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Liberty City Mission Guide by RWhite

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/10/99

         ______ _______  _______ _______ _____
        / ____//   __  //  __  //  __  //  __ \
       / / __ /   /_/ //  /_/ //  / / //  / / /
      / / / //     __//  __  //  / / //  / / /
     / /_/ //     \  /  / / //  / / //  /_/ /
    /     //  /\   //  / / //  / / //      /
   /_____//__/  \_//__/ /_//__/ /_//______/
                             _______ ___  __ _______ ______ _______
                            /__  __//  / / // _____//  _  //__  __/
                              / /  /  /_/ // /____ /  //_/   / /
                             / /  /  __  // _____//  /_     / /
                            /  \ /  / / // /____ /  __/    /  \
                           /   //  / / //      //  /      /   /
                          /___//__/ /_//______//__/      /___/
         _______ ___  __ _______ _______
        /  __  //  / / //__  __//  __  /
       /  /_/ //  / / /   / /  /  / / /
      /  __  //  /_/ /   / /  /  / / /
     /  / / //      /   /  \ /  /_/ /
    /  / / //      /   /   //      /
   /__/ /_//______/   /___//______/tm
                         ___________ __   ______ ______ __   _______ _______                         
                        /  __  __  // /  / ____// ____// /  /  __  //  __  /
                       /  / / / / // /  / /___ / /___ / /  /  / / //  / / /
                      /  / / / / // /  /__   //__   // /  /  / / //  / / /
                     /  / / / / //  \ ___/  /___/  //  \ /  /_/ //  / / /
                    /  / / / / //   //     //     //   //      //  / / /
                   /__/ /_/ /_//___//_____//_____//___//______//__/ /_/
         ______ ___  __ __   _____   _______
        / ____//  / / // /  /  __ \ / _____/
       / / __ /  / / // /  /  / / // /____   By Rob White
      / / / //  /_/ // /  /  / / // _____/   <trebor@argonet.co.uk>
     / /_/ //      //  \ /  /_/ // /____     Started on: 6/1/99
    /     //      //   //      //      /     V1.00
                         __      __   ______   _______ _____  _______ __  __                    
                   _    / /     / /  /  _   \ / _____//  _  \/__  __// / / /
                  /_/  / /     / /  /  /_)  // /____ /  /_) /  / /  / /_/ /
                      / /     / /  /  _   _// _____//    __/  / /   \   _/
                __   / /     /  \ /  /_) | / /____ /  /\ \   /  \    / /
               /_/  / /____ /   //       //      //  / / /  /   /   / /
                   /______//___//_______//______//__/ /_/  /___/   /_/
         ______  __  _______ __  __
        /  ___/ / / /__  __// / / /
       /  /    / /    / /  / /_/ /    Including 'Gangsta Bang'
      /  /    / /    / /   \   _/     and 'Heist Almighty'
     /  /___ /  \   /  \    / /
    /      //   /  /   /   / /
   /______//___/  /___/   /_/

For those who don't know, Grand Theft Auto is'nt all about crime. It's all about 
how to survive the longest, but make damn sure you go out with a bang. Of 
course, sometimes, the game will throw something new at you, and you won't be 
able to do it, which is why I've written this document. Most of the cars 
coordinates come from Putzmeister's coord guide, but there are a couple that I 
have added. At the end you will also find a list of things that are not in the 
Playstation version, but in the PC version, and vice-versa, and stuff that got 
left on the cutting room floor for both versions.

So basically, this guide is to educate you on how to complete every single 
mission in the game. Of course, there are two missions that I definately know 
are not in the Playstation version, and the PSX version of Heist Almighty has 
changed slightly. Oh, and this the most comprehensive and one of a kind document 
for this game, which is why you should take time to read all the way through it. 
Hell, you might even surprise yourself....

This document has been in production for more than 4 months, which includes 
playing the game, research, mission completions, secret seeking, and the odd 
bank job here and there.

