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Voice Transcript by Opylex

Updated: 06/09/07

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete transcript

Statement of purpose

Lunar: Eternal Blue is a great game that makes great use of voice acting.
However, many parts of the spoken dialogue are without subtitles (all the FMVs
and a few of the other sequences). Since many important parts of the game's
story are unfolded in these scenes, this can make the game less enjoyable for
the hard of hearing, non-native speakers of English, or indeed fully hearing
native speakers who nevertheless find the dialogue difficult to understand. To
aid in this regard, I have transcribed all spoken words in the game.

Details of implementation

All sections are in the order you encounter them in the game. Not all of the
animated sequences are listed. Those that are not listed only contain humming
or similar, or no human sounds at all.

The titles of animated sequences are underlined with tildes, while the titles
of other sections are underlined with dashes. The animated sequences have the
same names as they are given in the game (in the Rememberizer menu). Other
sections have whatever names I thought were appropriate.

Sections are separated by a number of newlines to protect from accidentally
reading spoilers. When sections are not separated by spoiler space, it is
because they follow immediately after oneanother.

The characters also speak in battle; these lines are listed at the end of this

Lucia's Awakening

Voice: Hanging silently in space, the world in the shadow of the Blue Star was
       once a lonely, barren place, unfit for habitation. However, Althena took
       pity on that world, and transformed it into a place of beauty and
       wonder. She called the new world Lunar. Time and circumstance conspired
       to force Althena to populate Lunar with people from the Blue Star, and -
       just as on the world from which they came - life was held in a delicate
       Through times of peace, war, chaos, and battle, the Blue Star loomed as
       the only constant in the new world. Thousands of years passed, burying
       the origin and purpose of the Blue Star in the sands of time.
       Eventually, inhabitants of Lunar forgot why the Blue Star was there, or
       how it came to be, until a girl awakened that could join the two
       worlds... or tear them apart, forever.

[Note: The "Voice" in question is the voice of Ghaleon. I'm not sure if we're
 supposed to interpret that as it actually being Ghaleon narrating, or if it's
 just the same voice actor.]
[The camera zooms in on the Blue Star. A long wordless stretch follows as the
 opening credits roll. The next words are spoken when the girl from the crystal
 steps out of the palace into the snow storm.]

Girl: This is not the time for my awakening.

[She looks up into the sky towards Lunar.]

Girl: Something's gone terribly wrong.

Ruin Raiders

[Hiro grunts as he hacks at a statue's eye socket.]

Hiro: Ruby, did you say something?

Ruby: Hah. Oh great, don't tell me you're hearing voices now.

Hiro: I'm sure I heard something. [He turns back to the statue.] I should have
      brought Grandpa's chisel, this is way harder than I thought. Unh.

Ruby: Hurry up and get the Dragon's Eye, the time has almost run out on the

Hiro: Trap? What trap?!

Escaping the ruins

[Flames burst out around the statue.]

Hiro: Whoaaah!

[A stretch of subtitled dialogue follows. Hiro starts narrating again when
 running through the ruins.]

Hiro: Well, looks like you've caught us in another messy situation!
      Oh, by the way, if you haven't figured it out, my name is Hiro, and the
      flying cat is named Ruby. She says she's actually a baby Red Dragon, but
      I don't know if I quite believe her. She doesn't care though. We've been
      friends for what seems like forever!
      My grandfather Gwyn is an archeologist who taught us how to explore
      ancient ruins like this. Well, not exactly like THIS, heh-heh. Grandpa'd
      have a coronary if he saw me in this kind of danger! But, you get the
      idea. I think it's SO COOL that these dungeons and ruins that time forgot
      can be found and explored by someone like me!
      The world I live in today is the result of things that happened long ago.
      Someday I'll gather enough information from ruins like these to prove

[They finally reach the exit.]

Ruby: Whoa!

Dragonship Destiny

[The ship comes bursting through the rock.]

Ruby: *gasp* Wow, Hiro, get a load of that! It's incredible, but what the heck
      is it? It looks like a ship, but it moves without wind or sails.

Man:  Hey you! Yes, you over there! What are you doing in this area?

Ruby: Who does this joker think he is?

Hiro: My name is Hiro, and this is Ruby. Identify yourself!

Leo:  Certainly. I am White Knight Leo, leader of Althena's Guard. And this is
      the Dragonship Destiny.
      Now then, listen up! You kids need to evacuate this area. I don't want to
      see any civilians accidentally caught in the middle of this thing. Return
      to your home immediately. Move it!

