Review by Digitek_X

Reviewed: 09/04/09

Frustrating, Repetitive, Boring are words that I associate with this game

I picked up this game just recently, almost 10 years after it came out. I thought it would be fun to play because I remembered it being somewhat popular back when it came out. I did enjoy it for about the first hour, because learning a new game is always exciting. After that it was all down hill.

This is my first review, and I'm only writing it to hopefully stop other people from ever paying money to play it or invest time into it. The fighting is a bad joke. There is one combo, punch, punch, punch. That's it. For the whole game. If you want you can pick up a staff weapon, the only weapons in the game. Same thing, though, swipe, swipe, swipe. Or when you progress to get the Soul Reaver, what a joke, it goes away if you ever get hit. That's right, one hit and it's gone. What kind of weapon used for close quarters combat goes away if you get hit? I mean really....

Oh, and I loved how you have to have a weapon to actually kill enemies, you can't do it with just your hands. You can stun them and throw them in water, fire, or a spike, but those have to be around you. It was pretty awful to get to a room where there were a few enemies and then back tracking so that you could find a weapon to actually kill them with. And you lose the weapon whenever you phase to the spectral world, so your always having to look for them.

There were some puzzles in the game, and just about every one of them involved flipping blocks around and then pushing them into place. Trust me, it gets old real fast.

Good luck trying to find out where to go next. This was the worst part. The game somehow expects you to know where to go. There are no hints or anything like that. None of the places in the game are even named. You will find yourself backtracking like crazy, running through long hallways all day to try and find out where the next block flipping puzzle is at. As an example, when you get the ability to phase through gates there are a few that you've passed up to that point. So you go through one of them, and you wander around trying to figure out where to go from there for about an hour only to find out that wasn't the right way to go, you need another ability to progress in that section. So you go back and phase through another gate, wander for an hour, NOPE that wasn't the right way either. Usually in games that control progression with abilities, when you get the ability to move along in the story you do just that, but not this game. It was a guessing game to figure out just which gate they actually wanted you to go through.

Boss fights are awful, too. I'm not even going to go into this because I'm not sure how to describe just how bad they are.

I gave up after about 10 hours of gameplay. I wanted to like this game, and I wanted to finish it, but it was just too horrible.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (US, 08/16/99)

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