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FAQ/Walkthrough by cnick

Version: 0.98 | Updated: 03/15/05

     \   /
      | |      (-----) (-----)(-----)(-----)    /-\     ---------.
      | |       \   /   \   /  \    \ \   /    /   \    \  |---)  \
      | |        |  |   |  |    | |\ \ | |    / / \ \    | |__/  /
      | |        |  |   |  |    | | \ \| |   | /___\ |   |      /
      | |      /||  \   /  |    | |  \ \ |   | _____ |   |  ,  \
     /   \____/ | \  ---  /    /   \  \  |  /  \   /  \  / \ \   \
    (___________)  \_____/    (_____)  \_| (____) (____)(___) \   \
    ===========================================================\   \
                S I L V E R   S T A R   S T O R Y               \___\
    FAQ / WALKTHROUGH  Version 0.98             Written by cnick
    Last Updated: March 15th, 2005          (seamanci@yahoo.com)

                  Copyright (c) 2003-2005 cnick

Okay, I admit it. I'm writing this FAQ just so I have a reason to go back
and play this game... for like the tenth time.

I can't say I was expecting to write a guide for this glorious game.
Done with my latest project, that huge, fatty box Working Designs created
caught my eye; it's about time I got my Lunar fix, and contrary to the
begging and moaning of millions of fans, Game Arts refuses to do Lunar 3.
Instead, they want to remake this game over and over again until you get
stuff like Lunar Legend. But, that's a story for another day. So why not
go through the best Lunar has to offer and I'll show you how much I 0wNz
at it, k?

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 *                 t a b l e   o f   c o n t e n t s                 *
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                     1. updates
                     2. game overview
                     3. story
                     4. characters
                     5. controls
                     6. walkthrough (disc one)
                     7. walkthrough (disc two)
                     8. secrets
                        - bromides
                        - forbidden forest
                        - gale ring
                        - ghaleon's tear
                        - hell ring
                        - red chests
                        - rememberizer
                     9. appendix
                    10. thanks and disclaimer


 Version 0.98  (March 15, 2005)
  - Corrections made.

 Version 0.97  (June 26, 2003)
  - Walkthrough 100% done. Appendices are 95% done, and will remain
    there unless someone contributes it. The information not listed is
    simply too irrelevant to the actual "game" that I'm perfectly
    satisfied with the guide if I don't include it.
  - May add a new section.
  - Probably a ton of errors in here. Next revisions will fix those.

 Version 0.0 (April 20, 2003)

 This section dwelves into aspects of the Lunar: Silver Star Story.
 These aspects include the general gameplay, as well as some details
 on the stats that drive the game.

[ Game Analysis ] -------------------------------------------------------

 This is not a review. Rather, the follow paragraphs are my thoughts
 on how the game presents itself to the player. RPGs in general suffer
 from the same old formula (boy loves girl, boy saves girl, boy saves
 world), used since the dawn of man. Lunar, however, is guilty of
 following it more than others. Even it's dungeons are roughly the same
 thing over again.

 Let's get on with the dungeon design first. It's probably the most
 important part of this little section, as it should be able to prepare
 anyone new to Lunar to go through the game's dungeons with relative
 ease. Dungeons are all fairly short; but they always include a good
 amount of baddies to fight. However, the game's designers have set up
 each dungeon so that fighting them in never a problem (just as long as
 you don't get tired of fighting the same crap for hours on end).

 Kill 90% of monsters in each dungeon, and you'll be strong enough to
 go through the entire game with no problems. And no, there's no
 pain-in-the-ass boss to fight in this game. Fight a majority of the
 enemies in each dungeon, and you will be rewarded with an easy game
 (assuming you want that). Of course, since I bring up the subject, I'd
 be interested in people's experience by skipping most enemies. Despite
 the fact that enemies are on-screen in this version, it's hard to dodge
 a lot of them. But, I'm sure it's possible to skip half of them; I
 guess this would be Lunar's version of a no-materia game in Final
 Fantasy VII. Well, sort of.

 Moving along, each dungeon holds a number of chests that usually consist
 of crap. Towards the end of the game, the ratio of good:bad gets better
 (better good items), and it's more worthwhile to grab all the chests
 you see. I personally have mixed feelings about taking my time to find
 chests; considering most carry a fricking Healing Nut, it's usually
 a waste a time. But the powergamer in me wants to collect everything.
 I suggest you take a look at the 'Items found in area:' I've included
 in every section of the walkthrough. If you see something interesting,
 get it! If you don't skip it!

 Finishing up my analysis, let's talk about boss fights. Despite other
 guides I've looked at, boss fights in this game are extremely easy.
 Yes, you heard me right. Easy. Even the last boss in the game. Why?
 Because you use the same boss strategy throughout the whole entire
 game. Your party may be somewhat different at particular parts, but
 the strategy ultimately stays the same. The heavy-hitters (Alex, Kyle)
 use their respective Power Up magic, then use their skilled attack.
 The healer in the party (Luna or Jessica) simply heal when needed, and
 attack or defend when no healin is necessary. Having anyone else attack
 only speeds up the process ;)

 Done with that, it's funny who simple this game is. Well... most
 traditional RPGs are, but Lunar tends to be bit more easier as long as
 you level. Ah well, the game still kicks ass.

[ Character Stats ] -----------------------------------------------------

 While I'm not going to go on and on about simple things like accessing
 menus, and understanding the battle screen, I do want to talk about
 character stats. For the most part, this isn't very useful to you, as
 most will simply go through the game without even looking at character
 stats. However, those who want to pwn through Lunar, they'll definitely
 want to know what exactly Magic Endurance is.

 Character stats are accessed through the menu under 'Status.' Once here,
 (press R1 or L1 to cycle through each character), you're bombarded with
 loads of information. The key information listed here is what's on the
 right column. Character stats! Let me list each one and explain what
 how each affect a character's attack/defense/etc.

   HP      : Hit Points. Amount of life a character has before they fall
   MP      : Magic points. Amount of magic a character has to use magic.
   Attack  : Character's attack power. The higher the number, the more
             damaging attack one has.
   Defense : Character's defense power. The higher the number, the less
             the amount of damage a character will take (from physical
   Agility : Character's reaction speed during battle. With a higher
             value, a character will be able to perform an action faster
             than others (including enemies) with a lower value.
   Wisdom  : Affects magic. A higher value makes magic more effective
             (eg. Nash's Thunder Bomb does more damage; Jessica's Heal
             Litany heals more).
   Magic En: Short for Magic Endurance (also abbreviated ME). Higher the
             value, the more resistant a character is to magic attacks.
             You want this value to be high! Especially for character's
             with naturally low Magic Endurance values (such as Kyle).
   # Attack: Number of attacks. Value determines the amount of normal
             attacks a character has per round. Only one item (Gale Ring)
             increases a character's number of attacks.
   Range   : Distance a character can move in one attack.
   Luck    : Luck factors in a couple of aspects in the game. A higher
             value means more damage per attack, plus raises the success
             rate of critical hits.

 Obviously, these are all important. However, with only two slots for
 accessories, you're only able to raise a couple of these. So which ones?
 Look at a character's stats, and compare with other individuals. Is
 their agility lower than others? Then maybe you should boost that up.
 Or maybe their Magic En is awfully low compared to everyone else. Then
 boost that. The opposite is true as well; if their attack is much higher
 than everyone else, then maybe adding another accessory to increase
 attack isn't the best thing to do.

[ Magic Abbreviations ] -------------------------------------------------

 There's a number of abbreviations that are used to signify the effect
 magic has on allys and enemies. I'm going to quickly list each one,
 and explain what it means. Now, you shouldn't have any problems casting
 the wrong spell because you thought it attacked multiple enemies. For
 the most part, this is all copied down from the manual. And since it
 words concisely, I figured I should use it.

   1A: One Ally. Only affects the selected ally. (eg. Jessica's Heal
       Litany, Luna's Healing Song)
   AA: All Allies. Affects all of the allies in the party. (eg. Jessica's
       Calm Litany)
   AZ: Ally Zone. Affects only the allies that are in selected area.
       (eg. enemy attacks)
   OS: One's Self. Only benefits the person casting the spell. (eg.
       Alex's Vigor, Kyle's Power Up)
   1E: One Enemy. Affects only the selected foe. (eg. Alex's Sword Dance,
       Nash's Thunderbolt)
   AE: All Enemies. Affects every single enemy on the screen. (eg. Alex's
       Flash Cut, Jessica's Calm Litany)
   EZ: Enemy Zone. Enemies located in a selected area will be affected.
       (eg. Mia's Flame Circle, Ice Wall)
   SL: Single Line. Affects only the enemies that are in the line of
       attack. (eg. Kyle's Sonic Riser)


 Lunar is a spectacular world filled with magic. Once, long ago, it was
 threatended with extinction by an evil force. At that time, four heroes
 arose and saved the world. The legend of these four heroes inspires
 many boys and girls, even today.

 Enter Dyne-obsessed Alex, who is no different than any other kind is
 age... or not. He is a popular guy, with three friends!: Ramus, the
 short fat guy. Nall, Alex's high-pitched companion. And sweet, sweet
 Luna, the hot orphan that Alex's parents took in. Lucky guy.

 Alex dreams of taking his friends on fanatastic adventures like his
 hero, Dragonmaster Dyne. Dyne, one of the four heroes, is said to have
 perished under mysterious circumstances while safeguarding the Goddess
 Althena. A monument in his honor is erected just outside of Alex's
 village of Burg.

 Alex visits Dyne's memorial nearly every day and dreams of the day he,
 too, will be able to go on an exciting adventure. Just once, he longs to
 know how it feels to have that rush of adrenaline when facing off
 against life-threatening danger that is easily taken out by "leveling
 up." Soon, much sooner (as in, now) than he can imagine, Alex will have
 the chance to find out...


                           Playable Characters
 Background information, magic, and an evaluation for each of the main
 playable characters (excluding Laike and Ghaleon). The evaluation may
 seem a bit unnecessary (considering there's only five characters to use
 for most of the game), so I also dropped some information on the kinds
 of attacks you should be using for that certain character.

 For the magic chart, lv ? means the level the character gains that


 -- Background Information --

 Alex dreams of one day becoming a Dragonmaster like his hero, Dyne. But
 to fulfill his dream, he must leave behind all that he holds dear. Much
 more is in store for this young Padawan than he realizes, like saving
 the world for one thing (oh, please, like it isn't obvious already)
 Hopefully, he'll live long enough to tell about it!

 -- Magic --

 Sword Dance     | Lv 1  |  6 MP | 1E | Multi-Hit Attack
 Explosion Staff | lv 10 |  9 MP | EZ | Pressure Attack
 Vigor           | lv 12 | 10 MP | SO | Increase Attack Power
 Flash Cut       | lv 18 | 18 MP | AE | Slices up Enemies
 Dragon Protect  | N / A | 60 MP | AA | Defend magic attack
 Dragon Anger    | N / A | 35 MP | AE | Searing firestorm
 Dragon Healing  | N / A | 40 MP | AA | Heals everyone
 Dragon Grief    | N / A | 15 MP | AE | Dimension attack

 -- Evaluation --

 Alex owns. To be more specific, Alex pWNs hard. Lunar came from a
 generation of RPGs that made the central character more powerful than
 he probably should be. Hell, his best weapon is given to him at the
 start of the game, and by level 12, Alex is usually the only one doing
 any kind of damage until late in the game. As the main character in the
 game, Alex is always in the party; and that ain't a bad thing!


 -- Background Information --

 Luna is an orphan raised by Alex's parents for 15 years. She has a great
 singing voice, and is able to do magic with it. In reality, she's
 the mortal form of Althena, who lost her Goddess powers 15 years ago
 to spread her power to everyone on the planet. However, Althena's
 power still remains in her body, dormant until Ghaleon takes control of

 -- Magic --

 Healing Song    | lv 1  |  4 MP | 1A | Heals ally
 Purity Song     | lv 4  |  4 MP | 1A | Cures ally
 Temptation Song | lv 7  |  8 MP | AE | Puts enemies to sleep
 Cascade Song    | lv 9  | 10 MP | 1A | Boosts stats
 Tranquil Song   | lv 10 | 15 MP | AA | Heals everyone
 Escape Song     | lv 12 | 10 MP | AA | Scares away monsters

 -- Evaluation --

 For the short amount of time Luna is available to you as a Playable
 Character, she's used mainly for healing. By the time you reach Meribia,
 she's about as useless as possible offensively. Fortunately, as the
 only healer available at the time, she's a necessity throughout the time
 you use her. After Ghaleon kidnaps her, Jessica takes her place as the
 healer of the party.


 -- Background Information --

 Alex's childhood friend from Burg. He yearns for his chance to prove
 his father that he isn't a wussy boy. Very eager to find treasure, he
 pushes Alex to find a Dragon Diamond, which starts the game's adventure.
 He's also really greedy, and wants to be filthy rich. My kind of man!

 -- Magic --


 -- Evaluation --

 Ramus has an okay attack and that's about it. In the very short time you
 use him, he's actually fairly good. His attack is comparable to Alex's
 until about Meribia. Once you reach there, he's simply the "use item if
 needed" guy since his damage pares in comparison to Alex's two attacks
 per round power-up at Level 9. But for what its worth, this slow guy
 ain't too bad.


 -- Background Information --

 This extremely overconfident magicians's apprentice is an understudy
 to Ghaleon, the most powerful magician in Vane. If he isn't studying
 for his latest exam at the Magic Guild, or combing his stylish, but
 retro hair, he can be found trying to impress the woman of his dreams,
 Mia. Although, how someone as cool and cocky as Nash could have the hots
 for someone as conservative and boring as Mia is beyond all of us. It's
 too bad Nash isn't as successful at trying to win Mia's heart as he is
 with magic.

 -- Magic --

 Thunder Bomb    | lv 1  |  6 MP | EZ | Thunder attack
 Confusion       | lv 6  |  7 MP | EZ | Confuse
 Magic Box       | lv 15 |  8 MP | EZ | Suppress magic
 Spark Ball      | lv 18 | 10 MP | EZ | Paralyze enemies
 Sleep           | lv 20 |  9 MP | EZ | Hypnotize
 Thunder Thrust  | lv 23 | 18 MP | AE | Fierce lightning
 Thunderbolt     | lv ?? | 15 MP | 1E | Lightning

 -- Evaluation --

 The black sheep of the main party. While they are times when Nash's
 thunder magic is useful, its when it isn't that brings Nash down. With
 Thunder doing nothing, Nash is far too weak to become a fighter like
 Alex or Kyle (heck, even Jessica), and his Status spells suck (as in
 every single RPG known to man). Still, the man is faster than heck, so
 if you need to get that one item off before a boss fights, Nash is the
 one to hold that position. And when his thunder magic is worthwhile to
 use, it's a great spell to have. Unfortunately, it's his only thing
 worth having. The upside to all of this criticism is that Nash is almost
 as funny as Kyle. So who cares if he sucks.


 -- Background Information --

 Mia is the daughter of Lemia, one of the Four Heroes, and the leader of
 Vane. Lemia has overprotected Mia from the outside workd for so long
 that she is oblivious to the joys and hardships found in the world
 below. Despite her mild nature, she is actually a very powerful
 magician. If she could learn one new magic trick, it would be making
 Nash disappear.

 -- Magic --

 Ice Lance       | lv ?? |  5 MP | 1E | Ice daggers
 Flame Circle    | lv ?? |  7 MP | EZ | Fire Pillars
 Ice Shell       | lv ?? | 11 MP | 1A | Increase defense
 Blizzard        | lv ?? | 10 MP | AE | Raging blizzard
 Ice Wall        | lv 21 | 15 MP | EZ | Cold air
 Flame Bomb      | lv 24 | 13 MP | 1E | Throw fireball
 Power Drive     | lv 27 | 11 MP | 1A | Increase attack
 Flameria        | lv 35 | 30 MP | AA | Fire storm

 -- Evaluation --

 Mia's damn similar to Nash. In fact, they're usually both either really,
 really effective, or absolutely useless. Until late in the game (around
 where Alex becomes the Dragonmaster), Mia is usually hit and miss in
 a dungeon. She's somewhat effective to useless. Afterwards, she's fine
 as she hits her more powerful spells. Despite Nash's willingness to
 be amazing in certain situations to horribly ineffective, Mia tends to
 simply be enough. The damage she causes is minute to the amount of
 damage everyone else does, but it's some more damage that usually hits
 everyone. In the long run, that ain't bad. Plus, Mia has Power Drive,
 which means Alex can do more damage with his Sword Dance. And in the
 long run, that's the only thing we need to finish off this game ;)


 -- Background Information --

 After winning the approval of Master Mel of Meribia, Kyle was put in
 charge of protecting the Nanza Barrier. Despite his youth, he is a
 master swordsman, and well-respected by his loyal followers. He can't
 help but find himself attracted to Jessica, even though she can't
 stand his chauvinistic ways. He has a couple of flaws: his ego, beer,
 and woman... and did I mention beer? Arguably the coolest guy on the
 face of the planet.

 -- Magic --

 Power Slash     | lv ?? |  6 MP | 1E | Skilled attack
 Power Sweep     | lv ?? |  9 MP | EZ | Sword Swipe
 Sonic Riser     | lv ?? | 14 MP | SL | Release weasel
 Power Up        | lv ?? |  8 MP | OS | Increase attack

 -- Evaluation --

 Despite the magic-users in the game, Kyle is a power-house. Until Alex
 becomes Dragonmaster late in the game, Kyle is the most powerful person
 in the game. His regular attacks do far more damage than Alex, and his
 Power Slash is comparable to Alex's Sword Dance. Even with the uber-
 powerful Dragonmaster at this side, Kyle remains just as powerful, and
 a great secondary attacker. Unlike most RPGs who only give one character
 all the power in the game, Kyle stands next to Alex as a HP-eating
 machine. Plus, he's the funniest character in the game, so he could
 suck donkey balls and I could really careless.


 -- Background Information --

 Jessica is the daughter of Master Mel, one of the Four Heroes, and the
 governor of Meribia. As an apprentice priest at Althena's Shrine, she
 is a master of healing spells. Don't let the sweetness she displays
 around her father fool you; Jessica is a very brave and independent
 woman. She is at constant odds with Kyle (thank goodness for comedy
 relief), hoping that one day he will treat all woman as equals.

 -- Magic --

 Heal Litany     | lv 1  |  4 MP | 1A | Recover HP
 Cleanse Litany  | lv 6  |  4 MP | 1A | Cure condition
 Escape Litany   | lv 12 | 20 MP | AA | Escape from dungeon
 Calm Litany     | lv 16 | 15 MP | AA | Recover HP
 Saint Litany    | lv 25 | 12 MP | AA | Recover HP each turn
 Althena Litany  | lv 31 | 10 MP | 1A | Recover all HP
 Miracle Litany  | lv 35 | 20 MP | 1A | Resurrect

 -- Evaluation --

 As the only healing magic-user in the game after roughly 5 hours,
 Jessica would be a necessary character no matter what. Fortunately, she
 also kicks some booty with her mace, and can do comparable damage to
 both Alex and Kyle until fairly late in the game. Even then, she still
 does a good amount of damage, especially compared to Mia or Nash. But
 she is the healer in the group, and that's what she will be doing most
 of the time. However, she's a nice addition to a party that sometimes
 relys too much on Alex and Kyle.

                         Non-Playable Characters
 (major spoilers...)

 Althena: Goddess of Lunar. 500 years ago, she banished the Vile Tribe
 to the Frontier, a vastland of waste, untouched by Althena's power.
 During Dyne's time as Dragonmaster, she decided to become mortal as
 people were relying on her power as Goddess too much. By doing this
 transformation, her power is spread out among every human being. She
 does this in hopes that the people of Lunar will solve their own
 problems, instead of relying on her to do it.

