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FAQ/Walkthrough by AChilds

Version: 3 |

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Walkthrough and FAQ
Revision III
Revision I Update
This guide was written in great haste just to give people tips on what 
to do at the end of the game since there arent any guides written that 
far yet. It has many typos, mistakes, and was written all on memory in 
one sitting after playing the game one time. Bear with me, I will 
complete it some day.
This is a guide that Im writing to aid people in Lunar SSSC because 
there isnt a guide out yet that covers until the end of the game. After 
a while Im gonna finish it, but not right now. For now, Im gonna type 
just enough to get someone through the end of the game and then finish 
it later when I have more time. Ive beaten the game already, and I had 
trouble in some places. This guide will solve that.
Revision II Update
Well, the guide is out, and alot of people are getting through with 
Lunar, but Im still getting alot of questions about the game. That's why 
I'm now taking the time to go back, finish everything, complete the 
walkthrough, correct typos, organise, etc. Enjoy!
Revision III Update
Well, Ive figured out that my guide isnt needed anymore... There are 
loads of guides now, all with complete walkthroughs, so Ive decided to 
move my FAQ skills to a place where there is DEFINATELY a need for a 
great walkthrough... that game is Grandia. There is only one guide 
there, and its VERY vague... it also doesnt do a great job translating 
it. I love the game and I feel like I could write a very detailed 
walkthrough. Thanks for supporting me in writing my Lunar Silver Star 
Story guide, and Id still like you to IM me or email me any time you 
have a Lunar question. Thanks again. Also, check out my Grandia guide. 
Tell me if you like it, give me suggestions, etc. etc. etc.
1. Characters, Their Skills, and Cool Strategies
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Moderately Detailed Walkthrough (part of it) and Walkthrough*
4. Extras, Secrets, Etc. (coming soon)
5. Ending Mumbo Jumbo

* by the end of the guide, I will have 3 wakthroughs: the walkthrough 
(VERY basic and full of errors), the Moderately Detailed Walkthrough 
(like I have started this update) and the Extremely Detailed Walkthrough 
(telling you everything about each dungeon, town, etc.)

Things Coming Soon: Dictionary of Lunar Terms and Characters, Game Shark 
Cheat Codes, Rumors, Controls, Menus, Extremely Detailed Walkthrough

Note - these things will not be included in the guide any longer.


In this section, I'm just going to discuss different things you can do 
with each character, their skills, and most of all, things about their 
personality and background (and some spoilers, which will all be 


Alex is the main character in the game. He is always in your party, and 
is probably the best player over all, possibly second only to Jessica, 
thanks to her great attacks and healing magic. 

Sword Dance - 6MP - effects one enemy - Attacks one enemy for loads of 
damage. One thing about Lunar is that some attacks are very useful 
throughout the whole game, and this is one of them. This is what you 
will want to use in every boss battle.
Explosion Staff - 9MP - effects one group of enemies - Hits all enemies 
with an explosive blast. This is great against groups, but not so hot 
against bosses compared to Sword Dance.
Flash Cut - 18MP - effects all enemies - GREAT for levelling up and 
against very hard random battles. It is basically an instant win.
Vigor - 10MP - used on oneself - This raises attack power a good bit. 
This is a BIG help in boss battles; always use it once in your first 
turn fighting a boss unless you decide to use...
White Dragon Protect - 60MP - effects all allies - Protects party from 
one attack and they come out unscratched. This costs alot of MP, but if 
you are desperate in a very hard boss fight, I would recommend it.
Red Dragon Anger - 35 MP - effects all enemies - Huge fire attack that 
will destroy a random battle (pretty much). This is good in a pinch, but 
thats about all. Still, a good skill to have just in case
Blue Dragon Heal - 40MP - effects all allies - Full cures all allies. 
GREAT! Its a big help against the last boss or any very hard enemy when 
you are struggling.
Black Dragon ???? - 15MP - effects all enemies - Heh, I forgot the name 
of this attack... it sucks up all enemies for an instant win, but you 
get no EXP. This is great at the end of the game though, when you are at 
very high levels.

Alex needs to be placed on the front line. He needs to attack or use 
very week sword magic in random battles, and use Vigor and then Sword 
Dance and occasionally Blue Dragon Heal or White Dragon Protect against 

Alex is from the small town of Burg, the birthplace of the last great 
Dragonmaster, Dyne. He is in awe of him, and stares at his monument all 
day... Maybe Alex can become a Dragonmaster too one day! He plays the 
occarina, and lives with his parents and Luna, a child they adopted, who 
he secretly loves. The designers keep Alex's personality vague, and it 
is a great idea, because that way you can imagine Alex to be you.

SPOILERS FOR ALEX - He becomes a Dragonmaster. Luna is captured, and he 
saves her, and they live happily ever after.