So, let me begin. Oh, and any questions you have, send them to 
trebor@argonet.co.uk . I'm sure I'll be able to help.

I have put both the Location and Coords (Coordinates) of the vehicles in the 
game in. For those who don't know how to use coords, or even how you activate 
them, coords just give you a 6 figure bearing of your location, or a mission 
Coords are typically enabled by entering a cheat code.

On the Playstation, this cheat code is 'BLOWME' entered as a player name, 
although you might want to enter 'BSTARD' as a name to get all the weapons and 
99 lives too.

On the PC, this cheat code is 'PORKCHARSUI', and this also activates car damage 
meter (In a percentage) and a couple of other diagnostics, like frame

At the very end of this series, I'm going to list all the cheat codes I know for 
GTA, for both formats.

Thanks must go to Putzmeister, for his Car guide.

Finally, I need a lot of feedback, especially on missions. I was also unsure if 
everyone could comprehend what this document says (Ie: Car locations) and 
whether or not I should do 3 or 4 seperate documents which list all the 
different cities hidden stuff. I'm sure this would save time on downloads. 

Look out for the second part of this epic guide coming soon for San Andreas 
which includes every car, secret, mission, Kill Frenzy and more for both 
'Mandarin Mayhem' and 'Tequila Slammer'!

Revision History:

The first part of this guide, Liberty City; Gangsta Bang was completed on 19th 
March 1999. The second part, Liberty City; Heist Almighty was completed on 10th 
April 1999.

=========================================================================== = 
Liberty City:                                                           =

| Gangsta Bang:                                                           | | 
Target Score: 1000000, Secrets: 7, Missions: 10                         |

Phone Missions:

The Phones are read from left to right, with 1 being the far left and 4 being 
the far right.

Location of Phones: South Park
Coords of Phones: 1: (122,136)
                  2: (123,136)
                  3: (124,136)
                  4: (125,136)

Phone 1:

Mission: A nice walk in the park opening mission, you should'nt have too
         many problems with this job. You'll have your first brush with the
         law and will learn the basic car control skills.

First off, go and pick up the blue Mundano that Crazy Jimmy has dumped in North 
East Park and take it to Dulli's in West Park.
Coords of Mundano: (168, 97)
Coords of Dulli's: (114,104)

After dropping off the Mundano, you'll be given instructions to answer a phone 
outside the Park Subway, and then to pick up a cab that is in an alley-way in 
South East Island City for a bank job that Jimmy is pulling
Coords of Subway Phone: (109,121)
Coords of Taxi: ( 77,216)

You will then have to pick Jimmy up outside the bank in South Park and take him 
to Bubby's love nest in South Island Heights.
Coords of Jimmy at Bank: (128,141)
Coords of Bubby's love nest: (173, 79)

Hints: If your not used to the Police yet, and have a wanted level of 3 or
       4, then avoid the barricade on the bridge that leads back into Park
       by going down the road to the left of the bridge, through the
       alley-way across the 6-lane freeway and right back into Park. Get
       ready for a hasty retreat from the cops after you pick Jimmy up. If
       you want to avoid the cops then too, cut through the park, Die Hard 3        

Phone 2:

Mission: Those Hell's Angels have killed one of Bubby's dealers and split
         with bear drugs, so get down there and nail that greaser to get the          
drugs back.

Drive to South Hackenslash and nick the Bike on the far left, then ride it to 
North East Hackenslash.
Coords of Bike: ( 54, 33)
Coords of Garage in North East Hackenslash: (110, 08)

After dropping the Bike off,you have to answer the phone in the park in North 
Fort Law, then drive to the small park just off the main road in South East 
Hackenslash and make sure that Tony makes the pick-up.
Coords of Phone in North Fort Law: ( 81, 56)
Coords of drug pick-up: (105, 41)

Hints: This mission is easy once you know how. First off, nab a fast car and        
use the broken bridge for a shortcut to the bike. When you get there,        
drive over all 4 gang memebers who are on the pavement to stop them
       shooting at you. To get to the garage in North East Hackenslash with
       ease, simply take the first right onto the main road, then right
       again, then just drive right to the garage. The same applies for the
       drug pick up in South East Hackenslash. You don't have to wait around        
for Tony, just get there, touch the drugs and drive anywhere. After
       about 15 seconds, Mission Complete will appear on the screen!

