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FAQ/Walkthrough by DWagoner

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 07/03/00

          Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete--English Playstation Version
                          FAQ/Walkthrough version 0.1
                                by Daniel Wagoner
                        Original Version July 3, 2000
                          Last Revision July 3, 2000
*Note:  This file is best viewed with WordPad for Windows 95/98 in normal 
(640X480) resolution.

I.    Revision History
II.   Introduction
III.  Version Differences
IV.   Common Questions
V.    Characters
VI.   Lists
    A.  Spells
    B.  Items
    C.  Special Items
    D.  Accessories
    E.  Magic Items
    F.  Weapons
    G.  Armor and other equipment
    H.  Bromide Locations
VII.  Walkthrough
VIII. Song Lyrics and Soundtrack CD track list
IX.   Special Thanks

I.  Revision History
version 0.1--initial release; covers only the demo version.

II.  Introduction
Note: This FAQ is currently based on the demo version of Lunar 2.  It will be 
updated to include the full version as soon as the full game is released.  This 
demo can only be obtained by purchasing or renting the Working Designs strategy 
game Vanguard Bandits (formerly known as Detonator Gauntlet).  Look for it at a 
retail or video game rental store near you!

Lunar: Eternal Blue is the second game in the popular Lunar series.  It is a 
traditional style RPG for the Sony Playstation.  It features beautiful 2D 
graphics, an excellent storyline, a witty text translation, a great battle 
system, over 50 minutes of animated video sequences, and over an hour of total 
speech from many different speaking characters.  *DEMO ONLY--Save games take up 
a total of 2 memory blocks on a Sony memory card, which allows the user to make 
up to 3 saves per card.
If you haven't played the first Lunar game, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, I 
would advise you to play it first (check out my FAQ on that game for more 
information).  The storyline In Lunar: Eternal Blue is based heavily on Lunar: 
SSSC's story, and Lunar: EB contains many major spoilers for Lunar: SSSC's 
storyline.  If you can't find Lunar: SSC for the PSX, it will be released for 
the PC later this year.
This is the first version of my Lunar: EB FAQ for the Sony Playstation.  It is 
laid out just like my Lunar: SSSC FAQ, and you may notice many similarities 
between the two.  This initial version only covers the playable demo, since the 
full game has not yet been released as of this writing.

--Demo Notes:  As of now, the current release date for the full game is 
estimated at August, but I'm predicting a September release; in any case, the 
game should certainly be out by the end of the year.  The demo contains the 
first area of the game almost as it will appear in the full version.  There are 
many small details in the demo that will likely be changed in the final game.  
The Japanese speech in battles will most certainly be translated, the slight lag 
in the music during battle will hopefully be gone, and the dash feature in the 
dungeons will possibly be changed, along with a few other things.  Unlike most 
PSX demos, you can save your progress in this demo.  However, these save games 
will most likely NOT be compatible with the full game, because the save system 
for the final game will most likely be different than the demo's save system.

I tried my best not to spoil anything about the game for you.  I recommend that 
if you're playing the game for the first time, use this file as a reference.  If 
you get stuck, go to the part of the Walkthrough where you need help and read 
only until you find the answer to your question.  Some spoiler information will 
be given away in the walkthrough, be warned!  Your party is limited to level 16 
in the demo, and the demo ends immediately after the battle with Plantella.  
You're limited to level 16, and once all characters in your party reach that 
level, you will no longer gain EXP or Silver from battles.  Since there were no 
instructions with the demo, here's a list of what the buttons do:
Start: quick save during walkabout mode.
Select: activate menu.
Directional pad/Left analog stick: move characters/cursor.
R&L buttons: In menus, these buttons will switch between
             characters when you are looking at equipment or spells.
O button: dash; used in dungeons ONLY.  Tapping this gives you about a
          3-second boost of speed.
X button: action button; used to accept options, talk, search, etc.
Square button: activate menu.
Triangle button: cancel selections.
"L3" button: by pushing in the left analog stick until it clicks, you can
             dash, just as with the O button.