 Dyne: The last Dragonmaster, and the hero Alex looks up to the most.
 To save the world 15 years prior to the events of Lunar, Dyne sacrifices
 his Dragonmaster power to help Althena to transform her energy to
 everyone human being on the planent. After losing his power, Dyne,
 technically dies, and transforms to Laike. This action was not
 understood by Ghaleon, and this starts his trip to the Dark side of the
 Force. Late in the game, Laike tells Alex that he only now regrets
 doing what he did when Ghaleon turned into the Magic Emperor.

 Fresca: The implied girlfriend of Tempest. Like Tempest, she's a strong
 warrior from the Prairie Tribe in Pao. After he people become inflicted
 by some sort of disease from the Evil Songstress, she travels with
 Tempest to find a cure.

 Ghaleon: Another one of the four heroes, Ghaleon turned evil after he
 couldn't comprehend how Dyne could give up the power of the Dragonmaster
 for the sake of helping Althena's crazy transformation. He hid his
 evilness from everyone, waiting until the perfect time to take over the
 world as Magic Emperor.  Conspired with the Vile Tribe to take over the
 Shrine of Althena and the magical city of Vane.

 Laike: A mysterious character that saves your party in the Weird Woods.
 One of the strongest characters in the game, its unfortunately that
 we're able to control him for just a short period. Still Laike owns big
 time, mostly because he's the previous Dragonmaster, Dyne, in disguise.
 Heck, even Alex as a Dragonmaster has nothing on this guy.

 Lemia: Head of the Magic Guild in Vane. One of the Four Heroes, who
 conquered evil. Although she has fought for the side of good, she now
 acts without the cares she used to. No longer does she seem like the
 mother Mia remembers. When Mia helps Alex break out of jail, they also
 free a prisoner with a mind-controlling mask on. When the Mirror of
 Althena is used, it breaks the mask, revealing that the REAL Lemia has
 been locked up for quite some time. The imposter Lemia is none other
 than Xenobia, leader of the Vile Tribe!

 Magic Emperor: Evil guy. Hell-bent on destroying the world (or ruling
 it, I can't seem to remember if he ever tells you). Any person can
 be the Magic Emperor apparently, as Dyne defeated one during his time,
 and we defeat one in Silver Star Story. Or, am I missing something.

 Mel: One of the Four Heroes. Before as a fierce pirate called Hell Mel,
 who challenged Dyne after he left Burg. After neither could defeat the
 other, they came to a Truce. Later, Mel decided to join Dyne to defeat
 the evils of the world. Currently, he is the governor of Meribia, and
 has one daughter, Jessica.

 Myght: A smelly, rude inventor that steals Victor Ireland's quotes.
 Once Dyne convinces him that his work is needed, he builds an airship
 for the party to head to the Frontier. Afterwards, he successfully
 uses Shira's balloon engine in the airship after a certain incident...

 Nall: Alex's high-pitched companion. Besides the fact that he talks
 a lot, he's also the new White Dragon, as Quark is killed by Ghaleon.
 He doesn't know this, however, until at the very end of the game.
 While his voice is damn annoying, he sometimes is funny, so it's worth
 it to read most of his conversations.

 Phacia: Conspired with Ghaleon to use a mind-controlling spell to take
 over the Shrine of Althena. A member of the Vile Tribe, and sister to
 Royce and Xenobia, Phacia decides to do the work of good late in the
 game. As an villian, she's pretty weak sauce; but that's fairly obvious
 to anyone who plays the game. You KNOW she's going to join your side
 in the near future when you find out she's evil.

 Royce: An evil fortune-teller, and sister to Xenobia and Phacia. Like
 any evil subordinate, we don't get much detail and background with
 Royce, but she is a tough boss at the end of the game, so at the very
 least she gets mention here.

 Taben: Evil inventor that creates the Mobile Magic Masher (or Triple M),
 as well as the huge Grindery. I suppose he's the opposite of Myght in
 some ways (like, considering it's bloody EVIL!!!). But he's similar
 to Myght in other ways, such as both characters tend to speak like
 their important in this game, when they're actually not ;).

 Tempest: Leader of the Prairie Tribe in Pao, Tempest joins the party
 to save the afflicted members of his tribe by the Dark Songstress' evil
 song. Alex and company join him as the Evil Songstress uses the Black
 Dragon Fortress as her hideout, and because Mia and Jessica fall under
 her wicked spell. He respects the power Alex holds as the Dragonmaster,
 and becomes good friends with Alex. He also is a good friends with
 Laike, who trained him to become the best warrior in the tribe.

 Xenobia: Leader of the evil Vile Tribe. Crazy biatch that turns Mel
 into stone in front of Jessica, and possible lover of Ghaleon >_>
 There's not to say much about her, other than she's Ghaleon's lackey,
 and deserves to get her ass whooped.


 Directional Buttons / - * Moves characters.
 Left Stick              * Moves cursor in menus.

 Select Button - * Opens and closes the normal menu.

 Triangle Button - * Returns to the previous menu screen.

 Circle Button - * Shortcut to save screen
                 * Press once to exit to the top of the menu, twice to

 X Button - * Talk to people
            * Examine objects to find hidden items
            * Confirm commands

 Square Button - * Opens Normal menu

 L1 / R1 Button - * Change characters on the menu screen
                  * Displays current status (move D-pad to cancel)
                  * Selects which Memory Card to save or load from
 L2 Button - * Turns on or off the display for the spell names during

 R2 Button - * Turns off vibration if you are using Dual Shock controller


 A little note before I begin. Follow the guide, and you'll be fine
 throughout the game. It's set up with recommended levels, and includes
 how to get any worthwhile item that may help you on your journey. Which
 means boss fights should be a breeze. If you have trouble at any point
 in the game, level up! In an era that has taken away the leveling-up
 process, n00bs are unfamiliar with the mundane concept of fighting
 monsters over and over again... and over again.

                           The Beginning: Burg
 Items found in area: Dagger, Sling, Flame Ring, Angel's Tear,
                      Star Light, Herb, Dragonfly Wing

 Take control of Alex and attempt to exit the bluff. The screen shakes,
 foreshadowing the inevitable conclusion that this is the cause of one
 giant, fat guy: Ramus! The man's got a plan; go to the White Dragon's
 cave and get filthy rich by selling Dragon Diamonds. You agree to go,
 but Nall remind everyone that this isn't an RPG without the love

 As you enter town, note the house to your immediate right. We'll be
 going here soon, so I'd like to point it out now. Make your way east
 towards the center of town. The Goddess Althena has a statue in the
 center, which you can use to heal you fully. Note the weapons and item
 shop north and south respectively. Although the weapons shop has some
 nice upgrades, we don't have the funds yet. Perhaps they offer zero
 financing? But since we're here, let me list what's available from thw
 two shops. For the sake of fitting my chart, I've labeled the shop that
 sells both weapons and armor a WEAPONS shop.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      WEAPONS -----------------------
      Short Sword          200
      Poison Darts         180
      Heavy Clothes        140
      Iron Armlet          60
      Wooden Shield        100

      ITEMS -------------------------
      Herb                 40
      Antidote             20
      Cleaning Water       60

 Move towards the northeast corner, across a bridge and into a forest.
 Cut to some animation.

 Since Luna wants to come with you, you're ready to go. But first, we
 need to make sure its okay for Alex to stay up late. Talk to his father
 inside his house, and he gives you some items: a Dagger, Sling, and
 the Flame Ring. Immediately equip the Dagger and Flame Ring to Alex,
 and the Sling to Luna. Go downstairs, and open up the four chests,
 which have some decent items inside. particularly the Star Light.
 When you're ready, exit the house and find Ramus waiting outside the
 exit (on the west side of town, south of your house).  Exit the town.

 As per the instructions given by your dad, move north, then south
 on the other side of the mountain range, then northwest into the cave.

                            White Dragon Cave
 Items found in area: 4x Herb, Star Light, 1250 Silver, Dragon Ring

 Recommend Level: 1

 Before we begin, a word of caution. It's too hard to get through the
 cave on one go. You simply don't have the capacity to heal too long.
 Which is a good thing, as you can return back to town, and buy some of
 that new equipment. I suggest grabbing the Heavy Clothes for everyone
 as your main priority. If you have that, the rest of the dungeon should
 be okay. Also, just rely on Luna to heal after battles; if she runs out
 of MP, head back to Burg to heal at the statue.

 The cave is as straight-forward as they can be. The slimes and mutant
 flies are easy distractions, but the Albino Baboons are one tough mamas,
 and the main reason why you're forced back to town to heal HP/MP and
 buy some armor.

 The chests all contain herbs; if you care for that, go for them. But if
 you don't, stay down on the lower level at the beginning of the cave
 (don't go back up stairs). You'll skip some Albino Baboons, and it will
 get you through the cave faster.

 When you reach the area with all the ice blocks, have one of the baboons
 destroy the ice block blocking a shortcut to the entrance. This will
 save lots of time in the near future. Eventually, you'll run into a
 an opening. Go in it, and you'll be introduced to Quark... the magic
 dragon. He offers the Dragon Diamond, but he forces you to endure his
 trial. Darn. Fortunately, he heals you fully, which means Luna can
 heal more ;)

 Exit his cavern, and head to the west, which was originally blocked.
 Past some baboons, go up some stairs into a new area of the cave. The
 next three rooms consist of the Dragon trial. The first room is easy;
 simply let the baboon charge at you, run out of the way, and he'll run
 into the ice block breaking it, and allowing you to get through.
 If you do accidentally run into him, leaving the room fixes it. Whew.

 In the following room, use the same method. I recommend getting the
 chest, as it contains a precious Star Lights; I'll say it now for the
 first time, and repeat myself many times more, but these are very nice
 items to have. When I say get them, GET THEM! The tough thing about this
 one is that its an awkward shaped room. To get the baboob to break the
 block, have him first break the block on the very right. This sets him
 up in relatively good position to break the two blocks guarding the

 In the final room, two chests await. The one on the right is the Dragon
 Ring, the item you've been looking for. The one in the southeast corner
 has 250 Silver in it. Get that. When you have the Dragon Ring, go back
 to Quark, who tells you about his brothers: Red, Blue, and Black, and
 that you should seek them out. With that, leave the cave via the

 Return back to Burg, and go to the Althena Statue. Next, go into the
 weapons shop, and buy the best equipment for everyone. You should have
 plenty for this; if you don't, its okay, we got some money coming soon.
 Go inside the Item shop, where the shopkeeper tells you Alex and
 company will have to go to Meribia to sell the Diamond. Next, return to
 your house. After your "man-to-man" with Ramus, leave town and journey
 a little west to the Weird Woods. Continue along the path, and
 eventually Ramus will wuss out.

 Back at Burg, go inside your house. Talk to Luna, then to your mom and
 dad, then back to Luna, then back to your mom and dad (yikes!). Your
 mom rewards you with 1000 Silver, which you should use if you didn't
 fight much in the Dragon cave.

 After you wake up, talk to Ramus at his hang-out spot: the town's exit!
 With completely upgraded weapons and armor, head into the Weird Woods.

                               Weird Woods
 Items found in area: 5x Antidote, 4x Herb

 Recommend Level: 6

 After Luna's singing, go deeper into the woods. I won't go into too
 much detail for this area of the game. It's all rather linear, and each
 branching path is either the only way to go, a chest, or a dead-end.
 To get out, keep a northern path to your movement. You'll want to be
 towards the northeast corner, where you'll continue on with the story.

 But, you have to get there to go on ;) Let me describe the monsters
 you'll face, which is far more usefull here. First off, I'll have to be
 the one to give the bad news. All these guys can put poison on you!
 Luckily, half of the monsters here are very easy. The Flytrapper and
 Scythe should be no problem for you, assuming you're at the recommend
 level. The majority of your problems are going to come from the Gorgon,
 and sometimes the Goblin. The goblin is nothing special, but his regular
 attack automatically puts poison you. Which means every time you face
 this guy, all three of your party members will get poisoned. Combined
 this with the hard hitting, tough defense Gorgon, and there may be
 trouble. Speaking of which, the Gorgon's are tough. You won't face a
 group that's too overwhelming, but if you aren't paying attention, they
 might get you.

 So, gone through the forest, and you're now in an open space. First,
 heal up with Luna's magic, and save. If you want try a challenge,
 make sure everyone is at level 9. Approach the northwest corner of this
 area, and you'll get swarmed by monsters. A mysterious man approaches,
 and offers his help. Say yes if you want to see someone kick ass like
 nobody's business; say no if you want the challenge of your life.

 Assuming you said no, good luck. The best road to take is Alex Sword
 Dancing, starting with the Gorgons. Have Luna cast Cascade Song on him,
 and if she survives round two, put it on her or Ramus. I suggest Ramus,
 as the extra defense won't help Luna much. At this point, you'll want
 to get the Gorgons first, as they're the toughest guys out there. Ramus
 should concentrate on killing a Goblin every two rounds. Hopefully Nall
 will revive Luna, so that she can heal someone, then die again. When
 there's just a monster left, wait for Nall to revive her again, so that
 she can earn the experience.

 Assuming you said yes, watch the master at work. He owns.

 After the battle, you'll stay here for the night; When you wake, Laike'
 is unfortunately gone. Go back to where you were first swarmed by
 monsters, and follow the path to the exit.

 On the world map, take the southern route to Saith (on the coast).

                        Saith, Ships, and Gambling
 Items found in area: Fortune Cane

 Recommended Level: 9

 At the entrance, head south a little and enter the shop. You should have
 plenty of money to upgrade everyone. If not, shame on you. You can live
 without doing this, but I recommend going back to the Woods to get some
 money. Remember, sell your old equipment to get some money back. Here's
 what the shop is selling. Grab as much as you can; these are all
 upgrades from the equipment in Burg.

      SHOP:               SILVER:
      GENERAL STORE -----------------
      Long Sword          360
      Small bow           320
      Leather Clothes     200
      Leather Armor       260
      Herb                40
      Antidote            20

 With upgrades done, move south a bit more to the Althena Statue. Heal,
 then enter the Boat House on the water. Talk to the Captain at the end
 of the room, then to the man behind the counter. It appears the Captain
 lost the Sea Chart to a gambler named Brett. And we need the chart to
 get to Meribia. Exit, and enter the bar (just east of the statue).
 Brett awaits in the back of the room.

 As if you didn't see this coming, we gotta beat Brett at his own game.
 No, not golf, gambling. Choose whatever when he asks heads or tails.
 It doesn't matter. After the second time, Ramus figures out that Brett
 is cheating. Talk to Brett again, and try to beat him on your third
 attempt. This time, Ramus catches Brett cheating; that sucker. As he
 confesses his crimes, he gives back your 200 Silver, the Dragon Diamond,
 and gives the Fortune Cane as a little something special. Unfortunately,
 he doesn't have the Sea Chart with him. He traded it to the Old Hag that
 lives north of Saith.

 Exit the bar, and leave Saith. Follow the northwest path (west of the
 mountain range) until you enter another forest area.

                       The Old Hag and the Voyage on
 Items found in area: 3x Herb, Star Light, 400 Silver

 Recommended Level: 9

 A similar area to the Weird Woods. You want to keep a northerly path
 to exit, but theres a bunch of branching pathways you can take. There
 are numerous chests here, but most simply attract Killer Flys, which you
 may or may not want to fight. So I suggest skipping chests to begin
 with. The ones with actual treasure are merely herbs. So I suggest just
 skipping the chests unless you want to fight the flies you'll be forced
 to fight.

 The Killer Flies and the Mantle Rappers are all fairly easy stuff to
 kill. At level 9, Alex should have two attacks; so he can pretty much
 kill anything in one round. Ramus and Luna should team up to take
 another enemy out. If you run into a bunch of Killer Flies, be careful!
 They do a decent amount of damage, and if you add five flies into the
 mix. The Mutant Ants and Killer Wasps are tough because even Alex can't
 kill them in one round. While the Ants don't do much damage, the the
 Wasps can take around 15 HP off, plus automatic poison.

 The monsters here aren't tough, but are definitely the toughest so far.
 Just don't lay back thinking each battle is an easy shot.

 As you go further into the forest, you'll enter a new screen. Walk
 north, and you'll meet with Nash, who joins your party. When you get
 back control of Alex, go inside the Old Hag's house. Go upstairs, and
 talk with her. Have Luna seduce Nash so that he hands his Water Cane to
 the old lady. I don't know what happens when you have Ramus tough talk
 Nash, but I assume the outcome is the same.

 Make sure you equip the Fortune Cane on Nash, so that he has a weapon.

 Return back to Saith, heal, and go inside the Boat House. Make sure you
 save, then talk with the Captain. Tell him you're ready to fight the
 monsters destroying the ship. He will lead you towards the boss; save
 if you haven't, and walk up with the Slime.

 Saline Slimer                             Recommended Level: at least 11

 The Slimer is a fairly easy boss if you're leveled up properly. If
 you're at level 12 with Alex, have him cast Vigor, then Sword Dance over
 and over again until the damn thing is dead. Nash should constantly do
 Thunder Bomb. It does around 60 HP of damage, which adds to the 170+HP
 Sword Dance does. Have Luna cast Cascade Song on at least Alex to
 increase his attack for Sword Dance; you could use it for the other
 characters to increase their defense, but it isn't necessary. If she
 has nothing better to do, go for it, but it's likely she'll need to
 heal anyway. Ramus should simply attack or heal if Luna needs help.

 If the Slimer casts Mucus on something, Luna's Purity Song should get
 rid of it. In all likelihood, unless Alex gets hit by it, it's really
 not worth getting it off; since Alex does all the damage, he only needs
 to be attacking.

 After some scenes, talk to Luna on the pier. It appears she is having
 second doubts about leaving for Meribia. After she decides not to go,
 the rest of the party boards the ship. As it leaves the port, Alex
 convinces Luna to join them. Once you have control of Alex, go
 downstairs (below deck), and walk to the very north part of the ship.
 There is a shop just before the room with Luna (next to Ramus and Nash)
 that sells Soap. I think this is the only time to get this, so I
 suggest buying it.

 When you're ready to continue with the story, talk with Luna a couple
 of times to go to sleep. When you wake up, go back on deck. Luna sings
 while Alex and Nall watches. When she's done, Alex and Nall return back
 to sleep. When Luna wakes you up, go back on the deck (again) and do
 your "King of the World" impression on the bow.

 Items found in area: 4x Star Light, 2x Herb, 2x Antidote, 750 Silver,
                      Fortune Ring

 Recommended Level: 11

 Once in Meribia, you have a couple things you can do. First, head to
 the Armor Shop at the very west end of the main portion of town.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      WEAPONS (north) ---------------
      Short Sword          200
      Long Sword           360
      Broad Sword          600
      Poison Darts         180
      Small bow            320
      Battle Bow           640

      WEAPONS (middle) --------------
      Long Sword           360
      Small Bow            320
      Fire Cane            1400

      ARMOR -------------------------
      Leather Armor        260
      Iron Armor           480
      Wooden Shield        100
      Iron Shield          360
      Headband             100

 Buy whatever new equipment Alex and Luna can equip. Next, it's time to
 meet Hell Mel. Enter his castle in the norhteast corner of town. Take
 the first right, then into the first door; Mel introduces himself, and
 demands to fight Alex, to test if he could be the next Dragonmaster.

 Mel                                                  Recommend Level: 12

 While you don't have to beat Mel, it is possible for Alex to do it.
 For a reward of 300 exp (RPG Dominator), I'm sure there's gamers who
 want to beat the snot out of Mel just for the heck of it. The reward is
 pretty small, but he isn't too tough. Do your standard Vigor/Sword Dance
 attack, and heal with herbs when necessary. Mel will go down eventually.

 Thanks for the numerous people who corrected me on this.