Luna is very helpful when she is in your party, with a huge wealth of 
healing spells, and some good long range weapons to equip. 

Healing Song - 4MP - effects one party member - This is a great spell, 
and heals your characters basically to full (not quite at the end of the 
Purity Song - 4MP - effects one party member - This heals their status. 
I didn't find this all that useful, but I can see how it could be needed 
to win a boss fight.
Cascade Song - 10MP - effects one party member - This boosts one 
person's attack power and defense. Very helpful against some bosses.
Escape Song - 10MP - effects all enemies - Instantly escape a battle. 
This is mostly useless...
Temptatioin Song - 8MP - effects all enemies - Puts all enemies to 
sleep. This is also pretty useless...
Tranquil Song - 15MP - effects all allies - Heals a good bit to each 
party member. Very good against a boss or a tough random battle.

Keep Luna in the back of the battle. She needs to heal and use her long 
range weapons and stay out of harm.

Luna has no parents, and grew up being parented by Alex's own mother and 
father. She has slowly started to love Alex over the years, but it takes 
her a while to admit it. Her past is mysterious...

SPOILERS FOR LUNA - Lunar is taken from your party midway in the game, 
and you find out that Luna is actually the goddess Althena in human 
form. She was sent to the world 15 years ago, and Ghaleon the evil mage 
wants to take her and use her power and take her place as goddess.


Nash is pretty useful, but he could be more so. His lightening attacks 
are great, but his others are terrible. He is a big help against bosses 
though, because you can have him heal with items and use his thunder.

Thunderbolt - 15MP - effects one enemy - This is great against bosses, 
but not for random battles. Too many MP and only hits one guy... but 
thats why it's great for bosses, because it takes off a good bit, 
especially against water based creatures.
Thunderbomb - 6MP - effects one group of enemies - Great skill for easy 
random battles. It takes away a lot of HP and can kill weak enemies.
Thunderthrust - 18MP - effects all enemies - This is what you should use 
on tough random battles, because it takes off alot more damage and hits 
everyone. But, don't use it too much, because of its pretty heavy MP 
Spark Ball - 10MP - effects a group of enemies - This paralyzes one 
group. I hate this skill... never use it.
Sleep - 9MP - effects a group of enemies - Also basically useless. It 
puts enemies to sleep.
Confusion - 7 MP - effects a group of enemies - Confuses a group of 
enemies. Useless.
Magic Box - 8MP - effects a group of enemies - Silences a group of 
enemies (so they can't cast spells). It is useless.
Stone - 6MP - effects a group of enemies - Also useless. Stones enemies.

As you can see, some of Nash's skills are terrible, but some are a big 
help. Keep him towards the back, and give him some healing items. You 
can afford to waste his turn. 

Nash is a student at the Magic Guide of Vane. He is Ghaleon's best 
student, and hopes to replace him one day as the best magician in the 
world. He has a cool hairdo (heh) and is dying to get Mia to fall for 
him... it almost never works, though.

SPOILERS FOR NASH - Near the end, you find out he has been working for 
Ghaleon the whole time, and has reported to him alot. But, he joins you 
again and you forgive him. At the end, he also wins Mia's heart.


Mia has terrible attack power, but her MP is amazing and she has some 
very nice skills. She really helps, especially against easy random 
battles and hard bosses.

Flame Bomb - 13MP - effects one enemy - Hits one enemy with a tough 
flame attack. This is great for use against bosses.
Flame Circle - 7MP - effects one group of enemies - Hits a group with a 
pretty strong fire attack. Good, but not as good as Flameria by the end 
of the game.
Flameria - 30MP - effects all enemies - Very strong fire attack that 
pounds all of the enemies with fire. Great at the end of the game when 
Mia has loads of MP, as well as against some bosses (but Flame Bomb is 
really better for the latter)
Power Drive - 11MP - effects one ally - Great! Just like Vigor and Power 
Up for Alex and Kyle, but can be used on everyone! You should use this 
on your attacks at the beginning of each boss battle.
Ice Lance - 5MP - effects one enemy - This is good against a fire based 
enemy, but besides that, it isn't strong enough to do much real damage. 
You would want to use...
Ice Wall - 15MP - effects a group of enemies - This is probably Mia's 
best all around attack, because it is great against bosses and random 
battles. Use it frequently!
Blizzard - 10MP - effects all enemies - I use this at the beginning of 
every random battle when I am levelling up and when Mia has enough MP. 
It takes off a pretty good bit of HP, and has a low cost. It really 
shortens your battles.
Ice Shell - 11MP - effects one ally - One of the best skills in the 
game, because you can use it on everyone, and it really helps reduce 
damage. Use this on everyone if you are having trouble with a boss, and 
you'll see good results.

Mia needs to stay in the back like Nash and cast spells. You should 
probably give her some HP and MP healing items too. Mia is a valueable 
member to the group.

