Experience transfer?

  1. I know from the FAQs that when Sue and anyone else leave the party you get to put some of their experience into other characters, but none of them seem to say exactly how that works.

    If I level, say, Sue's Earth up to level 99, can I transfer some of this power into say Feena's Fire and some more into say Justin's Sword level? Must I put it all into one person or one skill, and must it be the same kind of skill?

    User Info: Wodahs_Master

    Wodahs_Master - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You get special items for each weapon skill and magic element you leveled, which are worth 1/3rd of the levels you gained with that character.
    So you get an earth book for Sue's earth magic, a fire book for her fire magic, a mace book for her mace levels and so on. They can only be used on the same type of skill - so you can only use the fire book to level up someone's fire magic (as long as that character has fire magic of course).
    The levels from the items are also raw levels - so if a book gives you 5 levels, it will give 5 no matter if the character you're giving it to has that skill at level 10 or at level 80.

    Hope that clarifies it.

    User Info: gsto

    gsto - 10 years ago 1   0

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