The analog controller is supported, and it allows you to alternatively use the 
left analog joystick to move your characters.  "Dual Shock" is supported; it 
provides jolts in battles, and other parts of the game as well.  

The menu works like this: select from the following options: Magic, Item, Equip, 
and System.  Non-equipped items are stored in a single inventory, which is 
shared by the party.  You can carry up to 20 of each item, but I'm not sure how 
many different items you can hold at once, due to the limited number of items 
available in the demo version, but it appears to be at least 40.  The equip 
screen doubles as a status screen for each character.  Each character can equip 
a weapon, shield, helmet, armor, 2 accessories, and 2 magic items.  Some 
characters, such as Lucia and Gwyn, cannot change their equipment.  Note that 
you can save your game anywhere you like, as long as you have control of the 

The system menu has the following options: Save, Load, Tactics, and Configure.  
Tactics allows you to change the party formation, as well as set up user-defined 
command sequences to be used in battle.  The config screen has the following 

Vibration: On or Off (turns on/off the "Dual Shock" feature
Window Style: Opaque or Clear (self explanatory)
Window Color: (choose from Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, or Gray)
Spell Names: On or Off (enable/disable spell name display in battle)

Unfortunately, you can't change the button assignments :(

III.  Version Differences
There are many different versions of Lunar 2.  This section will attempt to 
clarify the differences between the versions.

The first version is called Lunar: Eternal Blue for the Sega CD.  There are both 
Japanese and English versions of this game.  

The second version is Lunar: Eternal Blue for the Sega Saturn.  Only a Japanese 
version exists.  This game had improved graphics and animations over the 
original.  However, the storyline remains relatively unchanged.

The latest version is Lunar: Eternal Blue for the Sony Playstation.  This is the 
version this FAQ deals with.  There are Japanese and English versions.  This 
game is very similar to the second version.  I am not aware of any major 
differences.  I own the Sega CD English version and the English PSX version.  I 
do not have first hand information about the Saturn version; I am simply 
repeating information I have found on the Internet regarding these versions.  If 
I am in error in any way, please let me know.

Differences between the Sega CD and PSX English versions (no spoilers): 
Most of the game and the storyline are almost identical.  There is now more 
emphasis on the relationship between Hiro and Lucia, which lets the player feel 
the building relationship between the two main characters.  The magic system has 
been changed.  There are no more Magic EXP.  New spells are either learned by 
leveling-up, or by equipping magical items that bestow new spells.  Also, there 
is NO cost for saving the game, as there was in the English Sega CD version.  
Also new are the Bromides.  Just like in Lunar: SSSC, there are many secret 
Bromides to be found in Lunar: EB.  The difference is that in this game, there 
are male bromides as well as female ones!  The demo version contains one 
bromide: Lucia's bromide 1.  That's the basic gist of what's new in the PSX 

IV.  Common Questions (*coming soon!)

V.  Characters
Hiro-The hero (obviously).  A boy who lives in Salyan Desert with his
     grandfather.  He really enjoys exploring, and tends to get into
     trouble rather easily.
Ruby-Hiro's pet.  She looks like a flying cat.  Oh, and she talks... a LOT.
Gwyn-Hiro's grandfather.  He knows a lot about the Blue Spire.  (Isn't Gwyn
     a girl's name?  Oh, well...)
Lucia-A mysterious girl who comes from the Blue Star in search of Althena.
Ronfar-A priest (uh, well, he's SUPPOSED to be a priest...) who loves to
Jean-A dancer who works for a traveling carnival.  Something strange
     happened to her in the past that she won't talk about...
*Lemina-A descendant of Mia Ausa.  She is trying to revive the ancient
        Magic Guild of Vane.  Lemina is a skilled wizardess.
*Miria Ausa-Lemina's mother.
Giban-The leader of Jean's caravan.
Leo-The White Knight of Althena's elite guard.  He is a very powerful and
    loyal knight.  He controls the White Dragon.
*Borgan-A wizard who is trying to take control of Vane.  He controls the
        Black Dragon.
Mauri-A priestess of Althena who controls the Red Dragon.  She is the
      sister of Leo.
*Lunn-A karate master who controls the Blue Dragon.
*????-The leader of a group of rogue children.  There's something very
      strange and very familiar about this boy...
Zophar-Brad Levicoff, the webmaster of Zophar's Domain
       (http://www.zophar.net).  No, wait... you meant the character in
       Lunar: EB!  He's a powerful evil entity who has come to the world of
       Lunar.  He doesn't like Lucia very much.  Oh, and his voice sounds
       REALLY cool :)
*Althena-The benevolent goddess of the world of Lunar.  No one has seen her
*=This character is not found in the demo version.