Mia Ausa is the daughter of Lemina Ausa, one of the Four Heroes, which 
includes Hell Mel, Dragonmaster Dyne, and Ghaleon. Lemina is the leader 
of the Magic Guild of Vane, and Mia is going to take her place one day. 
She isn't strong emotionally, but she overcomes it in the end.

SPOILERS FOR MIA - Well, there aren't many... she ends up with Nash in 
the end, and becomes leader of the Magic Guild... but I think most 
people can see that coming.


Jessica is probably the most valueable member of the party, thanks to 
her amazing skills. She also has very good attack power, and can attack 
multiple times like Kyle and Alex. She needs to be in the front for 
random battles so she can attack, and in the back for bosses to heal.

Heal Litany - 4MP - effects one ally - Restores about 60% of someone's 
HP. This is very useful, and is even used alot at the end of the game.
Calm Litany - 15MP - effects all allies - This is also used alot all 
throughout the game, especially against bosses. It heals about 1/3 of 
everyone's HP. Very useful against the last boss, too.
Althena Litany - 10MP - effects one ally - GREAT! This is a full cure 
skill that only costs 2.5x more than Heal Litany, and is a must for 
tough boss battles.
Saint Litany - 12MP - effects all allies - Another great spell. This 
should be used at the beginning of each boss battle, and is a big help 
throughout the game.
Miracle Litany - 20MP - effects one ally - Raises one from the dead, to 
FULL HP! This saved me against alot of hard bosses. This way, you only 
need one of two people to have Angel's Tear items to revive Jessica, and 
Jessica can revive the rest.
Cleanse Litany - 4MP - effects one ally - Heals any status effect, like 
poison. This is an ok ability.
Fear Litany - 6MP - effects on enemy - This scares one enemy away from 
the battle. This is good if you are fighting a random battle you might 
not be able to win and there is one really hard enemy.
Escape Litany - 20MP - effects all allies - Teleports you to the 
entrance of the dungeon you are in. This is great for coming back 
through a dungeon, so you dont have to go through the whole thing again, 
plus, if you are hurting, you can leave and level up more.

Jessica needs to be in the front for random battles thanks to her great 
attack power, and the back for bosses so she stays undamaged and can 
heal your party. Always keep her with good MP and HP, so that her 
abilities can be used.

Jessica is the daughter of Hell Mel, one of the Four Heroes, which 
includes Dragonmaster Dyne, Lemina Ausa, and Ghaleon. Her father doesn't 
know how wild she is, but she is always sneaking away and things of that 
nature. She is a student at Althena's Shrine, where she is learning to 
be a priestess. She is always fighting with Kyle, her ex boyfriend, but 
really she loves him (she would never admit it).

SPOILERS FOR JESSICA - Once again, there really aren't any. She gets 
back together with Kyle at the end and they live happily ever after.


Kyle is a great character, and has alot of power and HP. He has decent 
MP, and some pretty good skills. Overall, definately a good addition to 
the party.

Power Slash - 6MP - effects one enemy - This is Kyle's main attack. It 
should be used during boss fights after he uses Power Up. This is just 
like Sword Dance, in that it is useful the whole game, costs only 6MP, 
and takes off a lot of damage.
Power Sweep - 9MP - effects all enemies nearby - Kyle swings his sword 
and basically kills all enemies closeby. This is a very good attack if 
you are being bombarded by fierce enemies.
Sonic Riser - 14MP - effects one line of enemies - Kyle sends a sonic 
wave at an enemy and it effects all enemies in front of him or behind 
him. Very good while levelling up or in tough random battles.
Power UP - 8MP - effects Kyle - This raises Kyle's attack power. This is 
very good for boss fights, and should be used at the beginning of each, 
followed by Power Slash..

Kyle needs to be placed on the front line, and should attack or use a 
weak skill during random battles, and use Power Up followed by Power 
Slash against bosses.

Kyle is the leader of Nanza, a town in the mountains. It is a gateway 
linking many areas. He has restored peace to Nanza, but he is a thief 
and a drunk. He is also very full of himself and always joking. He used 
to go out with Jessica, but now all he does with her is banter.

SPOILERS FOR KYLE - None, really. He ends up with Jessica in the end, of 

Now, here is a list of the characters that join your party as part time 

Ramus - Fat Ramus has pretty good attack power, but no skills. He leaves 
near the beginning of your adventure. He is your best friend from your 
hometown of Burg, and is always trying to get "filthy stinking rich."

