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Repeat Items FAQ by Grand Lethal

Updated: 05/10/03

This document is Copyright (c) 2003 Grand Lethal(tm). All rights reserved.

The Legend of Dragoon
-Repeat Items FAQ-

01: Legal Stuff:

(c) Copyright 2003 Grand Lethal. This FAQ and everything
included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or
form  (physical, electronic, or otherwise) aside from being placed on
a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in its original, unedited
and unaltered format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes
(even if no money would be made from selling it) or promotional
purposes.  It cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction. It
cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase
as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.
This FAQ should only be found on GameFAQs, and a few sites that have asked for
it (which sites aren't important). If you find it anywhere else, inform me ASAP
at grand_lethal@msn.com. If you want it posted on your site, all you need to do
is ask. This FAQ can be reproduced only with my permission, and as long as I
receive full credit for it. Thanks and good reading.

Yeah, there's still legal stuff with a 5K FAQ...

Table of Contents:
01: Legal Stuff
02: Locations of Repeat Items
03: "Effects" of Repeat Items

02: Locations of Repeat Items

-  Magic Stone of Signet (Sig Stone): Located in the Marshlands.
- Take the boat all as far as you can to the left, and the Sig Stone is in the

-  Pandemonium: Located in Hellena Prison, second trip. (Can be missed)
- From the merchant, move into the room furthest to the left. Run all the way
to the left to an elevator. Take it up until you are prompted to get off. Enter
the hole near the elevator. You'll end up on a floor with four entrances. Go
into the first hole from the left. Take the elevator up. The entrance here will
lead you to a chest containing the Pandemonium.

-  Material Shield: Located in the Black Castle. (Can be missed)
- There's a partially concealed chest just before Emperor Doel's chamber that
contains the Material Shield.

-  Speed Up: Located in the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.
- Once inside the gates, walk north and jump on the floating stone. Jump to the
other side and walk south. A chest there contains the Speed Up.

-  Power Up: Located in Kadessa
- In the room with the Spinning Heads, enter the door that was opened after you
"stepped" on all the red devices. Take the first moving platform and get off at
its highest point. The chest contains the Power Up.

-  Speed Down: Located in the Mountain of Mortal Dragon.
- Before the fight with the Divine Dragon (READ: the screen before), head a few
steps south of the chest containing a Body Purifier to find a hidden chest
containing the Speed Down.

-  Magic Shield: Located in the Snowfield.
- Find the area where you can slide down the mountain on either side of the
sign. Get on the right side of the sign. Jump down. Don't press X the first
time you're prompted, press X the second time, and don't press the third time.
The fourth time you'll stop in front of the chest containing the Magic Shield.

-  Smoke Ball: Located in Fort Magrad.
- Defeat the Polter Armor, Sword, and Helmet, and you will receive it after the

-  Power Down: Located in the Death Frontier.
- From the entrance of the Death Frontier, go down one screen, right one
screen, down three screens, right one screen, up 4 screens, and on this screen,
drop down into the sand trap to find a chest containing the Power Down.

-  Psychedelic Bomb X: Located in the Magic Capital Aglis.
- Answer all of the questions correctly:
- Kongol: Choose the second option, "Take Doel's sword."
- Miranda: Choose the second option, "For the world" the first time, and the
  second option, "I cannot die now," The second time.
- Albert: Choose the second option, "I cannot do that."
- Meru: Choose the second option, "I still cannot die."
- Haschel: Choose the second option, "I couldn't stop her."
- Rose: This one's a freebie...
- Dart: Choose the first option, "I will save Shana no matter what!"
   You'll be rewarded with the Psychedelic Bomb X.

03: "Effects" of Repeat Items

Magic Stone of Signet: Blocks enemy's movement for three consecutive turns.

Pandemonium: Causes minor enemy to attack only one ally for three turns.

Material Shield: Nullifies physical attacks for three turns.

Speed Up: Doubles agility for three turns.

Power Up: Strength increases for three turns.

Speed Down: Target's agility decreases by half for three turns.

Magic Shield: Nullifies magical attacks for three turns.

Smoke Ball: 100% sure escape from minor enemy.

Power Down: Strength decreases by half for three turns.

Psychedelic Bomb X: Non-elemental damage to all enemies (Multi).

~ Fin ~

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