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San Andreas Mission Guide by RWhite

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/06/99

                     ______ _______  _______ _______ _____                     
                    / ____//   __  //  __  //  __  //  __ \ 
                   / / __ /   /_/ //  /_/ //  / / //  / / / 
                  / / / //     __//  __  //  / / //  / / / 
                 / /_/ //     \  /  / / //  / / //  /_/ /   \|/   \|/   \|/
                /     //  /\   //  / / //  / / //      /   --+-- --+-- --+--   
               /_____//__/  \_//__/ /_//__/ /_//______/     /|\   /|\   /|\    
                                    _______ ____  __ _______ ______ _______
                                   /__  __//   / / // _____//  _  //__  __/
                                     / /  /   /_/ // /____ /  //_/   / /
                                    / /  /   __  // _____//  /_     / /
                                   /  \ /   / / // /____ /  __/    /  \
                                  /   //   / / //      //  /      /   /
                                 /___//___/ /_//______//__/      /___/
                        _______ ___  __ _______ _______
                       /  __  //  / / //__  __//  __  /
  \|/   \|/   \|/     /  /_/ //  / / /   / /  /  / / /    
 --+-- --+-- --+--   /  __  //  /_/ /   / /  /  / / /  
  /|\   /|\   /|\   /  / / //      /   /  \ /  /_/ /     
                   /  / / //      /   /   //      /      
                  /__/ /_//______/   /___//______/tm
                         ___________ __   ______ ______ __   _______ _______
                        /  __  __  // /  / ____// ____// /  /  __  //  __  /
                       /  / / / / // /  / /___ / /___ / /  /  / / //  / / /
                      /  / / / / // /  /__   //__   // /  /  / / //  / / /
                     /  / / / / //  \ ___/  /___/  //  \ /  /_/ //  / / /
                    /  / / / / //   //     //     //   //      //  / / /
                   /__/ /_/ /_//___//_____//_____//___//______//__/ /_/
         ______ ___  __ __   _____   _______
        / ____//  / / // /  /  __ \ / _____/
       / / __ /  / / // /  /  / / // /____   By Rob White
      / / / //  /_/ // /  /  / / // _____/   <trebor@argonet.co.uk>
     / /_/ //      //  \ /  /_/ // /____     Started on: 6/1/99
    /     //      //   //      //      /     V1.00
                         ______ _______ _______   
                   __   / ____//  __  //  __  /   
                  /_/  / /___ /  /_/ //  / / /  Including 'Mandarin Mayhem'  
                      /__   //  __  //  / / /   and 'Tequila Slammer'   
                __   ___/  //  / / //  / / / 
               /_/  /     //  / / //  / / /   
                   /_____//__/ /_//__/ /_/   
       _______ _______ _____   ________ _______ _______ ______
      /  __  //  __  //  __ \ /   __  // _____//  __  // ____/
     /  /_/ //  / / //  / / //   /_/ // /____ /  /_/ // /___
    /  __  //  / / //  / / //     __// _____//  __  //__   /
   /  / / //  / / //  /_/ //     \  / /____ /  / / /___/  /
  /  / / //  / / //      //  /\   //      //  / / //     /
 /__/ /_//__/ /_//______//__/  \_//______//__/ /_//_____/

For those who don't know, Grand Theft Auto is'nt all about crime. It's all
about how to survive the longest, but make damn sure you go out with a bang.
Of course, sometimes, the game will throw something new at you, and you
won't be able to do it, which is why I've written this document. Most of the
cars coordinates come from Putzmeister's coord guide, but there are a couple
that I have added. At the end you will also find a list of things that are
not in the Playstation version, but in the PC version, and vice-versa, and
stuff that got left on the cutting room floor for both versions.

So basically, this guide is to educate you on how to complete every single
mission in the game. Of course, there are two missions that I definately
know are not in the Playstation version, and the PSX version of Heist
Almighty has changed slightly. Oh, and this the most comprehensive and one
of a kind document for this game, which is why you should take time to read
all the way through it. Hell, you might even surprise yourself....