Laike - Beret clad Laike is a mysterious character, and his past is 
revealed only at the very end of the game. He has amazing attack power 
and can basically win a random battle with one attack.
SPOILERS FOR LAIKE - I'm not going to tell you! It's too good of a 

Tempest - Tempest from the Indian town, husband of Fresca, is a great 
warrior. He helps you find the Black Songtress and the Black Dragon. He 
is a great addition to the party for the short time he is in it.
Flash Arrow - 8MP - effects a group of enemies - Strong attack that 
hurts alot of enemies for alot of damage. Very useful.
Flash Wind - 10MP - effects all enemies - You instantly win the battle, 
but get no EXP. This is good to use while trudging up the fairly 
difficult Black Dragon Shrine.

Ghaleon - The mysterious mage from Vane is in your party for a short 
time while you escort him to the White Dragon Cave. He has great skills, 
and you can slaughter anyone using him.
Inferno - 14MP - effects all enemies - A huge fire attack kills all of 
the enemies.
Nitro Dagger - 14MP - effects all enemies - An ice attack that kills all 
of the enemies
Tornado - 10MP - effects all enemies - A tornado picks up and drops all 
enemies, and once again, kills all of the enemies
Rock n Roll - 10MP - effects all enemies - Huge boulders nail the 
enemies and, you guessed it, kills them all.

Next update, I create a dictionary with all of the Lunar characters, not 
just the ones in your party, as well as the places in the game.

This portion of the guide will cover every question anyone has every 
asked me about Lunar, so there is no need to answer again. Please check 
this before asking me a question.

1. How do I get through the Red Dragon cave?
Well, once you get in, you cant get out. However, it shouldnt matter 
because there is a point in the game where you go down or up some stairs 
and the dragon heals you. That way, you can level up there as much as 
you want. When there is fire, you must go through it to keep going. The 
bosses at the end have given some people I know some trouble. First, use 

which I use on every boss. First, have Alex use Vigor. Then, have him 
use Sword Dance every time. Have Kyle use Power Up and use his sword 
attack for 6 MP over and over. Have Jessica heal every turn and attack 
when everyone has full HP. Have Mia cast her defense up spell on Jessica 
and whoever else, and then have Nash and Mia match their attacks to the 
enemy (fire for ice, ice for fire, etc).

If you still cant beat it, just level up. Thats the universal cure to 
all RPG problems

2. How do I beat Ghaleon?
Use the all mighty boss strategy. Also, give everyone at least one 
healing nut, several silver lights, and several revival items. Go all 
out, cause you wont need anymore MP, HP, etc. Always be careful, cause 
its a LONG fight, and if you get to the very end and then die, youre 
gonna be mad. Also, after you beat Ghaleon, make sure you read the 
following: (SPOILER ALERT... BIG SPOILER) Make sure you use your 
occarina to play your song going up the stairs. Trust me on this one. I 
didnt do it the first time, and had to beat Ghaleon again... I was very 

3. Where do I go after the singing city?
Go to the right of the city, and you can travel along the coast down to 
the town below. You shouldnt go through the forest just outside of the 
hick water city, because the enemies are very hard and give little EXP 
for that level. Tackle that area later.

4. How do I get the monster for the inventor in Iluk?
Go into the garden and dont think anything of it when the bugs run away. 
Youll come to a clearing at the end and when you defeat the group of 
puffy bugs there, you will get the bug automatically.

5. What do you have to do to get to the top of Myght's Tower?
To get through the first room, you have to go through the doors in a 
certain order. I don't want to give away too much in the FAQ section, so 
I won't give you the complete answer, but I will tell you that you go 
through the top door last. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out from 

6. How do you get through the final stages of Althena's Tower (the last 
There are dragon icons and you have to step on certain markers 
corresponding to different dragons (the ones you meet to be 
Dragonmaster). On all of the floors, either step on the markers in order 
of which you met the dragons, the order in which you must step on them 
(on some you arent allowed to step on panels in any other order). On one 
floor, however, it tells you the order to step on them.

7. What percent is the first disk or second disk of the whole game?
I would say the first disk is about 80% of the game, and the second disk 
is the other 20%. When I reached the end of the first disk, I thought I 
was very close to the end, but really, I had another 6 or 7 hours to go.

8. How long is Lunar?
I beat it the first time in 37 hours, but many people beat it in about 
20 to 25. They might have either lied, used a guide, cheated,  or have 
played the import, Sega CD, or Saturn versions previously.

9. Why is Lunar so good?
Lunar is a classic Sega CD RPG that has been copied many times. It has a 
traditional yet still innovative and fun combat system, and a VERY cool 
anime style story. The remake of the game is even better, yet I've heard 
that the Sega CD soundtrack is a little bit above the new one (and 
judging from the only song on the original soundtrack I've heard, the 
battle theme, it's true). Everything about Lunar is great, and it is 
probably my favorite game ever.

10. Should I get Lunar or Star Ocean 2?
These games both came out right next to each other, and while I'm 
waiting to finish my Lunar guide (or at least get close) before I get 
Star Ocean 2, I do have Star Ocean (the original for the Super Famicom) 
and unless SO2 is a million times better, it isn't as good as Lunar. 
Lunar is the kind of game I like. Star Ocean 2 is probably great in its 
own ways, but you can't go wrong with Lunar. Every RPGer should play 
this classic game.