 After Mel whoops on you, leave and heal at the Althena Statue in the
 northend of town (just south of the exit). Return back to the Armor
 Shop, and exit to the west, entering into Black Rose Street. There's
 another set of Weapons and Armor shop here. The weapons are the same,
 but the Armor Shop has specific armor for magic-users, particularly
 for Luna, who definitely needs the upgrade.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      WEAPONS -----------------------
      Long Sword           360
      Small Bow            320
      Fire Cane            1400

      ARMOR -------------------------
      Robe                 400
      Steel Armlet         220
      Headband             160

 When you're set, enter inside the most western house on the street.

 You'll be introduced to Royce, and reintroduced to Nash. After you talk
 awhile, Nash suggests you go find Ramus; good idea. Go back to the main
 part of town, and enter the shop with the pink sign (right next to the
 Armor Shop). Walk up to Ramus, and you'll find out that there's no way
 he can sell the Dragon Diamond for what its really worth; there's no
 way to prove its the real deal. Say Ramus should settle for 20,000

 Dross agrees to the deal, and says he will get your money in the back.
 After taking the Dragon Diamond, you wait for awhile until Nall makes
 the assumption that you guys got screwed! Although the game suggests
 going to Mel to deal with this, don't bother. He says nothing but
 suggest adventurers like you could do this on your own.

 Go into the back room of the store, and enter the sewers. The sewers
 are a pretty straight-forward place, so I'll keep this short. The first
 half is all simple run into monster, continue on. Eventually, you'll
 run into a set of seven small bridges. From left to right, lets number
 them one to seven.

*NOTE* You can enter the sewers from Mel's gym. While it isn't another
route to capture the thief, it does lead to two more chests; one has a
star light in it, and the other has a Fortune Ring. There's also a red
chest there as well *END NOTE*

 First, take bridge number seven, which leads to a chest for 250 Silver.
 Next, take bridge two to a switch, that drops a nearby bridge. Go across
 it, and hit another switch that lowers a second bridge. Yeah, I know a
 lot of bridges. Return back to the start of the seven small bridges, and
 take the fifth one. This leads to the bridge previously up; so now you
 can cross it. The rest of the sewers are all linear, but they are all
 loaded with some tough monsters (and more fights then I care to fight).

 All four types of monsters here are tough. If you're around Level 12,
 you should be okay, but you'll likely be healing with Luna after every
 round. That's fine; she has plenty of MP to do this. Of all the
 enemies here, the Fatal Hoppers are probably the toughest, mainly
 because you they are in groups of 5 or 7. If you face 7, I suggest just
 running; that's one tough fight, even if you're leveled up.

 Eventually, you'll enter through a doorway, and catch up with Dross.
 Pick up the three chest in the area, and SAVE. Make sure Alex has full
 MP, and Luna has at least half of hers left. Use Star Lights if you need
 to, as a big bad is coming up. Talk to Dross when you're ready.
 Water Dragon   250 EXP                             Recommended Level: 13

 This guy is surprisingly hard, mainly because he has so much HP. Alex
 should Vigor, then Sword Dance until he runs out of MP. Luna should
 immediately cast Cascade Song, and defend until she needs to heal
 somebody. Ramus should defend; it ups his defense so that he can survive
 longer without healing. Remember, Alex is doing all the damage.

 Sword Dance may not be enough, as Alex will run out of MP. You can
 either use a Star Light on him, and Sword Dance some more, or you can
 just attack normally. This is a bit slower, and the Water Dragon needs
 to be close to enough to do a normal attack. If he's too far away,
 simply defend and move to the very right. They will cause the dragon
 to move quicker.

 When the Dragon dies, you'll win back the Dragon Diamond, Dross' store,
 as well as his employment, plus 500 Silver. Nice job Ramus. Use a
 Dragonfly Wing to quickly return back to the store (unless you want to
 walk back).

 Nash is back at the store, and asks if Alex wants to come with him to
 the Magic City Vane. Obviously, you want to say yes. Ramus speaks up,
 and tells Alex that he wants to stay at Meribia, so that he can earn
 millions at his newly formed business. Ah, okay. Tears. ;(

 As Ramus leaves and Nash rejoins, its time to leave. Exit north of the
 Goddess Althena Statue, and following the southern road to Vane.

                            Onwards, to Vane

 Enter the Spring of Transmission. Talk with the man outside the circle,
 and he explains why Alex and company (minus Nash) can't go to Vane.
 Apparently, the rumors of the Magic Emperor have scared the authorities
 in Vane to not allow nonmembers in the city. But, the man suggests, we
 can talk to Phacia at the Althena Shrine just west of here.

 Leave, and make the short distance west to the Shrine. Enter, and walk
 north into the game takes control. Nash goes ahead to talk to Phacia,
 and eventually she approaches you. She attempts to change your mind
 about becoming the Dragonmaster, and offers an application to the
 Magic Guild in Vane. Head back to the Spring of Transmission, and talk
 to the old man. It appears Nash was slow to mention that we have to
 go through a Cave of Trial to even get to the city. Damn that fine-
 looking man, why does he play us like that ;) Walk into the center of
 the transporter to get in.

                             Cave of Trial
Items found in area: 750 Silver, Healing Ring

Recommended Level: 14

 To begin with, lets describe the enemies you'll be facing here.
 Slumber Moth's are as easy as they come. Alex can kill one in one hit,
 so he can kill two every round. Ice Mongrels run away at the beginning
 of each fight; I don't know if there's any way to kill them, unless
 you're at some uber-level. The Death Shrooms hurt, but Alex should be
 close to killing them in one hit. They have 25 HP; if you're at level
 14, you should be able to kill two of them per round. The hardest guys
 to fight here are the Gunfoots. They have an attack that damages both
 Alex and Luna for around 20 HP, and a close-ranged attack that does
 30+ off. In a group, I recommend taking out whatever is left, then
 kill the Gunfoot last. They take at least two rounds to kill, so that
 time should be used to kill off the minor annoyances hurting you ;)

 Don't fret about not being able to use items; there's hardly a need to
 use them to begin with.

 Although the man calls this a labyrinth, its fairly straight-forward,
 at least initially. Eventually, you'll run into the man again, where he
 offers to heal you. Remember, enemies won't come back until you leave
 the cave, so don't use his healing until you Luna is running out of
 MP. Also, having Alex at Level 14 helps so much. It puts his attack
 power just high enough to kill most enemies in one hit.

 After passing him, you'll go up some stairs into a new area. Go either
 left or right; both paths lead to the same thing.

 On the fourth floor, you'll run into a whole area with other people
 attempting to get into the guild. Except for the Austin Powers imitater,
 the rest are boring. In the northeast corner, the old man waits next to
 the stairs. Unless you absolutely need it, skip the healing; you don't
 want to get to the end of the dungeon and not have any MP left. The
 monsters do not regenerate.

 The fifth floor consists of more of the same. Some chest are in the
 northwest corner; pick them up. To get the second chest, however, you
 will have to face the Truffle Troubler. SAVE when you first see him.
 Although many may consider him easy, the bosses of Lunar should not be
 Truffle Troubler     (1200 HP/300EXP)                Recommend Level: 14

 As usual, cast Vigor and Cascade Song to power up Alex to full strength.
 Sword Dance eats up this guy, just as much as the last bosses you've
 fought. Once Cascade Song is cast, Luna should be reserved for healing
 purposes only. With Sword Dance doing 250 HP off, and Luna healing, this
 guy will go down easily.

 Try not to resort on having Luna cast Tranquil Song. While it does heal
 both of you, it costs so much its simply not worth it unless you
 absolutely have to save both characters.

 Truffle's attacks are pretty plain. One does aboout 30 damage on both
 Alex and Luna, which can be healed by the Healing Song in two rounds.
 His Flash Bolt does around 40, but it can paralyze. Ideally, you want
 Truffle to constantly do Flash Bolt on Alex so that Luna can just heal
 the damage back.

 Make sure you pick up the Healing Ring after you kill Truffle. The
 stairs he was blocking lead to the exit.

                          Magical City of Vane

 Before we meet with Nash, use all that money you collected in the Cave
 of Trial to upgrade. All four shops are lined up together, so if you
 find one, you'll find the others.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      WEAPONS -----------------------
      Saber                1000
      Fire Cane            1400
      Dream Cane           1600

      ARMOR -------------------------
      Chain Mail           1200
      Magic Robe           1280
      Silver Shield        900
      Silver Bracelet      480
      Steel Armlet         220
      Fruity Bandanna      240

      ITEM --------------------------
      Healing Nut          200
      Antidote             20
      Cleaning Water       60

      MAGIC -------------------------
      Crystal Pendant      12000
      Devil Pendant        12000
      Star Light           1000
      Holy Water           100
      Angel's Tear         600
      Dragonfly Wing       100

 When you're ready, enter the largest house in the city (in the north).
 Immediately, Nash takes over, and explains the situation. The game
 continues along with Luna, where she hears a song similar to what Alex
 plays. Without going into too much detail, Ghaleon is such a bad ass.

 After the chilling scene, we return back to Alex. Take a left, and go
 up the stair next to the classroom. Enter the room (the guard lets you),
 and introduce yourself to Mia. After Nash interrupts your special
 moment, its time to meet with Ghaleon. From the stairs leading to Mia's
 room, go east until you run into another set of stairs. Go upstairs,
 and talk with Luna. The conversation leads up to the introduction of
 Ghaleon. With the hellos said, Ghaleon asks (orders?) you to go to Lann,
 where rumor has it the next Dragonmaster is already there. How can that
 be? Well, it's our job to find out the validity of this mess.

 Leave the manor, and remember to equip Nash with the latest armor. If
 you have the money, give him the Fire Cane. If you don't it's okay.
 Exit through the Spring of Transmission. On the world map, follow the
 yellow brick road southwest, into the mountain path heading to the
 Nanza Barrier.

                            Beers and Nanza
 Items found in area: 100 Silver, 2x Herb. Star Light

 Recommended Level: 14

 The Nanza path is fairly unique dungeon; there's really no brancing
 pathways. There is simply, the main path, or a dead end. And that's it.
 When you approach the first chest, skip it; not only does it confuse
 the entire party, but you're forced into battle with four Giga Wisps.
 Because the Wisps are so dangerous, skip the battle!

 The enemies inside here are rather tough. Everything is made easy by
 Nash's Thunder Bomb, which should be able to attack every single enemy
 in each battle. The Antorions, Giga Wisps, and Death Mutts all should
 go down the same way; Thunder Bomb by Nash, Alex kills the weakened
 enemies. Since Nash has a limited amount of MP, I suggest you don't go
 crazy with it; that means you'll get beaten up in most fights, and
 require Luna's healing, but if you were to get stuck halfway through
 the path with no MP left, you could be in trouble. The Giga Wisps aren't
 too tough, but if they get your party sleeping, they can kill off Luna
 and Nash in one hit! Lastly, the Mud Cyclops are fairly simple, but are
 rather resistance to physical attacks. Normally, I suggest just using
 Thunder Bomb twice, but because of Nash's limited MP, use it once, and
 whack them with Alex, Luna, and Nash. They'll go down eventually.

 It should be warned that all the enemies here pack a decent punch. You
 will be using Luna's magic to heal afte EVERY battle.

 As you go through the pass, you'll come to another confusion chest.
 It's in the southeast corner of the map; try if you want to, but make
 sure you save. It's definitely not worth the risk.

 Like any good adventurer, you'll come up another sign signifying ;)
 that the Nanza Barrier is just west of you. Although you're entering a
 new town, there's nothing you can do here now unfortunately. Don't
 worry! as Ahnold once said, we WILL be back. As you attempt to exit out
 of the west gate, the man stops you; only Kyle can give you permission
 to leave; apparently, he's a drunken bastard. Unfortunately, he's the
 drunken bastard we need to find.

 Go back into town, and enter the tower. Go upstairs, onto the 2nd floor
 of town. Talk to the person walking around on the northern section of
 the area. He says he saw Kyle heading towards the east Tower. Go south,
 and enter the tower. Go up to the top floor, and talk with the girl.
 She thinks Kyle went to the basement to get some food. Go all the way
 downstairs, into the basement.

 The people inside the cafeteria say Kyle was really drunk, and he went
 towards his room (north of the cafeteria). The man inside tells you that
 Kyle locks himself in a jail cell to control his drunken behavior.
 Yes! This guy is soooo cool. The prison is in the west part of the
 basement. Examine the cell, and we'll be introduced to the great Kyle.

 Talk with the guard at the west gate again, and he'll let you go.

 In the second part of the pass, continue going west until you exit out.
 There are two chests in this small area. One is a confusion box, while
 the other one (which you'll run into no matter what) has a Star Light!

 On the world map, follow the road right into Lann.

                          Lann's Dragonmaster
 Items found in area: 900 Silver, Fresh Ring

 Recommended Level: 15 (except for Nash)

 Secret: Jessica's Bromide 2

 Enter Lann, and go inside the largest building in the center of town.
 You'll run into Jessica, so happens to explain the situation nicely,
 and give a cheap shot at Kyle. See, its funny because she's making fun
 of someone that we know! Hilarious!

 Have Jessica join you, and exit the house. Before we leave, let me
 mention the lone shop in town.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      ITEM --------------------------
      Healing Nut          200
      Antidote             20
      Cleaning Water       60
      Dragonfly Wing       100

 Go onto the pier, and walk towards the west end. Talk with the guy
 standing next to a boat, and Jessica will charm him to letting you
 "borrow" the boat. I use charm and borrow loosely, of course. Once
 you're on the Island, return back to Lann, and talk with the owner of
 the boat again. He'll say something to the effect of "You can use the
 boat again." This triggers the bromide, so that you can get it later
 in the game.

 Be careful when exploring around here; when you touch the water ;),
 you'll lose some HP. Nothing significant, but it can't hurt knowing.
 Also, make sure you set your formation quickly; Nash and Luna in the
 back, and Alex and Jessica in the front. We want our hands-on
 characters to be closer to the action.

 The enemies here are fairly easy. Nightmares and the Deep should go down
 fairly easy. Barrel Snakes and Monocrops are another story. Alone they
 are a piece of cake. But when you add the huge amount of HP the Monocrop
 has, with five or six Barrel Snakes, and we've got a problem. On all
 of these monsters, you definitely want to start off with Nash's Thunder
 Ball. Because Jessica is such a babe, she and Alex can do a decent job
 of cleaning up the mess; killing any enemy in one hit. Even Luna should
 be able to join in the fun. But remember, these guys hurt hard; over
 30 HP usually; add three or four hits on one person, and that means
 certain death. Although this may be the easiest area we've faced in
 awhile, it definitely isn't a cake walk.

 Some notes: the first chest you find in the middle of the map casts a
 spell on you. No, its not love, but a form of confusion. Up means right,
 down means left, and so on. It's not a big problem, but its likely
 you'll go in the swamp when you first get hit by it. Counting this one,
 there are six of these chests here. It's up to you whether or not to
 just sit around and wait for it to wear off.

 The Dragonmaster is in the northwest portion of the swamp. You can't
 head north, then west, so keep on the western side of the area to get
 to him fast. When you're ready (SAVE), talk to him. Nall will piss him
 off, and he'll summon his evil creature. Is everyone able to summon
 evil water creatures?

 D Master Zoc  2000 HP 600 EXP                      Recommended Level: 15

 With Jessica in your party, you know have two capable healers. This
 means we can play it a bit more risky as we know two girls are ready
 to back us up. As usual, Cascade Song and Vigor Alex to full strength,
 and Sword Dance away. Luna should also cast Cascade on Jessica, as she
 has a decent whack that will benefit from the attack power increase.

 Nash should Thunder Bomb and bomb like there's no tomorrow. Keep your
 eyes on everyone's HP. This guy can attack three times per round,
 or stomp on everyone for a good amount of damage. Keep everyone spaced
 apart, so that the stomp only hits one or two people. If he nails all
 four, you may be up a creek. Keep HP above 50, though, and you should
 be perfectly okay.

 After knocking back some senses in Zoc, you forgive his actions. Use
 a Dragonfly Wing to return to the entrance. Let's head back to Lann.

 Back at Lann, Phacia shows up. Jessica mentions that she had no idea
 who that is. But she assures the company that she'll find out for
 herself. Unfortunately, before Nash can take out his comb, she leaves
 before you have a chance to ask her questions. Leave Lann and head back
 to Nanza pass.

 And yes, you DO have to go all the way back to Vane. Although it's
 not as bad as it seems. The path is fairly open, so it doesn't take an
 expert with mad skillz to dodge enemies here. Also, they are
 significantly easier with the extra level or two you gained in Lann.

                            Lies and Deceit
 Items found in area: 1500 Silver, Star Light, Angel Ring

 Recommended Level: 16 (Nash 15)

 Secrets: Phacia's Bromide

 Since you've already looked around in the Magic City, just enter the
 Guild. Nash is waiting for you at the entrance.

 Talk with Mia and Ghaleon. You may need to talk to Mia twice, but
 eventually Lemia will show up. As she enters, she accuses you of being
 evil and has you arrested. Mia shows up and rescues you. She gives
 Althena's Mirror; which can see into people's souls, and see who they
 truly are. Before, Mia was scared to use it on her mother, but this is
 the last straw. She is ready to find out.

 After talking with the crazy prisoner, Mia thinks that Lemia and Ghaleon
 took Luna to the Star Chamber. Exit the prison, and enter blue door to
 the east of the main hall. Nash comes and joins the party.

 The Crystal Tower is protected by a magical spell, and only the
 Dragonmaster himself is allowed to use weapons in here. Unequip Alex's
 sword, and Mia's and Nash's canes. When you're done, continue on.
 You can leave the tower and use the Althena Statue in town.
 Unfortunately, enemies DO come back if you leave the Magic Guild. So if
 you return to heal HP/MP, you're going to have to dodge enemies on your
 way back up.

 The enemies in here range from downright easy to a real pain in the
 butt. The Reflectors are easy; simply have Mia cast Flame Circle (or if
 Nash reaches level 17, Thunder Bomb works) to kill them all in one shot.
 The Plasma Fiends aren't too tough, but they are fairly resistant to
 magic, so you'll have to pound on them for awhile. Your biggest threats
 are the Blood Lords. A Thunder Bomb / Flame Circle combo can kill both
 of them, but Mia's too slow to attack, and the two Blood Lords will
 separate. This means at least one of them attacks, and takes off well
 over 50 HP. The final enemy here, the Nuetronitors are in the very last
 part of the tower. I recommend skipping them, to save on MP.

 Both stairs lead to the same place; choose whatever one you want. Since
 there is no healer in your party, you're going to need to use herbs.
 Fortunately, the enemies here all drop herbs, so don't worry if you have

 On the fourth floor, you'll run into Blood Lords. The stairs on the
 right lead to a chest. Stairs on the left continue through the tower.
 The following floor has two staircases on the bottom; but the one on the
 left leads to a deadend. So skip this for now. Heck, I'm going to sound
 like a robot here, but even the next floor has two staircases. Take the
 one on the left first, it leads to a chest. The right one, of course,
 continues up the tower.

 Eventually you'll run into Luna's voice (not literally...). This is
 obviously a clue on what's up ahead. Go up stairs and we'll catch up
 with the evil-doers. After the trio of evil introduce themselves, they
 drop a nasty surprise for you to fight. My only questions is why can't
 Ghaleon join us ;)

 Ultragoyle x4   120 EXP                            Recommended Level: 17

 While not much of a boss, if you are low on MP you'll be in trouble.
 Luna should use Tranquil Song every round. Each Ultragoyle can attack
 twice, and they do decent damage at that. So you'll be pretty much
 beaten up every round. Alex should Vigor, with support from Cascade
 Song to Sword Dance (yes, swords...). Mia should blizzard every round,
 and Nash should Thunder Bomb as usual. While they do have a decent
 amount of HP, they go down eventually, especially considering the
 amount of damage Blizzard does. As long as you keep healing, you'll
 be fine

 After the death of the Ultragoyles, everyone discusses what they should
 do next. Because of Lemia's current state, Ghaleon suggests Mia stays
 as head of the Guild. She agrees and wants Nash to stay with her for
 support. He obviously agrees. Next, Ghaleon wishes to see Quark to learn
 more about what the Vile Tribe and the Magic Emperor are planning. He
 asks Alex to lead him. To keep with the theme, you agree, and Ghaleon
 tells you to meet him at Meribia.

