Why do I have a Burning Hot Whip?

  1. In my previous session, I defeated the Madragon, returned to the village and saved as soon as I could. Now, I load the game up and suddenly a Burning Hot Whip popped up in my inventory. I looked around, some sources say it's dropped by the boss, while some say it's obtained only through a gameshark code (which I am definitely not using).

    I also watched a video of a guy killing the boss and it does not seem to drop the whip.

    So, what happened? Does the whip get added to your inventory after you kill the boss due to some coding quirk? Does the game think I'm using gameshark codes? I was enjoying Grandia quite a lot, and it would be a shame for that enjoyment to be ruined because suddenly the game is thinking I'm using codes and who knows what it's going to do next.

    User Info: BleuLezard

    BleuLezard - 1 year ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. It could be a random drop or a glitch. If you've got the item and nothing else is wrong with the game, enjoy!

    User Info: 5nesta

    5nesta - 1 year ago 2   0

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