VI.  Lists
A.  Spells (1E=One Enemy, EZ=Enemy Zone, AE=All Enemies, 1A=One Ally,
            AZ=Ally Zone, AA=All Allies, OS=One's Self, SL=Single Line.
            Format is: Name--MP used, target, level learned, description.)
Boomerang--3MP, 1E, Level 5, minor Wind damage.
Poe Sword--6MP, 1E, Level 7, a jumping sword attack.
Squall--7MP, EZ, level 9, moderate Wind damage, NOT Rinoa's boyfriend.
Sybillium Sword--10MP, EZ, Level 16, a ranged sword attack.

Heal Litany--4MP, 1A, Level 9, heals HP.
Calm Litany--12MP, AA, Level 9, heals HP.
Fractured Armor--6MP, 1E, Level 10, lowers enemy defense power.
Shattered Sword--6MP, 1E, Level 12, lowers enemy attack power.

Lucia: (Lucia apparently has infinite MP, and casts spells automatically)
Atomic Burn--1E, strong attack on one enemy.
Thunder Blow--EZ, large range lightning bolt.
Plasma Rain--AE, raining plasma... that's GOT to be painful...
Magic Barrier--1A, raises defense power.
Napalm Shot--1E, projectiles impale the enemy.

Heal Litany--4MP, 1A, Level 12, heals HP.
Calm Litany--12MP, AA, Level 12, heals HP.
Anger Dice--2MP, 1E, Level 12, higher roll=more damage.
Clean Magic--3MP, 1A, Level 12, cures status ailments.
Destiny Dice--5MP, AE/OS, Level 13, pick odd or even dice--if you win,
              it damages enemies, lose and Ronfar gets whacked for minor
Divine Intervention--5MP, 1A, Level 15, regenerates some HP after each
Escape Litany--2MP, AA, Level 16, transports the party out of a dungeon.

Butterfly Dance--6MP, 1E, Level 16, poisonous dance attack.
Sleep Step--5MP, 1E, Level 16, puts enemy to sleep while attacking.
Wasp Dance--7MP, 1E, Level 16, this paralyzing dance really stings!

Item Magic: These spells are gained only by equipping the appropriate item.
Poison Dart--5MP, 1E, venomous projectile.

B.  Items
Herb--restores about 50 HP; 40 Silver.
Star Light--restores about 20 MP; found in chests.
Angel's Tear--revives one fallen friend; 1,000 Silver.
Healing Nut--restores about 200 HP; found in Blue Spire chest.
Purity Herb--cures poison; 20 Silver.
Vitality Vial--dispels disabilities; 50 Silver.
Dragonfly Wing--escape from dungeons; 100 Silver.
Passion Fruit--restores full HP; found in a forest chest.
Jewel of Life--restores some HP to the party; found in a forest chest.

C.  Special Items
Right Dragon Jewel--A dragon eye jewel found in the Dragon Ruins.
Left Dragon Jewel--A dragon eye jewel from Gwyn's collection.
Rope Ladder--A simple ladder given by Jean.
Bromides--pictures of the game characters; see section H, below.

D.  Accessories
Medallion--Lucia's Pendant, attributes unknown; Lucia has it; this is the
           same pendant that is included in the Lunar 2 game box (the full
           game)!!  Wear it with pride!
Iron Clogs--Flat metal shoes; defense power +10, range -3; found in a chest
            at Althena's Spring.