 While you're at it, return to Althena's Shrine to pick up Phacia's
 Bromide. Refer to the SECRETS section for an exact explanation.

                 Back to Burg and the Attack on Meribia
 Items found in area: Dragon Wings

 Secrets: Luna's Bromide 2, Royce's Bromide

 Leave Vane and head back to Meribia. Go into Mel's office, and talk with
 Jessica, Mel, and Ghaleon. To continue, talk to Ghaleon twice. Jessica
 will lead you to her room. Talk to her a couple of times, and Alex
 explains the situation. Talk with her some more and she'll say its time
 for bed.

 In the morning, Mel will tell you that Ghaleon is waiting at the harbor.
 Leave the mansion, and enter the harbor through the east side of town.
 Ghaleon is located near the boat on the east side of the harbor. Talk
 to him, and you'll leave for Saith. On the boat, he asks some serious
 questions that Alex should think about if he is to become the next

 Once you arrive at Saith, head to Burg through the Weird Woods.
 Unfortunately, you DO have to fight here, but Ghaleon is such a badass
 its definitely worth seeing him fight. Once you get to the exit, bypass
 Burg for now and head straight to Quark's cave. There's nothing at Burg
 at the moment.

 When you reach Quark, Ghaleon asks if Luna is the 'one.' Quark replies
 yes, which is the information Ghaleon was looking for. He transforms
 into Magic Emperor Ghaleon, and enslaves Quark into a little ball of
 light. He captures Luna to become his new queen, and shoots some magic
 at Alex and Nall that knocks him cold.

 You awaken in your home; your dad says that Laike rescued you before you
 froze to death. Before you do anything, go down to your basement and
 examine the bookshelves to pick up Luna's Bromide 2.

 When you're done, go to Dyne's Monument, and talk with Laike. Answer
 whichever when he asks what you want to do next (I don't think there's
 much difference in this conversation for each answer), and he gives
 you the Dragon Wings. Use these bad boys to transport yourself to
 Meribia. You should also notice that you have Dragon Protect, a spell
 given by Quark.

 Immediately, you notice trouble. Monsters everywhere! Jessica is shocked
 how you suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but quickly recovers and asks
 you to help you. You are immediately brought into a fight.

 While its not a boss fight, go all out on this. Vigor and Sword Dance
 for Alex, and just have Jessica attack. Remember, you're right next to
 an Althena Statue, so you can heal up immediately. After the battle,
 Alex explains what happened with Ghaleon, and Jessica immediately
 becomes pissed off, and wants blood to be spilled (preferably from

 Since the statue is so close to you, I recommend killing most of the
 monsters here. It shouldn't take long since you don't have to worry
 about conserving MP, and they give a decent amount of experience. But
 your ultimate goal is to go to Mel's Mansion. Most of the town is
 barracaded, so there's really just one path to get to the mansion (and
 its probably the longest route possible).

 The enemies here are surprisingly strong. While the guardians are the
 shoe-in for easiest enemy evar, the Shadow Lords and Rooks are
 unbelievably hard to kill with just Alex and Jessica. There's simply
 not enough meat to take all that damage. So whats the best thing to do?
 Play it safe and save often, and take advantage of the statue nearby.
 It is fairly easy to run past most monsters, so if you get tired of
 these tough fights, go ahead and skip'em. If you're at Level 17, you're
 doing okay anyway.

 Once inside the mansion, run past Mel's room upstairs to where Jessica
 took you earlier. Althought its tough to see, the door to the gym is in
 the southeast corner. Go inside, and walk towards the white square to
 your right. We'll run into Mel and Xenobia. Xenobia fires off a stone
 spell towards Jessica, but Mel gets in the way to save his daughter.

 After the fight, Jessica decides to join. She suggests going to Vane
 to talk with Lemia Ausa. That's a damn good plan.

 Before heading off to Vane, go to Black Rose Street, and pick up
 Royce's Bromide. Refer to the SECRETS section for an exact explanation.
 Then head off to Vane.

 Save before you enter Vane through the Spring Transmission. Trust me ^_^

                           To Vane with Beer
 Items found in area: Angel's Tear

 Recommended Level: 17

 Secrets: Jessica's Bromide 4

 As you enter Vane, Alex and Jessica joins up with Mia and Nash to fight
 a boss.

 Vile Crustacean    1200 EXP                        Recommended Level: 17

 Since Vile is strong against magic, Mia and Nash are rather worthless.
 Have Mia do Ice Lance; it does the most amount of damage of her spells.
 Nash should do Thunder Bomb, or heal if he has any items. Jessica
 is strictly the healer in this fight. You need to keep Alex alive,
 because his Sword Dance/Vigor combo owns like nobody's business. But
 you already know that because we've been doing this since the first

 If you can, keep everyone away from each other, and not in front/behind
 each other, as Vile can hit multiple people with his attacks. He
 also has one attack that can take well over 70 HP. Needless to say,
 this guy sucks big time. You'll definitely need a Star Light so that
 Alex can Sword Dance more. Unfortunately, since we don't get a chance to
 equip Mia or Nash, we're left with only Alex or Jessica to have the
 Star Light. Since Jessica pretty much needs to heal every round, Alex
 needs to waste a turn using it. Did I mention that this guy sucks.

 To go into more strategy, you'll likely die more than once. The key is
 to have Vile not use the brown glob move he has that is certain death
 to everyone except for Alex and maybe Jessica at full HP. If he simply
 relies on his normal attack, he's easy. Mia's Ice Shell works nicely
 on Alex and Jessica (you're two key characters) that Vile's attack
 takes off less than 10 on Alex, and less than 15 on Jessica.

 When the Vile Crustacean is dead, you chat with your old friends,
 explaining the situation with Ghaleon and the Vile Tribe. You're
 immediately warped with a meeting with Lemia. When you can, talk with
 Mia and Nash until both join you. Ask Lemia about the location of the
 Dragons are, and she seems to recall the Red Dragon being located in
 a Volcano south of Nanza. Nanza you say? Perhaps we can have a talk with
 our old drunken friend Kyle to help out.

 Make your way back to Nanza Barrier through the path. At level 18, these
 guys are darn right easy, especially with Kyle in your party. I don't
 think you can use your Dragon Wings here, but it's worth checking it
 anyway. Can anyone confirm? I think you can, but I didn't check it

*NOTE: After the following scene, go to the basement of Nanza, and
examine Kyle's bed to get Jessica's Bromide 4. If you talk to him, you
miss it! *END NOTE*

 Inside, you will hear a woman scream for help as she is being beaten.
 Strange enough, as the beasts come toward her, she's able to fight them
 off. All of sudden, pow! It's Kyle in disguise! The apprentice is now
 the master, and its beating time! Immediately a battle begins with just
 Kyle and four Scythe Masters. The Plan? Use Power Sweep. Since Kyle is
 slow, the Scythe Masters will all group up near him, and one sweep will
 take each one out

 After Xenobia disappears, Kyle decides to help Jessica out, as well as
 Alex (yay). Use the Althena Statue, and exit the Nanza Barrier though
 the south gate.

 The following path is simply straight down. There's two chests. One
 contains an Angel's Tear, the other is a Red Chest you've likely seen
 already. These cannot be opened yet.

                         Path to the Red Dragon
 Items found in area: 2000 Silver

 Recommended Level: 18

 In the Marius Zone, enter Reza, the desert thieves town. As you enter,
 a thief runs into Nall and steals the Dragon Wings. Here's your
 daily shopping list.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      WEAPONS -----------------------
      Samuari Blade        2800
      Flail                2600
      Ethereal Cane        2400

      ARMOR -------------------------
      Chain Mail           1200
      Purity Clothes       1400
      Sorceror's Robe      2000
      Silver Armlet        660

      ITEM --------------------------
      Healing Nut          200
      Antidote             20
      Cleaning Water       60
      Dragonfly Wings      100

 Buy new equipment in the Weapon and Armor stores (pass on canes for Mia
 and Nash though), and enter the biggest building in the north when
 you're done.

 Laike is at the bar counter. He mentions that you'll need some sort of
 machine to fly over the mountains. Thanks for the information, buddy.
 Stay cool and calm as Kyle suggests, and wave off Laike's uselessness.
 Talk with the barkeep. He tells you if you become a member of the
 Theives' Guild, the thief will be forced to give the Wings back to you.
 Apparently there's a no stealing clause to other members in the
 How-to-be-a-Thief handbook. But to become a member, we got to head to
 Meryod. Exit Reza, and head south, then east the first chance you get.
 You'll run into a Spring located in the middle of nowhere. You DO have
 a soap you bought on the ship to Meribia, right? Make sure you save
 before using it, as this is only a one time thing. Remember: This is
 Male-only, so you may want to skip it ^_^.

 But back to the journey. Walk into the woods just north of the Bath.
 The Meryod Woods is a fairly simple dungeon. There's tons of branching
 paths that lead to chest and deadends, so it could take awhile, but with
 the added strength to your party, the enemies should go down.

 First off, all these enemies are strong against magic. Which instantly
 makes Mia and Nash worthless. However, the area is rather short, so if
 you don't feel like fighting, its over fast. But the enemies here are
 damn strong, and give tons of experience and money. If you've been
 slacking in the level department, this is an excellent place to get
 those up. To begin with, the Brain Lickers, Graggens, and Chrono Gorgon
 are all fairly easy to kill. While they're HP and attack is high, as
 long as you concentrate all attacks on one to lower their numbers
 quickly, they aren't much of a worry. They can still cause some serious
 damage, but Alex and Kyle take off WAY too much damage for these guys
 to be tough. The Killer Wasps on the other hand, are harder than hell.
 Considering they can take off over 80 HP, I suggest unloading your
 best stuff on these guys. When you face just three, they aren't too bad.
 Forget using your strong stuff. But when you face over four, just use
 Alex's Flast Cut, or one of Kyle's multiple hit attack like Power Smash
 or Sonic Riser. Seriously, don't take these guys lightly. They are
 harder than some bosses in my opinion.

 After exiting the woods, head north into Meryod, a small dock town.
 There is a Armor Shop with some new armor, especially for Alex. Since
 the Meryod Woods gave ample Silver, you should have plenty to upgrade
 everyone. The Wrath Ring isn't necessary, but its worth checking into;
 +10 to attack ain't bad!

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      ARMOR -------------------------
      Steel Armor          2400
      Steel Shield         1800
      White Bracelet       1000
      Steel Helmet        1360
      Jade Hairpin         400

      ITEM --------------------------
      Wrath Ring           12000
      Healing Nut          200
      Antidote             20
      Cleaning Water       60
      Angel's Tear         600

 From the entrance to town, keep going east until the bridge breaks and
 everyone falls down into the water. You're going to have to find
 everyone now. Nash is right next to you, so talk to him first. As you
 do this, you'll see Jessica in front of the house next to the Armor
 Shop. Grab her next, then save Mia from the drunken slob (no, not Kyle).
 From Mia, head straight north into the Pub. Inside, Kyle became friends
 with the man from the Theives' Guild. Fortunately, he told Kyle how to
 become a guild member: Go south to Damon's Spire, and bring the
 Guildmaster the jewel from ontop.

 Leave Meryod and reenter the woods. Unfortunately you have to go back
 through here, but the experience should be good, even at Level 21. Make
 sure you keep away from using Kyle's magic. You'll need to be using them

 Once you get to the southern exit, the party will run into the stone
 Mel. He casts a spell that turns everyone except Jessica into stone. He
 then asks her to lose her life for him; but Kyle breaks out of the
 spell, and opens a can of whup ass for this stoned freak.
 Plaster Mel                                        Recommended Level: 20

 Since Kyle is the only person fighting, the battle is simply. First, use
 Power Up, then follow that with five or six Power Slashes. At Level 20,
 you don't need to worry about health or MP. At least I didn't have to.

 Before entering Damon's Spire, go to the Spring to heal (statue is
 inside the building.

                             Damon's Spire
 Items found in area: 4x Star Light, Sage's Clothes, Spirit Bandanna,
                      Ice Pendant, Soap

 Recommended Level: 20

 As you enter, you'll be asked to answer a question. Nall suggests using
 the book the Thief from Meryod gave you, and Mia answers the question

 This six floor tower consists of five very similar rooms. They require
 you to go over the red squares to unlock the many doors in the level.
 It's nothing difficult, and its just a matter of time to go back and
 forth to get to the stairs going up.

 The first floor has no enemies, and the chests are all empty. Don't
 bother opening them. Go back and forth between red squares; you want to
 get into the southwest corner of the floor, where the stairs are. As
 you reach the locked door blocking them, Damon comes and asks you a
 question about power. Have Mia answer this one. It should be noted that
 you can answer using the wrong person and nothing happens; the other
 person will end up giving the correct answer (so if you chose Nash, Mia
 ends up backing him up).

 The second floor is your introduction to Mummies and Bat Knights. You
 need to rely on Nash and Mia's magic to get you through this level.
 Thunder Bomb and Flame Circle are good choices to kill the enemies in
 one round. There are two Star Lights located in chests around this
 floor. When you get to the stairs in the northeast corner, have Nash
 answer the question correctly.

 The third floor mixes things up a little. The Rufus monster can be
 damaged only by physical skills. So have Alex do Sword Dance and Kyle
 use Power Smash. You could use their more powerful 'all' attacks, but
 those eat up MP way too fast. This floor contains one Star Light and
 the Sage's Clothes for Jessica. The stairs are located just left of
 the starting point on this level. When you get there, have Jessica heal
 the man, despite her opinion on the matter.

 Getting tired? Luckily the fourth floor is the last with enemies on it.
 The Kill Rollers aren't immune to any attack; so have Mia and Nash use
 their magic, and everyone else use normal attacls. A Star Light, the
 Ice Pendant for Mia, and the Spirit Bandanna for Nash are in chests
 here. Definitely pick up all three items. At the stairs, Damon will
 demand that one person be left behind; the weakest! Have Alex choose
 no one to leave, and Damon grants you access to the fifth floor.

 Relax. No enemies. When you get past through this quick floor, you'll
 be forced to create something out of clay to impress Damon. Have Alex
 decide what to create, but the others can create what they think would
 impress Damon. They're obviously wrong, but for hilarious reasons, I
 recommend going through each person. Below are what they make.

   Kyle - Crowbar (a jimmy)
   Jess - necklace from mother
   Mia - Gorgon Ghidra ^^;;
   Nash - Vane
   Alex - Luna

 It's definitely worth it to go through all of them just to see what
 each leader has to say about Kyle's work. ^_^ Go up the stairs when
 you're done creating Althe....Luna.

 Immediately, Damon gives you the Thieves' Guide. He recommends reading
 the books throughout the library. It's some interesting reading, but
 you'll also have to search out the bookcases through the tower, as well
 as fight any monsters you didn't get to. Whenever your ready to go,
 either Dragonfly Wing to the entrance, or walk down yourself.

 Return to Reza, and back to the Tavern. Talk to the Barkeep and give
 him the guide. In return, he gives you the Thieves' Crest, which unlocks
 all of those red chests you've seen. Refer to the SECRETS section of
 this guide to get a list of all their locations. Go into the back of the
 bar to get to the Thieves' Bazaar. In the process, you'll run into a
 girl named Lily. Talk with her three times and continue towards the

 The man who stole the Dragon Wings is in the northeast corner. Kyle
 will make him recognize, and he'll hand back the Wings willingly. He
 also gives you some soap as well! There's some nice equipment here for
 everyone except for Kyle, so buy away.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      WEAPONS -----------------------
      Ice Blade            4000
      Ice Mace             4400
      Stone Bow            4600
      Ice Cane             3600

      ARMOR -------------------------
      Steel Armor          2400
      Intelligent Robe     3600
      Steel Shield         1800
      Crystal Armlet       1200
      Steel Helmet         1360

      ITEM --------------------------
      Healing Nut          200
      Star Light           1000
      Angel's Tear         600

 You should have plenty of money to buy everything. But if you don't, I'd
 skip out on buying weapons for either Nash or Mia.

 Exit the Bazaar and return to the bar. But as you pass the room where
 Lily is, you overhear a conversation with Royce attempting to convince
 Lily to come with her. You intervene, but unfortunately, every bad guy
 in this game seems to be able to teleport at any time. Lily's father,
 the barkeep tells you to come downstairs after you explain the
 situation. He leads you to a man with blueprints to a "flying machine"
 capable of taking you to the Red Dragon. The Barkeep then tells you to
 head to Iluk and see if the inventor can help you out. That's some good

                            Iluk's Inventor

 Items found in area: Healing Ring, Crystal Bracelet, Spook Hairpin,
                      1500 Silver

 Recommended Level: 21

 From the world map, take a southern passage, then veer off to the west
 to the shoreline. You should find Iluk there.

 There's only a item shop in Iluk.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      ITEM --------------------------
      White Bracelet       1000
      Healing Nut          200
      Antidote             20
      Cleasing Water       60
      Dragonfly Wings      100

 Enter the house with all the weird contraptions on it. Talk with Shira,
 and you'll give her the Ballon Blueprints. We need a fluffy bug to
 complete the project, so exit the house and enter the stairs to the
 west of you. Talk with the botanist, and he gives you permission to
 enter the field.

 The enemies here are really no fun. While not that hard, they all take
 awhile to kill, and force you to heal after every round. You just skip
 all the Puffy Bugs you see (the white clouds). They are just as hard as
 the rest of the enemies here, but give you almost 50% less experience.
 The Man Eaters and Fly Devils can be in groups giving you over 600
 experience per person; the Puffy Bugs at most give less than 350
 experience; you do the math.

 The Man Eaters are damn simple. Have Mia and Nash cast spells, and
 Jessica, Kyle, and Alex finish them off with their normal attacks. The
 Fly Devils are no fun; they attack fast (not fast enough for Nash
 though), and they can take off some serious HP. I recommend Nash's
 Thunder Bomb and Alex's Flash Cut to get past them quick; there's no
 reason to stick in a battle with these guys for very long.

 First, go towards the right path. After a couple of fights with various
 monsters, you'll run into a chest with a Healing Ring. The path becomes
 a deadend shortly, so go back to town to heal. Since we don't have to
 use that path again, the fact the monsters are back is no consequence
 for us.

 Although this is completely unnecessary, its an easy way to gain
 experience, as you can go "all out" with magic without worrying about
 conserving MP. But to get to the fluffy bug, you'll want to get yourself
 on the northwest part of the area. Use the springs to your left (from
 the entrance), and make your way north. You'll run acorss a Puffy Bug
 that isn't moving. Walk into it, and win the battle (the fluffy bug runs
 away at the beginning of the fight) to earn the fluffy bug. I
 suggest keep fighting here until everyone is at Level 23. But whenever
 you feel like you're done, Dragonfly Wing back to the entrance.

 Give the fluffy bug to Shira, and she'll install it. Sleep for the
 night, and talk with Shira to go on the balloon. Make sure you're well
 equipped, and at a decent level. When you're ready, tell Shira.

                            Red Dragon Cave
 Items found in area: 6x Star Light, Barrier Ring, Angel Ring,
                      6000 Silver, Rainbow Tiara

 Recommended Level: 23

 Walk north into the dungeon. With the ice weapons everyone has (except
 for Kyle), enemies should go down fairly quick. They're definitely much
 easier then the guys in Iluk.

