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Reviewed: 07/31/00 | Updated: 07/31/00

Happy Gilmour would be proud!

Hot Shots Golf was released a couple of years ago for the Sony Playstation. Even now though in the year 2000 it still stands out in my opinion as the most revolutionary golf game ever! From great graphics, to a great controls this game has it all! Read on to find out why.

Graphics: Graphics don't have to be that good in golf games, but this game still looks great. The hair is designed good on Taku, the golf clubs look realistic, and their are great backgrouns. Even the grass looks great! Everything is right. Overall ten out of ten.

Sound and music: The sound is another great section. You can hear the ball sailing in the air, splashing in the water and so on. The only weird thing here is that when the ball hits a tree it sounds like the tree is made of metal. There's not much music though. Only a little bit at the beginning, and end of games. I think they should've put a bit more in. Not bad at all though. Overall nine out of ten.

Fun Factor: Can golf be fun? Yes it can be when it's not too complicated. You start off with only two characters to pick, Mary and Taku, and there's only a couple of modes. But after you keep winning and doing better you can unlock different ones. There's also mini golf. Everybody loves mini golf. Plus up to four people can play. Overall ten out of ten.

Replay Value: With tons of different things to do and up to four players to play with. This game will last a while, in fact it will last as long as Tiger Woods. No it will last as long as the television stations keep showing Happy Gilmour. Overall nine and a half out of ten.

Learning curve: Simple. Just press x as close as you can to the top of the bar and as close as you can to the block at the end of the bar. Putting is simple too. Just put up as far as the number of yards that the hole is away from you. Overall ten out of ten.

Difficulty: Easy. Perfect. Not too hard, but not too easy. Try getting an eagle. Overall eight out of ten.

The smackdown: The goods aregreat graphics, sound and easy to play. The bads, well the metal sound you get when the ball hits the tree.

Sound and music-9(stupid metal sound.)
Fun Factor-10(sweet)
replay value-9.5(sweet)
learning curve-10(sweet)
difficulty-8(good enough)

Buy or rent-buy

Whether you like golf or not. This game can be enjoyed by anybody. No matter what the age. This game is beter than it's sequel. Plus it's cheaper now. So buy it!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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