This document has been in production for more than 4 months, which includes
playing the game, research, mission completions, secret seeking and lending
it to my friends....

So, let me begin. Oh, and any questions you have, send them to
trebor@argonet.co.uk . I'm sure I'll be able to help.

I have put both the Location and Coords (Coordinates) of the vehicles in the
game in. For those who don't know how to use coords, or even how you
activate them, coords just give you a 6 figure bearing of your location, or
a mission location.
Coords are typically enabled by entering a cheat code. 

On the Playstation, this cheat code is 'BLOWME' entered as a player name,
although you might want to enter 'BSTARD' as a name to get all the weapons
and 99 lives too.

On the PC, this cheat code is 'PORKCHARSUI', and this also activates car
damage meter (In a percentage) and a couple of other diagnostics, like frame

At the very end of this series, I'm going to list all the cheat codes I know
for GTA, for both formats.

Thanks must go to Putzmeister, for his Car guide.

This is the second part of my epic guide. And I have now decided to split up
the guide into 3 parts for the corresponding cities. After the Vice City
Mission Guide, I'm going to release my Car Coordinates Guide, Secrets Guide
and Cheats and Hints Guide. This is mainly to save time on downloads...

You can get my Liberty City Mission Guide by the way. Tell me what you think
of it. Coming soon is my Vice City Mission Guide, which might have to be put
on hold due to the impending release of Grand Theft Auto London 1969
tomorrow (6/5/99).                                                             

Any mission tips, give me a shout....  

| Mandarin Mayhem:                                                         |
| Target Score: 3000000 Missions: 16 Secrets: 9                            |

Welcome to San Andreas. You will be working for the honourable Uncle Fu, a
superior Chinese gangster in this first chapter.
In the second, you'll be working for a gay Mexican geezer called El Burro.

Phone Missions:

The phones are read from left to right, with 1 being the one on the far left
and 4 being the one on the far right. 

Location of Phones: Central Market
Coords of Phone: 1: (129,145)
                 2: (130,145)
                 3: (131,145)
                 4: (132,145)

Phone 1:

Your services are required, so make your way to the phone in Chinatown. 
Coords of Chinatown phone: ( 60,153)

Hung Well has abandoned a car, and it's your job to bring it back. The car
is in South Potato, so go and get it, and bring it back to Chinatown. This
mission has a time limit of 60 seconds. 
Coords of abandoned car: ( 31,152)
Coords of Chinatown destination: ( 65,155)

After you've dropped off the car, you will be told about Pu Ling, and how he
bought a red car. You have to pick it up, have it resprayed and take it back
to Chinatown. This mission has a time limit of 120 seconds.  
Coords of unlucky red car: (241,13) 
Coords of respray shop: ( 59, 58) 
Coords of Chinatown destination: ( 66,155) 
Hints: You should be able to get to the car in about 20 seconds, so make the
       most of your time limit. 

After that you should be given instructions to go to the Marina where Pu
Ling is waiting for you with a car with false plates. You should get there
before him, so wait a bit. 
Coords of waiting place: ( 23,172) 
Coords of Pu Ling: ( 53,172)

He will tell you to drive the car to the bank in Sunview and pick up Chu
Ying who is robbing the place. Now take him back to Chinatown. 
Coords of Chu Ying: (245,235) 
Coords of Chinatown destination: ( 59,152) 
Hints: After you pick up Chu Ying from the bank, drive round to the other
       side and smash open the crate there for a Police Bribe to keep the
       cops off your back.  
       Coords of Police Bribe: (246,241)

Phone 2:

Uncle Fu needs you again, but this place is too public. Make your way to Aye
Valley and answer the phone there. 
Coords of Aye Valley Phone: (214, 74)

Now travel to the different places collecting the protection money. The
first one is owed by Pu Ping who runs the Rancid Dragon in Glenwood. The
second is owed by Ho Ching, the owner of the Belching Buddha restaurant in
Woodhill. The thrid one is owed by Lei Ming who owns the Drooping Lotus in
Aye Valley. The fourth and final one is owed by Chu Wing Dung who owns the
Rampant Cockerel in Woodside. after you have collected all the money, go
back to Chinatown and drive your car into the roller door. 
Coords of Pu Ping: (151,110) 
Coords of Ho Ching: ( 98, 53) 
Coords of Lei Ming: ( 13, 92)
Coords of Chu Wing Dung: (244,101) 
Coords of Chinatown destination: (59,151) 
Hints: Try not to kill any of the people who owe you money. Dead
       people don't pay.

