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Reviewed: 12/03/02 | Updated: 12/03/02

Quite possibly, the best PSX platformer

Past the cover, of a game that looks kiddy (Not that looking kiddy is a bad thing... Personally, I think the game looks cute... ^_^), you find a great platformer. At first the game IS pretty easy. But by the time you get to the end... This game gets down right FRUSTRATING.... You have to deal with timed switches, where you have to hit multiple switches before they reset, and jumps where if you miss one, all the way back to the bottom you go. Well, enough of an intro, to the scores!

Gameplay: 9
This game is very simple to control, and has a very unique idea behind the gameplay. Jump, shoot are your only options. You can also glide(by flapping your ears... heheh...) by hitting and holding the jump button mid jump. You shoot a ring which can inflate an enemy, which you can use top attack another enemy, by throwing, or double jump, by hitting the jump button again in mid air. The game's depth lies in what the enemies do when you inflate them. Some fly you a distance, others explode after a timer... etc. The game is a 2-d platformer, but, should truly be called 2.5D. You can interact with the background, and the foreground. Mostly it's just eggs, containing treasure, or enemies shooting at you. But sometimes an intersecting path will become available for you to travel on.

Graphics: 9
As I've said before, this game does look a bit kiddy. Although, I think it is cute. The game has a CG-ish look, and looks pretty good. Although, I'm not one to really care about graphics, so onto the next section...

Audio: 8
This game has Voice Acting, albeit not in English. I've HEARD (Not quite sure), that it's street Japanese, from a friend of mine who's obsessed with Klonoa. The music is pretty good, light to fit the theme, and I like. The sound effects are also pretty good, and Klonoa will say things when doing actions.

Story: 6.5
The story isn't just the throw away story of your average platformer. Although, it isn't an epic, of course. Pretty much, you are Klonoa, and you start out on an adventure. Then, later you get a purpose. Pretty much, standard fare, save the world against a force of evil, but there are some twists in the storyline later on. The only other main character is Huepow, a friend of Klonoa's who stays in the ring, and powers it. Although, you will talk to other people along the way.

Well, that's it folks. If you can find this game on Ebay or in a Gamestop somewhere GET IT. This is a pretty rare game, sadly.
Total score: 9 (Not an average.)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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