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Chiro Hunting FAQ by Bubblesjay

Version: Final | Updated: 04/29/02

LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue

Version: FINAL
CHIRO HUNTING by Bubblesjay (white_knight41@lycos.com)

UPDATES: 07/03/02 - Well, I fixed a few spelling errors (cough,
                    cough), added in the new site that asked me for
                    my FAQ (see how nice I am?) and added the Chiro
                    challenge (I rather like the sound of that)
         21/02/02 - Practically everything you saw BEFORE the second

INTRO: Well, mainly a great part of Lunar 2 is levelling up to make 
your characters stronger. So far, the best possible way I see to do 
this is by hunting Chiro's in the White Dragon Cave. These monsters 
are represented by a sort of lizard thing that rolls into a ball and 
comes at you very fast! There are as far as I know, only 4 types of 
fights you can get: 
1.	4 Shiro's.
2.	3 Shiro's and 1 mutant fly.
3.	3 Shiro's and 1 Chiro (use this fight to up your levels first 
before you try to go after 2 Chiro's in a row)
4.	2 Chiro's.
The thing that's moderately hard about killing the Chiro's is that 
that they are immune to physical attack and magic, and plus they have 
on average around 900-950 Hit Points, so they can take a good 
Some people think that you need Leo in order to accomplish such a 
feat, but nope! There are many ways to accomplish such a feat, and 
now my characters are at level 75 or so and are regularly killing two 
Chiro's in one fight. Hard you say, well -

CHARACTERS: It's all dependent on whether you prefer to have Lucia in 
your party (just after you go to Pentagulia I recommend) or whether 
you want Leo in your party (during the epilogue). Obviously, you have 
no control over what Lucia does, but if you do the fight correctly, 
you can (to a degree) control what type of attack she does.

EQUIPMENT: Okay, before you go Chiro hunting, you obviously need some 
helpful equipment to make your life easier. I actually suggest 
running through the dungeon in Pentagulia a few times before you 
start Chiro hunting. Doing this will give you the chance to pick up 
the extremely helpful Goddess Crest. Combining this with any other 
Crest will power it up quite a bit. After getting the Goddess Crest, 
get out of Pentagulia and head to Horam and buy 7 Warrior Crests. 
Equip everyone with two Warrior Crests except Hiro, who should get a 
Warrior Crest and the Goddess Crest. Equip everyone with the 
strongest equipment you can lay your hands on at the time and head 
over to the White Dragon Cave.

ABILITIES: First of all, you need certain abilities to make sure you 
succeed. Nothing annoys me more than that message of "all that work 
and you didn't get squat" so try to avoid it if you can. Hiro needs 
Triple Sword, Jean needs Blue Dragon Fist, Lemina needs Catastrophe, 
Ronfar needs a strong weapon and Leo needs Soul Blade. Lucia 
obviously needs nothing. I suggest not going Chiro hunting until you 
have all of these abilities, because without them your time would be 
pretty much wasted.

STRATEGY WITH LUCIA IN YOUR PARTY: Try and get fights with one Chiro 
and 3 Shiro's. This fight will help lay down this particular strategy 
and will help you get a bit of experience on the way. If you don't 
get this fight, continually run away until you do. It will happen 
sooner or later. Once you finally get the right fight, use the 
following abilities:
Hiro: Triple Sword.
Jean: Blue Dragon Fist.
Ronfar: Attack.
Lemina: Catastrophe.
Lucia: Atomic Burn.

This is how the fight will go, pretty much. Jean uses Blue Dragon 
Fist, hits every enemy and kills off the 3 Shiro's. Hiro will 
automatically use his Triple sword on the Chiro (powered up with the 
two Crests he has on). Ronfar attacks obviously. If he gets two 
critical hits in a row, well, that's a bonus. Lucia will then cast 
Atomic Burn (no other spell would be better) and last but not least, 
Lemina casts Catastrophe and kills off the Chiro! There you go! You 
receive something in the nature of 33,750 or so experience points. 
You see if you use Blue Dragon Palm on the Chiro, it wouldn't kill 
off the 3 Shiro's, and then Lemina's Catastrophe damage would need to 
be shared out amongst all the enemies. I have found that if you 
concentrate that one spell on a single enemy, it does far more damage 
in comparison to about six enemies. If the 3 Shiro's were around 
because of Jean not using her Blue Dragon Fist, then that would force 
Lucia to use either Plasma Rain, Atomic Burn (usually on the wrong 
enemy) or even Thunder Blow, which is what you don't want.

STRATEGY WITH LEO IN YOUR PARTY: Once again, try and get fights with 
1 Chiro and 3 Shiro's. It's a lot easier this way. Have the following 
characters use the following abilities:
Hiro: Triple Sword.
Jean: Blue Dragon Fist.
Ronfar: Attack.
Lemina: Catastrophe.
Leo: Attack OR Soul Blade.

The fight will progress much the same way as the strategy with Lucia 
in it, once Jean's Blue Dragon Fist has killed the 3 Shiro's, the 
rest of the attacks will be concentrated on the single Chiro. And 
there you have it, another 33,750 or so experience to help you move 
up levels.