After all that, you'll be told to kill a man who refuses Uncle Fu's offer to
make his Launderette part of Uncle Fu's chain of Restaurants. He is driving
around in East Eagleside, and it is difficult to pinpoint his exact
Hints: If he reaches Aye Valley alive, you'll fail the mission.

Phone 3:

Uncle Fu has another job for you, so go and answer the phone in Woodside. 
Coords of Woodside phone: (200,137)

Now travel to Aye Valley where Uncle Fu's nephew No Chin has raised a
drunken rabble. So get down there and slaughter the lot of 'em. Also, if you
don't get everyone the first time, it's just a simple clean up job
Coords of drunken rabble: (139, 89) 
Hints: Don't go in with guns blazing. The way I do it is to get a Bike or
       Superbike fitted with a bomb, and park it in the middle of them, then
       I set the timer and run. They won't come after you until it's too
       late. For reference, the nearest bomb shop is in Aye Valley. Also, if
       you prefer to go in their your own way, remember to pick up the
       armour round the corner... 
       Coords of Aye Valley bomb shop: (200, 91)
       Coords of Armour: (131, 91)

No Chin's escapades continue. His little gang have planted bombs in cars all
over the city, and guess whose job it is to defuse them... Hang Yu will
defuse the bombs, but you have to be quick; he is located in West Woodside
(near the first phone). After each bomb is defused, you have to drive the
car to it's orginal location. The first bomb is at Jimmy the Shovel's condo
in Richman. It has a timer of 60 seconds. The second target is El Burro's
Lovewagon in South West Atlantic Heights. It has a timer of 90 seconds. Now
No Chin's gang have decided to kill Hung Well when he comes out of the
noodle shop. The car is in North East Sunview and has a 60 second timer. The
last bomb is on a Yakuza Limousine in South Sunview and has a 60 second
Coords of Hang Yu's place: (195,137) 
Coords of Jimmy the Shovel's car: ( 83, 24) 
Coords of El Burro's Lovewagon: (213, 57) 
Coords of Hung well's car: (217,207) 
Coords of Yakuza Limousine: (116,244)

After all that, No Chin goes and escapes. Just great huh? Anyway, go to
North Sunview and talk to his gang. Shoot only 3 of them, and then just
punch the 4th and he will tell you where No Chin is. No Chin is trying to
catch a fast boat to China, so go down to South Sunview and pick up the
Rocket Launcher (If you don't already have it) and wait for the boat to go
past. when it does, fire a rocket at it to kill No Chin, and then your done.
Coords of No Chin's gang: (173,197) - (175,197) 
Coords of Rocket Launcher: (97,251)
Hints: Block off the little place where they are with some cars,
preferably buses, then you can just shoot them without them running too far. 

Phone 4:

First off, go to South West Marina and answer the phone. Now try and find a
Police Car. 
Coords of Marina Phone: ( 76,192)

When you have one, head for the Police Car Impound in Aye Valley and take
the blue car that is in there.  
Coords of car in Police Car Impound: (184, 90)

When you have the blue car, take it to the rollerdoor in South Sailors
Coords of South Sailors Wharf destination: (110,193)

After that mission, you will be told how Yu Pong (Whose car you just
rescued) was betrayed by a bloke called Wun Tun Chun. You have to follow him
to his destination from Chinatown, take his car, fit it with a bomb and
return it to see him blow up. When you get into the car, you'll have 60
seconds to get the bomb fitted.   
Coords of Wun Tun Chun's starting point: (61,154)  
Coords of Wun Tun Chun's destination: (165,136) 
Coords of Wun Tun Chun's car: (165,134)  
Coords of bomb shop: (133,175)

Extra Phone Missions:

The extra phone missions can only be obtained by completing all of the other
missions at Central Market. When you have done all of them, you will be
given instructions to go to the other phones.