Lucia's Arrival

[Hiro and Ruby watch the glowing crystal in silence. Ruby jumps to Hiro's
 shoulder with a whimper. They continue watching as a woman takes shape in the
 crystal, and starts to emerge from it. Hiro makes a fearful sound.]

Ruby: H-Hiro!

[They remain still as the woman completely emerges and lands in front of them,
 and the crystal stops glowing. Hiro gasps.]

Ruby: I think I'm gonna hurl.

[They are silent as the woman scans the room, twitching and gasping only when
 she looks directly at them.]

Lucia: My name is Lucia. I have come from the Blue Star on an urgent mission.
       Your world is in grave danger. I must see Althena immediately. Take me
       to her.

Ruby:  D-do you think she's friendly? She looks like she could be some sort of
       goddess, or something. What are we gonna do, Hiro?
       [When she gets no answer] Ruby to Hiro!

Hiro:  She's the... most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Lucia's Confusion

[Lucia looks around, and at the sky.]

Lucia: Is this Althena's world?

[She turns and looks up towards the Blue Star.]

Lucia: I do not sense the aura of her magic power.
       [long pause] But then, perhaps the evil hides it from my sight.

Lucia has a nightmare

[When talking to Lucia on the sofa right after returning to Gwyn's place.]

Lucia: Ooh... Zuh... Zophar... you won't... *gasp* aah!

Ronfar's Entrance

Ronfar: What do you want with this Ronfar guy anyway? You know, he's kind of a
        deadbeat. Huh. I can't believe he was ever a priest for Althena. But
        I'll tell you where your guy is, if you beat me in a game. 'cause the
        only truth I've ever found lies right here - in these!

Lucia Reflects

Lucia: It's so strange. I did not know humans possess such wonderous powers.
       [pause] That shouldn't be possible, unless Althena was the source. 
       *sigh* What a strange world I've come to. Its beauty is unsurpassed, and
       yet, it remains filled with such mystery and emotion. Why is the flower
       so soft, and the snake so deadly? Why do some love, and others hate? Is
       this land of contrast the one that Althena created? The land that Zophar
       rises to...

Hiro:  Lucia?

[She remains silent for a few seconds.]

Lucia: *sigh* Hiro, I must go now. I will never forget you.

Jean's Entrance

[They watch Jean dance. The audience cheers and applauds when she finishes.]

Ruby: Wow, that was amazing! She's the most skillful dancer I've ever seen!

Jean: Well, thanks! Say, I haven't seen you here before. Are you visiting?
      Well, my name is Jean. I'm the star dancer.

Althena's Spring

[Shots of Lucia approaching and Hiro making strangulated noises. Ruby blocks
 Hiro's view.]

Ruby: Hiro, look away! You're being rude! [pause] I know Grandpa Gwen taught
      you better manners than this!

Hiro: You're... you're... on the wrong side, Lucia.

[Shots of Lucia's body. Hiro breathes shakily and swallows loudly. Ruby blocks
 the view again.]

Ruby: You can't shut your eyes, I'll do it for you!

Hiro: Hey! Ouch!

Lemina's Entrance

Girl: I guess you did pass...

[She throws off the robe.]

Lemina: Ta-daa! Congratulations, you're a winner! My name is Lemina Ausa. You
        have now officially passed the entrance exam to the Magic Guild of
        Vane. *giggle* Did I surprise you?

The Disguise

[It's difficult to tell who of Lemina and Jean is making each comment, so some
 lines may be misattributed.]

Jean: Oooh... that's definitely not you, Lucia.

Ruby: But I think the bow's kinda cute.

Jean: Next.

Ruby: Shhah, no way.

Lemina: Yeah, too far west.

Jean: Neeext.

Lemina: Next year's fashion rage.

Jean: That one's not too bad. Are your suckers for sale?

Lucia: Do you... think this is really my colour?

Jean: No, we were just joking!

Lemina: Ne-heh heh-xt...

Punched-Out Peeps

Jean?: Beat it you perverts!

The flight of the Magic Arrow

Ruby:   Whose idea was this?!

???:    [something] receptacle on this thing?

Ronfar: The what?

Lemina: The barf bag! Oh no!

The Entrance

[Click clack, click clack go the boots during the long bit where they stare at
 an empty doorway.]

