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    Phantom Ship Chest/Minigame FAQ by EmP

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    This document is copyright to EmPleh. Trespassers will be incinerated.
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    The Legend of Dragoon
    Mini Game FAQ
    This FAQ contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
    ======================= Table of Contents =======================
    1. Introduction
    2. Revision History
    3. Phantom Ship Chest
       3.1 Chest Contents 
    4. Lohan Mini-Games
       4.1 Monster Ball Tag
       4.2 Spot the Difference
       4.3 Watch the Birdie
       4.4 Obstacle Course
       4.5 Ticket Trade-ins
    5. Queen Fury Chopping Game
    6. Frequently asked questions
    7. Credits
    8. Legal Stuff
    ======================= 1. Introduction =======================
    ~Otherwise known as the 'easily skipped bit'~
    I can't help but notice that every time I write a FAQ, it's because of
    a repeated question on the forums. I'm a saviour, I know.  And people
    dare say I'm not helpful...
    The Ghost Ship chest is a great source of annoyance for many gamers, a
    clever little minigame that emulates the age-old game of mastermind,
    where you must guess a certain sequence in a limited attempts with
    only certain cryptic hints to guide you. Whereas many people (including
    my good self) feel that in this case the reward is not worth the effort,
    if you are willing to play about with it, you can get some pretty nice
    items. If I can do a semi-competent job, perhaps that task will be made
    a little easier.
    The rest of the mini games added on are also a source of query, and it
    just seemed easy to group the lot together.  No need to applaud; just
    throw money.
    ======================= 2. Revision History =======================
    ~An accurate recording of despicable laziness~
    Note: Dates written in the UK format.  Reverse day and month if confused.
    03/08/04 - Started FAQ, working completely from memory thus far.
               Everything in the Phathom Ship section bar chest contents
               typed up.  Proofread by VM.
    07/08/04 - Chest contents done.  FAQ considered finished. Made
               VM proofread it again despite minimal changes. She had
               nothing better to do anyway. [VM: You bloody ingrate. 
               *shakes fist*]
    11/08/04 - The Lohan Mini-Games section written up.
    29/10/04 - After a strangely long period of inactivity, sent it to VM for
               proofreading for a third time. Poor VM should really be
               compensated somehow.  [Perhaps she should be allowed to randomly
               add self-praise wherever she feels she can - oh wait - she
    ======================= 3. Phantom Ship Chest =======================
    ~Mystically haunted number-combination locks: now available at all good
     hardware stores.~
    The chest itself is located next to the locked door that houses the
    ship's boss fight, on the upper deck. However, you will find it locked
    and in need of a three-digit code to open. To find the correct numbers,
    you must go belowdecks to the end of the corridor and question the
    floating souls. Here you will find the source of the problems; there are
    four souls, each giving you a digit of their own. So, to open the chest,
    not only will you need to figure out which number is bogus, but determine
    the order of the code.
    Confused? You will be.
    So, with the footwork done, you have now only to puzzle out the code of
    the chest and steal the goodies inside. Several obstacles stand in your
    You have four random numbers from which you must deduce a specific three-
    digit code. You have a set number of tries to do this in.
    Start by randomly entering in three numbers in a sequence of your choice.
    From this, you are given a response that tells you how close you were to
    having the code. If none of the numbers are in their correct place, then
    you will simply get a message telling you how many attempts you have left,
    but if you get a "..." message instead, you know at least one of the digits
    is in its correct place. It is from this that you must figure out the correct
    combination. It's a case of swapping the numbers around and deleting
    possibilities until you have the field narrowed down. Make no mistake about
    it; it is based as much on luck as it is on numerical wizardry. So, imagine
    you have entered a code that results in a "# of tries left", indicating that
    you have no correct numbers in your sequence. On your next go, you change
    only one number, and receive the "..." reply; this means that the new digit
    you implemented is in its correct place, and you are one step closer to
    opening the cursed thing. Just remember that the number of tries you get at
    opening the chest is not unlimited. It is strongly suggested that you use
    a pen and pad to keep a running check on your codebreaking exploits, as
    eliminating various codes by memory alone is quite an unnecessary chore.
    I'll try an example.
    The ever-helpful floating souls have given you the numbers 0-2-6-1.
    The correct coding is 0-1-6
    On your first try, you enter 2-6-1. None of the numbers are correct, so
    you receive the "# of tries left" response. You now know that none of
    those digits belong in that placement, and can cross them from your list.
    Next, you try 0-6-2. You are treated to the "..." response; you now know
    at least one of the numbers is in its correct place (in this case, unbeknownst
    to you, it's the zero).
    Let's say your next go sees you putting in 1-6-0, leaving the 6 in from the
    previous code. None of this is right, as the 'number of tries left' response
    will confirm, so not only can you eliminate the 6 and the 2 from either end,
    but you know that it is either the 0 at the front, or the 1 at the end that
    is right.
    Perhaps next you go for 0-1-2 and happily get the "..." response. Don't
    yet think that the 0 is set in stone as correct, though (although in this
    case, it is); it may just mean that one of the new numbers you have tried
    is in the right place. Again, in this case, that too is true, as you'd have
    correctly guessed the 1.
