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FAQ by SiberianWolf

Guilty Gear Game Tip
For Playstation game console.

By SiberianWolf


     1. Introduction

     2. Legend

     3. Tips
        - Commom Tips.
        - Individual Tips.
           1. -=Sol Badguy=-
           2. -=Ky Kiske=-
           3. -=May=-
           4. -=Kliff Undersn=-
           5. -=Potemkin=-
           6. -=Axl Low=-
           7. -=Zato One=-
           8. -=Chipp Zanuef=-
           9. -=Dr. Baldhead=-
           10.-=Millia Rage=-

     4. Regonitions & Special Thanks.


     It was about a year ago when I first got an import game name Guilty Gear.
It was sent to me by my cousin in Thailand.  I looks at the cover and see the
fancy anime character and I was interested.  I booted the game up and see what
kinda game this is and what I saw wowed me.  It was a very 'nice' looking game.
I wasn't all that impress with it because I just got SFZ2 dash (SFA2 Gold) at 
the time.  I have forgot about that game and left it in my closet for a long
while.  The reason I wasn't all that interest with that game is because I was
not a hardcore fighting game player at the time.  It was the time when I was
barely able to pulled off a basic simple jump in -> attack -> fireball, so
naturally I wasn't gonna get far with Guilty Gear.
     Well, one day I was bored outta my mind and looking around for a game to
play and stumble across Guilty Gear.  I pop that sucker into my banged up PS
and just see if it can help kill time until I can find something else to keep
me entertain.  4 hours later I was still sitting in front of the TV still
playing this game.  I think I finally begin to appreciate the game.  It was not
as solid as my beloved Street Fighter series, but it was fun.  And the reason
is that I've kinda like tuned into it and was playing that game like how the
developers wanted us to.  Well, I'm bored now so I decide to write tips that
will make playing this game even more fun. =)


f               Forward
b               Back
d               Down
u               Up

df              Diagonally Down and Forward				
db              Diagonally Down and Back
uf              Diagonally Up and Forward
ub              Diagonally Up and Back

QCF             Motion Quarter Circle going from Down to Forward
QCB             Motion Quarter Circle going from Down to back
HCF             Motion Half Circle going from back to Down to Forward
HCB             Motion Half Circle going from Forward to Down to Back
DP              Motion Forward go right to Down to Diagonally Down and Forward

P               Punch (Square by default)
K               Kick (X by default)
S               Slash (Triangle by default)
HS              Hard Slash (Circle by Default)

T               Taunt (Chohatsu.  L1 by Default)
C               Charge (Keii.  R1 by Default)

OTG             Off the Ground Attack.  Attacking opponent while they are lying
                on the ground after a knock away move.

  Move's name are from the Official Guilty Gear Homepage
<http://www.atlus.com/guilty1.htm>, so if you don't know what I'm talking about
then go there and see it, K?  (^-^)


     And so we begin the tips section.  I'll assume that you guys know the
basics already, so if something doesn't make sense then I recommend you to go
play the game more and get used to it.  Or read the other FAQS by Mgreen.
That's the FAQS that got me started on the game.  =)  Alright then.  Let's

     Common Tips

     This is tips for just playing.  No matter who you use as your character
these tips will apply unless otherwise noted.

                                       -=Keep you mind clear Young Grasshoppers
   The fight in Guilty Gear can get pretty hot sometimes.  You'll see all these
spark and lightning and all those shiny stuffs flying across the room but it's
really isn't that crazy.  Just concentrate and you'll realize that most of
those stuffs can't hurt you.  If you can see clearly of what can hurt you and
what can not then you'll be fine.

