Where are the bottomless pits in the Texas Chainsaw Manicure hidden level?

  1. Texas Chainsaw Manicure is a Scream TV-based level and one of the three hidden levels (with the Lost Gex Tapes) along with Pre-History Channel's Lava Dabba Doo and Rezopolis' Mazed And Confused. From the looks of it, Texas Chainsaw Manicure has the same wall design as Frankensteinfeld (one of the three regular Scream TV levels) and Thursday The 12th (a Scream TV-themed Bonus Bonanza).

    There's library walls, lava floors, floating furnitures, staircases and bottomless pits. Out of all the Scream TV-themed levels, the Bat enemy type only appears in Texas Chainsaw Manicure, while you see Pumpkins, Wall Monsters, Frankies, Skull Ghosts, Floating Skulls and Huckies in all of the Scream TV levels.

    So anyway, whereabouts can you find the bottomless pits in Texas Chainsaw Manicure if you just want to have a fun play and land into them?

    User Info: FilipoSooa

    FilipoSooa - 8 months ago

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  1. As far as I can remember, there are no bottomless pits in this stage. If you want to jump into those, go to Frankensteinfeld instead.

    Since you seem to ask strange questions all the time, here's a bit of trivia nobody asked for: the bat enemy you mentioned also appears in the demo version of Smellraiser found on Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine #8.

    User Info: CyanRouge

    CyanRouge - 8 months ago 1   0

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