Phone 3:

Mission: The new Police Chief is taking severe liberties with his bung from
         Bubby, which is why Bubby wants him dead.

Pick up the Tanker loaded with explosives on South Nixon Island, then go to the 
police Precinct in South No Law. When you get there, drive 'under' the building 
and position it flush in the middle until the arrow disappears and you get told 
to leg it before you get blown up.
Coords of explosive Tanker: (158,132)
Coords of Precinct: (182, 36)

When the Precinct has been bombed, you'll have to drive west down the main road 
to South East Hackenslash where Tommy is waiting to give you your cut from the 
Tanker job.
Coords of Tommy: (114, 43)

You'll then be told to follow Sonetti's lawyer to where he meets his gang in 
East Hackenslash, then slaughter the lot of them.
Coords of gang in alley-way: ( 95, 25)

Hints: To make things easier on yourself, go easy with the Tanker - Too many        
bumps and she'll blow! Also, when you follow the lawyer to the
       alley-way, don't just go in there with guns blazing. Instead, either
       nab some armour, then go in, or just nick a car and drive round to
       the other side of the alley, then drive in and run them all down.

Phone 4:

Mission: Take two Taxi's needed for a bank job to the docks in New Guernsey

Very straightforward, just nick two Taxi's, drive under the dock, then go and 
answer the phone in North West New Guernsey.
Coords of Crane at docks: ( 13,218)
Coords of phone: (08,179)

You should then be given instructions to kill some bloke's brother. They are in 
an alley-way in South Hackenslash.
Coords of 2 blokes in alley-way: ( 45, 37)

Hints: The follow the lawyer mission's hint can be followed here, but
       instead you'll have to use something small like a Bike or Superbike
       to drive in there. Remember to get it wired with a bomb, then just
       drive into the blokes, press activate and run!

After you've completed the Phone Missions, it is quite likely that you'll be 
given the Beast GTS mission in South West Island Heights (If you haven't done it 
already that is).

Secret Missions:

Every Secret Mission is activated by getting in the vehicle and waiting for

Vehicle: Blue Beast GTS
Coordinates: (147, 73)
Location: South West Guernsey City, on the pavement next to Information
Mission: You have to drive to Guernsey City where two guys have torn up
         the cat house. You then have to leg it to Brocklyn Docks to escape
         the pigs.
Coords or 2 guys: ( 71,204)
Coords of Seymour Reamer's place: ( 60,246)
Hint: Drive on the upper pavement all the way along the main road at full
      pelt. When you get there, you will just drive straight over the two
      blokes. You possess one of the best vehicles in the game, take
      advantage of it! When you drive into Reamer's place, you won't get to
      keep the Beast GTS, so nick any old car and drive in with that, then
      you'll have the Beast GTS to use later on!

Vehicle: Yellow Taxi
Coordinates: (127, 92)
Location: In the alley-way next to the strip club, near where you meet the
          Sonetti Gangster at the end of the level in North Park.
Mission: Bubby's wife Skye is visiting her friend in Central Estoria. You
         have to go there and pick her up, then pick up her "personal
         trainer" in Kings and drive to the Hotel in Central Kings. Then you          
simply have to follow the road right to the next main road that
         goes north, then drive up there and through the roller door to
         complete the mission.
Coords of Skye: (202,126)
Coords of "personal trainer": (161,253)
Coords of Hotel: (212,189)
Hint: This mission involves lots of driving, and it would help if you don't
      have a Wanted level. Be careful not to drive either of your
      passenger's over or get the cab blown up, you'll fail the mission if
      you do.