11. I'm supposed to play the Occarina so that I can get to see the 
ending after I beat Ghaleon but the Occarina is in Nall's inventory and 
I can't switch it!
This is a bug that happens when you use a save game from the demo with 
Lunar Silver Star Story for the Playstation. WWW.WorkingDesigns.COM has 
the answer to all of your questions concerning this matter.

12. What are all of the version of Lunar Silver Star and its sequel?
Lunar Silver Star was released in 1992 in Japan and 1993 in the US for 
the Sega CD
Lunar Eternal Blue was released in 1994 in Japan and 1995 in the US (I 
think) for Sega CD
Lunar Silver Star Story was released in 1996 for Sega Saturn in Japan
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete was released in 1997 for Sega Saturn in 
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete was released in 1997 for in Japan for 
PSX and 1999 in the US for PSX
Lunar Eternal Blue was rereleased in 1998 for Sega Saturn in Japan
Lunar Eternal Blue is soon to be released in Japan and later the US for 

Lunar Silver Star is the original Sega CD version. Lunar Eternal Blue is 
the sequel. Lunar Silver Star Story is the remake with a lot more anime 
and a new soundtrack with updated graphics and a changed story. Lunar 
SIlver Star Story Complete is the same as Lunar Silver Star Story but 
with anime that covers the entire TV screen, not just most of it. You 
could use the Sega Ram Pack for that game on the Saturn. Lunar Eternal 
Blue remix has some new anime and updated graphics, but the game is 
mostly the same. I hope that explains everything.

13. When will Lunar 3 come out?
Game Arts, the developer of Lunar has said that they might make a Lunar 
3, but they are not yet sure (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE).

14. What are some good games that are similar to Lunar?
First and formost, Grandia. This is made by Game Arts, the same company 
that made Lunar, that was released on the Japanese Saturn in 1998. It 
will be released on the Japanese Playstation this July, and will be 
released on the US Playstation later (hopefully this year). It's a great 
game that is very similar to Lunar, however I don't think it is quite as 
good. You also might want to try some lighthearted anime games 
translated by Working Designs, the Lunar translation company, like 
Popful Mail on Sega CD, Magic Knight Rayearth on Saturn, or Alundra on 

If you have any more good questions, please email me at 
This is the Walkthrough section. When the guide is done, I will have 3 
walkthroughs: the walkthrough (as shown below), the Moderately Detailed 
Walkthrough (even farther down), and the Extremely Detailed Walkthrough 
(coming later in another installment). The Walkthrough is very quickly 
written, and has little detail. The Moderately Detailed Walkthrough is 
much more organized with some substance, but it doesn't reveal 
everything. It is just to be used when you are stuck. The Extremely 
Detailed Walkthrough tells you exactly how to get through every dungeon 
in the game and all of the secrets. It will be included later when I am 
bored stiff and have nothing to do :o) Sit back, relax, and enjoy...

Before I start, I have to give you the ultimate key to Lunar: Kefka's 
Patented Lunar Boss Strategy, or KPLBS for short. KPLBS is a foolproof 
way to beat almost any boss in the game. Here it is...
First Round - Have Alex use Vigor, have Nash use Thunderbolt, have Mia 
use Power Drive on Alex, have Kyle use Power Up, and have Jessica use 
Saint Litany.
Second Round - Have Alex use Sword Dance, have Nash use Thunderbolt, 
have Mia use Power Drive on Kyle, have Kyle use Power Slash, and have 
Jessica use Calm Litany
Then, have Alex use White Dragon Protect and Blue Dragon Heal when you 
have to, have Nash use items when you have to, have Mia cast Ice Shell 
on everyone and then use Flame Bomb, and have Jessica ressurect and use 
Althena Litany when she has to. Wah la! (or... whatever)

WALKTHROUGH (the most basic one)