The phones are read from left to right, with 5 being the one on the far left
and 8 being the one on the far right 

Location of phones: The small park with the ramp in North Sunview. 

Coords of Phone: 5: (144,217)
                 6: (145,217)
                 7: (147,217)
                 8: (148,217)

Phone 5:

First you have to go to another phone in East Sunview to get your mission. 
Coords of Sunview Phone: (226,227)

Now try and acquire a Police Car by any means. When you have one, go and see
Ho Hung in East Aye Valley, who will fit a bomb to your car. 
Coords of Ho Hung's bomb shop: (200, 90)

Now head to the diner in Aye Valley, and park the car in the space. Set the
timer and run, hopefully you should take out all the Police Cars there and
also make some Pork Charsui!  
Coords of Diner parking space: (57, 77)

Phone 6:

Go to South West /Marina/ and answer the phone. Now go to Woodside.
Coords of Marina phone: ( 25,196)
Coords of Woodside destination: (178,164)

Now go to North East Sailors Wharf and try and kill the guy in the yellow
before the other guy does. 
Coords of (158,171)

Right, now find a Taxi, and drive it to the Marina to pick up an ex-employee
of Uncle Fu's. 
Coords of ex-employee: ( 37,168)

Take him to Woodside where Long Wang is waiting for you. 
Coords of Woodside destination: (198,135)

Now kill the bloke in the black and your done. However, the DA has already
seen the evidence, so now go and try and kill him while he's out jogging. He
is in North Richman right at the top of the map. 

Phone 7:

Go to South East market and answer the phone.
Coords of Market phone: (158,158)

There is a truck on it's way to the San Andreas Munitions depot. Hijack it
before it reaches it's destination. It is driving on the 6 lane freeway in
North Eagleside. Oh, and you have 120 seconds to get it. Use the truck to
access the Depot in North West Sunview and take the Tanker that is in there. 
Coords of Depot Tanker: ( 29,226)

Take the Tanker to the bridge in Sunview and park it roughly in the middle.
Hit the detonator and run, then watch in awe as the bridge blows up! 
Coords of Tanker destination: (188,182)

Now go to where an old Mob boss, Don Traegeri is. Kill him. Chow Yun Thin
will help you here as the boss has two bodyguards. 
Coords of Chow Yun Thin: (99, 119) 
Coords of Mob boss: ( 88,108)

Phone 8:

Go to North West Marina and answer the phone.
Coords of Marina phone: ( 09,165)

You will be told about the law firm buyout, and your first target is Mr.
Kivlane. Go to North Woodside and take him out. 
Coords of Mr. Kivlane: (221,128)

Your next target is Mr. Watersane, go and find him in North Woodside on the
6 lane freeway and make his car explode using any means possible.

One of the Solicitors couriers has gone to deliver evidence to the Police.
The courier is in the park in North West Atlantic Heights. 

Your next target is Mr. Watsane who is driving around in East Excalibur. 
Coords of Mr. Watsane: (106,115)

Finally, Mr. Johnsane has stolen some secret documents. It is your job to
retrieve them then kill him.  He is in Central Sunview. 
Coords of Mr. Johnsane: (113,212) 
Hints: If you kill him anyway when he says to let him go, you'll get a
       Gratuitous Violence Bonus.

Now go and retrieve the documents. They are on the other side of the water,
so hop across the footbridge and collect them. 
Coords of documents: (127,203)

After that, you should get another mission. Keith Ham Yel tun has failed
Uncle Fu, and honour demands that he tops himself. But he must be questioned
first... Go to Aye Valley where you will see him ontop of the rooftop. You
have 120 seconds. 
Coords of Keith Ham Yel Tun: ( 29, 91)

After he has told you the locations of the missing things in GTA, you have
to search them out. The humour is in Telephone Hill, the gameplay is in
North East Woodhill, the fun is stashed in South Woodside and the swear
words are in Sailor's Wharf.  
Coords of humour: ( 18, 50) Coords of gameplay: ( 99, 41) 
Coords of fun: (198,190) 
Coords of swear words: (125,176)

Secret Mission: 

I'm not sure how you get it, but you do get it... 
After you complete Phone 5's mission, you get a message which says
"Greetings. My name is Bryson. I've a proposition for you. There's a
briefcase full of cash in Glenwood to whet your appetite."