Vehicle: Bus
Coordinates: (120, 55)
Location: Near the train station in North East Fort Law.
Mission: Stay alive! The bus is carrying a Speed style bomb, so don't slow
         down whatever you do! I find that you do a lot better if you make
         it to the main road just north of you before the bloke tells you
         that it's a trap, then you can keep your speed at a decent level.
         If you follow the road either left (To Hackenslash) or right (To
         Brix) the bomb cut's out when you reach the end of the road.
         After the bomb is disarmed, you have to go to the crane at Ardler
         Docks where Bubby wants two Mundanos.
Coords of Ardler Docks: (136,167)
Hint: Don't hold the accelerator down, just tap it for a regular speed. This       
way, you won't run out of road too quickly.

Vehicle: Silver Bulldog (Look's light blue to me)
Coordinates: (101,243)
Location: In a close in South Tellburg.
Mission: There's car which needs to disappear - fast. You basically have to
         go to Central Tellburg where there is a Challenger waiting. it, and          
get it sprayed in the Respray shop a couple of blocks away in South          
Kings. You then have to drive it to some garage in North Kings, but          the 
bloke there who won't let you enter as he doesn't recognise the          car as 
it's been resprayed. You then have to answer the phone in
         South East Estoria. The car is being scanned, so you then have to
         answer another phone in South East Kings, then drive it to the
         bloke who previously wouldn't let you in in North Kings.
Coords of Challenger: (182,217)
Coords of Respray Shop: (207,224)
Coords of garage: (219,176)
Coords of Estoria Phone: (229,153)
Coords of Kings Phone: (247,227)
Hints: Don't have a wanted level. As this mission is on a time limit,
       the Police hindering you really does not help.

Vehicle: Tanker
Coordinates: (209, 75)
Location: Law Island. When you get there, go right, and turn left onto a
          dead end where the truck is.
Mission: Drive the truck to North Tellburg for some White Trash group. It
         also has a bomb on it, so don't bump into too many cars on the way.          
You don't have to stay above a certain speed, so take your time.
         That's it.
Hint: Don't do a runner out of the truck, you'll just be told to get back

Vehicle: Counthash
Coordinates: ( 67, 60)
Location: Under the train tracks at West Fort Law.

Unfortunately, this mission is not in the Playstation version, although you 
still get a message that it's there when you collect the Information Point on 
Law Island. According to my PC owning friend, the mission is either the Blow Up 
A Train For God Mission or a mission involving the mayor or mayor's wife (?).                                                                   
If anyone knows what to do in this mission, please let me know.

Vehicle: White Cossie                                                       
Coordinates: (101,158)
Mission: Pick up the Patrol Car which is near the Auto shop (Go back across
         the 6 laner and through the alley-way near to the Information
         Point). You must collect Pablo from the Diamond Wholesalers in
         South Island City, and go back to his pad in Tellburg, which is
         just round the corner from where the pick-up-a-car-mission is (The
         Bulldog). The bloke tell's you something like "You ever here the
         name Cabot, you let me know" as the diamond bank job was a fix.
         This ties in nicely with the mission you get from El Burro in
         Tequila Slammer where Cabot yet again double-crosses somebody your
         working for. Interesting, but pointless.
Coords of Patrol Car: ( 80,141)
Coords of Pablo: ( 71,195)
Coords of Pablo's destination: (107,245)


When you have 1000000 or more points, go to the alley-way next to the Strip Club 
in Park(near the Yellow Taxi) and meet with one of Sonetti's thugs. Coords of 
Sonetti's gangster: (128, 87).

