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Reviewed: 05/04/00 | Updated: 01/09/04

Graphically unrealistic golfing game that feels easy and repetitious

Most people find golf games a little boring, so why would you want to go out and buy a golf game? Well, Everybody's Golf is different to most other golf games out there, as it actually makes golf great fun. For a start, there are no complicated rules on how to hit the ball. You simply select your club from the ones that are available. The game will even select it for you, so you don't have to decide which one to pick yourself. Once you have your club, you are already to hit the ball. There is a nicely designed power bar. You hit X to start the bar, hit X to stop the moving bar at what speed you want to hit it, and then hit X to make the swing as precise as possible. Once this has happened, your ball will be high in the air, and will land hopefully where you intend it to go.

Should you need them, there are professional statistics as well. You can throw grass into the air to see which way the wind is blowing, you can see the layout of the land, and you can even see which way the land is sloping for precise swings. Eventually, your ball will land on the green. From here, the music will become faster, and you can decide exactly what to do. You will be able to see which way the land is sloping, and how far away the hole is. If all goes well, and your putt is exactly right, your ball will end up in the hole. And that's all there really is to Everybody's Golf. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, unfortunately it is. Because the game is so simple, it also gets repetitive fairly quickly, and although there are many courses to play on, all you really have to do is swing the club a few times to get onto the green, and then putt the ball into the hole.

Everybody's Golf is a massive game, due to the fact that there are so many modes of play. For a start, there is an eighteen hole mini golf course. Eighteen holes of fun, and this isn't even the real game yet! Anyway, most of these eighteen holes are great to play, and it's always fun to try and beat a previous score. There are three lessons to get you used to the basics of the game. There is the standard stroke play, where you attempt to get the lowest number of strokes at the end of eighteen holes. There is match play, where you try and win as many of the eighteen holes as you can against a friend, or against the computer. There is practice mode, where you can go to the driving range to practice your swings, or to any of the eighteen holes on the first course.

There is tournament mode, where you play against other computer competitors in an attempt to win the course. If you win the eighteen holes of a course, you will go on to the next eighteen holes of another course. There are about nine different courses in this game. In tournament mode, you can win secret characters for placing 1st on that course. You start off with two characters, and there are eight secret characters. You can win a new secret character for each course that you win in tournament mode. Another mode is mystery mode, which is opened once you have beat five of the courses. The final mode is VS mode, where you compete against a friend or against the computer in an attempt to win the course. Everybody's Golf will last a long time due to the huge amount of playing modes available.

The graphics in Everybody's Golf are good, yet look totally different from any other golf game on the PlayStation. This game definitely goes for the unrealistic approach to golf, and succeeds. The characters in the game look more like cartoon characters than professional golfers. The trees look big and bold, and more like Light green Christmas trees than the normal strict and proud looking trees you would expect to find in a normal golfing game. The golf clubs, although accurate, look small and out of shape. But all of the things I have just mentioned are good points about the game. Everybody's Golf doesn't try to look professional in any way, it tries to look fun.

A lot of golf games are meant to look exactly like the real thing: Professional golfers wearing professional golfing clothes, realistic look crowds, complex looking clubs that are difficult to understand which does what. In Everybody's Golf, everything looks friendly and welcoming, and it's really just like playing a cartoon. The backgrounds, although sometimes looking a little blocky in places, consist of amusement parks, trees, lakes, and they give the game a friendly atmosphere as they don't look realistic, but more like a cartoon. If this game was trying to look professional, then there could have been major improvements made in terms of graphics. But this game tries to be fun, and also look fun. For this reason, the graphics are fine the way they are.

The sound effects in this game are simple, yet effective. There is the obvious sound when you hit the ball with the club, which actually sounds very realistic. The strength of the sound depends on which club you're hitting the ball with. If you hit the ball well, an invisible audience will clap you. Other effects, such as birds singing in the trees, greatly improve the atmosphere of this game. There are very few speech effects in the game, which is a shame because the speech really makes the game just a little more realistic. What speech there is, is clear and easy to understand. The music is also good. It's mostly just slow relaxing music, but this is a slow relaxing game, so the music definitely suits this type of game well.

Everybody's Golf is a golf game which tries to be fun instead of professional. It shows this in terms of graphics, which are all drawn well, yet look very much like a cartoon. The sound also tries to sound fun, which it does in a variety of sound effects and music. The game play is reasonable, although it can get increasingly repetitive as the game goes on. The last ability is high due to the amount of modes available. Hidden characters and the secret Mystery Mode are also there to add extra last ability. Overall, Everybody's Golf is a fun and entertaining golf game, although sometimes the game just feels a little too repetitious and easy.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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