Ghaleon: Fortunately, I now have a chance to surpass it. The world will once
         again be mine on a delicious half-shell. And you can't stop me, Lucia.

Conversing with Ghaleon

[Most of the dialogue is also written, the exception being Ruby's comment:]

Lucia: Ghaleon...? [Also written.]

Ruby: Uh-oh!

Ghaleon: Yes, I am the same Ghaleon that [etc. Also written.]

Lucia waking Hiro

Lucia: Hiro... Hiro... Hiro...

Lucia: Hiro... Hiro... wake up... [also written]

Hiro:  Ungh...

Lucia: Hiro... please open your eyes... for me... [also written]

An Old Friend

Ruby: Put me down this instant! Who do you think you are?!

Nall: Ah-hah! Got you, you little twerp!
      My name is Nall. What are you doing on my property? I don't welcome
      trespassers, so you better have a good story.

Moonlit Swim

[Hiro watches naked Lucia sing as she sits on a rock in the water. Suddenly she
 stops singing.]

Lucia: Who's there?

[She sees it's Hiro, and gasps.]

Lucia: Aaaiiiieee!

Hiro: Hnh?

En route to Pentagulia

[Lucia is softly singing, surrounded by seagulls.]

Lucia: When I was alone as one,
       my eyes were as blind, I know...
       Sky, brilliant with blue elegance,
       I couldn't...

[The seagulls scatter, and she stops singing. Hiro walks up to her.]

Hiro:  We're almost to Pentagulia, Lucia. After everything we've been through,
       the end is finally in sight. Once we're there, you can meet with the
       goddess Althena and your mission will be complete! But... why do you
       seem so sad? This is what you've wanted all along. You should be happy!

Lucia: You don't understand anything.

Hiro:  Huh?

Lucia: Hiro, you don't even have a glimpse of what's really at stake here!

Hiro:  But... Lucia...

Lucia: I came from the Blue Star to find Althena. That's my only mission.
       Zophar must not be allowed to return to full power. His evil will
       destroy this world. We must find a way to prevent his return, even if
       No. I came to this world to stop Zophar from reviving at any cost. Hiro,
       the only hope for blocking his power at this point is to seek help from
       Althena. Once that is accomplished my mission here will finally be

Hiro:  Then... won't everything be okay?

Lucia: But... but then...

Hiro:  Lucia?

Lucia: This is all so confusing. I can't stop thinking about what will happen
       if... oh, what's happening to me? Why does my heart feel so heavy and my
       mind spin with possibilities? Why can't I accomplish the task I've set
       out to do?

Hiro:  Lucia, I just... I... I don't understand.

Lucia: Oh Hiro, you can't possibly understand. Just leave me alone!

[She sobs and runs off.]

Dragonmaster Ghaleon

Ghaleon: Welcome to Pentagulia. I'm impressed with your cunning and resolve.
         Unfortunately, the sands have nearly run from the hourglass.

Audience with Althena

Althena: Ah. Lucia from the Blue Star. I know you have travelled very far to
         visit me. Your journey was difficult - more than it had to be. Accept
         my apology, as I welcome you to Pentagulia.
         Speak up, my dear.

Lucia:   You! You are not Althena! Who are you?

Shadow Warrior Jean

Jean: Once I tried to bury the past. But it will not be buried. The knowledge
      haunts me. I will deny it no more. And, so it has come to this. I must
      now embrace what I once despised.
      The time has come to put aside the mask I have chosen to wear. I'm
      finished running away. This is my destiny.

Borgan's defeat

[Upon defeating Borgan, he falls off his magical floating thingy.]

Borgan: Oh! *gasp* How demeaning!

Death of the Blue Star

Lucia: Long ago Zophar, the god of destruction and darkness, came to the Blue
       Star. He preyed on mankind's greed for wealth and power, creating
       anarchy and chaos where there once was peace and love. Mankind fought
       oneanother with furious anger, spilling the blood of others without
       thought of consequence.
       Feeding on the dark desire within the hearts of humans, Zophar's power
       grew exponentially. He used that power to pervert mankind further.
       Humans, wild with bloodlust, were transformed into hideous beasts.

[Images of monsters. Zophar laughing.]

Lucia: The people suffering under Zophar's tribulation implored Althena to
       rescue them.

[Monster-humans moaning. A few recognizable phrases can be discerned from
 among the moans:]

Monsters: Kill us... end our suffering... end our suffering... please...

Lucia: The terrible battle with Zophar raged on, as the people of the Blue Star
       cried out for solace.