    You could have tested the 0 by placing in numbers you knew were wrong,
    such as 0-6-1. You'd still get the "..." response, thus know that the
    0 is certainly correct.
    By this time, you only have a few turns left, but you've already eliminated
    various numbers from various placements. You know the second digit isn't 6
    or 0, for instance, and you know the last digit isn't 1 or 0. Now that
    you know what the first digit is, you can replace it with one you know is
    incorrect, not use zero, and try to find to find the correct placement of
    the others. Putting in 1-2-6 will let you know that that either 2 or 6 is
    in the correct position.
    Keep in mind that you will not get the combination right every time. As
    clever as you are with your guesses and strategies, luck plays just as big a
    role. A good example is receiving a double number from those number-guarding
    souls, perhaps something like 2-5-6-6. The fact that 6 plays a more prominent
    role here can only make the chore of hunting down the correct code all that
    much easier.
    ==== 3.1 Chest Contents ====
    You can gain numerous gifts from the chest, depending on how much you have
    already taken and the number of attempts you have left.  Basically, the more
    you swindle from the chest, the lower the chance you'll have to retrieve the
    next prize.  Every time you fail to open the chest in the given amount of
    time, you will have to fight some skeleton attackers, and start over again
    by collecting a new set of numbers as described above.
    Order   Tries    Item               Item Description
    -----   ----     -----------        ----------------------------
    1        10      Stun Guard         Prevents confusion
    2         8      Panic Guard        Prevents stun
    3         6      Magic Ego Bell     Prevents bewitchment
    4         4      Talisman           Prevents instant death
    5         2      Ultimate Wargod    Automatically completes additions
    Anything you take from the chest thereafter will be a sum of 100G.
    ======================= 4. Lohan Mini-Games =======================
    ~Lohan's latest attempt at a snaring tourist trap.~
    After the Hero Competition, you have the chance to sample the minigames
    located around the arena. Some of these minigames will reward you with
    tickets, which in turn can be traded for some rather handy items, and some
    are there merely for your enjoyment.
    ==== 4.1 - Monster Ball Tag ====
    The game consists of you hurling balls at various monsters as they scroll
    past you. The catch here is that they will be assaulting you with a veritable
    fusillade of projectiles. The game will end when you are hit by one. You are
    awarded 10 points for downing a large monster, which takes several hits to
    take down, and a single point for the smaller monster, which is knocked out 
    in one strike. There are obstacles that block some of your shots, but these
    can be knocked down by a few well-placed balls. You can win no prizes
    from this game.
    There's no real trick to this; it helps to take out the obstacles as
    quickly as you can to give the ball hurling beasties less cover and
    make them somewhat easier targets. It will start off slowly, but soon enough
    you'll find yourself assailed by a torrent of projectiles. Keep moving and
    try for the bigger monsters when they become available.
    ==== 4.2 - Spot the Difference ====
    You are shown a room for several seconds, then your view is blocked for
    a few seconds. When it's revealed again, some of the items have been
    changed. It is up to you to spot what has been changed.  Ensure you pay
    very  close attention to the first scene should you choose to play this
    game.  If you guess correctly, you win three tickets.
    This, in itself, is pretty simple, as only a limited number of items
    are swapped around. You might have trouble the first couple of times, but 
    after that, you'll see the same differences reoccurring, and this will turn
    out to be the easiest source of tickets.
    ==== 4.3 - Watch the Birdie ====
    This minigame consists of correctly guessing the location of a pink birdie,
    which is hidden under the hat of three Minitos and shuffled around. Correctly
    guess which one has it and you're rewarded with three tickets.
    This goes surprisingly fast, and there seems to be no set pattern on where
    the bird will show up. Getting this one right will be based more on
    guesswork than being able to follow the placement, but it's a 33% chance,
    at least.
    ==== 4.4 - Obstacle Course ====
    The goal here is to make it to the other side of the course before the timer
    reaches 400 without being hit. You move yourself back and forth with the 
    D-pad. Use O to run and X to duck. Manage to make it within the set
    guidelines and the prize of three tickets is yours.
    Once you get the timing down, it's a relatively simple task and can even be
    completed by just timing your run and sprinting through the course, but
    this isn't really advisable. Your best course of action is to duck under
    the various obstacles and cover as much ground as you can while running.
    The timing needed for ducking under the obstacles is a little weird and
    takes some getting used to, but after a few tries you should have the hang
    of it.
    ==== 4.5 - Ticket Trade-ins ====
    You can spend your well-earned tickets on the following items:
    Spirit Potion       Gives 100 SP in battle        20 Tickets
    Total Vanishing     Kills a minor enemy           40 Tickets
    Healing Rain        Fully restores party's HP     60 Tickets
    You can also buy tickets from here (10G for three). Healing Rain is the
    most useful item, and should you be in a hurry, it'd be worth your time
    to pick up a few, as they come to only 200G apiece.
    ======================= 5. Queen Fury Chopping Game =======================
    ~A tribute to cooks of the lazy and cheap persuasion.~
    You can first access this game when you are exploring the ship with Shana
    after the group split up.
