What version of the game i should buy? NTSC-U or PAL?

  1. I have PAL and NTSC-U PlayStation units, i don't know what version of game i should buy, PAL or NTSC? and why? also, i live in country in middle east which uses KPH as measuring unit, we drive on the left.

    User Info: CorruptedCookie

    CorruptedCookie - 3 years ago


  1. In all honesty, it depends on the PlayStation Console. Though for the PS3, I'm not really sure if the PS3's PS1 Backwards Compatibility part is region locked or not.

    If you have a PlayStation (PS1), know what region it is and get the matching region.

    User Info: KDC705

    KDC705 - 2 years ago 0   0

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