[More Zophar laughing. Images of the destruction of the Blue Star.]

Lucia: In the end, the Blue Star was laid to waste, as Zophar intended.
       However, all hope was not lost. A gleaming sanctuary loomed large in the
       sky. The once dead world of Lunar was transformed into a thriving land
       of wonder. Althena moved the surviving humans there to live in peace,
       while the Blue Star recovered from Zophar's assault. Althena have left
       the Blue Star to safeguard the humans, while I...

Luna's story

Luna: Lucia. The goddess Althena does not exist any longer in this world. Let
      me explain so that you will understand. My task as Althena was to lead
      the humans and control the power of the Silver Star so that one day, when
      the Blue Star was reborn, the humans could return and we could begin
      However, Lucia, I came to know that while I existed, the humans were not
      truly happy. They lacked a sense of self-reliance, a sense of pride in
      their accomplishments. *sigh* They had become too dependent on me.
      When I last came to this world in human form, something quite marvelous
      happened. I returned to this world, as I had many times previously.
      However, this time I was born into the form of a girl named Luna. As
      Luna, I grew and fell in love with a Dragonmaster named Alex.
      It was to be my final rebirth. *sigh* You see, I chose to remain a human,
      surrendering my immortality for love.
      And now, Lucia, you have come seeking my aid, and yet, I no longer exist.
      But what you must know is that you hold the power to accomplish your
      mission. It has been near you since you arrived. Humans possess the
      remarkable ability to rise up in adversity, and overcome obstacles to
      make the future bright for their offspring.
      Lucia, you have never been alone in this journey. To reach this tower, I
      know that you must have had the help of many good friends. If you trust
      what you felt in this journey, and also in the power of the companions
      who stood at your side, then you need only to believe in the power of
      humanity to gain it. If that power becomes yours, you shall achieve the
      one thing Zophar fears most - victory.

Escaping Pentagulia

Ruby:   I-is everyone okay?

Jean:   Ronfar! What do you think you're doing?!

Ronfar: I didn't think you'd notice. But never mind me, we've got bigger

Zophar's Revival

Lemina: Ooh, that smarts! Jean, can you see what's happening up there?

Jean:   Augh... err, uh. *gasp*

Ronfar: What IS that thing?

Ruby:   Uh, Hiro, Hiro, look. Up there.

[The great big black tentacle descending from the sky starts to pull the
 Fortress of Althena from the sea.]

Hiro: *gasp*

[The tentacle keeps pulling the fortress until it is held above the water.]

Lemina: The Fortress of Althena! But why?

[The tentacle envelops the fortress, and then crushes it, pulling the remnants
 up into itself.]

Jean: *gasp* Heaven help us all.

[Four skeletal dragon tentacles break out of the larger tentacle, and two
 glowing red eyes open in a face at its base. Zophar starts laughing.]

Hiro: Oh no. Zophar!

[Zophar gathers magical power and blows away the water, exposing the impact
 crater pocked surface of Lunar, and sending the Destiny tumbling. Our heroes

Zophar vs. Lucia

Zophar: What's wrong, my dear? Your mission is to restore the Blue Star. Why do
        you hesitate to abolish me and complete it? The goal is within your
        feeble grasp. Take it!
        Just as I foretold. You are not fit to carry out your assigned task!

Lucia:  Liar! That's not true!

Zophar: Then destroy me, and accomplish your mission.

[There is a silent stand-off.]

Lemina: What are you waiting for? Cream his mega-ugly butt, Lucia!

Ronfar: I got twenty silver that says you can take him!

Hiro:   Lucia...

Zophar: [laughs] Or do you believe in the power of humanity after all, as
        Althena did? Before you bet on them, remember: they were my return to
        the power of their dark side. [laughs]
        [pause, as it extends its face to her]
        Face it. Althena's power is your only hope. [pause] Yes, my dear...
        destroy me with Althena's power and decimate this miserable world in
        the process!

Hiro:   Lucia never told me that. He must be lying!

Zophar: [laughs] You fools don't understand anything. Althena's power is the
        power of creation. There can be no new creation without destroying the
        old. Unleashing Althena's power on me will reduce this world to ash.
        Just like the Blue Star.

Hiro:   Althena didn't do that. You're lying!

Zophar: Hrrm. You only wish I was lying. Then it would make it easier to delude
        yourself into believing in a happy ending.

Lemina: *gasp*

Ronfar: Huh?

