Review by BRalston

Reviewed: 02/02/00 | Updated: 02/02/00

This brings a new meaning to the word evil.

I don't think fun is the right word for this game. More like ''devilishly evil'' seems to fit better. Hearing screams from fallen prey makes me shiver with delight.
This is an area where this game stumbles a bit. Clipping occurs every now and then and the levels could have been more polished. Enemy models though are excellent and very realistic.
Excellent voice samples help convey the dark mood of the game. The music you hear during the prologue of each level is high quality work. Also, hearing a pendulum swing back and forth is another way sounds enhance the horror theme.
It takes a while to master your characters control. It is sometimes difficult to turn corners. If you master strafing it will help.
There are so many trap combinations that you will be trying to get bigger combos every time. There are also multiple path branches that open up according to the way you answer questions. A bunch of secret traps you can acquire by getting different endings.
It is so refreshing to have a game where you take the role of a bad guy.(Bad girl in this case.)If setting up devious traps to catch trespassers and watching as they die horribly makes you drool with delight, this game is for you.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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