E.  Magic items
Snake Crest--Enables "Poison Dart"; attack power -5; found in a chest in
             the Forest of Illusion.

F. Weapons (H=Hiro, R=Ronfar, J=Jean)

ITEM NAME      Power   User      Price/location    Description
Dagger          +2    H,R,J      Hiro has it       -# of attacks +1
Ancient Dagger  +5    H,R,J      Gwyn's chest      -# of attacks +1
Mace            +15     R        300 Silver        -No, not the spray
Short Sword     +17     H        340 Silver        -Short but strong
Flail           +21     R        630 Silver        -Spiked ball & chain
Long Sword      +23     H        690 Silver        -Size DOES matter!
Feather Fan     +24     J        Jean has it       -Fan for a dancer

G. Armor and other equipment (H=Hiro, R=Ronfar, J=Jean)

ITEM NAME      Power   User      Price/location    Description 
Peasant Clothes +3     H,R,J     Ronfar has it     -Simple attire
  Clothes       +6     H,R,J     Hiro has it       -Weak defense
Lucia's Clothes ???    Lucia     Lucia has it      -A long, red robe
Leather Armor   +12     H,R      360 Silver        -Made from tough cows
Pretty Dress    +14      J       Jean has it       -Stage clothes
Chain Mail      +18     H,R      Found in a chest  -Light chain armor
Bandanna        +1       R       Ronfar has it     -Simple sweatband
Leather Cap     +2       H       40 Silver         -Head-hugger
  Bandanna      +3       R       60 Silver         -Tie-dyed sweatband
Lucia's Hat     ???    Lucia     Lucia has it      -A crimson hat
Saucepan Lid    +2     H,R,J     Larpa chest       -A shield... almost
Bracelet        +4       R       80 Silver         -White wrist-wrap
Wood Shield     +5       H       100 Silver        -A former stump
Iron Shield     +10      H       Privates drop     -Military shield

H. Bromide Locations
Lucia's Bromide 1--Get it from a man standing outside the east house in
                   Larpa while you are searching for Lucia.

VII.  Walkthrough
The Beginning:
	The game begins on the Blue Star.  Watch the opening FMVs as Lucia awakens 
and surveys the landscape (I don't believe I would stand naked in a fierce 
snowstorm like that, would you??).  The scene then switches to the world of 
Lunar, where Hiro is exploring the Dragon Ruins.  He manages to collect the 
Dragon Eye before he sets off a trap and losing his footing.  Watch and listen 
as Hiro and Ruby make a daring escape from the treacherous ruins!  Once outside, 
you will finally have control of Hiro.  Head south to reach the first dungeon.

--East Salyan Desert: Treasure found here: Herb, 100 Silver.
Really easy, just keep heading south to the exit.  Just watch your HP, and 
return to Althena's statue at the entrance to this area to restore your health, 
or use herbs.  About halfway through this area, the ground will shake and a 
giant ship will appear.  This is the Dragonship Destiny, commanded by White 
Knight Leo.  Apparently, Leo has business with Hiro's grandfather.  Continue 
south through the rest of this straightforward dungeon.

After leaving this monster-infested region, head northeast to Hiro's home.  The 
Destiny is parked right outside, something must be up...  Head into Hiro's home 
and speak with Gwyn, and then Lord Leo.  After Gwyn refuses to give Leo any 
information, Leo storms out to find the Destroyer.  Head upstairs to the 
telescope when Gwyn calls you, and you'll witness a strange beam of light 
descending on the Blue Spire.  Gwyn suggests that you go investigate.  Head down 
to the basement and open the chest to find the Ancient Dagger.  Take the time to 
read the books while you're down here.  Go back upstairs and speak to Gwyn and 
equip the Ancient Dagger as he suggests.  Now, head north to the Spire!