                                                  -=Chain hit will set you free
   Do the chain combo.  Yes they ARE cheap but that's what the opponent use
also. The tip is to be as cheap as them remember that. =)  Be effecient in
chain hit, meaning you have to be able to do chain hit on the fly and know that
which one works best in what situation.  For example punch is the fastest
attack, but not as strong so you should use it to start the chain as it can be
chain into more damaging attacks like Slashes, Hard slashes, specials and even
   Chain hit in Guilty Gear works like chain hit in other games as weak attack
can be cancel into Stronger attack.  There are some exception to the normal
chain hit rule as:

1. punch and kick can be cancel between each other repeatedly.
   ex.  P -> P -> P -> P
        P -> K -> P -> K
        K -> K -> K -> K
        K -> P -> K -> P

                                Like that.

2. Close Slash can be cancel into another Slash.
     If you are close to the opponent your slash will have different animation
   which can be cancel into your regular slash by pressing slash again.  You
   can use this to increase the hits as well as the damage. =D

     Maybe there are more.  If anyone know anything else please mail me (^_^)

                                                   -=Avoid all of your problems
   OTG a.k.a. Off The Ground Attacks can be deadly.  It can add damages to you
while you are on the ground.  Sure most of the time the damage is minimum, but
in this game it doesn't matter how much life you have.  With this crazy
fighting engine the tide can turn at any moment.  So they add this little
'thing' you can to to 'avoid' OTG, juggle, and all those that will damage you
when you can't defense (after knock down moves and such)
   The motion for 'avoid' is "u + any attack button".  If you succeed in doing
the move the word 'avoid' will appear over your character.  This move should be
your second nature if you want to go anywhere with this game.  It's equivolent
to Street Fighter Zero 3's air recovery, so if you use this move a lot then I'm
sure it will become second nature in no time.

                                                            -=Charge to succeed
   Another feature of this game is you can charge a specified move and make the
move enhanced and much more damaging.  Think of this as and EX version of your
special move.  Most of the time a fully charge moves can cause more damage than
your chaos move (Super), so it's a good idea to keep this in your arsenal.
   To charge a move you have to know which move can be charge.  For example Sol
can charge his Volcanic Viper and Ky can charge his Stun Edge.  There are also
those that can't charge.  Those two are Axl, Testament and Justice.

                                                               -=!!THE CHEESE!!
   Blocking will reduce the damage that is done to you.  It usually reduce
normal attack to 0% damage and about 10-15% for specials and supers, those
reduced damage from sepecials and supers are damage nontheless and can kill you
if repeated.  You can most of the time avoid being 'cheese', situation where
you die because of the block damage, by holding the charge button
(R1 by default) blocking.  By doing this the block damage will drain your chaos
bar instead of your life bar.  Useful when you have little life left and don't
want to be cheese to death.  Careful though as eventhough you have full chaos
bar you still can't fully blocked Justice's super.  You will still take some
block damage as even the full chaos bar will not cover all the block damage
that cheesey giga laser thingy thing will do. =(

                                      -=The Big Cheesey Giga Laser thingy thing
   Admit it.  We all hate Justice super.  If you get hit by it it will does
about 80% or so damage to your one life bar and if you blocked it still will
does about 45% or so damage with out Faultless blocking (block + C).  But if
you look at it again you can see that it has a HUGE start up time.  The Laser
give you two full second to act.  That give you plenty of time to counter it.
Yes, even that Big Potemkin and counter it in time when he on the other side of
the screen.  Just Dash in and attack Justice as soon as you see the screen
flashing because he start doing his Super.  It looks scary but if you don't do
it you'll suffer.

                                             -=Get the most outta your launcher
   Launcher if extremely fun and can be really damaging if you know what to do.
If you've been study the opponent you can se that they will start attacking as
soon as you start the air chase.  Oh sorry.  For those that don't know what I'm
talking about, Launcer can be done by pressing S and HS at the same time.  If
connect it will send the opponent flying and will stay in the for a short time.
By holding up right after the Launcher connect you will be 'chasing' the
opponent up allowing you your chain attack in the air.

