Where can I find the Mana Eggs?

  1. Does anyone know where all the mana eggs are? And are there any enemies besides the squid on the ghost ship that drop them?

    User Info: Raidramon0

    Raidramon0 - 10 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. 1) Defeat Giant Squid
    2) Merril Road
    3) Underground Passage (New Parm)
    4) West Rangle Mountains
    5) East Rangle Mountains
    6) Dom Ruins (2) in a chest
    7) Valley of the Flying Dragon (3)
    8) Valley of the Flying Dragon (4)
    9) Outside Typhoon Tower
    10) Typhoon Tower (1)
    11) Volcano Slope (1)
    12) Petrified Forest (1)
    13) Castle of Dreams (Dining Hall)
    14) Savanna Wilderness (West)
    15) Savanna Wilderness (East)
    16) Abandoned Laine Village (Warp Space 2)
    17) Zil Underground Ruins (4) in a chest
    18) Alent (Holy Garden)

    Just try to look at the FAQs before questioning.

    User Info: Riesenpopel

    Riesenpopel - 10 years ago 10   4

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