He'll tell you: "Hey! Haruzo, I've gotta warnin' for you from bald man
                 Sonetti. Cross him again, and I'll stick a gun up your ass,                  
and blow your f*****g eyeballs out. Capiche?"

| Heist Almighty:                                                         | | 
Target Score: 2000000, Secrets: 7. Missions: 12                         |

Opening Mission:

This level starts with you rushing about trying to get back Bubby's dog from her 
kidnapper. The first thing you should do is pick up your fast starting car, 
which will save you a lot of time and frustration.
Coords of your starting point: (102,222)
Coords of Starting Car: (110,222)

Rush to the phone in North West Ardler and answer it. You'll then be given 
instructions to answer the phone in Central Estoria.
Coords of North West Ardler Phone: (161,170)
Coords of Central Estoria Phone: (231,127)

You will then be told to pick up the money on Law island Bridge and chuck it to 
the bloke who is on a boat.
Coords of money: (203, 81)

After that, you'll be told to pick up the Itali car with the dog in it in East 
Eaglewood and take it to a Hotel in North Island City.
Coords of Itali: (154, 15)
Coords of Hotel: ( 84,154)

Hints: As this mission has quite a tight time limit, it's best to
       familiarise yourself with the location of the phones, and plan the
       best route to them. The best route to them in my opinion is to follor        
the main road at right angles, which saves a lot of time. Watch out
       for traffic on the bridges which could slow you down. Also, near the
       first phone will be a Police Barricade if you have a wanted level of
       3 or more, so do as much sidewalk surfing as you can to avoid the

Phone Missions:

The Phones are read from top to bottom, with 1 being the top phone and 4 being 
the bottom phone. Location of Phones: The Park in West Fort Law. Coords of 
Phone: 1: ( 81, 56)
                 2: ( 81, 57)
                 3: ( 81, 58)
                 4: ( 81, 59)

Phone 1:

Mission: You have to help out in bank raid if you want any dosh for the

First you have to go and pick up the Squad Car that is in Guernsey City. Coords 
of Squad Car: ( 42,137)

Once you have the cop car, take it to the North West Fort Law bank and drive it 
in via the roller door. Now run like hell as the doors of the bank get blown off 
and some more of your colleagues enter the building.
Coords of bank: ( 74, 48)

Now go and steal the patrol car that is driving through North West Hackenslash 
and pick up Tommy from the Bank.
Coords of Patrol Car: ( 04, 12)
Coords of Tommy: ( 74, 48)

Now drive Tommy to his place on North Law Island, and drive the patrol Car 
through the rollerdoor to complete the mission.
Coords of Tommy's place: (217, 73)

Phone 2:

Mission: Some kid wants his mum killed due to a dispute about rent charges. Go 
and kill her using R/C bombs!

Go to North East Guernsey City and pick up the Repair Van, then try to kill 
somebody who is driving around in a Countach.
Coords of Repair Van: (44, 63)

Hints: Learn to control the R/C cars, as they can go very fast. They can
       also drive under traffic, so prepare for some high speed fun!

Phone 3:

Mission: Sonetti's got a shipment of drugs in, and the word on the street is          
that it's in a van in West Guernsey City.

Right, head off and pick up the Pickup. It's trap! The car has a bomb on it. 
Drive the car to Vesuvio in North West Hackenslash.
Coords of Pickup: (06,104)
Coords of Vesuvio: ( 35, 11)

Now drive it to Seymour Reamer's place in North East Guernsey City. He won't 
accept the car, so you will then have to drive to Crazy Bob's gaff in East
Coords of Reamer's place: ( 40, 76)
Coords of Crazy Bob's place: (102, 27)

When you've got the bomb attached to the Pickup, drive back to Seymour Reamers 
house, drive it in and watch it explode. You now have to try and kill Reamer who 
will try and escape.

Hints: Try to avoid Police confrontation if necessary.

