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Battle Quotes FAQ by DarknessBlade

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/22/02

Uploaded on January 22, 2002.
     LL            UU        UU    NNNN      NN      AAAAAAAA      RRRRRRRR
     LL            UU        UU    NNNNN     NN     AAA    AAA     RR     RR
     LL            UU        UU    NN NNN    NN    AA        AA    RR     RR
     LL            UU        UU    NN  NNN   NN    AA        AA    RRRRRRRR 
     LL            UU        UU    NN   NNN  NN    AAAAAAAAAAAA    RR  RR   
     LL            UU        UU    NN    NNN NN    AA        AA    RR   RR  
     LL             UUU    UUU     NN     NNNNN    AA        AA    RR    RR 
     LLLLLLLLLL      UUUUUUUU      NN      NNNN    AA        AA    RR     RR

      EEEE  TTTT  EEEE  RRR   N  N   AA   L          BBB   L     U  U  EEEE
      E      TT   E     R  R  NN N  A  A  L          B  B  L     U  U  E
      EEEE   TT   EEEE  RRR   NNNN  AAAA  L          BBB   L     U  U  EEEE
      E      TT   E     R R   N NN  A  A  L          B  B  L     U  U  E
      EEEE   TT   EEEE  R  R  N  N  A  A  LLLL       BBB   LLLL   UU   EEEE
                               (And Silver Star Story)
                           (For Playstation Versions Only)

                          BATTLE QUOTES FAQ - version 1.0
                         By N. Naga, a.k.a. DarknessBlade


   This Battle Qoutes FAQ is Copyright 2002 by N. Naga.  This document is
intended only for use on GameFAQs.com, and may not be replicated on any
other website or other any other medium of communication.  You can use
information on this page as long as you put it in your own words - do
not quote me directly.  In addition, do not link directly to this page
(the .txt file). Instead, link to the main Lunar or Lunar 2 FAQs Page.
   As a side note, I do not give out my e-mail address publicly, which
might cause difficulty in contacting me. If you have something that just
NEEDS to be in this FAQ, or have noticed a serious error, you can try
posting a note on the LUNAR: SSSC or LUNAR 2: EBC GameFAQs message boards.


I.   Copyright and Contact Information (above)
II.  What is this FAQ about?
III. Lunar: SSSC Battle Quotes
IV.  Lunar: EBC Battle Quotes
    A. Hiro
    B. Gwynn
    C. Lucia
    D. Ronfar
    E. Jean
    F. Lemina
    G. Leo
    H. 'Mystere'
V.   Credits


  This FAQ is a comprehensive list of all the 'battle quotes' in both 
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete.
Battle Quotes are those short sound files uttered by the characters when
you cast a spell, use an item, or run away. 
  The idea for this FAQ came from one of those Q&A games on the Lunar 2
Message Board on GameFAQs.  I noticed that a lot of the posters seemed
to be getting the quotes wrong.  I came up with the idea of an FAQ to
catalogue all those quotes.  The Lunar 1 quotes were thrown in for the
sake of completeness.
  WARNING: This FAQ could contain spoilers for both games.  This FAQ is
mainly intended for those who either don't care or have already beaten
the game(s).
  WARNING: Some of the little jokes I stuck after the quotes are very
corny.  Beware!


  Lunar 1, unfortunately, has nowhere near as many battle quotes as its
sequel.  This can be attributed both to the lower number of spells and
the lack of Crests.  There are still some quotes, however.  The characters,
their quotes, and my little blurbs, are:

    ALEX, the adventurer/Dragonmaster:

Sword Dance      )
Explosion Staff  |- "Yaaaah!"  Note: His way of saying it changes once he
Flash Cut        )                   becomes Dragonmaster.

Vigor            )
Dragon Protect   |
Dragon Anger     |- No quote.
Dragon Healing   |
Dragon Grief     )

    LUNA, the songstress:

Healing Song     )
Purity Song      |
Cascade Song     |_ "La la, la la laaah!"  This gets old really fast.
Escape Song      |
Temptation Song  |
Tranquil Song    )

    NASH, the overconfident apprentice:

Thunderbolt      )
Thunder Bomb     |- "Check this out!"  By the end of most boss battles, I'm
Thunder Thrust   )                     about ready to body-'check' him.