Lucia:  Zophar, it was the only way to stop you from destroying everything!
        Your evil... it had permeated every corner of the Blue Star.

[Flashback to the destruction of the Blue Star.]

Zophar: Ah. But after Althena saved the Blue Star it was nothing more than a
        cinder. And for what? For the hope that one day you could return the
        humans to it? Have you forgotten that the same power of humanity
        Althena believed in is the one that revived me?

Lucia:  *gasp*

Zophar: Come, my pet. Why do you hesitate? There is no need. Destroy everything
        you've come to love. Complete your mission!

[Lucia, breathing heavily, hesitates for a long time. Eventually...]

Lucia: Althena's light, shine forth!

[She raises her hand and gathers power to her. Our heroes gasp. A sphere of
 blue light envelops Zophar and tightens around it, but stops before touching
 the skeletal dragons at its base. There is silence for a while.]

Lucia:  I must remain focused!

Zophar: What's wrong, Lucia? Do you still doubt? Are you torn? Dear Lucia, you
        seem to be distracted. But I have the solution. Allow me to remove the
        source of your hesitation.

[One of the skeletal dragons vomits a ball of light at the Destiny.]

Lucia: Aah!

[The ball quickly races toward the Dragonship, and crashes into a shield around
 it. Everything shakes and the mortals scream and cover their eyes against the
 light. When it subsides, we see Lucia floating above the ship, shielding it.]

Hiro:  Oh no! Lucia, no!

Lucia: Hiro...

[Zophar encases Lucia in some sort of crystal, grabs her in its mouth, and
 pulls her back to its body. She screams.]

Hiro:   Lucia!

Zophar: [laughs] Ah, now all the pieces have fallen into place. My plan has
        worked perfectly. You are a weak fool Lucia, worrying about the fate of
        insignificant human will cost you dearly! [more laughing]

Lucia:  Uh... aah. Hiro! Get away!

Ghaleon's Challenge

Ghaleon: Now that you've failed in every possible way, the whole world awaits
         execution at Zophar's hands. But that's too good for you, you're not
         worthy to live for Zophar's judgement! Peer into the eyes of your
         executioner, Hiro!

Destiny Departs

[Ghaleon watches the Dragonship leave.]

Ghaleon: Are you watching in secret, Dyne? These children shine with your

[The clouds part and light shines upon Ghaleon. He shimmers, sighs, and
 disappears. His cloak and armour falls to the ground, the cloak eventually
 flying off with the wind.]

Ghaleon: Fight hard, Hiro. Believe in your friends. The final test lies before

Zophar's Castle

Hiro: What has Zophar done?

[They approach the unpleasantly organic fortress. Suddenly Lucia, appears
 before them.]

Hiro:  *gasp* Lucia?!

Lucia: Hiro, run away! Unggh! You must get away from here! Zophar's too strong.
       No one has the power to stop his evil now.


Zophar: Ahh, now then. What brings you to my inner sanctum? Have you come to
        beg for mercy? Or perhaps, to halt my glorious plan? Go ahead, it
        doesn't really matter. You haven't the slightest chance of stopping me
        now. My new age of supreme darkness has begun! Watch now as I mold this
        world to my taste!

Fighting Zophar's second form

[Zophar makes some subtitled remarks.]

Hiro: Althena's power or not, you can't win this, Zophar! We'll stop you and
      save Lucia using a power you can't battle.

[During the first five rounds of battle, Lucia speaks.]

Lucia: Hirooo... in the face of defeat... why do you rise up? What... gives you
       the power?

Lucia: It must be the... power... your belief in eachother.

Lucia: I... I should have known. I should have believed in you.

Lucia: Ronfar, your passion... Jean, your dreams for a better world...

Lucia: Lemina, your kind heart... Leo, your piercing insight...

Lucia: Ruby, your quick wit... and Hiro, your bravery and love...

Lucia: I've known this all along, and yet, now it becomes clear. The real power
       of this world lies in the human spirit. I believe, Hiro, I finally

[A stretch of subtitled dialogue follows, and then the real battle starts.
 Zophar laughs every time the main body attacks.
 After the final blow, Zophar moans.]

Tearful Farewell

Lucia: During our fight with Zophar he said one thing that was very true. He
       said that I couldn't believe, that I was incapable of believing in the
       power of humanity. *sigh* And so, Hiro, I could not believe in you.

Hiro:  No! Lucia, what are you doing?