Heres what happens:
Go to North West Glenwood and pick up the briefcase that is in the alley
Coords of briefcase: (128,105)

The case has a bomb on it, which means you'll have to disarm it somehow. You
have 80 seconds to go to the Marina. Answer the phone there, then get in the
Beetle and drive it to Woodside. Hurry, you only have 100 seconds.  
Coords of Marina Phone: ( 37,194) 
Coords of Woodside destination: (238,156)

Answer the phone. Bryson will tell you to go by foot to North Woodside. You
only have 30 seconds. When you get there, answer the phone. Take the Jeep
that is there to North Aye Valley. You have 60 seconds.  
Coords of phone: (242,135)
\Coords of Aye Valley phone: (137, 77)

Some of his clients are coming looking for you. They are armed with Machine
Guns, Pistols and Flame Throwers.  If you manage to get all of them, you
will complete the mission and Bryson will leave you alone.  
Hints: Those men are very tricky. They should say something before they try
and get you, so that will be some warning.


After you have got the necessary points to complete the level, you will be
prompted to go to Chinatown ands meet with Uncle Fu. 
Coords of meeting point: ( 61,154) 

Here's what he says:

"We are building up a crime syndicate of extraodinary magnitude. We extort
money in the tradition of our ancestors. You honour our ancestors. You have
our gratitude". 

| Tequila Slammer                                                          |   
| Target Score: 3000000 Missions: 16 Secrets: 9                            |

Location of phones: Telephone Hill
Coords of phone: 1: ( 22, 45)
                 2: ( 22, 46)
                 3: ( 22, 47)
                 4: ( 22, 48)

Phones are read from top to bottom with 1 being the top one and 4 being the
bottom one.

Phone 1:

Go to the phone in North Eagleside and answer it.
Coords of North Eagleside phone: ( 29,108)

Go to North West Woodside and pick up the Rocket Launcher that is in the
alley-way there. 
Coords of Rocket Launcher: (185,107)

Now go to the car park in Central Aye Valley and destroy all the buses
Coords of buses: ( 89, 89)
                 ( 92, 89)
                 ( 97, 89)
                 ( 94, 93)
                 ( 92, 93)
After that, Burro will tell you that there are 2 more buses out and about.
The first is driving on the 6 lane freeway in the top left hand side.  The
second is driving on the 6 lane freeway in the bottom left hand corner. 
Coords of 1st bus: (17, 99) 
Coords of 2nd bus: (17,239)
Hints: You can use any weapon to destroy the buses, not just the Rocket

After that, you'll have to deliver some cash to Burro's contacts who found
those buses. Go and pick up the briefcase that is in Potato.  
Coords of briefcase: ( 32,156)

Go to East Marina where Julio is waiting.
Coords of Julio: ( 56,173)

Manolito is in North East Glenwood, so pop down and give him his money.
Coords of Manolito: (156,106)

Paulo is in East Aye Valley, so go and give him his cash. 
Coords of Paulo: (

Finally, go to Sunview where Ricardo is waiting for his cut.
Coords of Ricardo: (217,230)

OK, quick problem: A local cop is onto you.
Quick solution: Go and pop a cork in his face! In other words, grease the
son of a bitch. He is in his cop car in North Woodside. 
Coords of cop: (219,120)

Phone 2:

Go to Central Richman and answer the phone there. Burro should tell you
about Alve, so go and see Paco and the boys down in Sunview. 
Coords of Central Richman phone: (103, 16) 
Coords of Paco and his gang: (187,219)

Now go and lure Alve and his crew to where you are. He is across the water
in West Woodside. 
Coords of Alve and his gang: (198,157)

Now make tracks back to Paco in Sunview. If all goes well, Alve's gang
should have followed you back. When the two gangs start fighting, kill Paco
in the confusion. He will be just south of your location. 