                                                            -=Destroy Moves 101
   One of the feature that make me hate the game is Destroy.  It will instantly
Kill you and automatically make you loose and round you have left.  But hey in
VS. mode it make this game nervwrecking, man (as if the game itself is not
Nervwreckin =P)
   To do the Destroy move you have to press P and K buttons at the same time.
This will activate Destroy move starter.  If the attack connect the screen will
turn RED.  That's when you can do the actual Destroy move which is a universal
command of QCF+any attack button.
   It'd be really bad if there are no way to escape this and well...  there is.
If you are the victim of the Destroy move you can do the motion QCB+any attack
buttons to get out of the destroyer's way.
   I'm guessing that the developer put this in as a Tide turner, because the
game is so freaking crazy.  Well, big mistake as most of the CPU character that
you will fighting in normal mode will do this moves sooner or later.  Making it
incredible frustrating to those that don't know or can't do the Destroyer
escape efficiently.  I wish they would make it kill only one round atleast so
that it won't be too cheesy. \=)

                                                           -=Desperation Theory
   Well it's not so much theory but a fact that you can do super infinitely
when you life is in it's second bar (the yellow one).  You'll know when you are
in your second life bar when you have a growing red shadow aura coming off of
you.  It's fun to be able to do super infinitely but when Justice does his
super it's irretating.  Imagine 4 Gamma Rays (Justice's super real name) in a
row.  No don't imagine.  If you're a tough cookie when playing against him in
normal mode you WILL see it.

                                                             -=Knows your moves
   Well, just as the name said.  You have to know what moves work best in what
situations other wise you'll be dead in no time.  So experiment.  You might
find your ultimate moves that you like. ;)

                                                       -=Watch...  Just watch..
   The best way to learn from the master and who knows the characters more than
the creator.  The developer put all of the tricks in their characters.  You can
learn a lot from the CPU character as they house most of the clever moves in
the game.  Some of these type are from observing how the CPU characters work!


     Individual Tips

                                                                 -=Sol Badguy=-

   Sol is your average hero.  He's is very well balanced and strong and can be
used by beginner, but can be enjoy by intermediate and espert alike.  He's one
of the few that have 2 supers and can cancel normal attack (except HS) into
a launcher.  Overall a really easy character to play.  Below are the list of
what you can do with him to win the game.

   -  You can cancel normal attack (except HS) into a Launcher.

   -  Sol has two super he can use.

   -  You can dash then press Kick to do his really effective Dashing Kick.

   -  He has an infinite combo.  Keep doing the dashing kick and do weak
      Vocanic Viper and then dashing kick and Volcanic Viper repeatedly until
      the opponent died.  If you do anything other than this they can recover.
      Also Volcanic viper will hit two times.  If Volcanic Viper only does one
      hit then the opponent can escape, too.

   -  Use Slash alot.  Jump in S works great against Justice.

   -  Tyrant Wave is also an OTG attack.

   -  Dragon Install will make your Volcanic Viper automatically be level 3
      until it wears out.  If Dragon Install wears out you'll be temporary


                                                                   -=Ky Kiske=-

   Ky is kinda of an intermediate character as his moves are slow and have big
recovery time. The only way to use Ky is to exploit his attack range and the
very useful Fully Charge Stun Edge.

   -  Fully Charge Stun Edge is extremely useful and damaging.  You can chase
      after your Fully Charge Stun Edge and get a couple of hit or launch your
      opponent afterward.

   -  Can do Stun Edge in the air, but not the charge one.

   -  His attack have great range.

   -  Launcher is extremely fast and great to use as a counter.

   -  Ride the Lightning is OTG and easy to combo from S or SH.



   The only cool thing about May is that she is irretatingly cute and she carry 
around a really big anchor.  Other than that there are not much more reason why 
you would choose her. =P

   -  Her aqua rolling is weak and hard to combo into, but the fully charge one
      deal huge damage.