--The Blue Spire: Treasure found here: Angel's Tear (x2), Star Light (x2),
Herb (x2), Healing Nut, 72 Silver.
Approach the entrance and check out the Guardian statues if you want.  Gwyn  
will take the Left Dragon Jewel and place it in the socket in the dragon's head.  
Hmm...  Nothing happened.  But, there's still another empty socket!  Approach it 
and press X and Hiro will place the Right Dragon Jewel into the socket, causing 
the door to open.  Now head inside...  In the first chamber, press the switches 
in the northwest, southwest, and southeast corners of the room to form a bridge 
leading north.  Once you cross the bridge, go east to find another switch.  This 
one deactivates the force field to the west.  When fighting the mummy enemies, 
attack the purple mummy with a Poe Sword for an easy win.  Once the purple mummy 
dies, they all go down.  Go to the next area and enter all the doors and 
activate all 4 floating orbs to activate the transporter in the southern part of 
this area.  After exiting the transporter, head north and watch the quick FMV of 
the Spire and be sure to heal at the goddess statue.  Keep heading north into 
the next room and ascend either of the two staircases.  On the next floor, go up 
either the southwest or southeast staircase.  On the next floor, ascend the 
middle staircase to continue.  This time ascend either of the two staircases at 
the south end of the room.  Now just enter the staircase to the northwest for 
some temporary relief from the monsters.  Take a moment to gaze at the beauty of 
the Blue Star, and then head east to the stairs leading to the 7th floor.  Here, 
Grandpa Gwyn will astound you with his complete lack of investigative ability.  
While he examines the wall for a non-existent secret passage, you might want to 
check out the strange magic symbol with the image of the Blue Star hovering over 
it at the north side of the room.  You will soon find yourself transported to 
another chamber where a woman, Lucia, appears.  Approach the crystal to view the 
FMV of Lucia's appearance.  Lucia asks simply to be taken to see Althena.  Hiro, 
stunned by Lucia's goddess-like beauty, finally manages a response, but only 
after fending off Ruby's jealous attack.  Hiro agrees to help Lucia, and she 
transports them back to the 7th floor.  Gwyn is surprised, and the group 
prepares to descend back down the Spire.  On the floor below, some monsters 
attack.  It doesn't matter what strategy you employ, because before anyone can 
act, Lucia will destroy all the monsters at once with her awesome magic!  
Continue down, and try to fight every enemy you find to take advantage of 
Lucia's immense power for some easy EXP and Silver.  Note that Lucia cannot be 
controlled, and acts automatically.  This does not change throughout the entire 
game.  Try to get Gwyn up to level 12 by going up and down the spire looking for 
enemies.  When you get to the area where Althena's statue is, Lucia will try to 
sense Althena's presence, but she can't.  Then, an ominous voice is heard.  It's 
Zophar!  He's the Destroyer, not Lucia!  Lucia attempts to summon the power of 
the Four Dragons, but to no avail!  Zophar responds by casting a terrible curse 
on Lucia, one that threatens her life.  Now you must find a way to restore her 
to health.  Lucia now has only 1HP, and all of her powers are gone.  She'll 
spend the upcoming battles cowering in the corner, running away, or fainting.  
Once you reach the goddess statue, heal up and save.  Continue south and you'll 
see that Zophar's presence has woken up the Guardian statue!

Guardian (AKA: Stoneman)
HP: ????
Weakness: none

This is the first boss battle, and it can be tough if you don't take appropriate 
action.  The Guardian will always start by boosting his attack and defense, so 
you should lower them.  Have Gwyn cast Fractured Armor and Shattered Sword the 
first two rounds.  Hiro should ALWAYS use Poe Sword.  Lucia will spend her time 
cowering in the corner, so forget about her for the moment.  Have Gwyn cast Heal 
Litany and Calm Litany as needed.  Use herbs if he runs out of MP.  If Hiro is 
killed, use an Angel's Tear right away!  Have Gwyn attack if no healing is 
needed.  You may need to cast Shattered Sword again if the Guardian boosts 
himself, but if you need to be healed, make that your top priority.  It takes 
quite a few rounds to beat this thing, but it will go down in time.  Make sure 
to revisit Althena's statue before proceeding!  Make your way out of the tower, 
but try not to get bogged down with too many battles.  When you reach the 
entrance to the tower, there are four more Guardians awaiting you!  You'll be 
thrown into another battle, but it looks pretty grim...  Just put the controls 
on AI and once two people are knocked out, a beam of white light will wipe out 
the monsters!  It's Lord Leo's White Dragon Cannon!  Head southeast to find the 
Destiny.  Leo will berate Gwyn for endangering himself, and then he notices 
Lucia.  Fortunately, Hiro will mislead Leo into thinking the Destroyer is still 
in the tower.  Now head back to Hiro's home to see about that curse...