Spark Ball       )
Sleep            |
Confusion        |- "Special delivery!"  Nice quote, too bad nobody ever hears
Magic Box        |                       it...
Stone            )

    JESSICA, the class-cutting priestess:

Heal Litany     )
Calm Litany     |_ "Althena, lend me your power!"  Again, gets old fast.
Saint Litany    |
Althena Litany  )

Miracle Litany  )
Cleanse Litany  |- "In the name of the Goddess!"  I kinda wish they had
Fear Litany     )                                 switched Jessica's quotes.

Escape Litany   >- Not usable in battle.

    MIA, the shy magician:
Flame Bomb      )
Flame Circle    |- "By the power of Althena!"  This makes quote #2 involving
Flameria        )                              Althena and her power.

Ice Lance       )
Ice Wall        |- "Summon elemental power!"  Cool. :) Pun intended.
Blizzard        )

Power Drive     \_ No quote.
Ice Shell       /

    KYLE, the deliquent swordsman:
Power Slash     )
Power Sweep     |- "Steeerike-yaah!"  Or something like that.
Sonic Riser     )

Power Up        >- No quote.

    TEMPEST, the tribal archer:
Flash Arrow     \_ "Holt!"  Another one of these incoherent war-cries.
Flash Wind      /

    GHALEON, the super-powered spellcaster:
Inferno         )
Nitro Dagger    |_ "Huh."  Yet another strange war-cry.
Tornado         |
Rock 'n' Roll   )

  As a side note, the last three bosses in the game have their own battle
quotes, which they use before each and every attack they make.  They are:

Royce:   "I saved this just for you!"  How generous.
Xenobia: "Your time has run out!"  I think you're looking at _your_ clock.
Ghaleon: "Time to die."  Got that one right!


  Now HERE is where the quotes are. Most characters have at least eight spells,
and many have more.  What's more, the Crests that can be equipped allow a
character access to even more different spells.  I'll cover the characters in
the order you meet them.

        the lovesick spelunker.

Boomerang            )
Cross-Boomerang      |_ "Dodge this!"  Hiro hates agile enemies.
Poe Sword            |
Sybillium Sword      )
Speed Storm          >- "Watch this!"
Batallion Sword      >- "Burn burn burn!"  Pyromaniac Hiro.
Concussion Sword     >- "Bang! You're dead!"  I am?
Triple Sword         >- "Wooooahhh...Yah!"   Or something similar.

Squall               )
Tempest              |
Vortex               |- "Ferocious Wind!"  Sic 'em, Breezy!
Super Cyclone        |
Any other wind spell )
Any thunder spell    >- "Thunderblast!"
Any fire spell       >- "Burn, baby, burn!"  Revenge of Pyromaniac Hiro!
Any earth spell      >- "Shockwave!"
Any ice spell        >- "Arctic blast!"  As opposed to an Antarctic blast?
Any multi-elem spell >- "Eat this!"  No thanks, I'm not hungry.

Any status spell     )
Pulse Explosion      |- "Nyuh!"  Umm...Nyuh?
Burning Rage         )
White Dragon Protect >- "Summon White Dragon!"
Blue Dragon Healing  >- "Summon Blue Dragon!"
Black Dragon Grief   >- "Summon Black Dragon!"
Red Dragon Anger     >- "Summon Red Dragon!"  Summon Repetition Police!

Use an item          >- "Heal!"  Sit! Lay down! Roll over!
Run away             >- "Let's get out of here!"

        the senile scholar.

Heal Litany     \_ "We've got to keep our strength up!"  What strength,
Calm Litany     /                                        Gwyn?
Fractured Armor >- "Ha ha! Take this, infidel!"
Shattered Sword >- "Take that, ya hellish freak!"  Stick and stones...

Use an item     >- "I'm beginning to think this was a mistake, m'boy!"
Run away        >- "Mwaw!" !?!?

        the extraterrestrial princess.