Phone 4:

Mission: Sonetti has a deal going on down in South East Estoria. Waste 'em

Head down there and kick ass. It's best to just run them all down
using a fast car. Pick a Countach, Beast GTS or a Squad Car, and use the 
handbrake to full effect.
Coords of Sonetti's gang: (245,146)

Now you have to get yourself back to Vega's pad in South West Brocklyn. Coords 
of Vega's pad: (128,235)
( Entrance to Vega's pad to west, coords: (125,235) )

The boss, Bubby, is feeling horny, and he wants the mayoress. First go and steal 
the limousine in North Island City and then pick the mayoress up in East New 
Guernsey City.
Coords of Limousine: ( 91,184)
Coords of Mayoress: ( 21,163)

Now drive her to South East Fort Law, and drive the Limo through the rollerdoor 
to complete the mission.
Coords of South East Fort Law Destination: ( 89, 71)

Hints: Those people waiting with her when you make the pickup are going to try 
and kill you, so don't let the Limousine take a beating.

Secret Missions:

Vehicle: Silver Bulldog
Coordinates: ( 46,105)
Mission: Some bloke has to get his wife back who has been kidnapped. First,
         go to the phone in North West Hackenslash. Now drive to the phone
         in South East Hackenslash and answer the phone. Now drive to North
         East Brix and answer the phone. Now go to the Eaglewood Bridge and
         throw the money to the boat.
Coords of North West Hackenslash Phone: ( 27, 02)
Coords of South East Hackenslash Phone: (117, 35)
Coords of North East Brix phone: (235, 02)
Coords of Eaglewood Bridge money: (151, 44)
Hints: This mission involves a lot of driving, and you have to be quick. Try        
and steal a faster car if you see one.

Vehicle: Red Stallion
Coordinates: ( 72, 07)
Location: North Hackenslash
Mission: The DA is in the West Eaglewood Hospital and Bubby wants to talk to          
him. Go and steal the Ambulance that is outside the Central
         Schlechberg Hospital and drive it to the West Eaglewood Hospital.
         When you get there, drive through the Hospital to pick up the DA
         and take him to the meat warehouse in East Brix. After all that,
         you have to pick up a 4X4 in South West Estoria and take it to the
         offices in North East Island City. After all that, it's mission
Coords of Central Schlechberg Ambulance: ( 60, 99)
Coords of West Eaglewood Hospital: (133, 20)
Coords of East Brix meat warehouse: (253, 23)
Coords of South West Estoria 4X4: (168,140)
Coords of North East Island City offices: ( 82, 171)
Hints: Do /not/ get out of the 4X4, it will blow up if you do.

Note: The 4X4 here is in the same location as one of the secret missions
      that was excluded from the Playstation version of the game.

Vehicle: Green Penetrator
Coordinates: (175, 28)
Location: West No Law
Mission: The cops are after you by no fault of your own, and there is a job
         needed done. First go to the Central Brix Hospital and pick up the
         Mundano there. Now take the car to Mel's Respray Shop in Central
         Brocklyn and have the car resprayed. Now take the car to the East
         Brocklyn Docks warehouse. The bloke will tell you that there is a
         Squad Car in South West Hackenslash. Go get it. Now go to the North          
Fort Law Military Base and pick up the bloke in the light blue
         clothes. Take him to his place in South East Kings.
Coords of Central Brix Hospital Mundano: (220, 33)
Coords of Mel's Respray Shop: (138,216)
Coords of East Brocklyn Docks warehouse: ( 78,240)
Coords of South West Hackenslash: ( 31, 35)
Coords of North Fort Law Military Base: ( 99, 54)
Coords of South East Kings Destination: (224,239)
Hints: Try not to run over the guy your picking up in the Military Base.
       Note the tank!

Vehicle: Blue Mundano
Coordinates: ( 09, 27)
Location: North West Hackenslash
Mission: There's a shipment of drugs in the boot of a Blue Challenger in
         East Hackenslash. You have to pick it up, deliver it to Coffey's in          
South West Brix. After that, you hear the news that the cops picked          up 
Pablo, and you've got to make sure that he gets to the office
         alive. So, go down to South East Estoria and protect him!
Coords of Challenger: (108, 31)
Coords of Coffey's in South West Brix: (206, 40)
Coords of Pablo: (
Coords of office: (
Hints: Nab some armour before you try and kill 5 men at once. It makes sense        
in the long run...