 The first area just has Blood Slimes for you to fight. Nash should use
 Thunder Bomb when there's just four, but Thunder Thrust when there's
 more than that. Mia should follow up with Blizzard. She does have Ice
 Wall, but it costs more MP and doesn't affect the battle much; you
 still need to go into a second round to finish off the slimes. Everyone
 else should attack.

 The next area contains two new enemies. The Burners are nothing special,
 and should be treated very similarly to Blood Slimes. They do have a bit
 more HP than the slimes do, but they're nothing special. The Fire
 Elementals are real easy; Mia's Ice Wall should definitely be used,
 as it takes a extroadinary amount of damage off; you should be able to
 kill them in one round. Also, you should fight any Fire Elementals you
 see. They fricking drop Star Lights! The Scorpions probably should be
 skipped. They have an insane armor level, and the experience they give
 is no higher than the easier enemies. Fight them if you wish, but its
 an unneccessary risk. That Poison Tails hurts!

 As you enter the third floor of the cave, the Red Dragon speaks and
 heals your HP and MP. Well, that was unexpected. Run past west of you
 and go up the stairs.

 This next level is gigantic, with tons of chests. I recommend getting
 all of them (of course), but look for fire guarding another set of
 stairs to the west of where you appear. Save either before or just after
 the fire, as a boss fight is coming up. Since you should be loaded with
 Star Lights, don't feel reluctant to make sure everyone has a decent
 amount of MP. Walk towards the Dog statues, and Royce will appear.
 After threatening her, she summons two Bronze Dogs.
 Bronze Dog (x2)    4000 EXP                        Recommended Level: 25

 You'll want to concentrate attacks on one dog first. Alex should use
 Vigor, then Sword Dance until the end of the fight. Kyle should follow
 this strategy as well, only use Power Up and Power Slash instead. For
 once, Mia is actually really strong in this level. If you have her MP
 at an insanely high level, Ice Wall the dogs. But if it isn't at a high
 level, I suggest using her Ice Lance when the Dogs are separated, and
 use Ice Wall when they're close together (since Ice Lance does
 comparable to Ice Wall, unless you hit both with Wall, Ice Lance is a
 far better spell to use MP-wise). Jessica should attack/heal; mostly
 heal. Nash should use Thunder Thrust or Bomb, depending on the amount
 of MP he has left.

 Remember, concentrate on one dog! And pay attention. When they start
 moving around to attack, you may lose who you were attacking. I know I

 After the two dogs are dead, Royce drops a huge blow on you. The Red
 Dragon is no longer there! Go forward until the Red Dragon's keep,
 where you find nothing there. All of a sudden, the Red Dragon appears,
 and explains that this isn't his real form, and that he will be gone
 forever soon. He grants you his power, and gives the Dragon Shield,
 as well as Dragon Anger.

 Return back to the entrance of the cave, and go back to the Balloon.

                           Lyton's Troubles
 Items found in area: Star Light, Wisdom Robe, 2500 Silver

 Recommended Level: 25

 As you fly back towards Meryod, the Balloon goes out of control, and
 crashes in the middle of Reza. After some thieves' steal the balloon,
 Laike comes to make sure you're okay. He congratulates you for
 successfully passing the Red Dragon's trial then leaves.

 Exit the town, and use your Dragon Wings to warp to Meryod. Keep going
 east and cross the newly reconstructed bridge. At the eastern exit of
 town, there's a Weapons shop with new weapons for everyone.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      ITEM --------------------------
      White Bracelet       1000
      Healing Nut          200
      Antidote             20
      Cleaning Water       60
      Dragonfly Wing       100

 Like any weapons shop, upgrade the heavy hitters - Jessica, Kyle, and
 Alex. If you have money to spare (well over 10,000 as you'll need some
 for armor soon), upgrade Nash and Mia.

 Now in the Stadius Zone, follow the path north into Lyton. You can enter
 the woods directly east of Meryod, but the enemies here are extremely
 strong. We'll come back here later, so don't worry about it.

 In Lyton, you'll notice that the background music (now finally defined;
 wind from the valley through the mountain!) is completed messed up.
 Hit the local Armor depot, which has new armor for Alex and Kyle.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      ARMOR -------------------------
      Holy Armor           4800
      Holy Shield          3600
      Rainbow Armlet       2400
      Holy Helmet          2600
      Healing Nut          200
      Angel's Tear         600

 Enter the largest house in town (with the two weird signs on the roof).
 Talk with the Elder, and he explains that the monsters inside the nearby
 Shrine have blocked the wind "holes." He assures you that we need to do
 this to see the Blue Dragon, as the song is the key. Damn.

 Exit the house and walk towards the Shrine to the east. The cave is
 about five different floors, with three of them containing enemies.
 It involves going down a few floors, then back up some more. As you
 go down the first half of the dungeon, there are cracks on the ground
 that will break when you go over them. And you'll fall down to the next
 level. If you want to get through this area fast, look for these and
 fall down twice.

 The enemies are all simple, and give off a decent amount of experience.
 If there's one enemy to pick out as the toughest, its probably the
 Electro Eyes. They usually use their Vicious Eye attack, which takes off
 70 HP off any character. And they're strong against magic, so the only
 way to kill them is to hack away. The rest is all pretty easy,
 especially considering Nash and Mia's magic is actually worth it. I
 never got a chance to see what the Brainpicker had in his arsenal
 though. They are always in a large group with Giga Ants, and were killed
 off before they had a chance to attack. I wasn't at a particularly high
 level at the moment, so I'll assume most will kill them off too.

 When you get to the last room in the cave, move the rock on the left,
 left, and the rock on the right, right. This will block the correct
 holes and the wind will now create the proper song. If you aren't Level
 27 now, I suggest going back through the cave and fight some enemies. If
 you have met that requirement, go ahead and use a Dragonfly Wing to get
 back to the beginning of the Shrine.

 Go back to the Elder, and he'll explain that two lovers will have to
 sing to bring forth the Blue Dragon Shrine in the area north of town
 (via through Lyton, not through the world map).

 When you get there, talk with either Jessica or Nash to get each couple
 of sing. This wretched scene unfortunately occurs twice before we get
 some results. After the two couples are done, have Alex approach the
 monument, and Nall suggests playing the ocarina. As you do this, Luna
 suddenly starts singing. This is enough to beckon the shrine to appear.

 Enter when you're ready.

                          Blue Dragon Shrine
 Items found in area: Angel's Tear, Angel Ring, 5000 Silver,
                      Chira's Tail, Jewel Bracelet, Dragon Armlet

 Recommended Level: 27

 The Blue Dragon Shrine is consistantly called the 'pain in the butt'
 dungeon in game by most gamers. I tend to diagree, and with my help,
 it shouldn't be too tough for anyone. Unlike most of the dungeons in
 this game, this one is a bit more complex, with the waterpools either
 leading to a pathway to the next part of the dungeon, or an automatic
 fight with some enemies. While this may not seem too bad to just have to
 fight, add into the fact that this is one of the longer dungeons in
 the game, and you'll see why we want to get into the correct pool
 every single time. To make things simply, I'm going through room by
 room so there's no confusion.

 As you enter the dungeon, go through the only available waterpool in
 the area. In here, you'll be introduced to a new kind of enemy: the
 Gelatin. They're nothing special (is any enemy special ^_^?) and Nash's
 Lightning Thrust and Mia's fire magic can take out a large groups of
 Gelatins faster than you can say gelatin.

 The following room has only one pool available so take it ;)

 The third area of the dungeon introduces us to two new enemies: the
 Water Elemental and Aqua Genie. The elementals should be taken like
 their Gelatins; waste them with magic, and use Alex, Kyle, and Jessica
 to clean them up. The genies are just as easy, but its hard to throw
 your strongest magic at them because of MP consumption. They hit hard,
 so I recommend using Thunder Thrust on them, but using Thunder Bomb on
 everything else. Even then, it's lightly we'll use some Star Lights to
 regain some MP. That's okay; you should have plenty of them, and they
 should be getting rather worthless. From where waterpool you came from,
 follow the path left and take the top pool (of the three available to

 Moving along, the next area is short and sweet. You'll run into the
 Razor Wolf here. They're not weak against anything, so just pound them
 until their dead. They do hurt like crap though, but its simply not
 worth it to blow MP on your costly, but powerful magic. Just make sure
 you concentrate all your attacks on one Wolf at a time, as they fricking

 The next area's correct pool is the one in the middle. Nothing special

 The sixth area is large with a couple of chests. Both of them are
 definitely worth while to get; an Angel Ring is ultra-rare, and we can
 never have enough money. The correct waterpool is located just north
 of the chest containing the 5000 Silver.

 Moving along, we reach the largest room in the dungeon. Make your way
 through the room until you reach a large group of waterpools. Now to
 avoid ruining the game for you, I leave you to guess which one's

 ... I'm kidding. Here's a little diagram to explain the situation.

                     |   |

                    |  |   |

 The | represent each waterpool; the (|) represents the correct waterpool
 to take. Obviously, this looks like crap, and barely resembles the
 actual thing in the game. However, I have a feeling you'll find out ;)

 Okay, almost done. I know you're probably using Star Lights like
 nobody's business. Skip most of the enemies you can now; if you've been
 fighting enemies through here, missing a couple of enemies is not going
 to screw up the game for you. Anyway, the correct waterpool leading to
 the last area in the game is next to the chest with the Jewel Bracelet.

 Ah, finally! We're nearly done. Grab the Dragon Armlet in the chest,
 and follow through the opening towards the Blue Dragon.

 When you first enter his Shrine, go take the right passage into a
 small room. Then, return back to the main part of the shrine.
 Because of our little detour, the Blue Dragon has been captured by
 Ghaleon/Xenobia. Dang! Now why did we go to that room. Well, other than
 the fact that the game forces you, I really can't think of a reason.

 However, the Blue Dragon uses his special 'dragon' powers to come back
 to life, if for only a short while. He explains the situation, goes
 on about Alex being the Dragonmaster, etc. The Blue Dragon not only
 gives you the Dragonmaster's Helmet, but also Dragon Protect, another
 magic spell Alex can use. Leave the Shrine when you're ready to leave.
 I should bring up that this is a great place to level; I recommend
 getting rid of any MP Nash, Mia, and Jessica have to attack and heal.

                          Eastward, to Tamur!
 Items found in area: Star Light, Healing Nut, Angel's Tear,
                      Shira's Tail, Wind Cane

 Recommended Level: 28

 Exit Lyton after you've healed at Althena's Statue. Follow the path
 southeast until you run into Tamus Path.

 Nothing is out of the ordinary in this small mountain path to Tamur.
 I hate to be all vague at it, but there's not much to say. I mean,
 the new enemies are just as easy as they were in the Shrine, and they
 give off the same amount of experience. Now obviously I don't recommend
 to run from everything, but it's really not necessary to describe
 exactly how to get through here.

 As you enter the path, you'll notice a bunch of signs that have
 directions to Tamur. Unfortunately, the people who put them there don't
 want you to get to Tamur. So they put false information on the signs,
 in hope to get you lost. But that's not going to stop us. Make your
 way towards the southeast corner of the area, and you'll run into the
 end of the path.

 Along the way, you'll face a couple of new enemies. The Shriekers and
 Great Hornets go down with flame; use it. They can do their share of
 damage, but its unlikely with Mia lighting them up with fire. On the
 other hand, the Octoplants and Ice Pups are what I like to call 'Pains
 in my ass.' Did I say ass? Yes. Yes I did.

 Both are capable of some serious damage; the Octoplants use sleep magic
 to weaken your defense, while the Pups just hurt. Obviously (and leaning
 on downright outrageously obvious) the Ice Pups are weak against fire.
 The Octoplants are weak against nothing unfortunately. Like any monster
 we've fought along the journey, pound, pound, pound. Hold off on Alex
 using MP (or at least, keep him at max when you reach the end of the

 When you reach the end of the path, Xenobia shows up and attacks.

 Xenobia's Evil Creatures                           Recommended Level: 28

 Not really a boss, but unless I was drunk when playing/writing notes,
 this scene does use boss music.

 First off, 3x Carapace Knights and 1x Dark Sorceror. Have Nash use
 Thunder Thrust (check this out) and follow up with Alex's Flast Cut.
 With the baddies dead, Xenobia summons some more; this time,
 3x Carapace Knights and 2x Dark Sorceror. Repeat exactly what you just
 did (use Kyle's magic if you don't have any MP for Alex).

 After you defeat the first two groups, the scene leaves the battle
 screen. Xenobia summons a bunch of 'easy-to-kill' enemies, and our
 heroes are too stupid to realize Alex is their god, and he pwns.
 Luckily, Tempest (well, we don't know his name... yet) shows up with
 some big ass arrows, saving you from the clutches of death. Whew.

 Exit immiedately east, into Tamur.

                         Alex + Laike = pwnage
 Items found in area: Barring Ring, Silver Light, Healing Nut,
                      500 Silver, Crystal Sword

 Recommended Level: 29

 In town, I recommend spending your hard-earned money at the many shops
 in Tamur.

      SHOP:                SILVER:
      WEAPONS -----------------------
      Great Sword          9000
      Wind Sword           14000
      Judgement Mace       12400
      Holy Bow             8400

      ARMOR -------------------------
      Silver Armor         9600
      Radiance Clothes     5600
      Saint's Robe         7200
      Spirit Robe          12400
      Dragon Armlet        3800
      Lucky Bandanna       2800

      ITEMS -------------------------
      Protecting Ring      12000
      Healing Nut          200
      Antidote             20
      Cleaning Water       60
      Holy Water           100
      Angel's Tear         600

 New armor for everyone; new weapons for Alex and Kyle. When you're done
 shopping, make your way to the north part of town. You'll run into
 Laike. He congratulates on passing the Blue Dragon's test, and adds that
 he may know a way to find the Black Dragon. He asks that Alex, and only
 Alex, to accompany him to the tower north of town. Say yes, and leave
 Tamur. Walk north to the huge tower.

 Normally, this tower may be a pain in the butt, but with Laike, you pwn
 everything (hence the title of this chapter).

 Talk to the guy standing in front of the door (once inside), and he'll
 recognize Laike, and move out of the way. Like I said, Laike pwns

 Upon entering the tower, we immediately run into a puzzle (and quite
 possibly the game's first). To solve, go through the planet doorway,
 then star, sun, and finally moon. When you correctly finish the puzzle,
 you end up in a more modern type area.

 Take the elevator on the left to go up to the top floor. Work your way
 through it to reach the second elevator to the right (which only goes
 down). Go down on floor, and again, work your way through it.
 Eventually, you'll run straight into Myght.

 The enemies here are easy, and with Laike, they go down in two rounds.
 Alex is officially worthless here, and it's likely enemies will
 constantly attack him (instead of the uber-powerful Laike). A simple
 note, the guys flying in hats do need to be taken out by some form
 of magic (*cough* SWORD DANCE *cough*). They're annoying, and I highly
 recommend skipping them. Heck, I recommend skipping as many guys as
 possible. They all give crap experience and silver. Screw you guys,
 I'm going home! Or something.

 When you talk to Myght, Laike convinces him to build a airship for
 Alex and company to get to the frontier. Since Myght reluctantly agrees,
 you're free to find the Black Dragon. Laike mentions that he's heard
 rumors of the Black Dragon in the prairie south of Tamur.

 Return back to Tamur, and enter the tavern. Talk with Mia, Alex, and
 finally Jessica. Nash returns, and mentions some sort of conflict
 outside. With everyone back, head outside and make your way to the
 northern section of town.

 Tempest                                            Recommended Level: 29

 Simple: Vigor + Sword Dance x 3. With a Healing Ring equipped on Alex,
 Tempest should only be doing a couple points of damage per round.

 After the battle, Tempest gives you the Dragon Necklace.

 Exit out of Tamur once Tempest leaves, and head south into another

                            The Lost Woods
 Items found in area: Chira's Tail, Holy Hairpin, Healing Nut,
                      Silver Light, Dark Shield, a second Healing Nut

 Recommended Level: Still 29

 The Lost Woods (or, the Weird Woods part 2) is pretty damn standard for
 a dungeon, and scarily similar to the Weird Woods. We finally got a
 simple dungeon to go through, so I'll skip the details, and move onto
 my analysis of the enemies.

 Ambushes are simple. Mia's fire, combined with everyone's normal
 attacks (with Nash's lightning; I prefer bomb, but you probably could
 get away with using thrust here) will make short work of these guys.
 They hurt; 80+ damage per Ambush, but you should be able to take out
 3 per round. This strategy also works with the Killer Shrooms, who go
 down easier than Ambushes, and aren't as bad attack-wise, as they use
 Para-Spore a lot (which misses most of the time).

 Monster Wasps are weak against Wind; Kyle should pwn these guys, taking
 well over 100 damage with each attack. Everyone else should simply
 pound on the Wasps. Make sure you concentrate on one at a time, so that
 you kill as many per round as possible.

 Yeti's are the run-of-the-mill tough monster. Beat'em up 'till he's
 dead, and that's about it.

 When you get to the very southern part of the forest, Kyle will notice
 that there's something wrong nearby. The exit should be....here, right?
 Walk a way from the "exit," and it will turn to nighttime. Being scared
 of the dark, Jessica whines about not being able to get out of the
 forest. Nash recommends going back to the campsite to rest for the
 night. Good idea.

 After the Pao Tribe members sneak up on you, follow them towards the
 "exit" we previous visited. And for the record, you're only able to
 get the first four items I've listed above so far. The Tribe members
 will unlock the exit, and allow you passage towards the Pao Tribe.
 There's a couple more items that can be found in this secondary area
 of the forest. I recommend picking them up.

 Exit the forest, and go south to the Pao, home of the Prairie Tribe.

                        The Dragonmaster Cometh
 Items found in area: Dragon Bandanna, Dream Bow, Angel Ring,
                      2x Silver Light, Healing Nut, Dark Armor,
                      Dark Sword

 Recommended Level: 31

 Go inside the bottom tent with a blonde guy standing guard (towards the
 east side of the camp), and talk with Tempest. As you talk, the Evil
 Songstress does her 'thang,' and Jessica, Mia, and Fresca all get sick
 and fall down. Before she became afflicted, Fresca was able to find the
 Songstress; inside the fricking Black Dragon Fortress. Exit the tent,
 and go northeast. Heal at the statue, and talk with the man guarding
 the entrance to the Fortress. After he denies entry, go into the
 Elder's hut (north of Tempest's house), and he reluctantly gives
 permission for you to enter.

 The dungeon itself is short, and relatively easy to navigate through.
 Unfortunately, it's full of the toughest monsters you've faced yet!
 Add to the fact that you're currently missing the girls, we're in a heap
 of trouble.

 To begin with the enemy analysis, use your fricking Star Lights. With no
 healing magic, you'll have to rely on killing enemies fast, so that you
 can cut on the number of attacks they get on you. Some monsters do
 drop herbs (luckily), but you should have accumulated a decent amount
 of Star Lights at this point in the game. Fortunately, Silver Lights
 are starting to appear in the game (get Red Chests!), and these have
 priority over Star Lights. Besides, Star Lights are now relatively
 cheap at this point in the game.

 Nipple Yankers are probably the easiest of the bunch to kill. Physical
 attacks take'em out nicely. Nash should follow up with Thunder Thrust.
 I wouldn't normally consume MP like this, but Flash Cut works wonders
 against these guys.

 Hell Raisers are weak against lightning. They should never get attack
 off you, as they're usually the first to go when you face them (grouped
 with the much weaper Nipple Yankers). I would just use Thunder Thrust
 on them, but using Thunder Bomb if you're starting to get low on MP and
 Star Lights. They are definitely the heavy-hitters of the Fortress
 though. Don't let them attack!

