How to skip missions?

  1. So as you'd probably know, in GTA1 there are 3 cities: Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City. Each with a different way of doing missions. And I want to complete every one of them.

    In San Andreas, there are 2 sets of four phones, all of which have 2 or 3 missions in them. When you complete or fail all missions in the first set, the second set activates and you can get started on those missions.

    But the thing is, I want to do the 2nd set without worrying about the 1st set and it's getting really really time consuming and tedious to fail all the missions in the 1st set so the 2nd set activates. And usually when I fail a mission I reset the game to try again.

    So is there a way to completely skip the first set of phones and go straight to the 2nd set?

    User Info: ClonaClox9999

    ClonaClox9999 - 1 year ago

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