Lucia's Curse and the Gamblin' Priest:
	Upon entering Hiro's home, Lucia will lie down on the couch while Gwyn 
does some research.  Speak to Lucia twice and Gwyn will return, saying there's 
nothing he can do.  Then he remembers about a priest named Ronfar rumored to be 
living in Larpa.  Gwyn then prepares his boat for Hiro to use and then leaves 
the party.  Board the boat by pressing X while standing next to it, and sail to 
the dock to the west.  Press O to disembark.  Walk west to find the village of 
Larpa.  Larpa is a den of thieves, gamblers, and drunks.  There's a shrine to 
Althena here, but most of the people don't seem to care about it.  You'll find 
Ronfar in the tavern, but he won't talk to you at first.  Explore the town, and 
check out Ronfar's house at the west end of town.  Read the note on the door, 
then go talk to Ronfar.  Play a couple of games of dice with him; it doesn't 
matter what you pick, you'll always lose.  Tell him you've had enough and then 
talk to him again.  Lucia will faint and Ronfar will take her to his house.  
Follow Ronfar and talk to him in his house.  Pretty soon, Leo will show up and 
ask Ronfar if he's seen Lucia the "Destroyer."  Ruby is certain that Ronfar will 
turn them in, but he just brushes Leo off instead.  Talk to Ronfar and he'll 
play another game of dice with you.  Pick either even or odd dice and this time 
you'll win.  Go get Lucia and then talk to Ronfar.  He will reveal a hidden path 
to the sanctuary.

--Larpa Pass: Treasure found here: 500 Silver
This couldn't be simpler, just head north to the stairs, and then south to the 

When you exit the cave, jump off the cliff and enter the shrine.  Go to the main 
sanctuary and Ronfar will call upon Althena to break the curse, but it doesn't 
work.  Ronfar then recalls how he failed to lift a similar illness from his ex-
girlfriend, Mauri.  Ronfar tries to lift the curse once again, this time with 
absolute conviction.  It works, and Lucia is freed from the curse!  Lucia has 
not been restored to full power, however, but she will gain more HP and new 
spells as Hiro gains levels.  Return to "Casa De Ronfar" and stay the night.

The Road to Pentagulia, the Holy City:
	In the morning, Lucia will be gone and Ronfar will still be recovering 
from the curse-lifting incident.  Now go and search for Lucia in Larpa.  Go to 
the house on the east side of town first; it's the one with the baby.  Before 
you go in, talk to the man standing outside to get Lucia's Bromide 1.  Inside, 
speak with the baby's mother and she'll tell you about Lucia's recent visit.  
Next, head to the mayor's house at the north end of town and talk to the mayor.  
He'll tell you that Lucia asked about Pentagulia and left without paying his 
"information fee."  Hiro will have to cough up 30 Silver to pay the man.  After 
visiting these two locations, Lucia can be found at the eastern pier.  Talk to 
her and she will leave for Dalton to find Pentagulia on her own.  As you head 
out of town, Ronfar will catch up to you and inform you that the Destiny is 
headed for Dalton!  Now head northwest of Larpa towards Dalton.

--West Salyan Desert: Treasure found here: 300 Silver.
Another simple dungeon; just head north.

