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Reviewed: 04/18/03 | Updated: 04/18/03

The Legend of Dragoon....Greatest RPG ever?

Before I bought this game the only game genre's I played were fighting and action. Now I have added another genre to the list Role Playing Games. The Legend of Dragoon was my first rpg, but it surely wasn’t my last. This game doesn’t appeal to everyone and may not be your cup of tea, but I liked it and that’s all that matters to me

Gameplay: 10/10
This game plays like many other rpg's. The controls are fairly simple, you use the directional buttons to move(obviously), triangle brings up your menu, etc. This game features random battles, and a turned base battle system, like most rpgs. You can hold up to 32 items, this seems kinda small compared to final fantasy's 99 per item limit. But its nothing to worry about. You travel to different locations using the worldmap which you can access anytime during the game. OK lets get into the battle system, This game brings a very revolutionary battle system to the rpg world. This part is a little bit hard to explain so ill try my best You attack using special moves called additionals, these attacks require timed button presses in order to get the full power of the attack, when you start out your attacks at first you start out with a 2 hit combo, but as you progress through the game you gain more additional moves each with a different name and look, each one you get adds 1 hit, the max hits you can get is 8. Now your probably wondering how do I execute these moves and get the full combo in. You can add more hits to your attack by pressing the x button at certain times during your combo, this probably sounds confusing but it really isn’t all that hard to do the moves, some people don’t like the battle system because they say that the additionals are to hard to execute but I think it brings a lot more fun into the battles, because you have to be alert all of the time or your attack will either be counter attacked or you wont get the full combo in resulting in less damage. you can also use magic items during battles, when you choose to use these, it will prompt you to tap the x button repeatedly the more hits you can get on the x button before the time runs out the more powerful your magic attack becomes. but I found the magic items pretty useless because the timer runs out to quickly and my magic attacks only did mediocre damage. During the battle you may also transform into a dragoon warrior each characters dragoon transformation is unique, when you transform you get a very beautiful 10-20 second sequence of your character transforming into his/her dragoon state. in this state you are more powerful and you can also execute special additional attacks and magic attacks, the additional attacks in this form are slightly different then the ones in your regular form, these look a lot different and are more powerful, and also require timed button presses, when you use your dragoon additional attacks a circle pops up with a little triangle at the 12 o clock point on the circle and a little glowing circle goes around the bigger circle ad you must press the x button exactly when it hits the triangle, other wise your attack stop and wont reach its full potential, each character has 5 unique magic attacks in dragoon form when you execute these attacks you get a breathtaking sequence of the attack,( these usually take 30 seconds this may seem like a lot of time but it is well worth it to see these kind of special effects on a psone game), and you can also summon dragons once you become powerful enough. Once your SP(spirit meter) meter is full you are allowed to transform into a dragoon, how long you stay transformed depends on your dragoon level which can be increased the more your fight in your dragoon form. The max time you can stay transformed is for 5 turns, then you revert back to your original form. As you can see the gameplay is very detailed and plays a large part in this game.

Story: 8/10
OK this is the beef of many rpg’s, the story. The legend of dragoons story is very in-depth and interesting I would have bought this game just to experience the great story that comes with it, I will elaborate on this amazing story some. The Legend was born 10,000 years ago… and began with the Divine Tree. Nothing could compare to its mystical powers. It is said that this massive, yet graceful entity gave birth to all living things. One after another, races of plants, animals and unique beings fell from its branches and life spilled forth over the land. The 105th race was the powerful Dragons. These towering winged destroyers would strike terror into anyone who beheld them. In time, there Dragon Spirit would be revered and worshipped. The 106th race was the Human race. These peaceful beings lived a quiet agrarian existence in harmony with the world. The 107th race was the formidable Winglies. These flying conquerors set out to build great floating cities and gain dominion over all living things. In time, their aggression enslaved the passive Human race with little resistance. The spirit of the Divine Tree coursed through all its offspring. The races took their place on earth, filling the desolation with lushness and activity. But the beauty of the tree could not hide the ugly blemish in the land of floating cities. The Winglies resigned supreme. The human were enslaved. Divided by Hatred, a battle for freedom would ensue. Both thought their very survival depending on victory over the other. According to legend, the Humans enlisted the help of dragons. Drawing on magical forces, the humans became Dragoon Warriors harnessing the savage power and soul of the Dragons. Dragoons were supernatural warriors who attacked with fierce combat skills and deadly magic. They overpowered the Winglies in a bloody confrontation. The humans prevailed. And they learned to co-exist in peaceful harmony. But beneath the tranquility, lurks a mysterious prophecy. Love. Revenge. Death and destruction. Ever 108 years A Black Monster emerges to bring death and destruction to the world in search of the moon child that holds the key to the truth. That is merely a prequel to the massive story in The Legend of Dragoon. Buy the game to find out the whole story

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics in The Legend of Dragoon are definitely some of the best I have ever seen on the Playstation The character models are very well done, as best as you can expect on the Playstation. The dragoon transformations are very well done, and so are the magic attacks. I found myself transforming and doing the magic attacks countless times just to be able to see them one more time. The towns and cities look very realistic and innovative, all in all I am very happy with this games graphics.

Sound: 8/10
Sound really isn’t that important to me in games, as long as it is tolerable it is ok with me. This game does feature some really good battle music although it isn’t varied to much, most of the battles have the same music tracks This may not be a good thing for all you sound buffs but I don’t think the sound deters from the overall coolness of the game. There is very little talking in this game, actually the only talking comes from the fmv’s and even then there isn’t much, so I really cant comment on the voice acting.

Length/Replay: 6/10
On average this game takes just over 40 hours to beat, this game has 4 discs, so as you can see its a massive game. This game doesn’t really have to much in the way of replay value, but there are a few hidden suprises if you can find them. Throughout the game you can collect these little rocks called stardusts that can be found in various places throughout the game you can collect as many as 50 of them, and if you collect them all and give them to a certain person you will be able to fight a special boss near the end of the game, that gives you a massive amount of money and exp., if you beat him. I think the story is in this game is good enough for a replay or 2. This is the only rpg that I played through 5 times

This is one of the best games I have ever played, I am really hoping for a sequel to this game. This game easily rivals Final Fantasy 7, it may even be better. This is a must have for every rpg fan, even if you have never played an rpg before this is a great place to start.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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