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Compy Guide by AGeomax

Compsognathus FAQ-By Ant Geomax (catseyz@spectra.net )

I would like to remind you before you read this guide that it is ONLY 
for the compy character and it is completely unauthorized. It is not by 
the makers of the game or anyone who knows what they are talking about. 
It is by me, Ant. It is also not completely finished and I need some 
help. Keep looking around for Compsognathus FAQ 1.5. That should be the 
truly complete guide.

General Tips
Specific Level tips
DNA key locations
Passwords (for those impatient players)

X-an X

C= Lunge attack. Always use this attack unless otherwise noted. 
      Up + C= Jump up and bite. You can jump as high as a carnotaur's 
belly! Wow!
      Down + C= downward jump thing and attack
Running lunge attacks let you kick, claw, and bite the enemy while 
moving! The downside is that your back is very vulnerable.

T= Evade. It is best to hit down at the same time so you do this cool 
roll move. Running evades are the least effective, for enemies can 
still hurt you, I believe. Evades are usually useful for getting out of 
tight combat situations.

X= Jump. Press up and hold X for a vaguely higher jump. It is hard to 
compare Compy's jump with the raptors, but I guess that you can't have 

S= Snap Attack. This attack should only be used to snap dragonflies or 
Orodromeus dinosaurs. 
     Pressing down + Snap is useful, though. You can attack enemies 
from below! This is not as recommended as the Downward lunge.

R2= Eat. You can only eat dead things.

There is some move for changing paths but the Compy always stays on one 
path anyway. 

Press up or down with the different moves for different results. It is 
impossible to combine moves. Sorry!


-Don't bother with the snap attack, unless you are fighting Orodromeus 
dinosaurs. It is useless for other enemies and is only good for 
snapping dragonflies.
-Eating a dragonfly gives you 1 hit point back. 1 hit point is 5% of 
your health bar.
-The eye in the corner of the screen is your instinct. If your eye is 
green you are pretty much a dragonfly snapper. If it is red, You can 
take down a Staury in 1 bite! The instinct should be ignored until the 
3rd level or later. During the 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th levels you don't need 
it at all.
-If you want DNA keys, you will probably waste so many lives getting it 
that you will be labeled `dung'. You should not bother with DNA until 
you have at least solved the compy section. Then play the game again 
and see if you can collect it.
-Red flowers can't be destroyed and they really hurt you. Always jump 
over them.
-A useful way to get rid of predators is to lure them off a ledge. For 
example, if you have low instinct and this one Staury is really beating 
you up, if you are one ledge and it's on another, walk around your 
ledge a bit. It will try to attack you and inevitably fall into the 
void between you too. 
-If you are planning to eat something, don't venture too far away or it 
will disappear. Also, don't move backward or you will attract more 
-If you don't know how far it is to the ground, and you need to jump, 
try jumping out into the void while hitting the up button. I think that 
this way you will hit the ground less hard.
-The ratings are, from best to worst, savage, predator, survivor, prey, 
fodder, and dung. They don't mean anything, at least to my knowledge.
-Collecting instinct power-ups can really help. Compies can kill most 
enemies in one or two strikes at full instinct.
-If your instinct is bad, avoid large predators like Leptoceratops or 


Level one-high ridge
This level is pretty easy. Right in the beginning, go left and you will 
be awarded a free life. It regenerates so you will never run out of 
lives the first level. If you want the DNA, find the log that you walk 
across. Go over it, if there is something waiting for you on the other 
side KILL IT, and walk into the log. There is a hole in the bottom, 
which you will fall through. After this is a tricky series of jumps and 
killings, and you might die a few times. When you see a Leptoceratops, 
be sure you collected the full instinct powerup or you will most likely 
die. Leptoceratops bring back 20% of your health. This is worth 4 hit 
points. The other tricky part of this level is the end where you must 
descend some ledges on the side of a cliff. It may require some 
patience but eventually you will get it. The last ledge that most 
people miss is the one that has some red flowers on it. Jump onto this 
but not onto the flowers. Then step off to the level exit.

Level two-rainforest
This level is also really easy and arguably more fun than the last one. 
To start off, just jump over flowers and roots and kill any Staury you 
come to. When you are moving always press the C button because lots of 
Stauries hide behind trees. Those wusses! If you want the DNA key (it's 
easy to get) collect the raptor claw power-up and go through this log. 
This log has a hole through it so you end up on another path. Always 
lunge snap your way through this. DON'T stop to eat or you will be 
eaten alive; there is an unlimited supply of Stauries. Jump over roots 
quickly because the Stauries like to bite you from below. Then, when 
you come to another Leptoceratops lunge attack it until it dies. You 
will lose some health in that fight, it is inevitable. But the 
Leptoceratops gives you more health when you eat it. Keep going right 
and you will get the DNA key. Go back to the main path. It is smooth 
sailing to the exit.