Once you enter Dalton, you'll witness Leo interrogating Lucia.  She fends off 
the guards until Leo attacks her.  Leo knocks her out with one swift blow!  You 
have to find a way onto that ship to rescue her...  Someone has smashed the 
goddess statue at the entrance to the village, so you must look elsewhere for 
healing.  There's a statue at the shrine, which costs 100 Silver to use, but I 
suggest you wait.  One of the buildings on the west end of town leads across a 
breezeway to the port of the Destiny.  Climb aboard and enter the north hatch.  
Use the goddess statue here to restore your health before venturing any further.

--Dragonship Destiny: Treasure found here: none.
From the statue, head downstairs.  On the Destiny, you merely have to make your 
way down to the engine room, fighting soldiers as you go.  The fights aren't too 
bad, just keep attacking and make sure you keep your HP up.  Don't attack the 
privates when their shields are raised.  They will counter your attacks.  It's 
safe to use magic and Hiro's Poe Sword, but don't use physical attacks while 
they're defending.  You must fight all but one of the soldiers, so just keep 
fighting.  When you reach the engine room, you'll overhear Leo interrogating 
Lucia again.  When she won't answer his inquiries, Leo orders her execution and 
locks her up.  Approach the cell and press the switch to open the door.  Before 
you can leave, Leo will approach, and everyone will take cover.  When Leo runs 
into the cell, sneak up on him and press the switch to lock him inside.  Exit 
the Destiny the way you came in.  Now head northeast of Dalton towards the 
Forest of Illusion.  

--Forest of Illusion: Treasure found here: Herb (x5), 600 Silver,
Star Light, Snake Crest, 146 Silver, Chain Mail.
The first part of this dungeon is called the Starlight Forest.  Keep heading 
northeast to exit this area.  Now you'll come to a clearing where the infamous 
Star Dragon Tower resides.  You won't be able to get inside for a VERY long time 
(and certainly not in the demo version), so don't worry about it for now.  Your 
party will take a rest here.  Talk to Lucia and then continue northwest after 
healing at the statue.  Once outside, walk a short distance northeast to reach 
the second forest--the Illusion Woods.  Talk to the woodsman, and Ronfar will 
convince him to help you.  Walk north into the woods, and then Lord Leo will 
appear right behind you.  After a futile search, Leo and his men head back to 
the Destiny to ambush you on the other side of the woods.  Looks like you 
haven't seen the last of him...  Inside the woods, you'll have to make your way 
through by searching throughout the light green bushes.  Most of them contain 
dead ends or chests, but one bush in each area conceals the exit.  In the first 
area, the bush furthest to the northeast is the exit.  In the second area, again 
head for the bush in the northeast corner.  In the third area, the exit is the 
far northwest passage.

Welcome to the traveling caravan!  Upon entering this clearing, you'll hear 
music and cheering.  Watch Jean's elegant dancing, and she will notice the party 
as soon as she stops.  She introduces herself, and invites you to speak with 
Giban, the troupe leader.  Take some time to explore the area, and say hello to 
the large blue bird--a calandra, which Ruby almost mistakes for a blue chocobo 
:P    Talk to Giban, who informs you that the path out of the forest is blocked 
by vines and offers to let you spend the night with them.  Jean will leave to go 
cool down.  Follow her to the northwest clearing and speak with her.  Ask her 
all three questions, and pretty soon, a vine will appear and grab Lucia!  Just 
as Hiro prepares to slice it in two, Jean leaps forth and subdues the vine with 
a few quick karate-chops!  Jean then leaves after warning everyone to keep what 
they just saw quiet...  Jean returns to her room and has a flashback about a 
strange masked man.  That morning, Hiro and Lucia awaken to find that there is a 
hot spring located here.  Head east to the springs and enter the left side.  
Hiro and Ruby go in and begin to bathe, when Lucia suddenly appears wearing her 
pendant (and NOTHING else; yowzers!).  Hiro can't help but stare at Lucia's 
features, and Ruby begins to throw a tantrum and ends up almost scratching 
Hiro's eyes out :P  After this little incident, head back to the caravan.  
Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and vines appear from the ground and 
capture Giban and several others!  Speak with Jean to receive a Rope Ladder and 
try to convince Jean to help.  When she refuses, approach the hole and prepare 
to descend.  Just then, Jean will stop you and agree to help!  Head down into 
the hole and go west.  Fight or avoid the enemies here, and enter the doorway at 
the end of the hall.  Now, make sure you're near full HP and MP before 