    The goal of the game is to chop the most vegetables, racing against the
    resident cook. There are several vegetables that you chop by pressing the X
    button, which each need to be chopped a certain number of times, and when
    one's done, the guy puts a new one down for you to chop -- but you can't
    just mash X, because he won't put it down if you're chopping after you're
    If it's tied at the end, the person with the most chops wins.  It's just a
    matter of timing your button presses, rather than mindlessly mashing it.
    Should you manage to win, the rather heady sum of 1G is your to keep.
    ======================= 6. Frequently asked questions =======================
    ~People feel the need to ask me stuff, and this has been a thorn in my side
     for too long!~
    Q:  Does the chest ever empty?
    A:  No, it will spew out 100G for as long as you can be bothered to claim it.
    Q:  Is there a set trick for the chest?
    A:  Not that I have ever found.  It's just dumb luck, I fear.
    Q:  Is it possible to get multiple same numbers when collecting the number 
        codes for the chest?
    A:  Yes. The most I have ever had is three, but I have heard people claim to
        have all four numbers the same, which certainly makes the task that much
    Q:  Can I come back later to get the chest?
    A:  No. The ship the chest is housed on becomes unavailable once you defeat
        the boss and leave it. Ensure that if you want to open the chest, you do
        so before you engage the ships boss fight.
    Q:  What do Healing Rains and the rest of the items you can win from the
        mini-games do, and what is the best item to go for?
    A:  The Spirit Potion gives you an extra 100 SP in battle, the Total Vanishing
        kills a minor enemy, and the Healing Rain fully restores party's HP. 
        The Healing Rain is by far the most useful item of the three.
    Q:  Do you always only win 1G from the chopping game?
    A:  Afraid so. Think of it as more of a distraction than a useful mini game.
    Q:  My friend/cousin/dogwalker told me <insert item here> was in the chest.
        Is it?
    A:  If it is not on the list, then no. Slap your friend/cousin/dogwalker
        for being a dirty liar.
    Q:  Why don't you think the prizes from the chest are worth the effort?
    A:  Because by the time you come to the useful stuff, your amount of attempts
        to guess the right number are so limited, you have to rely on nothing but a
        huge dose of luck. As it is, the best item you can get is the Ultimate
        Wargod, which, in my opinion, is a waste of an accessory slot.
    Q:  Do you think LoD's minigames are worth it?
    A:  Again, not really. They can prove an interesting distraction, but you can
        buy the tickets cheaply enough, and the games are on the repetitive side.
    Q:  I disagree with <insert disagreement here>.
    A:  Fine, send in what you would prefer, and maybe I'll add it in. You'll
        even make the credits.  EmPleh16@aol.com is my current E-Mail. Please
        label your E-Mail as pertaining to this FAQ, though.
    Q:  Have you done any more FAQs?
    A:  Ah, self promotion. I've done one or two; you can find them here:
    ======================= 7. Credit =======================
    ~To those who aid: Work harder!~
    My resident proof-reader, Viridian Moon, gets her usual credit. Thanks, VM,
    for putting up with me and my "write-your-own-damn-thank-you-note" attitude
    as well as having so much patience when doing your valiant best to make sense
    of the general incoherency and nonsensical fragments this FAQ used to be
    littered with. Oh, and my bad grammar, because I wouldn't know how to use
    "then" correctly if it danced naked in front of me wearing a pot-warmer on
    its head. Thank you so much, VM. You rule. In fact, you rule so much that I
    want to make you a sandwich.
    [You see what happens when you let proof-readers get too big for their boots?
    They write their own credit notes, make it look like they actually did
    something of note, and don't even mention the huge amounts of typos they
    missed, or the fact they are harder work then the bloody FAQ itself.  Not to
    mention the fact they space their little rants incorrectly, so you have to fix
    the damn things for them.]
    {VM: If there are any grammatical errors anywhere in the FAQ, it is because 
    EmP edited it after I gave it back to him, and he can't write two sentences 
    without some sort of error. This is not my fault; this is his fault for not 
    checking with me first.}
    *Fixes both typos and spacing in mini-rant.*
    *Double thumbs up for VM!*
    Wolf Queen, for spotting the odd darn typo we missed.
    ======================= 8. Legal Stuff =======================
    ~You stopped reading ages back, and we both know it.~
    (C) Copyright 2004 EmPleh
    This FAQ, in part or entirety, is copyright to EmPleh.
    As a whole or in part, the FAQ cannot be used outside the websites designated
    by myself only. It can only be used for personal use and not in any capacity
    outside that. This FAQ cannot be placed anywhere without my permission and
    should only be seen on GameFAQs.com.
    Should it be seen anywhere else, please contact me at empleh16@aol.com.
    Should you wish for this FAQ to grace your site, as long as full credit
    is given and permission is asked, it will most likely be acceptable.
    Current permissible sites:
    Intellectual property of EmPleh.
    Dedicated to all the combo-locked chests guarded by long-dead spirits
    Sponsored by S-Mart. S-Mart: now stocking haunted number combination locks.
    Shop smart -- shop S-Mart.

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