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Password FAQ by GDiaz

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/14/1997

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 14:46:22 +0600 (GMT)
From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?D=EDaz?= Ducca <diazducc@sol.racsa.co.cr>
Subject: Lost World Password FAQ UPDATE ( PSX )

                                         LOST WORLD PASSWORD FAQ V. 1.1
                                                by Gregorio Diaz  EL COMPY

   This document contains some useful passwords for the PlayStation version
of Lost World Jurassic
Park. I found them by changing existing passwords. If you know other
passwords, or if one of these does not work, then please e-mail me at :
diazducc@sol.racsa.co.cr   and you will get full credit for it. Thanks.

Version 1.0 : first release
Version 1.1 : T-rex gallery added, various codes.


1. Button Legend
2. Passwords with plenty of lives
3. Passwords to access galleries
4. Credits


 The password screen shows a " DNA chain " that you must fill with the
correct buttons. Although it is vertical, I imputed the passwords in the
correct order. So:

     Square      Triangle

     X                Circle

is read like this:    Square, Triangle, X, Circle. In other words, input the
passwords in the shown order regardless of the chain form.

Now the buttons meaning:

Square will be referred as:  S
Triangle will be referred as:  T
X will be referred as:  X
Circle will be referred as:  C


Level 1: Compsognathus ( Compy )

Start with 28 lives : C,C,C,T,S,S,S,X,X,C,S,T 

Start with 76 lives : T,T,X,T,S,C,S,S,X,C,S,X

Level 2 : Human Hunter

Start with 27 lives: T,T,T,T,C,X,S,S,T,T,X,S

Start with 28 lives: C,C,C,T,S,S,S,X,C,T,S,X

Start with 57 lives: X,X,X,X,C,T,S,S,X,X,T,S

Start with 70 lives: C,C,S,S,T,T,S,X,T,T,X,S

Start with 86 lives: C,C,S,S,T,T,S,S,T,T,X,X

Level 3 : Velociraptor  ( Raptor )

Start with 24 lives: C,C,T,T,X,X,S,S,C,T,X,S

Start with 39 lives: S,S,C,C,S,T,S,X,S,X,T,C. 

Level 4: Tyrannosaurus Rex  ( T- Rex )

Start with 30 lives: C,C,T,C,S,S,S,S,X,T,X,S

Start with 46 lives: S,S,X,S,X,C,S,X,T,X,T,C

Level 5: Human Prey :  ( Dr. Sarah Harding )

Start with 12 lives: T,T,C,T,S,X,S,S,X,C,S,X
( I need to work on her! )


The following passwords unlock secret galleries. They consist of
photographs, drawings and info about some dinosaurs. Every character has one
of these. ( I think ). 

Compy Gallery: X,X,S,X,S,S,X,S,X,X,X,S

Hunter Gallery: C,C,C,X,S,S,S,T,C,X,S,T

Raptor Gallery:T,T,C,T,S,S,S,S,T,X,S,X

T-Rex Gallery: T,T,C,S,T,X,T,S,S,X,T,C 

Prey Gallery: T,T,T,C,C,C,S,S,S,X,X,X


NAME                                 E-MAIL ADDRESS

Gregorio Diaz EL COMPY    diazducc@sol.racsa.co.cr   All the passwords of
Version 1.0

Kitti Charoen         Kid       dandw@hotmail.com         T-Rex gallery password

Dreamworks Interactive:     Sorry!                              An Ultra
Hard but great game.

If  you have passwords, corrections, complaints , or need some info or help
on certain  stage              ( especially dinosaur stages ) then please
e-mail at :


Your info will be greatly appreciated and will be rewarded. Thanks.

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