PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File08/26/09ZeroMarkenz131K
3 Final Boss Saves. 1st - Super Virage. 2nd - Zieg Feld. 3rd - Melbu Frahma. All Dragoons Level & Additions Mastered. Best Weapons, Armors and Items available.
Save Game File02/21/01Rolo131K
Begin the game with 99,999,999 gold. Extremely useful.
Save Game File07/23/01ChronosDragoon24131K
Just outside Hoax just before you recieve your first Dragoon Spirit.
Save Game File06/11/07ChandooG131K
Mem card contains saves from starts and ends of all 4 discs, with a final boss save file with all your characters at maximum stats.
Save Game File10/02/01Richard131K
Saved at Switch over from Disk 1 to 2
Save Game File02/21/01Rolo131K
Saved at the battle with Fruegel, Guftas and Rodriguez, right before the death of...
Save Game File07/24/06ChandooG131K
Saves from various points in disc 1 start to finish with all characters at max stats and near-infinite gold to spend.
Save Game File01/26/05DuskPaladin131K
Savestate before Drake with rather powerful characters , savestate afterwards with bandit ring (do you get the boots from drake? :)) [no cheats or anything]
Save Game File02/21/01Rolo131K
The boss of the game awaits. Last save in the game: best weapons and armor, max gold, all additions mastered, and all characters at decent levels
Save Game File10/07/02ChandooG131K
This is the save game just before the final fight in the 1st disc. Just check the stats of your characters.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File01/29/09blade391942K
Dart at earliest save with max money
Save Game File07/20/09Mookiethebold1K
Disc 1, 1st save at Seles; Dart, Rose, Haschel, Meru, Kongol lvl 60 / max additions & dragoon lvl / best weapons & armor; Lavitz/Albert (lvl 18 & max add's) & Shana/Miranda (lvl 26) max dragoon lvl
Save Game File07/13/09Mookiethebold2K
Disc 4, final save on the Moon; max levels / additions / dragoons; best weapons / armor

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Europe)

Save Game File12/21/01Grunter131K
First save in Seles. Dart with max XP and additions. Equipped with SoulEater, Legend Cascue, Red DG Armour, Bandit Boots, Therepy Ring. Also when his Dragon Stone is activated his Dragoon level will already be 5.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File05/05/11Valkyreo2K
( 125:17:16 ) Before Divine Tree - Perfect Game - all items, all additions, best possible setup's on all character's, everything possible done
Save Game File05/06/11Valkyreo2K
( 141:22:35 ) Before Final Battle - Perfect Game - all items, all additions, best possible setup's on all character's, everything possible done

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