 On the second floor, the first chest (right next to you) includes an
 Angel Ring. The following one "sucks" some MP from each character. Skip
 it! After this chest, you'll catch up to Tempest, who joins your party.

 After Tempest joins, you'll run into a new monster: Slice O' Dead.
 Tempest should use Flash Arrow, and Nash should use Thunder Bomb to kill
 them all! I take what I said back. These guys are the easiest in the

 The next chest you meet after Tempest joins you is another MP sucker.
 It's located at the very east of the tower/fortress, so make sure you
 don't touch it! Eventually you'll reach the stairs to the third floor
 of the Fortress. If you're not anywhere near my recommended level,
 I suggest you go back to Pao and heal. You need to level up my friend!

 The third floor also introduces us to a new enemy. The Chaos Fiend
 has a decent amount of health and armor, but he doesn't really hurt.
 Tempest's Flash Arrow is a great all-around magic attack, and it works
 great against the Fiends. Don't waste a Thunder Thrust against them
 though; Thunder Bomb does enough damage.

 There's two chests on this floor. The one next to the stairs is a
 Healing Nut. The other, is another sucky MP sucker. You know which one
 to get.

 When you reach the fourth floor, grab the Silver Light from the chest,
 and move on until Nall stops you. The Black Dragon appears you, and
 requests that you kill him before the Black Songstress is able to
 fully control him. He offers you the Dragon Armor to help you in his
 request. Yes, almost Dragonmaster! Now we just need to do the Black
 Dragon's trial. Just to note, you also have a kick-ass spell called
 Dragon Grief now. You'll need this for a side-quest.

 When you go up to the fifth floor, save! Once you go up the next stairs,
 you enter into the boss right with the Dragon. Forget about healing;
 you'll automatically heal for some reason, and everyone will regain
 their HP and MP. Still, make sure Nash and Kyle have some healing nuts
 for Alex, who does most of the damage in the upcoming fight.

 After Luna does her thang, you enter a boss fight with the Black Dragon.
 Unfortunately, you're paralyzed at the fricking moment, and the Black
 Dragon wails on your sorry ass. Alex plays his ocarina, and the
 mind-controlling spell on Luna breaks for only a second. Ghaleon quickly
 fixes that 'problem,' which a swift smack down of Luna. Fortunately,
 Alex transform into the Dragonmaster to attempt to save Luna. Enter
 boss music.
 Black Dragon                                       Recommended Level: 32

 Have Alex and Kyle using their respective power up in the first round.
 Tempest should use Flash Arrow every single round until he runs out of
 MP. Nash should use Thunder Bomb (Thrust does a little more damage for
 three times the amount of MP). After the opening bell, have Nash, and
 then Kyle heal whoever needs it. Alex and Kyle should use Sword Dance
 and Power Slash as many times as possible.

 The Black Dragon uses a number of elemental-based magics. They all
 do roughly the same amount of damage (50). With no healer, he's sort of
 a pain in the ass. Hopefully you have some healing nuts to counter. If
 you're running out of healing nuts, make sure you keep Alex alive. He's
 the one doing 450+ damage. He's the most important person to keep alive,
 and that's final. External healing items like Healing Rings are great
 items to have equipped for this fight. At the very least, have Alex
 and Kyle have it equipped. This can really cut down on the number of
 healing nuts you use.

 With the Black Dragon dead, Ghaleon gives a speech about how he's all
 great and stuff. Then, he runs off with Luna, telling you can save Luna
 by reaching the Grindery.

 Exit out of this area, then use a Dragonfly Wing to return back to Pao.

              I am the Dragonmaster (and assorted errands)
 Items found in area: Too many to list ;)

 Recommended Level: 33

 Secrets: Jessica's Bromide, Jessica's Bromide 2, Mia's Bromide 4

 Back in Pao, head to Tempest's hut to find the girls have already
 recovered from the ordeal. Laike shows up, and tells you Myght is
 probably done with the airship. Tempest hands Alex the Master Sword,
 the sharpest blade in the tribe. Equip that sucker.

 Now, to continue on. Use the Dragon Wings to return to Tamur, then head
 towards Myght's Tower... OR NOT! If you're playing this game, I'll
 assume you're very familiar with traditional Japanese RPGs. Meaning,
 there's always a point-of-no-return where you miss a bunch of secret
 items if you go too far in the game. Well, this is the point. Go to
 Myght's Tower to the airship, and you miss some great stuff.

*NOTE* There's still a little more before the point-of-no-return, but
it's best not to test your skillz at stopping at the last second. Also,
there's is a second point-of-no-return later in the game.

 If you don't want to do these side-quests, go ahead to Mr. Alex goes to
 the Frontierland, the following section. You don't need any of these
 items to finish the game, but for the perfectionist in you, you'll want
 to grab all the secret items. I'll list the side-quests you can do.

   1. Open up all the Red Chests. Check the SECRETS section for locations
      of every single chest. Many of these have Silver Lights! Get them!

   2. Go to the Forbidden Forest east of Meryod (see SECRETS section)

   3. Get the Rememberizer from Ramus (see SECRETS section)

   4. Grab any bromides that require you to get them just before you

   5. Talk with the chief of Lann so that you can get Ghaleon's Tear
      later in the game.

   6. Talk with villagers. Everyone says something different now that
      you're the Dragonmaster. w00t!

   7. Pick up Jessica's Bromide, Jessica's Bromide 2, Mia's Bromide 4.
      Refer to the SECRETS section for more help.

 After you're done doing these (or just some of them), it's time to move
 on to the Frontier. Use the Dragon Wings, and go to Myght's Tower.

                     Mr. Alex goes to Frontierland

 Items found in area: none

 Recommended Level: Around 33

 When you're ready to leave for the Frontier, talk with Myght in this
 tower. Using the Dragon Wings, you'll immediately teleport right in
 front of him.

 As Myght goes to work on the airship, talk to both couples. Each talk
 about the future; will they defeat Ghaleon, will Kyle confess his love
 to Jessica, will Nash lose it? After your done talking to the second
 couple, you're forced to go to sleep.

 When you wake up, use the stairs in the NE corner to reach the airship.
 As you're about to enter the airship, Nash goes nuts and destroys the
 engine. Royce appears, revealing that Nash has been secretly telling
 Ghaleon the party's plans. How clandestine of him. He teleports off,
 leaving Myght and the party hopeless. It will take him forever to
 repair the engine. However, Kyle gets the idea; use Shira's balloon
 engine for the airship.

 Go to the Thieves' Bazaar and talk to the man next to your old balloon.
 After some dialogue, you'll receive the engine. Use your Dragon Wings back
 to Myght once you have the engine. He's impressed by Shira's work, and
 goes off to install it. Laike comes and talks with you.

 Once again, everyone moves to section of the room. Talk with each
 person, and lend your ear on their opinion of Nash. When you talk with
 the last person, Myght comes down and says he's ready.

 With no Nash this time, airship launches with no problem. Laike reveals
 his big secret (or did he..... ;)) and you're off to the Frontier.

 With a force-field protecting the Grindery, you're forced to land
 outside a small mining town called Talon. Enter Talon to go save Luna!


 With a force-field protecting the Grindery, you're forced to land
 outside a small mining town called Talon. Enter Talon to go save Luna!

                      We ain't in Kansas anymore!
 Items found in area: 3x Healing Nut, Star Light, Protection Ring,
                      2x Silver Light, Fire Tiara, Angel's Tear,
                      Holy Robe, Devil Pendant, Refresher Ring,
                      Hell Armlet, Star Light,

 Recommended Level: 33

 Welcome to Talon, a mining town full of people that are forced to mine
 constantly day in and day out until they die. Because of their hard
 life, they tend to hate the people that drove them out to the Frontier
 (in case you haven't gotten it, Althena and her children).

 With that said, enter town through the two doors you see in the opening
 screen. It doesn't matter which one you take; Talon hides no treasures
 or shops. Make your way inside the mine (go through a couple of doors).
 You'll know your in the mine when Lunar's patented dungeon music starts
 up. Yeah... that's the stuff.

 While the mine looks confusing, most of the doors all lead to the same
 place. There's a lot of crap in here (like healing nuts), but there's
 a couple of good items worth checking out, so don't fly through the
 dungeon. I can't say much, other than you'll know you're on the right
 track when there's an accident with a miner. Let me go with the enemy
 analysis now. Skip three paragraphs for the rest of the dungeon

 And now, to the enemies. Stalkers have low HP but take a decent amount
 off (80+) and can cause sleep. Which no Nash in the mix, you'll have to
 watch yourself. Mia should use Flame Circle, which everyone else should
 attack normally. I suggest using Kyle's and Alex's magic whenever you
 feel the need; I personally didn't really need it. I rather keep them at
 full MP for the other enemies here, and use my saved up Star Lights to
 give to Jessica for healing. And remember kids, don't use Silver Lights!

 Rock Biters, on the other hand, go down fairly easy, even in groups.
 Mia's flame magic does some good damage, and everyone else can pound out
 the rest of their health. Really, these guys should absolutely be
 killed every single time you fight them ;)

 Lastly, the Mecha Tanks (yes, an actual tank) may think they're all
 that (and a bag of sugar) with their huge armor rating, but in reality,
 the only think going for him is a blast attack that takes off about
 50 HP off. Yikes. Be scared of these guys </sarcasm>

 When the accident occurs, use the top option to say you need to help.
 Go back into the room you previously were in, and talk with the first
 green miner. This starts an automatic scene where you save the crushed
 miner. At that point, a couple of guards come in to fight you. I should
 note that you don't actually have to do this, but considering I want to
 make your do useless, time consuming crap like this, you're going to
 have to take it like a man and do it!

 The Stalkers are nothing we haven't seen before. However, the Gropers
 are! They have an insane amount of armor, which means you'll spend a
 few rounds beating the shit out of them. They take roughly 50 off per
 hit, so they are a step below the Stalkers in that department.

 Continue moving on where we were rudely interupted. For a chest update,
 there's nothing really worth getting outside a Silver Light by this
 point in the dungeon. The good stuff comes after this part.

 The second half of the dungeon has some really nice equipment and items.
 I recommend picking them up, as they monsters here are damn easy to
 kill. And as far as enemies go here, it's the same guys we've been
 fighting in here. After collecting the nice items, eventually you'll
 run into a cemetary with the miner you previously saved earlier. There's
 a Goddess statue to replenish HP and MP (whew!). Save while you're at

 Walk a few screens forward, and we'll run into our old friend Xenobia.
 She captures Mia and Jessica, and forces the men to duel eachother;
 for the sake of the women's lives! Of course, Alex and Kyle don't
 actually fight for real. Xenobia catches on quickly, and threatens to
 kill the girls. At this moment, Kyle cleverly tells Xenobia that he
 doesn't care for Jessica and that Xenobia should just finish her off.
 During Kyle's bluff, Mia and Jessica are able to escape, and Xenobia
 teleports off like the slut she is. However, she drops off a boss to

 Shadow Spectre                                     Recommended Level: 34

 Yawn. Have both Alex and Kyle power up, then use their respective magic
 attack. Mia should use Power Drive on both of them, just to make them
 more godly, then use her Flame Bomb. Jessica should attack, and heal
 when necessary. Seriously, I think we've been fighting the same boss
 this whole entire game.

 Spectre's attacks are fairly simple. He does use a mute attack, which
 is a pain in the butt if Alex or Kyle get it. Use Jessica's Cleanse
 Litany to cure that. His other strong attack is a bomb attack that hurts
 everyone for near 100 HP. Simply counter with Jessica's Calm Litany,
 which recovers most of that damage.

 With 750+ of damage per round from the two men, Shadow Spectre is pwned.

 With Shadow Spectre dead, exit out of the mines.

            Evil Doers Beware! Alex the Dragonmaster is here!
 Items found in area: 2x Silver Light, Star Light, Fortune Ring,
                      Dark Mace, Healing Nut, Fire Armlet, Tri-Ring,

 Recommended Level: 34

 Secrets: Xenobia's Bromide

 On the worldmap, enter Ruid, the huge castle in the center of the
 crater. When you get to the front gates, you're stopped by a huge
 fricking steel wall. With no grenade/rocket launcher to blow up a hole,
 exit Ruid and enter the contraption southeast of the castle. It sorta
 looks like a green egg.

 Go inside the cave, then into the egg. You'll meet with the Talon miner
 who you saved; only this time, he transforms to who he truly is: Phacia!

 Apparently she wants to be your "friend." After her speech, everyone
 tends to agree with her. Alex is given an option on whether or not he
 does: say you do. Phacia gives you the password to a hidden door to
 the left of the main entrance in Ruid: Green Earth. Heal at the statue,
 and return back to Ruid.

 When you find the hidden door, Mia says the password, and the door
 magically opens.

 Once inside Ruid, make your way through the opening hall grabbing chests
 as you see them. This first area is only populated by one enemy.

 The Flash Lords are down right easy. Although they're stong against
 Mia's magic, Kyle and Alex should be able to kill them in their three
 hits (assuming one critical hit). Damage-wise, we've seen worse. Even in
 packs, these baddies are laughable at best.

 When you get to the end of the hall, one of the Flash Lords will step
 on a button, and release a couple of Devastator Tanks. The Tanks have
 an energy blast that hits everyone for 50 HP. Yikes! I recommend Alex
 to use Flash Cut to kill any Flash Lords accompanying the Devastators,
 and then an Ice-based attack by Mia. While Flash Cut is somewhat costly
 with MP, you should have more than enough Star Lights to replenish Alex.
 And since Silver is so easy to come by now, don't worry about having to
 buy more.

 In the room where you first meet the Devastators, we are also introduced
 to Baigen and his Master Mirror. The Baigen are weak against Fire magic;
 use it! The mirrors are poor-examples of punching bags. Waste on them
 until they die. Don't bother with any sort of magic from Alex or Kyle.
 They go down soon enough.

 This opening section of Ruid is short and linear. After a couple more
 fights, you enter (or is this exiting) the interior section of Ruid.
 Make your way north, while collecting the treasure hidden in a couple
 of chests in houses protected by enemies. Again, these guys are really,
 really easy, and you should grab the treasure as well as gain some
 experience. You'll have to go through a house in the northeast corner
 of this area to continue on.

 Eventually you'll run into another room where one of the Baigen's
 on-screen hits to release a couple of Devastators. Take'em out, and
 continue moving forward to the central area of Ruid. When you approach
 a large door with yellow writing on it, I recommend a good ol' save.
 Use your over-abundance of Star Lights to replenish Alex to full MP,
 and make sure Jessica has enough to heal. Remember, you don't want to
 use any of your Silver Lights; this was a very easy dungeon to go
 through, and if you need to use one, I think I've failed as a FAQ
 writer. Come on people! It's not that hard!

 Go through the door, and meet with Taben and his Mobile Magic Masher
 or Triple M. When Taben releases Triple M, we find out that Nash is the
 one inside. Finally, time for a good ol' beat down for pansy boy. But
 after slaps him silly, Nash realizes the error in his judgement, and
 joins back to the right side of the force. Unfortunately, Taben uses
 his handy dandy remote control to force Triple M, with Nash inside, to
 fight the party.

 Magic Masher                                       Recommended Level: 37

 Have Alex use vigor, then Sword Dance until Masher is dead. Kyle should
 use Power Up for his first attack, then Power Slash as well. Have Mia
 power up the two guys with Power Drive, to make them more godly; follow
 up that with Flame Bomb, which does 250+ of damage against Masher. Just
 have Jessica do her thang (uh.. that's healing). Saint Litany is a nice
 first-round magic to use; constantly replenishing of health is never
 a bad thing.

 Masher hurts, and I'm not kidding. He's definitely the toughest boss
 we've fought for quite some time. Jessica will likely be using Calm
 Litany every single round. Give Mia or Kyle a bunch of Star Lights to
 make sure she doesn't run out of MP. Masher's version of Nash's Thunder
 Bolt and Thrust will hurt, especially on members of the party with low
 Magic Endurance (for me, Mia and Kyle). As long as Jessica is using
 Calm Litany, you should be fine, even if a party member or two die.
 Nall will revive them eventually, so don't bother with Angel's Tears.

 Masher doesn't have an extroadinary amount of health, so even with Kyle
 or Mia out of action, the battle should be over within 10 rounds.

 Once Nash is safely back as member of your party, SAVE, and then follow
 Taben to the activation room. We run into Ghaleon, who fends the party
 off so that Tabel activates the Grindery. Ah, shit.

 Exit out of Ruin (you can exit through the main gate now), and make
 your way west towards your airship. Since the Grindery plowed through
 the crater walls, you no longer have to go through the Talon mines
 again (thank god).

 However, if you want Xenobia's Bromide, you'll have to return to the
 Talon Mines and talk with the miner who you saved. I'm not positive on
 his exact location as of yet, however.

                        Power-gaming, Lunar Style
 Items found in area:

 Recommended Level: 38

 Secrets: Mia's Bromide 2

 After chasing down the Grindery in the airship, the party decides to
 go to Vane in an krazy attempt at stopping it before it reaches
 Althena's Tower.

 In Vane, take control of Alex pick up Mia's Bromide 2 from a student
 in the Magic Guild. Refer to the SECRETS section for more information.
 After that, find Nash at the Transmission Spring.

 Once Nash is in your party, go to the Silver Spire (the one on the left
 of the Grand Hall). After meeting up with the rest of the Scooby Gang,
 Mia opens the doors to Silver Spire. Go through the door, down the
 stairs, and into the Spire. Inside, Mia goes nutz in an attempt to stop
 the Grindery.

 Mia is able to channel Vane's energy in a blast that destroys the
 magical shield protecting the Grindery. In the process, however, the
 Grindery took out Vane, and forces it down to the ground in a flaming
 mess. Use the Dragon Wings to get out of Vane to wherever (the
 Transmission Spring if you want to immediately enter the Grindery).

 But wait... there's more. Here's that point-of-no-return thing again.
 There's a crap-load of stuff to do. Let me list.

   1. Get Gale Ring from Lily in Reza.

   2. Get Ghaleon's Tear from the chief of Lann.

   3. Get the Hell Ring from Damon in Damon's Spire.

   4. Collect whatever bromides that are available just before you
      enter the Grindery.

   5. Level up; best place is the Black Dragon Fortress. It provides
      okay experience, but obviously it's better than nothing.

     (see SECRETS section for more information on 1-4)

 When you're done, move on to the next section. Before I start my
 walkthrough to the Grindery, I'm going to list some requirements that
 should be filled before you enter. I'd put it here, but it's likely
 some would skip it as they'd simply go to the section about the
 Grindery. I'm clever, no? ;)

                         <Keanu> Whoa! </Keanu>
 Items found in area: 3x Healing nut, Saint Clothes, 2x Silver Light,
                      Stone Bracelet, Angel Ring, Insane Shield,
                      Holy Bandanna, Insane Helmet, Star Light

 Recommended Level: 38

 Before we get to the Grindery, I'm going to list some conditions that
 you should meet before entering. If you don't, your time in the Grindery
 will be tougher than it needs to be.

  1. Do all the secrets; at the very least, get the Red Chests that
     contain Silver Lights. You want at least 5-6 (at the very minimum).

  2. Two healing nuts in everyone's inventory, just in case Jessica can't
     heal for some reason. It's unlikely you'll ever use these, but you
     want to make sure.

  3. Buy as many Star Lights as possible. By now, you should have tens
     of thousands of silver with nothing to buy. The best items in the
     game are all hidden in the Grindery and final dungeon in the game.
     I recommend buying as many as possible, as they're relatively cheap
     at this point in the game.

  4. Forget about Angel's Tears. I never used them, and they take
     space up for more Star Lights.

  5. When saving once you're in the Grindery, make a new save file, just
     in case you want to go back for some reason.

 Okay, got it? Good. Dragon Wing to the Transmission Spring to Vane, and
 exit out. Walk into the Grindery.