Level Three-creek bed
This level is TOUGH. I don't want to scare you but it took me months to 
solve this. The only really explainable difficult part is where you 
have to go through the 3rd cavern and there is some Stauries and a big 
hole. The Stauries jump out of the hole and try to kill you. If you 
have weak instinct, don't kill them. They will do a lot of damage to 
you and you might get pushed off the cliff and fall to your death. If 
you don't kill them you will be fine. To get the free life, go to the 
difficult ledge-jumping thing. This is the 4th area you go to. There 
will be a useless looking ledge to the left. Jump onto it and go left. 
Even though it looks like you will fall off, you will go through a 
tunnel. Kill the Staury and collect the 1-up. If you need help killing 
those bird things just remind yourself that they are as wimpy as 
Stauries. If you keep snapping at it, it will either fly away (and make 
a really cool sound!) or die. If it dies it gives you 10% of your 
health back. Once you go into a room that has 3 Stauries in a pit below 
you, Make sure you have good instinct. If you don't, go back to the 
left and kill some more dinosaurs. Make sure your instinct is at least 
brown before you go back into the room with the Stauries. After you 
kill the three on the ground, jump up on the big mound and do a running 
lunge snap. There are two Staurikasaurs waiting and hiding there so you 
want to kill them before they do any damage.

Level Four-Isle of giants
This level is hard. Even the very beginning is hard. Jump over the red 
flowers, jump over a rolling rock (if there is a rolling rock) and stop 
in front of the log. Some general tips are to watch where the Brach's 
foot lands. If one lands, watch out for the next one or you will get 
stepped on. Don't ever stop where you see a foot has landed. If 
possible, stop where you see the background feet step. The background 
feet are the ones that don't kill you. The rolling rocks don't hurt you 
but they knock you into places you don't want to be, like red flowers. 
Pits in the ground are good places to stop. The second pit will get 
stepped on, but you don't get hurt if you duck and press evade. There 
will also be a hard part where there is the DNA key and some flowers. 
Make one big jump over the flowers. Don't jump between them or you will 
most likely die. Then, suddenly, the stampede ends. Weird how the 
brachiosaurs didn't come from anywhere but (oh no!) another LOG! What 
is it with logs in this game?

Level Five-sleeping titan
You start off on the same log as before, but there is this snoring gray 
carnotaur in front of you. So, what do you do? Naturally, snap all the 
dragonflies to gain health. And practice all your moves. But, if you 
want to go forward, this big carnotaur is in the way! It would be a 
shame to wake him.oops! It is worth dying a few times just to see the 
awesome animation where he wakes up. Now, run away as fast as you can 
to the right and when he comes to close go through his legs. This is a 
little bit risky because sometimes he will step on you and throw you up 
in the air. You can try playing dead also, which with I don't think he 
can step on you, but there is always the risk. The carnotaur also has a 
really cool roar. Not as cool as a T-rex, but still cool. This level is 
pretty much the same throughout, just be sure that if you pass behind a 
tree you jump because there are often red flowers. In the end, there 
will be a pit. Step off the ledge. Do not jump, or you will die, most 

Level 6-plains
This level starts off where you have to jump over some red flowers and 
onto a rock. Try a high jump or jumping and holding jump and right. 
Then, you will be faced with a hole in the ground. Don't fall into it. 
If you do, don't stop to eat. There is an infinite amount of Stauries 
and you can't stop to eat or you will get eaten yourself.  Mail me any 
tips you have for this level.

Level 7-river's edge
No tips for this level. Mail me any tips you have for this level.

Level 8-beneath the surface
See Barasuchas tips. I am not an ace on this level, so these tips might 
be useless. Stay away from hanging plants, or you will get caught in 
them and you won't be able to move. If you need to get to air quickly, 
hold the circle button until you get to a bubble stream. If you start 
getting chased by more than one Barasuchas, and you have enough air, 
just swim all the way to the exit really fast. Make sure you are 
holding the circle.

Level 9-tidal caverns
This level starts off by running right to a tunnel. Then you will find 
yourself in human cavern (as I call it). Run left if you want the DNA 
key or right if you want to get out as quickly as possible. This is 
really going to tax your jumping skills. Hopefully you know what you 
are doing, so spend as little time as you can on each ledge and keep 
ascending. For more tips see Summary of Enemies: The Hunter.


Orodromeus- These are only in the first level. They are cute, but 
skittish and easy to kill. They don't deal you much damage. The only 
problem is that they are smaller than you and sometimes, while 
performing a running lunge snap you jump right over them! Try using the 
running bite to deal with them.  Thank goodness they are only in the 
first level. They give you 1 health back. Orodromeuses sometimes sit on 
ledges, so try not to accidentally jump on top of one.
Featured in High Ridge level.

Staurikasaurs- Staurikasuars are a compy exclusive (only on the compy 
stages) and they are easy to kill. They are aggressive, but are sort of 
wussish so you can polish these off pretty quickly. They have a 
tendency to bite you from behind, above, or below. They give you 2 
health back. Watch out for them hiding behind trees, in caves, or in 
hard to see spots. 
Featured in Rainforest, Creek bed and plains levels.

