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Reviewed: 11/27/00 | Updated: 04/12/01

Better than the first, although it's missing the RPG style

After playing and enjoying the first Deception and hearing my friend rave about this game, I decided to try to obtain it. Most stores didn't have it in this area which was kind of making me just a bit ticked. So, I got it off eBay brand new for $20. It's been a great game. I'm not totally finished, but I do only have a few levels left.

The Art of Killing
In Kagero: Deception 2, instead of playing someone trying to free the devil, you play as a girl who was abducted and raised by a race of human called Timenoids. The Timenoids are incapable of reproducing and are immortal (although they can be killed). They needed the girl to kill any humans who would try to invade and kill the Timenoids or steal one of their relics. Throughout the game, you place traps but you don't require any MP to place them and they don't disappear after one use. They can be used unlimited times, but you must wait for them to charge. You can also use pre-made traps as placed per level to defeat your enemies which include some things as pillars, fireplaces, electric chairs, floor spikes, etc. In some levels, you must keep some people from getting to a certain area of the building you are in or it's game over. Of course, if they get to that room while you're in it, then you still have a sporting chance.

New and Improved
This is a great game. It's a lot better than the first. For one, the graphics are a little better. The sounds and music seem to have a much better impression than the first. There's actually music on this game that I like. The overall gameplay is much more fun than the first and allows you to get more creative with trap combinations (you are allowed three traps per room: one on the floor, one on the ceiling, and one in the wall, that is not including the extra stuff like the pillars, etc. that you can use to an advantage as well). The plot seems to be pretty good although it suffers the same ill-effect the first one did.

One thing I miss in this game is the RPG feeling the first one had with experience, stats, HP/MP and such. This one just doesn't have the stats and level increases for your character and you don't get any experience for killing. You do, however, get something called ''Ark,'' which you can use to build more traps. The graphics may be good, but at times they show to be a bit blocky. Like I said earlier about the plot, it's pretty good although, like the first one, you either say ''Oh cool!'' or ''Again?'' anytime there is a little plot development. The controls can also take a bit of getting used to. Anyone who doesn't like the ''press up to go forward'' style may not enjoy this one too much.

Final Judgment
Graphics: Nice but blocky at times 8/10
Sounds: Major improvement over the first. Well composed music and good sound effects 9/10
Controls: Take a bit of getting used to. Can make the game pretty frustrating 6/10
Plot/Storyline: Good with a bit of repetition in it 8/10
Gameplay: Loads of fun 10/10
All Together: 10/10

Definitely rent before you buy. If you like games with strategy and thought, then this is for you.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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