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The Legend of Dragoon....Greatest RPG ever? 04/18/03 BlackNova
What is crap when you're already sitting in a pool of it? 06/30/06 Draqq_Zyxorian
It had potential; unfortunately, it wasn't developed. 10/08/04 Adori
Legend of Dragoon is more worthy of a comparison to Shadow Madness than Final Fantasy VII. In other words, it is awful. 07/30/14 Archmonk Iga
"An unforgettable adventure" 12/04/08 Careful_Crab
Legend of Legaia and FFVII blow this out of the water...I felt like I was watching an even more bland Fern Gully while playing this. 06/20/07 CortSether
By no means the best RPG, but a nice first shot by Sony. 01/26/07 Crazee Boy
A good but flawed game 01/05/06 darthjulian
A Promising Start By Sony 04/05/01 Dayseed
For the love of a game. 09/08/05 EmP
A great game at its core, If only the characters weren't so stiff... 09/12/03 Ethereal Blue
It's rough, ruff. 10/02/03 GaIcian
It all clashes together, but not without some flaws. 10/31/03 Gbness
A Legendary Disappointment 07/17/00 gcking317
In this game you fight... the BLACK MONSTER! Scary, huh? 09/14/03 Halron2
Only the strongest would survive. 12/17/99 Happy Matt
One word: Wow. This is one of the best RPG's I have played 01/03/05 hriggs
Pretty looking, pretty entertaining, pretty good. The Legend of Dragoon is an RPG for the casual gamer. 05/07/10 Kashell Triumph
A solid addition to an RPG collection. 09/06/06 Kyle Bowen
Simply put, a great game. 10/29/04 Link San
Not perfect, but really great! 06/06/14 LordofFEZelda
Cant decide? Maybe this will help.. an in-depth reveiw... 01/20/04 Magus134
Has legendary potential.. but falls a bit short. 01/14/02 Megumi-chan
Not good enough for a legend... 01/05/04 Mizumon
Uh... 02/07/01 ryanator
It had potential, but came out too late and never reached it. 02/23/05 S3 Raiden
Solid plot, simple yet fun gameplay 07/15/09 ShapeQuest
The Square zombies are too afraid to admit that this is BETTER then FF7. 10/20/03 Sinspawn_X
One of the most under-rated games of all time 11/02/09 Suffurix
This is proof that Sony CAN make RPGs.. 07/22/00 TBranford
Uncle Longfellow's Legend of Dragoon Review 03/02/15 UncleLongfellow
COOL BOOGIE! 02/17/15 Vesperas
Awarding your favourite game with less than a perfect score...? That's honesty. 03/01/11 Zeustarr

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Not a Masterpiece, but Unfairly Maligned 09/21/16 1Tekkaman
How many years does it to take to translate? 09/09/10 Aleria_Deufania
Legendary mediocrity 11/07/11 Blakekl
I don't believe this game! 07/02/00 chrispix
Great game but falls short of FF series 07/04/00 Chrono Cross
Cmon folks, this game just isnt that great 07/05/00 CJoeckel
A great game in the lines of more recent Final Fantasy titles 05/02/02 Comfortably Numb
All I expected and more! 06/23/00 Deepthroat
Good beginning, better middle, bad end. 10/15/07 Dicebag
Legend of Dragoon is such a great game.... 06/18/00 DXie
Why would anybody waste their time? 04/18/01 El Pato
WOW! This is a Playstation Game??? 01/24/00 Geodole
An excellent first attempt by SCEA at RPGs 07/02/00 Greatest One
This is one of the BEST games I've played for the Playstation. 07/02/00 Haunter12O
Square who? Final Fantasy what? 07/02/00 Jam
Awesome! 12/21/99 JTan
Struggling to be epic 06/26/00 LAlpha
Sony has created a masterpeice! 06/21/00 lord brak
A spectaculair game which starts slow 06/27/00 MAkumaSWD
Amazing Yet Still Not That Great 07/05/00 Megumi
A legend 3 years in the making 06/27/00 Nivla
A Game To Play, Again and Again 05/19/14 Pastor-Dart
Sony V.S. Square....Who will win? 07/02/00 PContaminator
A good game with a few problems 07/02/00 PCrystal
Final Fantasy It is Not!!! 11/14/00 Ruk Chan
Best RPG game since Final Fantasy! 05/30/03 XeroXtancy
Square doesn't have to make every good RPG in existence. 10/22/07 Zhou14

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