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Reviewed: 02/27/02 | Updated: 02/27/02

Not absolutely perfect, but close enough.

This is possibly the most solid golf game for the PSX that was made so far. Despite the cute-ish characters and the overall not-so-realistic look, everything else is still awesome.

Gameplay- No insanely confusing mass of meters, no doing five things at once. It’s all timing and some skill that this game requires. The flow is smooth, going from one course to the next with surprisingly short loading times for a sport-oriented game on the Playstation. Everything is just so easy to operate but HSG still offers the gaming experience and value that gamers are looking for. Even if you’ve never played golf before, just get the ball on the green and into the hole.

Effects- This could be the predecessor to some great environment interacting games that could come up on the NextGen consoles soon. Like in real life, rain affects the roll of the ball on the green, the rough and the longer grass make it harder to hit, and the wind directions and speeds are everything in this game, making it a challenge to plan your shots.

Replay- Do you know anybody who just loves playing golf? (Yes, I know that sounded like the beginning to a very cheesy commercial/ crappy report, but hey. Just listen.) If you do, or you’re involved in some kind of sport, you’ll get what I’m trying to say here. (without luck, mind you.) It might just be the competitiveness against yourself, or everyone’s insane desire to kick your best friend’s butt in any video game. One or the other. The fun factor is just up there in this game, and it’s great to just sit down, pick up, and play.

Challenge- I really did like the variety of courses. At first it didn’t feel as if someone would want to play through all five courses, but after experiencing the “self motivation” described above it really was quite interesting to try to beat my own score.

Sound- The sound isn’t exactly top class, but it’s not too terrible. The effects match up, like the ball plopping into the water and the wind blowing. After a few courses with (apparently) the exact same birds, the sound just starts to drone. Unlike some other games, though, the sound doesn’t affect the quality of the game, so if you’re doing something else you can turn the sound down and still enjoy.
(note: the sound is not my only complaint, but it's the only major one.)

This review took the longest to write, because there isn’t much that you can describe effectively. HSG is just one of those games that you just need to sit down and play for hours and hours. Go. Rent. Enjoy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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