   -  Her Mist Finer is good for combo and pretty much cover her whole body.
      Tap S repeated to go into Hurricane Mist Finer which is push away the
      Opponent and reflect back Projectiles.  It even reflect back Ky's fully
      Charge Stun Edge and Millia's Fully Charge Living Lancer! o_O

   -  May Dynamic is pretty useless unless you know what to do.  It's suppose
      to be done right next to an opponent or and off the ground attack.  Use
      her Throw (f or b + HS) to setup the super.  When you do May's throw she
      will grab opponent and throw him/her down onto the ground and the
      opponent will bounce high in the air.  You can either do the super while
      the opponent is still in the air or wait until they hit the ground and go 
      for the OTG.

   -  Her projectile move is translated into "Mr. Dolphin!" (^_^)

   -  Use her slash alot as it reach very far and can most of the time caught
      the opponent un aware.

   -  Use her HS throw to set you up for Aqua rolling and the Rainbow Curve
      Aqua Rolling


                                                              -=Kliff Undersn=-

   Kliff's trademark is his huge-ass cleaver he carries around, and it's not
just for showing.  His HS if connect does HUGE damage and he's the only one
that can do Launcher in the air..  I think.  Anyway, he's a slow bastard but if
you play him right he can be extremely effective. =)

   -  Houkou Gaeshi is also OTG attack, and at Lv.3 can deal HUGE damage.

   -  In the air you can cancel normal moves into air Launcher.  That kick ass!

   -  You can repeatedly do air Launcher infinitely.  You can stay in the air
      by keep doing the air Launcher.  It's cool and you can move forward and
      backward while doing that air launcher by holding the direction you want
      and do the Launcher.

   -  Unfortunately there are no setup for Soul Survivor.  But I really
      recommend doing the move because it looks really cool! =D

   -  Kubimatagi can be use to vault over ppl and do a cross over hit.  Also
      use it to go over projectiles such as Sol's Gun Flame and Ky's Stun Edge
      and hit them. >=)

   -  HS will leave you open.  Try cancel it into various specials to reduce
      the recovery time.  You can also cancel HS into a jump alowing you to
      keep on attacking.

   -  b, b (Sen No Sen) will cause Kliff to shift slightly backward.  Sometime
      Kliff's hip will give in and give him a backache, which damage him.



   Potemkin seem like a really useless character, because of his speed, and
that he can't dash.  But after a while of playing him I've found that his
strengh make up for all those lacks.  He's is really REALLY strong.  His move 
will seem useless in practice mode but when use in Normal Mode it became really
useful.  It won't do you good to chase after your opponent with Potemkin.  
The trick is to lure your opponent to him and slap them silly.  >=)

   -  Incredibly strong.

   -  Megafist Have great priority and use it if you want to move forward and
      still be in the offensive position

   -  His punch is good for close range combat and cancel into f+P and then
      Megafist to still be in offensive position.

   -  Use Megafist to get right next to them and Potemkin Buster their ass. >=)

   -  Crouching S reach really far and fast.

   -  Cancel HS into Gigantic Piston.  CPU character fall for that most of the

   -  His regular Kick throw  (Tatakituke) can be used to set up for Gigantic
      Piston.  Time it so that you hit the opponent on the way down or wait
      'til they bounce and the Gigantic Piston.

   -  Crouching HS also set them up for Gigantic Pistol although it can be

   -  Potemkin have the longest Charging time.

   -  Potemkin Buster can be follow by Graviton Stomp as an OTG.

   -  Use Potemkin Buster every chance you get.  It's a good move, has good
      range for a throw and deal about 50% damage.


                                                                    -=Axl Low=-

   People said he's a rip off of Axle (or is it Axel) Rose, and they're right.
I'm not gonna go into details about that.  Anyway, He's has the longest range
weapon in the game.  He's pretty fun to play, but his awkward normal moves make
it hard to do chain hit.

   -  Crouching S if close will knock opponent down as soon as the animation
      start.  Great when cancel into Byakuerenshou.

   -  Use his Long range attack to keep the opponent at bay.