Lucia: When I came to this world, I did not even know the meaning of humanity's
       power, so how could I believe? But you changed all that, Hiro. You
       showed me the power of your inner strength and made me believe.
       I return to the Blue Star far richer than when I left, for you see, I
       now know that one day, when it is restored, I can safely entrust it to
       humans, who will care for it as tirelessly as you have cared for Lunar.
       And Hiro, I know that day will eventually come, because I hold the most
       miraculous power of all in my heart - the power of love.

Hiro:  Come back! Lucia!

[Lucia activates the Blue Spire. Hiro grunts at the bright light.]

Hiro:  Why [inaudible] doing this, Lucia?

Lucia: I will never forget this place. The people here... they will live on in
       my memory... forever. I must go, Hiro. Please understand why.

Hiro:  But I don't!

Lucia: Hiro, I must go back. The Blue Star needs me.

[Hiro pants.]

Lucia: Goodbye Hiro. I'll always love you.

[The light grows brighter, and Lucia starts to float away.]

Hiro: Wait!

[Hiro shouts as he tries to break through the barrier.]

Hiro: Lucia!

[Lucia is beamed over to the Blue Star, leaving only the memories and her
 pendant behind.]

A New Beginning

Ruby: Whoa... hey! Don't be like that! I intend to stick with you, Hiro. And
      there's no way you can talk me out of helping you, 'kay?

Hiro: Oh, Ruby.

[Ruby laughs, and Hiro snorts.]

Hiro: Alllll right! Here we go! Our next adventure starts now!

[They ride off with the Dragonship Destiny. Hiro looks at Lucia's pendant.]

Hiro (echoing voiceover): I will find a way, Lucia.



A legend of old,
a story forgotten,
the memories of true love
stolen from time.

A darkened romance,
try hard to remember,
a doorway to the heart
beckons your mind.

And now, a corner of night
can lift the weight from you.
It's in your hands
if just you understand.

A destiny lost,
a bond that's been broken,
the memories of a time
that slipped away.

Just open your mind,
the way lies before you.
A doorway to the heart
you seek to find.

Love can change the key you hold
into a gilded chance,
so tear a memory from your mind
and make it so real.

Blue Star above me,
your mystic shimmer tells of love,
I should know.
Whisper your secret,
just soothe my doubt and calm my fear.

Blue Star above me,
when shadows lengthen and the dark
looms ever closer
turn on your shine and hold me near.

When the comet pulls the bow
the stars begin their dance,
the time when destiny and hope
will give birth again.

Then if it's to be
I'll find a glimmer of the light,
I should know.
Only that moment
can show me what I hold so dear.

Until that moment
I'll find some comfort in the love
within my slumber
turn on your charm and hold me near

Blue Star above me,
your mystic shimmer tells of love,
I should know.
Whisper your secret,
just soothe my doubt and calm my fear.

Blue Star above me,
when shadows lengthen and the dark
looms ever closer
turn on your shine and hold me near.


Leo:    Hiro. The time is now at hand for us to part ways. But this time, we do
        so as friends. I shall wander this land in search of my true destiny,
        while you seek yours with Lucia, on the Blue Star. Well, good luck.

Ronfar: Until now I thought I was the biggest gambler on Lunar. But, it's you!
        I don't know what lies ahead of you on this journey, but I'm sure
        you'll manage to win it all in the end. So I'm betting it all on you!
        Wellp... *sigh* that's my pep talk. See you, chief.

Ruby:   Hiro, this is so very dangerous. I wish you could stay here with me but
        I guess that wouldn't really be fair to Lucia or you. But, but then...
        your leaving really isn't fair to me either! [she starts crying]

Jean:   Some of what Ruby says is really true, you know, Hiro. *sigh* But then
        I... I'm sure you'll make it back to Lucia just fine! I have faith that
        you can do what you dream. So get out of here before I cry. Go! I mean

Lemina: Oh, I'm really mega-bad at saying goodbye like this. But this isn't
        like a final forever goodbye, is it? You're just going out to pick up a
        friend. Oh, who am I kidding... *sigh* Hurry back, Hiro!

Second ending

[We see the snowswept landscape of the Blue Star. The camera turns to the
 crystal palace where Lucia lives, and zooms into it, and into the chamber
 where Lucia resides in her crystal. We watch as the crystal's spinning slows
 and stops.
 A knocking is heard, growing louder and more insistent. Eventually Lucia
 awakes, and sees her pendant and a familiar orange cloak hanging before her.
 She looks up, and sees Hiro perched upside down on top of the crystal. He
 knocks again and says something (inaudible, but I'm guessing "Lucia!"). They
 stare at eachother in silence, and then Lucia starts laughing and crying.]

