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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

bloody nice, gets you perked up before FF8

remember that feeling MGS gave you when it let you wait a long time, then when you actually get to play it, you feel content, very content! well i tell you this one will let you feel the same way. after a long while, the game is finally released, and well it is about time! Eidos have really outdone themselves on this one.

the story begins when Raziel, one of the original Kain's men, evolves wings before his master. this enraged Kain and threw Raziel into the Abyss. this is the reason why the heck he looks like that. under the abyss raziel is revived by a being called elder years after he ways slain. he is sent to destroy his master and all his evil.

the game is sorta like Tomb Raider, only you are not a bodacious, gun-trotting femme fatale, instead you are a vampire with vampire powers. you move along a 3d environment and can interact with a lot of objects. your enemies are also vampires and can only be killed in certain ways like throwing them in water or skewering them with spears..YES!!! then you also get the Soul Reaver itself, a weapon weilded by Kain and can use it too. the game has a lot of puzzles and exploration can take a while. you also get the abilities of the bosses you've faced a la megaman and use them to explore more.

controls are very good period! they make good use of the original controller, thats all i have to say.

Raziel himself can do a lot of tricks and well animated sequences really make this game worthwhile, so go and pick this one up, it wont be a waste of time.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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