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Legend of Legaia is a nice snack for RPG lover's waiting for Final Fantasy VIII to ease their hunger. 11/01/99 Ace
Surprisingly fun RPG. 08/31/10 Aleria_Deufania
Legend is correct 07/12/08 bbadnavyseal
Everything in this one was excellent, except those long, drawn out battles 11/01/99 Dr.Zan
The battle system is pathetic! 11/26/99 EKung
Legaia gets a 6 in the beginning and a 10 in the end - average 8! A very good game, indeed. 11/01/99 Fabian
Great fighting system...but a poor story. 11/01/99 FGump
A great game, but non-RPGers be wary, it may be more than you're wanting in a game. 11/01/99 French Fry
Marvelous! A incredible work of RPG art! 01/25/01 Girlgamer
If youre waiting for Final Fantasy 8 in america, this game will do more than hold you over 11/01/99 JAndreo
A bit underrated, but not the best RPG 04/19/01 Joe the Destroyer
A far cry from RPG of the year, but nevertheless worth playing... 11/01/99 Kewl Kat
A Diamond in The Rough 04/18/11 LegendofLegaia
This game will satisfy most of the RPG fans out there! 11/01/99 MaskedReviewer
This RPG is not worth playing.... 11/01/99 MasterReviewer
What lacks in a weak Opening, finishes with a Beautiful Finale 11/01/99 NeoSeifer
1999 RPG of the year? COULD BE!!!! 11/01/99 PContaminator
A Great RPG, But a few flaws keep it from FF7 status. 11/01/99 Pesmerga516
A very well thought up RPG but the thoughts really don't come into place... 11/01/99 Prodius
Great RPG-Battle System and Tournament Ring Rule!! 11/01/99 Rich_
Great game to play through once, but after that... 07/25/01 roadkill
A Timeless Classic 02/22/06 SUPERSM94
Rather neanderthalish, but the story line picks up at the end. The most interesting battle system I've seen! 06/25/00 SWhite
Legend of Legaia, an impressive game you'll enjoy. 11/01/99 TClemente
A great Action RPG game by the creators of Wild Arms....... 11/01/99 Terry C.Y.H.
Wow, just Wow! 11/17/05 that_one_guy_09

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