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Reviewed: 01/03/01 | Updated: 01/03/01

The Reign of Kain continues...

- Visuals/Effects 9/10-

The PSX version of Soul Reaver has very very little to complain about. Although it doesn't have the same visual effects that the Dreamcast version did, in terms of facial detail, and ground/lighting effects, I was impressed with the way everything flowed...the camera angles hold nicely, and even sucking the souls look pretty good.

While this is not a *Masterpiece* of a visual game, it does hold its own with several features that made the Dreamcast version so good. Enemies move with life-like precision, and the in-game effects flow like a wave. Sucking souls and impaling enemies never looked so good, and with the huge worlds that feature much in the department of things to look at, you won't be disappointed with the amount of eye-candy that is present.

-Audio/Effects 9/10-

The sounds are exceptional. I haven't heard a story told, like I have with this one, in a long time {save for the Dreamcast version}. The voice over, with it's high and lows...showing the meaning of revenge and sadness makes it well worth the money you shell out for the game. The music, down to the swing of the staff, or the hum of the blade, all keep a nice pace with the faint beating of the drums, and different music scores for different areas of the game, all rolled nicely together to make an excellent soundtrack.

Each area has its own mood music that makes you stop for a minute and just listen. With it being the drone of water flowing, or enemies in the background moaning or growling, you'll find that it sound so real, that listening to it on your stereo system seems as though you're actually there with Raziel.

-Storyline/Gameplay 10/10-

As a fan of Tomb Raider and the series, it's hard to come across a game that follows the same elements, but this one does. Wrapping you up in an involving storyline of vengeance and pain, revenge and redemption, you'll find yourself loving every moment of the game, just to find out what happens next. The gameplay is Tomb-raider type, exploring and finding areas, gathering things to further your quest, it will definitely keep you going, and sometimes, it'll make you go out of your mind.

A great combination.

The vast quest that you undertake is truly massive. In terms of how long the game could take, if you were to truly explore the world that you're playing in, and find everything, on top of exploring the neither world, it would take you weeks. This is a bonus in any case, even if you're not a fan of exceptionally long games. However, once you're finished with the game, there isn't anything left to do if you've found everything the first time through.

-Overall 9/10-

Great storyline, great graphics and sound, great everything. It all rolls up to make this a straight nine shot, possibly one of the best games available on the PSX to date. I would suggest renting it first to get the feel of it, but definitely, if you're out looking for a game for the PSX, buy this's worth the money you'll shell out.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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