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FAQ by JTKauffman

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 11/25/99

                |      |        ___
                |_     |       /   \
                  |    |      |     |
D     J           |    |       \___/
          ______  |    |
         /      \ |    |    ________ 
        / S     Y\|   D|   R|    O |  M     E
       /    /\    |    |    |_     |
      |_   |_ |_       |_     |_   |_
        |    |  |        |      |    |
         \    \/    |    |__    |    |
          \        /|       |   |    |
           \______/ |_______|   |    |
                                |    |
                                |    |
G   U   I   T   A   R      |\__/     |
  F     R    E   A  K S    |        /
      faq                  |       /


DJ Syndrome: Guitar Freaks FAQ
by J.T.Kauffman

0.01: Intro
0.02: Stage Flow --to be added--
0.03: Hidden Songs/Modes
0.04: Song List
0.05: Outro

0.01: Intro_________________________________________________

'DJ Syndrome' is the main tagline of the marketing campaign for 
Beatmania 4th Mix ~The Beat Goes On~. It's also now a series of guides 
to Beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution and the rest of the BEMANI series 
of rhythm games by Konami. While not comprehensive, it should begin to 
answer some of the questions that you might have about the games. 

Please note that this FAQ only covers the Playstation release of Guitar 
Freaks.  For a more comprehensive look at Guitar Freaks and the rest of 
the BEMANI series, including things like Soundtracks (audio CDs), 
strategy guides, portable LCD games (like the BEMANI Pocket series), and 
much much more, please check out my longer work titled DJ Syndrome: The 

All of the information contained in this FAQ is also available in the 
longer, more comprehensive work titled "DJ Syndrome: The BEMANI Series 
FAQ". This document is merely a scaled down version that only pertains 
to the Playstation release Guitar Freaks (the arcade releases are _not_ 
necessarily covered, although some of the info may be applicable).

This may be my final release for this FAQ. Please see my BEMANI series 
FAQ (the Compendium at gamefaqs.com) for more up-to-date 
BEMANI/Beatmania info. 

Title:   Guitar Freaks
System:  PSX

Intro:   Konami's first real foray into rock, Guitar Freaks lets you jam 
away on either your Playstation controller or the special Guitar Freaks 

[important note:  I have not really ever sat down and played this game 
at home. All of the below information was gathered from Konami's 
Japanese homepage, as well as various Japanese fan pages. If there is 
something that is incorrect, _please tell me_.]

0.02: Stage Flow___________________________________________

--to be added--

0.03: Hidden Songs/Modes:__________________________________

__Hidden Songs:
Evil Eye             clear 50 stages
Mickey's Boogie      clear 150 stages
Jet World            clear 200-250 (?) stages
Magic Music Magic    clear 300 stages
King G               clear 450 stages
J-Staff              clear Lucky?Staff

__Hidden Mode:

High Speed Edition:

In the mode highlight screen (where you select Easy, Normal, or Expert)
press the following buttons (P=pick, R=red, G=green, B=blue)


After that, select Expert and press start. You should be in High Speed

0.04: Song List____________________________________________

[note: nearly all of the additional info in this section is thanks to 

Song Title         Artist         Genre          Diff.     BPM  Notes
Cutie Pie                                        0         105  134/?

Cutie Pie                         Motown         *         105  134/?
Chicago Blue                      Blues          **        85   86/?
The Endless Summer                60's Style     ***       160  213/?
Fire                              Heavy Rock     ***       105  239/?
Happy Man                         Punk           ****      180  179/?
Cool Joe                          Funk           ****      92   297/?
Evil Eye*                         Solo Rock      ****      82   139/?
Jet World*                        ?????          ******    276  374/593
Magic Music Magic*                ?????          *******   165  280/565
Hypnotica                         Digital Rock   ******    135  288/?

Jazzy Cat                         Jazz            ****     94   187/343
Happy Man                         Punk            *****    180  196/?
L.A. Rider                        Heavy Metal     *****    172  337/?
DryMartini                        Light Jazz      ******   110  179/?
Shake It Up                       Thrash Metal    ******   202  259/?
Mickey's Boogie*                  Funk            ******   90   244/397
Hypnotica                         Digital Rock    ******** 135  309/?
King G*                           ?????           ******** 100  261/383
Lucky?Staff                       Speed Metal     ******** 237  417/775
J-Staff*                          Ballad          **       

__High Speed Edition*
Chicago Blue                      Blues           ******** ???  86/?
The Endless Summer                60's Style      ******** ???  213/?
Jazzy Cat                         Jazz            ******** ???  187/?
Cutie Pie                         Rock            ******** ???  134/?
Happy Man                         Punk            ******** ???  196/?

*hidden song/mode

0.05: Outro________________________________________________


v.0.95 25nov99: still technically pre-release; possibly last release
  Added more info throughout.

v.0.86 07oct99: still technically pre-release
  Added much more to the song list, and fixed/clarified hidden 
  modes/songs. Thanks to Daver-X+Mr.Chunks for all of the info!

v.0.77 15sept99: still technically pre-release
  Cut and pasted info on GF from my BEMANI Series FAQ to 
  create this document, which deals only with GF. 

_____Trademark/Copyright Info:

Beatmania, BEMANI, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Freaks, Pop'n'Music, 
Drummania, Dance!Dance!Dance!, GooGooSoundy, and all versions/mixes are 
copyright/trademarked by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. All other 
copyrights are properties of their respective owners. 

This document is copyright J.T.Kauffman 1999 and cannot be reproduced 
for profit in any form. It can be freely distributed over the internet 
as long as it is unaltered and is only distributed on free (i.e. non-
subscription) sites. If you do choose to post this document on your 
site, please email me to let me know.


Konami Computer Entertainment Japan's web page (http://www.kcej.com/)

"Daver-X+Mr.Chunks" for a lot of the work on the PSX Guitar Freaks, 
including the difficulties, BPMs and number of notes. thanks a ton!

"Sam Lake" for more of the European BEMANI info, as well as additions to 
the GF songlist, and the song info for Dancing Stage. Thanks!

"h0l" for getting me the Daver-X+Mr.Chunks info, as well as everything 
else he's helped out on.

"why?leong" for some input on the song list



since 14sept99
Shibata, Japan

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