How to save a game + additional question?

  1. I want to know how to save a game on grand theft auto 1. Is there a place to go to save? Or do you save from the options menu. I am playing this via a emulator on the psp. Also how do you enable the get out of jail key.


    User Info: pitchshifter182

    pitchshifter182 - 12 years ago

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  1. You can save your game at the city select/and character select screen (the screens right before you start actual gameplay) (use the square button to get to the save menu).

    However, you can only get to those menus by either losing all your lives or by getting enough money (usually in the millions) until a red arrow appears on screen to lead you to the end of that part and onto the next part of the game, but I still think? you need to do some missions to progress (best way to get money, in my opinion, as it adds 1 to your money/score multiplier after a completed mission). This isn't like the ps2-type gtas where you can just go to a place and save.

    To use a get outta jail free card, first you have to find one. After getting one, whenever you're arrested you keep any weapons/armor you had with you before getting arrested.

    You also say you're playing this via an emulator on your psp. If possible, you might be able to use save states via a certain button, I'm not sure since I've never used a PSX emu, especially on a psp.

    I'm not 100% certain on all my answers as I haven't really paid that much attention while playing the game, but I hope my answers have helped you.

    User Info: GTADriver1

    GTADriver1 - 12 years ago 4   0


  1. You're correct in your answers GTADriver1.

    You could just randomly do stuff in the game to get enough points (money) to trigger the "end level" encounter (The guy at the red arrow).

    However, doing the missions will increase your bonus multiplier (Getting busted or killed halves that). A Get out of Jail free card willallow you to keep the bonus multiplier as well. Bear in mind, you can only have 1 at any time, and it only applies for 1 time getting busted.

    User Info: Gunbladelad

    Gunbladelad - 12 years ago 1   0

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