   -  The first hit of Hyakusashou (While he's swinging the Scythes up) deal
      the most damage (50%) while the rest (the one that looks like the fired
      up version of Rensen Geki) will only do minimum damage and is totally
      blockable after the first hit of it.  The best way to chain into
      Hyakusashou is to do a close Crouching S and cancel into it.  You can
      also so a f+p an cancel into it.

   -  Rensen Geki if missed or jump over can leave you open for attack.  Do
      Rensenkyokusageki afterward to catch the opponent jumping in.  If you're
      at the right distance Rensenkyokusageki can add two more hits.

   -  Use Dototsu to catch opponent off guard and catch the opponent recovering 
      from a move.  It's a Launcher, so be ready to do some fancy air combo.

   -  Raiei Sageki can be control while in the air.  Try doing cross over
      attack with this. =)

   -  Axl does his Launcher twice with one command.


                                                                   -=Zato One=-

   Zato's weapon is one of the coolest in GG.  It's shadow..  Think of it as
Venom.  Not just that he's also a very good playable character and his chain
combo potential is amazing.  His super sucks though.  =P

   -  Zeto HAS an infinite combo..  well not so much combo but more of and
      infinite OTG.  All you need to do is sweep your opponent with d+k and
      dash toward the opponent and try to sweep your opponent again.  Keep on
      doing this to kill the opponent.  It's an easy way to kill someone but it
      takes extremely long and very boring.

   -  Climb Darkness can hit three times by pressing HS, S, P to do the first
      second, and third climb respectively.

   -  Zeto's Dark Sentinel does take a lot but it's slow as hell.  Not the best 
      super in here IMO, but there are ways to set it up.  First by doing a HS
      throw and juggle with Dark Sentinel.  Another way is to do three hits
      Climb Darkness and juggle with Dark Sentinel.

   -  Dark Sentinel is an overhead attack.  You need to block high to block
      this move.

   -  You can do Invite Hell in the air.

   -  Follow any chain with apropriate level of Invite Hell to maximize the

   -  Rise and Fall works as an uppercut moves.  Like Dragon punch and it has
      great priority.

   -  Dranker Shade can absorb any projectile and and most super.  It can even
      absorb Sol's Tyrant Wave, Ky's Lv.3 Stun Edge, and Millia's Lv.3 Living
      Lancer as well as Iron Maiden.  It however can not absorb Justice's Gamma
      Ray, Testament's Poison Wind, and Kliff's Houkoukae.

   -  Launcher is an overhead attack and must be block low.


                                                               -=Chipp Zanuef=-

   Chipp an easy character to use.  He's fast and his moves are good.  He's a
bit weak in my opinion.

   -  Chip possessed an ability to cancel S into HS and back to S and back to
      HS again over and over, which can get up to 7 hits and drain almost one
      bar of your life.

   -  Ten'i is extremely confusing, which make it a good move to use.  You can
      use Ten'i after you finish the your chain and start another one to
      confuse and pressure your opponent.

   -  Lv3 Beta Blade does considerable damage.

   -  He can do Tripple Jump.

   -  Has a good super.


                                                               -=Dr. Baldhead=-

   Dr. Baldhead is a very weird character.  All of his move are arkward and
kinda slow except for his punch which is like any other regular jap.  I usually
Tried to link his jap into a stonger attack into special attack.  He's a pretty
good character to use if you know his moves.

   -  His Metta Giri give you about 8 to 14 hits, and give considerable block
      damage if blocked.

   -  His air dash is extremely slow and make him look like he's floating.
      During the air dash Dr. B can dish out a lot of normal air chain instead
      of just falling down right after the first hit of air attack and cancel
      into "going my way" to finish off your air session.

   -  "Going my way" can be done more than once in the air.

   -  His Charge time is about the shortest of any character.  About the same
      as Millia's.

   -  Mad Operation is a throw which make it unblockable. =D


                                                                -=Millia Rage=-

   Millia is a relatively weak character but her speed make up for it.  She can
throw out two projectiles right next to each other that make a two hit combos
and her Destroy Move looks really really cool! =D

   -  Living Lancer can fire two in a row right next to each other.