Napalm Shot  )
Thunder Blow |- "Pain!"  Ouch.
Plasma Rain  )

Heal Litany  \_ "We must hold together."  When used on someone else.
Magic Shield /  "Power!"                  When used on herself.
Power Drive  >- "Fear is upon you!"

Atomic Burn  )  "Do not interfere."  In the Blue Spire.
Thunder Blow |- "Destruction."       Later in the game.
Plasma Rain  )                       NOTE: There are two Plasma Rains;
                                           this is the one she uses in
                                           the Blue Spire.
Atomic Blast >- "Suffering."  Rarely seen spell!

Run          >- "All is lost."

        the priest-turned-gambler.

Heal Litany          )
Purity Litany        |
Calm Litany          |  "Happy hour!"
Tranquil Litany      |  "I love this!"
Revive Litany        |- "Yeah, baby, yeah!"
Saint Litany         |  "Ha ha!"             NOTE: The quote is chosen
Divine Litany        |                             randomly from these
Clean Litany         |                             four.
Cleansing Litany     )
Anger Dice           \_ "Lady Luck be kind!"  She appears to hate me.
Destiny Dice         /
Recovery Coin        >- "It's my lucky coin!"  More like _un_lucky.
Light Litany         >- "Let's get this party started!"
Shining Litany       >- "Let's kick it up a notch."
Miracle Litany       >- "Thank God for miracles!"  Isn't that blaspheming

Any wind spell       >- "I'm a sucker for a good bang!" This can be taken
                                                        in a naughty way.
Any thunder spell    >- "You always hurt the ones you love!"  Love!?
Any fire spell       >- "Fire is sooo pretty!"  Pyromaniac Hiro's brother!
Any earth spell      >- "Time to shake things up!"
Any ice spell        >- "Ice blast!"
Any multi-elem spell >- "This is good, watch!"  A Rolex?

Any status spell     )
Pulse Explosion      |- "Yowa!"  Stop with the weird yells already!
Burning Rage         )
White Dragon Protect >- "Nall, lend me a hand here!"
Blue Dragon Healing  >- "Magic, don't fail me now!"  YOUR magic?
Black Dragon Grief   >- "Ha ha! Check this out!"
Red Dragon Anger     >- "Help me out, pretty kitty!"

Use an item          >- "Good thing I planned ahead!"  Hiro: Ahem.
Run away             >- "The trick is to know when to walk away and know
                         when to RUN!"  L O L!!!

        the dancing karate kid.

Moth Dance           )
Butterfly Dance      |
Sleep Step           |
Dream Dance          |_ "Gypsy magic!"
Bee Dance            |
Swarm Dance          |
Enchanted Kiss       |
Soul Kiss            )
Blue Dragon Palm     >- "Blue Dragon Palm!"
Blue Dragon Kick     >- "Blue Dragon Kick!"
Blue Dragon Wave     >- "Blue Dragon Wave!"  Enough.
Blue Dragon Fist     >- "Taste my anger!"  Yum.
Doppel Dance         >- "Gypsy dance!"
Slam Dance           >- "Gift of pain!"  Evil Santa Clause!

Any wind spell       >- "Storm winds!"  No, gentle breezes, dummy.
Any thunder spell    >- "Thunder roar"  Highly vocal lightning.
Any fire spell       >- "Flame dance!"
Any earth spell      >- "Land! Show me your power!"
Any ice spell        >- "Huh! Cool it!"
Any multi-elem spell >- "I'll never forgive you!"  Because you're dead!

Any status spell     )
Pulse Explosion      |- "Gift of pain!"
Burning Rage         )
White Dragon Protect >- "White Dragon Shield!"  Boring.
Blue Dragon Healing  >- "Come on! We can't give up!"
Black Dragon Grief   >- "Take this, shortie!"  Use against Zophar...
Red Dragon Anger     >- "Ruby, you go girl!"  Jean Spice?

Use an item          >- "Gypsy power!"    Before Horam.
                        "Gift of power!"  After Horam.
Run away             >- "We don't have time for this."     Before Horam.
                        "We can't relax until it's over!"  After Horam.

        the money-grubbing magician.