Plantella (AKA: Wretched Veggie)
HP: ????
Weakness: Fire

If you're playing the demo, this one's going to be tough because you're limited 
to level 16.  If you are playing the full game, I'd probably recommend level 18 
for fighting this boss.  Plantella has three attacks: a weak poisoning attack, a 
stronger single attack, and a group attack.  For some reason, she always seems 
to target Hiro with her single attacks.  On the first round, have Ronfar cast 
Divine Intervention on Hiro.  Thereafter, have him act according to the 
situation.  He should heal if necessary, use Clean Magic or a Purity Herb if 
everyone has HP and Hiro is poisoned, or use Anger Dice (fire-based) for 
moderate to heavy damage.  Hiro should ALWAYS use Poe Sword, or attack if he's 
low on MP.  Jean should use Butterfly Dance, it seems to work the best.  She 
should use healing items if necessary as well, since she is the fastest member.  
Lucia will cower in the corner, and occasionally use Napalm Shot for moderate 
damage.  Just keep your fingers crossed and you should prevail, although it may 
take a couple of tries.  If you're playing the demo, the game will end 
immediately with the teaser FMV.  If you're playing the full game, your party 
will continue on to Takkar after bidding farewell to the caravan gang.

Well, that's it for the demo version of this FAQ!  This file will be updated 
soon after the full game is released!  Be sure to check my website at 
http://members.aol.com/daniel0777/index.htm for the very latest version of this 

VIII. Song Lyrics and Soundtrack CD track list (*coming soon)

IX.  Special Thanks
Extra Special Thanks goes out to Victor Ireland and the whole crew of Working 
Designs for their WONDERFUL translation of this game.  From witty dialogue to 
beautiful animation to talented voice acting to the BEST game packaging EVER, a 
hearty congratulations goes out to all the gang at Working Designs.
Of course, special thanks also goes out to Game Arts, for designing this great 

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete FAQ/Walkthrough by Daniel Wagoner.
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Internet:  daniel0777@aol.com
America Online:  Daniel0777

Please feel free to E-mail me with any questions you have.  I am glad to help 
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updated as new information is found.  I will also be glad to answer any 
questions about other RPG and adventure games.  I am especially knowledgeable 
about the following games:  Final Fantasy 1-8, Dragon Warrior/Quest 1-6 (check 
my FAQs on DW2 and 3!), Secret of Mana series (Seiken Densetsu 1-3), Lufia 1 and 
2, Breath of Fire 1-3, Lunar 1 and 2 for Sega CD and PSX, Chrono Trigger, The 
Legend of Zelda 1-5, Star Ocean 1 and 2, and Soulblazer.  I may not know 
EVERYTHING about these games (especially not the Japanese ones), but I should be 
able to help you if you are stuck and can't figure out what to do next.

Game Shark Codes:  Do not ask me for Game Shark or Game Genie codes.  I do NOT 
encourage the use of a Game Genie or Game Shark in any of the games I write 
these FAQs for.  These devices can mess things up (temporarily), and can even 
erase your save games!  If you are having problems with your game, be sure you 
try removing your Game Genie/Game Shark before asking me for help.  I have had a 
NES and SNES Game Genie in the past, and had my saved games erased numerous 
times.  I have never used a Game Shark, so I know NOTHING about it, nor do I 
know any codes for it.  If you NEED to use codes, do a search on the web for 
"Game Shark" or "Game Genie" and the name of the game or visit 
http://www.gamefaqs.com; that should help you find the codes you need.

Visit my website at http://members.aol.com/daniel0777/index.htm
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Last but not least, remember...  "May the light shine upon thee!"
--from Dragon Warrior 1

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