everyone is hurt very badly, and recover MP 
with Silver Lights.  Make sure everyone's inventory is FULL of Silver Lights, 
Angel's Tears, and maybe a Healing Nut.  Have Alex use Sword Dance whenever 
possible.  Have Kyle use Power Slash whenever possible.  Have Mia use Power 
Drive when Alex or Kyle is revived from faint, or else have her use Flame Bomb 
to inflict modest damage.  Have Jessica ALWAYS heal, revive, or use items.  She 
should NEVER attack.  If no one needs healing, have her re-establish the Saint 
Litany if anyone had died.  If she doesn't need to do that, DEFEND.  Nash should 
use items (don't use his up too quickly, he's the easiest one to access when you 
need an item) and cast Thunderbolt.  If he's out of MP, defend.  The faster you 
can pull off Sword Skills, the better.  When Ghaleon puts up the Chaos Shield, 
he isn't hurt by attacks, but the attacks WILL degrade the shield, so just keep 
attacking, and ignore the fact that there's a shield.  It will fail if you keep 
hurting it.  With this strategy and a lot of luck, you'll prevail.  *ENDING OF 
THE GAME--SPOILER* When you defeat the Magic Emperor, go up towards where the 
goddess is situated.  Ghaleon will get up and spout his last words; don't worry-
-he's dead.  Now talk to your friends and then continue on up the staircase.  
The controlled Althena will hit you with magic, but it won't do any damage.  
When you get close enough to see her, have Alex USE his Ocarina (NOTE: If you're 
using a demo save, and you had given the Ocarina to Nall, you WON'T be able to 
do this!  The ONLY way you can give the Ocarina BACK to Alex, is in the demo.  
If you've forgotten to give Alex the Ocarina, you CAN'T finish the game!  If you 
are unlucky enough to have done this [and you didn't read my warning at the 
beginning of the file], and you own a DexDrive, you can download a save game at 
this point from my website--see below for the address).  Now, keep approaching 
the goddess and ignore her when she says "One more step and you die!" When you 
get to her, an animation will start and she regains Luna's memories.  However, 
she can't leave her "throne" because if she did, the power of Althena might 
destroy the world.  Alex refuses this possibility and steps through the magical 
barrier, just as Dyne did.  At that moment, Althena loses her powers and 
Dragonmaster Alex becomes just Alex again.  The armaments of the Dragons (except 
the now-useless Wings) disappear.  Luna falls into Alex's arms and Althena's 
power begins to flow outward at a tremendous rate.  Your friends want to save 
you, but Nall convinces them to get to safety.  Once they're safe, they witness 
the destruction of Althena's Fortress, as it falls into the water far West of 
Meribia, and the power of Althena spreads across the land and restores it to its 
former glory.  They begin to mourn the loss of they're best friends when a light 
appears in the sky.  The last of Althena's Power has protected Alex and Luna, 
and it delivers them safely to the ground.  They all go back to Meribia to part 
ways.  Now you can control Alex, Nall, and Luna in Meribia.  Talk to everyone, 
especially Nash, Mia, and Lemia on Black Rose Street; Kyle, Jessica, and Mel in 
the mansion; and Ramus in his shop.  Ramus will give you Luna's bromide 1, and 
he will sell you Jessica's and Mia's bromide 3 for 5,000 Silver each.  When 
you're done, head to the docks and talk to Dyne (Laike, as he likes to be called 
now).  Tell him you're ready to go home, and the game will end.  Watch the 
credits and enjoy the "Outtakes"--goof ups that the voice actors made during 
recording sessions.  See if you can recognize your favorite characters.  *END OF 
SPOILER*  That's it!  This concludes the walkthrough.

VIII.  Song Lyrics
**Opening Song--sung by Goddess Althena(Or not?)

In your dreams, magical thoughts...
All things are real unless you dream they're not.
In your dreams, love is the plot carried on wings of hope.

Each of our souls intertwine, when we do.
Instantly we see it the time to grow and be it
When everything is pinned on a hope.

Let rise the dreams of your heart,
That innocent youth, careless and kind.
Free to roam the breeze in love
Only when two brilliantly shine as one...

**Luna's boat song--"Wishing"--sung by Luna.

Wishing on a dream that seems far off
Hoping it will come today.
Into the starlit night, 
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze,
Waiting on a shooting star.

But, what if that star is not to come?
Will their dreams fade to nothing?
When the horizon darkens most,
We all need to believe there is hope.
Is an angel watching closely over me?
Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see?

I know my heart should guide me, but,
There's a hole within my soul.
What will fill this emptiness inside of me?
Am I to be satisfied without knowing?
I wish, then, for a chance to see,
Now all I need, (desperately)
Is my star to come...

Soundtrack CD: (orignal=Sega CD version)
1.  Opening Song
2.  Burg--original
3.  Overworld Arrange 1--original
4.  Tumultuous Seas
5.  Toward the Horizon
6.  Boss Battle Theme--original
7.  Ghaleon's Theme--original
8.  Grindery--original
9.  Opening Song--original
10. Magical Weapon Nash
11. Determination
12. Meribia
13. Recollection
14. Mysterious Party
15. Overworld Arrange 2--original
16. Go! Go! Go!
17. Mysterious Cave
18. Four Heroes
19. Reach for the Front
20. Battle Theme--original
21. Thieves Bazaar
22. Sad Piano Theme--original
23. Luna's Boat Song
24. Lunar Theme Arrange

IX.  Special Thanks
Extra Special Thanks goes out to Victor Ireland and the whole crew of Working 
Designs for their WONDERFUL translation of this game.  From witty dialogue to 
beautiful animation to talented voice acting to the BEST game packaging EVER, a 
hearty congratulations goes out to all the gang at Working Designs.  Also, 
thanks to WD for making the official Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete strategy 
guide.  I used this guide as a reference for making my lists section, and for 
filling in a few holes in my walkthrough.
Of course, special thanks also goes out to Game Arts, for designing this great 

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete FAQ/Walkthrough by Daniel Wagoner.
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Last but not least, remember...  "May the light shine upon thee!"
--from Dragon Warrior 1

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