Walk down and to the north east of the town where you can go to the 
spring and see an anime. Leave and go to Alex's house. Then go get Ramus 
at the entrance. Leave and go to the east and south, and go into the 
White Dragon Cave. Level up for about 30 minutes and use the Statue at 
Burg when you have to. Then, procede through until you get to the 
Dragon. Talk to him, and go to the west. Go into the room and make the 
sasquatch's hit the ice and let you take the chests. Get the ring and go 
back to the Dragon. Give it to him, and exit the cave. Go back to Burg 
and go to the Statue like Nall instructs, and then go to the Item shop. 
Leave and go to Alex's house in the north west corner of town. Then, go 
find Ramus near the entrance and try to go through the forest. Ramus 
will run away, and youll have to go back. The next day leave and Luna 
will clear away the fog. When you get to a certain point, youll be 
attack. I would not take the man's help if you think you can handle one 
or two battles, and then take his help for the last. Youll still get EXP 
and you wont die. After you camp, leave the forest and go to Saith. Talk 
to the captain inside the room by the dock and he'll spill his guts 
after a while. Go to the bar and play with Brett. Youll lose, but thats 
ok. Ramus will catch him cheating and you can leave. However, you have 
to go through an old lady's forest to talk to her and get your map. You 
also get to see a cool anime with Nash. Also, keep talking and you can 
get rid of that lucky cane which eats up an inventory space. Leave and 
go back to Saith. Talk to the captain, and you'll have to fight a boss. 
Use the boss strategy with as many Thunder spells as possible and you 
should be able to beat him (make sure you equip your guys with some Star 
Lights). You get to listen to the cool music on the ship and buy a few 
bars of soap at the shop (you'll want it later). Have some lengthy 
scenes and eventually youll be at Meribia. Go to the shop just south of 
the Statue to meet with Ramus. Then, go to Black Rose Street to the west 
and go in the house at the far end of the street and see a scene. Then 
go into the Castle and meet Hell Mel and see an anime. Leave and go 
visit Ramus, and after a scene youll have to go through a dungeon. Save 
and level up and go through the dungeon. When you get to the stairs 
leading down, get all of the chest and equip your guys to the best and 
save before talking to Dross. Talk to him, fight the easy boss (use the 
strategy) and see a scene. Leave and Nash will come visit you. Exit 
Meribia and go west and south. Go to Transmission Springs and you'll 
have to go the Althena's Shrine. Meet Phacia and get the application and 
go to Vane. Walk around and visit the library and the shops (especially 
the library... heh). Go to the Magic Guild and after the scene go to 
Mia's room upstairs on the west side. Youll get to see an anime. After 
the scene, go back with Nash to meet Ghaleon. Then take Luna to go meet 
Mia and leave. Exit Vane and go through the mountain pass to the south 
and enter Nanza. Go talk to the main operating the western gate and 
track down Kyle to see a funny anime. Then leave to the west and go 
through the rest of the moutain pass. Go to the town of Lann and go into 
the house in the south where youll see an anime and meet Jessica. Leave 
and go talk to the boat owner on the dock to the south west. Go to the 
Island, and don't open the chests that are out in the open because they 
are traps. Try to go on the blue as little as possible, and level up if 
you need to. Work your way to the north west of the place and youll see 
a house. Save, and talk to the man. Beat the boss which is pretty easy 
if you use KPLBS, and exit the dungeon. Go back to Vane and talk to 
Ghaleon. Take Alex and Luna to Meribia and talk to Hell Mel. Then leave 
on the boat to Burg. Go talk to your parents, save, etc. and go to the 
Dragon Cave. Work your way through and see some cool scenes and 
interesting plot twists. Then go talk to Laike by Dyne's Monument and 
use the Dragon Wings to visit Meribia. Save Jessica and see the scene in 
the castle. Then, go to Vane and help Nash and Mia beat the boss, which 
isn't too tough. Then, go to Nanza and see a cool scene and get Kyle in 
your party. This will be your party for the rest of the game. Then, walk 
to the south gate and go through the mountain pass and go to Reza. When 
you walk through the city, someone steals the Dragon Wings. Go to the 
bar, and talk to everyone. One of the people will tell you about getting 
into the Thieves Guild. Leave, and travel south and then east along the 
coast and youll find a forest along with a spring near it. This has a 
goddess statue, so use it. Go into the forest. Level up. Use the statue 
when you need it until you are very powerful and continue through the 
forest and on to Meryod, a water town. When you go across the main 
bridge, it breaks. Find all of your party members and find Kyle in the 
bar. Leave, and go back to Reza. From there, go to the thieves bazarre 
inside one of the houses in the top left portion of the town. From 
there, go to Iluk to the south. Talk to the inventor in his house. Leave 
and go down the stairs in the middle of the town and talk to the 
gardener so he will let you in his garden. From there go to the garden, 
and I would recommend levelling up. Work your way through the garden and 
youll come to a clearing. From there, fight the group of puff bugs and 
youll get the one you need automatically. Take it to the inventor when 
you feel powerful enough, and he'll give you the balloon to take you to 
the Red Dragon Cave. Take the balloon to the cave, and dont save. Make 