Lucia: Hiro! [echoing]


When I was alone as one,
my eyes were as blind, I know...
Sky, brilliant with blue elegance,
I couldn't behold.

When I was alone as one,
my heart was as ice, so cold...
Wind, whispering sweet melodies,
I could not behold.

Sight to my eyes
and warmth to my heart,
your love has been such to me.

Pull closer now
and strengthen my leaning,
toward love to heal all my wounds.

When our hearts both beat in time
there's magic in your smile.
It seems there's nothing we can't do.

And within your warm embrace
my heart will find a place.
Even from afar,
our love forever shall be

When I was alone as one,
my eyes were as blind, I know...
Sky, brilliant with blue elegance,
I couldn't behold.

When I was alone as one,
my heart was as ice, so cold...
Wind, whispering sweet melodies,
I could not behold.

Sight to my eyes
and warmth to my heart,
your love has been such to me.

Pull closer now
and strengthen my leaning,
toward love to heal all my wounds.

When our hearts both beat in time
there's magic in your smile.
It seems there's nothing we can't do.

And within your warm embrace
my heart will find a place.
Even from afar,
our love forever shall be

When our hearts both beat in time
there's magic in your smile.
I know there's nothing we can't do.

And within your warm embrace
my heart will find a place.
Even from afar,
our love eternal shall be

In battle

Poe Sword,
Sybillium Sword: Dodge this!
Batallion Sword: Burn burn burn!
Concussion Sword: Bang! You're dead.
Triple Sword: Wooooo-ah!
Speed Storm: Watch this!

Using item: Heal!
Running: Let's get outta here!

Earth spells: Shock wave!
Thunder spells: Thunder blast!
Water spells: Arctic blast!
Fire spells: Burn, baby, burn!
Wind spells: Ferocious wind!
Bielemental spells: Eat this!
Misc. spells: Nnn-yah!

White Dragon Protect: Summon White Dragon!
Blue Dragon Healing: Summon Blue Dragon!
Black Dragon Grief: Summon Black Dragon!
Red Dragon Anger: Summon Red Dragon!

At game over: Oh Hiro, don't die on me. You just can't die!

[I think she only says this during the epilogue. Prior to that one hears Zophar
 laugh at game over.]

Heal Litany,
Calm Litany: We've got to keep our strength up!

Fractured Armor,
Shattered Sword: Take that ya hellish freak!
                 Hah-ha! Take this, infidel!

Using item: Hoo-aah!
Running: Wretched scoundrels!
         This might have been a mistake, m'boy.
         We're not done yet, by crikey!
         Damn this rheumatism!

Attack spells: [silence]
               Do not interfere.

[Attack spells are Napalm Shot, Plasma Rain, Lightning Bomb, Thunder Blow and
 Atomic Burn. Note that she does not use all lines together with all spells.
 What line Lucia uses is not random, but depends on at what point in the plot
 you are and what spell (and what version of said spell) she uses. It gets kind
 of complex, so I haven't bothered trying to be more detailed on this point.
 I will say that she only says "Suffering!" when she uses the version of Atomic
 Burn that attacks enemies in a zone centered on herself.]

Power Charge: Fear is upon you!
Magic Barrier,
Heal Litany:   Power!  (on self)
               We must hold together. (on others)

Running: I must see Althena as soon as possible.
         All is lost!

Heal Litany,
Calm Litany: Happy hour!
Clean Litany,
Cleansing Litany,
Tranquil Litany,
Purity Litany,
Saint Litany,
Divine Litany,
Revive Litany: Happy Hour!
               Yeah baby, yeah!
               I love this!
Miracle Litany: Thank God for miracles!
Light Litany: Let's get this party started!
Shining Litany: Let's kick it up a notch!
Recovery Coin: It's my lucky coin!
Anger Dice,
Destiny Dice: Lady Luck, be kind!

Using item: Good thing I planned ahead.
Running: The trick is to know when to walk away, and know when to run!

Earth spells: Time to shake things up!
Thunder spells: You always hurt the ones you love!
Water spells: Ice blast!
Fire spells: Fire is sooo pretty!
Wind spells: I'm a sucker for a good bang!
Bielemental spells: This is good, watch!
Misc. spells: Yay-ah!