   -  Living Lancer II can be used as an air defense.

   -  Exploit her speed.  She is FAST!

   -  Launcher is extremely fast and is great for counter.

   -  Lust Shaker works great in the corner.  It can also be used against
      jumping in opponnet.

   -  Use Zenten to confuse your opponent.  It's fun =D

   -  Condemned Top can go infinite.  To set it up you have to be about 4
      characters away from the corner and start your Condemned Top.  Make sure
      it hit two hits other wise the opponent can escape.  If you succeed the
      opponent will be hit away and bounced off the wall back to where you are
      and by the time the opponent if back you are ready to do another
      Condemned top.  Keep on doing this. Make sure you hit them TWO times with 
      Condemned top otherwise they can escape from this.

   -  Iron Maiden is slow but if use repeatedly can drain alot of block damage.
      You can combo Iron Maiden of Chain hit easily for quick damage.  Use Iron
      Maiden as an OTG too.



   This Gothic cross dresser freak is a combo monster.  He can easily do up to
10 hits doing normal chain hits!  His style can be most compare to Jedah of
Capcom's Vampire Savior.

   -  CHAIN HITS!  Perfect his chain hit and you can go anywhere with this guy.

   -  Use his Panzer Centipede as an insurance.  If you get hit back you will
      most likely be back to the spot that you threw that little ball down and
      it will comeback and hit the opponent out.  Or you could just use this
      and hit the opponent back into it for a fancy combo. =)    

   -  Exe Beast can be link to chain hits and other special moves, like Phantom
      Soul, Grave Digger, and Nightmare Circle.

   -  Launcher is an overhead attack and must me block hi.



   Probably one of the most cheesiest boss of all time..  Kinda on par with
that mofo Gill from SFIII, IMO.  Hate him...  well the thing about it is that I
can never escape his Destroy move.  so there..

   -  All of his Specials are extremely good.  Just about everything have great

   -  You can cancel his crouching HS into jumping S -> HS on most ppl.

   -  After a close up Michael Sword you can hit the opponent with HS,
      Crouching HS, or Imperial Ray.  

   -  You can use his HS throw to set up for Gamma Ray. >=D

   -  P -> K -> S -> HS -> Imperial Ray most of the time will 'faint' opponent
      and fill your chaos bar up completely allowing you to do Gamma ray

   -  Close up Imperial ray does from 7 to 20 hits.  Depend how how much Ray
      hit them.

   -  Launcher reach the longest of all characters.

   -  Can do Triple jump.



   Baiken is basically a one arm, one eye, female  version of Kenshin from
Ruroni Kenshin anime.  She kicks ASS!!  I love this character.  She only got
only 3 specials and a super, but they prove to be really effective.  Most of
the time you'll be only using 2 of her special.  Over all a Great Character.
Too bad you can't use any of the secret characters in normal mode. (T-T)

   -  Tatamigaeshi only worth charging up to Lv.2 as Lv.3 is pretty useless and
      have about the same effect as Lv.2 but only cover more range.

   -  Yozansen can be done one after another repeatedly.  It's not confirm but 
      I suspect this to be an infinite attack as you can repeatedly caught
      opponent in this attack over and over until you miss-time the move and
      the fell onto earth.  Listen to her yelling out the move name and as soon
      as you hear the third syllable of the move's name you'll be able to do
      the next one.  =)

   -  She has the second longest range Launcher.

   -  She can repeatedly do air Punch.  Other ppl have to chain P to K to P to
      still make it a combo.

   -  Her Super (Sanzuwatari) is unblockable though has very short range.


   Regonition & Special Thanks

        /========\            For his Guilty Gear faqs was the first one.  That
       <==Mgreen==>           Faqs get me into this game ^-^.  How can you
        \========/            enjoy a game if you don't know how to play? hehe.
       /=Official=\           For the correct move's name...  I think. =P







                                                             Guilty Gear be end


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