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Reviewed: 03/07/02 | Updated: 03/07/02

One of the first good games from Eidos...

When I first heard of this game, I thought Oh, Bloody Hell, It sounds so Crap
But one day I was playing the demo disc I got from a magazine, and accidently went into Soul Reaver instead of Metal Gear Solid...
My view on the game was instantly changed.
I spent a few hours beating the demo, and after that immediately ran out and bought it.
I simply love the way you can just walk around exploring, finding little Easter eggs and bonus rooms. Anyway, enough blabbing onto the scoring...

Graphics 9/10
The graphics in this game are so good (For their time)
I found myself stopping to marvel at the beautiful scenery.
Things like the Abyss and The pillars. Not as good as Soul Reaver II, but still bloody brilliant. How it managed to do it without loading times is beyond me.

Sound 8/10
Very good sound here. I especially like the Soul Reaver when you swing it. Good.

Gameplay 9.5/10
This gets a little too repetitive for my liking, and sometimes can be downright frustrating. Like when you are up to the second quest in the game, in the Cathedral, you are fighting those stupid Bug Vampires and are just about to land the killing blow when another hits you from behind and loses your Soul Reaver, Raziel (The main Character) can't kill anyone without a weapon or something to chuck the Vampires onto.
This is the good thing about it. There are so many ways to kill things. Soul Reaver, Fire Reaver, Glyphs, Sunlight, Water, Fire, Sharp things and many more...
You can also shift planes. This has you trying every possible means to get past the next puzzle. When Raziel goes into the Material Plane, which you will spend most of the game in, His life slowly drips away, Only if you consume souls may you sustain his strength. or you could use the Soul Reaver. In the Spectral Realm everything becomes twisted. Walls lower so Raziel can jump over them.
Pillars twist so he can leap onto them, before shifting back and having the pillar move again. And Time Stops.

Story 10/10
This is where Soul Reaver really shines. It is an excellent lead-up to the sequel. One really great thing is why you're romping about, pushing blocks over and killing more Vampires then Buffy. It's because of Revenge. Most games has you playing a hero who has to save the world, but this game is simply Raziel's personal Vendetta against Kain, The Diabolical Bastard. It has the Eldar God, some Giant Squid thing, Giving Raziel a chance to exact revenge on his creator and murderer. But there is a catch, Raziel has to walk the lands the Nosgoth, reaping the Souls of Vampires and Killing his Former Brethren. Not a bad deal.

Freedom and General Fun 10/10
I wish I could give this a 15 out of ten, but I can't so oh well. You can spend hours taking in the Gothic Atmosphere as you search for that elusive Water Glyph, as you search for that last Health Pie Piece. Or just have fun Cruising and Slaying some Vampire piece of ****. Very fun indeed.

Overall Definitely a big fat TEN
Great Game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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