Bad news, a TV film crew filmed your latest job. There are 4 TV Vans
cruising around the city. Wipe them all out. You have 320 seconds. The first
one is in North Eagleside on the 6 lane freeway. The second van is also on
the freeway in North East Woodside. The third van is in East Sunview. The
4th and final van is in West Sunview. 
Coords of 1st van: ( 21,103) 
Coords of 2nd van: (229,105) 
Coords of 3rd van: (228,235) 
Coords of 4th van: ( 19,233)

Phone 3:

Go to the phone in South East Excalibur and answer it. The challenge is: Can
you kill 8 cops in 440 seconds? 
Coords of South East Excalibur phone: ( 97,127)

Right, Cop 1 is in Central Eagleside. 
Cop 2 is in South West Chinatown. 
Cop 3 is in Central Glenwood. 
Cop 4 is in Central Sailors Wharf. 
Cop 5 is in North West Sunview on the far left ofthe level. 
Cop 6 is in South East Aye valley. 
Cop 7 is in North East Sunview.Finally, Cop number 8 is in East Woodside.

After that, you'll be told to get rid of some old cars. They are in East
Sunrise in a mansion enclosure. 
Coords of cars: Portsmouth: (196, 63)
                Itali GTO: (196, 64)
                Vulture: (196, 65)

Go and drive all of them into the deep spot near the docks in Woodside. 
Coords of deep spot: (250,154)
Hints: On the 3rd car, the cops will be after you, so I suggest you leave
       the Itali GTO (fast car) until last. Also, make sure you are going at
       top speed. The deep spot is the darker style water. Which is
       important as you'll see.

Phone 4: 

Go and answer the phone in South West Wood Hill.
Coords of Wood Hill phone: ( 76, 67)

Go and steal the tanker that is in East Sunview on the 6 lane freeway. 
Coords of tanker: (235,237)

Take it to the respray shop in South East Sunview. Now take it to Burro's
warehouse in North Woodside. 
Coords of respray shop: (211,245) 
Coords of warehouse: (214,206)

Some sort of chemical was in that tanker, and some of Burro's boys are
acting a bit weird. Solution: Kill them all! 
You'll find Pepe in Central Eagleside. 
On the 6 lane freeway in Potato is where you'll find Jorge driving in his
Jose is in Woodside. 
In North West Sunrise is where you'll find Pedro.
Head to North Atlantic heights and run Alfonso down. 
Finally, go to Market where you'll find Rodrigo. Kill him to complete the

Extra Phone Missions:

These missions can only be obtained after you have completed or failed all
the phone missions in Telephone Hill.

Location of Phones: Sailors Wharf
Coords of phone: 5: (149,172)
                 6: (150,172)
                 7: (151,172)
                 8: (152,172)

Phones are read from left to right with 5 being the one on the left and 8
being the one on the far right.

Phone 5:

Go to North Potato and answer the phone.
Coords of phone: ( 25,140)

Go to the autoshop in South West Marina, and take the blue car. 
Coords of Burro's car: ( 21,194)

Go to the mansion in Sunview, and drive the car in. 
Mansion entrance: ( 05,237)

If all goes as planned, Mike Tallon's thugs will try and kill you. Simply
waste them and blow up the Limo's to complete the mission.

After that, you should get instructions to go to the Police Station in
Atlantic Heights. Get there at full pelt so you get there before Mike
Tallon. You have 120 seconds. 
Coords of Police Station destination: (233, 78)

When you get to about West Atlantic Heights, Burro will tell you to waste
Coords of "signal spot": (210, 46)

Hints: When you pick up Burro's car, take the crates too. There should be
       Armour and a Machine Gun. Also, when you have to follow Mike Tallon,
       take the Police Car that is there.