sure you can make your way to the place where the Red Dragon gives you 
full HP and MP, and then level up as much as neccisary. When you reach 
the end, youll have a confrontation with one of the 3 sisters (Royce I 
believe) and you will have to fight a boss. They arent too tough, just 
use the all mighty boss strategy and use as many ice spells as possible 
with Mia, and heal every turn. Youll be fine. Then, procede into the Red 
Dragon cave where you get another item and the Dragon Anger spell (VERY 
useful). Leave that area (you might want to use a Dragonfly Wing to 
exit) and youll crash in Reza. From there, walk to Meryod again. When 
youre there, you can go across the once broken bridge. After you go 
across, buy weapons and leave. Dont go into the woods as you exit. Save 
them for the end of the game (they are very hard and are optional). 
You'll reach Lyton, the singing city. You'll have to recue them from the 
terrible music by going through their cave, but it isnt too hard, and 
you can always level up if you need too. From there, go up north to the 
lake and enter the Blue Dragon cave. Get to the end (its VERY long, but 
not too tough) and youll get another item and the Dragon Heal spell 
(also outstanding - it saved me fighting Ghaleon). Take off from there 
and go to the right of Lyton and and youll have to go through a winding 
path to get to the next town. Youll encounter one of the three evil 
sisters and have to fight some fights. Then youll be saved by two 
mysterious warriors with bow and arrows. Keep going and go to the next 
town. Buy items, weapons, etc. and heal. Youll meet Laike here. Take 
Laike and Alex up north to Myght's tower. When you enter the tower, you 
must go through the doors in a certain order. Take your time and work 
through each combonation, and it shouldnt take very long. Procede 
through the hard maze (although the enemies are cake with Laike, as long 
as you remember to use Sword Dance on the Magic Hat enemies), and reach 
Myght at the top. He will agree to your proposition, and you can exit 
through the pipe. Go back to  the town in the wilderness and youll find 
Tempest the Indian and his spouce hanging a man. Rescue the man and 
fight Tempest, and youll easily win. They are the people that recued you 
and they are now your friends. They quickly leave. Go out and follow 
them through the forest. When you get to the end, Kyle will say that the 
exit should be there, but it isnt. After you "look" for a minute, go 
back to the campsite that you passed earlier and rest. When you wake up, 
Indians will show you to the exit. Go to the Indian's village and youll 
find out they are being plagued by a "black songress". Follow Tempest 
into the Black Dragon Shrine and you can use him in your party. He is a 
big help. When you reach the top, youll have a very cool but sad story 
sequence and youll have to fight the Black Dragon who has been taken 
over by Ghaleon. Beat him (he isnt too tough) and exit. From there, take 
your party back to Myghts tower (you can use your wings to get to the 
top instantly) and he will have the airship ready for you to go into the 
Frontier. When you land, go into the village and work your way through 
the doors to the main area. Youll find a man in a house to the left who 
will heal you. Use it, go in the Mine and level up. Come back when you 
need him to heal you again. When you get into the middle of the mine and 
then exit it, someone gets trapped under rocks and you have the chance 
to go back and save him. Do it. Then finish the cave and use the statue 
at the end. Youll see a nice story sequence at the end and you can 
procede. Then go through the exit and go past the egg object and to the 
Grindery. An event will happen and you can go back to the Egg. Do so, 
and you will see a scene. Leave and go back to the Grindery. Work to the 
top and you will meet Taben and have fight Nash in his chicken suit. He 
isnt very hard if you are careful, and you can get him back and exit to 
the top. You get to see a cool scene, and Ghaleon operates the Grindery. 
Leave and get in the airship and it will take you to Vane. Do as the 
instructions say. After the long and very cool scenes, go into the 
Grindery. Work your way up (there is a healing tower mid way) and youll 
have to face Ghaleon. Beat him, and the game is over! Just kidding. It 
turns out to be a decoy. He isnt very tough though. You get to see some 
nice scenes, and you fight a battle you cannot win. You wake up in 
Meribia. Go see Mia and Jessica in the council room and go to the bar 
from there. Youll find Nash and Kyle. Go back to Mia and Jessica, and 
then back to Nash and Kyle. They will be rejuvenated. Laike will then 
walk in. (make sure you stop my Ramus' shop before you leave, though) 
Tell Laike you are ready and you will automatically go to Burg and you 
will see a VERY cool scene which I didnt see coming. From there you can 
take Dyne's sword and go to Althena's Tower. Go through it (it is pretty 
tough) and youll have to fight Royce and Xenobia in the order on the 
way. However, when you get to the area where the world map song plays, 
heal and save and try to get all the way up without fighting. You want 
to have full HP to face Xenobia. With a little luck and alot of skill, 
youll beat her. Go back down, save, heal, and try to go up again without 
being hit. When you get to the top, get all of your items in the right 
place and equip the best accesories. Save. This is the big one... fight 
the Magic Emperor Ghaleon. He is pretty hard, but if you try over and 
over and are always cautious, he shouldnt be too hard if youre a good 
player. Simply use the strategy i have at the top of this guide. Enjoy 
the wonderful ending...