Vehicle: Blue 4X4
Coordinates: ( 08,217)
Location: The Docks in New Guernsey near the crane
Mission: Simply take two Pickups to the Docks at Island View. After that,
         there's some guys who need to be killed in North East Guernsey
         City. After that, just drive back to South East Guernsey City to
         get more instructions. Now head down to Guernsey City's Subway
         Station and steal the car with the drugs in. Cart that to Chink's
         place in South West Park and get the car resprayed then head for
         Shitter's pad in South New Guernsey.
Coords of crane in Island View Docks: 212, 65)
Coords of guys who need to be killed in North East Guernsey City: ( 14, 76) ( 
Coords of the entrance that leads to them: ( 18, 76)
Coords of South East Guernsey City place: ( 42,118)
Coords of drug car: ( 56,119)
Coords of Chink's place: ( 76, 140)
Coords of Shitter's pad: (08,194)

Vehicle: Cossie
Coordinates: (246, 65)
Location: The Docks in South East Brix
Mission: Those Hells Angels have stolen a car which has some of Bubby's porn          
films in. Get it back! The car is in Central Kings, and all you
         have to do is steal it and drive it to the Hotel in North East
         Tellburg. After that, you'll be given instructions to kill Sonetti
         and Cabot. First you'll have to follow Cabot. He is in a Silver
         Bulldog on the 6 lane freeway. When he reaches his destination, go
         and pick up the car loaded with explosives in Central Hackenslash
         and head back to Sonetti's building and drive it in. If all goes as          
planned, the building should explode, leaving you with a completed
Coords of Porn Car: (202,198)
Coords of Hotel in North East Tellburg: (113,211)
Coords of Cabot: (170,148)
Coords of Sonetti's building: ( 39, 08)
Coords of bomb car: ( 96, 13)
Hints: Wipe out all the Hell's Angles on the sidewalk before attempting to steal 
the car. If worst comes to worst, the car will explode!

Vehicle: Yellow / Orange Porka
Coordinates: (190,231)
Location: South West Kings.
Mission: Crazy Jimmy needs a good driver, so the first thing you need to do
         is go and pick up the getaway car in South Brocklyn Docks. Go to
         the National Reserve bank in South Ardler and pick him up. Take him          
to Bubby's place in North West Kings and drop him off. Now, an
         overrated hitman called Dumb Kurt has just hit town, and you have
         to try and kill him using a rigged car.
Coords of getaway car: ( 78,252)
Coords of Jimmy at the bank: (143,192)
Coords of Bubby's place in North West Kings: (187,206)
Coords of nearest Bomb shop: (193,222)
Hints: It is difficult to pinpoint the location of Dumb Kurt, but it is easy        
to spot him. He'll be somewhere on the 4 lane freeway in Kings. he is        
driving a Blue Beast GTS.
       You'll need quite a fast car for this, and my tactic is to memorize
       the location of Bubby's place and leave the Yellow Porka there. When
       it comes to dropping off Jimmy, you can just hop in and rig the car
       and then Dumb Kurt can kiss his ass goodbye (literally).


The end of this level comes to a close when you have got the sufficient points 
and have been to see Bubby at his office in North East park.
Coords of Bubby's office: (173, 80)

He will tell you: "Nice work kid, but the s**t's hit the f*****g fan. The
                  cops are crawling up my ass with flashlights looking for
                  ya'. I booked ya' a flight to San Andreas."


Thats it for now, thanks for your time.

Rob White
Rob White, ZFC P trebor@argonet.co.uk Wimbledon  London  England                 
"It doesn't get much better than this!" Simon Fowler, vocalist for 
OceanColour Scene, Royal Albert Hall, Monday 17th Febuary 1997.
"You've got to be someone haven't you? I mean, if your not different, you
might aswell go and jump in the sea" Jimmy, Quadrophenia.

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