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Reviewed: 08/25/02 | Updated: 08/25/02

The Ultimate Golfing Experience

Hot Shots Golf Review for the playstion

You wanna play the best Golf game ever then you've rent/bought the best darn golf game around.
If it weren't for this game I woulda have wasted a small fortune playing Golden Tee.

GAMEPLAY: 10/10 Tons of courses, Tons of un-lockable characters there is no end to this
golf game. You can play tournaments, skins match and stroke play. Not to mention the 4 player
compatability. (Not requireing the 4-way adapter)

GRAPHICS: 10/10 Very very nice graphics for a golf game. The levels are very well designed.The characters are very toonish for a golf game which makes it more appealing to the main stream fans.

SOUND: 10/10 Nice calm background music is pretty much what you can expect from any golf
game, and this game doesn't dissapoint there. An interesting feature allows you to taunt your opponents
with some funny quips and annoying sounds. Gotta love hearing that ball go in after a chip

CONTROLS: 10/10Are you kidding me!! We are talking pretty much pin point
accuracy here folks. Ive been playing this game for quite awhile now and trust me
when I tell you that you can hit the same shot 30 times and if the wind is the same and you
hit it the same. The ball will go exactly where it is supposed to.

REPLAYABILITY: 10/10 The possibilities for this game are endless. Well almost endless.
It will take you quite awhile to get through all the levels. Then you might wanna unlock all the character's.
If your up for the ultimate challenge then I dare you to beat the entire versus grid. That total's over 140
different match possibilites. Trust me when I tell you beating the best character in the game with the worst
is an accomplishment.

BUY/RENT: BUY If you like golf then you must own this game. I have cheap friends that still
hold on to their hot shots golf demo disk that came with a opm mag. If you can find this classic then you better
break out your wallet. Cause there's a whole lot a gaming going on. I'd even go as far to say that if you see it for rent somewhere then ask the store owner to sell you the copy. Chances are he won't know how much of a great game hot shots golf is.
>Morph's Synopsis

I been playing this game on and off for 4 years. It is the only golf game I will ever need.
The only other golf game I will even consider is hot shots golf 2 and 3 and .....

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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