Phone 6:

Go to South East Sailors Wharf and answer the phone. Go to the Police
Station in Woodside and wait for Burro to tell you something. 
Coords of Sailors Wharf phone: (147,191) 
Coords of Woodside destination: (222,116)

Go to Central Excalibur and hang around the car. When the bloke gets out,
he'll try and do a runner. punch him and he'll tell you the rest of the

Get a car wired with a bomb and drive it to Central Marina. The nearest
bombshop is at Central Sailors Wharf. 
Coords of nearest bomb shop: (133,175)
Coords of Marina destination: ( 47,176)
Hints: If you kill the little rat, you'll get a Gratuitous Violence Bonus. 

The Yakuza have stolen some of El Burro's stuff, and he ain't too happy.
Your job is to go to Sunview and blow up the Limousine. You might also want
to kill the 2 blokes aswell. 
Coords of first Limousine: ( 83,225)

Burro still is'nt happy though, so go to South Sunview and blow up the Limo
there. Careful, the 2 guys have machine guns this time. 
Coords of second Limousine: (116,244)

Go to East Sunview and blow up the 3rd Limousine.
Coords of third Limousine: (245,201)

Burro really is a crazy son of a bitch, go to South Sunview and steal the
Limousine there. The important thing here is to stay on the road and keep
moving. Take the Limo to North East Woodside and drive it through the roller
Coords of stolen Limousine: ( 82,249) 
Coords of destination: (251,109)

Phone 7:

Go to Sunview and answer the phone there.
Coords of Sunview phone: (180,193)

Now go to South East Excalibur and kill everyone there. Pick up the
Coords of briefcase: (102,121)

Another gang has set up a drugs lab, and Burro ain't a happy bunny. Head
down to South East Marina and get in the van there. Drive the remote control
bombs there and waste all the guards. Then drive a bomb in the roller door
and detonate it. Coords of underground lab: ( 04, 81)
Hints: Just after you get the instructions to pick up the tools for the job,
       go to the underground place and kill everyone there, then you can
       simply blow the place up with little trouble.

Phone 8:

Go to South East Potato and answer the phone there.
Coords of Potato phone: ( 40,145)

The job is to find some vehicles for a film set. You will need (In this
order): An Ambulance, a Fire Truck, a Juggernaut and a Police Car.  Take
them all to the garage in West Glenwood after you've stolen each one. 
Coords of garage: (135,117)
Hints: The Fire service is not in the PSX version, but there are 2 Fire
       Engines.... The first is in the top right on the 6 lane freeway, and
       the second is in the bottom left of the 6 lane freeway. Also, there
       is an Ambulance outside the Hospital in South Glen Wood. 
       Coords of Ambulance (134,126)...

Now go to Sunview and check out this car with the merchandise in Central
Coords of merchandise car: ( 84,225)

Guess what? It's a trap. The smeghead Bryson is back again. You've got 120
seconds to go to Soviet Hill. Once there, get in the red Itali GTO. 
Coords of red Itali GTO: (139, 65)

Now you have 120 seconds to get to Sailor's Wharf. Once there, get in the
red 4X4 which is there. Now you have 120 seconds to get to Atlantic
Heights. Get in the red Mamba which is there. 
Coords of 4X4: (153,180) 
Coords of Mamba: (228, 64)

Now go back to Sailor's Wharf. Once again you have 120 seconds. Bryson will
be standing in one of the alley's there. The trick is: You have to kill him
before he reaches Sunview. 
Coords of Bryson: (116,173)


Go to North East Aye Valley and go into the bar to meet El Burro and finish
this chapter. Coords of Red Clam Bar: (248, 86)

El Burro: "Hey pretty boy! You done real good for me, no? Now is time to
          find out why they call me The Donkey eh? Haha! I'm going to reward
          you personally this time!"


That's it for now, thanks for your time.

Rob White

Rob White, ZFC P trebor@argonet.co.uk Wimbledon  London  England               
"It doesn't get much better than this!" Simon Fowler, vocalist for 
OceanColour Scene, Royal Albert Hall, Monday 17th Febuary 1997.
"You've got to be someone haven't you? I mean, if your not different, you
might aswell go and jump in the sea" Jimmy, Quadrophenia.

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