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Reviewed: 03/08/02 | Updated: 03/08/02

Soul Reaver a great game... or is it

Stand back Kain. Raziel is the hero here. Blood is replaced with the digestion of Souls. mmmm Souls. Raziel is a horribly disfigured vampire, with no intestines. Running around Nosgoth, were anyone could yell out ''Hey I could see your spine, put a shirt on!'' OK now onto the review! WOO!

While some of the games the time, offer a great competition. Soul Reaver has some of the best graphics at the time. With the dark and gothy environments of Nosgoth brought out with amazing splendor. It almost makes me weep. Sound quality is quite impressive. Giving off the true feel of Nosgoth. Switching realms to spiritual and material, offers a great environments, that are some of the best there is for eye candy.

Where Soul Reavers greatness plummets to it's doom, is where you fight Kain for the first time. It's fun until then. Now the introduction of the never ending block puzzles. The first few are fine, but then you realize that your thirteen and a half hours into the game, and the damn block puzzles will not end! ARGH! Damn that Kain for making Nosgoth such an annoying place to travel in! And if that is not it, the only combat you get is from stupid enemies, but you don't fight them because they are not enough to release your anger. So you jump over them, and they stand there in a stupor, saying ''Which way did he go!''

OVERALL: 5 out of 10- good but could have been a hell of a lot better

SOUND: 7 Ranks among the best Playstation game
GRAPHICS: 8 Wow i mean wow!
STORY: 5 Pretty good

BLOCK PUZZLES: -4 turn block. flip block. place in slot. AHH! the humanity
STUPID ENEMIES: 3 the more stupid, easier to kill, and the lack of challenge.

the game could have been insanely better with descent enemies, and an occasional block puzzle not the never ending designs that some ''genius'' came up with

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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