 To begin with, I definitely recommend you take a look at Stinger 3:16's
 Grindery FAQ located at:

 It's a great FAQ for the first part of the Grindery, and it's really
 helpful. I'd so something like that, but my ASCII skillz suck big time.
 This place is hard to describe in words, so definitely use that FAQ
 to get you through this place. My description compliments it anyway.

 When you enter the Grindery, you're immediately swarmed by a large
 group of Death Armors. Thunder Thrust does a huge amount of damage;
 use Mia's Blizzard and everyone else's normal attack to finish this
 group off immediately. When they're dead, another group comes out
 and fights you.

 This time, a couple of Elemental Masters join the Death Armors. Use
 the exact same attack pattern as you did in the previous battle. You
 should get close to finishing them all off before they even get a chance
 to attack.

 After this battle, you're again surrounded by this pathetic group of
 enemies. For dramatic suspense, everyone 'pretends' to be struggling,
 but they really aren't. Luckily, Tempest and his huge ass arrows come
 to the rescue, allowing you access to the Grindery (as Tempest and his
 gang of Merried men fight off the welcoming party. The following two
 paragraphs deal with the enemies inside. Skip them to the detailed
 walkthrough through each floor.

 Inside, you'll continue to face Death Armors and Elemental Masters.
 So luckily, I don't need to repeat myself on how to take'em out. And
 remember, you basically have infinite MP at this point, so definitely
 go all-out on magic-based attacks, if you feel like it. Anyway, back
 to the enemies. Forget about using elemental magic against Soul Yankers.
 They're resistant to it, and it's not worth blowing MP for it. Alex,
 Kyle, and Jessica are plenty strong enough to take these guys out on
 their own. You'd think these guys would be a bit harder, considering
 this is the Big Bad of dungeons, no?

 Lastly, Magic Machines are probably your biggest threat in here, mainly
 because they can do well over 100 HP per round. So, light'em up with
 Nash's Thunder magic, and make sure they don't get an attack off. They
 don't have a huge amount of HP, considering their size, so they go down
 fairly quick. Just be careful with them, as they can take down anyone
 with less than 100 HP!

 Okay, let's get moving in here. From the entrance, make your way towards
 the eastern section of this area. Grab the Healing Nut, and enter the
 pipe next to it. Go through this short area with three Death Armors
 in your way, then take the NW tunnel towards the end of this floor.
 Make you get the Saint Clothes for Jessica, her second-to-best armor
 in the game.

 On the second floor, simply keep moving south and you'll walk straight
 to the stairs to the next floor. When you're forced with an either east
 or west path, go east, then back to straight-down to the stairs. Grab
 the Silver Light next to the entrance as you do this, as we love

 Once you've reached the third floor, follow the hall until you reach
 a large area with bridges across a pit. Here, you'll fight a Tank Golem.
 Like any machine in this game, Nash's lightning works great here. Mia
 can follow up with Blizzard, and the rest of the gang can finish the
 left-overs off. Darn, isn't this so simply. In this large room, notice
 how there is three different paths going north. The one on the left
 and right lead further into the floor. The one in the center has a nice
 Silver Light in a chest. Excellent. Now, go up the path to the left,
 skip the first tunnel you see, and then finally use the one that's on
 the left (there's two here, one on the left, one on the right).

 Grab the Stone Bracelet in the chest, then go west until you run into
 another chest with an Angel Ring. Pick that up, then go south to the
 fourth floor. You'll no doubtedly run into a crapload of enemies doing
 this though ;).

 And finally, the fourth floor. We're almost close to a nice break point,
 so let's chug through here as fast as possible. Go into the first pipe
 you come to (it's really right next to the entrance to this floor).
 Almost immediately, you'll be attacked by some Death Armors. Take them
 out, and use the northern pipe to continue.

 Move a little west once you're out, then head immediately north into
 another pipe, which takes you to a weird looking room with Quark. Quark
 dead? Quark IS dead. Grab Kyle's Insane Shield from the chest in the
 corner, and use the stairs nearby.

 Rejoice! A Goddess Statue is in the following room! Talk with the Pixies
 if you want to hear them praise Ghaleon, then SAVE, and continue through
 the door.

 With a new area, comes new enemies. This time, the area is simple enough
 where I'm not going to go into detail about it, like I just did with
 the beginning of the Grindery.

 Arrow Fish should immediately be killed by a Thunder Thrust from Nash.
 You should NEVER see them attack you. The Archmages, on the other hand,
 are resistant to elemental magic. So, gear up Alex and Kyle to finish
 them off with their best hand-to-hand combat. They are fast, so one or
 two of them (Alex was able to attack before they could) may get a weak
 shot at your party. After that, they're toast. I tend to have Alex
 simply use Flash Cut whenever I fight them. Problem solved. Other than
 these new enemies, there are no chests here. You want to get into the
 center part of this room to go upstairs.

 This next floor has some more new enemies. Bomb Angels, like a lot of
 enemies here, are weak against Lightning. Heck, even Mia's Ice magic
 does a good amount of damage against them. To wrap this up, Bomb Angels
 will rarely get an attack of you, considering both Nash and Mia pwn
 them. Simple? Another new enemy are the Blyzzers, the Hedgehog-like
 ripoffs. They hurt, plain and simply. Kill them fast.

 The next screens are pretty straight-forward. It's also easy to dodge
 enemies. Needless to say, I skipped a bunch ;)

 When you enter a room with a two chests (Healing Nut, Star Light),
 SAVE! We're approaching the end of the dungeon.

 When you reach the unopenable ;) door, Phacia shows up and opens the
 door for you. Xenobia and Royce show up as well, and finally realize
 that Phacia has joined the right side of the force. As she fends off
 her evil sisters, take control of Alex and move on ahead to Ghaleon.

 Magic Emperor                                      Recommended Level: 40

 Okay, you know the drill. Have Kyle, Alex, and Mia Power Up, and keep
 using Sword Dance/Power Slash. Nash should use Thunderbolt every single
 round he's free to do nothing (as in, no one needs healing). Jessica
 should use Saint Litany first, then use Calm Litany every round (yes,
 she really needs to use it every fricking round). Lastly, Mia can use
 whatever magic you want her to; it really makes no difference.

 Ghaleon has a number of attacks. Inferno, which takes well over 100 HP
 on every member. An ice-based attack which does roughly the same amount
 of damage. He also has a tornado-attack that once again does roughly
 the same amount of damage as his other attacks. And finally an
 earthquake attack that, you guessed it, that does the same damage as
 everything else. And oh yeah, he has a normal two hit attack that does
 about 200 HP worth of damage (total).

 Jessica should have the Hell Ring, so she can basically cast Calm Litany
 forever. This way, you'll never have to worry about your health (I
 never did, and some would consider my recommended level low).

 Yay. Ghaleon is dead... or IS he? Go up into the weird-looking building,
 and Alex will find Luna. Unfortunately, Luna goes psycho-bitch on us,
 and raises Althena's Fortress.

 Then, Ghaleon shows up, and kicks your ass. As the Grindery begins to
 fall, Nall uses the Dragon Wings to teleport everyone back to Meribia.

                             Random Errands
 Items found in area: Dragon Sword

 When you wake up, go downstairs and talk with Jessica and Mia in Mel's
 old office (on a side note, he's been a statue for awhile...lol). Leave
 the mansion, then go south to the tavern (a guy is passed out on the
 ground on the left side of it). Talk with Nash and Kyle, then go back
 to the girls. They decide to talk with their respective man, so mosey
 down back to the tavern. Both girls convince Nash and Kyle to rejoin
 the fight against Whale hunting. Err.... I mean, the fight against
 Ghaleon. After everyone is back together, Laike shows up out of
 nowhere (like usual), and asks Alex if he's ready to reface Ghaleon.

 Say yes, and Laike tells you to talk with him when you're ready for him
 to show you the way. First, head to Ramus' shop. Buy some Healing Nuts
 if you need some, then buy as many Star Lights as your inventory will
 allow you. Not only are they free of charge, but we're headed to the
 last dungeon in the game. No reason to hold back!

 Go back to Laike, and say you're ready. Once you say yes, you're stuck
 with ending the game. Make sure you're ready! After using the Dragon
 Wings, you teleport back to Dyne's Monument in Burg.

 Laike explains the reason for Ghaleon's betrayal, and why he transformed
 into the Magic Emperor. Because people were abusing Althena's power, and
 becoming totally dependant on her, Althena wanted to give her power away
 to everyone, and her herself become mortal. Because she was struggling
 with the transformation, Dyne decided to use this Dragonmaster power
 to help her. All this time, Ghaleon did not understand the reasoning
 for this; he could not forsee a future with Althena. And thus, Ghaleon
 began the path to the dark side.

 Laike then confesses that he's really Dyne. Super. Why not come help
 us fight Ghaleon. Oh wait, you fricking won't! Booo!!! Alex grabs
 Althena's Sword from Dyne's Monument, and once again becomes
 Dragonmaster. Nall, then, turns in the new White Dragon, and he carries
 the party up to Althena's Fortress.

                       Revenge of the Dragonmaster
 Items found in area: 2x Silver Light, Holy Mace, Dragon Cane,
                      Starlight Bow, Insane Armor, Aegis Robe,
                      Angel's Tear, Holy Clothes, Spook Armlet,
                      Detonator Armlet, Insane Sword, Sage's Robe,
                      Spirit Talisman,

 Recommended Level: 41

 Secrets: Luna's Bromide, Jessica's Bromide 3, Mia's Bromide 3

*NOTE* Make sure you actually equip Althena's Sword on Alex ^_^*END NOTE*

 Although the enemies inside the Fortress are the strongest in the game,
 the fact that you basically have unlimited MP helps a lot! As in, you'll
 pwn everyone here like their your bitch.

 Alright. Althena's Fortress is far easier than the mess known as the
 Grindery was. It's a very linear dungeon, with really, only possible
 way to go. Chests are positioned nicely, so you don't have to worry
 about missing important items. And that's a good thing, because many
 of our character's best equipment is in this dungeon. While they aren't
 going to increase someone's defense drastically, they will definitely
 help a bit against Ghaleon, and the enemies inside. Because of its
 linearity, you're forced to kill a lot of the enemies inside. You simply
 cannot move on without.

 Speaking of enemies, let's analyze. First up: Death Warriors. There is
 really nothing I can say to help you against these guys. Thunder Thrust
 and Blizzard are good spells to use, plus the beating from Alex, Kyle,
 and Jessica. That should kill them off plenty fast.

 Second: Gades. They guys actually warrant boss music, but approach them
 like you would with any normal baddie. I found the exact same pattern
 with Death Warriors just about does the job against these guys. You
 could add a more powerful spell from Mia (like Flameria) to kill off
 the Gades faster, but they aren't too much of a problem if you can't
 kill them off.

 Work your way through some enemies, and you'll come up to another, kill
 the new enemy before we let you pass area. This time, you'll have to
 face off with a bunch of Necromancers. Thunder Thrust is nice from Nash,
 as well as any Flame Attack from Mia. Since you should have a huge
 amount of Star Lights, Alex's Flash Cut is amazing against these guys,
 and you'll finish them off real fast.

 Eventually, the party will run into Luna. Obviously, she's not real,
 and Luna transform to Royce. Unfortunately, he does the unthinkable:
 Casting a spell that affects the party through the final dungeon in the
 game. WEAK! The spell randomly causes party members to sleep at the
 start of a battle. Which means it's not unthinkable that you can easily
 die, if the better characters are sleeping. So SAVE OFTEN when you go
 through the next part of the dungeon.

 After two large areas with this dreaded spell (I hoped you save often),
 you'll run into Royce again. When he fails to stop you with her tricks,
 we finally get a chance to bitch-slap this bitch to hell.

 Royce                                              Recommended Level: 43

 Unfortunately, that stupid spell is with us. Hopefully you got lucky
 with the people who are sleeping (it may be worth to reset if you have
 a nearby save to have some better luck). Anyway, I assume everyone will
 be up in a round or two anyway. And the last thing you want is Jessica
 sleeping, as Royce can kill the people sleeping in one hit.

 You know the drill with Alex, Kyle, and Jessica. Nash should use
 Thunderbolt, and Mia should follow up Ice (obviously; Ice Wall is
 much better than Ice Lance, by the way). With Alex doing almost 700 HP,
 Mia doing almost 300 HP, and Kyle doing 350 HP off, Royce goes down

 However, her moves hurt. Especially when you're sleeping. Jessica should
 be on Calm Litany constantly. I know I said you probably wouldn't need
 Angel's Tears, but you may here, as it's a sure bet that whoever starts
 the battle sleeping WILL die. Unfortunately, Nall tends not to revive
 anyone, so you're forced to do it yourself. Jessica might be able to,
 but she might be dead or busy healing.

 Lastly, make sure you have (and you should) Star Lights in everyone's
 inventory. At least one (because you probably have an Angel's Tear or
 Healing Nut in there as well) just in case this battle lingers on
 longer than it probably should be. In this type of battle, where it's
 easy for Royce to kill someone off, you may be constantly reviving your
 powerhouse characters in an unlucky battle.

 Ah... I don't know. Most think she isn't that tough, but I found Royce
 to be one of the hardest in the game. Perhaps even harder than Ghaleon.

 With Royce dead, move on to the next room. Use the statue to heal, then
 finally SAVE. On a side note, this is the last good place to level up
 in the entire game. If you're at least above Level 43, keep on going.

 Once your inside the inner tower, you'll enter a large puzzle room.
 Also inside, are some new enemies: Ring Horns are about as standard
 bad guy as they come. Thrust, Blizzard, normal attack x 3 works
 nicely (just as the previously million battles you've fought).

 Inside the room, hit White, Red, Blue, Black (the buttons are green,
 but there smaller circles of the color that represents the color.

   1    2

   3    4

 The order is, 4,3,1,2

 Then go into the green transporter in the center of the room. You'll
 teleport into another puzzle, similar to the one you just did. Go
 through the White teleporter, then the Red one, Blue, and finally Black.

 Go into another teleporter, and you'll be give four clues to solve the
 next puzzle:

     1. Blue Dragon Helmet
     2. Black Dragon Armor
     3. Red Dragon Shield
     4. White Dragon Wings

 Before we talk about the solution, there's a new enemy here. Cannon
 Thugs, like the Ring Horns aren't worth any more text than what I'm
 giving it right here. I don't think I ever saw what their attack was.
 Neither should you.

 Go into each color's teleporter in the order of the clues (So Blue,
 Black, Red, White). Make sure you hit the switch in each one, and pick
 up the great items in each area. With the correct order hit, a
 second teleport appears in the center. Use that, and you'll enter
 another puzzle.

 Clues are:
     1. Smashing through the white ice...
     2. Sprinting through the red flames...
     3. Swimming through the blue water...
     4. Sojourning the black earth...

 The solution: Red, Black, White, Blue. Don't bother using Star Lights
 here, as a Goddess Statue coming up. When the switches are hit
 correctly, use the newly formed bridge into another teleporter. In the
 following rooms, you'll meet one last new enemy: Stone Creeps. Thunder
 should smoke'em nicely, along with Blizzard and a cut from Alex's

 The next room you come up to has this crystal looking barriers keeping
 you from the stairs. Have the Stone Creeps chase after you so that they
 run into it and destroy it. You'll go up a number of floors, all in
 which I highly recommend skipping for sake of your insanity. So many
 enemies... If you actually needed the experience, I'd recommend
 fighting them. But it's likely you don't. So don't bother. It's pretty
 easy to dodge them too.

 When the music changes from the Lunar theme to the bad guy theme,
 SAVE immediately.

 Ah, Xenobia. Time to unstone Mel biatch. But first, she puts you all
 through some kind of nightmare. God, I just want to kill you!!

 After each character deals with their inner self, Nall smacks everyone
 around for considering defeat. Unfortunately Alex is a little slow;
 when you have control of him, keep walking towards dream Luna, and he'll
 come back to reality. Now, it's time, to kill Xenobia.
 Xenobia                                            Recommended Level: 45

 You know the drill - I'm not going to say it again. You haven't made it
 this far, and not realize the beauty of the same attacks and over

 Xenobia has a wide-range of attacks. A SL (Single-Line) attack that
 does around 150 HP, that can also cause stone. A regular, double
 attack that varies depending on how high a character's armor rating
 is. A small explosion attack, that does around 150 HP. Alex's
 Dragon Healing is awesome; not only does it fully heal, but it cures
 Stone. So it's defintely worth it for him to use that if you got
 multiple people stoned, and Jessica can't stop healing. It costs him
 an arm and a leg to cast it, so keep feeding him Star Lights (and a
 Silver Light or two, if needed).

 Hopefully Xenobia won't be a whore, and use Sonic Boom (spell that does
 stone) very much. Because it's damn annoying, and it slows down the
 battle by a lot. My last piece of advice is to be careful with the
 battle system. It remembers your last decision, and Jessica should be
 switch between multiple spells. Don't accidently use Cleanse Litany
 when you wanted Calm Litany.

 In my opinion, a lot easier than Royce.

 With Xenobia dead, FRICKING SAVE!!! WE'RE ALMOST DONE!! Load everyone
 up with Silver Lights and Healing Nuts. We're going all-out on this

 Walk through the northern door, into Ghaleon's Lair.

 Magic Emperor                                      Recommended Level: 46

 Power Up the boys as have them do their thang. After using Power Drive
 on both Alex and Kyle, Mia should use Fire Bomb, and use Healing Nuts
 or Silver Lights when needed. Nash should use Thunderbolt, and heal
 when needed. Jessica should cast Saint Litany first, then Calm Litany
 every single round.

 Ghaleon retains most of his attacks from the illusion you fought in the
 Grindery. This time, however, he the elemental attacks are a bit weaker,
 but he can use them twice. He does have Worm Crush, a new move that
 acts like a EZ attack. It takes off what the same damage as the other
 moves, but sometimes only hits two characters. Chaos Shield absorbs
 1000 HP, then break off. Ghaleon uses Siphon Soul when he gets low
 on health, which sucks energy from everyone and replenishes his life.
 Fate Crush is about the cheapest move in the game, as it automatically
 kills a character. Very weak, but he uses it rarely.

 Other than those attacks, Ghaleon's really got nothing on his lackeys
 Royce and Xenobia. Occassionly, Nash would kick the bucket, but it's
 not like he's doing much damage to begin with. And Nall will revive
 him eventually. Saint Litany really is nice in this battle, as it
 compliments Calm Litany to basically giving full life to everyone every

 I found Ghaleon to be the easiest of the three bosses here. Am I nuts?

 With Ghaleon dead, it's time to save Luna. I recommend SAVING
 immediately, as you can die here if you aren't paying attention.

 Go up the stairs, and Luna will fire some shots at you. I thought you're
 able to die here, but maybe not. Just keep walking forward, ignoring
 anything Luna says. Eventually, you'll get to her, and you'll watch
 a long anime scene. I won't describe it, as its the ending anime, and
 you should play the game to see it ;)

            *           *            *            *            *

 After you have control back to Alex, you need to talk to Ramus, then
 Jessica and Kyle in Mel's Mansion, and then Mia and Nash at Black
 Rose Street. All of them have lots to say, and as usual, Kyle's and
 Jessica's are hilarious. Definitely worth it to go through all that

 Talk with Ramus to get the final three Bromides in the game.

 After you're done, head to the NE corner of the Meribia Port. Talk with
 Laike, say you're ready to go home, and the game will end.

 See you in Lunar 2.

 Alphabetical for your needs.

[ Bromides ] ------------------------------------------------------------
            (in order)

 Mia's Bromide
 Nash has this equipped in this inventory when he joins you.

