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Reviewed: 01/26/00 | Updated: 01/26/00

Hey everybody, this is Jester pulling your screen into position, now we're looking at

I my view this is a Must Buy Game. I played my first few hours on the newest and hottest game around (Ouch...). To my surprise, it was the one of the best game I ever played! It's dark, gothic story line thrills and chills you, I can't stop playin'! Lets go on to the statistics.

Storyline N' Such
This game has a ''Kick Arse'' storyline, with twists and swirls that will keep you in your chair (Floor, Bed, namelessly whatever you sit on. Or lay on, excuse my impudence.) Rating=9.5!

Graphics N' Such
Eidos' masterful gothic game, has super clear and realistic graphics. You probably couldn't find better, think better graphics than FFVIII! Although sometimes the atmosphere is awfully bleak and dark...don't ya think? (The FFVII graphic fault is simple the characters when out of FMVs look blocky and not something overly acceptable in this type of game. If you REALLY want to see blockly look at FFVII, bleah what a graphical disaster! I personally enjoyed BOTH games very much, now due to the onslaught of FFVIII should I be saying this!?)Rating=10

Sound N' Such
The voice overs in this game are beutiful, need I say more? Rating=10

Replay N' Such
The replay in this game is high you could play this game for months on end. Rating=9.2

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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