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Velociraptor Guide by AGeomax

Velociraptor Guide-By Ant Geomax

Before you read this guide, be aware that it is only for the raptor, 
even though some of the tips work well with all characters, and that it 
is not official in any way. I would also like to point out that it will 
not be as fully researched as my guide to the Compsognathus, because I 
do not often play as the raptor.


Moves and explanations
General tips
Enemy tips and strategies 
DNA locations
Passwords (for impatient players)

Moves and explanations

X=an X

X-jump. The most basic move. You can jump higher from a running start, 
so you might want to keep this in mind when trying to clear barriers. 
Press Lunge Attack in midair for a furious pounce.

Triangle-evade. This lets you step back from intense combat for a few 
seconds. A running evade (roll) let's you roll under the legs of some 

Square-Lunge attack. There are many variations of this attack, but 
that's because it's a darn good move. It cause you to jump on your 
opponents, Taking little damage but letting you do a lot of damage. 
Once you are on top of an enemy (i.e., pinning a human) you can slash 
at them with your claws or bite them (see below).

Circle-Bite. A good move. It is typically useful if you are fighting 
and you don't want to move. You remain in the same spot after you bite 
(unlike the lunge, which cause you to jump forward a bit). The bite is 
effective. It's very cool to bite a pinned human; the raptor will gnaw 
on their head, and can hold them longer than a lunge.

General Tips

-If you are standing on a small ledge and are right near the side, or 
have ember pits on either side of you, use the bite move. That way you 
won't accidentally jump off the ledge.
-Always stop to eat. Your health depletes quickly, so you'll need that 
extra food. 
-If you are fighting more than 1 enemy at a time, wait until they are 
all dead and THEN eat the remains. That way you won't waste "extra" 
food which you'll need later.
-If you have good instinct, don't worry about stopping to eat. Kill 
whatever you want. It's fun.
-If you come to a cliff and can't see any ledge below, try back 
tracking. It might be an alternate path.
-Once you have pinned something, attack it or it might get away.
-Make Raptor calls often. It makes you look powerful and mean.
-Spikes and Fire also affect other Dinos as well as you, so you don't 
always have to kill them to `old fashioned' way.
Enemy tips and strategies

Triceratops-Don't attack these. Roll underneath. Attacking them will 
prove to be a little tougher than expected. Triceratops are, however 
big, passive until disturbed.

Humans- Typically, these are noisy, stupid, and like to shoot you. They 
are easy to kill. Pin them and bite them, then eat them. If they are 
shooting green gas (nerve gas) at you, jump, or better yet, roll. Gas 
hurts you a lot, and leaves you stunned for another attack. Your only 
hope is to evade out of jump over the incoming gas. They give you back 
4 health points. Kill lots, It's fun to hear their panicked screams. 
It's also sadistic.

Dienonychus-These nasty dinos are related to raptors, but are easier to 
kill. Lunge them twice, and they give you back 4 health points after 
you eat them. They have a nasty habit of sitting on top of branches for 
a while and they lunging. Dienons travel in groups of 2 or more on most 
occasions.  Dienons can do lots of damage (up to 6 health points) in a 
single swipe of their claws!

Dimorphidons- these are aggressive, but easy to kill. They have a habit 
of dive bombing you, which can really hurt you. They only give you back 
2 health points.

Euplocephales- This is probably the most annoying enemy you will fight. 
That's why they have a whole level dedicated to killing it. The 
Euplocephales has quite a few attacks. But they can all be avoided in 
the same way. Do a running jump over the Euplo but be careful not to 
land on it's tail. Land on its back. It can't get you. When you jump 
off it's back, don't jump on it's tail. It has a ball of bone at the 
tip, and you don't want it to start whacking you with it. In summary, 
The Euplocephales is a mean enemy with a lot of stamina and a cruel 

Pachycephalasaurus- These are fairly had to kill. Sometimes you need 
one to bash an obstacle out of your way. If you don't, once they try to 
ram you, lunge at them. At full instinct you can kill one in 2 or 3 
hits. It's sometimes harder to jump over them than it is to just kill 
them outright. They give you 6 health points back, I think. They can be 
devastating in groups of more than one, and often hang out with Dienons 
and other enemies of you.

DNA locations:

Level 1: Flip off a human on the catwalk.
Level 2: Behind a wall, to the right of the 1-up. Listen for the noise 
that means you've got it.
Level 3: On a log above a Pachycephalosaur, jump off the Pachy's back 
to get it. 
Level 4: On a branch with embers and flame.
Level 5: Run all the way to the right

Passwords (if you want to cheat!)

Play as the raptor:

Raptor Gallery:

Start T-rex:

If you enjoyed this FAQ, thanks! I worked on it for a long time. It is 
not as extensive as my soon-to-be-finished compy guide is, but I think 
it is useful enough. I would like to thank:

Ant Geomax-I wrote it! - catseyz@spectra.net

Gregorio Diaz- Wrote an inspiring FAQ on this game, got info from it- 

My Dad- Thought it was a neat idea and let me write it- 

Dreamworks interactive- Made the game- don't know the E-mail

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