Dimorphidons- These annoying birds are easy to kill. They can pretty 
much be dealt with the same way as a Staury but they are a strange mix 
of cowardice and aggression. If they can't kill you in the first few 
tries they tend to fly off. They'll dive bomb on you later, so watch 
out. Dimorphidons give you back 2 health points. They never travel in 
Featured in Creek bed and River's edge level.

Dienonychus- Dienonychus raptors are hard to kill but are not too 
aggressive. You can kill one without losing health, if you have good 
instinct. Just continuously perform a running lunge snap through them 
and you should be able to kill them quickly. They give back 20% of your 
health, I believe. 
Featured in River's Edge level.

Barasuchas- Avoid these crocodile clones by swimming in a zigzag 
pattern, or they will bite you. These are found around bubble streams, 
so you know there is air nearby if you see a Barasuchas. They can't be 
killed. A decent way to avoid them is to swim near the surface of the 
water, and hope they don't notice you. If they do, speed burst away.
Featured in Beneath the Surface level.

Carnotaurus- Carnotaurus is a very nasty enemy. It might be considered 
by some a boss, but anyway the main thing is you can't kill it. You can 
try, but it is (impossible?) to succeed. Just run through its legs to 
confuse it and run to the right. If it is right behind you, the ground 
will shake. Once it is about to eat you, the ground will really shake! 
If you cannot move and it is right above you, which means it has 
stepped on you and you are about to get thrown into the air. It is 
pretty funny when it throws you, then swallows you.
Featured in sleeping titan level.

Brachiosaurs- The Brachiosaurs only appear in one level, and you have 
to solve it! The main thing to remember is that once you are stepped on 
you die, and you only have a chance if you A) get out of the way 
quickly, B) Evade somehow, or C) only get your tail stepped on. Don't 
get your head stepped on, you lose a lot of health and you will most 
likely die if you do not have full health. You can't gain the health 
back since they are invincible.
Featured in Isle of Giants level.

Leptoceratops- Though these guys are big and make a great deal of 
noise, Attack them from behind or above and they should be no trouble 
to kill. They don't pivot to quickly, so you can get them from behind 
and lunge at them. They are harder to kill without full instinct. They 
try to stomp on you, so you should do a roll (down+evade) and they 
can't get you. They give you 4 health back.
Featured in High ridge and Rainforest levels.

The Hunter- This nasty human is the toughest enemy next to the 
Carnotaurus. The Hunter will shoot lasers at you and complain about how 
little and weak you are. I wish he wouldn't say those things. Luckily 
he's a bad shot, so keep moving and he'll miss every time. You can also 
see the laser that is tracking you. Don't worry though, he's the next 
character you get to play! 
Featured in Tidal Cavern level.

Red Flowers- Red flowers are the most deadly non-living enemy. They are 
the only non-living enemy. Red flowers take away health. Jump over 
them. Don't ever land on one because you will keep bouncing onto it and 
you can really get hurt. It's like tear gas.But I digress.


Level one-Through the log and across the ledges, then across again.
Level two-Through the log, over some roots and behind a Leptoceratops.
Level three-After the room with 5 Stauries, go to the far left and do a 
high jump off the ledge.
Level four-do a high jump over a pair of red flowers.
Level five- towards the end, after you STEP into a recessed area in the 
Level six-You need to jump onto a series of platforms till you reach 
the DNA one.
Level seven-Inside a strangely shaped rock, accessed from some ledges.
Level eight-Through a hole in the ground, and to the right in a small 
Level nine- In the second cavern (human area) go all the way left. I 
know, it's really too easy!


Go to compy gallery: XXCCTTCTCCXC

Start hunter levels: XXCCTTTTXSSC

Don't use the cheat codes unless you need to! Well, you can go to the 
gallery, that's nearly impossible to go to without a code and plus it's 
really neat.

There still some things I haven't answered in the FAQ, because I don't 
know the answer myself. If you can, answer these, and mail me.

Do Brachiosaurs do any less damage if you have full instinct?

Can the carnotaur be killed? It can be hurt, Do an upward lunge when it 
roars. It will bleed.

Can red flowers be ran through with a running evade?

Are there any secret levels? I have heard rumor there is more than one 
underwater level, and another rainforest-type level.

What is a complete list of all the things that the hunter says?

During level two, near the hollow log path, there are some Red Flowers 
in the background. Can you get to these via the L1 or R1 (path 
changing) buttons?
Are there any tips you would like to contribute?

Do you know if there are any enemies I have missed in the enemy tips 

Do you have any more cheat codes that relate to the compy?

Once you solve level 4 and the herd leaves, what happens if you move to 
the left and back over the sets of red flowers?

None of this can be reproduced on a website without my permission

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