What does Falcon Dust do?

  1. I have a question concerning the living toy "Ninja".
    Ninja is one of my favorite living toys to use in the game. He randomly attacks with 3 moves;

    Move 1: "Deathblade" - This is its regular attack, deals about the same damage as other attackers like Pyro, Windmeister or Samurai.
    Move 2: "Shifuzan" - Sends a shockwave towards random enemy, which I'm guessing has a 50% chance to instantly kill the target.
    Move 3: Falcon Dust - Showers Knight and Baby with some kind of light...?

    the 3rd move is what leads me to my question; What DOES the Falcon Dust move do? It doesn't heal statuses nor hp. All I can think of is that it would increase one or more of the characters stat(s), but in that case which one(s)?

    If anyone knows this I would definately be grateful for a response.

    User Info: Hamperius

    Hamperius - 3 years ago
  2. I'm not too familiar with Ninja - how often is Falcon Dust used? I tried him out for a few battles but he only used it once for me. Depending on what you say, I might have to rethink my answer a little.

    User Info: Galestork

    Galestork - 3 years ago


  1. In the meantime, I wrote up my initial thoughts on this...:

    First, this is a great question and one that actually had me stumped for a bit (and still kind of does!).
    I checked with the guide books, and NONE of them mentioned the fact that Ninja has 3 moves, which is kind of strange because they're usually so detailed. Each mention of its abilities had a general idea of "it quickens the battle," which I'm assuming is referring to the first two attacks you mentioned (as the one insta-death move can really shorten the battle time lol).

    As I said, I tried it out in battle for a little and it finally used Falcon DustBut I didn't notice a difference in anything. The strength of Knight and Baby seemed to be the same still, no health bonuses, no defense boost that I could see - nothing. I didn't think to check post-battle stuff, like money/exp earned or any level up boosts, but seeing as how there are toys like Generosity and Baron to help with some of those things, I don't know why they'd include that functionality in another toy. I was going to say maybe it affects speed (are the guide books including Falcon Dust in their vague descriptions of "quickness", perhaps?), but then it seems pointless to me because other toys already do that, AND you get Ninja at Kisa Canyonwhich is around mid-game at the earliest (for people who actually know about it or care to go out of their way for it), but usually (from what I've heard, anyway) is post-game because of its location and lack of like..presence in the story. So *another* toy to give some random tiny boost of speed at either point in the game really doesn't make sense to me at all.

    My final answer was going to be that it possibly changes luck (didn't think to check pre- and post-battle; a boost in luck could maybe help with the 50% chance of the insta-death move working?), but I'm not sure. I see that Vegas already affects luck, but that's more generalIf a quick boost to luck could help Ninja fight better, then maybe it makes sense to include it as a little "Hey, we've been fighting for a while and not really getting anywhere. Let's try to boost our chances of winning" type of thing, but it's so random and so unexplained that I'm really not sure still. That's my best guess, though!

    If anyone else has any opinion or a certain answer, I'd love to hear it too!

    User Info: Galestork

    Galestork - 3 years ago 0   0
  2. Yeah, Falcon Dust has me stumped too. I have noticed that Ninja uses all his moves randomly, and that they all have an equal percentage of showing up. At one time I got Falcon Dust 3 times in a row, but didn't think I felt any change in my stats.
    I am intruiged by the idea you have of the move changing luck, that is the one possibility that never occurred to me. If it is true, then it would really explain alot.

    All in all, even if the question remains unanswered, I am still very grateful for the response. Your thoughts have awoken new ways to look at the situation for me. So, thank you Galestork.

    User Info: Hamperius

    Hamperius - 3 years ago 0   0
  3. Glad I could help, even if just a little! If you ever figure it out, report back 'cause I'm still curious! :p

    User Info: Galestork

    Galestork - 3 years ago 0   0
  4. Will do

    User Info: Hamperius

    Hamperius - 3 years ago 0   0

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