This walkthrough has moderate detail. I will describe scenes, give minor 
spoilers, talk about where to go more specifically, about how much to 
level up, etc. etc. etc. 

Party - Alex and Nall
Recommended Level - 1
Watch the peaceful beginning of your great adventure, and Nall will come 
and find you. Walk down the hill a little bit and you'll feel and 
earthquake, and then Ramus will join you. You can see an anime, and then 
walk into the town of Burg. Explore, and you can see some funny comments 
from townspeople as usual. Also, you can find the house of Alex and Luna 
as well as the house of Ramus. Also, you can see the first statue of 
Althena in the game (which heals you to full). You can see the shops, 
but you have no S to buy anything. When you feel like you've done enough 
exploring, exit to the northwest across a bridge to the Springs. There, 
you will see a cool anime and meet Luna, your secret love who grew up 
with you. They talk about things including Ramus' plan to visit the 
White Dragon Cave. Then, there is an earthquake... Lunar eventually 
decides to go with you, so you should go meet Ramus over by the western 
(and only) entrance to Burg. Get Ramus, but before leaving, make sure 
you stop by Alex's house so you can get the treasures in the basement... 
they will help you alot in your trip. Leave and walk around the town and 
go to the northeast. That path turns to the southwest, and you will be 
at your first dungeon...

Party - Alex, Luna, Ramus, and Nall
Recommended Level - 7-10
Enter the cave and Alex will use the Flame Ring he got from his father 
to melt the ice in your way. Enter, and you'll fight your first battle 
against a group of Slimes. They are actually a little challenging if 
you've never played Lunar and are at level 1, but you should be able to 
win :o) Now its time to level up... that means fight lots of battles so 
you get EXP and more levels and become more powerful so the game is 
easier. Heal with the Althena statue back at Burg whenever you have to. 
After you are powerful enough and the battles become super easy, try to 
finish the cave. Work your way to the west and go down and up the 
stairs, working your way back around south. Make sure you explore the 
areas that may look like they lead to no where (well, they do) because 
they have chests. Fight all of the battles for EXP and use Luna to heal. 
If you are still having trouble, level up some more. Once you get to the 
south, go east and youll be able to see the entrance through a block of 
ice. I'll come back to this later. Go down and you'll have to go back to 
the west a little, but there will be a door. Go in. You'll get to see 
some cool anime and good scenes, and youll meet the White Dragon, known 
as Quark from here on out. He tells you that you have to pass his 
trial... this isn't very hard compared to how far you've come already. 
He heals you to full. Save your game, and exit his room and go to the 
west. Go through that door and youll come to some rooms. Each has blocks 
of ice that you have to break to get through or get a chest. Lure the 
Sasquatch people to hit them so you can pass. You'll find some items and 
the Dragon Ring which Quark wanted. Take it back to Quark, and you'll 
have passed the first Dragon Trial and you'll have the Dragon Diamond so 
you can become filthy stinking rich! Now you are healed again and you 
can either exit the cave normally, use a Dragonfly Wing (if you have 
one), or use the Sasquatch to bust the ice blocking you from getting to 
the entrance quickly. I would recommend doing that even if you finsh it 
normally, because youll need that later on. Now, go back to Burg...

Enter the town, use the Statue like Nall says, and go to the item shop. 
Ramus will try to sell the Dragon Diamond, but the shopkeeper says that 
you can't sell it for enough here, and that you really need to go to 
Meribia to really get the proper money. So, Ramus thinks thats a good 
idea... go toward Alex's house and Ramus will pull Alex away for a man 
to man talk... They decide to go to Meribia together, and not to tell 
Luna. I dont quite remember how it goes, but eventually, you try to go 
through the Weird Woods to get to Saith, the port city, but you can't 
because of the fog. Ramus chickens out. You go back to Burg and take a 
rest, but Alex decides to tell Luna. Luna also makes up her mind to go 
with them... They go to sleep, and Luna wakes up in the middle of the 
night and there is a scene up at Dyne's Monument. Afterwards, its time 
to go to Meribia. Leave Burg and go east to the Weird Woods and Luna 
will clear the fog for you using her song... Hmm... 

Party - Alex, Luna, Ramus, and Nall

Thanks alot for reading the guide. I will come back and finish it quite 
soon. Email me with any Lunar SSS questions. My address is 
MistaKefka@aol.com   Also, I hurried and left out alot of details, so if 
you want detailed info, check the guide for the import Lunar SSS for 
Saturn at the web page http://www.simmo.force9.co.uk/ (which, BTW, was 
not made by me)

Thanks everyone for supporting me in making this guide, because your 
support was very encouraging. Id still like for you to email me if you 
have any questions for Lunar Silver Star Story or Lunar Eternal Blue 
Remix. Please IM me whenever you want to talk about games at MistaKefka. 
Also, check out my Grandia walkthrough. If you like anime style RPGs 
with a lighthearted story and fun 3D gameplay, definately check that 
game out. Once again, thanks a ton...

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