TWO CHIRO'S AT ONCE?: My, aren't we getting cocky. To spare yourself 
some embarrassment, wait until your level is at least in the high 
60's or early 70's. It helps you have gained Althena's Sword from 
Nall at Taben's Peak in the Epilogue. Also, you might want to run 
through the Water Ruins (near Nota, where you get the Rememberizer) 
and get the helpful shields and armour stored there. This obviously 
means that using Lucia's spells in the fights are not an option. Use 
Leo instead.
Once you have all that stuff, head over to the White Dragon Cave and 
find a fight with two Chiro's. Have your characters use the 
Hiro: Triple Sword.
Jean: Blue Dragon Fist.
Ronfar: Attack.
Lemina: Catastrophe.
Leo: Soul Blade.

Okay, once Jean has used the Blue Dragon Fist, Hiro's Triple Sword 
should eliminate one Chiro. If he wasn't by then, you're in major 
trouble and you should move up some more levels before trying this 
again. If you have killed one Chiro already, Ronfar's attacks will 
help a little in the damage for the next Chiro. Leo's Soul Blade will 
weaken it some more and then Lemina's Catastrophe will finally kill 
off the second one. And there we have it - 66,666 experience points 
and 22,222 silver. This obviously helps a lot when you want to move 
up a lot of levels pronto.

CHIRO CHALLENGE: Okay, you think you're pretty good at hunting those 
poor guys... try these two challenges -
CHALLENGE #1: In a fight with one Chiro and 3 Shiro's, you're only 
allowed to use normal attacks and you've gotta try and kill all 4 of 
them without resorting to Lemina's attack. This can only be done with 
Leo in your party, but if you can pull it off with Lucia, please tell 
me. It would be a pleasant surprise.
CHALLENGE #2: In a fight with two Chiro's, use all special attacks if 
you want, I don't care how you do it - but try and kill them both off 
without having to use Lemina's attack (which would most likely be 
Don't worry, you won't be serving me a piece of humble pie if you 
manage to pull them (or one of them) off, but you can always e-mail 
me and tell me you've done it. It's always nice to have bragging 
rights over your friends too :)

OTHER WAYS: Though it seems I may have come up with a good way of 
hunting Chiro's, so have other people. In particular, a nice guy who 
wrote me an email detailing his strategy kindly let me use it on this 
Brad (Chef8502@aol.com) has written: "I found that chiro hunting can be 
easy right after the red dragon cave instead of after you have gone 
halfway up althena's tower. If someone wants a quick way to level up 
before the towers, you can pilfer a chiro crest from a chiro and 
equip it to Lemia. Hiro and Jean should have two warrior crests, 
Lemina should have two chiro crests now, and Ronfar should have the 
Red Dr. Crest. I was in level 53 when I started taking out a 
chiro/battle. Hiro should use Triple Sword, Ronfar should use Red Dr. 
Anger, Jean should use either Blue Dr. Palm or Blue Dr. Fist, and 
Lemina should use her more potent Power up spell on Hiro. I have 
proven this in many chiro battles so you shouldn't have any problems 
as long as you follow the strategy as written. That's all for my 
chiro strategy."
The clever fellow even came up with another tip: "With this strategy, 
you can kill chiros with all but one physical attack. In around level 
80 in the epilogue, equip everyone with two Warrior Crests, except 
Lemina, who should have two chiro crests. Give Lemina the ring you 
find in one of the epilogue dungeons, that takes all allys attack up 
for 1 mp. Have Lemina cast that spell and have everyone else attack. 
Two chiros will die with this strategy as long as you have your 
attackers set up in formation near the front lines."
So, if you find his strategy for killing Chiro's is helpful, please 
send him a very thankful email!

OUTRO: Hunting Chiro's IS time-consuming, but it helps a lot. I was 
level 75 when I went up against Zophar and aside from his attack that 
does 9000 damage or something, the rest was a breeze - what a joke of 
a last boss! But oh well, that's levelling up for you. Oh, I also 
have a sneaking suspicion that Althena's Sword gives you an extra 
attack. Don't quote me on it, but when Hiro's stats say he gets 3 
attacks, but he uses 4 - well, that seems a bit strange. Oh, and also 
if you level up with Lucia in your party, when Leo joins your party 
later on in Pentagulia, he will automatically start 4 levels behind 
the rest of your characters. I have also figured out that when Lemina 
uses her Catastrophe spell, she happens to go last in comparison to 
the rest of your characters, regardless of her agility or speed. If 
that helps you coordinate the fights against the Chiro's in any way, 
then good luck! :)

SITE THIS FAQ CAN BE FOUND ON: www.gamefaqs.com, www.neoseeker.com

Thanks if you read it and used the hints in this little FAQ, but you 
really feel the need to use it on your site, please just email me and 
ask. Otherwise I'd have to string you up by your balls if I catch 
you! Asking isn't so bad. Just make sure to give me proper credit, 
make sure it isn't for profit AT ALL and if you copy any part of this 
FAQ without my permission I'll peronsally make sure you can't type 
again. Thanks to Andrew for sticking around "for one last battle - 
dammit!" and watching me perfect the technique, LOL! :) Also, thanks 
to Brad (Chef8502@aol.com) for giving me permission to use his great 
tips as well!
CHIRO HUNTING, COPYRIGHT 2002 Bubblesjay (white_knight41@lycos.com)
Many thanks for reading this FAQ, Jay.

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