Darkbeat & Ibkee VS Red Monster mod?

  1. In the North Shrine, you fight the Blue Monster with Knight & Baby. In the meanwhile, Darkbeat & Ibkee faces his red twin, in an off-screen battle. Do you think it'd be possible to mod/hack the game to recreate that fight right after the boss fight against the Blue Monster? The battle would be automatic, you'd just watch them fight one another.

    User Info: Maniacus

    Maniacus - 2 years ago

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  1. It certainly sounds doable! There are screenshots out there of weirder scenarios (my favorite: Fatbat Baby, Knight, and Legend against Yugonga at Galestork's nest), so I think it should be possible with enough skill in hacking! There is also a picture of the battle model for the Red Monster in a guide book, although of course you never get to see it in battle...so it's possible it's sitting unused in the code somewhere?

    (both links have two spaces due to length limit lol)
    78.media.tumblr.com/ 8d6ace16df85e87f2f5f7c4b175ca2c1/ tumblr_per5y4RjXM1rt0fcfo1_500.jpg
    gametraderz.com/Image/covers/ guardians-crusade/ guardians-crusade-image137925.jpg

    User Info: Galestork

    Galestork - 2 years ago 1   0

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