White Dragon Protect: Nall, lend me a hand here!
Blue Dragon Healing: Magic, don't fail me now!
Black Dragon Grief: Ha-hah, check this out!
Red Dragon Anger: Help me out, pretty kitty!

Moth Dance,
Butterfly Dance,
Sleep Step,
Dream Dance,
Bee Dance,
Swarm Dance,
Enchanted Kiss,
Soul Kiss: Gypsy magic!
Dopple Dance: Gypsy dance!
Slam Dance: Gift of pain!
Blue Dragon Palm: Blue Dragon Palm!
Blue Dragon Kick: Blue Dragon Kick!
Blue Dragon Wave: Blue Dragon Wave!
Blue Dragon Fist: Taste my anger!

Using Item: Gypsy power!
            Gift of power!
Running: We don't have time for this.
         We can't relax until it's over!

Earth spells: Land, show me your power!
Thunder spells: Thunder roar!
Water spells: Huh! Cool it!
Fire spells: Flame dance!
Wind spells: Storm winds!
Bielemental spells: I'll never forgive you!
Misc. spells: Gift of pain!

White Dragon Protect: White Dragon Shield!
Blue Dragon Healing: Come on, we can't give up!
Black Dragon Grief: Take this, shortie!
Red Dragon Anger: Ruby, you go girl!

Attacking with a staff: I'll take care of this!

Power Flame,
Power Drive: Mega-magic power!
Ice Shell,
Magic Shield: Mega power!
Mega Seal: Mega seal!
Magic Swiper: Magic stealer!
Dispel Magic,
Erase Magic: Magic cure!
Catastrophe: Mega damage!

Using item: I knew this'd come in handy!
Running: I guess I'll let them live THIS time.

Earth spells: Rock magic!
Thunder spells: Lightning blast!
Water spells: Ice Storm!
Fire spells: Mega-magic flame!
Wind spells: [singing] Flyyy like an eagle!
Bielemental spells: Magic power of recover!
Misc. spells: I'll take care of this!

White Dragon Protect: Nall, lend me you power!
Blue Dragon Healing: Mega heal!
Black Dragon Grief: Later, freaks.
Red Dragon Anger: Ruby, lend me your power!

Flash Blade: I saved this for you, infidel!
Buzz Blade,
Soul Blade: Taste my refreshment!
Grizzle Blade: Victory is mine!
Earth Prayer: This should help.

Using item: Sample my goods!
Running: Fall back!

Earth spells: Kneel and perish!
Thunder spells: Cower before me!
Water spells: Swallow this!
Fire spells: Taste my anger!
Wind spells: Taste the wine of my discontent!
Bielemental spells: I shall conquer!
Misc. spells: You need a time-out!

White Dragon Protect: White Dragon assist!
Blue Dragon Healing: Blue Dragon strength!
Black Dragon Grief: Black Dragon anger!
Red Dragon Anger: Red Dragon flame!

Flash Blade: Fang of Justice!
Buzz Blade,
Grizzle Blade: Discipline feels good! Ha-hah!
Soul Blade: Fear Mystere!
Earth Prayer: This should help.

Earth spells: You need a spanking!

Using item: Sample my goods!
Running: Remember my name - Mystere!

Earth spells: Rock Viper, Rock Crush, Crack Point,
              Rock Cobra, Rock Riot, Crack Zone, Call Earth
Thunder spells: Lightning Rain, Plasma Shock, Dancing Thunder,
                Thunder Bolt, Thunder Bomb, Thunder Thrust, Call Thunder
Water spells: Ice Pick, Ice Lance, Freeze Claw
              Ice Arrows, Ice Wall, Freeze Smash, Call Water
Fire spells: Flame, Flame Bomb, Burning Rain,
             Flame Shot, Pyro Pillar, Crematorium, Call Flame
Wind spells: Wind Cutter, Squall, Vortex,
             Wind Slash, Tempest, Super Cyclone, Call Wind
Bielemental spells: Icicle Break, Burning Quake, Shining Flame,
                    Thunder Tornado, Mighty Mistral
Misc. spells: Magic Seal, Super Seal, Rogue Charm, Fatal Flirting, Mind Blast,
              Mind Burst, Poison Dart, Venom Dart, Sleep Sheep, Dirt Nap,
              Pulse Explosion, Burning Rage

Copyrights and the like

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