 Phacia's Bromide
 After the three sisters reveal themselves in the Crystal Tower (after
 'saving' Luna for the first time), go back to Althena's Shrine and talk
 with a girl standing in the very back of the Shrine. She will give you
 the bromide. Apparently, this must be done before you go back to
 Meribia (through the Dragon Wings).

 Luna's Bromide 2
 After Ghaleon has captured Luna (but before you've been given the
 Dragon Wings) go into your basement and examine the boofshelves down

 Royce's Bromide
 After Mel is turned into stone, talk to someone on Black Rose Street.
 You must do this before going to Vane. Can anyone remember who gives
 you the bromide? My notes get a little fuzzy in this area. Someone by
 her Fortune-Telling Shop?

 Jessica's Bromide 4
 After Kyle beats off the Vile Tribe in Nanza, go to Kyle's bed (north
 section of the bottom floor of Nanza) and examine it. You cannot get
 this if you talk with Kyle, and he joins your party; it's too late
 then. In my opinion, this is the toughest one in the game to get, as
 I've goofed this up when I knew not to talk to him ;)

 Jessica's Bromide
 Talk to the girl who think Jessica is her sister at Althena's Shrine.
 After you talk with her twice, she hands you Jessica's Bromide. You
 must do this after Kyle joins the party, but before you go off to the

 Jessica's Bromide 2
 When you first visit Lann (fake Dragonmaster), go to Zoc's island. Then
 go back to Lann through the boat. Talk with the guy who owns it, and
 he'll say something. This triggers events to occur so that you can get
 the bromide later in the game. When Alex becomes Dragonmaster, go back
 to Lann and talk with the boatowner. He will give you the Bromide.
 Note: You must do this before you leave for the Frontier.

 Mia's Bromide 4
 After Nash destroys the airship, but before you see Myght again, Dragon
 Wing to Iluk and talk to the Photographer who wanted to photograph Mia
 (I think he's in the most eastern building in town).

 Xenobia's Bromide
 Assuming you saved the miner in the Talon Mines, go back to the Talon
 Mines and talk with him after the Grindery leaves the Frontier. You
 must do this before you go back to your airship, leaving the Frontier
 for good. And for god's sake, I missed this one as well. Where is the
 miner in Talon?

 Mia's Bromide 2
 After you return back from the Frontier, go to the classroom in the
 east wing of the Magic Guild building. Talk with the student in the
 SW desk twice, and he'll give you the bromide. Nash cannot be in your
 party when you do this (so, don't pick him up at the Transmission

 Luna's Bromide
 Talk to Ramus at the end of the game (after saving Luna).

 Jessica's Bromide 3
 Buy from Ramus at the end of the game (after saving Luna).

 Mia's Bromide 3
 Buy this bromide from Ramus at the end of the game (after saving Luna).

[ Forbidden Forest ] ----------------------------------------------------

 Recall if you will, the tougher then hell forest east of Meryod, that
 I originally told you to skip after you passed there going to the
 Blue Dragon Shrine. If Alex is the Dragonmaster now, you can come back
 now (make sure you do this before you LEAVE for the Frontier

 Ultimately the problem with this forest is that while the enemies aren't
 that tough by the end of the game, they give absolutely no experience.
 So, is it really worth it to go all-out on these suckers, only to get
 hundreds of experience back? NO! To fix this, use your best dodging
 kills to get past most of the enemies (there aren't that many). When
 you do get stuck in a fight, unleash Alex's Dragon Grief on them.
 Although you don't get the miniscule experience, it gives you free
 pass to the unexpected treasure awaiting you at the end of the forest.
 I should note, there's one chest in the forest, which has 5000 Silver
 in it. By the time you're able to get through this, that money is
 pretty worthless to you.

 At the end of the forest, we reach another Spring (similar to the one
 by Damon's Spire). But this time, it's for women only! Hopefully you
 have at least one bar of soap with you (there's three total in the
 game). If you have two, you can see both scenes with Mia and Jessica.
 If you have only one, SAVE before using it. Watch whatever scene occurs,
 then keep coming back to this save file until you get the second scene.

[ Gale Ring ] -----------------------------------------------------------

 Remember talking to Lily in Reza just before Royce came in to capture
 her. If you didn't, there's nothing you can do (as far as I know).
 But if you did, return to Reza JUST before entering the Grindery.
 She will give you the Gale Ring, which adds one more attack to whoever
 equips it (*cough* Alex *cough*).

[ Ghaleon's Tear ] ------------------------------------------------------

 Just before you Nash betrays you, talk with the chief of Lann. Reply
 to his question by answering with the top option. Later, before you
 enter the Grindery, go back and talk with him again, and he gives you
 the Tear. Unfortunately, you only do one attack against everyone with
 the Tear equipped. So, no Alex with Gale Ring + Ghaleon's Tear madness.

[ Hell Ring ] -----------------------------------------------------------

 Before entering the Grindery, go back to Damon's Spire and talk with
 Damon. He will give you the Hell Ring, which halves MP consumption for
 the wearer. In my opinion, this is probably the best "side" item in the
 game, as it really takes away any worry of running out of MP. I usually
 give it to Jessica, as she tends to heal after every battle (through the
 Grindery and final dungeons). However, Alex can definitely use it if
 you're any of his dragon abilities.

[ Red Chests ] ----------------------------------------------------------

 A number of locked, red chests are placed among the many areas you
 go through in Lunar. A majority of them cannot be opened until halfway
 through the game. When you join the Thieves' Guild in Reza, the leader
 of the guild gives you the Thieves' Crest, which opens these chests.
 Don't sigh in disbelief that you'll have to return to a lot of areas
 you already visited! The Dragon Wings should speed up the process.

 If your awfully lazy and don't want to get all 14 chests, then I
 suggest just going for the one's with Silver Lights. The rest range
 from nice, but not needed, to absolutely worthless.

   1. Ramus' house in Berg (Garbage Can Lid)
   2. Weird Woods - near campsite (Wrath Ring)
   3. Saith - SW house, 2nd floor (Protection Ring)
   4. Basement in Old Hag's house (Silver Light)
   5. House below Ramus' shop (1000 Silver)
   6. Meribia Sewers - from Mel's gym entrance (Silver Light)
   7. Cave of Trial (floor where you fought boss) (Soap)
   8. Vane; south of Althena's Statue (Devil Pendant)
   9. In Cafeteria in Nanza Barrier (Crystal Pendant)
  10. Near the entrance of Nanza Path from Reza (Silver Light)
  11. Western edge of Reza (Silver Light)
  12. Lann - behind second house (Silver Light)
  13. NW corner of Meryod Woods (Fortune Ring)
  14. SW outside house in Meryod (Silver Light)

[ Rememberizer ] --------------------------------------------------------

 Before you go to the Frontier through Myght's airship, go back to
 Meribia and talk with Ramus. He will give you the Rememberizer, which
 allows you to see all the game's anime sequences.



 The following items are the available weapons for each character. Some
 weapons will be repeated as there are weapons multiple people can use.
 I'm not going to bother with a list for short-lived playable characters.
 Also, list is based on when you can first buy the weapon (not by attack

 Alex              description:                 Attack:           Where?

  Sling            Throws stones                 + 4                Burg
  Dagger           Basic pointed weapon          + 6                Burg
  Poison Darts     Pointy projectiles            + 8       Burg, Meribia
  Short Sword      Adventurer's blade            +11       Burg, Meribia
  Long Sword       Length DOES matter...         +16      Saith, Meribia
  Broad Sword      Wide and wicked               +21             Meribia
  Saber            Dueling sword                 +27                Vane
  Silver Sword     Shiny stabber                 +33             Meribia
  Samuari Blade    Hari-kari made easy           +38                Reza
  Ice Blade        Chilly cleaver                +44     Thieves' Bazaar
  Flame Sword      Forged in fire                +49     Red Dragon cave
  Great Sword      Really good weapon            +55       Meryod, Tamur
  Crystal Sword    Shimmering Sword              +61       Myght's Tower
  Master Sword     Swordsman's weapon            +68                 Pao
  Althena's Sword  Dragonmaster's blade          +75/Atk+1          Burg

 Luna              description:                 Attack:           Where?

  Sling            Throws stones                 + 4                Burg
  Dagger           Basic pointed weapon          + 6                Burg
  Poison Darts     Pointy projectiles            + 8       Burg, Meribia
  Short Sword      Adventurer's blade            +11       Burg, Meribia
  Small Bow        For archers on a budget       +10      Saith, Meribia
  Fortune Cane     Good luck to carry it         +16/Luk+10        Saith
  Battle Bow       Arrow-flinging device         +20             Meribia
  Dream Cane       REM rod                       +34                Vane

 Ramus             description:                 Attack:           Where?

  Sling            Throws stones                 + 4                Burg
  Dagger           Basic pointed weapon          + 6                Burg
  Poison Darts     Pointy projectiles            + 8       Burg, Meribia
  Short Sword      Adventurer's blade            +11       Burg, Meribia
  Small Bow        For archers on a budget       +10      Saith, Meribia
  Fortune Cane     Good luck to carry it         +16/Luk+10        Saith
  Battle Bow       Arrow-flinging device         +20             Meribia

 Nash              description:                 Attack:           Where?

  Sling            Throws stones                 + 4                Burg
  Poison Darts     Pointy projectiles            + 8       Burg, Meribia
  Small Bow        For archers on a budget       +10      Saith, Meribia
  Fortune Cane     Good luck to carry it         +16/Luk+10        Saith
  Water Cane       Splash magic                  +20            Equipped
  Battle Bow       Arrow-flinging device         +20             Meribia
  Fire Cane        Casts fireballs               +28       Meribia, Vane
  Ethereal Cane    Spirtual staff                +38                Reza
  Ice Cane         Ice is nice                   +43     Thieves' Bazaar
  Stone Bow        Rock-solid aiming             +50     Thieves' Bazaar
  Sage's Cane      Wise walking-stick            +48/Wis+10       Meryod
  Holy Bow         Death from above              +56       Meryod, Tamur
  Dream Bow        An enemy's nightmare          +66         BD Fortress
  Starlight Bow    Glows white and warm          +72     Althena's Fort.

 Jessica           description:                 Attack:           Where?

  Sling            Throws stones                 + 4                Burg
  Poison Darts     Pointy projectiles            + 8       Burg, Meribia
  Mace             Iron club                     +34            Equipped
  Ice Mace         Freezing staff                +44     Thieves' Bazaar
  Water Mace       Moist Magic                   +50              Meryod
  Judgement Mace   Lest ye be judged             +56               Tamur
  Dark Mace        Wicked magic                  +62                Ruid
  Holy Mace        Healing staff                 +68     Althena's Fort.

 Mia               description:                 Attack:           Where?

  Sling            Throws stones                 + 4                Burg
  Poison Darts     Pointy projectiles            + 8       Burg, Meribia
  Fortune Cane     Good luck to carry it         +16/Luk+10        Saith
  Water Cane       Splash magic                  +20         Nash has it
  Fire Cane        Casts fireballs               +28       Meribia, Vane
  Ethereal Cane    Spirtual staff                +38                Reza
  Ice Cane         Ice is nice                   +43     Thieves' Bazaar
  Sage's Cane      Wise walking-stick            +48/Wis+10       Meryod
  Wind Cane        Conjures gusts                +54/Agi+20   Tamur Pass
  Dragon Cane      Powerful bite                 +60/Wis+60  Althena's

 Kyle              description:                 Attack:           Where?

  Sling            Throws stones                 + 4                Burg
  Dagger           Basic pointed weapon          + 6                Burg
  Poison Darts     Pointy projectiles            + 8       Burg, Meribia
  Short Sword      Adventurer's blade            +11       Burg, Meribia
  Long Sword       Length DOES matter...         +16      Saith, Meribia
  Broad Sword      Wide and wicked               +21             Meribia
  Silver Sword     Shiny stabber                 +33             Meribia
  Samuari Blade    Hari-kari made easy           +38                Reza
  Bastard Sword    Long battle sword             +50            Equipped
  Great Sword      Really good weapon            +55       Meryod, Tamur
  Wind Sword       Blow's enemies away           +60/Agl+5         Tamur
  Dark Sword       Blade O' Evil                 +65/Def+5   BD Fortress
  Insane Sword     Cuts like crazy               +70     Althena's Fort.

 A = Alex       L = Luna       R = Ramus       N = Nash
 J = Jessica    M = Mia        K = Kyle
 N/A = Only found in starting equipment of certain characters

 Armor               description:             Def:        Who?    Where?

  Leather Armor      Reinforced rawhide       + 6        A,K,R     Saith
  Iron Armor         Fortified metal          +13        A,K,R   Meribia
  Chain Mail         Linked armor             +17/ME+5    A,K       Vane
  Steel Armor        Stainless and shiny      +21         A,K     Meryod
  Holy Armor         Stronger than prayers    +25         A,K      Lyton
  Silver Armor       Light and strong         +29/ME+10   A,K      Tamur
  Dark Armor         Evil protection          +33          K    BD Fort.
  Dragon Armor       Dragonmaster's armor     +40          A    BD Fort.
  Insane Armor       Maddening metal          +37/ME+20    K  Althena's

 Clothes             description:             Def:        Who?    Where?

  Peasant Clothes    Everyday apparel         + 3         all       Burg
  Heavy Clothes      Bad-weather workwear     + 5         all       Burg
  Leather Clothes    Kinky, yet comfy         + 7       A,K,L,R    Saith
  Cool Clothes       Priestly formalwear      +14/ME+1     J         N/A
  Purity Clothes     Washed in holy water     +18/ME+2     J        Reza
  Sage's Clothes     Ceremonial robe          +22/ME+3     J   Damon's
  Radiance Clothes   Sacred robe              +26/ME+4     J       Tamur
  Saint Clothes      The fabric of our lives  +30/ME+6     J    Grindery
  Holy Clothes       Althena's fave fabric    +34/ME+22    J  Althena's

 Robes               description:             Def:        Who?    Where?

  Robe               Thick cloth wear         +11       N,M,L,J  Meribia
  Magic Robe         Magically delicious      +15       N,M,L,J     Vane
  Sorcerer's Robe    Magic Guild attire       +19         M,N       Reza
  Intelligent Robe   Smart-looking garment    +23         M,N  T. Bazaar
  Saint's Robe       Delightful duds          +26          M       Tamur
  Wisdom Robe        Knit with knowledge      +27          N    Lyton
  Spirit Robe        Sewed by sorcerers       +31          N       Tamur
  Holy Robe          Blessedly informal       +29          M       Talon
  Aegis Robe         Imbued with magic        +33          M  Althena's
  Sage's Robe        Wiseman's outfit         +36          N  Althena's

 Shields             description:             Def:        Who?    Where?

  Garbage Can Lid    Almost a shield          + 2       A,R,L,K     Burg
  Wooden Shield      Lumbering defense        + 3        A,R,K      Burg
  Iron Shield        Heavy and easily dented  + 5         A,K    Meribia
  Silver Shield      Better than gold         + 7         A,K       Vane
  Dragon Shield      Dragonmaster's shield    +20          A     RD Cave
  Steel Shield       Deflects damage well     +10         A,K     Meryod
  Holy Shield        Holy, not hole-y         +13         A,K      Lyton
  Dark Shield        Dusky defense            +16          K    BD Fort.
  Insane Shield      Legendary protection     +19          K    Grindery

 Headwear            description:             Def:        Who?    Where?

  Bandanna           Lassos long locks        + 1         all        N/A
  Scarf              Silky, soft, and warm    + 1        L,M,J       N/A
  Hat                Orange chinchilla fur    + 2        A,K,R       N/A
  Headband           Keeps forehead dry       + 3        L,M,J   Meribia
  Fruity Bandanna    VERY colorful attire     + 4          N        Vane
  Iron Helmet        Solid skull shield       + 5        A,K,R   Meribia
  Jade Hairpin       For ladies only          + 6         M,J     Meryod
  Spirit Bandanna    Spiritual and silky      + 7/Wis+5    N         N/A
  Steel Helmet       Absorbs noggin knocks    + 9         A,K     Meryod
  Rainbow Tiara      Colorful crown           + 9          J     RD Cave
  Lucky Bandanna     Do ya feel lucky, punk?  +10/Luk+5    N       Tamur
  Spook Hairpin      Hairy-scary              +10/Wis+2    M  Iluk Field
  Holy Helmet        Heavenly head-holder     +12         A,K      Lyton
  Dragon Bandanna    A lovely length of linen +12          N    BD Fort.
  Ruby Tiara         Encrusted with gems      +12          J   BD Shrine
  Holy Hairpin       Sacred scrunchie         +13/Wis+4    M  Lost Woods
  Dark Helmet        Black brain-bucket       +15          K    BD Fort.
  Fire Tiara         Flaming headpiece        +16          J       Talon
  Holy Bandanna      Boosts wearer's magic    +15          N    Grindery
  Phantom Ribbon     Haunted headpiece        +17/Wis+6    M    Grindery
  Insane Helmet      Crazy cranium can        +18          K    Grindery
  Dragon Helmet      Dragonmaster's helmet    +20          A   BD Shrine

 Bands               description:               Def:      Who?    Where?

  Iron Armlet        Wrist guard                + 1        L        Burg
  Iron Bracelet      Heavy gauntlet             + 4    all (ex J)    N/A
  Steel Armlet       Wrist reflector            + 4      L,J,M   Meribia
  Silver Bracelet    Shiny wrist-wrap           + 6      A,K,N      Vane
  Silver Armlet      Sterling shielding         + 7       M,J       Reza
  White Bracelet     White is alright           + 8        N        Iluk
  Crystal Bracelet   Not cubic zirconia         +10        N  Iluk Field
  Crystal Armlet     Shimmering band            + 9       M,J  T. Bazaar
  Rainbow Armlet     A circle of color          +11        J       Lyton
  Dragon Armlet      Beastly bracelet           +12        M       Tamur
  Jewel Bracelet     Rainbow band               +12/Wis+5  N   BD Shrine
  Hell Armlet        Repels evil magic          +14        J       Talon
  Star Bracelet      Heavenly hoop              +14/Wis+10 N  Lost Woods
  Fire Armlet        Brighter than sunlight     +15        M        Ruid
  Stone Bracelet     Rolling wrist-ring         +16/Wis+15 N    Grindery
  Detonator Armlet   Althena's armlet           +17        J  Althena's
  Spook Armlet       Don't be afraid            +18        M  Althena's

 Rings/Pendants      description:                def:

  Angel Ring         One-time auto-resurrect     + 1
  Barrier Ring       Raise magic resistance      +15/ME+15
  Chira's Tail       Increases agility           + 2/Agl+10
  Crystal Pendant    Increases spiritual power   + 2/Wis+10
  Devil Pendant      Increases magic resistance  + 2/ME+10
  Flame Ring         Defend against water/wind   + 1/Atk+1
  Fortune Ring       Increases luck              + 1/Luk+10
  Fresh Ring         Prevents conditions         + 1
  Gale Ring          Increase # of attacks       + 1/A+1
  Ghaleon's Tear     Attack all enemies          + 2
  Healing Ring       Recover HPs                 + 1
  Hell Ring          Halves MP consumption       + 1
  Ice Pendant        Defend against thunder/fire + 2
  Protection Ring    Increases defense           +10
  Refresher Ring     Prevents conditions         + 1
  Shira's Tail       Increases range             + 2/Rng+8
  Spirit Talisman    Halves all attacks          + 2
  Tri-Ring           Prevents status change      + 1
  Wrath Ring         Increase attack power       + 1/Atk+10


 normal:             effect:

  Angel's Tear       Revives fainted characters
  Antidote           ????????????
  Cleaning Water     ????????????
  Dragonfly Wings    Escape dungeons
  Holy Water         Recover conditions
  Healing Nut        Restores plenty of HP
  Herb               Restores a bit of HP
  Silver Light       Restores plenty of MP
  Star Light         Restores a bit of MP


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