Power Flame          \_ "Mega-magic power!"  
Power Drive          /
Ice Shell            )
Cryo-Shield          |- "Mega-power!"  So there's no magic this time?
Magic Shield         )
Magic Seal           \_ "Mega seal!"  Mega this, mega that...
Mega Seal            /
Dispel Magic         \_ "Magic cure!"  Shouldn't that be Ronfar's line?
Erase Magic          /
Magic Swiper         >- "Magic stealer!"  Said in a very annoying tone.
Catastrophe          >- "Mega damage!"  Hard to criticize this spell.

Flame                )
Flame Shot           |
Flame Bomb           |
Pyro Pillar          |- "Mega-magic flame!"  Getting sick of mega...
Burning Rain         |
Crematorium          |
Any other fire spell )
Ice Pick             )
Ice Arrows           |
Ice Lance            |
Ice Wall             |- "Ice storm!"
Freeze Claw          |
Freeze Smash         |
Any other ice spell  )
Any wind spell       >- "Fly like an eagle!"  Stupid, but funny.
Any thunder spell    >- "Lightning blast!"
Any earth spell      >- "Rock magic!"  We Will, We Will...
Any multi-elem spell >- "Magic power recover!"  Recovery damage?

Attack with staff    )
Any status spell     |_ "I'll take care of this!"  Gets old FAST.
Pulse Explosion      |
Burning Rage         )
White Dragon Protect >- "Nall, lend me your power!"  Yawn.
Blue Dragon Healing  >- "Mega heal!"  ENOUGH MEGA, FOR...
Black Dragon Grief   >- "Later, freaks!"  What about earlier freaks?
Red Dragon Anger     >- "Ruby, lend me your power!"  Also yawn.

Use an item          >- "I knew this would come in handy!"
Run away             >- "I guess I'll let them live this time." Classic Lemina.

        the holier-than-thou White Knight.

Flash Blade           >- "I saved this for you, infidel!"  A blade bank?
Grizzle Blade         >- "Victory is mine!"  No, victory is MINE.
Buzz Blade            \_ "Taste my refreshment!"  Hey, free samples.
Soul Blade            /
Earth Prayer          >- "This should help."

Rock Viper            )
Rock Cobra            |
Rock Crush            |
Rock Riot             |- "Kneel and perish!"  I prefer to die standing.
Crack Point           |
Crack Zone            |
Any other earth spell )
Any fire spell        >- "Taste my anger!"  Doesn't Jean say that?
Any thunder spell     >- "Cower before me!"  Uh, why?
Any wind spell        >- "Taste the wine of my discontent."  Oookaaay.
Any ice spell         >- "Swallow this!"  Leo has a thing for food.
Any multi-elem spell  >- "I shall conquer!"  Vini vidi vicci!

Any status spell      )
Pulse Explosion       |- "You need a time-out!"  In the corner, Ghaleon!
Burning Rage          )
White Dragon Protect  >- "White dragon assist!"
Blue Dragon Healing   >- "Blue dragon strength"
Black Dragon Grief    >- "Black dragon anger!"
Red Dragon Anger      >- "Red dragon flame!"  Almost as bad as Hiro.

Use an item           >- "Sample my goods!"  Shopkeeper Leo!
Run away              >- "Fall back!" Or in Gwyn's case, down.

        the slightly insane superhero.

Flash Blade           >- "Fang of justice!"  His sword is White Fang.
Buzz Blade            \_ "Discipline feels good! Hahah!"  :)
Grizzle Blade         /

Rock Viper            )
Rock Crush            |_ "You need a spanking!"  Must..ignore..
Rock Riot             |
Crack Point           )

Use an item           >- "Sample my goods!"  Mystere the Merchant!
Run away              >- "Remember my name. Mystere!"  *trips on cape*


  I would like to thank:

  Myself for writing this guide.

  GameFAQs for hosting it.

  Working Designs for bringing this game to us.

  Sybillium, whose Lunar 2 guide got me through safely.

  And...uh...er...that's it, I think.


Lunar: Silver Star Story and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue are copyright by Game Arts,
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing, and ESP/JAM.  English translations are copyright
2000 by Working Designs. I am neither an authorized distributor of the CDs or
a contributor in the creation of the games.

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