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by abbisonny

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Guide and Walkthrough by abbisonny

Version: 2.2.9 | Updated: 06/27/2019


The intent of this walkthrough is to be as complete as possible. If you find anything missing, please send me a message and let me know. Back in the day, I looked for many walkthroughs and liked several aspects of each, but was sad that there wasn't just one that had all the things I wanted. Since this is one of my favorite games, I figured, why not fill that spot myself?


  • All boss battles are listed in alphabetical order at the end.
  • Suggested parties in boss battles are based mostly on which element the boss is. Typically, using your usual party will be perfectly sufficient (see Choosing Your Characters). I'm also a little biased because of my usual choices in party members. In version 2.2, I went through and tried to remove bias and focus more on giving the characters that would work best, focusing on element and character stats.
  • When I give advice within boss battles about who should use Additions and who should use Attack Items, the characters I reference are representative of the characters with the highest Physical Attack or Magic Attack, respectively. For instance, if Rose is in the recommended party, I may suggest using her to attack with Attack Items. However, she would not be the best choice were she paired with Shana, who has a higher Magic Attack. See the characters' stats for more information on this.
  • I went through the game twice in attempts to calculate HP of bosses. The exact numbers may be slightly different from what is listed, although I tried to be precise as possible. It should at least give you some idea.
  • All things listed as "side quests" are listed that way because their completion is unnecessary for the completion of the game. It is always recommended though! Experience is your best friend.
  • On that note, let's talk about training! Being ahead by a level or two is the best way to not die in this game. Rushing through is okay, and sometimes I think having that challenge is character-building for you as a gamer. However, it's very easy to train up a little bit and breeze right through (almost). Throughout the walkthrough, I give tips for some of the best places or ways to train, listed as Training Tips.
  • Because of the nature of training, the difficulties listed in the boss battles are relative and may not be accurate when compared to your own experience. As much as possible, they are actually based on my own experience from the first time I played the game. I feel this is most representative as a baseline for battle difficulty.
  • Boss battle difficulty comes in seven levels: (1) Extremely Easy, (2) Easy, (3) Moderately Easy, (4) Moderate, (5) Moderately Difficult, (6) Difficult, (7) Extremely Difficult.

Please enjoy!